Saturday, 28 June 2014

Your buddy Elvis of SWN and you should find this interesting just before a long hot summer before another election EH Davey Baby Alward/

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Fri, 23 May 2014 16:09:48 -0300
Subject: You buddy Elvis of SWN and you should find this interesting
just before a long hot summer before another election EH Davey Baby
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It appears UNB, the Yankees and the Feds sat up and paid attention N'esy Pas?

Just Dave
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Just Dave
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From: David Amos <>
Date: Fri, 23 May 2014 00:50:24 -0300
Subject: Your French cousinf in Quebec can't say they don't know N'esy
Pas Chucky Leblanc
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From: Réception Coalition Avenir Québec <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 18:45:38 -0700
Subject: Nous confirmons la réception de votre message Re: Too Too
funny your pals David Alward and Franky Boy McKenna know that once
Elvis (aka Chad Peters) started singing the blues on CBC The Warriors
drums ain't got a prayer to be heard despite all the protests inspired
by Maude Barlow/s Mindles Minions and all Dizzy Lizzy May's David Coon
Green Meaney followers N'esy Pas Chucky Leblanc


Nous accusons réception de votre courriel. Soyez assuré que nous
traiterons votre demande dans les plus brefs délais.
Merci de votre appui!

L'équipe de la Coalition Avenir Québec


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Thank you for your support!

Coalition Avenir Québec Team

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 22:39:44 -0300
Subject: Too Too funny your pals David Alward and Franky Boy McKenna
know that once Elvis (aka Chad Peters) started singing the blues on
CBC The Warriors drums ain't got a prayer to be heard despite all the
protests inspired by Maude Barlow/s Mindles Minions and all Dizzy
Lizzy May's David Coon Green Meaney followers N'esy Pas Chucky Leblanc
To:, "mckeen.randy" <>,
"mclaughlin.heather" <>, acampbell
<>, "david.alward" <>,, upriverwatch <>, mboling
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From: Ellen <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 21:58:21 -0300
Subject: Notice/Avis

I will be out of the office until Monday, May 26. Should you require
immediate assistance, please contact Dan Murphy at
<> or 506-453-3950.

Je serai absente du bureau jusqu'au lundi, 26 mai. Pour obtenir d'aide
immédiate, s'il vous plaît contacter Dan Murphy à dan.murphy @
ou 506-453-3950.

Ellen Creighton

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. If you have further
questions or require more information please contact:

Chad Peters
New Brunswick
Manager – New Brunswick Exploration
SWN Resources Canada, Inc.
Toll free line: 1-877-SWN-NB23 (1-877-796-6223)

Chad Peters, Cape Consulting Group's Vice President in New Brunswick
was recently named to the Advisory Board of the New Brunswick Social

Board Members


David Burns: Interim President – VP Research and Provost, University
of New Brunswick
Byron James: Vice-President – Chief of the Executive Council Office,
Government of New Brunswick
Eddy Campbell: Treasurer – President, University of New Brunswick
Liette Clément: Secretary – Director of Practice, Nurses Association
of New Brunswick

Advisory Board

Claire Morris – Chair, Former President and CEO of Association of
Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) Patricia
MacKenzie – Assistant Deputy Minister, Executive Council Office

David Bruce – Director of Research, Mount Allison University
Lise Dubois – Doyenne et Vice-rectrice adjointe à la recherche,
Université de Moncton
Gayle MacDonald – Assistant VP Research, St Thomas University
Greg Ericson – VP Academic, UNB Graduate Student Association
Joanna Everitt – Dean of Arts, University of New Brunswick – Saint John

Monica Chaperlin – Business Community Anti-Poverty Initiative
Susan Holt – President & CEO, NB Business Council
Don Dennison – Chairman, Advisory Committee, New Brunswick College of
Craft and Design
Léo-Paul Pinet – Centre de Bénévolat de la Péninsule Acadienne
Gregory Kealey – BioAtlantech and Department of History, UNB
Peter Lindfield – Carlisle Institute
Chad Peters – Cape Consulting Group
Mary Schryer – Office of the Leader of the Opposition
Kate Rogers – Consultant, Councillor City of Fredericton

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 12:31:56 -0300
Subject: Attn Listuguj Mi'gmaq Chief Dean Vicaire You talked to one of
my foes Chucky Leblanc Now perhaps we should talk ASAP? My number is
902 800 0369
Cc: David Amos <>,

Listuguj Mi'gmaq First Nation
17, Riverside Ouest
P. O . Box 298
Listuguj (Québec) G0C 2R0
Phone: 418 788-2136
Fax: 418 788-2058
Chief: Dean Vicaire

I had a long talk with Quentin Condo last night and realy liked the
guy I noticed that he found Andre Murrray's old blog about me (Anothe
brief friend of the shill Chucky Leblanc)

For both of our benefit please checkout this old pdf file very closely

To be brief here is some better spots within my so called "Rants" for you
folks to checkout

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From: "David Amos" <>
To: "quentincondo" <>
Cc: "David Amos" <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 12:26 AM
Subject: Re: Listuguj Mi'gmaq Chief Dean Vicaire and Chucky Leblanc etc

Monday, October 21, 2013
Listuguj Mi'gmaq Chief Dean Vicaire views on the Anti Shale conflict in
Rexton Kent County!!!!
One of the smartest Native I ever met!!!!! Made this one yesterday....he's
VERY straight forward with his words......

Posted by Charles LeBlanc at 4:47:00 PM
1 comment :

Anonymous said...
credit where credit is do Charles, this is a great interview, you even
kept quiet while he answered! great interview with a very intelligent well
spoken man, we need more like him in all governments, not just FN.

10:55 PM, October 21, 2013

On 10/22/13, David Amos <> wrote:

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> From: David Amos <>
> Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 12:59:59 -0300
> Subject: I called you all and tried to explain how I can help with
> your concerns I repeat just say my name
> To:,, tracy
> <>,,
> Cc: nmiller <>, ""
> <>
> If nothing else listen to this and get pissed off lIke mean old me. At
> least that emotion is honest.
> Veritas Vincit
> David Raymond Amos
> For Immediate Release - October 4, 2010
> PICTOU, NS – Today's decision by the Canada Newfoundland and Labrador
> Offshore Petroleum Board (CNLOPB) to allow seismic blasting in the
> Gulf of St. Lawrence was met with shock and concern by a coalition
> calling for a moratorium on oil and gas development in the Gulf of St.
> Lawrence. The coalition - made of aboriginal, fishing, and
> environmental organizations - is calling on municipal, provincial,
> federal, and aboriginal leaders to act swiftly to halt the testing.
> "With this decision, the CNLOPB has approved an activity that could
> damage this entire precious ecosystem," according to Mary Gorman of
> the Save Our Seas and Shores, "We want this decision reversed
> immediately, and action taken to allow jurisdictions bordering on the
> Gulf to have a say in its future."
> "Seismic testing could start in the next 48 hours, potentially
> damaging marine mammals like blue whales, and disrupting fish and
> fisheries. This approval has given oil and gas as a toehold in the
> Gulf that could lead to full scale drilling," according to Danielle
> Giroux of the. "Fishermen I work for need more say over protecting the
> Gulf. We want the CNLOPB's decision reversed immediately."
> "An oil spill in the Gulf of St. Lawrence would impact fish stocks and
> coastal communities in Quebec, PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and
> Newfoundland. Moreover, the national importance of this ecosystem must
> be upheld." says Gretchen Fitzgerald, of the Sierra Club Canada. "
> Federal laws to protect endangered species and fish habitat recognize
> the importance of protecting our shared biodiversity and resources.
> This decision is not reflecting this shared responsibility or concerns
> expressed by groups around the Gulf."
> -30-
> For more information, please contact:
> Mary Gorman, Save our Seas and Shores,
> 902-926-2128/
> Danielle Giroux (Francais), Attention Fragile (Magdalen Islands)
> 418-969-9440/
> Gretchen Fitzgerald, Director, Sierra Club Atlantic, 902-444-3113/
> Mark Butler, Policy Director, Ecology Action Centre,
> 902-429-5287/

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From: Réception Coalition Avenir Québec <>
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2012 19:11:43 -0700
Subject: Nous confirmons la réception de votre message Re: Re The Mob
Attention Det Mike Amato (905 830 0303 ext 7731) I just called from
902 800 0369


Nous accusons réception de votre courriel. Soyez assuré que nous
traiterons votre demande dans les plus brefs délais.
Merci de votre appui!

L'équipe de la Coalition Avenir Québec


We acknowledge receipt of your e-mail. It will be processed as soon as
possible and a response will follow in due time.
Thank you for your support!

Coalition Avenir Québec Team

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From: "David Amos" <>
To: <>; <>; "toewsv1"
<>; "danfour" <>
Cc: <>; "rmordenassoc" <>;
<>; "warren" <>;
"warren.dosko" <>; "Paulette. Delaney-Smith"
<>; "WaterWarCrimes"
<>; "robin reid" <>; "tony"
<>; "Ken.Zielke" <>
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 4:18 PM
Subject: Attn Commissioner Ian McPhail QC I called again and tried to speak
to you twice today my number is 902 800 0369

As I said I am very serious and have no wish to speak to the likes of
Ms Leduc EVER again FYI I see that the gossip about my concerns is
leaking out here there an everywhere following this note is just
couple of the reasons why I called an tried hard to speak to you again

Please don't try to tell me that your office does not know what
happened between the RCMP and I within weeks of my sending the email
immedialy below this note.

If perhaps you people should read some blogs an watch some YOUTUBES ASAP?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 17:34:30 -0300
Subject: Attn PAULINE PHILIBERT and ARNOLD HADLEY of the New Brunswick
Police Commission

New Brunswick Police Commission
435 King Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 1E5

A letter to support my complaint about various police forces in New
Brunswick will follow these emails just as I promised on the phone to
you people today.

I have no understanding as to why the Police Commission nor anyone
else holding a governmental mandate in the Province of New Brunswick
has never called me back or answered one email in nearly four years.
Shawn Graham should at least recognize his own documents to my framer
friend, Werner Bock from the time when he sat in opposition and was
the agricutural critic at the same time .

It appears to me that I am not the only one to get mad at the
malicious incompetence of John Foran and the cops of New Brunswick.
What is even more interesting though is the fact that John Foran was
once mad at the Police Commission and they way they investigated
things so secretly against the public's best interests. EH Mr. Volpe?
Rest assured that I ain't holding my breath for the police to continue
to harass me anymore after their nonsense yesterday. Nor will I wait
to see Wayne Steeves say or do the right thing after he has covered up
my concerns about the severe lack of police integrity for his politcal
party's benefit for four god damned years.

For the recod these Youtubes that are this arseholes favoutites were
created by the RCMP and I have no doubt whatsoever the people
slandering me are cops as well.

At least his ID is correct. This is a big old can of worms. N'est Pas?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 09:26:28 -0300
Subject: Fwd: Perhaps Paul Kennedy the current Commissioner of Public
Complaints Against the RCMP will call us back now EH?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 16:17:05 -0300
Subject: Perhaps Paul Kennedy the current Commissioner of Public
Complaints Against the RCMP will call us back now EH?

Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 13:36:41 -0400
From: "PCC Complaints"

May 23, 2007

File No. PC-2005-1291

Mr. David R Amos

Dear Mr. Amos:

On a number of occasions you have called or sent e-mails our office to
raise matters which are of pressing concern to you.

Each time we have tried to respond by explaining to you the relatively
narrow mandate of this Commission and the limits of our powers to deal
with the matters which are of concern to you. I must stress, once
again, that the purpose of this Commission is to provide the public
with an opportunity to make complaints concerning the conduct of
members of the RCMP in the performance of their duties. We have
neither the expertise nor the legal authority to permit us to become
involved in issues beyond the scope of this mandate.

While it is clearly not the intention of the Commission to prevent you
from making complaints against members of the RCMP, an analysis of
your numerous contacts with the Commission indicates that your
concerns fall well outside the confines of our mandate. Further, your
frequent e-mails have been disruptive and unproductive for both you
and for the staff of this office.

Should you determine that some point in the future you have a
complaint concerning the conduct of a member of the RCMP in the
performance of his or her duties, please submit it to the Commission
by Canada Post only. As of now, your e-mails will be deleted unread.

Yours truly,

Andrée Leduc
Enquiries and Complaints Analyst

Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: Say hey to Shawn Murphy for me will ya
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 15:25:45 -0400
To: "David Amos"

The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP has received
your e-mail message and will be responding in due course.

La Commission des plaintes du public contre la GRC a reçu votre
courriel et vous rendra une réponse au moment opportun.

Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 12:02:35 -0400
From: "Murphy, Michael B. \(DH/MS\)"

January 30, 2007


Mr. David Amos

Dear Mr. Amos:

This will acknowledge receipt of a copy of your e-mail of December 29,
2006 to Corporal Warren McBeath of the RCMP.

Because of the nature of the allegations made in your message, I have
taken the measure of forwarding a copy to Assistant Commissioner Steve
Graham of the RCMP "J" Division in Fredericton.


Honourable Michael B. Murphy
Minister of Health


Warren McBeath wrote:

Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 17:34:53 -0500
From: "Warren McBeath"
"Paul Dube"
Subject: Re: Remember me Kilgour? Landslide Annie McLellan has
forgotten me but the crooks within the RCMP have n

Dear Mr. Amos,

Thank you for your follow up e-mail to me today. I was on days off over
the holidays and returned to work this evening. Rest assured I was not
ignoring or procrastinating to respond to your concerns.

As your attachment sent today refers from Premier Graham, our position
is clear on your dead calf issue: Our forensic labs do not process
testing on animals in cases such as yours, they are referred to the
Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown who can provide these
services. If you do not choose to utilize their expertise in this
instance, then that is your decision and nothing more can be done.

As for your other concerns regarding the US Government, false
imprisonment and Federal Court Dates in the US, etc... it is clear that
Federal authorities are aware of your concerns both in Canada and the
US. These issues do not fall into the purvue of Detachment policing in
Petitcodiac, NB.

It was indeed an interesting and informative conversation we had on
December 23rd, and I wish you well in all of your future endeavors.


Warren McBeath, Cpl.
GRC Caledonia RCMP
Traffic Services NCO
Ph: (506) 387-2222
Fax: (506) 387-4622

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 15:25:33 -0300
Subject: Fwd: I have never met Mr. Baker it was Shawn Graham who I met
in person in June of 2006

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 14:39:45 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: I have never met Mr. Baker it was Shawn Graham who I met in
person in June of 2006

May I suggest that the Premier and the RCMP finally call me back and
then start doing their job? 506 756 8687

Werner Bock

P.S I bet the politcal lawyer Vic Toews knows a few of these people EH?

Just Dave
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IP Address 205.200.189.# (Government of Manitoba Gold & Silver)
ISP MTS Allstream
Continent North America
Country Canada (Facts)
State/Region Manitoba
City Winnipeg

--- On Wed, 8/18/10, David Amos <> wrote:

From: David Amos <>
Subject: Fwd: PotashCorp should mention my concerns about their lack
of ethical conduct and actions against me to your shareholers before
you people buy much stock in their stock eh?
To:,,,,, "shawn. graham" <>,
"" <>, "krisaustin"
"" <>,,,,,,, "rick.hancox"
<>, "Bernard.LeBlanc"
<>,,, "MooreR" <>, "danfour"
<>, "" <>,, "Dean.Buzza"
<>, "Gilles. Blinn"
Cc: "wcoady" <>,,, "WaterWarCrimes" <>, "Penny
Bright" <>, "tony" <>,
Date: Wednesday, August 18, 2010, 3:36 PM

With ANOTHER election in the near future I see no need to explain my
issues again about theexploitation of our natural resources to a
bunch of sneaky lawyers.(everyboy shoul checkout the pdf hereto
attache) especially our former Deputy Prime Minister Lanslide Annie
McLelllan an the RCMP thought they knew everything seven years ago and
did nothing let alone call me back just like you an your many
conservative cohorts NEVER did EH Brucy Baby Northrup? (902 800 0369
Notice my new contact number? You an the RCMP can forget Werner Bock's

Clearly there is no need for politicians to try to be confidential
with mean old me when the Globe and Mail loves spiling the beans
sometimes ou woul think those unethical journlists woul know that
simple truths spoken amongst common folk about corrupt politicians
have a good habit of coming to the surface sooner or later anyway EH?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos's_Chairman.pdf

From: David Amos <>
Subject: Attn Rob Moir I have read some of your work perhaps you
should read something from years ago
Date: Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 9:46 PM

First things first meet Lenny Gold, Dougy Foster and Joey Podwika. You
can be certain that these wicked bastards know exactly who I am and
are no doubt quite nervous that the Feds have not figured out a way to
shut me up yet.

Everybody knows that far away corporate lawyers such as these three
stooges have been making the big score off us dumb Maritimers forever
and a day and have been laughing their nasty arses off at us all the
way to their buddies' bank. They appear to fear only one Maritimer and
that is yours truly. Ask them if I am liar or not as I speak of the
Bank Fraud Tax Fraud, Securities Fraud and Murders that you are afraid
to talk about. Shawn Graham should know everthing he partied hardy
with my G.A.L. Brian Bixby's Law firm in Beantown one year ago and I
effected an introduction with the lawyer Leonard Gold because that
very dumb Maritimer came to Beantown to talk to many evil Yankees ten
times more worldly wise than Shawny Baby ever could be.

Your laments Bobby Baby about lost water really rot my socks. You
should know I covered that base years ago and everybody just ran away
scared. Ask the Minister Larry Cannon why I laughed when he gave out a
little federal gold just before Bernie Lord had the writ dropped in
2006 in the provincial election. It was very telling thing just like
all the money being passed out right now.

I noticed that you and all you NDP pals ignored the fact that I ran in
that election as well as the Fed one and the one in Nova Scotia
earlier that year. Yea I saw you and Pat Hannratty ducking out the
back just as I walked in that night in January of 2006. Why you didn't
answer my friend Jack's letter either spoke to your personal integrity
EH? If Rob Moore or none of the Conservatives on the Hill faraway
won't talk to you just ask the lawyer Smith in Saint John the boss of
the NB Securities Commission if I didn't raise a little Hell while he
filled the other lawyer Nicholson's boots in PUB just long enough to
cram the pipeline through to the trunk while the election was on and I
was intervening in the pipeline matter in Saint John at the same time
and Norm Miller and his lawyer ignored my arguments but read my words
about it all on the web all the same.

Better yet why not have some fun and ask the very strange PCS dudes in
Sussex why they had my photo posted at the gate and the RCMP were to
be called if I made an appearance there while I was running against
your pal John Carty in Fat Fred City. Your clue to their malice is UBS
and another lawyer named Dave Aufhauser whom I have been battling with
for six long years. Do you even know who he is? Rest assured Lenny,
Dougy and Joey do.

