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Fwd: Good talk tonight but clearly there is a lot you don't know

From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 08:40:21 -0300
Subject: Re Glen Canning and I versus the cyberstalking Trolls such as
Mr Baconfat in Edmonton and his blogging butt buddy Patty Baby Doran
of Calgary
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Good Day Stevey Boy Harper

Were your ears burning last night as your butt buddy Mr Baconfat
bragged about knowing you personally? Perhaps Prez Obama's lawyers
should tune in to Youtube N'esy Pas Mr Greg Craig? Now that was truly
funny. For obvious reasons I waited until you other blogging buddy
Glen Canning made a statement in the comments section of their YouTube
video before I send this out and pick up the phone

As you all know over a month ago I registered my indignation towards
all the corrupt cops ignoring the constant sexual harassment and death
threats etc coming from Mr Baconfat and directed to many people not
just my family and I.

Since then I have told the Crown prosecutors and many others that I
did not think it was any sort of coincidence that the punk in Halifax
who had threatened Canning last August was arrested the very next day.
Hell Canning and his "Anonymous" pals and the RCMP knew who it was all
along. Their published words on the Internet prove that simple fact.
At the same time last August they approached me to tell them info on
Mr Baconfat. because the Halifax cops and the RCMP would do nothing
about his harassment either.

Now that a month has gone by Mr Baconfat and his latest best buddy
Patty Baby Doran got far too cocky and overcooked their own goose once
again. Does anyone smell the scent of burning bacon in the wind coming
from the west? Their video published in YouTube last night should
stand as a testament to the monumental stupidity of Internet Trolls.

This is a fine example of Dumb and Dumber. Trust that I am gonna enjoy
kicking their fat nasty arses.

Leah Parsons, the ladies of my family and the Indian Nations and the
even the mindless women of the NDP have irrefutable evidence to
support lawsuisst against the cyber stalking perverts Mr Baconfat and
Patty Baby Doran. Please notice that they don't even know that I ran
for public office FOUR time thus far and plan to do so once more in
short order

I will sue the CROWN just as I promised long ago when I decide the
timing is correct.. When I often declared "Cya'll in Court" I did maen
ALL because when one sues the CROWN he sues everyone. However Mr
Baconfat and his butt buddies were far too dumb to understand that
simple fact even though I often told him many times that he meant less
than nothing to Mean Old Me but that I was using his obvious malice to
support litigation against the CROWN. I had accrued more than enough
of his published criminal activity in the fall of 2009 when the
Edmonton cops, the RCMP and even Cybertip had refused to investigate
him. However I had to be patient and wait for my Yankee kids to grow
up and get out of the HUD supported apartment. They moved out
recently. Even though my youngest Llittle Darlin in the US of A will
soon be 21. I laugh at the evil Mr Baconfat and his trollish pals and
their harassment and threats against me. Who could be that stupid and
why do the cops ignore death threats etc? POLITICS is the CORRECT
ANSWER. However these mindless Trolls have continued to attack my
family from my 90 year old Mother on down and the corrupt cops still
continue to laugh at my complaints? For the past five years the nasty
bastards were slandering my very young grand children and their Mother
in Nova Scotia and they still STILL persist to this very day and even
attack Retaeh Parsons' and Amanada Todd's parents even though C 13
is almost on the books and no doubt will be used against the perverts
and many other innocent folks. Why the RCMP ignore the blatantly
obvious crimes yet arrest a punk in Halifax because he wrote something
a little off to a full grown cry baby known as Glen Canning to a
tragic comedy of Shakespearean proportions and it came to a head while
Prince Chucky the Honourary Commissioner of the RCMP and his little
wifey were being greeted in Nova Scotia by the current Minister of
Justice Petey Baby MacKay. Small wonder why I should them my pissed
off Scottish arse on Victoria Day EH??? The ghosts of my forefathers
and their friends demanded that I do so.

As far as the cyber stalking by bullies and Trolls goes there is no
need for evil Bills such as C 13. All we have to to is change the RCMP
Act and force them to do their god damned jobs or fire and prosecute
them just like the CROWN does to the rest of us common folk. .

My hat is off to Mrs Todd BUT Shame on Glen Canning for singing his
support of C 13 and also singing the praises of his newfound buddies
in the RCMP. Sections 300 and 319 etc of the Canadian Criminal Code
are still on the books and the cops are using them against people such
as Arty Baby Topham and his old Pal Byron Prior in order to lock them
up and shut them up because they yap too much about the CROWN's many
wrongs. Hell it is well known the cops have even tried to use Section
301 against Byron Prior, Rick Kelly and Chucky Leblanc even though
everybody and his dog knew that it had already been found
unconstitutional in a couple of courts.


Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos
902 800 0369

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Date: Sat, 17 May 2014 11:43:23 -0300
Subject: Re mindless liberals and mean old me versus Harper and his
malevolent bill C-13
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Date: Sat, 17 May 2014 09:55:14 -0300
Subject: Out of Office: The BBC the Guardian the CBC, Brazil, Iceland,
Canada Pierre Omidyar, Glen Greenwald and all the other bigtime
bullshitters aka journalists may enjoy this blog but they will never
write about it N'esy Pas Chucky Leblanc
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From: David Amos <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 18:49:52 -0300
Subject: Do you doubt me now?
To: Tamir Israel <>
Cc: David Amos <>
> --- On Tue, 9/9/08, David Amos <> wrote:
> From: David Amos <>
> Subject: It must be tough for the CBC crooks to remember me when the sneaky
> Crown Corp has tried so hard to deny that I existed so many times EH Mr.
> Harper?
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> Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 12:30 PM
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How federal bill C-13 could give CSIS agents — or even Rob Ford —
access to your personal online data
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Justin Ling, Special to National Post| May 4, 2014 | Last Updated: May
4 7:40 PM ET
More from Special to National Post
FotoliaWhile the much-lauded bill is supposedly targeting
cyberbullying by going after those who share intimate images without
consent, so-called 'revenge porn,' a bevy of changes sewed onto the
back — touching on everything from stealing cable to catching
terrorists and regulating hate propaganda — have led it to being
decried as omnibus legislation by some.
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A wide-ranging new federal bill that will allow Internet and cellphone
providers to hand over your personal data without a warrant has
privacy advocates concerned about just how many officials will have
access to that information, a list that could range from CSIS agents
to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
When passed, Tory bill C-13 will mean that any "public officer" or
"peace officer" can request, obtain and use data that has been
voluntarily provided to them by telecommunication companies, and it
spells out legal immunity for any company that co-operates.
Want to snoop? Get a warrant
Ever since they came to power in 2006, the federal Conservatives have
been trying to introduce "lawful access" legislation that would make
it easier for the government to collect information on Canadians'
private Internet activities. Former public safety minister Vic Toews'
notorious gaffe, arguing that those who oppose such a law are siding
with the "child pornographers," was in fact a fortunate development —
because only then did Canadians begin pushing back in earnest against
this violation of our collective right to privacy.
From the information disclosed by former U.S. National Security Agency
contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden, we now know our spy
agency and those of numerous allied governments have been collecting
huge swaths of information as it travels over the Internet. That's
even without the legislation the Conservatives want passed, but it
hasn't stopped them from trying to revive provisions contained in Mr.
Toews' now-defunct legislation.
The latest attempt is Bill C-13, the government's cyberbullying
legislation, which contains a provision (like Mr. Toews' bill) that
would give telecommunications companies blanket immunity from any
criminal or civil charges stemming from the collection of their
customers' private information or its dissemination to law enforcement
agencies — even if those agencies don't have a warrant.
Read more from Jesse Kline …
The officers obtaining that data can be anything from tax agents to
sheriffs, reeves, justices of the peace, CSIS agents, and even, yes,
That aspect of the bill was enough of a concern for then-Privacy
Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, to raise the alarm. She released a
statement in November noting "the potentially large number of 'public
officers' who would be able to use these significant new powers."
While the much-lauded bill is supposedly targeting cyberbullying by
going after those who share intimate images without consent, so-called
'revenge porn,' a bevy of changes sewed onto the back — touching on
everything from stealing cable to catching terrorists and regulating
hate propaganda — have led it to being decried as omnibus legislation
by some.
Ottawa is arguing that the changes will have no substantive effect,
yet privacy advocates like David Christopher, a spokesperson with Open
Media, says the legislation "opens up our information to a wide range
of government authorities.
"It effectively encourages telecommunications companies to hand over
information to the government without a warrant and without any
judicial oversight," he says.
Right now, telecommunications companies like Bell or Rogers are
empowered to pass along users' personal information to government,
without ever seeing a production order or warrant, so long as it's for
the purpose of an investigation. Recent figures prove that to be a
common occurrence — a disclosure from the Privy Commissioner shows
that, in 2011, investigators requested users' data from companies over
a million times, and they handed it over in two-thirds of those cases.
But when C-13 becomes law, that qualification gets blown wide open.
Soon, those officers will only need to either be investigating any
law, domestic or foreign, establish that "the information relates to
national security," or otherwise establish the disclosure will help in
the "administering of any law of Canada." The bill removes the caveat
in the Criminal Code that says the requester of the information must
be conducting an investigation. Previously, those public and peace
officers were virtually barred from obtaining the data because they
would have no reason to conduct an investigation.
* New bill to crack down on illegal downloads has privacy experts worried
* Spy agency tracked passengers for days through free Wi-Fi at major
Canadian airport: report
* Cavoukian & Levin: Metadata surveillance is an invasion of our privacy
Yet, since there's no oversight of the process and Canadians have no
way of knowing when and how this process is being used, the only
people who need convincing are the telecommunications companies
A spokesperson for the Department of Justice says that the move is to
ensure that police officers are not precluded from obtaining that data
in the course of normal policing duties, such as notifying next-of-kin
or informing homeowners of a break-in, but privacy experts say it
could as easily be used for fishing expeditions.
The bill also expands situations in which private enterprise will be
shrouded with immunity. Currently, corporations that disclose data to
law enforcement are only protected if they do so on "reasonable
grounds." Soon, the legal immunity will expand to every circumstance
where it wouldn't be illegal for the company to do so.
We might have created a monster
Tamir Israel, a staff lawyer at the Smuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet
Policy & Public Interest Clinic, says the new immunity afforded to
companies is worrying.
"Definitely this is a problem. Not only can law enforcement now ask
companies to do things that are completely unreasonable, and the
company will have no liability for it if they comply, other entities
— other than law enforcement — are also able to ask them to do things
that are completely unreasonable and the companies will have no
liability for agreeing," says Mr. Israel. He adds that opens the
floodgates on who can access these powers exacerbates the problem.
"These other agencies have a much broader mandate — whether it's the
CRA, CSEC, Mayor Ford," he says.
Justice Minister Peter MacKay, when asked by the Post, argued that the
bill did not provide any new powers to law enforcement, and that
immunity already exists.
"I frankly don't believe that it expands the powers, I think it
codifies existing powers," he said.
Critics weren't so sure.
If they mean nothing, then why the heck are they there?
"Quite frankly, I'm a little bit baffled that there are a whole bunch
of amendments coming in that mean 'nothing.' If they mean nothing,
then why the heck are they there?" Says Liberal justice critic Sean
Perry Aftab is a privacy and digital security lawyer who is known
worldwide as a specialist on cyberbullying. She'll be testifying
before the committee — to tell them if it passes as-is, it will be "a
travesty to cyberbullying victims."
She says the bill undermines Canadians' privacy, and seems destined to
open up any corporation who co-operates to liability in the United
States, as the sort of warrantless disclosure that is being
written-off in C-13 may not be kosher if Canadians were to try their
luck in the American courts.
This isn't a new phenomenon worldwide. The United Kingdom's Regulation
of Investigatory Powers Act, which gives vast spying powers to
virtually all public bodies, has caused numerous controversies over
the last decade — including a 2008 incident where it came to light
that Dorset City Council was using state surveillance powers to snoop
on the families of children that they suspected were attending the
wrong schools.
The Official Opposition NDP have made privacy central in a series of
withering Question Periods, with leader Thomas Mulcair slamming the
government for circumventing the courts to obtain reams of Canadians'
data — he calls it "disturbing."
NDP Justice Critic Francoise Boivin says that between C-13 and S-4 —
the Digital Privacy Act which, the National Post reported in April,
could lead to widespread data sharing between companies — there are
some fundamental changes underway.
"So when you put all these things together, the danger is, we might
have created a monster."

