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Yo Chief Rick Hanson just exactly how dumb are you and your client Patty Baby Doran?

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Anus, Thy Name is David Amos

There is a disturbed creature lurking in the annals of the internet, known as David Amos. He's a pretty fucked up and delusional individual who is prone to mass-emailing police and government officials with his insane brand of incoherent nonsense. He has a blog called The David Amos Rant -- which is exactly that -- incoherent fucking nonsense copied and pasted directly from his own outbox.

Recently a conducted an interview with an Edmonton blogger named Barry Winters. David Amos showed up and trolled the Q&A with his psychotic bullshit. It was quite funny. Barry and I had a blast laughing at this pathetic kook try oh so hard to threaten, intimidate, and get a rise out of us. He actually copied and pasted the entire comments section of the video and published it in his blog. Which is fine by me, it's free publicity. The comments sections of my videos are usually the most entertaining reads for me.

Here is a particular gem from Mr.Amos that's particularly hysterical:

Monday, 24 February 2014

How Glen Canning Can Help End His Bullshit

Glen Canning is full of shit. I have no respect for a man who shamelessly exploited his own step-daughter's tragic suicide to serve his own twisted agenda. Yes, both Leah Parsons and Glen Canning had no qualms about using Rehtaeh Parsons' death for their 15 minutes of dubious fame. Canning has responded to my post on Men's Rights Edmonton's site.

The title of this new post, is of course, called "How Men Can Help End Rape." It's not an original title, Feminists have been using that slogan since the first Toronto Slutwalks. Of course, it's only men that can help end rape, because as we all know - all men are rapists. It's a little too much to ask in this day and age, for women to take responsibility for their own safety. Why expect any accountability from the so-called "gentle sex" when men are too much of a convenient scapegoat for modern women's failures and insecurities. Glen writes:
Shame is what sexual predators rely on. Next to alcohol it's their preferred WMD. What were you thinking, after all, being alone, dressing like that, drinking to much, trusting too much? You should have known better. You should have known what would happen. It's the same approach pedophiles use when they tell their victims "we're only doing what you want."
I was invited to speak in Ottawa recently and share my thoughts on violence against women and the role men play. There are two things I've learned since my daughter, Rehtaeh Parsons, died last April and I began to speak at conferences and meetings. One, the audience will be almost all women, as it was in this case, and two, attempts to hurt and silence me suddenly appear when there's anything mentioned about Rehtaeh online or in social media. She's worm food because I'm a failure, according to one person's post. If I don't shut up I'll join her, says another. Some choose words so disgusting I can't bring myself to repeat them."
So here right off the bat, Glen is setting the tone for the rest of his post. He's a victim. People are trying to silence and threaten him. The truth, as I already outlined in my previous post "A Response From Mr. Vengeance: Glen Canning's Dark Alter-Ego " Mr. Canning has a habit of seeking out critics that are skeptical of the official story the public was sold about his daughter's alleged "gang-rape." From changing stories, lack of evidence, and the dubious involvement of the group "Anonymous." There are plenty of solid reasons to doubt what we were being told. I remind the public, once again, that even though we were told matter-of-factly that Rehtaeh Parsons was "gang-raped," there have been two investigations by the RCMP. There still wasn't sufficient evidence to proceed with criminal rape charges. In the interest of charging the alleged rapists with something. The best the crown could do was charge two boys with making and distributing child pornography.

Glen continues:

You see, according to them, Rehtaeh didn't die from being raped and bullied, she died because I'm a bad father. I knowingly let her smoke pot, drink vodka, and raised her to be flirtatious and promiscuous. Rehtaeh wasn't raped because someone raised their sons to be a rapists, she was raped because her father raised her to be raped.

That's not what anybody claimed, you fucking scumbag. What was claimed was, due to the lack of evidence, there's reasonable doubt as to whether she was even raped at all. Remember, there had been two investigations. The reason why charges weren't laid the first time around was due to lack of evidence, Rehtaeh's changing stories, etc. There was even an eyewitness statement from a girl, who claimed Rehtaeh refused to leave the party, and was naked, flirting with the two boys (and not FOUR as we were constantly told). In fact, one of the boys that was previously identified by Anonymous as one of the "rapists," WASN'T EVEN AT THE FUCKING PARTY!

Glen continues:

Almost every time her name is mentioned in the news or in an article those anonymous posters show up with their fake usernames and who post all sorts of nonsense, innuendo, lies, misinformation and outright victim blaming. Rarely do they use real names and rarely are they women. 
I'm not sure why some people feel a need to weight in on issues they know little or nothing about.
As members of the public that were being fed the misinformation coming directly from you and Leah Parsons, they have every right to speculate and ask questions.