Whereas you trust the words of the very malicious CBC or the Irvings
and not mine read what the CBC were saying one year ago. Then read
what the local Irving rag wrote about me four god damned years ago.

For the record Bobby Baby I still remember you commenting on the
trouble I was having with the Feds so that my minor son could return
to the USA to comfort his mother and how little milk of human kindness
you have had in your greedy little PHD soul ever since. Can ya tell I
don't like you not even a little bit?

Read on Teacher pay particular attention to my words about oil and
gas.and crossborder public corruption. For the record I have always
considered the water in Penobsquis a federal matter concerning the NEB
and if they ignore me then maybe i would take it up in the Federal
Court. It won't go anywhere though if Maritimers don't finally wise up
start listening to me.

FYI I have started to upload some of my ducument for the public to
view. They can be found here and there will be a great deal more to
follow as my time allows.

This Maritimer Danny Boy Fitzgeral who is studying for his PHD in
Holland made several interesting blogs about me as he attacked my
integrity. In the end methinks I may have turned him my way and in
return I left his school out of my battles.

Perhaps you should study them sometime EH Teacher? You should take
careful notice that college degrees mean less than nothing to me. Just
like any true Maritimer it is fighters, foresters, farmers and
fishermen I admire not rich snots that do not understand the meaning
of hard work. That said it does appear that Danny Boy does work very
hard on his blog. I do know how long such things take and his blog is
a fine and as fancy as anyones and constantly updated. I particularly
apprciate the fact he leaves his comments open without moderation.

Also for the record I signed your Fake Left friends' petition.

Penobsquis Deserves Safe Water

98 Fran Oliver There is no excuse for this situation. A responsible
provincial government and a responsible corporation would never allow
local families to bear the financial and social burden, likely
resulting from a provincial mining operation, while government and
corporation choke on huge profits.

99 David Raymond Amos Ask Garth Moore why my picture is posted at the
gate while I ran for Parliament will ya?

My friends tell me tha the Photo the PCS dudes had posted as some sort
of criminal the RCMP were watching out for was clipped from the pages
of the Kings County Record that contained the following articles.

The following email and two deleted blogs can be found within one
pigheaded Maritimer's blog about government injustice. After the
Irvings had his pal's Chucky Leblanc' former blog wiped out I had to
tease and torture him into doing the right thing and allowing just one
of my comments to stand. Some much for Freedom on Speech on the
Internet when even Maritime bloggers are unethical EH teacher?

For the record only the Gypsy and Danny Boy fitzgerald have allowed
all of my comments to stand the test of time and ethics. Thus far so I
must give credit where credit is due. Your chosen profession such as
it is should at least understand that EH Mr. Moir?

Here is my last post in the blogs tonight. Obviously I do not pretend
to be somebody I am not. N'est Pas?

Veritas Vincit

David Raymond Amos

The following email can be found here

---- Original Message -----
From: "McKnight, Gisele"
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 2:53 PM
Subject: David Amos

Hello Lisa,

David Amos asked me to contact you. I met him last June after he became
an independent (not representing any political party) candidate in our
election that was held June 28. He was a candidate in our constituency of
Fundy (now called Fundy-Royal).

I wrote a profile story about him, as I did all other candidates. That
story appeared in the Kings County Record June 22. A second story, written
by one of my reporters, appeared on the same date, which was a report on
the candidates' debate held June 18.

As I recall David Amos came last of four candidates in the election.
The winner got 14,997 votes, while Amos got 358.

I have attached the two stories that appeared, as well as a photo
taken by reporter Erin Hatfield during the debate. I couldn't find the photo
that ran, but this one is very similar.

A1-debate A1-amos,David for MP 24.doc debate 2.JPG

Gisele McKnight editor
Kings County Record
Sussex, New Brunswick

Raising a Little Hell- Lively Debate Provokes Crowd

By Erin Hatfield

"If you don't like what you got, why don't you change it? If your
world is all screwed up, rearrange it."

The 1979 Trooper song Raise a Little Hell blared on the speakers at
the 8th Hussars Sports Center Friday evening as people filed in to
watch the Fundy candidates debate the issues. It was an accurate, if
unofficial, theme song for the debate.

The crowd of over 200 spectators was dwarfed by the huge arena, but as
they chose their seats, it was clear the battle lines were drawn.
Supporters of Conservative candidate Rob Moore naturally took the blue
chairs on the right of the rink floor while John Herron's Liberalswent
left. There were splashes of orange, supporters of NDP Pat Hanratty,
mixed throughout. Perhaps the loudest applause came from a row towards
the back, where supporters of independent candidate David Amos sat.

The debate was moderated by Leo Melanson of CJCW Radio and was
organized by the Sussex Valley Jaycees. Candidates wereasked a barrage
of questions bypanelists Gisele McKnight of the Kings County Record
and Lisa Spencer of CJCW.

Staying true to party platforms for the most part, candidates
responded to questions about the gun registry, same sex marriage, the
exodus of young people from the Maritimes and regulated gas prices.
Herron and Moore were clear competitors,constantly challenging each
other on their answers and criticizing eachothers' party leaders.
Hanratty flew under the radar, giving short, concise responses to the
questions while Amos provided some food for thought and a bit of comic
relief with quirky answers. "I was raised with a gun," Amos said in
response to the question of thenational gun registry. "Nobody's
getting mine and I'm not paying 10 cents for it."

Herron, a Progressive Conservative MP turned Liberal, veered from his
party'splatform with regard to gun control. "It was ill advised but
well intentioned," Herron said. "No matter what side of the house I am
on, I'm voting against it." Pat Hanratty agreed there were better
places for the gun registry dollars to be spent.Recreational hunters
shouldn't have been penalized by this gun registry," he said.

The gun registry issues provoked the tempers of Herron and Moore. At
one point Herron got out of his seat and threw a piece of paper in
front of Moore. "Read that," Herron said to Moore, referring to the
voting record of Conservative Party leader Steven Harper. According to
Herron, Harper voted in favour of the registry on the first and second
readings of the bill in 1995. "He voted against it when it counted, at
final count," Moore said. "We needa government with courage to
register sex offenders rather than register the property of law
abiding citizens."

The crowd was vocal throughout the evening, with white haired men and
women heckling from the Conservative side. "Shut up John," one woman
yelled. "How can you talk about selling out?" a man yelled whenHerron
spoke about his fear that the Conservatives are selling farmers out.

Although the Liberal side was less vocal, Kings East MLA Leroy
Armstrong weighed in at one point. "You're out of touch," Armstrong
yelled to Moore from the crowd when the debate turned to the cost of
post-secondary education. Later in the evening Amos challenged
Armstrong to a public debate of their own. "Talk is cheap. Any time,
anyplace," Armstrong responded.

As the crowd made its way out of the building following the debate,
candidates worked the room. They shook hands with well-wishers and
fielded questions from spectators-all part of the decision-making
process for the June 28 vote.

Cutline – David Amos, independent candidate in Fundy, with some of his
favourite possessions—motorcycles.


The Unconventional Candidate

David Amos Isn't Campaigning For Your Vote, But….

By Gisele McKnight

FUNDY—He has a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket, a chain on his
wallet, a beard at least a foot long, 60 motorcycles and a cell phone
that rings to the tune of "Yankee Doodle."

Meet the latest addition to the Fundy ballot—David Amos.

The independent candidate lives in Milton, Massachusetts with his wife
and two children, but his place of residence does not stop him from
running for office in Canada.

One has only to be at least 18, a Canadian citizen and not be in jail
to meet Elections Canada requirements.

When it came time to launch his political crusade, Amos chose his
favourite place to do so—Fundy.

Amos, 52, is running for political office because of his
dissatisfaction with politicians.

"I've become aware of much corruption involving our two countries," he
said. "The only way to fix corruption is in the political forum."

The journey that eventually led Amos to politics began in Sussex in
1987. He woke up one morning disillusioned with life and decided he
needed to change his life.

"I lost my faith in mankind," he said. "People go through that
sometimes in midlife."

So Amos, who'd lived in Sussex since 1973, closed his Four Corners
motorcycle shop, paid his bills and hit the road with Annie, his 1952
Panhead motorcycle.

"Annie and I rode around for awhile (three years, to be exact)
experiencing the milk of human kindness," he said. "This is how you
renew your faith in mankind – you help anyone you can, you never ask
for anything, but you take what they offer."

For those three years, they offered food, a place to sleep, odd jobs
and conversation all over North America.

Since he and Annie stopped wandering, he has married, fathered a son
and a daughter and become a house-husband – Mr. Mom, as he calls

He also describes himself in far more colourful terms—a motorcyclist
rather than a biker, a "fun-loving, free-thinking, pig-headed
individual," a "pissed-off Maritimer" rather than an activist, a proud
Canadian and a "wild colonial boy."

Ironically, the man who is running for office has never voted in his life.

"But I have no right to criticize unless I offer my name," he said.
"It's alright to bitch in the kitchen, but can you walk the walk?"

Amos has no intention of actively campaigning.

"I didn't appreciate it when they (politicians) pounded on my door
interrupting my dinner," he said. "If people are interested, they can
call me. I'm not going to drive my opinions down their throats."

And he has no campaign budget, nor does he want one.

"I won't take any donations," he said. "Just try to give me some. It's
not about money. It goes against what I'm fighting about."

What he's fighting for is the discussion of issues – tainted blood,
the exploitation of the Maritimes' gas and oil reserves and NAFTA, to
name a few.

"The political issues in the Maritimes involve the three Fs – fishing,
farming and forestry, but they forget foreign issues," he said. "I'm
death on NAFTA, the back room deals and free trade. I say chuck it
(NAFTA) out the window.

NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement which allows an
easier flow of goods between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Amos disagrees with the idea that a vote for him is a wasted vote.

"There are no wasted votes," he said. "I want people like me,
especially young people, to pay attention and exercise their right.
Don't necessarily vote for me, but vote."

Although…if you're going to vote anyway, Amos would be happy to have
your X by his name.

"I want people to go into that voting booth, see my name, laugh and
say, 'what the hell.'"

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 16:38:35 -0300
Subject: Fwd: PotashCorp should mention my concerns about their lack
of ethical conduct and actions against me to your shareholers before
you people buy much stock in their stock eh?
To: henrybanta <>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 15:47:02 -0300
Subject: PotashCorp should mention my concerns about their lack of
ethical conduct and actions against me to your shareholers before you
people buy much stock in their stock eh?
To:, ir <>

> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "STAINTON-JAMES, Angela" <>
> > To: "'David Amos'" <>
> > Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2010 5:50 AM
> > Subject: RE: So what is the Conservative MP Hugh Robertson gonna do
> > about people in his riding torturing people on the Internet? In Canada
> > such slander is a crime EH Vic Toews?
> >
> >
> >
> > Dear David
> >
> > Thank you for your e-mail addressed to Hugh Robertson. Your e-mail
> > has come through to Hugh's constituency office when, clearly, you need
> > his Department. Sadly, I do not have an e-mail address for him but
> > the telephone number of the Department of Media Culture and Sport is
> > 020 7211 6200 and they should be able to provide you with the
> > necessary information.
> >
> > Thank you for writing to Hugh and if you have any problem at all
> > please do not hesitate to come back to me.
> >
> > Best wishes
> > Angela Stainton-James
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: David Amos []
> > Sent: 29 May 2010 23:24
> > To: STAINTON-JAMES, Angela; toewsv1
> > Cc:; Gilles. Blinn; gilles.moreau; roger. gillies;
> > rogerduguay21
> > Subject: So what is the Conservative MP Hugh Robertson gonna do about
> > people in his riding torturing people on the Internet? In Canada such
> > slander is a crime EH Vic Toews?
> >
> > Need I say that "Satan's Crack Dealer" and his many evil little fans
> > atacked the wrong pissed of Maritimer in Youtube? Scroll down read
> > real slow and then call your lawyer or the cops Mr Roberson
> >
> >
> > Richard Coughlan
> > Faversham, United Kingdom
> > email
> > Website:
> > Phone 07935333407
> >
> >
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > From: David Amos <>
> > Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 15:46:20 -0300
> > Subject: Mr. Finkelstein I just discovered you and your concerns today
> > perhaps we should have a long talk ASAP? i an be reached at 506 485
> > 2578 for a couple of days
> > To:
> >
> > Need I say that I am hounoured that this evil person hates me/
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > From: David Amos <>
> > Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 14:23:46 -0300
> > Subject: Lets see if the Russians will understand Fwd: We just talked
> > this what I was trying to relate to the President of Mexico while he
> > was in Canada
> > To:
> >
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > From: David Amos <>
> > Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 14:19:51 -0300
> > Subject: We just talked this what I was trying to relate to the
> > President of Mexico while he was in Canada
> > To: atperez_lee <>
> >
> > The easiest way to check something about my concerns quickly is to go
> > to the US Senate Banking Committee hearing on November 18th and 20th
> > 2003 and notice the webcasts and transcripts of a very important
> > hearing about the financial industry are missing. Please notice the
> > crook Eliot Spitzer testified on the 20th
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Now look for Spitzer's answer to me on page 13 of this pdf file
> >
> >
> >
> > The easy answer to your next question is YES I am the the guy nobody
> > will talk about. so perhaps you should for the benefit of your
> > concerns and pocketbook. (Google David Amos and Wendy Olsen to see how
> > far down the rabbbit hole I can take anyone)
> >
> > I explained some of it a year ago on many talk shows and nobody cared.
> > Listen here if you wish then go figure whom you should trust.
> >
> >
> >
> > If nothing else have laugh at my espense and Google this expression
> > "Nobody will say my name"
> >
> >
> > Here is just one of the many reasons why
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Olsen, Wendy (USANYS)
> > Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 9:21 AM
> > To: David Amos; USANYS-MADOFF; Litt, Marc (USANYS)
> > Cc: webo;;;
> >
> > Thank you for your response.
> >
> > Wendy Olsen
> > Victim Witness Coordinator
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: David Amos []
> > Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 8:48 AM
> > To: USANYS-MADOFF; Olsen, Wendy (USANYS); Litt, Marc (USANYS)
> > Cc: webo;;;
> >
> > Ms Olsen
> >
> > Thank you for keeping me informed.
> >
> > Yes unseal all my emails with all their attachments immediately and
> > make certain that the US Attorny's office finally practices full
> > disclosurement as to who I am and what my concerns are as per the Rule
> > of Law within a purported democracy.
> >
> > As you folks all well know I am not a shy man and I have done nothing
> > wrong. It appears to me that bureacratic people only use the right to
> > privacy of others when it suits their malicious ends in order to
> > protect their butts from impreacment, litigation and prosecution.
> >
> > The people in the US Attorney's Office and the SEC etc are very well
> > aware that I protested immediately to everyone I could think of when
> > the instant I knew that my correspondences went under seal and Madoff
> > pled guilty so quickly and yet another cover up involing my actions
> > was under full steam. Everybody knows that.the US Government has been
> > trying to keep my concerns about the rampant public corruption a
> > secret for well over seven long years. However now that a lot of
> > poeple and their countries in general are losing a lot of money people
> > are beginning to remember just exactly who I am and what i did
> > beginning over seven years ago..
> >
> > Veritas Vincit
> > David Raymond Amos
> > 506 756 8687
> >
> > P.S. For the record Obviously I pounced on these Yankee bastards as
> > soon as the newsrag in Boston published this article on the web last
> > night.
> >
> >
> > ormat=&page=2&listingType=biz#articleFull
> >
> > Notice that Nester just like everyone else would not say my name? It
> > is because my issues surrounding both Madoff and are NOT marketing
> > timing They are as you all well know money laundering, fraud,
> > forgery, perjury, securites fraud, tax fraud, Bank fraud, illegal
> > wiretappping and Murder amongst other very serious crimes.
> >
> > "SEC spokesman John Nester dismissed similarities between Markopolos
> > and Scannell's cases as "not a valid comparison."
> >
> > He said the SEC determined the market-timing by Putnam clients that
> > Scannell reported didn't violate federal law. Nester said the SEC only
> > acted after another tipster alleged undisclosed market-timing by some
> > Putnam insiders.
> >
> > Scannell, now a crusader for SEC reforms, isn't surprised the agency
> > is in hot water again.
> >
> > Noting that several top SEC officials have gone on to high-paying
> > private-sector jobs, he believes hopes for future employment impact
> > investigations. "It's a distinct disadvantage to make waves before you
> > enter the private sector," Scannell said."
> >
> > --- On Mon, 3/30/09, David Amos <> wrote:
> >
> > From: David Amos <>
> > SDNY
> > To:,, "oig"
> > <>,,,
> >, "Dan Fitzgerald" <>
> > Cc:,,
> >,,
> >,,
> >,
> > Date: Monday, March 30, 2009, 10:00 PM
> >
> > Need I say BULLSHIT?
> >
> >
> > ormat=&page=2&listingType=biz#articleFull
> >
> >
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > From: David Amos <>
> > Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 00:03:13 -0300
> > SDNY
> > To:,,
> >,
> > Cc:,
> >,, jacques_poitras
> > <>
> >
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > From: David Amos <>
> > Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 23:40:55 -0300
> > To:, MartiK1 <>,
> > "Paul. Harpelle" <>, Jason Keenan
> > <>, Kandalaw <>
> > Cc:,
> >
> > From: "Peck,Dave" <>
> > Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 22:32:32 -0400
> > Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: USANYS-MADOFF FW: IMPORTANT
> > To: David Amos <>
> >
> > I will be unavailable until 4/1/09.
> >
> > Deputy Chief MacNamara will be in charge while I am away.
> >
> > He can be reached at 254-4831 or email him at
> >
> >
> > I will not be checking emails or cell phone messages.
> >
> > Thank you,
> >
> > Chief Dave Peck
> >
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > From: David Amos <>
> > Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 23:32:18 -0300
> > To:,,
> >
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > From: David Amos <>
> > Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 23:19:35 -0300
> > To:
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > Sent: Saturday, March 28, 2009 3:06 PM
> >
> > In United States v. Bernard L. Madoff, 09 Cr. 213 (DC), the Court
> > received a request from NBC and ABC to unseal all correspondence from
> > victims that has been submitted in connection with the case.
> >
> > This includes your email to the Government.
> >
> > If the correspondence from victims is unsealed, the victim's personal
> > identifying information including name, address, telephone number and
> > email address (to the extent it was included on the correspondence)
> > will become public. The Government must submit a response to the
> > request by NBC and ABC by Tuesday, March 31, 2009. Please let us know
> > whether you consent to the full disclosure of your correspondence, or
> > whether you wish to have your correspondence remain sealed for privacy
> > or other reasons.
> > If you wish to have your correspondence remain sealed, please let us
> > know the reason. We will defend your privacy to the extent that we
> > can. Thank you.
> >
> > I looks like the US attorney in New York finally has to unseal my
> > emails that you dudes have been sitting on for quite some time for no
> > reason I will ever understand other than you are just a bunch of
> > chickenshits.
> >
> > I know NBC, ABC, your blogger buddies or any other media wacko will
> > never say my name but the pissed off folks that lost a lot of money
> > with Bernie Baby just may ask how the hell I am EH?
> >
> > Veritas Vincit
> > David Raymond Amos
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > From: David Amos <>
> > Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 15:48:50 -0300
> > Subject: Fwd: Trust that whatever covert deal that Bernie Madoff and
> > KPMG etc may make with the Feds they are not fooling mean old me
> > To:
> >
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > From: David Amos <>
> > Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 15:29:42 -0300
> > Subject: Fwd: Trust that whatever covert deal that Bernie Madoff and
> > KPMG etc may make with the Feds they are not fooling mean old me
> > To:
> > Cc: webo <>
> >
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > From: "Olsen, Wendy (USANYS)" <>
> > Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 19:08:04 -0400
> > Subject: RE: Trust that whatever covert deal that Bernie Madoff and
> > KPMG etc may make with the Feds they are not fooling mean old me
> > To:
> >
> > On March 10, 2009, the Honorable Denny Chin provided the following
> > guidance for victims who wish to be heard at the plea proceeding on
> > March 12, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.:
> >
> > Judge Chin stated that there are two issues that the Court will
> > consider at the hearing: (1) whether to accept a guilty plea from the
> > defendant to the eleven-count Criminal Information filed by the
> > Government, which provides for a maximum sentence of 150 years'
> > imprisonment; and (2) whether the defendant should be remanded or
> > released on conditions of bail, if the Court accepts a guilty plea.
> > Judge Chin also stated that, at the hearing on March 12, 2009, he will
> > conduct a plea allocution of the defendant and then will announce
> > whether the Court intends to accept the plea. At that time, the Court
> > will solicit speakers who disagree with the Court's intended ruling.
> >
> > Assuming the defendant pleads guilty and his plea is accepted by
> > the Court, the Court intends to allow the Government and defense
> > counsel to speak on the issue of bail. The Court will then announce
> > its intended ruling on that issue. The Court will then invite
> > individuals who disagree with the proposed ruling on bail to be heard.
> >
> > The Court noted that there will be opportunity for victims to be
> > heard in the future on the subjects of sentencing, forfeiture and
> > restitution in advance of any sentencing of the defendant. The Court
> > also noted that it is not appropriate for victims who wish to speak
> > concerning sentencing issues to be heard at the March 12, 2009
> > proceeding.
> >
> > A link to the a transcript of the March 10, 2009 Court hearing can
> > be found on the website of the United States Attorney's Office for the
> > Southern District of New York:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Olsen, Wendy (USANYS)
> > Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 10:56 AM
> > To:
> > Subject: FW: Trust that whatever covert deal that Bernie Madoff and
> > KPMG etc may make with the Feds they are not fooling mean old me
> >
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: David Amos []
> > Sent: Friday, March 06, 2009 12:58 PM
> > To:; Nardoza, Robert (USANYE);
> > USAMA-Media (USAMA); Olsen, Wendy (USANYS)
> > Cc: oig
> > Subject: Trust that whatever covert deal that Bernie Madoff and KPMG
> > etc may make with the Feds they are not fooling mean old me
> >
> >
> >
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > From: "Sartory, Thomas J." <>
> > Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 07:41:20 -0500
> > Subject: RE: I did talk the lawyers Golub and Flumenbaum tried to
> > discuss Bernie Madoff and KPMG etc before sending these emails
> > To:
> >
> >
> > Dear Mr. Amos,
> >
> > I am General Counsel at Goulston & Storrs. Your email below to
> > Messers. Rosensweig and Reisch has been forwarded to me for response.
> > While it's not clear what type of assistance, if any, you seek from
> > Goulston % Storrs, please be advised that we are not in a position to
> > help you. Please do not send further communications to any of our
> > attorneys. We will not be able to respond, and your communications
> > will not be protected by the attorney-client privilege.
> >
> > We wish you well in the pursuit of your concerns.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> >
> > Thomas J. Sartory
> >
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: David Amos [mailto:
> > Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2009 8:18 PM
> > To: Rosensweig, Richard J.;; Reisch, Alan M.;
> >
> > Subject: Fwd: I did talk the lawyers Golub and Flumenbaum tried to
> > discuss Bernie Madoff and KPMG etc before sending these emails
> >
> > Perhaps somebody should call me back now. EH?
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> > From: National Kapiti Electorate Office <>
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> > Dear Mr Amos
> > Thank you for copying Nathan in with your email to NZ Health Minister
> > Tony
> > Ryall. This has been passed on to Nathan for his information.
> >
> > Regards
> > Heather
> >
> > Heather Shaw| Electorate Agent for Hon Nathan Guy MP for Otaki
> > P: +64 4 298 2906| F: +64 4 298 4845| Shop 3, 23 Amohia Street,
> > Paraparaumu,
> > Kapiti Coast 5032
> >
> >
> > Regards
> > Heather
> >
> > Jan 3rd, 2004
> >
> > Mr. David R. Amos
> > 153 Alvin Avenue
> > Milton, MA U.S.A. 02186
> >
> > Dear Mr. Amos
> >
> > Thank you for your letter of November 19th, 2003, addressed to
> > my predecessor,
> > the Honourble Wayne Easter, regarding your safety. I apologize for the
> > delay in responding.
> >
> > If you have any concerns about your personal safety, I can only
> > suggest that you contact
> > the police of local jurisdiction. In addition, any evidence of
> > criminal activity should be brought
> > to their attention since the police are in the best position to
> > evaluate the information and take
> > action as deemed appropriate.
> >
> > I trust that this information is satisfactory.
> >
> > Yours sincerely
> > A. Anne McLellan"
> >
> > September 11th, 2004
> >
> > Dear Mr. Amos,
> >
> > On behalf of Her Excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne
> > Clarkson, I acknowledge receipt of two sets of documents and
> > CD regarding corruption, one received from you directly, and the
> > other forwarded to us by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of
> > New Brunswick.
> >
> > I regret to inform you that the Governor General cannot
> > intervene in matters that are the responsibility of elected officials
> > and courts of
> > Justice of Canada. You already contacted the various provincial
> > authorities
> > regarding your concerns, and these were the appropriate steps to take.
> >
> > Yours sincerely.
> >
> > Renee Blanchet
> > Office of the Secretary to the Governor General
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>, hiddenfromhistory
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> Need i say i was not surprised when Askari and his boss Kevin Page
> formerly of the PCO office did not respond to my phone calls or email
> yesterday?
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> Subject: We just talked
> To:
> Mostafa Askari
> Director General
> Library of Parliament
> Economic and Fiscal Analysis
> Parliament Buildings
> Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A9
> Canada
> Telephone : 613-992-8045
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> From: David Amos <>
> Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 18:07:59 -0300
> Subject: You Cato dudes played dumb again about your missing blog and
> the documents I sent ya but lets see if one of your Directors is a
> dumb as you and the Feds pretend to be
> To:,,,
> Cc: "rick. skinner" <>, "Dean.Buzza"
> <>
> The text of the blog of Tom Palmer's that Cato denies existed can be
> found within my blog and many other places as well as this email
> March 24, 2005
> Crazy as a Loon, but Free
> Off to Iceland!
> Well, Bobby Fischer has his Icelandic passport. The U.S. government
> can now stop persecuting him for the crime of playing chess in
> Yugoslavia. Fischer may be out of his mind (tha'ts almost certain, if
> you consider his anti-Semitism and praise for the 9-11 attacks), but
> he's not out of his mind for choosing Iceland as his country of
> refuge. And the Icelanders, who may later regret having such an
> utterly crazy person wandering around in their country, have done the
> right thing by offering him refuge.
> NOTE: I seem to have attracted a stalker, who keeps posting strange
> messages on this site. Whatever.
> Posted by Tom Palmer at March 24, 2005 07:09 AM | TrackBack
> Comments
> Quite frankly I do not understand this. What does Iceland gain from
> this? Fischer himself stated that he would NEVER return to chess. So,
> it is unlikely that he will play for Iceland... and even though he
> did, it is not like he'd be back at the top.
> Now, he might want to teach his fellow Icelanders
> Fischerrandom...Fischerrandom is to chess what Estonian grammar is to
> linguistic ...And THAT sounds like a threat to me. NV
> Posted by: Nathalie I. Vogel at March 24, 2005 08:36 AM
> I doubt that Iceland has much to gain. (And I suspect that the
> inhabitants of Reykjavik may suffer from having an insufferable
> loudmouth crackpot wandering around.) But they did the right thing.
> The better thing would have been for the U.S. to drop its case against
> Mr. Fischer. I don't think you should lose your passport or suffer
> criminal prosecution for traveling someplace to play chess. I think
> that the position of the U.S. government (and of both Democratic and
> Republican administrations) is the harder one to understand.
> Posted by: Tom G. Palmer at March 24, 2005 08:47 AM
> TGP: "Fischer may be out of his mind (tha'ts almost certain, if you
> consider his anti-Semitism "
> I don't want to go all Szaszian on someone for what is most likely a
> casual comment, but suggesting someone is "out of his mind" simply
> because he is (labeled as) anti-Semitic seems overmuch. Immoral,
> perhaps...poorly informed, possibly...holding to views developed as a
> result of childhood associations, maybe...a confusion on either the
> part of Fischer or the person making the accusation of anti-Semitism
> with anti-Zionism, quite possible. But "out of his mind"?
> Posted by: Ross Levatter at March 24, 2005 11:17 AM
> Ross, Tom did refer to 'his' anti-Semitism; maybe it's not just that
> Fischer does not like Jews, but that he suffers from a particularly
> radical form of bigotry.
> I wouldn't know myself, but that was the inference I drew from Tom's
> comment.
> Posted by: Henri Hein at March 25, 2005 02:45 AM
> Then, Henri, he would be immoral, or bigoted, not "out of his mind".
> And he should consult an ethicist, not a travel agent or chiropracter
> to bring him back to his mind or better align it.
> Again, my point was merely that "out of his mind" implies one must be
> crazy or mentally ill to be anti-Semitic; I think that's a category
> error.
> Ross
> Posted by: Ross Levatter at March 25, 2005 06:54 PM
> Ross's points are well taken, but I do think that some term such as
> "crazy" (I'll stay away from "mentally ill") is useful in describing
> Mr. Fischer. (And even Thomas Szasz readily admits that there are
> "lots of crazy people" around; he just says that they're not sick.)
> The anti-Semitism that Mr. Fischer spouts is not of the "they wouldn't
> be welcome in our club" sort (bad as that is), but of the "Organized
> International Jewry is out to get me," sort. The former is an example
> of bad behavior, bad manners, immoral views, or the like. The latter
> sort of anti-Semitism is an obsession that seems in general to be
> immune to either moral appeal (since it's a claim about an alleged
> state of affairs, viz., that the Jews run everything and are out to
> get one) or to factual refutation (how do you argue someone out of
> such a...for want of a better word...crazy view?).
> Posted by: Tom G. Palmer at March 25, 2005 11:34 PM
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: David Amos
> To:
> Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2005 9:59 AM
> Subject: This is going to get interesting
> Hey Richard
> Thanks for calling me back the other day. Here is my number in Boston
> 617 698-6549 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 617 698-6549
> end_of_the_skype_highlighting. I will be hitting the road shortly
> and I will be sending out to you hard copy of what I am sending to
> Scott Daruty. However there is a great deal more you should know ASAP.
> I am involved against the biggest and baddest of them all and we all
> know they play for keeps. It is important that you know much and have
> evidence of it in order to protect yourself. I know they moniter my
> phone calls and I have know doubt that they listen to the Canadain
> Cell as well. The fact that you spoke to me honestly and openly puts
> you in jeopardy. If you had acted like most lawyers, the bastards
> would leave you alone. If you come to my aid, they will attack you.
> Trust me it has happened before and I will send proof of it in the
> following emails. Some contain the Tiffs I mentioned I am curious to
> see if they get through AOL system. I hack been blocked by them in the
> past. I have not heard from Barry Bachrach since just after he warned
> me that the FBI was about to pounce on me on Oct 1st. It seems they
> have him running scared. I must do my best to protect honest men..
> The following is what I just posted but it seems Bill Gates does not
> allow Tiff files in his sites so I will forward it to you to support
> what I said is true. Answer this email if and when you get it an I
> will send some others if you wish. However I think it would be better
> not to use AOL. As I said just get one in Yahoo or Hotmail they work
> better and are free.
> From: motomaniac in response to Message 1 Sent: 3/27/2005 9:21 AM
> In defense of Bobby Fischer I must say that he is just another man
> like me. He has his strengths and his weaknesses. Just like me. One
> particular forte of his, the amazing ability to play a game very well
> thrust him into the limelight for the whole wide world to study and
> examine his every move. More importantly I believe his fame caused him
> to become a pawn in the big big game. Although he had his right to
> privacy, the whole world dogged at his heels and critized his every
> action as a man. The Masters of War obviously tried use him to their
> advantage during the Cold War. He is not a stateman or a lawyer. He is
> simply a free thinking individual who has every right to speak his
> mind particularly after he has suffered through hell just because he
> plays chess so very well.
> I say judge not lest ye be judged and mind your own mouth about things
> you do not know all the details of. I am far more outspoken than Bobby
> ever was and yet you have never even heard of my name. It is because
> the corporate controlled media is not permited to do so. I am nobody
> with any special talent that had caused me to be thrown into public
> scrutiny before I was compelled to speak out as Bobby has done. I do
> not have to agree or disagree with his every word over the years to
> understand his meaning and his troubles. That said, in all honesty it