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tamir Israel <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 17:41:13 -0400
Subject: Re: The RCMP, CYBERTIP, UNICF, Beyond Borders care about
children??? Yea Right tell me another one EH Brian Murphy?
To: David Amos <>
Ah! Well that is indeed a much bigger issue : )

On 7/26/2012 5:39 PM, David Amos wrote:
> No regarding your concerns about the INTERNET
> On 7/26/12, Tamir Israel<> wrote:
>> Hi Mr. Amos -- I'm on another call and multitasking, so my apologies for
>> not picking up.
>> I do not at all doubt your knowledge of the Internet, etc.
>> If you sent other files in the past to one of our accounts
>> regarding the AB v. Bragg intervention, I don't think I have seen it.
>> Best regards,
>> Tamir
>> On 7/26/2012 5:27 PM, David Amos wrote:
>>> Howcome you won't answer your phone? If you had bothered to read this
>>> email you should have at least noticed that I knew Assange before he
>>> was wel known. Trust that I know LOTS about the Internet ask the CSE
>>> about mean old me if ya dare.
>>> FYI I have sent you fellas lots of stuff in the past from a different
>>> email account. I is truly amazing how many lawyers within your school
>>> I have dealt with since 2004. More importantly the lawyer/president
>>> Ottawa U Alan Rock has hard copy of lots of my material for many
>>> years.
>>> On 7/26/12, Tamir Israel<> wrote:
>>>> Hi Mr. Amos,
>>>> I am indeed a lawyer!
>>>> But I'm not sure what it is it you sent to me and the RCMP? Are you
>>>> referring to the previous email that I responded to, below?
>>>> I'm still not clear, either, why you feel our intervention could
>>>> interfere with you protection of your children. If your children are
>>>> being harassed online, or even threatened and you're contemplating a
>>>> lawsuit as a source of reprieve, I can refer you to someone who has a
>>>> good deal of experience in this field and will be able to help you with
>>>> your lawsuit, if you'd like.
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Tamir
>>>> On 7/26/2012 5:08 PM, David Amos wrote:
>>>>> You are a lawyer as are your two associates. Thus you should be
>>>>> capable of understanding what I have already sent you and the RCMP.
>>>>> Failing that perhaps you should pick up the phone and ask Allan Rock
>>>>> who I am and why I feel the need to sue Canada's University.
>>>>> On 7/26/12, Tamir Israel<> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Mr. Amos,
>>>>>> It's not clear to me how this process (and more specifically CIPPIC's
>>>>>> intervention) would detrimentally impact on your ability to address
>>>>>> any
>>>>>> threats or harassment your children might have experienced.
>>>>>> Quite to the contrary, if the Supreme Court heeds our intervention (no
>>>>>> guarantee of this, of course), then your children will be able better
>>>>>> able to sue any would-be harassers while protecting their own privacy.
>>>>>> It would provide them the potential option of keeping their own name
>>>>>> out
>>>>>> of the public eye, if they are concerned about the undue attention
>>>>>> that
>>>>>> might be drawn to them if they were to sue the individuals responsible
>>>>>> for harassing them.
>>>>>> Best regards,
>>>>>> Tamir
>>>>>> On 7/26/2012 4:50 PM, David Amos wrote:
>>>>>>> Do you even know who I am? Anyway politics and litgation aside my
>>>>>>> family has the same rights everyone else does. Just because I am
>>>>>>> Harper's and everyone else's political foe it does not allow open
>>>>>>> season on my children to be sexually harrassed and even death threats
>>>>>>> etc. Imagine if they were your children you would have sued years
>>>>>>> ago.
>>>>>>> Of that I have no doubt. Well I wait until the matter was over in
>>>>>>> Supreme Court and nobody mentioned my concerns so now I have the
>>>>>>> right
>>>>>>> to sue you all. Correct?
>>>>>>> On 7/26/12, Tamir Israel<> wrote:
>>>>>>>> : )
>>>>>>>> What's the concern though? I'm not sure I follow....
>>>>>>>> Our intervention focused on ensuring there are privacy safeguards in
>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>> discovery process.
>>>>>>>> On 7/26/2012 3:44 PM, David Amos wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Thats your understatement of the year
>>>>>>>>> On 7/26/12, Tamir Israel<> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> Hello Mr. Amos,
>>>>>>>>>> Did you have a concern regarding CIPPIC's intervention in this
>>>>>>>>>> case?
>>>>>>>>>> Best regards,
>>>>>>>>>> Tamir
>>>>>>>>>> On 7/26/2012 1:18 PM, David Amos wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> This is at least funny
>>>>>>>>>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>>>>>>>>>> From: David Amos<>
>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 19:41:46 -0300
>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Ms Rubin I just called and you would say nothing at all
>>>>>>>>>>> except to ask me twice how I got your number
>>>>>>>>>>> To:,,
>>>>>>>>>>>, premier<>, oldmaison
>>>>>>>>>>> <>, evelyngreene<>,
>>>>>>>>>>> sallybrooks25<>, andremurraynow
>>>>>>>>>>> <>,,
>>>>>>>>>>> Cc:,
>>>>>>>>>>> Trust that you did not change my mind about lawyers and their
>>>>>>>>>>> severe
>>>>>>>>>>> lack of ethics. Silly old me thought we might get along because
>>>>>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>>>>>> your quote about big dogs in tall grass.
>>>>>>>>>>> FYI YOU gave the world your cell number CORRECT?
>>>>>>>>>>> Suite 900
>>>>>>>>>>> Purdy's Wharf Tower One
>>>>>>>>>>> 1959 Upper Water Street
>>>>>>>>>>> Halifax, NS, Canada
>>>>>>>>>>> B3J 3N2
>>>>>>>>>>> P 902.420.3337
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>>>>>>>>>>> C 902.488.8727
>>>>>>>>>>> From: David Amos<>
>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: RE Tobacco etc I see you looking Ms Rubin Perhaps we
>>>>>>>>>>> should
>>>>>>>>>>> talk 902 800 0369
>>>>>>>>>>> To:, "David
>>>>>>>>>>> Amos"<>
>>>>>>>>>>> Cc:
>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2012, 3:26 PM
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>>>>>>>>>>> Visitor's Time Jul 25 2012 9:37:04 am
>>>>>>>>>>> Visit Number 27,978
>>>>>>>>>>> Believe it or not even though it is very well known that I don't
>>>>>>>>>>> trust
>>>>>>>>>>> lawyers I am attempting to make a friend out of you for the
>>>>>>>>>>> benefit
>>>>>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>>>>>> some of your clients.
>>>>>>>>>>> Nancy G. Rubin
>>>>>>>>>>> Stewart McKelvey
>>>>>>>>>>> 900 - 1959 Uper Water Street
>>>>>>>>>>> P.O. Box 997
>>>>>>>>>>> Halifax, Nova Scotia
>>>>>>>>>>> B3J 2X2
>>>>>>>>>>> Telephone: (902) 420-3337
>>>>>>>>>>> FAX: (902) 420-1417
>>>>>>>>>>> Trust that lots of your other clients know exactly who I am For
>>>>>>>>>>> Instance you client the the Halifax Herald the CCLA, Nacy Brooks
>>>>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>>>>> and even John Bragg are well aware of my issues about securities
>>>>>>>>>>> fraud
>>>>>>>>>>> etc and why I ran for Public Office four times thus far. What is
>>>>>>>>>>> happening to my family on the Internet right now is far more evil
>>>>>>>>>>> than
>>>>>>>>>>> what you are arguing in the Supreme Court. GOOGLE Baconfat53 to
>>>>>>>>>>> see
>>>>>>>>>>> for yourself and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
>>>>>>>>>>> BTW Please do not judge a book by its cover I am this David
>>>>>>>>>>> Raymond
>>>>>>>>>>> Amos
>>>>>>>>>>> Obviously I have pissed on the shoes of the big dogs playing in
>>>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>>>> tall grass for years and am still alive a free to tell the truth
>>>>>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>>>>>> it