I reply if I can even though it's almost always futile. Some people just have the wrong information while others are so out to lunch I'm left wondering if they've read anything about this story at all. Patrick Doran of the Edmonton Men's Movement thinks I've been using a "victim-card" to silence critics in the "…years since Rehtaeh's death." It hasn't been a year yet Patrick. 
I try to not to get hooked. I honestly have bigger issues to deal with than a hand full of forgettable trolls. It's the people who say nothing I want to reach, the people who are shocked by this story and don't know, or don't realize, they have a part to play. Men mainly. Not the ones trolling rape stories; I'm talking about the good ones. Men with hearts, families, compassion, decency, and a sense of virtue.
You are so full of shit, Glen. It is you who seeks these critics out, and when you don't get your way, that's when "Mr. Vengeance" your dark alter-ego shows up to threaten and harass. The fact you threaten to use Anonymous, the fact you conspire with others to have their blogs hacked - all for expressing their opinions on a story that has been made public, due to the heavy-handed propaganda coming directly from you and Leah Parsons. We wouldn't be talking about this story if it wasn't for the fact you used social media to hype up your claims that your daughter was gang-raped and that the RCMP just wanted to cover it up... because they're mean? Even after a second investigation and all the public scrutiny, there's still no rape charges. What does THAT tell you, Glen?

We need to take an honest hard look at why we befriend rapists, why we believe them, allow them, tolerate them, and help them get away with the crimes they commit. We should be confronting them, exposing them, shunning them from our homes, families, teams, and places of employment. We need to use our voices to be a part of the solution and not let our silence continue to be part of the problem.

We need to take an honest look at why the public so easily accepts whatever they are told without any fact-checking. How much longer will we tolerate media whores like Glen Canning, who openly threaten people and have the nerve to play the victim? Who use self-important jerkoff moralfags like Anonymous as their personal troll army? Quit saying things I don't like, or I'll get Anonymous to hack your blog. How much longer will we tolerate Anonymous naming people as "rapists" who weren't even involved at all?

Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Mad Shangi Show: w/guest Jennifer Lew of "The Jake Pentland Show"

The Mad Shangi Show w/guest: Jennifer Lew
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Maximilian Kinski

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+crypter27 Feminist are evil because they can turn into 50 foot tall MONSTERS hellbent on eating our FLESH!  AAAAaaaaahHHHAAaaHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


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This is why I don't argue with feminist and mangina's,but rather laugh them off brother Shangi. 
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Maximilian Kinski

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I'll try to be there and stuff.  Sounds interesting. 
On Feb. 28, I will be interviewing Jennifer Lew about a myriad of men's issues that were covered on "The Jake Pentland Show". Jake is the eldest son of TV's Roseanne Barr. Jake gained Twitter fame through his appearance on the short-lived reality program "Roseanne's Nuts." He has his own podcast on BlogTalk Radio. What attracted me to Jake's program was an article written by Paul Elam of A Voice for Men. The article was a "scathing" review of Jake's "Smoldering Forest of Man" blog post.

I could see that Jake kinda gets what's going on with young men today, and how modern day feminism has helped to destabilize society and cause a rift between the sexes through hateful anti-male propaganda. I started my relationship with Jake by trolling him and his mother, Roseanne Barr, on Twitter. He was a good sport about it. Even appeared on my show. It was a fascinating interview until Jake's abusive, domineering mother Roseanne, kicked him out of the studio and gave me the finger. Roseanne, what the fuck?! I was talking to Jake, woman! Don't you know I'm an important person on the internet?

 I even went at it with his co-host Jennifer Lew, which lead to me telling her she needed a "good hard dicking." In the end, the two of them learned that The Mad Shangi is just too hardcore for their little cult to fuck with. Jenn will be chatting with me live about female-on-male rape, male suicide, reproductive parity between men and women, etc. We will also be taking Q&A during the show.

A Response From Mr. Vengeance: Glen Canning's Dark Alter-Ego

Glen Canning has responded to my previous article (published on under a sinister sounding pseudonym: "Vengeance." Vengeance writes:

Vengeance says:
"It seems to me from where I'm sitting, that Rehtaeh Parsons was not gang-raped, she was the willing participant in a drunken orgy. " Where your sitting is in a pile of shit. There was an email sent to Leah following Rehtaeh's death that outlines exactly what happened that night. She was vomiting when they had sex with her. That message came from the kid in the photograph. But really, you're not interested in proving anything and nothing will convince you. Not even the hundreds of kids who got the text message of the photo wit them saying she was drunk and passed out she they had sex with her.
Also saying her parents "permitted her to drink and use drugs" is about as pathetic as you can get. Did your parents "permit" you to do everything you did when you were a teenager? That seriously isa stupid thing to say.
A girl referred to as a witness was present for part of the night, and was friends with the boys, having dated at least one of them. When the lead investigator came to her house around November 2011, she asked the girl if she believed Rehtaeh had consented. The girl said yes.
But in a later interview with The Chronicle Herald, it was clear that the girl didn't understand the legal definition of sexual assault, which can take place when someone is highly intoxicated and not resisting.
Rehtaeh couldn't have been raped, said the girl, because the mother who was home that night didn't wake up.
"If you're getting raped by four people, or two people, or one person even, you're going to be screaming, you're going to be yelling, you're going to be crying," she said.
You know who Christie spoke too? A crown attorney defending their own fuck up.
You are a lynch mob whether you want to be or not. You're just not on the right team.
You are a rape apologist Patrick. Grow up for fucks sake!