> would behoove us both if his lawyer would listen to me and employ
> Bobby's fame to expose the truth of all that we say.
> I am am not a perfect person and neither is Bobby. I do not know him
> nor do I judge him. Yet I do agree with with his standing in defense
> of his freedom. The Chessmaster has every right to spout off against
> the Masters of War because they have offended him greatly. It is for
> his attorney to weed out the truth and evidence of his convictions and
> present it in court in order to seek relief on his client's behalf. A
> jury of his peers will decide the truth of his matters not us bloggers
> without veiwing and hearing all the evidence. Forget what you may
> glean from the media. The information is controlled and slanted
> against him. Listen to what his lawyer says and what is used in
> arguement against him on the public record. Do not hold court in the
> media just gossip about things you know are true in order for the
> courts to act properly in the public interest.
> Bobby has paid the devil his due and done time in his jails. It is
> time for him to seek relief. I have as well. I was summoned to jail in
> the USA while running for Parliament in Canada and held under the
> charges of "other". I will not want allow myself to be judged on just
> one particular act or deed. My criminal trial in the USA is coming
> very soon. I will have lots to say.
> It is the average of all our days and deeds that speaks of us as the
> men we are. Like any game, it is what happens in the end that counts.
> Sometimes sacrifices must be made and sometimes mistakes are made.
> However once the word "checkmate" is declared, it is all over but the
> crying as long as we play by the rules and the fat lady sings in tune.
> I am more than happy to provide to Mr. Vattuone my evidence of much
> public corruption in order to support Bobby's lawsuit against the USA.
> It is high time the the Masters of War paid the fiddler and then be
> compelled to dance to a different tune as we make them fall on their
> own sword. No one is above the law. The public trust must be upheld or
> we are all losers in the the big big game. Forget Bobby and chess for
> a minute and listen to what he is saying through his attorney. I
> applaud is efforts in support of Bobby and his legal matters. I hope
> we get on like a house on fire. Any enemy of my foe should be a friend
> of mine. Bobby lawyer is your neighbor listen to him and then speak
> out to protect your own civil rights. What happened to Bobby and I
> could happen to you next. Get it?
> If anyone wishes to challenge what I have said, respond to this
> message with a email account that can hold of 25 megs of attachments.
> I will send you Tiff files of legal documents etc. that will take you
> down path of of the Garden of Good and Evil that everybody knows is
> true. I simply made it a point to prove it. My particular forte that
> helped accomplish such a necessary task is that I am more stubburn
> than a pig, meaner than a snake and smarter than the average bear.
> Much to my chagrin, I am just an average sort of chess player and have
> much to learn from Bobby in that regard but I maintain that chess is
> just a game. Bobby was compelled to play a far more serious and deadly
> game just because of his love of a game. I do recognize his talent but
> my hat is off to him because of what he did and stood for as a man not
> a chess player. In regards to his legal actions methinks I can teach
> his attorney a trick or two of mine.
> If anyone has any questions here is my phone number. 506 434-1379
> begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 506 434-1379
> end_of_the_skype_highlighting Feel free to argue me and stress test my
> ethics to the max. It is your freedom as well as my own that I am
> protecting. I think anyone has the right to question my motives. I
> speak plainly and do not hide my identity. Integrity does not need a
> mask to hide behind. However men like John Ashcroft and all his
> cohorts need jails to cage honest men who speak their mind about their
> masks of virtue.
> Bobby is just one man of many. His is fortunate that he is famous.
> Iceland would not do such things on behalf of the likes of me and many
> others. However Canada or Japan or whatever would do the same against
> me to support President Bush in a New York minute. In fact it already
> happened. The one file I have attached is the reason Clark Kent Ervin
> got fired immediately after the recent election. He long along proved
> to me that he was not interested in Truth Justice and the American Way
> and in fact he is a dumb as a post. I will wager I could beat him at
> chess. I know I played him like a fiddle as a lawyer and that is his
> game of choice. It was really to funny to me the advice he offered to
> others as he entered into the Aspen Crowd of nasty dudes. I feel the
> need to quote him. Many a govenment lawyer will understand why I am
> busting my gut laughing. I hope Bobby's lawyer does too.
> Lauren Robinson POGO Fellow " Any advice for your fellow public servants?"
> Clark Kent Ervin "Well, just do your job and let the political chips
> fall where they may. Unless your're willing to do that, it seems to me
> you shouldn't take the job in the first place."
> My answer to his remark is No Shit Sherlock. The former Inspector
> General can expect a rather profound civil lawsuit. He must argue me
> Pro Se or a at least without government assistance on his behalf
> because he failed to act within the scope of his employment and he is
> now out of the job.
> David Raymond Amos
> Posted by: David R. Amos at March 27, 2005 06:12 PM
> December 7th, 2003
> Gene Healy Senior Editor Cato Institute
> 1000 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
> Washington D.C. 20001-5403
> Phone (202) 842-0200 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting
> (202) 842-0200 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
> Fax (202) 842-3490
> RE: Corruption
> Sir,
> Please find enclosed an exact copy of a letter with all its enclosures
> recently sent to the Hearst Corporation and many others. Many of your
> directors such as Lewis E. Randall, John C. Malone and Jeffrey S. Yass
> should find the documents an interesting read. I ask that you make
> them available for their review.
> I watched David Boaz speak on C-Span the other day and heard him say
> many things. What I found the most interesting was that he said that
> the Cato Institute was named after some rather prolific letter
> writers. I invite you all to read mine. They can be found at the
> website mentioned in the enclosed documents. I could not send this
> letter to Mr. Boaz because he is not a lawyer and an officer of the
> court as you are. This is because only law enforcement authorities or
> officers of the court have any right to listen to the copy of wiretap
> numbered 139. It is served upon you in confidence as an officer of the
> court in order that you may act ethically and see that it is properly
> investigated. Please share the contents of the Cd with only the proper
> authorities so that I may never be accused of violating anyone's
> Fourth Amendment Rights.
> As I have said to many other lawyers, at the very least I have now
> made you a witness to my pursuit of justice. I ask you simply the
> following. What will you do with your newfound knowledge of Civil
> Rights Violations and Government Corruption?
> Best Regards
> David R.Amos
> 153 Alvin Ave.
> Milton MA. 02186
> Posted by: David R. Amos at March 27, 2005 06:22 PM
> Um, as I was saying about some people being, um, a bit....well,
> "different."
> Posted by: Tom G. Palmer at March 27, 2005 09:12 PM
> Did I mention that I found snotty Oxford dudes had stuffed shirts and
> were great fun to poke fun at as they bullshit others about how smart
> they are?
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: David Amos
> To:
> Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 5:08 PM
> Subject: Fw: I just called I am not kidding
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> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ; ;
> Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 4:21 PM
> Subject: Fw: I just called I am not kidding
> Hey
> It appears that all the Law Schools know nothing of ethical behavior
> if it may affect their coffers. I made it my task to prove it. Lets
> see if I can turn the worm and make the light dawn on Marblehead for
> the benefit of all.
> Whereas Todd Klipp is on Legal Advisory Committee United Educators
> (UE) Insurance Risk Retention Group I called Corporate Counsel, Jan
> Holt and told her something is up and that I would be serving the Hard
> Copy of the evidence that proves what I say is true upon Mr. Klipp. If
> I were you I would go to the US District Court in Beantown, query the
> dockets that bear my name and ask the BU professor Chief Justice Young
> about his integrity and his association with crooks like Charles J.
> Kickham Jr. and all of his cohorts.
> Cardinal Law would be a good witness to ask to start a proper
> investigation that is if you can get whoever becomes the next US
> Ambassador to the Vatican to make him fess up about his sins.
> Otherwise ask his former secretary Robert Kickham he is now O'Malley's
> secretary. I have no doubt that little bastard knows everything but
> trust that the three legal stooges Todd, Rogers and Hannigan have told
> him to shut up and wait for me to quit or die. However I think the
> Kickhams will soon fold their hand and start rattin out others very
> soon. Their is no honour amongst theives and I have the Kickhams
> cornered after three years of hard work. Their big daddy Chucky is
> dead and the rest of them are as dumb as a post. Uncle Franky has been
> dead since last June and I have finally forced the court to admit it.
> None of their accountings have been assented to by anyone and the IRS
> must check their work before my wife will settle. the Feds have a big
> problem and everybody knows its me.
> I am proud to say I won't quit and don't care if I die. I made certain
> that my truths live on and that no Kickham relatives can no longer
> claim to be kin to my little Clan. I refuse to allow my family to
> associate with bible pounding criminals that expound of law nor will I
> settle with them in order that they may escape justice. They must be
> held accountable and so should all their friends.
> I may seem crazy but at least I know my rights and will not allow
> wrongs against my family to go unpunished, particularly when the
> wrongs are practiced by people well paid or licensed by the state to
> insure that matters such as this never happen. If I am not crazy then
> the governments of Canada and the USA must be insanely corrupt. I know
> for a fact that there are a lot of ordinary people that agree with me
> therefore I know I am OK but I have my doubts about you. i am giving
> Mr. Klipp just enough evidence to impeach George Bush and for safe
> measure I am giving the same material to many others as well. Here's
> hoping ethics wins out after all. Otherwise we are all losers and the
> crooks within such organizations as the Aspen Institute will keep on
> advising the bastards on how to screw us all.
> The judges of the First Circuit of the US District Court have a lot to
> be accountable for and Judge Young is well aware of it all. He has no
> right to teach others about trial practice and the law until he proves
> that he understands how to uphold the law. I will be suing the bastard
> in short order you pick whether you wish to stand with him or me.
> There is no middle ground in this legal battle for Boston University
> to stand on. Judge Young is in your employ. However methinks he is no
> longer a feather in your cap. The University has bragged to have such
> a man to teach the students. What say you now?
> Trust that I don't care if anyone reads this email or not. In fact it
> will be more fun if ya didn't.
> "The Honorable William G. Young was appointed judge of the U.S.
> District Court for Massachusetts in 1984, after serving as associate
> justice of the state's Superior Court. Prior positions include special
> assistant attorney general, chief counsel to the governor, and clerk
> for the Honorable Raymond Wilkins, former chief justice of the
> Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Judge Young has a long list of
> pro bono activities, teaching experience, and several awards,
> including the Award for Judicial Excellence from the Massachusetts
> Academy of Trial Attorneys. Judge Young developed the course Advanced
> Trial Practice and also teaches Evidence."
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> Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 1:02 PM
> Subject: Fw: I just called I am not kidding
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> Subject: I just called I am not kidding
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> ; ;
> Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 9:30 AM
> Subject: I just left voicemail for Jim Spiegelman
> Hey Fellas
> I have picked you Mr. Gerson to send exactly the same material that I
> sent to two Solicitor Generals last year before I ran for Parliament
> in Canada. I am certain that material caused Theodore Olson to quit
> his job and your brand new fellow, Clark Kent Erwin to get the boot
> from his job right after the last Yankee election.
> Obviously I picked you because of your own bragging. There is no need
> for me to expand upon things that you and I know to be true. It is
> merely my task to prove to the world that you are well aware of my
> concerns and allegations. Then if you and your Association does
> nothing to uphold the public trust, I will make it my best effort to
> embarrass you all in court in front of a jury of my peers. You people
> claim to inspire people to ethical leaders? I say Bullshit. What say
> you?
> Say Hey to Superman for me. Will ya? Yea I know I just did but he
> likes to keep everything in confidence while his cohorts keep me
> falsely imprisoned. However I plan to call him to testify during my
> pending criminal trial as I have the right to do. I should be very
> interesting to see if he takes the fifth.
> David R. Amos
> "Elliot Gerson is responsible for the Aspen Institute's seminars,
> including the Executive Seminar, topical and custom seminars, and
> those offered in the Society of Fellows and Socrates programs. He also
> manages the Institute's public programs and activities, including the
> Aspen Ideas Festival. He is a graduate of Harvard College, Oxford
> University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar, and Yale Law School. As
> American Secretary of the Rhodes Trust, he manages the U.S. Rhodes
> Scholarships and is an advisor to the Mandela Rhodes Foundation in
> Cape Town, which focuses on African higher education and leadership.
> He was a U. S. Supreme Court clerk and has had a career including the
> practice of law, executive positions in state and federal government
> and a presidential campaign, president of leading insurance and
> healthcare companies, and service on many non-profit boards,
> especially in the arts."
> Posted by: David R. Amos at March 30, 2005 05:23 PM
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> From: David Amos
> To:
> Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 4:01 PM
> Subject: Fw: Cya in court Cato
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> From: David Amos
> To: ; ; ;
> ; ; ;
> ; ; ; ;
> Cc: Wes Penre@Illuminati News ;
> ; ; ; lloyd
> brinson ; J. D. Kuntz ; ; Jack Hook ; John Bjornstrom
> Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2005 8:47 PM
> Subject: Cya in court Cato
> Hey Tommy Boy
> You invited me. These are your words correct? I tried to register on
> line but your link does not work. I want to come. we should be in
> agreement in most things but I know we are not and we should really
> talk about it before I file my civil lawsuits. You people have already
> proven to me your malice. this is your last chance to act ethically.
> My criminal trial will begin shortly thereafter and I may call some of
> you to testify at it. One of them could be you. I am one of those
> people that many already turn to for an honest opinion. Right or wrong
> they know my answer comes from sincere ethical consideration because I
> am more a man of my word than legions of lawyers ever were. I am good
> to my friends and sheer hell to my foes. I hate the false fronts of
> integrity of the people you joke about within your following
> invitation. You are joking. I am not.
> Dear Friend,
> Would you like to be the person to whom others turn for an explanation
> of the debate over Social Security and retirement, the economics of
> international trade, or how to control pollution and protect the
> environment through incentives? Would you like to be better able to
> explain the benefits of free markets, private property, and free trade
> to your friends, colleagues, and family members?
> If so, you should come to Washington, D.C., for the Cato University
> seminar April 28 to May 1 on Applied Economics: User-Friendly Tools to
> Understand Politics, Business Enterprise, and Life. The faculty
> includes top-level economists and policy experts from universities and
> the Cato Institute.
> The seminar will be held in the F. A. Hayek Auditorium of the Cato
> Institute, with dinner and a tour at Mount Vernon, the historic home
> of George Washington.
> Our goal is to help attendees become the people to whom their friends
> turn to explain the economy and how political interference in markets
> tends to generate disaster. And there's a reason it's being held in
> Washington, D.C. You see, we want to change fundamentally the culture
> of Washington, D.C. Washington's a very strange city. Most of the
> people here spend their working days taking from Peter to give to Paul
> (minus a substantial cut, of course). Or writing minute and
> incomprehensible "regulations" on the optimal size of broccoli, or
> warning people to wear sensible shoes, or just figuring out new ways
> to strip American citizens of their rights and dignity.
> You can come to D.C. for a long weekend and learn how to change that.
> You'll learn how to make the arguments that will convince your
> friends, coworkers, and neighbors that they don't need or benefit from
> all those rules, redistributions, regulations, and rip-offs.
> You're invited to attend one Cato University seminar, or two, or
> three. Each is a stand alone seminar, but all three are complementary.
> (The other two are on history and on the art and technique of
> persuasion.)
> Please check out the faculty and schedule, and register using our
> secure registration form. Online registration is safe, easy, and fast.
> Come to Washington, D.C. ... and learn how to change it.
> I look forward to welcoming you to Cato University this year.
> Cordially,
> and Signed by you. Tom Palmer
> In order not to be somehow overlooked, I just called you cell phone to
> cell phone so that I would have a record of contact to let you know we
> had a problem to discuss. You were to busy to talk so you missed your
> chance. Methinks you are a fine example of the reason your buddy Gene
> Healy and his ilk ignored me. I read enough of your work to think you
> are a very snotty tall talking whore for the Global Corps. I wanted to
> hear your voice to be certain my feelings were correct. You did not
> dissappoint me. If you don't like my opinion of you, sue me and bring
> all these emails to court. I promise I will not file a motion to
> dismiss. In fact I can't wait to meet your lawyers. I thought what you
> said about Bobby Fischer was far more offensive and as you can see I
> blogged in his defense. Many people call me crazy too. That seem to be
> the label bad actors put on someone when they are cornered. I wanted
> you to hear my voice so that you would understand that I am not nuts
> but very sincere. when you shunned my last words were see you in
> court. Ignore me some more and you certainly will. Check my work
> before you laugh and call me crazy too.
> In order to prove you all I am serious I will send Roger Pilon, Vice
> President for Legal Affairs at 1000 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.,
> Washington D.C. 20001-5403 hard copy of exactly the same material I
> sent to two Solicitor Generals last year just before I ran for
> Parliament. Teddy Olson quit and went into private practice as soon as
> Stephen Harper opened his mouth about the Arar Inquiry but thus far
> Landslide Annie has hung onto hers. Now if you have any questions of
> me before we meet, ask them to New Canadian Ambassador Franky Boy
> McKenna. He knows exactly who I am and what has happened in the year
> since. If you want a Yankee perspective ask John Ashcroft, John
> Edwards. Tom Ridge, Clark Kent Ervin, Theodore Olson or David
> Aufhauser to name a few. They all are now free agents and in the same
> hot water as your buddy and now you.
> I emailed ya, blogged ya, called ya and am now telling some your
> friends plus a few of mine for good measure. Under Title 18 of the
> federal code you are all as guilty as everyone else if you don't get
> honest real fast. Ask Frank Quatronne and Martha Stewart about email
> evidence in federal court
> In light of the reasons I was falsely imprisoned and what I had sent
> you dudes the year before it makes Cato's work in "Go Directly to
> Jail: The Criminalization of Almost Everything." a total bullshit
> piece of work. It is my job to properly shame you bastards so that
> nobody will take you seriously ever again.
> "At one time, the sanction of the criminal law was reserved for
> serious, morally culpable offenders. But during the past 40 years, an
> unholy alliance of tough-on-crime conservatives and anti-big-business
> liberals has utterly transformed the criminal law. Today, while
> violent crime often goes unpunished, Congress continues to add new,
> trivial offenses to the federal criminal code. With more than 4,000
> federal offenses on the statute books, and thousands more buried in
> the Code of Federal Regulations, it is now frighteningly easy for
> American citizens to be hauled off to jail for actions that no
> reasonable person would regard as crimes. At the same time, rampant
> federalization and mandatory minimum sentencing are making America's
> criminal justice system ever more centralized and punitive. The result
> is a labyrinthine criminal code, a burgeoning prison population, and
> often real injustice. Go Directly to Jail examines those alarming
> trends and proposes reforms that could rein in a criminal justice
> apparatus at war with fairness and common sense."
> If you dudes do not want me to turn up after being invited please let
> me know why in writing and introduce me to the lawyer I will be
> arguing someday in court.
> David R. Amos
> 153 Alvin Ave.
> Milton, MA 02186
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> From: David Amos
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> Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2005 10:20 AM
> Subject: Fw: Hunky-dory EH Petey
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> Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2005 10:04 AM
> Subject: Fw: Hunky-dory EH Petey
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> From: David Amos
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> Sent: Friday, March 25, 2005 7:27 AM
> Subject: Fw: Hunky-dory EH Petey
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> From: David Amos
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> Sent: Friday, March 25, 2005 7:03 AM
> Subject: Fw: Hunky-dory EH Petey
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> From: David Amos
> To: ; ; Jack Layton ;
> ; ; ;
> Cc: ; ;
> ; ; ;
> ; ;
> Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2005 7:12 PM
> Subject: Hunky-dory EH Petey
> I got a better one for ya Petey Boy. "Thar she blows". I bet Belinda
> is really pissed off at everybody and is letting off some steam. If I
> were you I would start bailing out of your new party like any other
> rat that would desert a sinking ship. That is one boat that could
> never float. The way you back stabbed your way into its creation will
> likely never be forgotten. Some of the new Senators Martin just
> appointed proved that didn't they? Right now you are just hanging on
> and kissing Harper's arse because nobody else will ever trust you in
> their Dory except maybe the diddler, Billy Matthews. He is used to
> turningcoat and needs help bailing out his punky little craft. I think
> the liberals are tired of him by now and Johnny Crosbie is likely
> pretty pissed at him too. I think you two dudes should be good company
> for each other as everybody else tries to distance themselves from a
> couple of cry babies that call themselves Maritimers. You were born
> there alright but a lair lawyer and a nasty old diddler reflect poorly
> upon the rest of us. But bad apples fall from the best of trees. The
> sooner the better so that they don't suck the sap out of the good
> ones.
> Dare to argue me Petey Boy? I am ten times meaner with no temper than
> the man that pitches silly fits kicks chairs. I would kick your arse
