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Re: The Mad Shangi Show FYI you know as well as I that I would never wish to talk to a sick pervert who stalks dead teenagers and their parents Have your lawyer, or your Fat Daddy or Chief Hanson call me

Did ya catch my minor edit Patty Baby?

From: David Amos <>
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2014 19:12:39 -0300
Subject: Re: The Mad Shangi Show FYI you know as well as I that I
would never wish to talk to a sick pervert who stalks dead teenagers
and their parents Have your lawyer, or your Fat Daddy or Chief Hanson
call me
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From: Patrick Doran <>
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2014 11:15:21 -0600
Subject: The Mad Shangi Show
To: "" <>

Hello, David Amos. I was wondering if you would like to be a guest on
my podcast. I'm interested in getting your side of things.




Hell you you already proved to me that you can yap alot but can't even
read let alone reason

However you sure can edit your bullshit for your benefit just like
your nasty butt buddy Glen Canning EH PERVERT???

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Glen Canning Asks Is He A Cyber Bully

Well Glen those 6 emails and 7 obscene laden hate filled blog comments
you sent me telling me how your were going to call Lori's boss, and
keep harassing Lori at work, say that you are a cyber-bully and a
liar. Those have been made into "screen shots" and sent to the Police.

You lied about trying to beseeching Lori on Face Book to "get me to
stop." But what you actually did was impersonate me and fraudulently
create a Face Book as Barry Winters and then make friends with her, so
you could hunt down, and harass her family and even long lost cousin
Krysta Ink.

Today you even took to taunting Patrick Doran, about your deceit on
twitter. Well Glen, they say "the apple doesn't fall too far from the
tree." In addition to being promiscuous, and a substance abuser, I
assume fourteen year old Rehteah was as patently dishonest, as you. No
"vicious gang rape" occurred, when pictures of Rehtaeh consensually
fucking her brains out came from the woodwork a week later, little
Rehtaeh cried rape. She lied. Just like Daddy does. A ever growing
number of Haligonians tire of your repression of those in Halifax with
a differing view than your own.

Your dishonesty and self centredness seems to rival Elliot Rodger. The
red flags drawing attention to your escalation to violence are exactly
what law enforcement and mental health officals missed with Elliot
Rodger. For an example why don't you show us where I said in any post
on my blog that you "murdered" Rehtaeh.

Glen, it is a very delicious irony that you, "man" crying assiduously
that parents ought not "raise rapists", while yourself committed an
act of violence against a women by harassing her at work, sending
threatening emails to her home and a year ago gaining access to her
Face Book friends her Face Book account, impersonating me.

So Glen are you a cyber-bully. Indeed and your daughter was a liar,
just like you are.

Glen, you asked me last me..."is your daughter still fat?" Glen, your
animal is still quite dead.

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Philip Rose said...

May 29, 2014 at 9:25 AM

Friday, June 6, 2014
"I loved you the first moment I saw you"
I love my husband.

We don't choice who we fall in love with. In my life there has been
only one, who came along to love me. No other come around to say "I
loved you the first moment I saw you". No other wanted to spend the
rest of there life with me, no only one. So I may be stuck with that
person no matter if they are good or bad. It doesn't matter if my
friends like him or not. It doesn't matter if my family like him or
not. He loves me. He Loves Me! So I'm here for him in good or bad even
sometimes evil. He writes and I sometimes read what he writes. I don't
always like what he writes. Sometimes it makes me mad and sometimes it
makes me sad. But no matter what I love him and as the old song goes I
will stand by my man. Many marriages don't last. Hell, many
relationships don't last . Its just to easy to walk away." I don't
want to cook every night"" I don't want to do all the cleaning" Guess
what if you are on your own that's exactly what you will be doing but
by yourself. Without anyone to keep your bed warm. And yes a warm bed
is important. So being in a relationship is not always wine and roses.
I love my man and I will stand by my man. I will hold him when he
cries. I will kiss him when he picks me up from work. I listen to his
bad jokes. I will humor him when he tells me the same story over and
over. Sorry honey, I don't care what her name was or that you really
liked her. It was grade four. I don't tell you about my past crushes.
But then again none of them told me they loved me, not a one, not a
single one.

So here I sit at the computer on his blog. He's at work I'm at home
writing. He left it open for me. So I could write a funny story about
him and his pants. But our names has been used on this blog and people
think the worst of us. I have been painted with the same paint brush.
We are just normal folks just trying to get by day by day. He finds
humor in everyday things and some times inappropriate things. And he
writes about them. I don't think he wants to hurt others with his
words. He just wants to write and write he will. There is nothing I
can do to stop him from writing.

Only one person said to me " I loved you the first moment I saw you"
He is that man. That is what I see at night when I close my eyes. The
man who loves me.

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Patrick Doran said...
That was beautiful.

June 6, 2014 at 12:22 PM
Patrick Doran said...
That was beautiful.

June 6, 2014 at 12:22 PM

.The Mad Shangi Show w guest BARRY WINTERS Is Glenn Canning Bullying
His Critics%3F . Mad Shangi·45 videos

Streamed live on May 20, 2014
Tonight's guest is Barry Winters, the man behind the controversial
"Mr. Bacon Fat" blog. Barry is a retired war veteran living in
Edmonton, who has been very critical of Glen Canning and Leah Parsons,
the parents of Rehtaeh Parsons. Barry claims that Glen is behind a
campaign of cyber-trolling which includes impersonating him on
Facebook, threatening e-mails, and phone calls. I already confronted
Glen Canning on "The Jake Pentland Show" about Glen apparently trying
to use the hacker group "Anonymous" to "hack his blog and out him."

"The Mad Shangi Confronts Glen Canning"
To skip to the part where I phone in it's: 1:02:30

In an article on Mens Rights Edmonton I had exposed how Glen Canning
trolls his critics as "Vengeance" and even goes as far to impersonate
me in the comments section:­om-mr-vengeance-glen-cannings-dark-alte­r­-ego/

It seems Mr. Canning may still be impersonating me in comments
sections of blogs that are critical of him. I stumbled upon this
troll's blog where the author links to Glen Canning's bio featuring
very young nude models. What caught my eye, though... was somebody
posting in the comments section as "P. Doran"­n-canning-dirty-fucker/

Tonight, we're going to get to the bottom of this mess.

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Mad Shangi Gracias!

Glen Canning2 weeks ago "And now we are live with Barry Winters. Barry
it's ok you hate fags and blacks and jews and injins" cause there is
palace for you in Canada's men's rights movement~! ·

Glen Canning2 weeks ago OMG 13 views!

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Walt Wawra, Jake Pentland, Deputy Dawg, and Dumbass Yanks With Guns

Every Canadian remembers and despises Kalamazoo police officer asshole
Walt Wawra. A year ago, perhaps two, this ugly amerkan and his ugly
wife came to Calgary for a vacation. While they were walking at
Calgary's Nose Hill Park two friendly Calgarians asked if Walt and his
wife had attended the Calgary Stampede, politely. He was outraged! He
claimed that these friendly folks, were aggressive, dangerous and
nefarious. It seems that both parties departed from the contact
equally confused.

Later Walt Wawra wrote a letter to the editor of the Calgary Herald,
claiming as a cop he ought to be allowed to have his gun here in
Canada and he would have "protected himself and wife" from these
villains. Of course Mr. Wawra became the laughing stock of North
America. Even amerkan television's The Young Turks eviscerated him and
his ugly wife.

Jake Pentland describes himself as "proud member of the NRA. That's
just what every Canadian likes to hear about a potential visitor to
Canada, another fucked up amerkan with a gun. I sincerely hope and
pray that Canada is never infected with the presence of Jake Pentland,
Sugar Tits Bimbo Jenn, the staff of the Jake Pentland Show or Sugar
tits' husband deputy dawg, the California pig.

Several years ago at the "medicine line" at Sweet Grass, an amerkan
asshole was caught by the CBSA trying to smuggle two pistols across
the line. As they cuffed the prick, he loudly invoked his sacred
Second Amendment Rights, which don't exist here in Canada.

Last year in Jasper a group of amerkan seniors on a bus tour were
stopped for lunch at a restaurant whereupon these amerkan idiots were
graced by a beautiful young doe eating the geraniums in the flower
beds. One man from Ojai California looked around, and said, "someone
better get a gun quick and shoot the deer." Why I asked? "This is a
national park, this place belongs to the deer not fucked up wankers
like you." I then told him, "to get the fuck home so we don't have to
smell his disease."

I sincerely hope that ole NRA Jake, and Sugar tits Bimbo never come to
Canada. I am quite sure no one wants to smell their disease.
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Yo Gracie!

Yo Gracie Baby!

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Paul Elam, Dumbass Jake Pentland, And The Feminization Of A Generation Of Boys

I was listening to a discussion betwixt Paul Elam and the
intellectually unarmed Jake Pentland about "feminism and masculinity."
Both Mr. Elam, and little Jake bemoaned the domination of the feminist
agenda of the eighties, and the "smoldering forest" of male
masculinity that was the eventual result. I remember two things
regarding "the war of the worlds" or the clash betwixt the genders of
that period. Women's groups, especially NOW and scores if not hundreds
of others lost the battle to gain the Equal Rights Amendment in the
United States of Amerka. Phyllis Schaffley and other women's groups,
mobilized forces and the electorate to defeat the initiative.

Here in Canada a few years later, the day care movement succeeded in a
very large scale sort of "ad hoc" but seemingly well organized
campaign to feminize an entire generation of young boys. At the time
Lori and I had kids attending The Oliver School Centre For Children.
This was Day Care, and After School Care programme run out of the
basement and part of the upstairs of Oliver Elementary School, and I
think still is. The Oliver School Centre for Children was operated and
administered by Ms. Avril Pike. Avril Pike is considered a pioneer of
Canadian day care. The Oliver School Centre even back then only
employed graduates of community colleges early child care and
education programmes. Avril Pike and most of the day cares in Western
Canada had implemented a programme of social engineering for little
boys. Back then there was a kids show / craze / cult, you may remember
the Teen Age Mutant Turtles. And later the Power Rangers. Boys, little
boys were forbidden to wear Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle T shirts, or
clothing,and the same for the Power Rangers. In Western Canadian day
cares little boys were forbidden to play Teen Age Mutant Ninja
Turtles, or Power Rangers as it was deemed too violent.

At the Oliver School Centre For Children boys were discouraged, and
proscribed from playing WWF, or wearing Hulk Hogan T Shirts,
Undertaker T Shirts or Randy Savage T Shirts because Avril Pike and
other day care operators said these promulgated a culture of violence.
There was a pair of hockey nets, and twenty or so plastic hockey
sticks, Avril Pike and her sycophants stopped the young boys playing
ball hockey because it was deemed too violent.

I was a serving officer, seconded to the Airborne Training Wing when
it was here in Edmonton way, back when. I would pick up the kids after
duty wearing combat uniform. Of course what little boy doesn't want
try on a soldier's beret. I was "encouraged" by Ms. Pike not to wear
any military uniform whist at the day care. It was deemed

This occurred, I am told all across the nation back then. Our boys
were emasculated because masculine boys are a threat to feminists. I
have no ide if this sort of thing goes on still today. If it occurs in
the US or just Canada. But society emasculates its boys, and
diminishes its Fathers at its own risk

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Hey Girls Take One For The Team

I was thinking, Elliot Rodger hated men who got laid, and women that
did not service him. So what our feministas call a "normal men's
rights activist", and "misogynist" went on a murderous rampage. My
guess is there many thousands of sexually frustrated "misogynists"
are out there just waiting to "kill more women" just because they are
NOT getting laid. So why not identify "misogynists" and in rota, take
turns, in order to preserve your stay on this planet and to preserve
your silly and worthless lives... fuck them regularly. Take turns and
give these "misogynists" regularly the fuck, suck, and rim "full
monty." It seems a small price to pay to "stay alive." If you want the
feminstas, can choose the dumb ones, like the bimbo on the You Tube
Video, who claims that suggesting a murderer is mentally ill is
extremely offensive to herself who is mentally ill.

Dumb, pretty, pretty ugly, short, fat, and Chanty Binx can each take
their turn to fuck, to stay alive. I like it! Even the batshit crazy
have the human right dip their wick! Every "mentally ill" bimbo can
reap the therapeutic benefits "of a bit of the rough." Sugar tits
Bimbo Jenn could be first in line, after all her kids need a Mom

Hmmm you do know what tongue in cheek means right?
Posted by Seren at 8:48 AM No comments: Jennifer Lew, Deputy Dawg and
Three Small Son's Must Be So Proud Of Mom

Jennifer Lew, co host, staffer and office piece of gash for the Jake
Pentland Show, has several "twitter" handles that she has selected for
herself. This mother of three son's, wife of a California pig, and not
too bright bimbo, refers to herself alternately as, Mc Cuntface, Sugar
Tits, Jake's Bimbo, and other inappropriate appellations. Now everyone
knows, every thing on the world wide net "is forever" so "sugar tits"
and the rest of Bimbo Jenn's stupidity will be one day be read by her

What a "wonderful legacy" for a Mother to leave her sons!

Only in amerka I guess!
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Mangina Glen Canning ,Elliot Rodger And The Men's Rights Movement

Elliot Roger never at any time was a Men Right's Activist.

Some Men's Rights Activist refer to Glen Canning as a "mangina"
Something less than a real man, because instead of actually protecting
his daughter, raising his daughter, educating his daughter, making
sure his daughter was attending school, and permitting his fourteen
year old daughter to abuse drugs, alcohol, and behave like a slut. But
mostly Mr. Canning is reviled throughout Canada because he blames
everyone else for Rehtaeh's demise other than taking responsibility
for his significant culpability. Polite people call Glen Canning a
"mangina." To me he is just a little cunt!

There is a You Tube rant of a fetching, lovely young mentally
deficient bimbo, looking into a camera and saying. That "she just had
to make a response to the Santa Barbra shootings." This bimbo went
onto cry that a "22 year old young man was a men's rights activist,
deliberately went out to shoot and wound young women." This addled and
uneducated young woman further whimpered. "The media reporting this
young man was mentally ill is extremely offensive to those of us who
are mentally ill." Well it seems to me not only is this fetching yet
idiotic bimbo is indeed mentally ill, and disconnected from reality.
Elliot Rodger never at any time was a men's rights activist. Elliot
Rodger killed two women and four men. Elliot Rodger wounded more men
than women. This was NOT a crime against women. It was a crime against
humanity committed by a mentally ill individual. Something that
happens in the United States of Amerka with disturbing regularity.

The men's rights movement is in its infancy. The mainstream Feminist
lobby views any re examination by men of the gender status quo, or
men's lives, as a threat. This generation of feministas are not above
prevarication and or propaganda, as the Elliot Rodger case well
illustrates. The men's rights movement is at the same point in
development of the early women's suffrage lobby. And look what it grew
up to accomplish.

That woman retard on the You Tube Video, The Face of Bigotry at Men's
Rights Edmonton....good looking piece of gash. Not good for anything
else though.
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Jake Pentland "Much To Do About Nowt!"

Jake Pentland appears to be the "used car salesman" of the
blogosphere. A sitcom sort of guy trying to play the role of a man of
some intellect, and with something so contribute. Mr. Pentland is a
very convivial sort, that very much likes to hear the sound of his own
voice, who takes a very long time to say absolutely nothing of any
import. He claims he "has people" to do research for him and he claims
to "pride himself" on the research that goes into his ersatz talk
show. In all his shows I listened to archived, especially one I listed
to with Paul Elam, not only is there no evidence of prior preparation,
Jake Pentland consistently makes a fool of himself. His "Mother"
Roseanne Barr must as "sugar tits" Lew's son's must be so "proud."

Mr. Pentland's blog comment about feminism and masculinity were
poorly written using metaphor or analogy that men were some how this
"smoldering forest" that was not only inaccurate but shown to be
stupid. Mr. Pentland does not write to champion a cause, to illuminate
anything, or elucidate but to sell himself and his latest project, a
You Tube Channel bought and paid for by two homosexuals in Southern

The "cult of Jake" reminds me of the sitcom the Seinfeld Show.... the
"little show about nothing," or as in this case the scion of the
retarded Rosanne Barr with nothing to say, but is trying to ride
Roseanne's coat tails to... relevance.

Must be an amerkan thing!

