Sunday, 6 July 2014

Yo Stevey Boy Harper your number one ZIONIST fanboy Mr Baconfat and his very fat dumb and happy family think that it is COOL that his blog is considered a Testiment of Pure Political Evil N'esy Pas?

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Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 13:24:34 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: Well Mr Glen Canning YOU,Carol Todd and your RCMP pals
can never say that Google's many lawyers such as Glick and Drummond
were not told the truth of it all before your shills Dirty Dicky Dean
and Mr Baconfat turned on the RCMP EH Cpl Scotty Baby MacRae?
To: David Amos <>

Little David! LOL LOL LOL YOU were right I did invite you to call 211.
Just like when I invited you to call The Gay Cruise Line. Did you like
it? David, old son! Will you ever learn? Give my best to Chris Amos in
Calgary at 1-587-982-7721. And M Amos at 10 Rossberry 506 452-9989,
and your two retarded children in Fredericton. I am quite sure they
will be hearing from me.

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Subject: Automatic reply: Well Mr Glen Canning YOU,Carol Todd and your
RCMP pals can never say that Google's many lawyers such as Glick and
Drummond were not told the truth of it all before your shills Dirty
Dicky Dean and Mr Baconfat turned on the RCMP EH Cpl ...
To: David Amos <>

Thank you for your email to<>. This
email account is monitored by the administration team only during
regular office hours (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm and closed on
statutory holidays). This email account is intended to respond to
general inquiries and administrative requests, but is not intended to
provide immediate or ongoing support to individuals in crisis.

If you are in need of support or feel that your safety is at risk in
any way, please contact the following Crisis Support Centre services:

24 Hour Distress Line: 780-482-HELP (4357): offers confidential,
short-term supportive listening services to individuals needing
support or to individuals in crisis. No matter what type of issue a
person is dealing with, the Distress Line is here to listen 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

The Online Crisis Chat program offers confidential and anonymous,
short-term live-chat services to individuals in crisis or in need of
support. Sometimes it can be easier to chat than to talk. Hours of
availability vary by day; please refer to the website<> for
more details.

211 Edmonton: Want to know more about other community support
services? Dial 2-1-1 to be connected with Edmonton's 211 Information
and Referral service, a single access point to the health, human
services, community resources, and government assistance people need
every day as well as in times of crisis.

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Sent: Sunday, July 6, 2014 11:31:31 AM
Subject: Well Mr Glen Canning YOU,Carol Todd and your RCMP pals can
never say that Google's many lawyers such as Glick and Drummond were
not told the truth of it all before your shills Dirty Dicky Dean and
Mr Baconfat turned on the RCMP EH Cpl Scotty Baby MacRae?

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Well Mr Glen Canning YOU,Carol Todd and your RCMP pals can never say
that Google's many lawyers such as Glick and Drummond were not told
the truth of it all before your shills Dirty Dicky Dean and Mr
Baconfat turned on the RCMP EH Cpl Scotty Baby MaCrae?

On Friday I remained true to my word and calle Edmonton 211.

Nancy McCalder - Executive Director
For general information call, email, or visit us at:

The Support Network
400 - 10025 106 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 1G4 Canada

(780) 482-0198 phone
(780) 488-1495 fax

Keltie Winters - Canada | LinkedIn
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Family Violence Specialist at The Today
Family Violence Help Centre
professional profile on LinkedIn.... July 2013 – February 2014 (8
months) Edmonton, Canada Area

keltie winters followed City of Edmonton, 211 Edmonton, Conan O'Brien
and 19 others

I asked to speak to Keltie Winters' bosses our of the gate. I wanted
to and what they thought of her evil Father's blog and his attacks on
parents of children who had committed suicide.

I was informed by a fella named "Scott" that Keltie Winters no
longer worked for Edmonton 211 as we discussed her Father's blog. He
thought Mr Baconfat's blog was pretty bad and did not wish to read it.
I told him that I knew his operation was funded by the City of
Edmonton just like the Edmonton Police Force is and I strongly
suggested that HE call the corrupt cops like I have done MANY times
since 2007 "Scott" should have reported the evil doings of Mr
Baconfat. Patty Baby Doran, Eddie Atchem, Dirty Dicky Dean and their
many associates in Edmonton and other parts of Alberta.