> in a good debate. I would laugh if you asked me to step outside, head
> for the door and quit talking immediately in a sincere effort to kick
> your arse in the street. Win or lose, rest assured I would have fun.
> Fighting is a true Maritime tradition. EH MacKay? Feel free to try to
> call me a liar. Everybody knows it would be a case of the pot trying
> to call the kettle black.
> "The Nova Scotia MP described his relations with Conservative Leader
> Stephen Harper as "hunky-dory, everything's great - that's a good
> Maritime phrase."
> Forwarded Message
> Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 10:14:47 -0800 (PST)
> From: David Amos"
> Subject: Attn Don Amos
> To:,,
> As I stated within an earlier email, Scott Daruty finally called me
> back and pissed me off. He picked the wrong guy to try and toy with. I
> will take up my concerns with Magna byway of Daruty and Cellucci down
> here in the Yankee courts. I have much proof of what I sent Belinda
> Stronach long before she ever became a Member of Parliament up home. I
> will deal with her in a political fashion first to see if she is
> interested in up holding the public trust while protecting her
> interests in Magna. Good luck with your conscience as a lawyer named
> Amos as you check my work. Here is my phone number 506 434-1379
> begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 506 434-1379
> end_of_the_skype_highlighting if you have any questions before
> deciding whether or not to uphold the law and protect the investor's
> interests in Magna from my necessary civil actions. I gave my material
> to Argeo P. Cellucci in Canada in July of 2002 before I sent the
> Sheriffs out with my first complaints. I know by the fax numbers at
> the top of my first complaint that it was Ashcroft and Cellucci that
> directed the US Attorney to try to make my complaints evaporate. Now
> that Cellucci speaks for Magna and Belinda speaks for Canadians there
> is a couple of Amos boys that should have along talk about many
> things. But forget trying to label me as your brother until I am
> assured of your integrity. I have a high contempt towards lawyers and
> their sense of ethics for very justifiable reasons.
> Note: forwarded message attached.
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> From: David Amos
> To: ; moto maniac ; ;
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> Cc: ; ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2005 12:14 PM
> Subject: Shame on you Della
> At least I am a man of my word. I called you personally as I stated I
> would. I have the record of the call that I was directed to do by your
> boss, Stevey Boy May. Too bad you would not speak to me to protect
> your own interests. At least I have your signature because no word
> from you is worthless to me. You can never claim ignorance of my
> concerns after directing me to your lawyer. I stuck my hand out to you
> as a layman but you had picked your friends the lawyers and had
> enlisted them to bite it? Do you really Think I am afraid of dealing
> with the likes of Johnny Crosbie and Stevey Boy May when I am
> preparing a lawsuit against the likes of John Edwards, John Ashcroft
> and Theodore Olson to name a few? Plus there is the irrefutable fact
> that you and the law firm you work for have already admitted that you
> are aware of the crimes practiced against me. You have done nothing to
> uphold the law and have already filed the evidence of that fact in the
> Newfoundland Supreme Court. Lady, either I or my estate will bankrupt
> you and your firm with its own sworn testimony that you witnessed. You
> can take that to the bank. The first question I must ask you Della
> what did your law fir do with its copy of the police surveillance tape
> # 139 and did you listen to it? You should not have because you are
> not an officer of the court nor are you employed by law enforcement.
> The Lieutenant Governor Roberts notified me that he had given his
> copies of the material to Tommy Marshall to be investigated but I have
> received no word from your law firm as to what the hell they did with
> their copies. Have your lawyers explain their integrity to you because
> you and I will never come to an understanding of ethical behavior
> after your treatment of me today. I often sing the praises of Newfys
> because they are amongst the nicest folks on the planet excepting of
> course their lawyers and their cohorts such as you Della. By the way I
> heard about the clerks in Supreme Court having a little wager over who
> buys lunch if I managed to do what I said I would do. I would like to
> meet the lady who felt I was as serious as a heart attack and willing
> to buy lunch if I was not a man of my word. I would love to buy her
> lunch some time because the courts need more folks like her in their
> employment. She clearly did not disregard the word of a common man.
> On the other hand after our exchange of the mere few words today it
> would not be wise for me to trust your word or typing if I had left
> the voicemail you desired. I have much evidence of many edited
> transcripts of things I have said in the past. You and I will argue
> them some day no doubt byway of your lawyer friends because I think
> you don't speak pro se very well in order to protect your personal
> interests. I just got off the phone with one of Frank Stronach's
> Yankee lawyers Scott Daruty. He did me the service of really pissing
> me off today by finally calling me back after I had torn a piece off
> of Magna in Canada about his neglect of duty on their behalf. He
> thought he was funny by joking that the Canadian lawyer, Don Amos was
> my brother. No lawyer is a brother of mine. He thought I was joking
> when I told him I would sue him personally if he did not uphold the
> law and rat out Magna's brand new Vice President his brother, Argeo P.
> Cellucci so I had to repeat myself so he would understand me in no
> uncertain terms. I do make a lot of jokes about very serious business
> however it would not be wise to underestimate my sincerity and attempt
> to toy with me. I enjoy a good fight win or lose as long as I stand on
> the right side of the battle. You just picked a fight with me lady on
> a day when I ain't taking prisoners from lawyers or their cohorts. All
> lawyers are liars and I have proven it. It is only laymen I will
> settle with from now on and only if they tell the truth, the whole
> truth and nothing but the truth.
> I don't care if your god helps you or not. We can all do it again in
> hell for all I care.
> From now on I must rely on hard copy of my own creation. For now I
> will send you and Stevey Boy a bunch of emails that have been
> forwarded to many other people first. I require the record of doing
> so. Whereas I have no doubt Stevey Boy will wan to argue about the
> emails I have already sent I figure why not be hung for a cow as a
> calf? Since everything in heaven and hell is done in threes. I will
> forward to Magna's lawyer, Don Amos, Stevey Boy and three large emails
> that contain Tiff files. There is no need to be redundant with hard
> copy already sent to Scott Daruty and Johnny Crosbie. You can tell the
> folks at Patterson Palmer who directed you to offend me that the
> emails contain exactly the same documents that Greg Byrne and Johnny
> Crosbie received and that you should all prepare to argue every word
> within in them. The first email contains a file called Big Day. It
> contains every document I served upon Two Solicitors Generals Theodore
> Olson and Anne McLellan before I ran for Parliament and Olson quit his
> job on June 24th immediately after Johnny Crosbie told Stevey Harper
> to shut up about the Arar Inquiry. the second file is called Big
> Canada Add and it is a copy of the documents served upon my political
> opponents while running for Parliament. Last but not least are what
> was added to the first to pile of documents and then served upon
> Patterson and Palmer by way of Greg Byrne.
> Scott Daruty is receiving the documents within "Big Day" and other
> interesting material that Magna should find quite interesting to say
> the least. Magna really made my day when they appointed Cellucci and
> their new VP. I is comical that he is going to lobby the government
> about horse racing especially after listening to what is recorded on a
> lot of the tapes and the fact that the top dog of the RCMP had to
> teach that dumb Yankee how to ride a horse last summer so that he
> would not make an ass out himself at the Calgary Stampede. This was
> almost as rich as when Martin sent Franky McKenna to Washington after
> he and I had a spit and chew about dogs and pork. At least I am clever
> enough to realize when I am a lucky man and how to make the best out
> of a golden opportunity to see that justice is served upon some very
> nasty bastards. I am very pissed off but still having more fun than
> ten men. I love cornering lawyers and listening to them stutter and
> try to duck the issues. I will wager that you are having a bad day
> too. EH Della? It looks good on you if you are. Why not get mad? I
> hope you share your anger with the others at Patterson and Palmer and
> start bitchin about me. Never forget all I want is the truth from you.
> It will cost you nothing. Why do you want to stand with crooks and
> liars for a days pay? I bet you have witnessed lots of dirty dealings.
> I truly beleive that there is no honour in your work. To me working
> for lawyers is like a lady being sent to a nunnery in Medieval times.
> I share ol Shake's opinion of such a place. Times changes nothing
> lawyers still work for Jesuits. Look around downtown St John's and
> call me a liar. I dare ya. Even the name of the town says it all.
> Cya'll in Court:)
> David R. Amos
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> From: David Amos
> To: ; moto maniac ; ;
> ; ; ;
> ; ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ;
> Cc: ; ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ;
> Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2005 8:33 AM
> Subject: RE: Me versus Patterson and Palmer
> Hey Della,
> I see that Stevey Boy is on vacation and told me to contact you. I am
> happy to hear that he is saving all of my emails in a special spot for
> some apparent future litigation. I keep very good records as well and
> look forward to his argument but I will wager that I sue him first.
> I see by the following Affidavit you witnessed and Stevey Boy filed in
> court that every lawyer within Patterson Palmer is a flat out liar. I
> served Greg Byryne in Fredericton myself with witnesses before Byron
> Prior served everyone else in Newfoundland. If Byrne did not share the
> info with his buddy Johnny Crosbie, it is not my fault. Yet I suspect
> that he did so out of the gate because he sent me an email in which it
> appears that he was conferring with many others about me and my
> concerns. It was too funny that Byrne clicked the wrong button and
> forwarded his email to me as well.
> I also sent many of your people the same emails that I sent to Byrne
> and May as soon as I got out off jail last October and Stevey Boy
> first contacted Byron Prior and I had called him. (Thank you for
> making a transcript of my voicemail and filing it in court for me. It
> is quite hard for me to make lawyers even admit that I exist) Some of
> the aforesaid emails were responded to by other members of your law
> firm byway of their computers like Stevey Boy's just did. At least
> computers are far more honest than the lawyers that own them. I am
> compelled to rely on the integrity of their machines and the ability
> of their computers and mine to keep perfect records. (Never forget I
> am being prosecuted for sending an email to a lawyer I have been
> litigating against for years who even went as far to fraudulently
> create a document bearing my signature) Because of the fact I can
> prove contact with many members of the law firm you work for, they can
> never say that they did not know of my concerns and allegations long
> before Stevey complained of Byron Prior's actions on behalf of his
> client Billy Matthews. He only went forward with his malicious threat
> when he thought my goose was cooked down here. There is quite simply
> no way you could have prepared his filing on January 21st and he had
> Judge green sign it in the time between Byron had served it and the
> Judge signed it without the Bastards reading our private emails and
> listening to our phone calls. I sent the last email containing the
> words to Byron's counterclaim just before I went to court that morning
> and he only managed to see it filed by 3 PM Newfy time. You may be a
> fast typists but the courts don't work that fast unless they are
> covering up something big time. No know as well as I that is true
> because the judge and Stevey Boy do not even want other lawyers to
> view the public record. Small wonder he took a vacation. If Stevey Boy
> has any semblance of a conscience he no doubt has trouble dealing with
> himself. I can only wonder if he and Johnny Crosbie are singing for
> more tequila right now.
> As you no doubt know I am preparing to defend myself in a criminal
> trial in the USA and filing some rather profound civil lawsuits in
> Canada and the USA that will make the whining of Billy Matthews in
> Newfoundland Supreme court seem rather comical. I will be filing
> copies of the documents you no doubt helped create for Stevey Boy May
> on behalf of your law firm in many courts.
> If Greg Byrne, the former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of
> New Brunswick had acted ethically last September while I was in Canada
> and under Brad Green's jurisdiction I would not have been falsely
> imprisoned in the USA the following month. I will be suing him, your
> law firm and many others for personal injury and conspiracy to cover
> up the many crimes practiced against my Clan and I. My question to
> you, Della is why don't I sue you too? As you can see if you have read
> my work my battle is with corrupt lawyers not layman. I would settle
> with you in a heartbeat for costs if you would be honest about all
> that you know to be true. If you decide to go against me I suggest
> that you seek legal counsel outside of your law firm or in fact all of
> Newfoundland. I am about to take on every damned lawyer within the
> Newfoundland law Society. You would not be wise to doubt me before you
> have a look at my work in the USA. I will deal with Newfys under the
> heading of fun after I have embarrassed the Yankees.
> I will give you a call as Stevey Boy suggests so that at least you can
> understand that I am not an unreasonable person and not the sort of
> person that lawyers claim that I am. I am just a simple, sincere and
> serious man that refuses to play the wicked games lawyers play. I am
> willing to die in order to expose the truth. No lawyer can say that.
> they love money to much to be willing to miss the chance to spend it.
> Judge me for yourself and your own best interests before you choose
> whom to stand with.
> Whether you believe me or not I am battling for your rights as well as
> my own. I am forwarding this email to many ordinary people like you
> and me. To Hell with the lawyers and politicians. They do what they do
> for personal gain not public service. Their concerns are lucre not
> justice and everybody knows it. All I did was go to great lengths to
> prove it. There is no need for you and I to argue about simple truths.
> As far as I am concerned up until the time you received this email all
> you have done is type things and witness signatures. However you
> cannot say that anymore.
> My pending phone call to you is not harassment. I need the Yankee
> phone bill record of my call to you in order to assist in the defence
> of my freedom in the USA. Stevey Boy told me to call ya. Please be
> nice. After today you can't say that you are not involved in my false
> imprisonment in the USA. I am doing no more or less than Stevey Boy
> and his malicious clients would do if the same thing had happened to
> them. If Billy Matthews had been summoned to the USA while he was
> running for his seat in Parliament to be presecuted by an unsigned
> criminal complaint and then held without bail under the charges of
> "other", he would be more pissed off than I am.
> Cya'll in Court:)
> David R. Amos
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "May, Steve"
> To: "David Amos"
> Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 8:32 PM
> Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: Dan and Tom Remember me
> Mr. May is out of the office till 11 April 2005. He will not be
> checking his e-mail. Please contact Della Hart at 709-570-5527
> begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 709-570-5527
> end_of_the_skype_highlighting or if you
> require immediate assistance.
> 2005 01 T 0010
> AND:
> SUMMARY OF CURRENT DOCUMENTCourt File Number(s):2005 01 T 0010Date of
> Filing of Document:25 January 2005Name of Filing Party or
> Person:Stephen J. MayApplication to which Document being filed
> relates:Amended Application of the Plaintiff/Defendant by Counterclaim
> to maintain an Order restricting publication, to strike portions of
> the Statement of Defence, strike the Counterclaim in it's entirety,
> and to refer this proceeding to case management.Statement of purpose
> in filing:To maintain an Order restricting publication, to strike
> portions of the Statement of Defence, strike the Counterclaim in its
> entirety and refer this proceeding to case management.
> A F F I D A V I T
> I, Stephen J. May, of the City of St. John's, in the Province of
> Newfoundland and Labrador, Barrister and Solicitor, make oath and say
> as follows:
> THAT I am a Partner in the St. John's office of PATTERSON PALMER
> solicitors for William Matthews, the Member of Parliament for
> Random-Burin-St. George's in the Parliament of Canada.
> THAT Mr. Matthews originally retained Mr. Edward Roberts, Q.C. on or
> about 30 April 2002 after Mr. Byron Prior, the Defendant/Plaintiff by
> Counterclaim, had made allegations against Mr. Matthews in a
> publication called "My Inheritance - The truth - Not Fiction: A Town
> with a Secret". In that publication, the allegation was made that Mr.
> Matthews had had sex with a girl who had been prostituted by her
> mother. That girl was alleged to have been Mr. Prior's sister.
> THAT upon being retained, Mr. Edward Roberts wrote a letter to Mr.
> Prior. That letter to Mr. Prior is attached as Exhibit "1" to my
> Affidavit.
> THAT subsequent to Mr. Roberts' letter to Mr. Prior, Mr. Roberts
> received a 1 May 2002 e-mail from Mr. Prior. That e-mail is attached
> as Exhibit "2".
> THAT subsequent to Mr. Roberts receipt of the e-mail, Mr. Prior swore
> an Affidavit acknowledging that what had been said in that publication
> was false. That Affidavit is attached as Exhibit "3" to my Affidavit.
> Following Mr. Roberts' receipt of that Affidavit, Mr. Matthews advised
> that he was satisfied not to pursue the matter any further and our
> firm closed our file.
> THAT on or about 25 October 2004, I was retained by Mr. Matthews
> following his gaining knowledge that a web site, made a series of
> allegations against him relating to my having sex with a girl of
> approximately 12 years old through to an approximate age of 15 years
> old. It also accused him of being a father of one of her children and
> accused him of having raped that girl. Upon checking the web site I
> saw that Byron Prior, the Defendant, had been identified as the author
> of the material on the site.
> THAT Mr. Matthews instructed me to write Mr. Prior, to remind him of
> the fact that the allegations had been admitted to being false through
> a 16 May 2002 Affidavit to advise him of Mr. Matthews' intentions to
> commence legal proceedings if the comments were not removed from the
> web site. A copy of my letter to Mr. Prior is attached as Exhibit "4"
> to this Affidavit.
> THAT I attach as Exhibit "5" a transcript from a 5 November 2004
> voicemail left by David Amos, identified in the voicemail as a friend
> of Mr. Prior.
> THAT I attach as Exhibit "6" a portion of a 6 November 2004 e-mail
> from Mr. Amos.
> THAT until I received his voicemail and e-mail, I had never heard of Mr.
> Amos.
> THAT Mr. Amos has continued to send me e-mail since his 5 November
> e-mail. Including his 6 November 2004 e-mail, I have received a total
> of 15 e-mails as of 23 January 2005. All do not address Mr. Matthews'
> claim or my involvement as Mr. Matthews' solicitor. I attach as
> Exhibit "7" a portion of a 12 January 2005 e-mail that Mr. Amos sent
> to me but originally came to my attention through Ms. Lois Skanes
> whose firm had received a copy. This e-mail followed the service of
> the Statement of Claim on 11 January 2005 on Mr. Prior. I also attach
> as Exhibit "8" a copy of a 19 January 2005 e-mail from Mr. Amos.
> THAT I attach as Exhibit "9" a copy of a 22 November 2004 letter
> addressed to me from Edward Roberts, the Lieutenant Governor of
> Newfoundland and Labrador covering a 2 September 2004 letter from Mr.
> Amos addressed to John Crosbie, Edward Roberts, in his capacity as
> Lieutenant Governor, Danny Williams, in his capacity as Premier of
> Newfoundland and Labrador, and Brian F. Furey, President of the Law
> Society of Newfoundland and Labrador. I requested a copy of this
> letter from Government House after asking Mr. Roberts if he had
> received any correspondence from Mr. Amos during his previous
> representation of Mr. Matthews. He advised me that he received a
> letter since becoming Lieutenant Governor, portions of which involved
> his representation of Mr. Matthews. Mr. Roberts' letter also covered
> his reply to Mr. Amos.
> THAT I attach as Exhibit "10" an e-mail from Mr. Amos received on
> Sunday, 23 January 2005.
> THAT I swear this Affidavit in support of the Application to strike
> Mr. Prior's counterclaim.
> SWORN to before me at
> St. John's, Province of Newfoundland
> and Labrador this 24th day of
> January, 2005.
> Signed by Della Hart STEPHEN J. MAY Signature
> A Commissioner for Oaths in and for
> the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
> My commission expires on December 31, 2009.
> The Conservatives in Canada have very Punky Dory EH Tommy Boy?
> Posted by: David R. Amos at March 30, 2005 05:26 PM
> The Cato dudes ain't got nothin on me when it comes to letter writing.
> Here is where I am teasing abunch of dumb Yankees. The whole world
> calls our Newfys dumb. So what does that say of Danny williams the
> Premier? He is a Rhodes Scholar that works for free. Is he dumb or
> evil? I will have to ask the Aspen Dudes have I attend Tommy's little
> hoe down EH?
> Posted by: David R. Amos at March 30, 2005 05:38 PM
> HMMM no link we will try this way ok?
> Posted by: David R. Amos at March 30, 2005 05:40 PM
> I'm very proud to have had such a person as David Amos, help us with
> our fight and the legal work. I will never be able to repay him.Thank
> you David.
> Byron Prior
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> This is great stuff! I can't wait to see how things end for David! An
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> fictional thrillers with international intrigue and betrayals, John
> LeCarre has met his match. Love it!
> Posted by: MFH at January 24, 2006 02:05 PM
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> His snotty help picked a very bad day to play games with me EH Vic
> Toews? Although Kenney never cared about my human rights as he laughed
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> thanx to an ethical government computer EH stevey boy Harper?
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> When do ya think one will ignore his dumb lawyer such as Jeffry House,
> sprout some balls, print a pdf file and say my name?
> Before polling day would benefit all Canadains not just the wannabes and
> the
> wannabe Prime Ministers eh Jacky boy Layton? .
> Veritas Vincit
> David Raymond Amos
> If your too chicken to print a pdf file perhaps you can watch Youtube then
> EH Jacky Boy Layton?
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> His purported friend Lee Zaslofsky would not give me his contact
> number for some strange reason i will never understand.
> I would lay odds that would have be different if I had been elected
> in the last couple of elections or was player within one of the
> established politcal parties. It certainly appears to me that fellow
> concerned Canadian citizens don't count to American war protesters and
> their outspoken supporters unless they are politcally connected EH
> Mikey Ignatieff AKA Canada's Prince of Darkness south of the 49th?
> That said I cannot begin to try to help anyone unless they learn how
> to help themselves and that starts with picking up the phone retuning
> calls and answering emails. N'est Pas Stevey Boy Harper?
> Veritas Vincit
> David Raymond Amos
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> Harper gives him the boot.
> To:,
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> Like you everybody thinks I am a nut excepting of course Stevey Boy
> Harper and the dummy Dion. They just flat out hate me. Nest Pas?

