Wednesday, 18 June 2014



I am representing an investment interest from Syria, interested in overseas investment involving large volume of funds, for which we seek your participation as an overseas representative to handle the investment in your country.

These funds belong to my client who is a native of Syria but presently a political asylum seeker in United Kingdom due to the Uprising and Civil War in Syria. He wants to invest a large amount of funds in your country under qualified foreign partnership, these funds has no such illegalities like drug trafficking, money laundering or any financial crime attached to it. If you feel disposed towards the solicited role, please indicate by prompt response, so that I may provide you further details of the transaction, and also let you know what will be coming to you as remuneration for your solicited role. After that we shall then come to an understanding concerning the prospective areas of investment that will be conducive for investors of foreign descent. Bear in mind however, that this is a legitimate transaction, and the only reason why strict privacy is advised, is as the result of restrictions of the Syrian regulations.

I look forward to your prompt response, send me an email in reply to

Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly esteemed.

Yours Truly,

Dr Harvey L Spencer.

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