Posted by Seren at 5:20 AM

Saturday, June 7, 2014
Sherlock Holmes is...a MGTOW

Throughout history there has always been a small of percentage of men,
successful men that eschewed marriage and carrying a wife and kids on
their backs. They were called then, confirmed bachelors. It was not
uncommon for successful men to fore go the rituals of marriage to
pursue their own interests and happiness. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's
literary hero and icon was and is an example of what was very common,
and appears to gaining popularity amongst men now. Men Going Their Own
Way is a movement or trend that worrying amongst bimbos, because they
do not want men re-examining or re-defining their relationship with
women. Even though that is what women have been doing in a small way
since the end of the Second World War.

There are an increasing percentage of men that don't define happiness
by having a "hearth and home," or constraints on furthering their own
interests, desires and success. Making a "woman happy" is not a
priority as making themselves happy. And there is absolutely nothing
wrong with that. Obviously women's groups and women looking for that
lifetime "free lunch" are threatened by that. Women who enjoy
manipulating, abusing and leeching their sustenance off men are
threatened by this new male consciousness or more accurately, an old

People are "agonna" do what they are "agonna" do to make themselves
happy. Men is many ways have been discouraged to do so by societal
mores and women for centuries. A relatively consistent, but small
percentage of men have decided to eschew marriage through the ages,
appears to be increasing now. Coupled with a growing men's rights
movement in its infancy, men are changing their views about their
relationships with women, and what exactly happiness is for them.

I have no idea what or where, or if this MGTOW idea will go anywhere,
more than it has through the years. But as always, "the times they are
a changing.."

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"For The Love OF God Do Something!" The Glen Canning Con

"For the Love of God, do something!" The pathetic whinings of a con
artist trying to make a buck of his daughter's self inflicted demise.
A few years ago stalker and harasser of women and those he doesn't
agree with, Glen Canning wrote this to David Amos, about harassing me.

"You have the opportunity to something good here, and lets face it the
court system in Nova Scotia was just going to rape her again with
indifference to all her suffering and the damage this did to her.

"My daughter wasn't bullied to death. She was disappointed to death.
She was disappointed by people she thought she could trust her school
and the police.

She was my daughter, but she was your daughter too, For the love of

Notwithstanding the fact our "friend" was trying to get "someone else
to his dirty work" like anonymous, Glen was right Rehtaeh wasn't
bullied to death, her "Mom" and "Dad" pushed her to self destruction
over a period of some years. If Nova Scotia child welfare services
knew then what they know now about the tragic life and death of
Rehtaeh Parsons they would have removed Rehtaeh Parsons from her
parents long before that "fateful party."

Witness statements from the Halifax police investigation are more than
clear. Rehtaeh was having consensual sex with several young boys, and
when asked by a parent if she wanted to "leave the party," a "naked
Rehteah declined the offer. Where were you Glen or Leah, why for God
sakes, why didn't you do something? No charges have been laid because
there was NO RAPE and therefore NO CHANCE of a conviction

Now Glen you stalk, threaten harass, others including me and my wife
Lori. That e mail to David Amos is quite clear, however I am quite
sure you will lie and obfuscate about it all.

To the great unwashed and chartering imbeciles, Glen Canning and
little David Amos...if you do not like my blog do not visit my blog
and read it. But I have every right to write whatever I want, and I
will continue to do so! Don't go away mad assholes, just go away.

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Its Such A Joy, To Be So irrelevant!

Roseanne Barr's "little boy and pride and joy" Jake Pentland says. "I
am so irrelevant!" "Sugar tits" Bimbo Jenn (again her sons must be so
proud of their Mom sugar tits) says I am so ill, that the entire staff
of the "influential" Jake Pentland Show spent the entirety of three
days tweeting, about how " irrelevant " I am. Jake can I assume you
know my tongue is firmly in cheek here? This sort of patter presumes a
degree of wit and sophistication that I am not sure you or "sugar
tits" possess. Perhaps you could get your "Mother" to explain it for

I write a humble blog. I don't "tweet," and I don't bully Glen or
libel his dead daughter. I post a blog. Dear little Glen Canning
actually has to go to my blog site to read it. I am so "irrelevant"
that this criminal and unfit parent, threatens me with violence,
harasses my wife at work, stalks my wife, and is close to a violent
episode. Simply because he dislikes my blog! Then Glen, don't read my

Frankly Jake, when I see yours and "sugar tits" behavior, on the "Jake
Pentland Show, I am reminded of a cur dog supping on its own vomit.
Thank goodness, I am so irrelevant eh Jake?
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God Bless Amerka! And Retarded Roseanne Barr

God Bless Amerka! If it wasn't for Those United States of Amerka,
there would be no Rosanne Barr, Jake Pentland, no "sugar tits" Bimbo
Jenn, and no "pore white trash." If it weren't for that "more perfect
union" there would be no "grist for the mill" of ridicule for
Canadians. "Sugar tits" Bimbo Jenn and Roseanne's little boy are
woefully intellectually unarmed, hence the censorship and childish
behavior on their "talk show," that does not have the viewership or
readership of the Mad Shangi's or my own humble blog. Frankly, I think
it would be far more edifying to watch Jake Pentland's disturbed
Mother perform the national anthem at a ball game, than try to engage
in any sort of intellectual debate with "his nibs" or "sugar tits."
Your children must be so proud Bimbo Jenn!

I will leave this little factoid for our mentally deficient amerkan
cousins. If Nova Scotia child welfare services had known then, what
they know now about Glen Parsons and Glen Canning, and Rehtaeh's
situation...they would have removed her from their custody. Both
either before that "fateful party" and or after.

I know, Jake, "I am sooo irrelevant." Oh dear!
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Today's Installment of the Farce Called The Jake Pentland Show!

Its Saturday and that means there will be another pathetic farce of a
"talk show" the Jake Pentland Show on the 'puter. Now even though Mr.
Pentland scion of piss poor national anthem singer Roseanne Barr,
shamelessly promotes his amateur hour, he has not the "viewership" or
influence of the You Tube productions of the Mad Shangi, nor my blog.
But alas Mr. Pentland says, we are "so irrelevant!"

So today the man with the "radio voice" and sometimes convivial
personality will produce another "talk show" where he silences his
guests and callers, make rude noises, and with co host Bimbo Jenn who
refers to herself on twitter as "sugar tits," and (her three young
sons must be so proud) will generally spend an hour or so behaving
like amerkan poor white trash. The problem that I see is, it doesn't
sell, even in "These United States of Amerka."

Mr. Pentland's "show" hasn't a scintilla of research in any
installment. Bimbo Jenn threatens the guest on twitter, indeed both
Bimbo Jenn and Jake spend their days playing full contact "twitter."
It seems all so ...amerkan, doesn't it. Well have fun children,
perhaps you can get Glen Canning to appear again, and explain how he
and Leah are "victims" rather than the criminals they really are!
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A Generation of Stupid Feminists, The "Manosphere" And The Real World

This generation of ersatz and uneducated feminists are not cut out of
the same cloth their fore bearers were. In my sixty years, women's
right's movements had significant influence in women gaining universal
and equal access to education. As late as the "eighties" women were
not represented in faculties of engineering, the sciences, and
precious few in business. That has all changed in less than
generation. Women have access to divorce. As late as the seventies
divorce for women or for men for that matter was difficult.

The previous generation of feminists were influential in gaining women
the right to abortion (Roe v Wade) and in the long legal and political
battles to preserve women's right to abortion. The "feminist charge"
in reproductive law and abortion further delineated and changed how
we looked women's health, and women's health issues. We learned that
women's and men's bodies are different. The previous generation of
women and feminists whilst have nothing to do with the development of
oral contraception, did have a small role in making it accessible.

The "famous five" and the women's suffrage movements gained
"personhood" the vote and made that "long walk to freedom," long
before Nelson Mandela was a twinkle in his Daddy's eye. So there is no
disputing what "feminists" have accomplished.

But this generation of feministas are stupid and a pathetic parody of
their fore bearers. The heavy lifting has been done for them. And this
generation of self described "women's rights activists" are more
concerned about men wanting to redefine their relationships with
women, like women did a generation ago, the "manosphere and the
promulgation of propaganda decrying a non existent "culture of rape"
in North America. This inferior generation of feminists are more
concerned with the "hypersexual sensitivity" of society that they
created with abject consumerism. This generation of inferior feminists
are obsessed with the rise of a men's rights movement. Women's rights
"advocates" are outraged and angered because men are doing what women
did a generation ago. That is, to reexamine and redefine their
relationships with women. Women as a lobby are now stagnant, and de
evolutionary. No longer a catalyst for evolution, and positive change
but just a rabble at war with the men of the planet. For no good or
definable reason.

The men's rights movement is in its infancy, just like the women's
movement was in the sixties. When it was shrill strident, and its
arguments undeveloped. But now women view men re examining their lives
and lives with women as a dire threat. What the so called "women's
lobby" need understand is the reality of humankind and its condition,
is that where we are, where women are is due to the overwhelming
discoveries, labour, organization, education, intellect of MEN. With
but few exceptions medical science, engineering, medicine, indeed the
entirety of the progress of humankind is due almost entirely due to
men. Feministas will bleat that they raised men, but men sired both
men and women. Now with the advancements of women, and the efforts of
three generations of feminists that will change and is changing.

But the feminist lobby of this generation indulges itself in
prevarication, propaganda and calling themselves superior to men,
which the previous successful generations of feminists did not do.
Canada's feminist retards have attempted to paint Rehtaeh Parsons as
the "poster girl victim" of a non existent "culture of rape in
Canadian society. Because there is money to be made Glen Canning has
embarked with alacrity on board the bandwagon. This does not promote
women's issues, less violent crime in Canada or anything else other
than the heft of Glen Canning's wallet.

This generation of feministas can't even get that right.
Posted by Seren at 6:47 AM No comments: Have You Got A Gun Yet Glen?
It is Indeed Just a Matter of time Before YOU Go All Elliot Rodger On

In Canada I have the inalienable, undisputed, Canadian Charter of
Rights and Freedoms and God given right, to write in this blog
whatever I desire. If some uneducated, obnoxious individual or con
artist, does not like what I have to say, or is otherwise "offended"
by what I have to say; he has the inalienable, undisputed, Canadian
Charter of Rights and Freedom and God given right... not to visit this
blog site and read what I have to say.

Notwithstanding Mr. Glen Canning's feverish and insane attempts to
threaten, harass, impersonate, and abuse myself, my wife, Patrick
Doran, and scores of others, we all write or articulate whatever we
want, when ever we want. There is nothing or no one compelling Mr.
Canning to read my blog or watch the You Tube videos of others. In
short Glen, if you don't like what you called our "sick shit about
Rehtaeh" don't read it.

But alas Glen is the self appointed "hall monitor" of cyber-space.
Mr. Canning has become the same sort of "cyber-bully" that he claims
drove his promiscuous drug abusing fourteen year old daughter to
suicide. While Mr. Canning has been vociferous, he has been rather
impotent in his efforts to silence people, so he stalks, and harasses
them. But two short weeks ago he called my wife at work, and at the
same time e mailed me threatening to post her work telephone number
for others to also harass her.

Mr. Canning expends great energy and malice to "re edit" the You Tube
presentations of the Mad Shangi and literally scores of others because
he doesn't like what they have to say, and then piteously claims he
and the memory of " Saint" Rehtaeh of Parsons has been besmirched.

Mr Canning claims he has coerced the " rape confession" of one of the
minor boys who had consensual group sex with Rehtaeh. Of course he has
not produced this "confession" to the Nova Scotia Police nor have they
"acted on it." Mr. Canning's behavior in recent months has escalated
to violence, and stalking, my wife specifically and women generally.
This is deliciously ironic because Mr. Canning is pleading with
Canadians not to "raise their sons to be rapists."

So Glen, have you a gun yet? Do you "field strip it" and clean it each
night? Do you pose in front of the mirror with it and fantasize about
who you will kill with it one day? Are the recent events in New
Brunswick causing you to cream your jeans Glen Canning? YOU are NOT
the new "cyber-space Marshall in town." If you don't like what we say,
simply don't frequent our web-sites and read, what we have to say.

So Glen, when do you think we can expect you to "go all postal," or
pretend you are Marc Lepine, and go on a rampage in the name of the
"blessed" memory of "Saint" Rehtaeh of Parsons?

Have you a gun yet Glen?
Posted by Seren at 12:56 AM

Friday, June 6, 2014
Glen Canning Stalking Lori For His Sick Agenda

Glen Canning told Mad Shangi to "stop using (Lori) for your sick
agenda." But the reality is, Glen has been stalking Lori long before
the Mad Shangi knew me or Lori. A year ago Glen impersonated me to
gain a Face Book account in my name. He used that to pass himself off
as me to her. He then stalked, harassed, and threatened Lori and her
extended family.

So Glen's violent behavior towards women is nothing new.

Glen is crying about how "Winters can say sick shit about Rehteah, and
I am harassing people." Yes you are Glen. myself and scores of others.
I can write whatever I want on my blog. That is not harassment, legal
or otherwise.

If you do not like my blog, kindly fuck off. There is much more to come.

Have you got yourself a gun yet Elliot, I mean Glen?
Posted by Seren at 4:40 PM No comments:

What's Next Glen Canning are you going "Elliot Rodger" My Wife?

I imagine at the end of little Rehtaeh's life she couldn't wait to get
away from you and Leah. Your's was a highly dysfunctional "family,"
Rehteah being shuffled from Grandma, to a drug abusing Mother, to your
home. There was no "rape" because Rehtaeh was acting out.

If YOU do not like my blog, as the Mexican Marines say, "el tougho
shito." Don't read it. YOU abused Rehtaeh, and you did NOT protect
your fourteen year old daughter. Do NOT stalk my wife, its not your
best interest. It is ironic that you claim, and trumpet the existence
of a "rape culture" in Canada and you stalk, threaten harass, women,
and claim you will post Lori's work number. That is violent behavior.
That is violence upon women. When you reach the point where you want
to kill people, and it is clear you will. Leave the women alone,
just put the gun to your mouth, and lights out

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Glen Stalking and Threatening My Wife is NOT ON

Glen, it is quite clear by your behavior over the last year to myself
and wife, that I am quite right about you. Rehtaeh Parsons is dead
because of you and Leah. That isn't "sick shit" Glen that is the way
it is. Real parents. Decent Fathers do not permit their daughters to
attend drunken orgies. And fourteen year old little girls don't go
them, unless something very sick is happening at home. That is not
"sick shit" that is fact.

Glen Canning, your daughter was NOT raped, she was a good time party
girl. Mr. Canning the more you stalk and threaten Lori, the more I am
going to write the truth about you.

Glen Canning if you do not like what you call the "sick shit" I write
don't come to my blog and read it
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Glen Canning Resumes His Stalking of My Wife

Criminal stalker Glen Canning has resumed stalking my wife. Some how
he found out my wife's twitter account and decided to harass her. Now
why Mr. Canning would need to harass my wife is beyond me. This is the
same "man" who threatened me with "guys from CFB Edmonton." This is
the same "man" who calls folks in the UK who write a contrary opinion
a pedophile.

Glen Canning threatened my wife at work, e mailed me he was going to
post her work telephone number, and call her supervisor. He
impersonated me to make a Face Book account in my name and gain access
to the email Lori's family. That's harassment and violence upon a

Lori was frightened by Glen's behavior to her over the last year. Se
just wanted this violent man to leave her alone.

No wonder Rehteah killed herself!

Posted by Seren at 3:37 PM No comments:

Glen Canning, David Amos and Elliot Rodger

Glen Canning, David Amos, and Elliot Rodger, "birds of a feather," the
"three amigos of inter-net insanity. Now it seems our "friend" Glen
Canning when he isn't threatening my wife and supervisor at work is
once again claiming people in the UK are pedophiles. This is the same
"man" that was outraged when I suggested in my blog that fourteen year
old little girls, DO NOT abuse drugs alcohol, or engage in consensual
group sex in serial way...if they are NOT being abused at home. What

Glen Canning cried to the heavens on the Jake Pentland "puter Show...
my daughter was raped and I spoke out!" No Glen, NO RAPE, or what you
described as a "vicious gang rape" occurred. You do NOT have a
"confession" from "one of the four boys. You covering up your very bad
parenting with unsupported allegations, and making a living off the
death of your daughter.

So what's next for David Amos and Glen Canning? Both these unstable
folks exhibit all the red flags police and mental health officials
were looking from Elliot Rodger are illustrated by David Amos and his
"butt buddy" Glen Canning.