Risk and reward: When rural life meets economic development
By Jamie Ross on Mar 31, 2010 and filed under Features, Our Summer
Recap, Special Assignment, This Week's Edition. Follow any responses
with RSS 2.0.

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There are two oft-heard phrases in the village of Penobsquis.

"The streets should be paved in gold, but instead they're sinking,"
says Beth Nixon, a resident here for nearly her entire life. "And
Sussex got the boom and Penobsquis got the shaft."

The remark sparks laughter from the seven people sitting around the
dining room table.

They're pretty happy for disgruntled citizens, or "Concerned
Citizens," as their group is officially called.

They've gathered to hold a weekly steering committee meeting, where
the direction of a broader group, about 60 citizens concerned for the
well-being of their community, is set.

Crowded around a computer screen, they flip through pictures and
charts, and bring up news articles. The Internet has allowed them to
organize and find information with ease. They've even built their own

They share fruit and drinks and go about business, trying their best
to ignore the flash of my camera in the room. They talk about how
Penobsquis has evolved right before their eyes. It seems like
yesterday the village was like every other rural community: a
tranquil, pristine farming community with rolling green pastures; a
tight-knit place, with a village hall, a volunteer fire department, a
church, and an outdoor rink. Today, roads are busy with 18-wheelers,
everyone drives a big pickup truck, and natural gas well pads are
scattered throughout the community.

Those at the table tell different stories about how they've been
affected by the development of their village, located about 15
kilometres north-east of Sussex, New Brunswick.

Chris Bell hosts the meetings every week, and also serves as chair of
the Local Service District in the Parish of Cardwell. She lost running
water into her home when the groundwater well on her property
mysteriously ran dry in 2004.

"We went to the expense and we deepened the spring, and it lasted a
month, and we ended up drilling a new well," says Bell.

That well dried up after two months.

Nearly 50 other homes nearby lost their groundwater source between
that time and 2008.

Nixon, whose family also lost its well, recalls when her nine-year-old
son Allan, who was three at the time, woke one night to what she
thought was an explosion in the furnace.

"The duct work shook, he woke up screaming and attacking his bedside
table," she remembers.

She's convinced the boom came from blasting operations going on nearby.

"I called my husband and he came home and checked at the trailer where
they were doing the monitoring for the blasting," she says. "And they
told him where they were doing the blasting, which was about 400
meters from my house , but they laughed at him when he said our house
has shook."

Another woman, Beth Norrad, says there are sinkholes on her property.

The problems people here experience vary, from living without running
water to being kept up at night by a noisy grouting station or the
bright lights from gas flaring on natural gas well pads. Some say
subsidence from the mine is causing their homes to sink, and others
even complain about frequently chipped windshields because of the
heavy truck traffic on the roads.

And though the events don't appear similar at all, each person at this
table believes the occurrences are directly connected to the ongoing
industrial development of their rural community.

Nixon says what's happening is simple: the quality of life of some is
being sacrificed for the economic prosperity of many.

"The residents of Penobsquis are paying," she says. "We're not only
paying with our water, we're not only paying with reduced property
values because of the (gas) flares, and light pollution, and increased
traffic. Our homes are sinking, so it's a straight-out loss."

Little Texas

A lot is happening here for a village of about 600 people.

You know you've arrived in Penobsquis when you drive past the two
potash mines on opposite sides of the old Trans Canada Highway, Route

On the left is the existing mine, which has stood there since 1983. On
the right is continuing construction on the new $1.66-billion
mineshaft, which will replace the old one by 2011 or 2012. PotashCorp,
the world's largest potash producer, runs the old mine and is building
the new one.

A few kilometres down the highway, in the old Rednex meatstick plant,
is Corridor Resources, a Halifax-based junior oil and gas company,
which set up shop in Penobsquis in the late 90s. Corridor is operating
29 natural gas wells in Penobsquis and the surrounding area. Its
deposit, the McCully gas field, lies deep in the ground beneath the
village, spans horizontally for 15 kilometres, and sits five
kilometres wide, according the Department of Natural Resources. The
first two gas wells began operating in April of 2003 in partnership
with the mine.

"That's when a small village became a lot like a mini Texas," says
Bruce Northrup, the Progressive Conservative MLA for Kings East. "Gas
pads were being established, big 18-wheelers running around
24-hours-a-day, flames coming out of gas stacks, lighting up the whole

It was later that year people in the community began to experience
problems with their ground water source.

In 2004, 15 houses lost their groundwater well, and by 2008, almost 50
homes were without running water.

The Water War

"For Rent: One dry well. $400/year."

That sign is nailed to Gordon Fraser's front porch. Fraser lives in a
small, white paint-chipped house on 2.2 acres of land in Penobsquis.

Inside, he sits at the kitchen table, chewing on canned sardines.

He may be 70-years-old, but he's still sharp, and extremely skeptical.
He's nervous about being recorded, and asks if I'm there secretly on
behalf of the mine. After I field a few questions about my background
and why I'm there to see him, he opens up.

"Don't ever get married," he tells me.

His wife left him five years ago, and he now lives alone with his two
dogs, Sandy and Sabian.

His house is like a time capsule. There's a noose hanging from the
wall above the stove. A friend who worked at the Dorchester
penitentiary gave it to him. In an adjacent room, he's got a turntable
and about 3, 000 records, he guesses. On the table, he flips through
an old Saint John newspaper from the 1970s. There's a dusty CD player
that looks like it's never been used, and pinned to the wall is a
painting of a cardinal he says the notorious New Brunswick murderer
Alan Leger gave to him.

"I was at his trial in Burton, and I wrote and asked him for that,
what he was drawing, and he sent it me," Fraser laughs. "He was
drawing while the trial was going on."

Beside that hangs a framed certificate, made out to Gordon Fraser, for
his twenty years of service to the government of New Brunswick.

He says nothing when asked if he finds it funny that it's the
government he's fighting in an ongoing water dispute that has left
Fraser to live without running water since September.

He has been collecting rain, melting snow and lugging water from a
nearby stream to protest what he calls unfair treatment by the
provincial government.

"I think I've paid enough taxes in my lifetime, that I shouldn't have
to sign a god damned contract to have a drink of water, and pay for
something that was taken from me," says Fraser.

His frustration sums up how more than 60 people in Penobsquis feel
about the fee being imposed on the community for use of a new public
water system. They believe seismic work from the local mine cracked
their aquifer and caused water wells at almost 50 homes to run dry.
They say imposing a $400 annual fee to use the system is unfair.

The government supplied affected homes with tanks, and had been
trucking in free water for household use three times a week. In some
cases, people were receiving deliveries for up to six years. The
government stopped the deliveries when the new water system was turned
on in September 2009, leaving residents no choice but to sign a
contract and hook in.

Northrup tried to establish a fund to pay for the user fees, but his
bill was defeated at second reading in the legislature.

To make matters worse, the government backed out of a promise it made
to residents that would have allowed them to form their own water
commission so they could operate the system. Instead, the job was
farmed out to Sussex Corner, a neighbouring municipality, because the
province didn't want to give the responsibility to an unincorporated

Out of necessity, every person against a fee gave in and signed a
contract with Sussex Corner.

All of them, except for Fraser.

He says he'll never pay.

"It's like someone stealing your car and then selling it back to you," he

Stephen Battah, executive director of community funding and technical
services with the Department of Local Government, says for its part,
the government has done a good job managing the Penobsquis water
dispute. Aside from trucking the water, it paid to decommission the
dried-up wells, and hooked users in to the new system free of charge.
Battah says his department is aware of a senior citizen living without
running water, but stressed that no one can hook into the $9.2 million
system free because it costs money to operate.

"We understand that (losing water) wasn't their fault, but it's not
our fault either," says Battah. "We can't allow anyone not to pay a
fee, because then you've got 45 others who won't want to pay."

So whose responsibility is it, and where did the water go?

A 2005 study, commissioned by the potash mine, was inconclusive in
determining whether or not water flowing into the mine at the time was
from the same aquifer the residents were drawing from.

"Residents began seeing a decline in their water wells, some weren't
able to produce the water that they needed, and early on there was an
investigation to see if there was a link between mining operations and
water loss," said mine manager Mark Fracchia, who has worked there
since 2007. "And at best, the results were inconclusive."

Because PotashCorp mines at depths of 400 to 700 meters, Fracchia says
it isn't likely the water they were drawing was coming from a
residential aquifer, which typically sit less than 120 meters from the

"It's a complex geology in the area, and most water wells draw water
from the aquifers close to the surface," he said. "From what we found
from our test, the only thing we could tell is that we were drawing
water from an aquifer well below those that were producing water for
nearby residents."

The explanations don't fly with Fraser.

As far as he's concerned, it was industry that ran his well dry, and
there's nothing anyone can say to make him believe otherwise.

"The potash (mine) sucked the water out, Corridor over blasted and
choked the veins off, so there'll never be water here, that's what
happened," he says.

The Boom

It was 1978 and Beth Nixon was in grade two when construction began on
the Penobsquis potash mine.

"I thought, 'this is great, maybe someday we'll become a city,'" she
remembers. "It was at that time time Sussex got a second mall, and it
sort of seemed neat and cool."

She grew up on a family farm on the Back Road, one of the main roads
in Penobsquis.

"The only houses were farm houses," she says.

It was a time of big change for Penobsquis. Until then, there was only
a two-room school house, and a church, and everyone knew everyone,
Nixon says. New houses were being built, and new families were moving
in. The mine began operating in July of 1983, and it has been a staple
in the community ever since.

But in 2007, water inflow problems peaked, raising concerns about the
future of the mine and the 340 well-paying jobs it provides the

No one wanted a repeat of what happened 30 kilometres away at the
Cassidy Lake mine, which closed in 1997 because of water inflow. That
was a hectic time for families in Sussex and the surrounding area.
Kids' dads were packing up and heading west to find work. Entire
families were uprooted and gone from the community in weeks.

So when in July 2007, PotashCorp announced it would construct a new,
$1.66-billion mine shaft across the road from the existing mine,
people were relieved. New jobs were available and people were eager.

"The mine held information meetings, and they thought they'd get
people there who were worried about environmental stuff," says
Charlene MacKenzie, a newspaper reporter at the Kings County Record
who covered the water dispute. "The people lined up, and all they
wanted to know was 'when are you hiring?'"

The new mine is expected to have a 25 to 30 year life span, and has
created more than 700 jobs for the period of construction. It should
be operating in full swing by 2015. Fracchia estimates $500 million on
contracts has been spent during construction at the new mine, 70 per
cent of which have been awarded locally.

"We tried pretty hard from the start of the project to ensure high
level of local contracts," he says.

The existing mine paid the provincial government nearly $30 million in
royalties for 2008-2009 fiscal year, according to figures from the
Department of Finance, and the government expects to collect about
$330 million in royalties from the new mine by the end of its

In Sussex, PotashCorp will be the namesake of the long-awaited
wellness centre, after the company gave $1 million toward the
construction. The company has also been lauded for a $100, 000
donation to the Atlantic youth rehabilitation facility, Portage. It
also contributed $1.2 million to the construction of the Penobsquis
water system.

Because of its contributions to the region, the mine sees itself as a
good corporate neighbour.

"We do a survey within the community to gauge perception and the last
survey done about a year and a half ago was very favourable. I think
we have a lot of support in the community,"Fracchia says.

He is aware of the group of people in Penobsquis that believe the mine
is causing property damage, but he says the fears people like Nixon
express —that their homes are sinking, that their property values are
dropping— are misplaced and unfounded.

"We've met with the Concerned Citizens, and I think we've made a
pretty good effort to educate them about how that works, and what the
real impacts are, instead of the ones people fear, the one you see on
the Internet, the worst case scenarios.

"Potash mining has low level, broad, general subsidence," he said. "We
have yet to see any damage caused by that."

PotashCorp is a big player in Penobsquis, but potash isn't the only
game in town.

In 2000, Corridor Resources discovered the McCully gas field, which is
now the home of 29 natural gas wells, producing a little more than 20
million cubic feet of gas per day.

The first two wells were found on a joint drilling operation between
Corridor and the mine.

Corridor's presence in the community has grown significantly since
then. A community liaison committee meets every two months to discuss
concerns people have with the operations. The company also sends out a
newsletter to inform residents of any company news.

"It's been a very useful framework," says Norm Miller, president and
CEO of Corridor Resources. "When there's a new activity that we need
to explain to the community, so when we're building a pipeline or
we're doing a new seismic program, and conducting drilling in a new
area, we'll have an open house to explain."

Corridor pumps its gas into a 50 kilometre pipeline, which hooks into
the Maritimes & North eastern pipeline, and distributes the gas to
markets in the US and Canada.

Miller says natural gas hasn't penetrated the markets in Canada as
deeply as it has in the US, but he believes it will catch on.

"It has less of an environmental footprint than coal or oil, less
greenhouses gases," he says.

Corridor recently learned that one of its deposits holds about 60
trillion cubic feet of natural gas that sits in shale rock east of
Penobsquis, near Elgin. Approximately 1 billion cubic feet can heat
around 5, 000 homes per year. The find is so big, Corridor in December
farmed out some its operations to Apache Canada, an Alberta-based oil
and gas company with "a front line expertise in fracturing and
producing natural gas from shales."

Though they haven't been able to establish how much of the gas, which
is trapped in rock 2,000 to 4,000 meters below the surface, is
salvageable, Miller expects that if they're successful, there'll be
way more natural gas than New Brunswick ever needs.

Premier Shawn Graham believes the development of gas deposits in the
province will lead to a big payout for New Brunswickers in the long

"We've got new potential with some gas finds that are exiting for the
province," says Graham, whose father Alan sits on the board of
directors of Petroworth, an oil and gas company with exploration
operations in New Brunswick. "It will produce new revenue streams that
we'll be able to take and invest in our education and health care
programs, and I think this region of the province is ripe for those
types of opportunities."

The perfect storm
For all the trouble the development in Penobsquis has brought local
residents, some people there are enjoying better lives because of it.

The Timberland Motel, which was dealt a huge blow when it was bypassed
by the four-lane highway from Moncton to Sussex, has a new lease on
life. The parking lot is full most days during the week, filled with
workers from the gas rigs and the mine.

Some families are lucky to have a job at the old mine, and some have
found temporary work on the new mine shaft.

The luckiest residents lease their property to Corridor to house
natural gas infrastructure like a pipeline or a well pad.

With the wealth of natural resources in the ground beneath the
village, what's happening in Penobsquis—home of the province's only
potash and natural gas production operations—is like a sweepstakes or
a lottery.

"Everyone is hoping to have a strike on their land so they have
guaranteed source of revenue coming in," says Graham.

Take the Wallace family, for example. They own a dairy farm on the
Back Road, one kilometre north of the mine. The farm has been in the
family for more than 100 years, and has been milking cows with
Holstein Canada for 98 continuous years. With the exception of a few
hired hands, John and his son Andrew do the all the day-to-day work.
There's no denying farming is backbreaking work, but Andrew says life
in pastures is a little bit easier since his family began leasing its
land to Corridor.

"Having extra money means for flexibility," he says. "I wouldn't say
things (at work) are a whole lot better, but there are definitely less
headaches with the newer equipment and a barn."

They built a new machine shed, bought a John Deere cab tractor, a new
round baler and hay wagons. Those investments have helped the farm
boost its productivity.

"It makes the work a lot easier on hot days," says Wallace, who has
lived on the farm since 1984, the year he was born. "None of this
would have been possible without the gas."

Corridor has gas piping underneath their fields, and a well-pad set up
across the road, on a parcel of land the Wallaces don't use.

"The release of gases that are burned as they exit the flare stacks
are very noisy at times, a constant rumble, and also very bright,"
Andrew says. "Enough to light up inside my home at night."

But the pros of leasing their land outweigh the cons, he says. Wallace
represents a divide in the community, the portion of the population
that didn't lose its water, and doesn't have stories about cracking
foundations and sinking homes.

He is aware there's a group of people who're disgruntled over the
development, but personally, he enjoys it.

"It was exciting at first," says Andrew, who remembers Penobsquis as a
rather boring place to grow up. "Penobsquis used to be a quiet
village without a whole lot going on. Seeing heavy equipment all the
time for the first few years took a little getting used to. I think
they're doing okay. Personally, I have no complaints."

Wallace's optimism isn't shared by the residents who live a few
kilometres away near the Penobsquis Loop Road, the area where most
houses lost their water, where most of the Concerned Citizens reside.
They don't fault anyone in the community for benefiting from the
industry, but they don't see the fruits of the development.

"Penobsquis has become heavily industrialized and the way it has been
done shows that the government can have certain disregard for its own
citizens," says Michel Desneiges, an environmental lawyer who
represents the concerned citizens.

He believes the government deliberately went ahead with its plan for
Penobsquis without consulting local residents. He says the residents
of Penobsquis have been saddled with a huge risk and are entitled to
no reward.

"The issues of subsidence will most likely get worse, the issue of
property values; who wants to lose the value of their property because
of mining development? People invest a lot of money, their life
savings, they buy or build their dream home, and 15 years later
they're left with this. It's a tragedy to a certain degree. That
message has to be relayed to the public."

Graham says his government has a responsibility to maximize the
resources within the province for the benefit of all citizens, but
acknowledges the development in Penobsquis has encroached on people's

"That's the challenge," says Graham. "We have such a small province,
and we're heavily populated in our rural portions of the province.

"Land owners want to see this economic development on their land as
well, so we have the responsibility to have that balanced approach."

Desneiges believes balance would entail compensation for those in the
community who've experienced property damage as a result of mining

"There is a cost for operating that the mining companies aren't
paying," he says. "No one is saying 'no' to mining, but 'do your job
better,' and if there is compensation for people to be given, who lose
their property values, then buy those people out."

Regardless, the Concerned Citizens will continue to meet on Wednesday
nights at Chris Bell's house and figure out what to do next.

Nixon says they're planning legal action, but wouldn't say much more
than that. Even though some people want them to shut up and go away,
the Concerned Citizens say they're here to stay. It's the kind of
resistance you'd expect from rural New Brunswickers.

Penobsquis is their home, and they're determined to have their say
about what becomes of it, even if no one asks them.