Any way after I talked to Edmonton 211 I called some bullshitting cops
and politicians again. None had the balls to even pick up the phone
let alone return my calls. Now even the nasty Mr Merrick the boss of
Cyber Scan whimps in Nova Scotia has killed his email address in a
faint hearted effort to play dumb. Surprise Surprise EH?

As usual nothing ethical was done by the corrupt cops to make their
shills go away because both you and I know about the emails I sent to
the cops and Mr Baconfat's mindless responses to all. Ask yourself a
very simple question. How could the PERVERT dare to send such emails
directly to us AND the cops if he were not working with them?

Furthermore it is blatantly obvious to with half a brain who surfs
the world wide web and stumbles on Mr Baconfat's blog the reason why
it still exists. He libels a lot more people than just us. The blog is
5 years old and a testament of pure political evil in support of
Stevey Boy Harper and his Zionist buddies in particullar. I truly
believe that is the same reason that blogs and the Youtube channels
of Dirty Dicky Dean and that of their latest butt buddy Patty Baby
Doran and so many other still exist INCLUDING YOURS MR GLEN CANNING.
Like your heroes Harper and Bailie you or your cop and lawyer pals or
your legions of wannabe "Anonymous" fans are never going to do
anything either so it is for me to begin litgation once again CORRECT
MR Turncoat Chickenshit aka Glen Canning????

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To: David Amos
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patrick_doran1 ; pol7163 ; Marianne.Ryan ; deanr0032 ; eachtem ; dean
buzza ; glen ; Glen Canning ; merricra ; ddarrow ; avi perry ;
ddesserud ; dean delmastro c1 ; oldmaison ; sallybrooks25 ;
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Glick ; DDrummond ; jacques boucher ; Gilles.Moreau ; scott.macrae
Subject: Re: YO PERVERT AS I said It is MR Amos to you FYI I know what
WE sent to K and J Divison of the RCMP who the Hell do you think
Marianne Ryan, Randy McGinnis and Gary Rhodes are?

Little Davey lad! I know who they are, and it matters NOTHING. None of
your whining has accomplished a thing.

Die Davey lad die!

SUNDAY, JULY 6, 2014

David Amos calls this. A Testiment of Pure Political Evil. Cool!

Canada' chattering classes of liberals, socialist scumbags, and
assorted social apologists are once again shocked, appalled, vexed and
outraged about public remarks made by a Minister of The Crown, this
time the Prime Minister of Canada. During the annual "Dominion Day"
celebrations on Parliament Hill on Tuesday, Canadian history was
redolent during this year of national anniversaries: the 150th
anniversary of the Charlottetown and Quebec Conferences, the 100th
anniversary of the Great War, and the 70th anniversary of D Day or
Operation Over Lord.

The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper told Canadians.

"In 1864 meeting in Charlottetown and Quebec, our fathers of
Confederation dreamed a magnificent dream, a dream of a united Canada
that would take its place among the countries of the world,
prosperous, strong and free....

This is their dream: Canada a confidant partner, a courageous warrior,
a compassionate neighbor. Canada the best country in the world." END

That gasp everyone heard was the collective shudder of liberals,
socialist scums, feministas and the LGBTQ "community" of anomalies
prevaricating that Canada is a nation of "peace keepers" rather than
great war-fighters.

National Post columnist Andrew Coyne, opines that these remarks by
Prime Minister Harper are part of an ongoing "determined effort to re
fashion Canada's self image-using the conservatives preferred

Mr. Coyne further reports that." The Harper government's relentless
invocation of Canada's military past has become as much as a scandal
in certain quarters, as its obstinate advocacy of the monarchy, its
fascination with the north, Is seeming belief that Canada's history
begins before 1968.

I am a life long conservative, and have no clue what conservative
"preferred iconography" is, but Canada's history predates the advent
of the socialist Liberal Trudeau "revolution" of "68". The North is
Canada's sovereign territory and her future economic well being.
Because of our "British inheritance" Canada is both a Constitutional
Monarchy and a rights-bearing democracy. That is indeed something for
Canadians to be well proud of.