It is indeed quite clear Rehtaeh killed herself to get away from her "parents."
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The Gestapo Wannabe

There is an office tower complex in downtown Edmonton, called Commerce
Square. There is a Tim Horton's on the bottom floor, a food court on
the mezzanine floor, an annex on the ground floor and three office
towers. I used to patronize the Timmies on the main floor. Every
morning five days a week I bought a coffee and spent ten minutes to
drink it before moving on the two blocks to work. One morning about
two months ago, a very attractive young woman obviously still feeling
the effects of the previous evening's over indulgence, was sort of
nodding off at her table. There is "zero tolerance" for bums sleeping
in Timmies or any where in this downtown complex. One of Timmies
temporary guest foreign workers called Commerce Square's "security
force", but by the time the gestapo had arrived, the young woman had
woken up and was alert. This young woman was whilst dressed in sort of
bohemian fashion was extremely well and expensively dressed. Hardly a
bum by any stretch of the imagination.

Commerce Square's police constable wannabe, was less than observant,
and very rude to a young woman that could hardly be considered
vagrant. And ordered her to leave her coffee and pastry and leave
immediately. The young woman told the gestapo agent that she saw no
need to vacate the Timmies, and politely told him to fuck off.
Whereupon our stalwart defender of the "Queen's Peace" Grabbed her
arms and handcuffed her, and just for one final manifestation of his
"authority" he wrenched her arm high behind her back as to hurt and or
injure this young woman who was so brazen as to tell him to fuck off.
And then this pathetic young man proudly frog marched her off.
Whereupon he threw her into the street. I am quite sure this
despicable young man creamed his jeans during the process.

Today after work I cut through Commerce Square to get to Jasper
Avenue. A very large, drugged, drunk, loud and threatening, big buck
injin walked through the annex to the escalator leading to the
mezzanine floor and the food court. This drunk injin was a clear and
violent threat to shoppers and office workers. Whereupon our gestapo
wannabe from two months back smilingly approaches the violent and
drunk "proud native." Our stalwart defender of the "Queen's Peace" was
not rude to the drunk or drugged big buck injin. Our Gestapo wannabe
did not attempt to cuff this animal nor wrench his arm high behind his
back to torture him. But asked him to leave, and then this despicable
young man walked away without at least escorting him out. I did not
stay for the resultant furor.

I am quite sure our young police constable wannabe with his kevlar
gloves and ballistic body armour was less than happy with this
incident than he was about his encounter with the beautiful hung over
young woman two months ago.

If these animals get more than minimum wage, they are grossly
overpaid. I no longer patronize Timmies, I buy coffee at work.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014
D Day And The Fightin Canadians!
Seventy years ago today, The Canadian Army with our British Allies and
the dumb ass amerkans invaded France to begin the end of the Second
World War. That day both my Father and his Brother, my Uncle landed
with the rest of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa on Juno Beach.
There was a very longstanding custom in both the British and Canadian
Armies that a older Brother could "claim" a younger Brother and the
two would serve in the same Battalion. My Father lied about his age,
not an uncommon occurrence back then, and was claimed by my Uncle Del.
And that is how two Alberta boys from Longview ended up with the
Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa.

The Canadian Army has always been the quintessential Canadian mosaic.
Canadian boys mostly "joined up" with hometown regiments all across
this grand nation. The South Alberta Regiment, the Cameron Highlanders
of Ottawa, the New Brunswick North Shore Regiment, the Nova Scotia
Regiment, the Highland Light Infantry of Canada, better known as the
Black Watch the Anglo boys from Montreal, the Loyal Edmonton
Regiment... I can't go on because I would without a doubt miss a
Canadian hometown regiment that served. Every Canadian boy that went
to his hometown regimental office to "join up" with his friends,
Brothers, and neighbours was, and still is a hero. Every Canadian
regiment was and is a honoured reflection of the Canadian community it
came from.

One day before Operation Overlord, on June 5 Rome fell to Allied
Armies, and a very long bloody and drawn out Italian campaign
concluded. The Canadian Army's First Division had fought in Italy and
Sicily for over two years. Famous and distinguished Canadian
regiments, the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, the Royal
Canadian Regiment, the Hastings and Prince Edward County Regiment,
better known as the "Hasty Pees." Again I can not relate the entire
Order of Battle of the Canadian First Division in this post, but
sufficed to say they were all heroes.

On the sixth of June 1944 the Canadian Third Division under the
command of General RFI Keller landed on Juno Beach. The Royal
Canadian Artillery Regiment landed on Juno at 9:10 AM and at 9:18 AM
had guns firing on German positions. The Canadian Army kicked ass, and
despite heavy and determined German opposition made the largest Allied
advances of the first day of the invasion. 946 Canadian heroes died on
Juno Beach that first day.

This seventieth anniversary commemoration of the D Day landings is to
be the last. The Canadian government has seen to it the Canadian
veterans can attend the commemoration if they want to. The Prime
Minister Stephen Harper, Her Majesty Elizabeth II will be there as
will dumb ass amerkan President Barak Hussein Obama.

To all the fighting Canadians, dead or still with us...Thanks chaps,
thanks for everything.

Posted by Seren at 9:21 PM 1 comment:

Anonymous said...
I love when you write from the heart

June 6, 2014 at 5:34 AM

Thursday, June 5, 2014
"American Woman stay away from me. American woman woman you let me be....."

"American woman stay away from me , American woman you let me be..."
The very old Guess Who song reminds me of Bimbo Jenn, the co-host
resident pig of the dumb ass amerkan Jake Pentland Show. What kind of
pig woman or woman pig threatens a decent man with contacting his
employer to out him as "a misogynist with Mother issues," because she
doesn't like his views? Bimbo Jenn is not a thinking, woman but a
walking, talking, decrepit female sex organ who called herself on
Twitter, "sugar tits." She is indeed an amerkan woman.

Posted by Seren at 9:46 PM No comments:

At War With The Ugly Amerkans Of The Jake Pentland Show

I've been to amerka many times.I always think of amerka as, bright,
shining, and busy, but mostly fucked. The problem with amerka is,
amerkans! Jake Pentland, the Bimbo Jenn and what constitutes the
entire staff of 'puter talk show The Jake Pentland Show spent last
evening all "twitterpated" on Twitter about me and my "better half."
Jake Pentland scion of crazy Roseanne Barr, spent svereal hours
telling everyone how irrelevant I and the Mad Shangi are. I might
suggest, little Jake, the Bimbo Jenn and the "staff" of the Jake
Pentland show have far too much time on their hands.

When I think of Bimbo Jenn's and little Jake's threats to call Mad
Shangi's employer to inform him Pat is "a misogynist with Mother
issues." I am reminded of Doc Holliday. Doc and some others were in a
gunfight with some of the Clanton gang. And a comrade of the Doc
asked him why he was fighting? Doc asked the gun thug, "do you have
friends?" The gun thug replied, " I have lots of friends." "I don't,
but Wyatt is my friend." The Mad Shangi is my friend, Coupled with the
fact YOU are dumbass amerkan assholes picking on an honourable
Canadian causes me to look at the staff of Jake Pentland Show and
Bimbo Jenn's deputy dawg, as....scum. That is not as nearly civil or
sophisticated as I like to be, but there you have it!

"Sugar tits" what an interesting alias for Jenn the Bimbo. It is
indeed a shame that I at my age and poor health am more interested in
Sugar Crisp cereal than, sugar tits.

Posted by Seren at 4:13 PM No comments:

Don't go away Mad Glen Canning, just go away like Rehtaeh

For a year Glen Canning has tried to shut me up, make this blog go
away, because he doesn't like my opinion, views or thoughts about his
and his ex wife's significant contribution to his daughter, Rehtaeh's
suicide. Glen Canning in the last year called the Halifax police about
my humble blog, and they told him that I had not done, or was doing
anything illegal. Mr. Canning tried calling the Edmonton Police
Service, and called me a pedophile, they read the blog. they read
Glen's and my e correspondence betwixt each other, and did NOTHING.
One might think that if anyone took Glen's claims seriously, someone
would get a warrant and seize my computer to search it for
incriminating naked pictures of children or Rehtaeh Parson. But alas,
that didn't happen, because "friend" Glen has "cried wolf" several
times too often. No one in Halifax or Canada takes professional victim
Glen Canning seriously any longer, save some of the more zealot
members of the "women's rights lobby." And all I do, is write a blog.
All this fruitless exertion from an addled pathetic little man, who
does not like my blog, and wants to continue to make his living off
his daughter's suicide. So much for "by the sweat of your brow," huh

There is a "solution to the madness," don't read my blog little Glen!
I never have "tweeted you," sent pictures to you, sent blog posts to
you or even communicated with you, except in reply to your e mail...
sometimes. The "solution to the madness" is for you not to threaten me
with "guys from CFB Edmonton," or for you asking "Lori if she can
smell the fear on Face Book." Stop threatening and harassing Lori at
work. And stop threatening to post her work phone number for others to
call. Who do you think you are Glen...Elliot Rodger? Are you going to
get a gun and "thumb" your way to Edmonton and go all Elliot Rodger on

Glen Canning says! "The vicious gang rape by four boys of Rehtaeh
Parsons why she killed herself two years later." No, Rehteah Parsons
killed herself to escape the abuse, the dysfunctional Parsons /
Canning "family." One has to wonder if the most significant reason
Rehtaeh offed herself was to escape Glen and Leah, and the reputation
Rehtaeh built all by herself. And that is the great obscenity of all

Glen Canning, don't go away mad, just go away. I can write or opine
whatever I want.

Posted by Seren at 3:36 PM No comments:

Bimbo Jenn, hubby deputy dawg, and why I am a proud Canadian

The Jake Pentland Show is your quintessential dead common attempt be a
"talk show" on the 'puter. Mr. Pentland scion of penultimate ding dong
and piss poor national anthem singer Roseanne Barr "hosts" an ersatz
talk show, that's "listenership" and or page views are significant
less than the number of people that read my blog, or frequent Mad
Shangi's blogs and You Tube Channels. Alas our amerkan "friend" claims
we are, "so irrelevant."

Mr. Pentland and his "co-host" Bimbo Jenn Lew's childish, small minded
censorship and quintessentially amerkan behavior makes me so glad I am
a Canadian, and we quite frankly are better than that sort of thing,
or them. Jenn the Bimbo AKA "Sugar tits," claims to be married to an
amerkan law enforcement official. What a wonderful blog post..."Sugar
tits and deputy dawg, is what is wrong with amerka!"

Jenn Lew tweeted that she ought to contact the employer of Mad Shangi
because she doesn't like his opinions. That she ought contact his
employer because SHE SAYS, Shangi is a "misogynist with Mother
issues!" So just who the fuck does Bimbo Jenn dumbass wife of deputy
dawg, and Jake Pentland think they are?

A year ago professional victim Glen Canning wrote on his blog
asserting that I ought be fired from my job. That I had "crossed a
line," that I was bullying him by writing my opinions in my blog. Now
of course no one actually reads Glen Canning's blog. Despite his
boastful claims otherwise, there is no media presence on or in his
blog. He has caused me and my wife merely mild annoyance. The "bully
pulpit" Glen Canning claims is more a soapbox. I still write what I
want, as does the Mad Shangi. That begs an interesting comparison
betwixt our amerkan cousins, "Bimbo, deputy dawg, Jake and
professional victim Glen Canning and mainstream Canadian society.
Alas, you can tell a Yank, but not much.

Should our amerkan "friend" Bimbo Jenn take umbrage at the references
to deputy dawg the ersatz cop, I ought remind her she and her little
twitter friends did that about my wife all night, last night. Must be
a dead common amerkan thing.

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Pee Pee Politics or "Urinalphobic"

Have you heard the expression, the tail wagging the dog?" There might
be two or three percent of "people" who like to call themselves
"gender creative," or " transgender people" out there on this planet.
And it appears this statistical anomaly or minuscule constituency of
nature's freaks, at least here in Canada are concerned about their
"human right" to pee in a "safe, welcoming, non-threatening, nurturing
environment. These so called "transgender rights advocates" are at war
with the urinal, segregated public conveniences. These "people" also
claim to be distressed and offended by the ubiquitous "stick figures"
denoting men's rooms and women's rooms, or as one transgender freak
was wont to whine..."neither is me, but I still got to pee." Then pee
my dear child, real men have no problem peeing on the toilet seat, and
eliciting outrage.

One anonymous trans-gender anomaly cried out! "Toilets are a symbol of
inclusion(and I thought they were only pissoirs) or exclusion. Do you
provide for people, or not? So called trans "people" are not 2 % of
the population on the planet why build pissers for just them? These
"people' seem frightened or phobic of the urinal. So use the damn
stall. Who cares if this statistical anomaly feels excluded by the
signs demoting Men's Rooms and Ladies Room's?

Women's groups favour segregated washrooms from a safety point of
view. Men in a Ladies Room is more conspicuous, less opportunity for
violence in the pisser. At the local Safeway store women and men use
both segregated washrooms because they are so busy. Women are
constantly shrieking and crying because men that use the Ladies Rooms
piss all over the toilet seat. It reminds me of the old like
Dad not like sis, lift the lid when you take a piss.

Trans "people"are an anomaly, let them use a stall and stop whining.
Imagine that urinalphobic! You "gotta love it!

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The Irrelevant And Not Too Bright Jake Pentland And Glen Canning

There is a blog, this blog. This blog and blogger over a year ago
posited or opined, Rehteah Parsons was the victim of parents that
were criminally culpable for permitting a fourteen year old little
girl abuse alcohol, drugs, attend parties that both these things were
available. What Leah Parsons called that "fateful party" was a not
that fourteen year old little girl's first rodeo, or party. There were
a large number of pictures in cyber-space of Rehteah at other parties
drinking, and using drugs at previous parties.

If Nova Scotia child welfare authorities knew then what they and the
entire world knows now, Rehtaeh Parsons would have been removed from
her "parents" Glen Canning and Leah Parsons. I have opined that, on
this blog for well over a year, much to the chagrin, vexation and
outrage of Glen Canning. And notwithstanding Glen Canning's "chagrin,
vexation, and outrage," I have the absolute right to opine that on a

Over a year ago on this blog, this blogger opined: That it is not
normal for a fourteen year old little girl to abuse drugs, alcohol,
and be promiscuous at that tender age. That child psychologists
suggest and current thinking is that is usually indicative of some
sort of problem and or abuse at home. I have opined that here on this
blog for well over a year. And notwithstanding the chagrin, vexation
and ersatz outrage of Glen Canning and Leah Parsons: I have the
absolute right to opine that on a blog.

Over a year ago this blogger, on this blog I opined that Rehtaeh
Parsons wasn't by any stretch of the imagination, "viciously gang
raped by four boys." A view not exclusive to this blogger and blog. I
am by no means the only person to posit that Rehtaeh consensually, and
joyfully had sex with multiple partners at "that fateful party," that
indeed, it wasn't the first time. And not withstanding the chagrin,
vexation, and outrage of Glen Canning and a few sycophants: I have the
absolute right to write that on a blog.

Over a year ago this blogger started to write and posit that Rehtaeh
Parsons took a full two years to progress herself to suicide, and her
"parents" indifference was a significant reason, why? For two years
Rehtaeh was truant from school, and her "loving parents," didn't know,
and or didn't care. After Rehtaeh's death her "loving parents" tried
to blame the Halifax school board for not lending Rehtaeh the
assistance she sorely needed. The Halifax School Board told Rehteah's
"loving parents" Glen Canning and Leah Parsons, that indeed there were
several programmes appropriate to assist Rehtaeh Parsons, but alas she
wasn't attending school, and the school board wasn't approached for
assistance by Rehtaeh Parsons "loving parents." Rehtaeh Parsons is not
dead due to Mr. Canning's self serving claims of a "vicious gang
rape," but rather because of the very dysfunctional family theirs was.
It took a full two years for Rehtaeh Parsons to progress herself to
suicide, and Mom and Dad did nothing. In fact, one could surmise
Rehteah killed herself to get away from "Mom, and Dad." And
notwithstanding Glen Canning and Jake Pentland's: Chagrin, vexation
and moral outrage, this blogger has the absolute right to say that in
a blog!

Notwithstanding Glen Canning assuming the theatric role of victimized
Father, he has not the right to e mail myself and others threats of
physical violence because he is offended by our opinions. No Glen it
is not legal to e mail me and tell me you have "guys from CFB Edmonton
looking for me." No Glen, it is not legal to impersonate myself to
fraudulently gain a Face Book account in my name, and then harass and
threaten Lori, and her family, because you do not like my blog. No
Glen, it is NOT legal to e mail me that you are going to harass my
wife at work, call repeatedly, call her supervisor at work repeatedly
and harass him...and then do so. Don't go way mad Glen, just go away
before the police arrest you.