20th March 2010
NOTE FROM EDITOR; I have put two articles together here, both from the
Council of Canadians. They are both on the issue of "fracking". The
second article is from the Council of Canadians Making Waves Water
Newsletter. "Fracking" impacts underground water reserves as you will

The Toronto Star reports that Calgary-based Mooncor Oil & Gas Corp.
has been buying land rights in southwestern Ontario for shale gas

Mooncor intends to drill in the Kettle Point Formation known as Antrim
Shale in Lambton and Kent counties, and the Collingwood/Blue Mountain
formations known as Utica Shale.

"It has already locked up nearly 23,000 acres (9.30776 hecatres) of
land in Lambton and Kent counties..."

"Shale gas is called an unconventional natural gas because extracting
it isn't as easy as drilling a deep hole into a reservoir and simply
pumping its contents to the surface. Instead, the gas is trapped in
cracks, pores and organic material within a sedimentary rock called
shale, which is made mostly of clay minerals. The resource may be
widely dispersed, but getting at it is tricky. It must often be coaxed
out using a horizontal drilling technique that hydraulically fractures
('fracking') the rock and causes the gas to flow toward a vertical
collection well."

As described by Environmental Leader news, "the hydraulic fracturing
process involves taking water from the ground, pumping fracturing
fluids and sands into the wells under pressure, then separating and
managing the leftover water after withdrawing the gas."

The Toronto Star report continues, "As the rest of the industry rushes
to develop shale-gas projects in the prolific Marcellus shale deposits
of the U.S. northeast (from New York State and Pennsylvania to West
Virginia) and the Utica shales of Quebec, Mooncor is gaining a solid
foothold in Ontario."

The article notes that the gas can presently cause an "egg smell' in
well water, but also that "the rush to develop the Marcellus Shale has
led to widespread concern about the hydraulic fracturing process and
how the use of toxic chemicals in that process could affect the local
watershed and make residents who rely on well water sick."

"New York State has banned high-volume drilling of horizontal wells
until it can thoroughly study the concerns. The U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency has also weighed in and could soon have more
industry oversight as a result of a congressional investigation of the

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that this past Thursday the
EPA "launched a study to determine whether (hydraulic fracturing) is
contaminating water supplies."

The WSJ notes, "Last month, Steve Heare, director of EPA's Drinking
Water Protection Division, said at a conference he hadn't seen any
documented cases that the fracking process was contaminating water
supplies. Bill Kappel, a US Geological Survey official, said at the
same conference that contamination of water supplies is more likely to
happen as companies process the waste water from hydrofracking. In
some instances, municipal water systems that treat the water have
reported higher levels of heavy metals and radioactivity."

The Toronto Star article notes that, "A green light from regulators,
however, could unleash a wave of shale-gas development in Ontario." In
fact, Natural Resources Canada and Ontario's Ministry of Natural
Resources promote shale gas drilling in Ontario.

Mooncor is also "preparing to spin off a separate company called DRGN
Resources that will focus its efforts on both conventional and
unconventional gas drilling."

The full article - which largely presents this drilling as a good
opportunity for the province - is at

Brent Patterson The Council of Canadians

Potash Mine drying wells in Penobsquis

Communities across the country are dealing with water contamination
and shortages that are a result of unsustainable industrial
development. For the past several years, 60 residents of Penobsquis
New Brunswick have had their wells dry up. They attribute this to the
activities of a potash mine owned by the New Brunswick subsidiary of
the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, but the government has failed
to investigate the situation. In the meantime, drinking water to the
affected homes is supplied by the potash mine, while the government of
New Brunswick provides water for other uses. The Council of Canadians
received the below entry from a resident who has been active in the
struggle to protect local water resources.

Potash Mine drying wells in Penobsquis by Beth Nixon

In 2004, life in my small rural community started changing in a way
that is difficult to describe. More than 60 homes lost their well
water that year. Until you have lived without water, and have no way
you can think of to get a regular supply, you can't imagine what it is

When the first wells were lost, most in the community just thought it
was an anomaly. But as the numbers increased , people began to suspect
that it might have something to do with the Potash Mine in the area.
Many homes drilled 2nd, or even 3rd wells at their own expense. Others
had their wells deepened. Washing machines and taps were broken due to
the sediment from riley water. Homes that lost their wells were
directly over the mining shafts and stopes that are between 350 & 450m
beneath the surface.

At this time a local Potash Mine was doing seismic testing to explore
for new potash reserves, which involves putting a charge in the ground
— the resulting blast is measured with electronic equipment like
stereo speakers called geophones. This information can tell an
exploration company where rocks of different densities are to assist
them in finding new resources.

Over the next five years more water wells went dry, but uneven water
flows created a situation where excess water nearly flooded the area
around the mine.

More seismic testing was done, and nearby natural gas wells were
developed with the use of a new technology called 'hydraulic
fracturing' (aka fracking) to crack rock deep beneath the surface of
the ground. The water flow into the mine increased as high as 2,300
gallons per minute. In an effort to keep the mine open 250 - 300
transport trucks to haul the water out. The potash mine has built a
pipeline to transport some of the water to the Bay of Fundy. They
built a grouting station next to homes that initially lost their wells
to pump concrete underground to plug the holes. They brought in a
drilling rig to pump aggregate, cement and other materials into the
ground and aquifer to try and stop the flooding from the outside of
the mine.

In the end, more than 60 homes could no longer depend on their water
supply. The New Brunswick government paid for water to be trucked to
the community and the mine provided drinking water. The province
promised the community it would commission a study to verify the
relationship between the flooding of the mine and the drying of the
wells. Unfortunately, the province asked the Potash mine to conduct
the study. The mine hired a consultant to write a report stating there
was no conclusive evidence that the flooding of the mine was related
to the drying up of residential wells . Members of my community have
only seen the executive summary of this reportt. The province says we
cannot see the whole report as it is considered proprietary

Today, the mine is pumping over 11million litres of water a day from
the mining shafts and stopes underneath our homes. So much water is
being taking from underneath our homes, we are experiencing subsidence
— the ground is settling underneath our homes.

If this was happening to you - in your community, what would you do?

BTW this is an interesting blog too bad the owners don't have a name eh?

Wabanaki Press
Independent journalism providing news and information about the Wabanaki
peoples and their territories.

Honor The Earth "Press Release" Lakota Ride
Environment, News October 14, 2013 Comments: 4
Columbus Day 2013…

Lakota and Ojibwe horse riders are on their second day of a 150 mile
horse ride from the Pine Ridge reservation to the Cheyenne River reservation
in South Dakota, near the proposed Keystone XL pipeline route. Riders, led
by Percy White Plume, (a descendant of the survivors during the 1890 Wounded
Knee massacre), are riding to oppose the "man labor camps" which will
accompany the proposed pipeline, and "to protect our water… we can drink
bottled water, but our relatives in the horse nation, the buffalo nation and
the animals cannot drink bottled water, our water is sacred…," he said.

The proposed KXL pipeline crosses Lakota territory, and there are no
pipelines in this region, home of the Ogallala Aquifer, the primary source
of water for most of the region. The ride began the same day as the 800,000
gallon plus pipeline spill from a Tesoro six inch line near Tioga, ND was
revealed to press, and amidst a federal shutdown, in which it is not clear
that PHMSA (pipeline safety inspectors) are available. The ride also
follows a freak, climate change attributed, two foot blizzard which killed
over l00,000 cattle in the largely rural , ranching state. Amidst the
changing weather, and riding through fields still littered with the
carcasses of dead cattle , overturned trees and flooded creeks, twenty-five
riders and supporters continue north.

The ride has been organized by the Horse Spirit Society of Wounded Knee,
sponsored by Honor the Earth, and supported by the Swift Family Foundation,
US Climate Action Network and

All photographs courtesy of Honor The Earth, taken by Suze Leon.

For more information about Honor The Earth, Ride For Mother Earth, The
Lakota Ride Against Keystone XL Pipeline and much more, please visit the
following online sites.

Honor The Earth @

"Like" Facebook Page @

Follow on Twitter @ honorearth

Subscribe on YouTube @ HonorTheEarth

For more about "Ride For Mother Earth" Campaign and how you can contribute
to its success, click below to watch.

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"Gitjimitj Harper," Idle No More: Round Two
Economy, News, Opinion July 4, 2013 Leave a comment
The following story was originally published here and is being republished
under a new title.

Written by Winona LaDuke and Frank Jr Molley

Mi'kmaq and Maliseet reserves in Atlantic Canada are the sites of a new
major battle between First Nation activists and the Canadian government that
may represent the next stage of the Idle No More movement. The flash point
came when the Conservative government threw down the gauntlet with what some
call sign-or-starve consent agreements presented to First Nations right
across the country.

Facing increasingly strong opposition to both its extractive industries and
its federal policies, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has adopted
a hard-line strategy seemingly designed to eliminate First Nations'
negotiating power and rights. Harper's cudgels are annual contribution
agreements between the government and the First Nations that have new,
questionable appendices, that are forcing some of the poorest communities to
take it or leave it, or worse, face third-party management, which would
essentially mean having the Canadian government manage their finances and
governmental affairs. At stake here is title over Indian lands and
minerals, as well as a host of choices on the future direction of Canada.

The government seems to be focused on getting de facto termination of many
constitutionally and treaty protected rights of First Nations. Its first
thrust in this battle was this past fall's Bill C-45, which gutted most of
Canada's environmental laws and was the spur for last year's Idle No More
movement. "It took away a lot of the treaty muscle First Nations have," says
Nina Wilson, one of Idle No More's founders, of that bill.

Since the eruption of the Idle No More movement in early December, there
have been many amendments to Canadian laws that threaten aboriginal peoples
rights and their traditional lands, all of them enacted as part of what the
government calls "Canada's Economic Action Plan." Although dubbed a
long-term plan to strengthen the Canadian economy, the majority of the
"actions" in this plan will curtail aboriginal peoples rights over their
lands and resources. The government appeared to be undermining the
traditional "derogation" provision, a clause that Chelsea Vowel, a Métis
scholar and blogger for, explains "is central to every
agreement between First Nations and the Canadian government."

A non-derogation clause in aboriginal law generally reads like this: Nothing
in this agreement shall be construed so as to abrogate or derogate from the
protection provided for existing aboriginal or treaty rights of the
aboriginal peoples of Canada by the recognition and affirmation of those
rights in section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.

In "Are you alarmed? You should be," an article posted on, Vowel explains that these new my-way-or-the-highway
agreements include language that is, "typical legal doublespeak. Your rights
are protected… unless we need to violate them to carry out this legislation
that we did not create with adequate consultation with you and further, we
will not consult with you as we carry out these legislative duties."

The new consent agreements bearing these bits of subterfuge are the staple
of financial support for First Nations, funding essential health care,
education and housing. "Some new agreements with the bands are designed to
force a land surrender," says Wilson. "In other cases, basic rights, like
the right to potable water—which is not available in a number of First
Nations—are being linked to a diminishment of rights."

All this comes at a time when many First Nations are in dire financial
straits. "We have been receiving very minimal support for services in our
communities," Wilson explains. "[Federal appropriations are] based on prices
that date back to the last millennium. For instance, one community gets
$4,000 a year for snow removal, and in fact is spending $36,000 a year. That
money has to come from somewhere. [This annual shortfall] has snowballed
into a debt, and bands have no way of taking care of it. Bands now are being
faced with new financial negotiations, and many bands are in the red because
of the low-ball appropriations."

The Omnibus Budget Bill enacted in January 2013 has been criticized by
opposition MPs as an attempt to subvert the democratic process. The bill was
rushed through Parliament, along with many supplementary bills, eight of
which directly affect aboriginal peoples and their lands. Of concern to
First Nations are changes to legislation on water rights, matrimonial law,
the Indian Act, education, health, privatization of Indian lands, taxation
on reserves and on the matter of financial transparency and accountability.

Cree Lawyer Sharon Venne is an international human rights attorney and
watchdog on federal aboriginal policy. Her experience in dealing with the
feds is extensive, most notably as chief negotiator for First Nations for
ten years in Canada's Northwest Territories. In October 2012, she held a
special presentation in Kahnawake, Mohawk territory in which she suggests
that the Federal plan is to absolve federal fiduciary obligations, which are
essential elements of both treaties and federal Indian policy, based on a
notorious set of policy recommendations dating back to the 1960s called the
white paper. "What they are doing [now] is 'frustrating' the application of
S.91(24) in the British North American Act, 'Indians and Lands Reserved for
Indians,' by transferring this stuff to the Provinces and they are doing it
through all kinds of mechanisms. It's not only through legislation, but it's
through the [annual] contribution agreements."

The desired shift would diminish the nation-to-nation relationships between
Canada and all the First Nations—in particular their legal jurisdiction and
responsibilities—by putting them under the control of local Provincial

Bold moves by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Esgenoopetitj (Burnt Church) is a Mi'gmaq First Nation community that has an
unenviable claim to fame: it is reported to be the poorest postal code in
all of Canada. In mid-March 2013, it was sent their annual contribution
agreement. This time the agreement was different—it didn't contain the
standard non-derogation clause, which would erodes treaty rights protection
in return for funding. Treaty and aboriginal rights are no longer explicitly
acknowledged, which means they are, implicitly, imperiled. Councilor Mr.
Curtis Bartibogue is outraged by this change in tactics by the government.
"It's blackmail, and it's the most illegal thing ever done.… We told the
[Aboriginal Affairs] Minister it's like you're putting a gun to our head and
telling us to sign."

What happened next surprised many, perhaps the Canadian government most of
all. Despite the dire conditions of the community—80 per cent unemployment,
and essentially full dependency on the promised multi-million-dollar funding
allocation—Burnt Church refused to sign. "The outcome of our meeting was
that we can't sign," Bartibogue says. "We asked the public and informed them
of the situation and they stand behind us not to sign. To accept the social
reform, the omitting clauses of the treaties and the case before the courts,
is something we can't do to our community."

"The government, through its contribution agreements, is trying to get First
Nations to sign onto [their policies] or else be cut from their funding,"
Chief Allan Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation in Alberta told a reporter. He said his nation refused to sign its contribution
agreement, worth more than one-million-dollars, because it doesn't agree
with the federal government's omnibus budget implementation legislation. In
Saskatchewan, Cree First Nations similarly decided to say 'No.' "One of the
council members took the whole appendix home and read it all. There were a
lot of conditions never seen before. Some signed and some didn't," Christine
Dieter, a First Nations woman in southern Saskatchewan, told a reporter for, an electronic newsmagazine. The appendix allegedly requires
the bands to support federal omnibus legislation and proposed resource
developments as a condition of receiving their funding. Some bands have
already signed their contribution agreements out of necessity, noting that
they have done so under duress.

The harsh reality behind this power play is that 146 years of Canadian
development has left First Nation economies underfunded. Canadian mining and
forestry have essentially stripped their resources for a paltry sum. Today,
many of Canada's 633 First Nations live in third-world conditions.
Negotiations are too often uneven. As prominent Native scholar Russell Diabo
wrote, "It seems the negotiating First Nations are so compromised by their
federal loans, and dependent on the negotiations funding stream that they
are unable or unwilling to withdraw from the tables en masse and make real
on the demand that the Harper government reform its comprehensive claims and
self-government policies to be consistent with the articles of the [United
Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples]."

The Manufacturing of Aboriginal Consent

What is at stake for Canada is an estimated $650-billion-dollar extraction
industry worth of minerals, oil, gas and trade-route access for pipeline
companies. Canada's domination of a world minerals market is at risk because
First Nations are saying 'No' and are making demands. For the first time in
six years, Canada failed to top the mining industry's list of the best
mining jurisdictions in the world. Indigenous rights are a challenge to that
economy. "I would say one of the big things that is weighing on mining
investment in Canada right now is First Nations issues," Ewan Downie, told
Reuters. Downie is chief executive officer of Premier Gold Mines, which owns
numerous projects in northern Ontario. Half a million Canadians and their
livelihoods are tied in the 120-billion-a-year industry within the fields of
natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil, oil sands bitumen and other
mineral extractions, according to a 2013 Statistical Handbook issued by
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. (Many argue that all of those
resources originate on First Nation territories.)

Free, prior and informed consent is a part of the United Nations Declaration
on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and most international protocols. This
becomes an international legal standard of how business is done, after
hundreds of years of theft and genocide, in order to secure lands from
Indigenous peoples. Hence, international accords today enable fair
agreements with Indigenous peoples over their lands and resources. Now, with
an increasingly educated, and empowered Indigenous community, evidenced by
the Idle No More movement, that standard of consent is not looking so easy
to secure. This is particularly true as communities themselves challenge,
what has become, essentially entrenched power.

As Professor Pamela Palmater of Toronto's Ryerson University explains, "[The
Idle No More] movement was about educating First Nations to say no.… " And
saying "no" has already slowed or derailed at least a half-dozen energy and
mining projects in British Columbia. "It's the project-killer, the
investment killer," says Clayton Thomas-Muller, a Cree organizer with the
Indigenous Tar Sands campaign.

This March, Mathias Colomb Cree Nation blocked access for HudBay Minerals
Inc. to its Lalor Lake mine project in Manitoba. Protesters blockaded access
to the gold-copper-zinc mine for several hours, demanding talks with the
company on an ownership stake in the $773.84 million project. Blockades have
increased dramatically over this winter, spurred on by the federal
government's failure to consult, along with their green light nods toward
new aggressive mining interests, many of which are in more remote and
pristine areas than ever before. The companies are also facing a more
politicized and mobilized grassroots movement that is determined to defend
the constitutionally protected rights of First Nations.

Last September former cabinet minister Jim Prentice slammed both the
government and the oil industry for not addressing First Nation concerns.
Yet Canada's Bill C-45 paved the way across aboriginal territory without
much adherence to consultation or accommodation let alone the environment,
opening new resource extraction opportunities with Suncor Energy, Enbridge,
TransCanada and a sleuth of junior mining and natural gas companies
effectively giving their activities the green light.

Last year, Trans Canada Corp. reportedly floated the idea of a pipeline to
the East. New Brunswick's Premier, David Alward, "has been traveling the
country peddling the virtues of a West-East oil pipeline that would see
Alberta and Saskatchewan crude flow to a refinery in Saint John, New
Brunswick," reported the Financial Post. The pipeline might go through
territory of the Maliseet and Mi'kmaq peoples, and one source says that the
Assembly of First Nations Chiefs of New Brunswick were not consulted about
the plans. This is disturbing in many respects, including the fact that
Alward is, thanks to a consolidation of power in the Maritime provinces,
also responsible for aboriginal affairs in the province.

Can the Harper government be thwarted in this attempt to subjugate and
exploit the First Nations? U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples James Anaya, who is completing a report for the United
Nations on extractive industries and Indigenous Peoples, has been requesting
to formally enter Canada since early 2012. He was finally given formal
approval in April and expected to vist during Fall 2013.

