Sunday, 22 June 2014

Do you mind

I wish to introduce you to a transaction that would be of immense benefit to both of us.
Being an executor of wills, it is possible that we may be tempted to make fortune out of
our client's situations, when we cannot help it, or left with no better option.
The issue I am presenting to you is a case of my client who willed a fortune to his
next-of-kin. It was most unfortunate that he and his next-of-kin died on the same day in
an auto-crash few years ago. I am now faced with indecision about who to pass the
fortune to.
However I wouldn't want the fund to be returned back to government treasury as unclaimed
money or the greedy directors of the bank will share the funds among themselves. I
therefore seek for your assistance in presenting you as next of Kin to the deceased so
that you can inherit funds worth millions of dollars for our sharing.
I await your swift response.
Paul Phillips

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