Mr. Canning's Face Book fraud and impersonation, coupled with his
threatening phone calls are a violent act perpetrated against Lori
specifically and women generally. Mr. Canning has long past become the
sort of cyber-bully he claims hounded his daughter. Nor am Lori and I
the first or only people he impersonates, threatens, harasses and
engages in criminal behavior towards. Patrick Doran and Phillip Rose
are just two of the other people he has committed crimes against. And
no amount of prevarication, vexation, chagrin and or indignant outrage
from Glen Canning, Bimbo Jenn, and the staff of the Jake Pentland show
can negate the right we have to express our opinions.

Bimbo Jenn Lew of the irrelevant Jake Pentland computer "show" tweeted
Patrick Doran threatening to contact his employer to inform him of
"Patrick's " so called "misogyny" and "Mother issues." There is not
very much difference betwixt the aberrant behavior of Glen Canning,
Bimbo Jenn, and Jake Pentland. Mr. Pentland is loathe to admit that
over the years Patrick Doran's Blogs and You Tube Channel and my blog
have considerably more page views than his own. It appears that Shangi
and myself aren't nearly as "irrelevant" as Jake Pentland and Bimbo
Jenn wished we were.

I have the absolute legal and moral right to write whatever I want in
my blog. Everyone in Canada has the absolute legal, moral and Canadian
Charter of Right's And Freedom's rights to freedom of expression,
notwithstanding Mr. Canning's shrill bleatings and threats otherwise.

If you chattering classes don't like my humble blog, you don't have to
read it. That means you Glen Canning. You have no right to shut
anyone up, and you can NOT shut me up! Why don't you threaten Lori at
work again? You little pissant.

Posted by Seren at 3:50 AM No comments:

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Jake Pentland, Bimbo Jenn and the Chattering Classes

It is amusing to watch Jake Pentland, Bimbo Jenn and the chattering
classes wail, gnash their teeth and wax vitriolic about, the man with
a more read blog than them. It appears that entire staff of the Jake
Pentland show is vexed and sorely outraged about this humble blog. I
am so "proud."

My dear, silly Mr. Pentland, my blog has more hits than yours. It
would appear I am more relevant than the likes of you.

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Liars, Damned Liars, And Glen Canning And Jake And Little Jenn

About a year ago in a fit pique Mr. Cannig emailed me for the first
time. He told me that his small blog was extremely media heavy" and he
"had already outted me." He further ranted that I would be destroyed
by the national media and anonymous for my "libel" upon little
Rehteah. Immediately thereafter little Glen posted my e mail address.
The only person that used my home e mail address was Glen himself. I
never received a single outraged rant, query for information from the
media,and or response to my so called "sick representations about the
victims Leah or Glen.

The truth is. My blog. This blog. This humble blog has had more page
views and hits over the years than both Glen Canning's and Jake
Pentlands'. No one has been able to shut me or this blog up, because
I enjoy the same freedom of expression you do. Notwithstanding Glen
Canning's anguished tears and crying about my blog being "sick" and
"libelous" I would remind the punk of two indisputable facts. Rehtaeh
is not only dead, you contributed to her tragedy. And, it is a legal
impossibility to libel...the dead.

The truth is a complete defense Glen!

Little Jake and the bimbo, mute and censor their guests on their less
than well known pod cast. They wouldn't recognize the "truth" if it
bit them in the ass.
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Bimbo Jenn, co-host of the Jake Pentland show, is the same sort of
garden variety miscreant Glen Canning is. Little Jenn the bimbo
threatened Patrick Doran with contacting his "employer" inform on
Patrick's "misogynist tendencies," and his "Mother issues." Jenn will
make a fine Mother in Law one day.

Glen Canning has already impersonated me on the web to make fraudulent
Face Book account in my name and harass Lori and her extended family.
Mr. Canning in a fit of pique over a post I wrote harassed Lori at
work. At the same time Mr. Canning emailed me to say he called my
bitch at work. That she didn't like it, and he not only was going call
again, but call her boss as well.

You do that Glen.

But alas little Jenn Lew is and Jake Pentland are obviously the same
sort of animals.....Quick Jake you hit that mute button! This is the
great problem with the United States of Amerka....too many dumb ass

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Jake Pentland and Glen Canning

South of the border in the United States of White Amerka is just one
of the proliferation of computer "radio" pod-cast "shows," called the
Jake Pentland Show. Mr. Pentland while having a perfectly melodic
radio voice, doesn't have much of anything else, including
intellectual wherewithal. Jake Pentland is also cursed with being the
son of the penultimate stupid woman, Rosanne Barr. Jake Pentland, and
his co-host / girlfriend Jenn attempt to air a public affairs / call
in talk show each Saturday afternoon. Mr. Pentland like many of his
ilk producing "pod casts" is less concerned with getting at the
"truth", and more interested with enjoying both a captive audience,
and the joys of abusing the "mute button" to run roughshod over guest
and caller alike.

Unlike a journalist, or even halfway intelligent person attempting to
produce a real "talk show," Mr. Pentland and twitter troll, and bimbo
Jenn do NO research or preparation or fact seeking about their "broad
band" guests" before airing their nonsense once a week. What can one
say, they are "amerkans." His "show" leads one to wonder if Rosanne
Barr give him really fun drugs as a small child, or dropped him on his
head as an infant.

Some time ago, Canada's most criminally culpable "bad Dad" Glen
Canning was a guest on Mr. Pentland's "show." Where Mr. Canning
trumpeted to the six people listening to the show and the
"cyber-planet," that he and his drug abusing ex wife Leah Parsons
were, and continue to be "victims" of their daughter's ersatz "vicious
gang rape", and their daughter's suicide two years later. "Pease keep
those cheques and cash coming in." These two are Canada's own Jim
Bakker and Tammy Faye Bakker.

At the same time Mr. Pentland's paramour and ersatz co-host had been
sending threatening tweets to Patrick Doran threatening to "expose
Patrick to his employer as a misogynist, and his "Mother issues." That
is indeed interesting. Both Jake Pentland and the bimbo Jenn support
and laud the behavior f Glen Canning, who also sends threatening
tweets, emails, telephone threats, and uses anonymous to abuse and
harass any and all critics. Or as Jake Pentland said to Paul
Elam..."boo fucken hoo."

I support and defend Mr. Pentland and the bimbo Jenn's right to free
speech and stupidity to the death. But that certainly doesn't change
the fact these two intellectually deficient amerkans must both be the
products of incestuous intercourse .

Oh yes, Rehtaeh Parsons was indeed the prototypical "good time girl at
fourteen. Rape in a pig's eye!
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Monday, June 2, 2014
Rehtaeh Parsons Was Not A Victim Of Rape, Rhetaeh Parsons Was a Slut

Rehtaeh Parsons was not the "victim of a vicious gang rape." Witness
statements claim she took the boys dicks out of their pants," and
happily fucked their brains out, together. Face it Glen, Rehteah was a
highly promiscuous fourteen year old slut! You can cry rape all you
want, but the police, and Rehtaeh's school and classmates knew
precisely what she was, and let her know it.

It is a good thing Rehtaeh is dead, dead dead. She was a welfare
recipient and two bit hooker in the making, Glen and Leah did such a
"fine job" of parenting! I am so grateful for Rehtaeh's suicide as it
is, or was, an example of "creative deficit reduction." Canadian
society hasn't lost a thing, another dead welfare parasite.

So Glen, are you going to phone my wife again? Are you going to call
her boss? You have already called Nova Scotia law enforcement, and
they told you there is NOTHING I can be charged with. Writing in my
blog is NOT harassing you or libeling little Rehtaeh. Little Rehtaeh
is dead, dead, dead, and you can't libel the dead. I have the absolute
right to write whatever I want here. If you don't like it, don't visit
this site and read my blog.

What are you going to do Glen, say I made a bogus death threat against
you, frame me, impersonate me? You pathetic excuse of a man! Rehtaeh
was a twat and so are you!

Really fun twitter insults, little man!

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The Feministas and Edmonton's Slut Walk Was A Pathetic Joke

The "women's movement" nowadays is a joke. Most its leaders are
shrill, incoherent women with the intellect of a gnat. Specifically
here in Edmonton women "activists," can't hold a candle to their fore
bearers who actually accomplished great and tremendous things for
women. Here in Edmonton, and Alberta where Nellie McClung, Emily
Murphy, Irene Parlby, Henrietta Muir Edwards and Louise McKinney
brought women a very great way out of the dark ages.

Modern Feministas in my short 60 years, gained accessible divorce,
equal access to education, access to contraception and abortion. These
women were listened to, because they had something important to say.
Todays women's lobby aren't saying anything important at all, nor has
the combined intellect of a gnat.

Last Saturday's Edmonton Slut Walk was or is a clear illustration of
that. Here in Edmonton home of the "Famous Five" women's right
pioneers, hundreds marched in the cause of what? The destruction of a
"culture of rape" in Canadian society that doesn't exist? The keynote
speaker Junetta Jameson mused about a return to the days in Aboriginal
Africa, where she and no one else claims, that if men "lost their
damned mind," tribal members would either "shun them or kill them"
lest they pollute the tribal gene pool.
In a city that produced real women heroines, the best you bimbos can
do is suggest we just kill anyone you may think is a rapist?

Today's "feministas" have resorted to lies and abject propaganda
because they have no coherent agenda. Yesallwomen is an example of
fraud. Elliot Rodger killed two women and four men. His insane
manifesto did not promulgate hate against women, but women who
wouldn't fuck him, and all the men on the planet that were getting
laid, when he never did. These stupid bimbos of yesallwomen even
prevaricated and made up the idea that Elliot Rodger was an MNA. They
lied. The feminists that had gained so much years ago, never lied,
never disseminated hatred, and or propaganda to make a point or
promote an issue. You bimbos do that these days because none of you
are that bright.

Forty one percent of women that cry rape, are lying, studies show. The
suggestion that jurisprudence be eliminated and accused rapists be
killed and or shunned to preserve "gene pool" by women's "activist"
Junetta Jameson is pathetically stupid. My guess is the "famous five"
are rolling over in their graves.
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Glen Canning"s Escalation To Violence, Lke Marc Lepine

Glen Canning and Leah Parsons have long been what they accused the
kids of Rehtaeh's school of being...cyber-bullies! But now I and
others fear Glen Canning has escalated from cyber-bullying, to falsely
accusing people of death threats towards him, to uttering violent
threats (I have guys from CFB Edmonton looking for you)to calling an
innocent wife at work to threaten her.

What we see here are those same "red flags" police and mental health
professionals missed with Elliot Rodger. Mr. Canning has last night
taken to harassing and complaining about a You Tube Video detailing
Glen Canning's cyber-bullying of more than a few people, Glen
Canning's impersonation of people, and threats upon women at their
place of employment.

Glen Canning is just one level removed now from Marc Lepine Its just
a matter of time.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014
Hey Davey Baby, where are they?

Hey Davey Baby, Yo asshole! Where's SEAL TEAM SIX? Where's the RCMP,
or the RCMP Civilian Complaints Commission, The Calgary police and
your "butt buddy" Rod Knecht and the Edmonton Police Service? Where
your imaginary brother and his son? When are they coming to "kick our
nasty arses?" Yo, asshole, when are you going to learn to actually
write and spell . What is it you like to say to me and scores of
others, "C'yall in court?" Are you once again going to "double dawg
dare" me? Say hi "to the White House, " and your "butt buddy Stevie
Boy in Ottawa.
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Edmonton Slut Walk 2014 and Not Too Bright Feministas

Yesterday reportedly "hundreds" of Edmonton women marched to protest
rape, and trumpet feminist propaganda that there is a "culture of
rape" in Canada. This is, in and of itself admirable. These women are
more than quite right when they say." Rape has nothing to do with
what you're wearing..." I could not agree more. In fact mental health
professionals, cops, and even bimbos will tell you "rape has nothing
to do with sex, its all about power and violence."

There, at that point in the diatribe, feministas lose all connection
with reality. Keynote speaker Junetta Jamison told the assembled women
that, "sexual violence is tied to historical colonial oppression and
called for a return to African and Aboriginal egalitarian societal
model." Really my dear child! What Aboriginal egalitarian societal
models are those? Like in Nigeria, Central African Republic, or like
in Rwanda, or Zimbabwe? My dear lady, what drugs are you indulging in?
Can I have some?

Junetta Jamison went on to prevaricate to "the multitudes" that in
Africa, she doesn't say where, "that if a male lost his damn mind and
went out of control he was either shunned or killed before his genes
could contaminate the tribe ." Well that's common thinking within the
women's activist" community. Why not forget the rule of law, just
because a bimbo cries rape. Scholarly research shows, that 41 % of
women who bleat rape are lying.

Slut Walk organizer Danielle Paradis said." Rape and violence, all
violence disproportionately affect women of colour, transgender
people, and aboriginal women." Are there that many "transgender
people" to make a statistical difference? Well that's a perfect reason
to suspend or eliminate men's Canadian Charter Rights, Constitutional
Rights, Human Rights and the moral imperative to due process.

This poor excuse for the "intelligentsia class" of the "woman's
constituency" has never been able to "hold a candle" to their male
counterparts. The same parents that these bimbos claim are "raising
rapists" are also raising little girls, "that girl." and feminists. t
is all very well and good, and maybe perhaps a little bit admirable to
carry a placard saying, "shame rapists not victims. "But lets make
sure we actually convict a legitimate criminal rapist. And not some
soft target for an addled bimbo to lie about.

Sheri Devries says. "No one is entitled to any body's body. The
intellectually challenged young woman is quite right in this case. No
one is entitled to commit a crime or violate anyone else. Rape is not
a sexual act, it is a criminal act, Whether it is perpetrated against
a woman, boy, or man. And everyone, everyone notwithstanding gender,
colour, nor lack of intellectual presumed inncocent
beyond a reasonable doubt. Any titties for tat, he said, she said,
without corroborating evidence is REASONABLE DOUBT. Frankly, I think
Canada would be well served if we removed feministas genes from the
gene pool like Junetta Jamison suggests happened in "egalitarian"
Africa. The women's constituency says, "don't raise a rapist."
Intelligent men say, "don't raise an intellectually deficent
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Amerkan Welfare Bitch Sael Palani Says!

Our favourite welfare parasite and amerkan gold digger Sael Palani
says! "Some people just don't fucken know when to quit!" In one of her
videos she claims that men ask her for advice. I imagine one thing no
one asks her, is how to find a job! Little ersatz Jew Joy of Torah is
railing against the MNA's, TFL movement. Men's Rights movement or any
male she can't get a free plate of pasta from.

Obviously little Joy of Torah has not been eating kosher. And doesn't
know when to quit. "Please sir a blow job for some Alfredo, and I
won't scream rape. Well probably not!"

How's the free health care baby!
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Amerkan welfare bitch Sael Palani and the evil MGTOWs

Sael Palani has her knickers in a knot! Sael Palani amerkan welfare
parasite living an Vancouver is outraged with MGTOWs or men going
their own way. Throughout history there has always been a small
percentage of men who were and are bachelors. Mostly because these men
just want nothing to do with stupid women, or deal with their needs.
Men do, or most men do think with the head betwixt their legs than the
head upon their shoulders . But every man ought think about at least
once, is that in any relationship with an uneducated and unread bimbo
there is, in a lifetime or even a week, there is more verbal
intercourse than sexual intercourse. You need ask your self, is a
bimbo worth it. Many men now, like Nancy Reagan say...."Just say no!"

Our welfare bum little Sael Palani seems outraged that now there are
fewer men for her to sexually tease, to get herself a free Italian
dinner. This cock tease may show you a little cleavage for the pasta,
but trust me, it ain't worth it. Sael Palani loves the welfare and
universal health care but on her blog posts..."Canada sucks! Little
bimbo Taeva Fae says... "I agree Diana your art sucks just like
Canada." Little "Joy of Torah" will suck you off for a good Carbonara.

It is a delicious irony that a long time ago a forgotten feminist
said. "A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle." Now
feminists still looking for free meal for an ersatz promise of sex are
outraged that MGTOWs are saying the same thing. It indeed makes things
difficult nowadays for a Fem- Nazi on welfare.

So now our little "friend" Sael Palani postulates on You Tube that men
that have had enough of some woman being "bitches and gold diggers,"
and folks like Paul Elam, need to "to get therapy now." Little Joy of
Torah cries to the heavens and Hashem that "MNAs are terrorists" and
"ought be categorized as such." All this because little Diana
Alexandra can't rise to purchase of her own Veal Scalopini.