In the meantime, the Idle No More movement that began late last year has
bloomed this Spring with new force, an Indigenous Spring, so to speak, that
is spreading from eastern Canada's Burnt Church to northern Saskatchewan.
Native people are declaring that consent cannot be manufactured by federal

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Harper Government Pressures Poorest Community To Sign Agreement Despite
Court Injunction
Economy, News, Politics March 15, 2013 Comments: 46
By Frank Jr Molley

Burnt Church First Nation, New Brunswick, Canada

It was just another day at the band office on Tuesday when Burnt Church
First Nation councillor Mr. Curtis Bartibogue first noticed the files on his

"It's that time of the year when Aboriginal Affairs Funding Agreements come
in, I looked at them briefly and set them aside for thursday's meeting," he
said during a telephone interview.

Councillor Curtis Bartibogue, Burnt Church First Nation.

It was that same day that he noticed a similar agreement being discussed
online which caused him some concern, so he went back to take a closer look
at the agreement. Aboriginal Funding agreements are issued across Canada
prior to each fiscal year, a process that has the usual outlines on funding
dollars. Particulars involving Burnt Church First Nation include; Education
(Elementary, Secondary, Post Secondary), Economic Development, Indian
Government Support, Land and Trust Services, Community Infrastructure,
Housing, Social Support Services, Social Assistance, and Headstart & Day

"Certain terminology contained in the prior funding agreements years before
were no longer there," he said as he compared last year's agreement to this
years. "For example, Section 16 would normally have a non-derogation
clause, but that was omitted. These normally state that signing this
agreement does not derogate from any aboriginal or treaty right, this was
replaced and I thought that was strange," he stated. "What I also found was
that it said by signing onto this funding agreement our band would agree to
the federal guidelines on social programs, which meant we would have to
abide by the provincial social rates," Bartibogue said.

Last year Ottawa planned to impose changes to welfare programs on First
Nation communities that would harmonize rates throughout Atlantic Canada
with Provincial rates. But fell short of implementation due to a Federal
Court Judge's decision that effectively placed an injunction until heard in
court. A decision many First Nation leaders of the Maritimes were pleased
with. Despite the existing injunction Chief and Council of Burnt Church
were concerned how this current agreement would affect the case currently
before the courts. Calls were made to the Regional Office requesting a
meeting with the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs to discuss the matter.

"We met with the Minister and his staff last night [Wednesday] in
Miramichi," he said. The Minister was in the province conducting Federal
announcements in both Eel Ground and Buctouche First Nation respectively.
"We asked Minister Valcourt why he didn't recognize the injunction and he
assured us the reason why they are putting the clause into the agreement is
just in case the court votes in favour of the government," Bartibogue said
during the interview conducted with Wabanaki Press on Thursday evening.

"We were told that there was nothing wrong with what they were doing, it was
just in case they win that they would be able to enforce those changes,"
Bartibogue said. Bartibogue believes that if Burnt Church First Nation
signs the funding agreement, prior to the courts decision on social
assistance reform in the Atlantic that is expected in June 2013, it may have
major implications. "So we asked if we did not sign the agreement would we
still be able to get the essential funding outside of social assistance.
The Regional Director, Ian Gray, told us we would not get it because any new
agreement must go through a process with the Treasury Board's approval. He
also said that without signing they cannot release any funding to the
community for April 1, 2013," Bartibogue said.

Burnt Church First Nation, also known as Esgenoopetitj, is a Mi'gmaq
community comprised of approximately 1,800 band members, with an 80 per
cent unemployment rate. In February of 2010, CBC news reported that seven
of the ten poorest postal codes in Canada were First Nation communities and
all of them were within the province of New Brunswick. Burnt Church First
Nation was reported to be the poorest postal code in the country, poorer
than Vancouver's Downtown East Side, according to median income data by
Statistics Canada.

"It's blackmail and it's the most illegal thing ever done," says Bartibogue.
"We told the Minister it's like you're putting a gun to our head and telling
us to sign. He just said if we sign there will be no funding problems,"
said Bartibogue. The meeting took place at Rodds Inn in Miramichi, NB on
Wednesday. Present at the meeting was the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs,
Bernard Valcourt and his staff, including AANDC Regional Director General
Ian Gray, Miramichi MP Tilly O'Neill Gordon, along with Chief Alvery Paul
and eight of twelve Council members from Burnt Church First Nation.

Chief and Council of the Mi'gmaq community were told they have until noon
Friday, March 15, 2013 local time to sign the agreement. Coupled with
pressing economic issues and an annual dependency of Federal Funding
averaging $16 million dollars, the Chief and Council have decided not to
sign the agreement.

"The outcome of our meeting today [Thursday] was that we can't sign. We
asked the public and informed them of the situation and they stand behind us
not to sign. To accept the social reform, the omitting clauses of the
treaties and the case before the courts, is something we can't do to our
community," says Councillor Curtis Bartibogue.

For the poorest postal code in Canada one would have to believe this to be
an area of great concern given the Country's approach to economic stability
and strong Canadian values involving First Nation, Inuit and Metis
communities across the land. However, despite the sudden turn of events for
the Mi'gmaq of Burnt Church First Nation, Canada's Aboriginal Affairs office
announced yesterday the designing and construction of a new school in Eel
Ground First Nation. A similar announcement was later made regarding
funding for a new water treatment facility at Buctouche First Nation, both
communities are located in New Brunswick and both are also Mi'gmaq nations.
Two out of three announcements that prove positive results for the future of
these ancient peoples is cause for applause indeed. The question remains,
how many other Mi'gmaq and Maliseet communities were subjected to signing
these kinds of funding arrangements? Wabanaki Press will continue to follow
this story as it develops.


"The Harper Government remains focused on four priorities, as outlined by
the Prime Minister, that Canadians care most about: their families, the
safety of our streets and communities, their pride in being a citizen of
this country, and their personal financial security." Aboriginal Affairs
and Northern Development Canada website, March 14, 2013, News Release and
Statements. Ref. #2-3768

With files from CBC, Windspeaker and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern
Development Canada.

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LaDuke to give lecture in Wolastoqiyik territory.
News February 7, 2013 Leave a comment
Wolastoqiyik territory, New Brunswick.

Winona LaDuke at White Earth Reservation.

Winona LaDuke hails from White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota, she's
Bear Clan. The Harvard graduate admits she's really a Rural Development
Economist but one that applies indigenous multi-generational thinking. She's
held two lectures already, the first at UNB's Marshall D'Avery. The second
at St. Mary's First Nation.

During her lecture at UNB LaDuke said that indigenous values are not valued,
even in a Harvard economics classroom. Indigenous people are cyclical
thinkers who share teachings of sustainability, she added "and [that] the
world is animate. Canada doesn't think like that."

But the idea of progress reveals dullness. As she put it, we could cap
emissions, irrigate water, change regulations and such however it's an
economy based on mining and waste. She arrived in Wolastoqiyik territory to
give a number of lectures, her next public lecture scheduled this Thursday
at St. Thomas University.

Her lecture entitled, "Idle No More, Harper's Big Oil Economy, and All our
Relations," will take place in McCain Hall Auditorium. For more info click

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One thing is certain…
News January 10, 2013 Comments: 3
One thing is certain, tomorrow's meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada,
the Governor General and Aboriginal leaders will take place; or it won't.

Streaming through the media coverage, Twitter feeds and Facebook status's
surrounding a special strategy meeting with aboriginal leaders is

The majority of media concerns being expressed on behalf, or in light of,
Idle No More take shape for and against the concept of liberation being
proposed. However, the mainstream media tonight has been absent with any
grass roots voice, especially from the women of Canada's aboriginal nations.

In light of this absence here is one such voice coming out tonight from The
Delta in Ottawa. A voice of an aboriginal woman with a message so important
that it may galvanize and set the tone for all to follow as negotiations run
late into the night.

For those of you around the world, share this within your online social
circles. For it, just by itself, speaks of the power in all aboriginal
women worldwide.

Perhaps it will change the way Canadians perceive the Idle No More movement.
It has realigned this editor back to where the focus of all of this remains,
take a listen:

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INM grassroots voice overshadowed by industry concerns.
Economy, Politics January 8, 2013 Comments: 4
7th District Mi'gmaq Territory, Listuguj, Qc.

Location along Gospem Road of Railway blockade. (Listuguj, Qc.) Photo: Frank
Jr Molley

Listuguj Idle No More (INM) supporters now remain adamant on blocking all
railway traffic pending the outcome of the January 11 meeting between
Aboriginal leaders and the Harper government. The decision was made hours
after their Monday afternoon meeting with Listuguj Chief and Council and
visiting key regional representatives.

Both governmental and municipal stakeholders along the Gaspé region
travelled to Listuguj in hopes to appeal freight train passage, citing
concerns over their municipal economies.

"The fact is the railway belongs to the municipalities of the Gaspé. There
is a serious impact with the lack of federal funding. They have a serious
issue with being able to get the federal government to pull it's weight when
it comes to supporting the railway and other files as well. In particular
they want to underline that there's a lot of jobs that are on the line that
this railway supports and he has a particular preoccupation with making sure
that those jobs and that industry on the railway can continue." Said NDP
Member of Parliament for Gaspésie–Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Mr. Phillip Toone,
translating on behalf of Mr. Bertrand Berger, Président of Conférence
Régionale des Élu(e)s Gaspésie–Iles-de-la-Madeleine.

NDP Member of Parliament for Gaspésie–Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Mr. Phillip
Toone acts as translator. (Listuguj, Qc.) Photo: Frank Jr Molley

Mr. Francois Roussy, President of Société de chemin de fer de la Gaspésie
(The Gaspé Railway Company) represented the four Regional County
Municipalities: Avignon, Bonaventure, Le Rocher-Percé, and La
Cote-de-Gaspé. The SCFG president went as far as suggesting VIA Rail
passenger trains should be blocked instead of the regions freight trains.
The premise expressed was that of no effect on putting pressure on the
federal government in terms of blocking the Gaspé regions freight trains.
Freight trains that are owned and operated by the SCFG's 325 km railway that
runs between Matapedia to Gaspé have a lot more to lose regionally in terms
of revenue for the four regional county municipalities. These
municipalities benefit from the use of the Gaspé Railway Company.

In the position expressed by the SCFG's President on their business relation
with Temrex, a leading producer of softwood in the Gaspé, further denial of
passage hurts Temrex.

"Temrex is a business that is going to be affected by the protests that are
being held right now. And our intentions is to find a solution that will
help unblock that but at the same time allow continued protest and in no way
stop the justified protest." Said MP Mr. Phillip Toone, translating on
behalf of Mr. Francois Roussy.

The Quebec government representative, Mr. Gaétan Leliévre, Parti Québécois
(PQ), Minister responsible for the Gaspésie–Iles-de-la-Madeleine, as an act
of good faith asked if there is any other way to help present their ideas in
another fashion. One that perhaps benefits everybody that unifies a way of

Listuguj Mi'gmaq Chief Dean Vicaire (Listuguj, Qc.) Photo: Frank Jr Molley

Incumbent Chief Dean Vicaire stated that the struggle to provide meaningful
employment for the people of Listuguj is not only difficult but is also
reliant on government to government relationships that can help provide that
employment. He directed his message to Mr. Gaétan Leliévre,

"Two things we've been really pushing and working on is first our Wind Farm,
it's a hundred and fifty mega-watt wind farm that the Mi'mgaq of the
Gaspésie, Gespeg, Gesgapegiag and Listuguj, are ready. We are more than
ready and you know that. It's just a matter of the Minister putting pen to
paper and we can participate on that." Chief Vicaire said.

The main industry concerns being affected along the 325 km shortline railway
was a topic that consumed the majority of the meeting on Monday. At best,
the INM grassroots voice at the table appeared to be overshadowed by
concerns of Regional representatives and that of the Listuguj Mi'gmaq
Government. No amount of resolution would be achieved in the amount of time
allocated for that day's meeting, but the message was clear. The Harper
government continues to hurt the people of this region and Bill C-45, if
anything, forces the local people here to look to each other as ally's. How
this would be achieved depends solely on the amount of leverage each one can
bring to the discussion table.

Alex Morrison, spokesperson for the INM supporters of Listuguj, directed his
attention to Mr. Francois Roussy, President of Société de chemin de fer de
la Gaspésie (The Gaspé Railway Company).

(Left) Idle No More railway blockade spokesperson, Alexander Morrison.
(Listuguj, Qc.) Photo Frank Jr Molley

"You want us to help Temrex but what does Temrex do for our community?
Those are our trees that you are cutting in our territory. We made treaties
a long time ago that you guys signed with your ancestors and our ancestors.
The Temrex you are talking about is being fed by our resources on our
territory." Said Morrison.

Temrex plays a major role in the transfer of wood chips and lumber shipped
from the four regional county municipalities and the INM supporters blockade
of the railway in Listuguj is having a real impact, not on Temrex, but on
the regional municipalities that own the railway along the Gaspésie. If the
option to ship is restricted by train, Temrex can simply ship by transport
trailers to their destination plants in Riviere-du-Loup and Gatineau, but at
an additional cost.

"Only Temrex is using the train, at this time. In the summer it is
different," says Temrex general manager, Harold Berube during an interview
following Monday's meeting.

"Using the train to ship our chips is the most [affordable] than by truck,"
he stated.

When asked whether Temrex arrived here in Listuguj for the meeting to help
in the settlement of the issue with the Idle No More railway blockade, the
answer was both "Yes," and, "No."

"At this time we've had a real difficult period for Temrex too, we've lost a
lot of money. We've lost $12 million dollars in the last year and a half."
Said Mr. Berube.

Temrex sells their wood directly to White Birch paper plant. A company that
was the second-largest newsprint manufacturer in North America before filing
for bankruptcy protection in February 2010.

With files from CBC/Montreal

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24 Hour Blockade Ends, More Peaceful Protests Planned
News January 3, 2013 Leave a comment
7th District Mi'gmaq Territory

Supporters stand united and brave the cold temperatures in support of Idle
No More and Chief Theresa Spence. (Gesgapegiag First Nation, Qc)

After a cold evening of manning the blockade over highway 132 near Maria,
Qc., supporters and their families of Gesgapegiag First Nation gathered for
a meeting at the Galgoasiet Centre on Wednesday. Over one hundred people
gathered within, away from the cold biting winds. As members sat to discuss
the blockade and express their concerns, a small contingent remained outside
ensuring the highway was blocked.

The Idle No More (INM) movement swept across the Canadian landscape during
the Christmas holidays like a sudden winter storm. It's influence stretched
across the globe with the help of online social media. In its wake stood
Canada's aboriginal grassroots response to Ottawa's Jobs and Growth Act,
also known as Bill C-45. Gesgapegiag is known for being a grassroots
community and their recent actions have come to illustrate this.

Wednesday's meeting would be one of several already held in Gesgapegiag
concerning their show of solidarity with the INM movement. At the forefront
sat the Chief of Gesgapegiag, Mr. Guy Condo who was flanked on either side
by five out of eight elected council members in attendance. Leading the
meeting was councillor Mr. Quentin Condo as he read aloud over a microphone
an information pamphlet in review of Idle No More principles and purpose.

Aboriginal peoples across Canada have kept a close eye on following the
message and direction of the movement which continues to be of peaceful
solidarity and unity. The community had decided that on Tuesday, January
1st, they would organize an event along Rte 132 that runs through the
community with a slowing down of traffic to hand out information about the
Harper Government's Bills C-45 and C-38. Councillor Mr. Quentin Condo said
during a Facebook status update that the recent event had positive results,

"Today was a good day in Gesgapegiag with the traffic slowdown and info
handouts. It was the first time that I have ever witnessed our Non-Native
neighbours delivering our protesters hot coffee to keep us warm. This
happened more than a dozen times!"

Later that evening at midnight of January 2nd, a decision was made to go
ahead with completely blocking Rte 132 as previously agreed. Since then and
up to Wednesdays meeting inside the Galgoasiet Centre community members
especially their youth manned the blockade throughout the night, despite the
frigid -27 wind chill.

During the meeting community members listened as they each respectfully
spoke about their concerns of how these Bills will affect their lives and
the lives of their future generations. Another aspect of concern was their
need to show continued solidarity and unity for Attawapiskat Chief Theresa
Spence. At this time it had been Ms. Spence's 23rd day of a hunger strike.
She has called upon the Crown's representative and the Prime Minister of
Canada to meet on a Nation to Nation basis with Indian, Metis and Inuit
Chiefs to discuss their shared Treaty relationship. In an interview with
Shane Belcourt conducted on December 21st, she explained this position in
more detail.

"It is time that both levels of government to treat us equal. To build up
our community infrastructure and let us be, like, it is the leadership's
responsibility to plan for their children's future not the Prime Minister,
not even the Crown. We have our ways, we had our ways, we had our own laws,
we had our own laws for the land, we had our own laws for Justice, we even
have our own ways for teaching our children. We need to maintain our
cultural way to survive, so that was the purpose of that treaty, to be
partners. But the way it is right now we feel like we are more like a slave
to the Minister, not a partner. When I see my leaders doing their best, it's
the government not just the Prime Minister but the Crown in both levels of
government they're all part of that treaty. It's time for everybody to work
together that means the government too."

The meeting took just over one hour before reaching a consensus on a number
of issues. Councillor Quentin Condo of Gesgapegiag said during an interview
following the meeting,

"Today's meeting was a success. People had a chance to express themselves
about their concerns and as a community we were able to come to an agreement
on how we would conduct our actions against the Harper Government. There
were many emotions because of the concerns for Chief Spence's health, the
Idle No More movement and Bill C45," he said.

Community support rally together in response to Bill C-45. (Gesgapegiag,

"We understand the people's frustrations and feelings of urgency on how they
would like to protect our Treaty Rights. The Chief and Council took the
position to support the on going 24 hour blockade that will finish at 10 pm
tonight [January 2]. Then we will, as a community, slow traffic for the
next two days to inform and invite the non-Native population to participate
in a Unity March on Saturday, January 5th."

An official Press Release has been issued to all News Media outlets by the
Chief and Council of Gesgapegiag First Nation. With the notation to

"Please direct all questions and interviews that pertain to these activities
to Mr. Quentin Condo, Councilor (418-392-1473) or Ms. Catherine Johnson,
spokesperson (418-391-2539). These are the official designated contact
people for the Micmacs of Gesgapegiag Band."

To view a copy of the Press Release please visit the following links:



To view a copy of the Unity March scheduled for Saturday, January 5th see


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