>>>>>>>>>>> all.
>>>>>>>>>>> The pdf file you have already received should have at least
>>>>>>>>>>> proven
>>>>>>>>>>> to
>>>>>>>>>>> you that I am a serious person. In case you do not understand I
>>>>>>>>>>> am
>>>>>>>>>>> trying to help the Tobacco companies make TJ Burke's lawsuit go
>>>>>>>>>>> away
>>>>>>>>>>> for reasons of mutual benefit BEFORE I sue the CROWN in Federal
>>>>>>>>>>> Court.
>>>>>>>>>>> If you noticed my letter to Frank McKenna within the pdf file
>>>>>>>>>>> Here
>>>>>>>>>>> is
>>>>>>>>>>> an update of our battle from this year
>>>>>>>>>>> On 1/12/12, David Amos wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>> Franky Boy McKenna oversees this park in the Big Apple and the
>>>>>>>>>>>> Attorney General of New Brunswick admitted long ago i had issues
>>>>>>>>>>>> with
>>>>>>>>>>>> McKenna and his bankster associates.
>>>>>>>>>>>> From: David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 23:22:00 -0300
>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: i just called from 902 800 0369 (Nova Scotia)
>>>>>>>>>>>> To:
>>>>>>>>>>>> I am the guy the SEC would not name that is the link to Madoff
>>>>>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>>>>>> Putnam Investments
>>>>>>>>>>>> Notice the transcript and webcast of the hearing of the US
>>>>>>>>>>>> Senate
>>>>>>>>>>>> banking Commitee is missing? please notice Eliot Spitzer and the
>>>>>>>>>>>> Dates
>>>>>>>>>>>> around November 20th, 2003 in te following file
>>>>>>>>>>>> From: "Julian Assange)"
>>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 18:15:46 +0000 (GMT)
>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Al Jazeera on Iceland's plan for a press safe haven
>>>>>>>>>>>> To:
>>>>>>>>>>>> FYI: Al-Jazeera's take on Iceland's proposed media safe haven
>>>>>>>>>>>> More info
>>>>>>>>>>>> Julian Assange
>>>>>>>>>>>> Editor
>>>>>>>>>>>> WikiLeaks
>>>>>>>>>>>> From: Birgitta Jonsdottir
>>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 07:14:02 +0000
>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Bon Soir Birgitta according to my records this is
>>>>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>>>>> first email I ever sent you
>>>>>>>>>>>> To: David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>> dear Dave
>>>>>>>>>>>> i have got your email and will read through the links as soon as
>>>>>>>>>>>> i
>>>>>>>>>>>> find some time
>>>>>>>>>>>> keep up the good fight in the meantime
>>>>>>>>>>>> thank you for bearing with me
>>>>>>>>>>>> i am literary drowning in requests to look into all sorts of
>>>>>>>>>>>> matters
>>>>>>>>>>>> and at the same time working 150% work at the parliament and
>>>>>>>>>>>> the creation of a political movement and being a responsible
>>>>>>>>>>>> parent:)
>>>>>>>>>>>> plus all the matters in relation to immi
>>>>>>>>>>>> with oceans of joy
>>>>>>>>>>>> birgitta
>>>>>>>>>>>> Better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what
>>>>>>>>>>>> you
>>>>>>>>>>>> are
>>>>>>>>>>>> not.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Andre Gide
>>>>>>>>>>>> Birgitta Jonsdottir
>>>>>>>>>>>> Birkimelur 8, 107 Reykjavik, Iceland, tel: 354 692 8884
>>>>>>>>>>>> -
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On Dec 8, 2010, at 1:35 AM, David Amos wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I truly enjoyed talking to you. More to the point I am
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> happy
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> took
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the time to listen to mean old me. I was impressed with
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> your
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> openess
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and honesty. In return I took a bit of time to study you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> more
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> closely
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> on the Internet and I am now even more impressed to view
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> artist
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> in
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> you. To hell with the politics and the money for a minute.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> At
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> risk of sounding odd your sincere soul that I sensed in
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> your
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> voice
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> came shining through the various webpages. An honest person
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> practicing
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the wicked art of politicking is a rare thing indeed. I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> must
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> confess
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that I grinned at the possibility of crossing paths with
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> another
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> kindred soul when I saw you employ the expression Me Myself
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> because I often use that expresssion
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I also sent you another email to your politcal email
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> address
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> on
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> June
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 24th, 2010 right after you spoke on CBC. (I can resend it
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> if
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> wish)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> When you folks ignored that and my calls and only sent me
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> nasty
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> responses I gave up on Iceland and IMMI because I had made
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everyone
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> well aware I had no respect for Assange and corrupt
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> parliamentarians
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> whatsoever. Assange became the big celebrity after
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> releasing
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> video
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> from Iraq but I felt sorry for the kid who went to jail
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> had
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> given
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> him the stuff. Obviously I sent you folks the email below
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> long
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> before
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Assange made the scene in Iceland. Rest assured that I sent
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> him
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> evidence of my concerns about Iceland or he would not had
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sent
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> me
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> his
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> bragging emails the following March.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Now that Assange is in jail with no hope of bail like I was