Patrick Doran and the rest of the MNAs ask, how's the "fibromyagia"
doing baby, after all WE are paying for YOUR treatment, and fucked up
little life? Diana Alexandra, aren't you the very definition of a gold
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Sael Palani nee Diana Alexandra de Natalie an Amerkan Parasite In Canada

Sael Palani, "Joy of Torah, " the former amerkan bimbo known as Diana
Alexandra de Natalie from Boston is hardly a woman. But merely a
walking, talking decrepit, and diseased female sex organ. An amerkan
walking, talking, decrepit, and diseased female sex organ. While this
amerkan affliction and infection happily whines, prevaricates,
blusters, insults and belittles Canadian men of every stripe because
she can, enjoys it and because Canadian men subsidize, her little life
in Vancouver. This womanly "ugly amerkan" fighting the "manosphere,"
owes her existence, universal healthcare even the drugs and treatment
for her self-described fibromyalgia to the hard work and tax dollars
of Canadian men. Sael Palani is a welfare bitch!

Whilst our demented, lazy, and "dead common"
little lady, is a patently dishonest and irrational hater of men,
decries a "rape culture" that doesn't exist here in Canada, she
doesn't have the decency to "live off the sweat of her own brow," or
"earn her daily bread." This "ugly amerkan" came here from Boston to
avail herself of the Canadian social safety net, and universal health
care, and tell Canadian women she's here to save them from the
"manosphere." Yes indeed, a very sweet gig if you can get it.

But what would Sael Palani a walking, talking, diseased female sex
organ know about Canada, Canadians, Canadian culture, the "manosphere
and the hard working Canadian men who without trepidation don the
cloak of a Men's Rights Activist? Our little "social assistance
recipient" Sael Palani spends her days not unlike David Amos,
pounding, and drooling on her computer keyboard telling the world how
important she is to "the cause," whatever that is. In a recent You
Tube video posting she proudly declared how she was so tired from her
exertions in the never ending battle against the" manosphere and
MNAs," that she was going to take a few days off to do origami which
she loves, and will send you a few sheets of origami paper, for 13.99
tax and shipping included. Hey baby, how about you and David Amos both
get real jobs, and off welfare? Or better still..."Yankee pig go

There will be more posts about our "ugly amerkan feminista" and the
"de-evolution" of the women's movement in subsequent posts. But in the
mean time Sael baby, go to the hair dresser, shave your legs, and get
a job!

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Saturday, May 31, 2014
David Amos' "Brother and Son" Are Very Late

David Amos promised Patrick Doran and myself about a week ago on Mad
Shangi's You Tube Channel (the comments are still there) that his
Brother his Son were going to "look us up" and kick our asses. We're
still waiting. In those same comments he tells us he has sent e mails
to report us to the police, again. And once again the police has
ignored him as the insane animal he is.

David Amos has reported Patrick Doran to the Calgary police and RCMP
Detachment. He has over seven years reported me and my blog to the
RCMP J and K Divisions, The RCMP Civilian Complaints Division. CFB
Gagetown Military Police, and the Commanding Officer of the Garrison.
David has told the Commanding Officer of CFB Gagetown that he was
going to sue him. David Amos has complained to the Edmonton Police
Service to no result. David Amos telephoned CFB Edmonton's Military
Police O/C to whine about this blog. Amos called Lt. Col. Errington
CO 3 PPCLI to complain about me to him and promised him that he would
"c him in court." David has complained about me to Premier Redford,
Premier Alward of New Brunswick, and to David's self described "butt
buddy" Stevie Boy Harper.

After seven years of this insane, unproductive, and self destructive one, repeat no one ever approached me about this blog.
And Patrick and myself are still waiting for Amos' dumbass Brother.

No one reads David Amos' blog, so he resorts to mass e mailings of
whining complaints about me and this blog. But alas David no one, ever
listened to you, nor ever will.

Here endeth the lesson David
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Whats the Difference?

Today a very drunk, dirty, shit stained and smelly "proud aboriginal"
asked me "for a few bucks for drink," on Jasper Avenue. Two weeks ago
the Assembly of First Nations rejected the federal government's "First
Nations education accountability Act. "Big Chief" and big thief
"chief" Ghislain Picard says the AFN don't want any accountability,
reporting, or educational reforms but "give us the money," anyway so
we can do what we always have done....steal it.

So what is the difference betwixt the drunk,shit stained drunk injin
on Jasper Avenue asking for money for a drink: And the full of shit
big thief big chiefs looking to get their hands on 1.9 billion of your
dollars with no accountability?

Nothing at all.
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Saturday, May 31, 2014
Earth To Slut Walkers and Feministas

Last winter a hard working woman university student and part time
server on Whyte Avenue was done work at 3 AM. She navigated her way
home through a series of back alley ways to enter her apartment
building through a side entrance. I would tell the young lady that
"she's a better man than me Gunga Din," for being so fearless. But of
course the law of averages being what it is, she was assaulted. I
wouldn't walk down those alleys there without a Browning 9 mm High
Power in my hand, one in chamber, and the safety off. An Edmonton City
Police Detective publicly said as much, reiterating the necessity of
not making yourself a soft target regardless of gender . He was
vilified by the intellectually challenged of the "women's lobby," for
basically observing a "law of nature," to wit: The strong or well
armed will always prey upon the weak.

It is Slut Walk time in Edmonton. This "parade of sluts" "Marching To
Preatoria," ( another song reference what can I say) will be exhorting
parents everywhere not to sire or "raise a rapist," but a feminist!
These hypocrites will march shouting at every Tom, Dick, and Harry,
"not to rape." Whilst throwing rocks, and bottles at men gathered
there to tell women, "not to throw their babies into dumpsters, or be
"that girl. This will be "first class entertainment" leading into next
week's so called Pride Week. Where all the fags and queers will don
there queer finery, and be "loud and proud" as to convince themselves
they are actually normal, and not either a statistical anomaly, or a 3
% to 6 % miniscule demographic.

These not too bright, over loud bimbos are not the feminists their
"Mothers" and "Grandmothers" were. In my sixty years, women gained
universal and equal access to post secondary education and all
disciplines of study. Women have gained access to contraception,
abortion, and medical science has recognized the vast biological and
medical differences betwixt men and women. Women doctors are treating
women. Women have in the last 30 years or so gained access to readily
available divorce. All these gains are due to that first two
generations of feminists. I remember well in the "eighties" and Reagan
years feminists mobilizing to pass the ERA, Equal Rights Amendment,
and just failing.

Now they want the inalienable right to be cock teases to further their
new feminista agenda of the demonization of men That's because this
generation of women have equality. Thanks to the heavy lifting of
previous generations of feminists. This generation of bimbos are
complaining about "the hypersexualization of pop culture." And they
wonder why no one is listening.

Today while the "sluts are marching. A full 41 % of so called women
who claim to be assaulted by men will be found to be lying. Men in
jail will be exculpated of fraudulent rape charges by new DNA
technology. And Rehtaeh Parsons will still be dead as a mackerel.
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To Glen Canning,David Amos,The Dim Witted Sael Palani And the Rest Of
The Chattering Classes

If you don't like this blog, are offended by this blog, and or the
views expressed in this blog. or even myself personally, do NOT read
this blog. Don't visit this blog. "Just head out the back Jack, no
need to be coy Roy, just set yourself free." Don't go away mad, just
go away. Really folks! Don't harass my wife at work, don't send
threatening email, because you can't cyber-bully me. I have every
right to post whatever I want on this blog, and notwithstanding David
Amos' amusingly pathetic efforts, and Glen Canning and Leah Parsons
criminal behavior I have done so, and I have no plans to stop. I
reiterate, if you don't like what I post here, just don't come here,
to read my postings and get your collective panties in a knot.

Glen Canning has placed himself on the feminist chattering classes'
bandwagon so concerned about the imaginary so called "one in four
women" in North Amerka that are "assaulted by men," merely to make a
buck. Rehteah is dead as a mackerel, and he and the feministas are
still "flogging that dead horse." This is indicative of the campaign
of violence, intimidation and harassment that the feministas, their
Quistling shills and the likes of the dim witted Sael Palani are
waging against a group of men.

The men's group A Voice For Men are having a convention at the Detroit
Double Tree Hotel this week. There have been threats of terrorism and
violence by women's groups against this group of men. My goodness,
sounds a lot like our little "friend" Glen Canning! Then there is our
little "feminist" parasite Sael Palani (Joy of Torah) Our amerkan
"friend" has been here in Canada for no other reason to avail her
feminist ass of Canada's social safety net and universal health care.
This male fervently hopes she, and amerkan animals like her would
simply go back home to amerka, and save amerkan bimbos from

David Amos has literally whined to scores of Canadian law enforcement
agencies for ten years about this blog. To absolutely no avail or even
sympathy from anyone. Then again that might be just because everyone
knows David Amos to be an asshole.

The Halifax Police have already told the effete Glen Canning that
there is NO legal recourse for Canada's best known bad Dad to shut me
and others up.

So children, if you don't like my humble blog don't read it! So with
felicitations and good wishes ...Fuck you all and the horses you rode
in on. (what can I say I am an Albertan.) You are all sheep, and here
in Alberta..."the Lord said unto the Shepherd, fuck off this is cattle

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Friday, May 30, 2014
For the Dim Witted Sael Palani

My dear not too bright child, yesterday Nova Scotia Judge James
Chipman rejected the claim of wrongly accused and convicted of
statutory rape Gerry Gaston Barton was a victim of a shoddy or
improper investigation.

As Judge Chipman said in his decision...""Cpl Hamilton's investigation
did not cause M. Barton to be convicted of statutory rape. His
conviction was caused by a 14 year old complainant making a false
statement to police and lying under oath.

Scholarly investigations into this, show up to 41 % of the bimbos
crying rape are lying. I think we all can remember another 14 year old
Nova Scotia liar, can't we?

Here endeth lesson lassie!
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Dim Witted Sael Palani And False Rape Statistics
A rather dim witted thing, named Sael Palani with nothing to
contribute attempted to join a Q / A about Rehtaeh Parsons. She said
that the "MNA were scums, really!" That "denying Rehtaeh Parsons was
raped, is rape culture." That begs two questions. One: Where do these
uneducated and poorly spoken bimbos come from? And, how many liars
like Rehtaeh Parsons are out there crying rape?

An article from Fox News is just another "nail in the coffin" of the
feminist propaganda, "that only two percent of rape claims by women
are false." Legal Scholar Michelle Anderson of Villanova University
Law School published this. " There has been no study has ever been
published which sets forth an evidentiary basis for the two percent
false rape claim."

In short there is NO evidence anywhere to support Feministas' claim
that only two percent of rape claims are false.

41 % of rape claims are fraudulent! This claim comes from Dr. Eugene
Kanin of Purdue University. Kanin examined 109 rape cases filed in a
mid-western amerkan city for the years 1978 through 1987. Of these
cases 45 of them were later classified by police as false. Also using
police records Dr. Kanin found determined that 50 % of the rapes
reported at two mid-western university campuses were fraudulent. This,
as the Fox reporter opined is solid scholarly research... rejected by
the Feminists.

Our dim witted, uneducated "friend" Sael Palani claims that anyone,
police, Crown Prosecutors the accused, or accused families or just
social observers who questions or doubts, or even rejects a false
claim of rape from a part of a "rape culture. The facts
are meaningless to folks like Glen Canning, the dim witted Sael Palani
, and the Feministas who care more about their agenda of demonizing
men, than the truth about rape.

"Rape culture" what "rape culture!"
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Thursday, May 29, 2014
Glen Canning and the Feministas, On the Turnip Truck Together

There is an appalling lack of intelligence or academic rigor from the
feminists, and their Quistlings in regard to the incoherent, shrill,
unintelligible din they are raising about a nonexistent culture of
rape in North America. They all seemingly shout and screech
absurdities whilst drooling uncontrollably at so called "rape
apologists." Which is defined as anyone they take issue with, or
isn't seated with them onboard the turnip truck.

Slut Walk Edmonton Director and head Bimbo, Devonne Kendryk says! "
unified consensus by both men and women of what constitutes rape is
necessary." There exists now a "unified consensus of men and women of
what constitutes rape." Not only of what constitutes rape specifically
but what constitutes a crime generally, for men and women alike. Its
called the Criminal Code of Canada. Rape, and or sexual assault are
clearly and more than adequately defined. No cogent, valid or
intelligent argument, or suggestions to how the C C of C ought be
amended re rape or sexual assault has yet to be made by the "women's
lobby," Fem-Nazis and or any or all Provincial Law Societies.

Cristina Stasia a "professor" of so called "gender studies" at the
University of Alberta (academe is not what it used to be, it seems)
says! "Rape culture is often manifested by the hypersexualization of
all forms of media. Rape culture is normalized and encouraged at every
level of our culture." I am quite sure the argument in any criminal
court in North America, by an accused of rape, "after a good rape as
described in the beer commercial, it was Miller Time," will not hold
any water. Pop culture and its sometimes anti-social ideas have never
been an excuse for criminal behavior, and its not now. Some Negro in
some urban cesspool in amerka "telling it like it is" (tongue firmly
in cheek) does NOT equate to a culture of rape in Canadian society.

Ersatz member of the intelligentsia Cristina Stasia, blubbers and
cries crocodile tears, how: "Its heartbreaking, but is infuriating,
because its a hate crime--but we don't treat it that way. We don't see
sexual assault and violence against women as a hate crime." The bimbo
is right! We don't see sexual assault and violence against women as a
hate crime, because it isn't! Men are raped. Boys are raped. Men are
violently assaulted, shot and robbed by criminals just as "hate
filled" as those that rape women, and assault women. In the final
analysis, any violent crime is a "hate crime," so what's the

The difference is, so called academics like Cristina Stasia and the
feminist lobby have a political agenda. They advance their radical
political agenda with the systematic demonization and diminishment of
men. To wit: Any assault on a woman is a "hate crime." whilst an
assault or violent crime perpetrated on a man is a lesser offense.
These lesser intellectual lights cry out to parents to not "raise a
rapist." and yet forget these very same parents raise the girls, who
these same "turnips" claim can, and will "change the world." The idea
that we "raise rapists," we "raise mass murderers to subjugate women
is insane. Elliot Rodger murdered four men and two women yet
intellectually challenged women like Cristina Stasia say this a "hate
crime" perpetrated upon women.

The Feministas, and their bum boys like Glen Canning have coined new
buzz phrase. Men, real men, honourable men are being called "rape
apologists" because it sounds good in a twenty second sound bite . But
nobody has a clue what a "rape apologist" is. No normal human on the
planet thinks rape is good, rape is cool, I gotta get me a bimbo to
rape and a beer! What a "rape apologist is, someone the feminists and
their shills don't like, can't defeat in debate, makes perfect sense,
and is a threat to these passengers in the back of "turnip truck."

Rehtaeh Parsons was not the victim of a "hate crime" against women. No
one was charged with sexual assault or rape. What Leah Parsons
described as that "fateful party" was not Rehtaeh's first rodeo or
first session of consensual group sex. This is not was not a "hate
crime" perpetrated against women, or any other visible minority. I am
NOT the only one saying this. That doesn't make myself or others a
"rape apologist," just a target for Glen Canning and those lesser
lights of the "women's lobby."

It is well past time for our ersatz feminist intelligentsia to realize
those parents they claim are "raising rapists," are raising women and
feminists as well. As for Glen Canning, its just past time for our
violent friend to shut his pie hole.
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Nazi Brown Shirts, Feminista Propaganda And the Erstaz Rape Culture in Canada

Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil" And there is our boy Glen in his
little Nazi uniform next to a coterie of high ranking Fem-Nazis and
their 'Der Fuher " on a stage in front of the assembled tame media to
tell us all about the "rape culture" here in Canada. There's little
Glen in his little Nazi Brown Shirt exhorting all of us, not to "raise
a rapist." All the while the very vast majority of Canadians know
better than to accept advice vis a vis child rearing or maintaining a
strong family, from the ilk of Glen Canning.

The existence of a culture of rape is a myth, abject propaganda, an
example of the Nazi and Soviet "big lie," and an addled attempt to
advance the Feminista political agenda, by the diminishment and
demonization of men. Self-described "sociologist" Heather Hlavka a
student at Marquette University produced a paper where she says.
Females between the ages of three and 17 saw sexual violence as normal
and harassment and abuse as standard behavior. "Dr. Goebbles further
said and I quote. " Young people are socialized into a patriarchal
culture that normalizes and often encourages male power and
aggression. Hlavka's "report" also states. "As men's heterosexual
violence is viewed as customary, as too is women's endurance of it."
What a load of under-grad bafflegab! What "normal sexual violence" do
three year old infant girls endure? What exact abuse and harassment
are our children betwixt three and 17 are enduring?