But Andrew Coyne's and others' addled bleatings that "peace keeping"
is somehow part of Canada's history or a significant part of Canada's
evolution is abject stupidity. For roughly thirty years Canada's armed
services were ordered to engage in futile, unsuccessful United Nations
"peace keeping operations" because it made Canadians feel good that
they were advancing "world peace," and that indeed made successive
Liberal governments feel good. The fact is: United Nations "peace
keeping deployments" were poorly supported logistically, expensive,
and as ops in the former Yugoslavia were to prove ultimately
ineffective and deadly.

From 9 September to 16 September 1993 Canada's brave PPCLI on UN
"peace keeping" ops in the Former Yugoslavia the Medak Pocket
specifically had to defend , to fight, to hold their positions, take
casualties and kill the enemy. And after defending defenceless
people, the Patricia's on 16 September put in an attack, and by fire,
shock, and maneuver killed the enemy assaulting them .

This was not "peace keeping," it was war-fighting.This reinforced the
principle that Canadian Army officers always knew, you can not be a
"peace keeper," there is no "peace" unless the "peace keepers" are
war-fighters, and are equipped to fight, and are prepared to fight.

Thanks to successive Liberal government many Canadian servicemen have
been sacrificed due to inadequate kit and equipment. 2 PPCLI fought
like Canadian soldiers, won like Canadian soldiers do. With shitty
inadequate kit like Canadian soldiers have done for generations,
because Liberal politicians suck cock.

The Canadian Army has never been a United Nations' "peace corps" of
even real peace keepers. But from the time during the American War of
Independence when that paragon of amerkan military virtue Gen Benedict
Arnold tried to invade Quebec and was beaten. From the time of
Queenston Heights, Stoney Creek, the Boer War, the Great War , the
Medak Pocket to "the Ghan" Canada has been a nation of war-fighters.

There you go Amos, another "testament of pure political evil!"


MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2013

Charles Leblanc, Glen Canning, Rehtaeh Parsons and "cyber-bullies."

Stephen Harper says Ottawa will stop cyber-bullying! He Has met or
meeting with the "family" Parsons for a photo op and lend some
perception of credence to this abject political propaganda. But
notwithstanding this political posturing, there will be no
"criminalizing bullying or cyber-bullying or amending the Criminal
Code of Canada. My first reaction is: How the fuck are you going to do

So Prime Minister Stephen Harper how do propose to stop mental
defectives like Charles Leblanc falsely accusing serving Police
Constables of "touching his private part?" How are going to stop
Charles Leblanc from bullying what he calls "snobs?" Mr. Leblanc has
described Fredericton Police Force constables as "steroid freaks," as
"racist against the poor" for enforcing panhandling laws. He has
suggested people that disagree with him need to "have a bullet in
their head." He frequently expresses his hatred of "maudit Quebecois,"
food bank personnel and any one else who in his words "pisses him

So just how is Charles Leblanc exercising his freedom of expression in
writing his blog any different than Glen Canning, Leah Parsons et al
whining about restricting kids ability to post on face book or

If we are going to "criminalize bullying", what is bullying and what
is the right to say whatever you want? If there is sufficient evidence
uncovered to support a sexual assault conviction against those (4?)
boys that allegedly rape Rehteah Parsons, a prosecution ought be
initiated without delay. The problem is after over two years there was
and isn't enough evidence to support a conviction or convictions in
this sad story. Yet the public and the Parsons' entourage want their
"pound of flesh," partly because the "family" Parsons is responsible
if not culpably negligent for Rehteah's suicide. And their refusal to
accept such responsibility.

A fifteen year old child was permitted to go to drinking orgies. For
two years this sad tale was progressing itself to Rehteah's demise,
and everyone else is to blame except Mommy and step Daddy.

Just how is the school system going to censor kids on face book and
twitter to put an end to "bullying?" How is restricting freedom of
expression not "bullying" in its own right.

Amanda Todd and Rehteah Parsons were not "let down" by the schools,
the criminal justice system, government or society, as much as they
were by their own parents and family! As "cyber-bully" Charles Leblanc
says..." that's the fact Jack!"


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