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> couple
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> of times after CBC has been yapping about him for weeks I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> was
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> feeling
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a little vindictive so I opted to tease some of his friends
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fans
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (such as McCarthy and CBC) by reminding them that I was
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> still
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> alive,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> not in jail and kicking like hell. (A host of cops in seven
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cars
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> pounced on my son (who was visiting me) and I at 2;30 in
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> morning
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> right after the results of the recent election was
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> annnounced
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Although
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I managed to run them off this time need I say it really
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> pissed
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> me
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> off
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and saddend me to put him on a bus back to Boston)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I did not send you that email with the pdf files attached
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> from
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> my
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> new
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yahoo address but you will get it in a bit. Heres hoping
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> will
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> enjoy it.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Best Regards
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dave
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ———- Forwarded message ———-
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From: David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 22:33:10 -0300
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: RE: Iceland and Bankers Whereas the politicians
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ignore
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> me
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> maybe some fellow bloggers will listen to me eh?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To:,,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cc:,,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ———- Forwarded message ———-
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From: David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 21:23:15 -0300
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Fwd: You mentioned Iceland and Bankers just now
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> smiled
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cc: "Jacques.Poitras" , Dan Fitzgerald
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ———- Forwarded message ———-
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From: David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 20:52:42 -0300
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: You mentioned Iceland and Bankers just now and I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> smiled
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To:,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ———- Forwarded message ———-
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From: David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 12:24:42 -0300
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Fwd: RE: Iceland and Bankers etc I must ask the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> obvious
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> question. Why have you people ignored me for three years?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To:,,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cc: webo ,,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I wonder if any lawyer will bother to read this email,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> understand
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> it
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and call me back
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ———- Forwarded message ———-
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009 15:06:39 +0000
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: RE: Iceland and Bankers etc I must ask the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> obvious
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> question. Why have you people ignored me for three years?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To: David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dear David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Unfortunately there has been a considerable delay in
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> responding
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> incoming letters due to heavy workload and many inquiries
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> our
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> office.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> We appreciate the issue raised in your letter. We have set
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> up
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> web
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> site
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> where we have gathered various
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> practical
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> information
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> regarding the economic crisis in Iceland.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Greetings from the Ministry of Finance.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tilvísun í mál: FJR08100024
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Frá: David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dags: 29.01.2009 19:17:43
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Til:,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ""
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> , "" , Dan
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fitzgerald ,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Afrit:,,,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Efni: RE: Iceland and Bankers etc I must ask the obvious
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> question.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Why
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> have you people ignored me for three years?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ———————————————————
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FYI Some folks in Canada are watching your actions or lack
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> thereof
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> more closely than others. As you well know I am one.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You folks should not deny certain responses that I have