Critsina Stasia University of Alberta gender studies professor and
author of Lipsticked and Loaded: Feminism, Femininity, and the Female
Action Hero (I do not think we will find that on any bestseller lists
anywhere) says. Canada's, "rape culture excuses and encourages the
objectification of and sexual assault of women." But alas the good
professor neglects to tell us just how Canada's rape culture does
that. Ersatz professor Cristina Stasia of "gender studies" says.
Canadian culture, "glamorizes sexual assault and doesn't take it
seriously. She further prevaricates that Canadian culture, "dismisses
the severity and jokes about the issue." It appears the only joke here
is the presumptive assumption that there is a culture of rape in
Canada, or that "gender studies" is considered to be scholarship in
any sense of the word.

Every year literally scores of Canadian men are wrongly accused,
wrongly convicted, and wrongly sentenced to lengthy prison sentence
for crimes they did no commit. Over fifty percent of men accused by
women of rape are innocent. These cases are being re opened and the
male victims of women criminals are being exculpated. You're right
about one thing "professor" Stasia this is indeed no joke, just ask
Gerry Gaston Barton of Morinville Alberta. Yet, notwithstanding these
facts ersatz "professor" of gender studies Cristina Stasia blubbers! "
It's heartbreaking, it's infuriating because it is a hate crime-- but
we don't treat it that way. We don't see sexual assault and violence
against women as a hate crime." That's because it isn't a hate crime.
Its just a violent crime. Prepetrated against just another citizen.
And its perpetrators are innocent until proven guilty in a court of
law. That is called equality of the sexes, whether you folks like it
or not.

Slut Walk Edmonton director Devonne Kendryk says." A unified consensus
of both men and women of what constitutes rape is necessary." My dear
woman, Devonne, "a unified consensus of what constitutes rape" already
exists. It is the section of the CC of C that deals with rape.

It is instructive to reprise the Rehateah Parsons non rape. Witness
statements to police report that Rehtaeh actually unzipped the pants
and took out the cocks of those " vicious gang rapists" to have sex,
consensual sex with them on the bed at the party. That constitutes " a
unified consensus between both men and women" to have group sex. No
legal code on the planet would call that rape.

Here endeth the lesson
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Glen Canning's Insane Jihad Against Us Infidels!

Glen Canning and his ex wife Leah Parsons have been waging a
relentless Jihad of sort against anyone that does not buy the "family
Parsons /Canning " propaganda about the life and martyrdom of "Saint
Rehtaeh of Parsons." Glen and Leah's Jihad against myself and others
has taken strange turn in the last few weeks. A few short weeks ago
seemingly one of the parents of the principles of the Rehtaeh Parsons
tragedy emailed me to complain the "antics of Leah Parsons and Glen
Canning." Glen Canning sent 7 emails and six obscene hate filled
epistles to my blog comments. Also Gen Canning made a threatening and
harassing telephone call to my wife's place of employment. And today
things got "curiouser and curiouser" when Mike Gorman of Halifax's
Frank Magazine emailed some questions for me, as he is reporting about
the Rehtaeh Parsons" media circus of the last year or so. Is Mr.
Gorman a mere shill for Glen Canning?

One of the questions Mr. Gorman posed to me was, "was I going to
defend myself and launch a lawsuit. After I answered his query, it
occurred to me that "those four boys" vilified, slandered, outted by
anonymous, Team Parsons / Canning, and the Feministas, would have a
very good case to litigate against all of these parties. These lads
were never charged with a crime, never convicted, their identities
protected by law, were abused, exposed, threatened, and their lives
ruined by a "lynch mob" fomented and directed by Glen Canning and Leah
Parsons using social media.. It seems to me these people have been
grievously wronged and injured by the Canning, Parsons duo and are
entitled to considerable legal remedy. Glen Canning and Leah Parsons
ought to pay recompense to the collateral damage victims of their
"Holy War."

Mr. Gorman was entirely ignorant of "Rehtaeh's Law, that deals with
cyber-bullying, harassment by posting, and distributing humiliating,
and or naked pictures on social media. The behavior that some say
drove poor Rehtaeh to suicide is now illegal. The ignorant Mr. Gorman
wondered what effect would Rehaeh's Father "suing" me under Rehteah's
Law would have on me. "Rehtaeh's Law is a CC of C section. So Mr.
Canning has no input in the laying of such charges. I further educated
Mr Gorman, that no one can "cyber-bully" Rehtaeh Parsons because she
is dead as a Mackeral. There are no naked or pornographic pictures of
Rehtaeh, nor of Mr. Glen Canning for that matter, if he is considering
saying he is a victim of a miscreant violating Rehtaeh's Law. In fact
I haven't harassed, bullied, sent unsolicited email, or communicated
with anyone. I write a blog. A blog Glen Canning frequently visits and
reads very much on his volition.

Glen Canning and his ex wife Leah Parsons have been impersonating
people on the world wide web, harassing them, and threatening them,
because there is money to be made being "poor victims. And they would
NOT want or let anyone jeopardize that. Mr. Canning has NO legal
options, recourse, or means to shut me or others up.

That's game, set and match, Glen!

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Canada injin "Big Chiefs" On The Warpath

The "big chiefs" representing Canada's 633 so called "first nation's
reserves" are on the warpath. These "people" now want to steal another
1.9 billion of real Canadians' tax dollars so the "chief" of each
injin nation can steal it. The so called "chiefs" of the Assembly of
First Nations are meeting in Ottawa at tax payer expense to demand the
federal government withdraw Bill C-33 the First Nations Control of
First Nations Education Act....BUT hand over the 1.9 billion dollars
to the "big chiefs" that it promises so the "big chiefs" can steal it.

Bill C-33 proposes a massive increase in funding in education, goals,
and fiscal reporting, in short the kind of responsible government
oversight of tax payers dollars that real Canadians demand and expect
from their government.

The animal "big chiefs" said. "Canada must withdraw Bill-33 and engage
in an honourable process with First Nations that recognizes and
supports regional and local diversity leading to true First Nations
control of education based on our responsibilities and inherent treaty
and aboriginal rights...(end quote) These animals need to understand
Canadians no longer want to let First Nations control anything, as
they have in every instance fucked it up. Canadians no longer want to
provide 1.9 billion dollars to educate the children of 600,000 injins
on 633 Canadian injin reserves...which the chiefs will steal.

Since the "big chief" Theresa Spence "hunger strike" Canadians realize
that funding of anything "first nations" is a black hole of waste.
There are injin "big chiefs" on the reserves making more money than
the Prime Minister of Canada. Canada's 633 "first nations" are not, so
called sovereign nations as much as they are crime families. And more
and more real Canadians are less interested in us paying for "first
nations" culture as much as social and economic assimilation of an
under-evolved culture. After all the half of injins have fled the
reserves to come to an urban centre near you, and commit crimes here
because they are too uneducated and fucked to do anything else.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Its Nice Rehtaeh Is Dead.

Hey Glen, asshole, here is some much needed elucidation, enlightenment
and education for your edification. You whine and claim you and the
slut Rehteah are being "libeled by others and myself. First issue is,
you can not libel a dead person. A dead person has no reputation,
standing, position in the community to libel and or damage. That's
because Glen, they are dead! Most people have been taught "not to
speak ill of the dead." In fact in my family we were taught to say
nice things about dead folks. Therefore, it is very nice Rehtaeh is

Criminal Libel charges even before were rare and now not pursued by
the country's Crown Prosecutors. Sec 301 of the CC of C has been
found to be unconstitutional, rather contrary to the Canadian Charter
of Rights. Now NO charges are laid in Canada under Sec 301 of the CC
of C. There is no criminal libel.

The next issue is everything I have written about you is true. "The
truth is a complete defense.

Our uneducated, ignorant little "friend "David Amos constantly drools
all over his computer keyboard pounding out poorly written and spelled
screeds about how I am guilty of "hate speech." So now we are
compelled to attempt to illuminate that closed and insane mind of
David Amos. Sections 318, 319, 320 forbid "hate propaganda" This means
"any writing, sign or representation that advocates or promotes
genocide or the communication of which...."

The CC of C defines genocide as the destruction of an "identifiable
group" Whereas an identifiable group being " any section of the public
distinguished by colour, race. religion, ethnicity or sexual
orientation." So David, what "hate speech?" Writing injin or faggot is
not "hate speech" nor a crime.

Wee Davey Amos has been frenetically emailing everyone from the human
rights commissions to his MP to Robin Reid, that I have committed a
"hate crime" for at least five years. In that time he has never
succeeded nor gained any purchase with that notion. With that you
would think even David Amos would have a scintilla of intelligence and
figure out he's wrong.

David Amos and those of his ilk can't even any longer try to con
provincial human rights commissions because sec 13 has been repealed
by The Commons, thus making "hate speech" entirely within the purview
of the courts and the CC of C .

So Glen Canning with his whining that myself and others are libelous
are pure fantasy. David Amos' is just fucking nuts.

Here endeth the lesson children!

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Monday, May 26, 2014
Stupid David Amos Says

Stupid David Amos says! "Say hello to my Brother will ya pervert. Tell
him what you said about his Mother and my children. I double dawg dare
ya!" Our mental and intellectually deficient "friend" is talking about
his pretend Brother and his Son who David has dispatched, to dispatch
Patrick Doran and myself. Its all so very delusional.
Our uneducated, little "friend" is still blithering about Owen Foster
of Nottingham after a couple of years. Owen Foster is or was a young
college student in the UK, that David Amos harassed, called his
teachers, headmaster, MP, and Police to destroy the reputation of a
young man. For no other reason that David Amos is insane. No
justification exists that would make this sort of insane pettiness
acceptable. Then or now.

Canada would indeed be a more salubrious place if David Amos was
incarcerated in the US, where there are outstanding warrants for his
Posted by Seren at 9:21 PM No comments: Faggots, Trans-Genders,
Lesbos and Toilet Seats

To all the berzerkers, crazoids, aficionados of political correctness.
I don't mind fags. I like fags very much. Some of my best friends are
fags, But I wouldn't let my daughter marry one. Our society "loves and
accepts" our fags lesbos, queers trans-genders and garden variety
wannabes. We all just "love and want to include" that 3 to 6 % of
nature's anomalies in our society. And if we don't, the "activists" of
the LGBTQ "community" will try to make us.

They say Canadians love good government and lots of it. That is
especially true for the faggots and queers. Everyone in Canada wants a
programme for some damn thing. The LGBTQ community for years wanted a
government programme to make normal people "love and accept" them. Now
these "people" want the government to provide "safe gender neutral,
transgender friendly bathrooms. Because as trans-genders or gender
creatives say, taking a piss in the can is a traumatic experience. I
wonder, is that because real men usually piss all over the toilet
seat? It begs the question, if fags can give each other blow jobs in
public conveniences why can't some trans-gender freak take a piss?

In the United States school segregation was upheld for a while because
the US Supreme Court opined that states were required to provide
separate but equal education systems for blacks and white in amerka.
Will that be the case here? Will the Supreme Court rule we need
separate yet equal pissoirs for Canada's "loved and accepted" LGBTQ
community? Will there be a Criminal Code law, "to be like Dad not like
sis, lift the lid when you take a piss." And what if you miss?

Yes sis, Canada loves its natural anomalies....The mind boggles
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David Amos, Glen Canning And Their Role Model Elliot Rodgers

Elliot Rodgers killed six, two women and four men, yet women's
"activists" call this "an attack on feminism." Thirteen people were
injured. Another story, another amerkan story of a crazoid expressing
his Second Amendment Right to have guns, and kill people. Because "the
Constitutional Framers" said he could. Subsequent You Tube videos show
an extremely angry Elliot Rodgers, severely pissed off at the women of
the world because he couldn't get laid, (Rehtaeh Parsons would have
helped him out) and all the men in the world, because all of us with
the possible exceptions of David Amos and Glen Canning are getting
laid. Never discount the positive and therapeutic effects of regular
good sex, or even bad sex for that matter.

Today in amerka all the morning "news" shows are crying about how "we"
meaning the authorities could have seen this coming, and prevented it.
How "we" meaning everyone else could have seen Elliot Rodgers as the
hate filled angry individual he was. We here in Canada have unbalanced
hate filled individuals. David Amos and Glen Canning are hate filled
pathetic little men escalating from aberrant behavior on social media,
(Face Book, Twitter and mass emailing) to harassing phone calls,
threatening phone calls, stalking women, fraud, impersonation and
intimidation. All these behaviours and more have been exhibited by
both Glen Canning, and David Amos.

David Amos who has been incarcerated in a mental health facility
more than once, and claims to own several firearms. It leads one to
wonder how a "man" like David Amos who has been institutionalized,
sent literally hundreds of insane emails to every police service in
Canada, has several outstanding warrants for his arrest in the US, is
in possession of firearms. When one looks at David Amos, they are
looking at a future Marc Lapine. Scary, very scary.

David Amos has telephoned the RCMP K Division, J division, the RCMP
Civilian Complaints Commission, The Edmonton Police Service, the
Edmonton Police Service Professional Standards Office (internal
affairs) the Military Police, several Mark's stores, a Shopper's Drug
Mart, my favourite pub Teddy's, the Mayor of Edmonton, the Premiers of
New Brunswick, and Alberta et al....all to vociferously whine about my
humble blog . He has even telephoned the Boston Field Office of the
FBI and the US Marshall's Service in Washington DC. David Amos has
telephoned his "butt buddy Stevie Boy Harper" the Prime Minister of
Canada to complain about my blog.

That begs the question, does any of this sound remotely normal? And
yet this psychotic future mass murderer claims to have firearms. The
mind boggles! Allison Menard, Scott Agnew, Linda Duffet-Leger, and
scores of others in New Brunswick must be terrified of this animal.

Rehtaeh Parsons is dead. Rehtaeh Parsons would have been removed from
her parents by Child Welfare Services before that so called "fateful
party" in any Province in Canada because Leah and Glen were criminally
negligent parents. It took Rehtaeh two years to progress herself to
suicide, in which time she was truant from school and Glen and Leah
didn't know it, nor care. The "family Parsons / Canning was
dysfunctional. I would imagine Rehtaeh killed herself as much to
escape Glen and Leah's problems, as anything else.

After all this, Glen Canning has taken to impersonating people,
harassing people, using social media to silence critics, and now
threatening people. He deliberately misrepresented a humorous post by
the Mad Shangi to "tweet the Calgary police and then was outraged when
Nova Scotia Police was tweeted with "screen shots" of Glen's
threatening emails to me.

Glen Canning appears to be on the brink of violent behavior. He is an
angry hate filled pathetic article like Elliot Rodgers. He already
last Saturday called to threaten my wife at work. He sent 7 hate
filled emails to me, and 6 threatening obscenity filled comments to my
blog that same day.

These are the red flags, the signs that our amerkan cousins were
looking for from Elliot Rodgers. I do NOT know if Glen Canning has
access to firearms, but there is no trick to getting an illegal
firearm in Canada.

All I do is write a blog. If you don't like the blog don't read it.
David Amos couldn't find Alberta on the best day he ever had. Nor rise
to the purchase of a ticket "on the Hound." Glen Canning is too addled
to be a threat with a firearm. But then again, that's what they said
about Elliot Rodgers, isn't it.
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Even as Maritimers go David Amos is not too bright

Last night I receive another spam mass emailing from David Amos. As
did scores of other victims., which no one will read, listen to or
care about

"Hoka hey!" an "yo everyone" as our mental defective little "friend"
David Raymond Amos would say if he were here "C'yall in court." David
Amos is so fixated and distracted by my humble blog that over the
years he has telephoned to complain to the RCMP, both J and K
divisions. The Garrison Edmonton Military Police, and the Military
Civilian Complaints Commission. He complained to CSIS, CSEC, the Prime
Minister's Office, and the Edmonton Police Service. He has also
complained to the Boston Field Office of the FBI, and the US
Marshall's Service in Washington DC. He has called the corporate
offices of Canadian tire that owns Mark's where my wife works. He has
called the manager's where Lori works several times.....all this, over
several years, to no avail. All this because David Amos does not like
my blog.

If you don't like the blog David, don't read it.
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Sunday, May 25, 2014
Insane Glen Canning and Insane David Amos

People learn one of three ways. Some people learn by reading. Some by
watching others. And some like Glen Canning and David Amos have to
piss on the 'lectric fence to find out for themselves.

