Monday, 26 May 2014

Urgent Response From Mr. Isaac Adeyemi Shedowo

Dear Sir,

I need your assistance in transferring the sum of (10 Million United State
Dollars) into your account with immediate effect this funds is deposited
in my Bank in Ghana the sharing ration will be 40% for me and 40% for you
and 20% for the less privilege once you make this transfer a successful,
please I need your cooperation to get this funds into your account, I am
the bank manager of my bank i want to move out this money into your
account for an investment in your country, Nelson Mandela former president
of south Africa i help him to deposited this money in my bank in Ghana
and i have be helping him to deposit some of his money in some of the
banks in Africa i have know him for the past 14years i call him on 4th of
June 2013 and i told him since you are sick what i m going to do with your
money be deposited in my bank and he told me if anything happens to him i
should fine away to take this fund and help myself and i should give the
less privilege 20% out of this fund.

First i will pay the sum of $10,000 to open a dollar account on your
behalf in my bank and ATM card will be issue on your name and i will
transfer the fund into your ATM card and the ATM card will be send to you
by DHL so you can use it to withdraw money in any ATM machine in your
country or in any bank, as soon as you receive this card i will come over
to your country so we can use this fund for an investment and i want to
invest my own share of the money in properties.

I don't want you to disclose this to any body, i will guide you with any
information you need to make this transaction successful i have already
made an arrangement with the foreign remittance department in my bank
regarding this transfer get back to me i will send you the bank contact so
you will contact them and the foreign remittance department will open the
dollar account for you and transfer the money into your ATM card, and the
ATM card will be send to you by DHL and the pin number will be send to you
to enable you withdraw money from any ATM machine and the DHL tracking
number will be send to you as well.

Please forward to me your vital details in other for us to conclude this
transaction with immediate effect and the fund will be transfer into your
ATM account so that I can be able to come and meet with you once this fund
get into your account.

I wait for your immediate response once you received this email.


Mr. Isaac Adeyemi Shedowo

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