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> received
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> over
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the course of the last few months from your country
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CORRECT?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From: David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 13:57:55 -0300
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: Regarding your enquiry to the Prime Ministry
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Iceland
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thanx
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On 10/8/08, wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> David Raymond Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Your enquiry has been received by the Prime Ministry of
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Iceland
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> waits
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> attendance.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thank you.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From: Fjármálaeftirlitið – Fyrirspurn
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 12:23:41 -0000
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Staðfesting á móttöku
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To: David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fjármálaeftirlitið hefur móttekið erindi yðar. Erindinu
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> verður
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> svarað
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> við fyrsta tækifæri. Vakin er athygli á heimasíðu
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fjármálaeftirlitsins, Þar má finna
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ýmsar
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> upplýsingar ásamt svörum við algengum spurningum:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Financial Supervisory Authority (FME) of Iceland
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> confirms
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> receipt of your e-mail. Your e-mail will be answered as
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> soon
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> as
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> possible. We would like to point out our website,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There you can find information and answeres to frequently
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> asked
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> questions:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kveðja / Best Regards
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fjármálaeftirlitið / Financial Supervisory Authority,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Iceland
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sími / Tel.: (+354) 525 2700
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From: David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 10:53:47 -0300
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: I just called to remind the Speaker, the Bankers
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Icelanders that I still exist EH Mrs Mrechant, Bob Rae and
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Iggy?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To:,,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cc:,,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All of you should review the documents and CD that came
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> with
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> letter ASAP EH?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Perhaps Geir Haarde and Steingrimur Sigfusson should call
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> me
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> at
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 506
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 756
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 8687
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Veritas Vincit
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> David Raymond Amos
>>>>>>>>>>> --- On Tue, 7/24/12, David Amos<>
>>>>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> From: David Amos<>
>>>>>>>>>>> Subject: I am a stakeholder too Howcome the CROWN and Imperial
>>>>>>>>>>> Tobacco
>>>>>>>>>>> Canada Limited etc have ignored my concerns???
>>>>>>>>>>> To:,,
>>>>>>>>>>>, "premier"<>, "David
>>>>>>>>>>> Amos"
>>>>>>>>>>> <>, "oldmaison"<>,
>>>>>>>>>>> "evelyngreene"<>, "sallybrooks25"
>>>>>>>>>>> <>,
>>>>>>>>>>> "andremurraynow"<>
>>>>>>>>>>> Cc:,,
>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2012, 8:46 PM
>>>>>>>>>>> At least Ms Rubin should GOOGLE my name and checkout the social
>>>>>>>>>>> media
>>>>>>>>>>> EH Alward?
>>>>>>>>>>> Subject:
>>>>>>>>>>> Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 12:02:35 -0400
>>>>>>>>>>> From: "Murphy, Michael B. \(DH/MS\)"
>>>>>>>>>>> To:
>>>>>>>>>>> January 30, 2007
>>>>>>>>>>> Mr. David Amos
>>>>>>>>>>> Dear Mr. Amos:
>>>>>>>>>>> This will acknowledge receipt of a copy of your e-mail of
>>>>>>>>>>> December
>>>>>>>>>>> 29,
>>>>>>>>>>> 2006 to Corporal Warren McBeath of the RCMP. Because of the
>>>>>>>>>>> nature
>>>>>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>>>>>> the allegations made in your message, I have taken the measure of
>>>>>>>>>>> forwarding a copy to Assistant Commissioner Steve Graham of the
>>>>>>>>>>> RCMP
>>>>>>>>>>> "J" Division in Fredericton.
>>>>>>>>>>> Sincerely,
>>>>>>>>>>> Honourable Michael B. Murphy
>>>>>>>>>>> Minister of Health
>>>>>>>>>>> "The Respondent brought an action against the tobacco industry to
>>>>>>>>>>> recover tobacco related healthcare costs pursuant to the Tobacco
>>>>>>>>>>> Damages and Healthcare Costs Recovery Act, S.N.B. 2006, c. T-7.5.
>>>>>>>>>>> The
>>>>>>>>>>> Respondent arranged for legal representation in the action by
>>>>>>>>>>> entering
>>>>>>>>>>> into a contingent fee agreement with a consortium of lawyers from
>>>>>>>>>>> New
>>>>>>>>>>> Brunswick, Ontario and the United States. The Applicant brought a
>>>>>>>>>>> motion challenging the constitutional and legal authority of the
>>>>>>>>>>> Attorney General of New Brunswick to enter into a contingent fee
>>>>>>>>>>> agreement without prior legislative approval for any resulting
>>>>>>>>>>> appropriation."
>>>>>>>>>>> Philippe J. Eddie, Q.C.
>>>>>>>>>>> Robyn Ryan Bell
>>>>>>>>>>> Address 37 Archibald St.
>>>>>>>>>>> Moncton, New Brunswick
>>>>>>>>>>> E1C 5H8
>>>>>>>>>>> Telephone: (506) 382-1917
>>>>>>>>>>> FAX: (506) 382-2816
>>>>>>>>>>> E-mail:
>>>>>>>>>>> Agent David K. Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>> Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
>>>>>>>>>>> 1300 - 55 Metcalfe Street
>>>>>>>>>>> Ottawa, Ontario
>>>>>>>>>>> K1P 6L5
>>>>>>>>>>> Telephone: (613) 236-3882
>>>>>>>>>>> FAX: (613) 230-6423
>>>>>>>>>>> E-mail:
>>>>>>>>>>> Just Dave
>>>>>>>>>>> By Location Visit Detail
>>>>>>>>>>> Visit 17,601
>>>>>>>>>>> Domain Name ? (Network)
>>>>>>>>>>> IP Address 142.167.94.# (Stentor National Integrated
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>>>>>>>>>>> Network)
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2013 23:06:27 -0400
Subject: Good talk tonight but clearly there is a lot you don't know
Cc: David Amos <>