I write a blog, children. If you don't like the blog kiddies, don't
read it. David Amos in his hundreds of mass e mailings tells all that
"he is not a spammer. He is not a troll." About a year ago David found
out the email address of where Austin (Lori's son) works, and decided
to not only post that work web site but spam Austin's work e mail
with literally reams of spam. Notwithstanding David Amos' loud
protestations and justifications otherwise, I think Allison Menard,
Scott Agnew, Austin Ink. Linda Duffet-Leger and hundreds others would
call David Amos a cyber-bully and troll.

Friday Glen Canning called Lori at work and threatened her. She was
dumbfounded and hung up. Lori immediately told her boss. She told him
about the blog I wrote and how an unbalanced individual Glen Canning
has been sending e mailed threats of physical violence, pretend
litigation. and obscene rants. The supervisor called Mark's security,
and then the Edmonton Police Service. He told Lori, if Glen calls
again to tell him it not appropriate nor right he should call here,
and that the police have been informed, and hang up.

That was the point she called me, and I called the EPS, and went to
the Downtown Station, made complaint and received a file number. When
I got home I e mailed all the threats from Glen, in fact every e mail
he has ever sent me.

Friday was a significant escalation for Glen Canning. From merely
fulminating, huffing and puffing to what many would construe as
violent act upon a woman. I would suggest to Glen Canning's current
wife or domestic partner that they be afraid, be very afraid. Glen has
escalated to threatening women, YOU yourself may well be in
significant danger.

I later emailed Glen Canning and basically related to him, what I have
here. He sent an email that said...."LIES LIES LIES!"

Glen Canning is outraged over what I write about Rehtaeh. David Amos
said in one of his thousands of e screeds. "YOU ARE ATTACKING US!" No
children. I am writing a blog. The Halifax police have already told
Glen Canning I am doing absolutely nothing illegal or actionable.

I am merely writing a blog. You can see what Patrick Doran, and many
others have to deal with here.

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"Rape Culture," Men's Rights and the War Against Men

"Be kind to horses and women..." old cowboy saying

There is a war against men. The Feministas whine about a "rape
culture" or culture of rape that does not exist. The bleat loudly,
"don't raise your son to be a rapist," as if to suggest that's what
parents do. As if every parent makes a commitment to raise little
Johnny into a rapist or Ted Bundy. I am offended by the patent
dishonesty of women's NGOs. Feministas forever trumpet that only two
percent of all claims of rape are false. However The Columbia
Journalism Review quotes this from a law review article...." "No study
has ever been published that set forth an evidential basis for the two
percent false rape claim..." The problem is no amount of objectively
verifiable scholarship debunking this bullshit will ever cause its
advocates to back away from it.

The so called feminist movement, appears to have a singular lack of
basic integrity. A basic inability to tell the truth. Recent mass
murderer Elliot Rodger has been transformed from being another crazy
dumbass amerkan with a gun he shouldn't have: To a crazed Men's
Right's killer intent on killing women. It seems our homicidal amerkan
just exercising his Second Amendment Rights was a member of PUA (Pick
up Artists) until they ejected him as dangerous. This was reported by
Forbes Magazine. PUA is not affiliated with the Men's Human Rights
Movement in any way. But several propaganda organs for feminist groups
are saying this is an "attack on the feminist movement, by the
non-feminist establishment. An interesting statement was made by one
man involved in the Men's Human Rights movement and that is: feminists
are a minority on the planet. There are more women who not feminists
than are, and more men than feminists. The "feminist movement" is just
not that important, nor as influential as it thinks it is. But the
anti-male propaganda still stings.

I am sixty years old. And in my lifetime I have seen women actually
achieve equality. Women can divorce easily, whereas they couldn't.
Women have complete and equal access to education in our society,
access to contraception, access to abortion. Canadian society has
evolved to a point, where the default setting for child custody in
divorce must be joint custody . Whilst women's groups claim that many
men are "unfit" as parents. I would agree that Glen Canning was an
unfit Father, but there are an equal number of unfit Mothers in
Canadian society. You read about them everyday.

Canadian Feministas promote the idea that women be dealt with
differently under the law, because they are women. Recently a woman in
Southern Utah was found to have murdered 7 infants over ten years. In
Utah she's facing 7 counts of Capital Murder. She will well face the
firing squad in Utah. Here Canada she would be charged with
infanticide and she wouldn't see more than 3 years in jail.

In Winnipeg at the Aswasis Native Women's Shelter Nichol Redhead beat
her 21 month daughter, used cocaine, and later deliberately
asphyxiated her daughter Jaylene Redhead whilst under the supervision
of "native" social workers. She was convicted of manslaughter.

Women are lying, and perjuring themselves to accuse men of rape. Barry
Scheck founder of the Innocence Project using DNA technology that
didn't exist when almost two hundred men were convicted of violent
rape and or murder, exculpated over seventy percent of them. A few
miles away from here in Morinville lives Gerry Gaston Barton. He was
wrongly accused by a fourteen year old girl in 1969 of statutory rape.
In 2008 RCMP DNA testing found him innocent. Now this now woman still
has her identity protected, and she says her Brother was sexually
assaulting her since she was 9.

Why isn't this woman's identity exposed, and charges relating to false
witness and obstruction of justice laid. A man's life was destroyed.
Why is Gerry Gaston Barton's life worth less than a bimbo who can't
tell the truth? There is a war against men. And the so called Feminist
Movement hates men so much that the simple act of telling the truth is
beyond them.

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Liars, Damn Liars, And Cops on the Job

"A Cadet does not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerates anyone who
does.." Honour Code for the United States Military Academy.

"Truth Duty Valour....Royal Military College of Canada

Your average uniformed police constable makes one criminal arrest a
month, according to the University of Alberta Criminology Department.
For an average uniformed constable to effect that arrest he will lie,
and or prevaricate. The constable that will process, the arrested or
offender will take details from the arresting constable, the arrest
report, and the offender. And will decide whether or not The Crown
will oppose release on recognizance or not at a bail hearing with a
Justice of the Peace. During this process one or both of the police
constables will lie to the offender with regard to getting a statement
or confession, and or to the matter of whether or not bail or
assurance will be sought.

Cops lie, and we want them to. Canadians want the villains in jail. We
don't care if Detectives lie to villain to effect an arrest. But where
is the line? Are police authorities permitted to lie on arrest
reports, to be deceitful and obfuscatory in other police and
evidential documents that are discoverable? To the very great credit
of Chief of the Edmonton Police Service Rod Knecht, and the senior
command, they have announced a "zero tolerance" policy for "deceit."
The Edmonton Police Service had disciplinary hearings for what, 92
constables last year and the Calgary Police Service around 30. Ersatz
cop and union shill Tony Simononi is outraged at that number and says
"deceit" ought not be grounds for a disciplinary hearing, let alone
grounds for dismissal. I applaud the fact the EPS command structure
takes the honesty of its constables seriously.

Last week the Edmonton Police Service announced the intention of
hiring a 100(?) new cops, and trying to replicate the diversity of
Edmonton. I don't think I care about "diversity" in selecting
candidates, as much as integrity and honesty.

It must be difficult for cops. Cops lie, in some instances it is
required. People want the bad guys in jail. But can you lie, steal or
cheat to put them there? I don't think so.
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"Vengeance is mine thus saith the Lord!"

Trolls and "cyber-stalkers" Glen Canning, ex wife Leah Parsons, and
David Amos are a Cancer. Both on the world wide web, and kanadian
society. They telephone violent threats to their victims. The send
unsolicited, and threatening emails to their victims. They spam their
victims email folders. They open "sock puppet" accounts to further
harass people. Glen Canning, and ex wife Leah Parsons impersonate
potential victims so they can create fraudulent Face Book accounts.
The only thing I hate more than Glen Canning are "editors"

Leah Parson, Glen Canning, and their criminal confederates have waged
of campaign of repression, and propaganda against those in the Halifax
area critical or dubious of Rehtaeh's claims of rape, and outraged
with their parental negligence. Leah Parsons, Glen Canning and David
Amos believe that "freedom of expression" is singular to themselves.
Leah called a media conference and posed, crying crocodile tears
whining how the families and supporters of the four boys not charged,
nor convicted, put up posters and handbills saying "speak the truth"
was harassment. Poor little Leah and Glen were outraged someone else
may want to express themselves also.

David Amos has been Cancer in cyber-space for many years. A Canadian
association that protects bloggers world wide has "black listed" David
Amos and blocks all of his email. David for several years has sent
daily vexatious and incoherent mass email to literally hundreds of
victims. In which he whines about everything from my blog to how no
one pays him as much attention as Edward Snowden. You have already
seen just two examples how David stalks women. David Amos even made a
trans-Atlantic telephone call to the UK college where Owen Foster was
a student, to merely rant against him.

David Amos wrote to me: 'YOU ARE ATTACKING US!" Glen Canning says, "I
am going to tell the police what you are writing about Rehtaeh...." No
children, I merely write a blog. Glen you have already cried to the
Halifax police about my humble blog and they told you there was
nothing illegal about it. I can write what I want on my blog and I do.
So Glen, and Leah spare me those crocodile tears, and bleating how you
are "harassed" by my freedom of expression or that of those four boy's
families and supporters. So Glen,and ex wife Leah Parsons spare my
wife and I your threats of violence and harassment. Consider this, it
could very much end up cutting both ways.

I write a blog. I don't e mail anyone except to reply to an email. I
don't infect the You Tube sites of others and spam them like Mr. Amos.
I don't attempt to repress the rights of others using social media
like "Team Rehtaeh" does.

Children, I write a blog. If you don't like what I write in the blog,
don't read it. Last week, Patrick Doran and myself had a podcast
conversation. David Amos spammed the comments section, and little Glen
Canning was outraged with our discussion of the non rape and demise
of Rehtaeh Parsons.

Its called freedom of speech, children. I just write a blog children.
If you don't like it don't read it
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David Amos .."By their fruits ye shall know them."

E mail from Linda Duffet-Leger

Mr. Amos

I would like you to stop sending me your e mails. I am not sure who
or what you have complaint with, nor am I interested. I am sure it
does not concern me. Any other e mails will be considered harassment.

Linda Duffet-Leger

Allison Menard wrote this to David Amos

Mr. Amos

Please stop communicating with me by telephone, cellular, e mail, and
/ or by any other means of communication. Your contacts with me are
unsolicited and unwanted, and I am asking you to cease and

Yours Truly

Allison Menard END QUOTE

These are "fruits" of David Amos. David Amos is a troll /
cyber-stalker. Here is just a scintilla of the evidence. I write a
blog. I infect no one's email folders, or telephone anyone. Most of
the people who David harasses now block his e comms.

By David Amos' fruit ye shall know him....Here endeth the lesson.

Glen Canning and David Amos, if you don't like the blog, don't read it!

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Rehtaeh Parsons And Another Nova Scotia "That Girl"

Amongst the threatening e mails from "killer Dad" Glen Canning I
received this week was this question: "Is your daughter still fat?" I
would reply. "Well Glen, she's alive, whereas Rehtaeh is both dead and
well forgotten.

Meet Gerry Gaston Barton of Morinville Alberta. In 1969 he was living
in Digby Nova Scotia. And he was accused and convicted of the
Statutory Rape of an anonymous fourteen year old girl. This "that
girl" pointed the finger and screamed rape at a man that wasn't even
there. The "quality" of jurisprudence being what it is in Nova Scotia,
Gerry Gaston Barton was convicted on the evidence of a lying fourteen
year old girl. Gerry Gaston Barton received a probationary sentence.

The RCMP reopened the case in 2008. And DNA samples were obtained from
all the principles involved in the case and the baby that was the end
product. Gerry Gaston Barton was NOT the father of the child. The
anonymous "that girl" woman who told police Gerry Gaston Barton raped
her, had a child by her Brother. Her story now is that she was
assaulted by her Brother since she was 9.

This woman's identity is still protected by a publication ban. That
begs the question why? This animal screamed rape, and accused an
innocent young man of rape and ruined his life. Why isn't this animal
being charged with any number of Criminal Code of Canada offenses
regarding false witness? Nova Scotia courts has ruled that Gerry
Gaston Barton can bring a civil suit against the Province. Obviously
the Nova Scotia Justice Minister ought settle this with Barton for big
bucks ASAP.

What Leah Parsons called "that fateful party" was NOT little Rehtaeh's
first rodeo. That was not the first party Rehtaeh attended and got
high, got liquored up and happily fucked her brains out. But this
time, kids being kids, someone took pictures with their phone. About a
week after "that fateful party" pictures emerged on social media. Kids
were calling Rehtaeh a slut, boys wanted to fuck, and at this point
little Rehtaeh screamed rape. Another Nova Scotia "that girl" crying
rape when she wasn't raped at all. This is a disturbing phenomena
occurring everywhere. There is a pandemic of false rape accusations
throughout Canada and amerka.

It is good little Rehtaeh is gone and well forgotten.
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Saturday, May 24, 2014
David Amos Inbred Maritime "Kanadian"

David Amos says! "Hoka Hey," and "C'yall in Court." Notwithstanding
our mental defective "friend's" protestations otherwise David Amos has
told literally hundreds of people, including myself that "he was
agonna sue us in the pro se fashion." David Amos has never sued anyone
in his life. David Amos hasn't wherewithal, and never will, to sue
me, Lt. Col Errington, The Crown, Mark Carney. the CBC or his
neighbour's dog.

David, when can Patrick and I expect your imaginary brother here in
Alberta and your nephew to "kick our asses?"

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Saturday, May 24, 2014
Glen Canning, Leah Parsons Cyber-Bullying and Harassment Incorporated

There is an old Roman observation. "We have met the enemy, and they
are us." For some years Glen Canning and his ex wife Leah have
promoted and even venerated their own right to free speech, while
bullying, lying, threatening and harassing others exercising their
right of expression. Some years ago the families and supporters of the
boys outted, and / or accused by anonymous and God Bless Rehtaeh
Parsons incorporated, attempted to exercise their freedom of
expression. They placed handbills or posters on the streets of
Halifax. This outraged Leah and the rest of Team Parsons. Tearfully
Leah Parsons commiserated to Nova Scotia media that handbills saying
"speak the truth" was unspeakable "harassment" perpetrated against
Team Parsons, cyber-bullying and an act of violence.

I have received several e communications from people in Halifax
reporting that if you have a differing opinion about Rehtaeh Parsons,
Team Parsons will harass you, threaten you, bully you, and do its very
best to silence you. And why wouldn't Glen, his current wife and Leah
want to eliminate anything that may reduce their "fifteen minutes of
fame," or interfere with them cashing in on Rehtaeh's tragic suicide.
There's money to be made playing the "victim card."

In recent months Glen Canning has escalated his violent behavior. In
the last year Glen Canning has threatened me with violence, pretend
litigation, committed fraud, and promised the wrath of Halifax police
Sgt. Fiero. None of which has come to fruition. Now Glen has committed
a violent act against my wife. He has made harassing and threatening
phone calls from Halifax to Lori's place of employment. Since Glen has
escalated to violence against women, that begs the question: Does he
beat his wife?

If I were to speak to Glen's wife, I would beseech her, "to be afraid,
be very afraid. Both Mark's security people, management and the EPS
have been informed. There is now a police file. The authorities not
only have every threatening e mail he ever sent me, but also every
blog comment as well.

Is that what is referred to as a preponderance of evidence?
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Once Again David Amos From the "Cheap Seats."

Our favourite semi-literate, moron and ersatz "lawyer" has decided he
needs to express himself, poorly. David Amos says, "Hoka Hey," and he
"double dawg dares ya." So David, my dyslectic friend, are you going
write another e mail to the PM addressed to " hi Stevie Boy?" just for
the record isn't it Stephen Harper? Or is it just that you are
mentally and intellectually damaged goods?

Your "butt buddy" Thomas Lukasiuk is running for the leadership of the
Alberta Progressive Conservative Party. I have already sent him yours
and Robin Reid's best wishes.

Is Robin Reid in a shallow grave somewhere, David?

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Glen Canning, his current wife,and Leah Parsons are pigs

Leah Parsons, the current wife and asshole Glen Canning complained to
the Huffington Post that the four boys who were not ever charged or
accused of the so called "vicious gang rape" and their supporters
"harassed" Rehtaeh Parsons' "family." Drug abuser Leah Parsons called
the placing of posters in Halifax that said "speak the truth, "
harassment of their "family." Well that is most "definitely
harassment" by any definition, NOT.

The delicious hypocrisy here is the junkie Leah Parsons, Glen Canning
and his current pig think posters are "harassment." But making
threatening phone calls to my wife at work, or threats of physical
violence against myself, and impersonating me is not harassment.

Glen, you and the current pig are cowards, and hypocrites.