And here we go again with the robotic knee-jerk responses from Mr. Canning. He calls me a "rape apologist" the way would call a black person a "nigger." Just for questioning serious allegations that have yet to have been proven with evidence.

You know who Christie spoke too? A crown attorney defending their own fuck up.
More like a crown attorney reporting their side of the story. Something the mass media failed to do mostly while they were busy feeding the public hate machine with hearsay propaganda coming directly from Leah Parsons, Glen Canning, and Facebook.

And here we have the fucker resort to using my own real name to respond back to me. Was that to provoke an emotional response? Isn't this starting to resemble the behavior of a basic internet troll. That's what, in my opinion, Glen Canning has become: a troll. Using lame intimidation tactics and toothless threats of using his "Anonymous buddies" to hack people's blogs and expose their personal information to the public.

This is not the first time Mr. Canning has done this. MrBaconFat53 reports being trolled by Mr. Vengeance on more than one occasion.


Today my little "friend" "vengeance" has gone bereft of his few senses and sent seven threatening ,outraged and poorly written and spelled missives to me. I ought to inform Vengeance that Krysta Ink is not my daughter. I have never heard of her, nor her me. So any harassment of her by you may well end up in the police being called, I would imagine

Our little "friend" Vengeance claims he "knows several folks at CFB Edmonton" and that they are looking for me on his behalf . I as former serving officer with Officer's Mess privileges I indeed have the acquaintance of a number of military personnel at Edmonton Garrison. Mr. Vengeance is as always, full of hot air.

If you do not like this blog, don't read it!

Rehtaeh Parsons is dead. Rehtaeh Parsons killed herself. Rehteah Parsons died a child, that ought to have been protected, and cherished by her parents. But alas Rehtaeh Prason is dead.

I have no clue is Vengeance is Mr. Canning's alter ego, or some pimply faced parasite stilling at home sponging off Mommy and Daddy. Nor do I care. But Mr. Vengeance / Mr. Canning during the course of their e mail spam, asked sarcastically what "legacy" a man such as myself would or will have. To which I reply my children, my daughter. My daughter is alive, with a LLB. Your daughter is quite dead, "food for the worms if it were." I enjoyed High School graduation, University convocation, Birthday's, Christmas and so on. Rehateh Parsons is dead.

Real parents want, and need their children to be successful, to have better lives than ourselves. That's what real parents do. My children are successful and alive. Mr. Vengeance, that is my legacy.

Rehtaeh Parsons is quite dead. That is Glen Canning's and Leah Parsons "legacy."
And  here:

So Vengeance little "buddy," when can I expect your "friends from CFB Edmonton to visit?

Where is the "big law suit" you promised going to happen. Do you need some money to hire representation? You still live at home, ask Mommy and Daddy for it?

Rehtaeh Parsons is dead. She's dead partly because of very bad parenting. My daughter and Austin (an accountant) are successful and a joy. My guess is you are an unemployed loser, and or a parasite leeching of his parents.

 Rehtaeh is dead. What kind of legacy could Glen Canning have to compensate for that?
So far, we have a pattern of trollish, passive-aggressive thought-policing from Mr. Canning aka "Vengeance." And we know "Vengeance" is Mr. Canning himself because "Vengeance" only showed up after this Twitter exchange:

Image will appear as a link
  1. @GlenfordCanning So you don't even deny you been using Anonymous to hack people's blogs for criticizing you?
  2. @GlenfordCanning You went to David Amos and claimed you were trying to get Anonymous to hack MrBaconFat53's blog.
  3. @GlenfordCanning Again, Glen. Who went to David Amos claiming he was using Anonymous to try and hack someone?
  4. @PatrickJohnDora You said I had Anonymous hack a blog? I'll take your response as an admission I didn't thanks. You're a joke Pat.
  5. @GlenfordCanning You don't deny it. And your e-mail was published on David Amos' blog. Your comments also confirm it to be true.
  6. @PatrickJohnDora Barry Winters is a sick racist pig. I wish I hacked his blog. But didn't. You are wrong. Grow up. #rapeapologist

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