---- Original Message -----
From: "McKnight, Gisele"
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 2:53 PM
Subject: David Amos

Hello Lisa,

David Amos asked me to contact you. I met him last June after he became
an independent (not representing any political party) candidate in our
election that was held June 28. He was a candidate in our constituency of
Fundy (now called Fundy-Royal).

I wrote a profile story about him, as I did all other candidates. That
story appeared in the Kings County Record June 22. A second story, written
by one of my reporters, appeared on the same date, which was a report on
the candidates' debate held June 18.

As I recall David Amos came last of four candidates in the election.
The winner got 14,997 votes, while Amos got 358.

I have attached the two stories that appeared, as well as a photo
taken by reporter Erin Hatfield during the debate. I couldn't find the photo
that ran, but this one is very similar.

A1-debate A1-amos,David for MP 24.doc debate 2.JPG

Gisele McKnight editor
Kings County Record
Sussex, New Brunswick

Raising a Little Hell- Lively Debate Provokes Crowd

By Erin Hatfield

"If you don't like what you got, why don't you change it? If your
world is all screwed up, rearrange it."

The 1979 Trooper song Raise a Little Hell blared on the speakers at
the 8th Hussars Sports Center Friday evening as people filed in to
watch the Fundy candidates debate the issues. It was an accurate, if
unofficial, theme song for the debate.

The crowd of over 200 spectators was dwarfed by the huge arena, but as
they chose their seats, it was clear the battle lines were drawn.
Supporters of Conservative candidate Rob Moore naturally took the blue
chairs on the right of the rink floor while John Herron's Liberalswent
left. There were splashes of orange, supporters of NDP Pat Hanratty,
mixed throughout. Perhaps the loudest applause came from a row towards
the back, where supporters of independent candidate David Amos sat.

The debate was moderated by Leo Melanson of CJCW Radio and was
organized by the Sussex Valley Jaycees. Candidates wereasked a barrage
of questions bypanelists Gisele McKnight of the Kings County Record
and Lisa Spencer of CJCW.

Staying true to party platforms for the most part, candidates
responded to questions about the gun registry, same sex marriage, the
exodus of young people from the Maritimes and regulated gas prices.
Herron and Moore were clear competitors,constantly challenging each
other on their answers and criticizing eachothers' party leaders.
Hanratty flew under the radar, giving short, concise responses to the
questions while Amos provided some food for thought and a bit of comic
relief with quirky answers. "I was raised with a gun," Amos said in
response to the question of thenational gun registry. "Nobody's
getting mine and I'm not paying 10 cents for it."

Herron, a Progressive Conservative MP turned Liberal, veered from his
party'splatform with regard to gun control. "It was ill advised but
well intentioned," Herron said. "No matter what side of the house I am
on, I'm voting against it." Pat Hanratty agreed there were better
places for the gun registry dollars to be spent.Recreational hunters
shouldn't have been penalized by this gun registry," he said.

The gun registry issues provoked the tempers of Herron and Moore. At
one point Herron got out of his seat and threw a piece of paper in
front of Moore. "Read that," Herron said to Moore, referring to the
voting record of Conservative Party leader Steven Harper. According to
Herron, Harper voted in favour of the registry on the first and second
readings of the bill in 1995. "He voted against it when it counted, at
final count," Moore said. "We needa government with courage to
register sex offenders rather than register the property of law
abiding citizens."

The crowd was vocal throughout the evening, with white haired men and
women heckling from the Conservative side. "Shut up John," one woman
yelled. "How can you talk about selling out?" a man yelled whenHerron
spoke about his fear that the Conservatives are selling farmers out.

Although the Liberal side was less vocal, Kings East MLA Leroy
Armstrong weighed in at one point. "You're out of touch," Armstrong
yelled to Moore from the crowd when the debate turned to the cost of
post-secondary education. Later in the evening Amos challenged
Armstrong to a public debate of their own. "Talk is cheap. Any time,
anyplace," Armstrong responded.

As the crowd made its way out of the building following the debate,
candidates worked the room. They shook hands with well-wishers and
fielded questions from spectators-all part of the decision-making
process for the June 28 vote.

Cutline – David Amos, independent candidate in Fundy, with some of his
favourite possessions—motorcycles.


The Unconventional Candidate

David Amos Isn't Campaigning For Your Vote, But….

By Gisele McKnight

FUNDY—He has a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket, a chain on his
wallet, a beard at least a foot long, 60 motorcycles and a cell phone
that rings to the tune of "Yankee Doodle."

Meet the latest addition to the Fundy ballot—David Amos.

The independent candidate lives in Milton, Massachusetts with his wife
and two children, but his place of residence does not stop him from
running for office in Canada.

One has only to be at least 18, a Canadian citizen and not be in jail
to meet Elections Canada requirements.

When it came time to launch his political crusade, Amos chose his
favourite place to do so—Fundy.

Amos, 52, is running for political office because of his
dissatisfaction with politicians.

"I've become aware of much corruption involving our two countries," he
said. "The only way to fix corruption is in the political forum."

The journey that eventually led Amos to politics began in Sussex in
1987. He woke up one morning disillusioned with life and decided he
needed to change his life.

"I lost my faith in mankind," he said. "People go through that
sometimes in midlife."

So Amos, who'd lived in Sussex since 1973, closed his Four Corners
motorcycle shop, paid his bills and hit the road with Annie, his 1952
Panhead motorcycle.

"Annie and I rode around for awhile (three years, to be exact)
experiencing the milk of human kindness," he said. "This is how you
renew your faith in mankind – you help anyone you can, you never ask
for anything, but you take what they offer."

For those three years, they offered food, a place to sleep, odd jobs
and conversation all over North America.

Since he and Annie stopped wandering, he has married, fathered a son
and a daughter and become a house-husband – Mr. Mom, as he calls

He also describes himself in far more colourful terms—a motorcyclist
rather than a biker, a "fun-loving, free-thinking, pig-headed
individual," a "pissed-off Maritimer" rather than an activist, a proud
Canadian and a "wild colonial boy."

Ironically, the man who is running for office has never voted in his life.

"But I have no right to criticize unless I offer my name," he said.
"It's alright to bitch in the kitchen, but can you walk the walk?"

Amos has no intention of actively campaigning.

"I didn't appreciate it when they (politicians) pounded on my door
interrupting my dinner," he said. "If people are interested, they can
call me. I'm not going to drive my opinions down their throats."

And he has no campaign budget, nor does he want one.

"I won't take any donations," he said. "Just try to give me some. It's
not about money. It goes against what I'm fighting about."

What he's fighting for is the discussion of issues – tainted blood,
the exploitation of the Maritimes' gas and oil reserves and NAFTA, to
name a few.

"The political issues in the Maritimes involve the three Fs – fishing,
farming and forestry, but they forget foreign issues," he said. "I'm
death on NAFTA, the back room deals and free trade. I say chuck it
(NAFTA) out the window.

NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement which allows an
easier flow of goods between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Amos disagrees with the idea that a vote for him is a wasted vote.