Must be a maritime kanadian thing!
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Stupid Troll David Amos

David Amos is entirely ignorant, completely uneducated, semi-literate,
unread and unwashed. But alas David will cry "yo everybody, I am
really a lawyer." Or "yo everybody I sued Cardinal Law," and wrote the
statement of defense for Byron Prior." I am quite sure David Amos
everybody's "demented energizer bunny" prefaced his legal brief, "yo
Judgy Baby, Hoka Hey!" And then submitted a poorly written,
misspelled, insane rant,and then "double dawg dared" the court.

Notwithstanding David's prevarications otherwise, David Amos not only
called McGill Law to complain about my daughter. He called looking for
me, a friend did a reverse directory check and the call(s) came from a
number issued to Amos but also to two initials. David has called the
Shoppers Drug Mart Store I patronize. The pub we frequent, and the Gay
Cruise Line.

David Amos has not only has threatened litigation against the CBC, he
demanded that the Colonel commanding CFB Gagetown give him the name of
his lawyer so he can "sue him in the pro se fashion." He told Lt. Col
Errington of the PPCLI he was going to sue him, as well as Major Barry
Shaw of the Military Police.

David Amos has also called the college and the police in the UK
because he didn't like Owen Foster's You Tube Channel. David outted a
young man in Saint Albert because he was a member of The League of
Reason and David did not like the fact they were all much more
intelligent than himself. But then a dog licking its own balls is
smarter than David Amos and his kids. There is one instance I posted
here a couple of years ago where David Amos harassed a shrink, and the
doctor replied, that David need considerable emotional and mental
help. Linda Duffet-Leger, and Allison Menard will attest to the mental
instability and fact David Amos is a criminal.

You may have noticed David always has an excuse, some insane
justification for his harassing phone calls, e mails, and threats to
everyone. David Amos refers to his criminal behavior as "his work." He
calls himself amongst other things, an ethical whistle blower. But
there is absolutely nothing ethical about David Amos calling a boy's
school in the UK to complain about him. There is absolutely nothing
ethical about e mailing the grad school to complain about another
enemy as perceived by David.

David Amos, Glen Canning and his current wife" are cyber-bullies and
Trolls. They infect literally hundreds of peoples e mail boxes, the
harass hundreds of people, they call people at work for nefarious
motives.......I write a blog. I e mail no one. I call no one. I
inflict my opinion on no one. If you don't like what I write, don't
read it.

Glen Canning and his current wife in a fit of pique asked me "Is your
daughter still fat?" Well, that begs the reply, "your daughter is dead
and well forgotten."
Posted by Seren at 8:46 AM No comments: ToThe Mad Shangi
....Cyber-Bullies David Amos, Glen Canning And His Current Wife

Notwithstanding David Amos' , Glen Canning's, and his current wife's
assiduous attempts to "occupy the moral high ground" and claim to be
"ethical cyber-bullies," I submit these e mails to David Amos, from
the police, and his victims.

"Mr. Amos

Please stop communicating with me by telephone, cellular and e mail,
and / or by any other means of communication. You contacts with me are
unsolicited and unwanted and I am asking you to cease and desist.

Please also take this as notice should you continue to harass me, I
shall make complaint to the police and pursue the matter in the
criminal courts. I am a criminal lawyer and I know what constitutes
criminal harassment and / or threats...........

Yours Truly

Allison Menard. END QUOTE

Perhaps, that is an epistle YOU Glen Canning and the current wife
ought to "take to heart."


Mr. Amos

My name is Lou Lafleur and I am a detective with the Fredericton
Police Major Crimes Unit. I would like to talk to you regarding
several files I am investigating, and that you are alleged to have
involvement in.....

yours truly
Cpl Lou Lafleur END QUOTE

Here is Linda Duffet-Leger's ultimatum to David Amos

Mr. Amos

I would like you to stop sending me your e mails. I don't know who or
what you have complaint with, nor am I interested. But I am sure it
has nothing to do with me. Any other e mails will be considered


Linda Duffet-Leger MN BN RN BA

Director MOMS study
UNB Nursing faculty END QUOTE

As all can see here David Amos, Glen Canning and the "wife du jour"
are nothing more that garden variety petty criminals

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Glen Canning and his current wife's hypocrisy

Glen Canning, his current wife, Leah and the "whole fam-damnly" cry
crocodile tears about the bullying of Rehtaeh Parsons. Leah Parsons,
Glen Canning and his current wife have given considerable media ops to
complain about how many facebook postings bullied Rehtaeh, how many
boys would text her on her phone asking for sex. Leah Parsons, Glen
Canning and his current wife commiserated about how girls would call
Rehtaeh a slut and harass her.

Any empathy or sympathy people may have had for "professional victims"
Glen Canning, his current wife and Leah Parsons has long since
dissipated. Glen Canning, his current wife, family, and Leah Parsons
have been Cyber-bullying folks in Halifax since the demise of the
daughter. These animals "outed a rapist" that had not even attended
the party where Rehtaeh fucked three boys' brains out.

The Halifax police have advised Glen Canning, his current wife,
dysfunctional family to stop bullying people. I would tell Glen
Canning, his current wife, dysfunctional family and Leah Parsons that
if you don't like my blog....don't read it, and to stop bullying my
wife. These hypocrites are doing precisely what they claim all those
"terrible boys and girls" who bullied Rehtaeh are. Glen Canning, his
current wife, dysfunctional family and Leah Parsons have threatened me
with violence, harassed my wife at work, impersonated me, and bullied
others in Halifax and Calgary...just like those "tormentors" Glen
Canning, his current wife and Leah have been whining about.

The problem is Glen Canning, his current wife, dysfunctional family
and Leah Parsons are NOT very good at bullying. Mark's and management
have been about you, to police have been informed about your bullying,
and fraud. Glen Canning and his current wife and family are bullies. I
imagine Glen and his wife will soon be the targets of bullies. I mean,
what goes around, comes around.

Notwithstanding your act of violence against women generally and my
wife specifically, Glen. She is just fine.....Is yours? Have you hurt
her yet? Has she been bullied?
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A Squaw, "That Girl" Murders Her Baby While Indian "Social Workers Watch"

Only in Kanada it seems. In any province or jurisdiction in Kanada
fourteen year old Rehtaeh Parsons would have been removed from her
parents Glen Canning and Leah Parsons.. In Manitoba, "proud native"
Nichol Redhead in June of 2009, murdered her 21 month old baby at a
shelter whilst in the care of social workers. A Manitoba Judge
conducting hearings found that Nichol Redhead would not only do crack
cocaine in her room in the shelter, but also beat her 21 month year
old baby Jaylene Redhead. "Proud aboriginal" Nichol Redhead eventually
at that shelter smothered her baby to death. This sad yet predictable
tragedy is reported in the week-end edition of the National Post.

The Indian Awasis Family and Child Agency removed from Nichol Redhead
her two previous children from her "care" and they are still alive. It
makes one wonder if Nova Scotia child welfare authorities removed
Rehtaeh from her "parents" would she be still alive? Indian "social
workers" and "authorities decided that Jaylene Redhead who was born in
drug withdrawal would be returned to her "Mother" Nichol Redhead
provide she lived at Winnipeg's Native Women's Transition Centre where
she would be supervised by injin "social workers."

It is claimed that Nichol Redhead "suffered" or "suffers" from the
effects of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and was witness to her
"Mother" stabbing her "Father" to death at a drinking party. Nichol
Redhead is not a "troubled soul," or an "oppressed and discriminated
against Indian." She is a drug abusing drunk Indian, and murderer. All
three of Nichol Redhead's children should have been removed from her
permanently. This tragedy also speaks to the incompetence of Indian
"social agencies." In fact Manitoba Provincial Court Judge Lawrence
Allen questioned and deplored the decision of a native so called
"social agency" returning Jaylene Redhead to her "Mother."

The people that are calling for greater understanding of Fetal Alcohol
Spectrum Disorder, and the "poor" Indians suffering from it need to
reminded of this. The animal Nichol Redhead murdered her 21 month old
daughter in her own crib. Indian Nichol Redhead placed her hand and
fingers over the mouth of Jaylene Redhead, and asphyxiated her. This
Indian animal murdered her daughter with he bare hands. She then
quietly left the room. It has been found that Jaylene Redhead had
sustained over thirty injuries, including bites while in the "care" of
a "native social agency." Manitoba Provincial Court found Nichol
Redhead guilty of "manslaughter." This was not only a predictable and
common "native" tragedy, but a travesty of justice. "Manslaughter" in
a pig's eye, bring back the noose!
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Friday, May 23, 2014
Re Editing, 'A Killer Dad' And Phone Calls to My Wife At Work

Today Glen Canning harassed my wife at work. For a "man" who claims to
occupy the "moral high ground," this is indeed criminal behavior. He
called her at her place of employment from Halifax. This would indeed
seem hypocritical for a "man" that claims not to use social media to
go after people that express an opinion contrary to his. Marks has
informed the Edmonton City Police, and a police file number has been
assigned. The police will consider any more calls from Glen or his
zealots harassment, and will take action. The Edmonton City Police,
and google are now in the possession of the six messages you sent to
the comments section of my blog.

Glen is too cowardly to call myself but he has no problem calling
women to pursue his sick agenda. Glen Canning and Leah Parsons have
long been the sort of "cyber-bully" they say "bullied Rehtaeh to
death." Rehtaeh "would be so proud of him."

Glen Canning told me that his blog was "media heavy" and that he had
taken my "story national." Obviously his media "friends" don't think
me or my blog is a story. So now this sick pathetic little man, has
started to harass and stalk women. What's next Glen....rape? What's
next Glen, are you going to claim your life has been threatened?

"Vengeance" can cut both ways Mr. Canning

Glen Canning was a "killer Dad." Leah Parsons, and Glen Canning were
absolutely "killer parents." Theirs and Rehtaeh's "family" was
anything but stable, with Rehtaeh being shuffled off from living with
grandparents, to Mother, to Father. Rehtaeh Parson's was a fourteen
year old promiscuous abuser of both alcohol and drugs. That "fateful
party" where she had consensual sex, was not her first. Fourteen year
old children however precocious, they are do not behave that way
unless there is a problem at home. Unless they are being abused at
home, or by someone with authority over them. That indeed begs the
question: Did Glen Canning abuse Rehtaeh as a child?

Glen Canning David Amos, Anonymous and their small number of
"Quistlings" are assiduously attempting to silence, denigrate,
diminish, bully, threaten, and or otherwise abuse anyone that writes
or opines in anyway contrary to the party line that little Rehtaeh was
"viciously gang raped." Glen Canning, David Amos and the rest of the
free speech "fifth columnists" threaten litigation and claim victim
status, and call anyone that dissents their prevarications, a "troll,"
and or a "cyber-bully." Writing a blog, stating an opinion or asking
questions however uncomfortable on that blog is free expression and
democratic, is not "hateful," libelous, criminal, sick, and or wrong
in absolutely anyway.

In the last year Glen Canning as threatened me with a "big law suit,"
a "visit from some guys from CFB Edmonton, and persecution from
Halifax police Sgt. Fiero, all because little Glen does not like my
blog, and is insanely obsessed with shutting me up. Needless to say
Glen Canning has accomplished nothing, and can not silence myself or
anyone. Glen Canning even now feverishly searches cyber-space for
blogs, podcasts, and interviews that he later "re edits" (his words)
the content to suit him and re posts it on You Tube. In other words if
he doesn't approve of someone's opinion, he changes it, to suit
himself . He did that a couple of nights ago with an You Tube
interview betwixt the Mad Shangi and myself .

Today "killer Dad" Glen Canning and his sycophants have begun to stalk
and harass women in Edmonton. What's next a "vicious gang rape?" Glen
Canning told me that he had "guys from CFB Edmonton looking for me."
That was a pipe dream of his, so now he has gone after my wife.

If you don't like my blog Glen, by all means don't read it. At least
that was the opinion of the police constable that showed up. Ought we
call Sgt. Fiero of the Halifax police or have the Edmonton Police do
so? Google's legal team in Mountain View Ca. has been informed of your
activities by myself .

Your behavior certainly seems to be the sort of thing a man who would
abuse his daughter would engage in. Doesn't it?

So much for you on the "moral high ground" Glen. Did your parents
raise a rapist or child abuser?

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Anatomy of a stalker

Today Glen Canning telephoned my wife at work from Halifax to threaten
her. We called the police. Today Glen Canning sent me 7 threatening
e mails to my e address, and 6 threatening comments some posted here
to the comments of this blog. In the last year Mr. Canning has
threatened me with physical violence, a big law suit, my blog being
hacked by anonymous, and the wrath of God about forty times. But today
is, what they call an escalation, he is stalking and threatening
women at their places of employment. It is a delicious irony that a
"man" that campaigns against the abuse of women himself abuses them,
threatens them, and deliberately makes them feel unsafe.

Are you "that guy," Glen? Are you going to escalate further? Did your
parents "raise a rapist?" Does your current wife understand you have
violent tendencies? Does she know you stalk and harass women half way
across the country Does she have to "be afraid, be very afraid?" I
have received e mails from Halifax that report you are doing this sort
of thing there in Halifax.

It is indeed a good thing little Rehtaeh is not here to see her
"Father's" behavior. Glen has threatened to call Lori's employer to
complain vociferously about me, to try and have her suffer
consequences because he is a "killer Dad" Glen they call that a
violent act against women.
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From Glen Canning to Baconfat

"Lori's work number goes out soon Barry. Should I or should I not? Up
to you asshole...." Glen Canning in a message to me this afternoon.

" Well Lori did not like that call, did she Barry..." Glen Canning.

Glen Called my wife at work. We called the police. Rehtaeh would be
"so proud of you" Glen. She loved you and Leah so much she killed

Stalking women Glen, what's next? Did your parents raise a rapist,
Glen Canning? Is this part of your "rape culture?"
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014
"Good Thing Rehtaeh is dead, eh Glen?"

Mr Canning it is probably a great blessing your daughter is dead. You
and Leah failed Retaeh pathetically in life and even more so in death.
Your "family" was completely dysfunctional. Rehtaeh was shuffled
betwixt grandparents, "Mother," and a criminally negligent "Father."
For two years you "beloved daughter" was truant from school and none
of her "loving family," had a clue. It took two years for your little
Rehtaeh to progress herself to killing herself. You and ex wife Leah,
stood by and did nothing.

It is a blessing that Rehtaeh is dead, as should had she lived she
would have accomplished absolutely nothing, she was ignorant and
uneducated. Rehtaeh was also afflicted with parents that haven't
scintilla of personal integrity. A very good illustration of this is
your fraudulent re-editing of last nights You Tube Video. The simple
act of telling the truth, is, and was well beyond the grasp of you and
your criminal confederate ex wife. No wonder Rehtaeh was "damaged
goods." It is probably a great blessing she is gone. She would have
been screwed up beyond imagination. I mean both Leah and you are.

David Amos is demented and delusional, and you are without personal
honour or integrity. Indeed a pair of Maritime kanadian miscreants.
Rehtaeh is dead, in retrospect it was merely a matter of time given
your broken home and the selfish tosspots you and Leah are.

An epic re-edit from an entirely morally bankrupt animal.

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Monday, May 19, 2014
The Baconfat Report 2258, David Amos 0

David my dear boy, where are they? Where are those "US Marshall
dudes," you reported me to. Where are the "FBI in Beantown, when can I
expect them? SEAL Team Six hasn't come through the windows yet?
"C'yall in court," does that sound familiar? So when can I expect a
"process server" to service notice of your litigation against me? YOU
have being whining to ME how YOU were "agonna sue me in the pro se
fashion" for several years now; when can I expect you to finally make
good on your threats?

David, I really must ask, have you cleared up or taken care of those
outstanding arrest warrants you have in Milton Mass. Have you made
good on your outstanding debts of honour? Do your children Laura the
Hutt and Max the fag still swallow paste like champs? Do you still
pimp them out?

David, sonny, consider this, I have posted 2258 times, and still going
strong. You haven't stopped me nor slowed me down.....Here endeth the
lesson laddie!
Posted by Seren at 7:49 AM No comments: Ten E mails from Little David Amos

Wee Davey Amos has decided to infect my e mail inbox yet again. In the
last few days David has e mailed no less than ten poorly written,
incoherent and insane rants to me and with copies to scores of
unfortunate politicians. An E mail from David Amos is as about as
welcome as a dose of the clap.

Which brings of to wee David's latest "bone of contention." It seems
David is somewhat chagrined because he found out that I gave his
Mother that last dose of the clap she had not too long ago. New
meaning to that old curse..."Yo momma!"
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