"There are no wasted votes," he said. "I want people like me,
especially young people, to pay attention and exercise their right.
Don't necessarily vote for me, but vote."

Although…if you're going to vote anyway, Amos would be happy to have
your X by his name.

"I want people to go into that voting booth, see my name, laugh and
say, 'what the hell.'"

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 01:04:51 -0400
Subject: I will lay odds the Jac Nasser of BHP is overjoyed that
Harper stopped the hostile takeover of Potash Corp However I bet a lot
of politicians in Canada and Norway etc are VERY afraid somebody will
mention these emails in the media EH?
To: pm <>, premier <>, bwall
<>, premier <>,
"david.alward" <>, "Kory.Teneycke"
<>, ""
<>, COCMoncton <>,
"joshua.skurnik" <>, "Mike.Hudson"
<>, "Leanne.Fitch"
<>, "leanne.murray"
<>, leader <>,
MulcaT <>, "justin.trudeau.a1"
"jacques.nasser" <>, water
<>, "" <>, "terry.seguin"
<>,, "davidc.coon"
<>,,,,,,,,,,,,, "John.Williamson" <>,
kentp <>,,, "martin.pat" <>,
"Michael.Ferguson" <>
Cc: David Amos <>,

I know for a fact a lot of my friends who work at the Potash Mine in
Sussex remember seeing my smiling face posted at the gate of the Mine
while I ran for a seat in parliament. They told me that there was a
notice for the guard to call the corrupt RCMP if I tried to serve
them or their pals in Corridor Resources some documents.

However all the crooks (the lawyer Joey Oliver in particular) know I
had alredy did that byway of emails. However a little later I realy
rubbed it in byway of my filings with the National Energy Board.

That said If the snobby dude in Windsor Energy understood me you can
bet my fellow Maritmers and the sneaky bastards out west certtainly
did as well. N'esy Pas Brad Wall and Kory Teneyke. At least Kory's
brief replacement in Harper's office can never claim that I did not
try hard to talk to him about this before his boss Harper was found in
contempt of parliament the writ was dropped EH John Williamson?

If anyone wishes to recall the day after I got BHP letter (Which is
herto attached as a jepg file this time) the Globe and Mail FAILED to
tell the whole truth once again and quite simply NEVER did.

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos
902 800 0369

With Sun TV behind him, Kory Teneycke picks up Potash file
Steven Chase and Shawn McCarthy

The Globe and Mail

Kory Teneycke announces his resignation vice-president of development
for Quebecor Media at a Parliament Hill news conference on Sept. 15,

The former Harper spokesman behind the creation of Sun TV News has
found a fresh assignment in the takeover battle for Potash Corp.

Kory Teneckye is working for Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP
Billiton, which has launched a $39-billion bid for the Saskatchewan

Mr. Tenecyke is not lobbying Ottawa though. He's prohibited from doing
so under the terms of the Harper government's Federal Accountability
Act, which forces former political staffers to wait five years before
lobbying former employers.

Story continues below ad
He declined comment on his work Thursday, aside from saying it doesn't
require him to knock on doors in the federal government.

The Globe and Mail has learned the Saskatchewan-born politico - who
counts Premier Brad Wall as a friend - is helping BHP talk to the
provincial government in Regina. He's also offering BHP communications

Mr. Wall has opposed the BHP bid and urged Ottawa to reject its
takeover, saying he has no faith in Ottawa's ability to extract
enforceable promises for additional investment or job creation from
the mining concern.

Mr. Teneycke, who worked for Mr. Wall's Saskatchewan Party in years
past, served as the director of communications for the Harper
government for about a year before leaving the job in the summer of

He later led a drive, funded by Quebecor, to build a right-leaning
cable news network called Sun TV. It's supposed to launch in January
of 2011.

But Mr. Teneycke abruptly quit the project in September, saying
increasingly bitter public controversy over his role had made him a
liability to the controversial TV venture.

His exit followed a list of incidents where the colourful but
combative former political staffer courted controversy to publicize
his new venture - actions that he later acknowledged had "contributed
to the debasing of [the]debate" over Sun TV.

Mr. Teneycke's departure also raised questions about whether Quebec
billionaire Pierre Karl Péladeau would proceed with Sun TV. Quebecor
has said it still plans to launch the station, but without special
help from federal regulators as originally requested.

Wikipedia tells us more about Kory Baby EH?

Teneycke was born in Regina and raised on a grain farm in rural
Saskatchewan near Young. He worked on the Progressive Conservative
campaign in the 1991 Saskatchewan election. He also worked on the
losing Progressive Conservative campaign in Swift Current—Maple
Creek—Assiniboia in 1993, where he met and became friends with Brad
Wall. Teneycke then worked on two Saskatchewan Party campaigns—in 1999
and 2003.

Teneycke was appointed Director of Communication for Canadian Prime
Minister Stephen Harper on July 7, 2008.[1] He announced on July 28,
2009, that he would be stepping down.[2] Prior to his role as director
of communication, Teneycke served as an advisor to Preston Manning and
Mike Harris, and a lobbyist with the Canadian Renewable Fuels

The Hill Times reported on August 31, 2009 that Teneycke had accepted
a three-month contract to provide strategic communications advice to
Sun TV.[4] After a brief stint as a political commentator for the
CBC,[5] In June 2010, Teneycke accepted a position as VP, Development
at Quebecor Media. On September 15, 2010 Quebecor announced his
departure. He rejoined Sun News in 2011.

Avaaz online petition spam [edit]
In September 2010, Teneycke responded to criticism of his initiative
to start a news channel in Canada which was perceived as getting
preferential treatment by the incumbent Conservative government, his
former employer. In news interviews, Teneycke pointed out that a
petition operated by the group Avaaz opposing the new channel was
being infiltrated by illegitimate signatures, going so far as to send
an update about it on Twitter.[10]

CBC political blogger Kady O'Malley had questioned the source that
Teneycke had cited in his Toronto Sun article as there was no way of
knowing who had actually signed up for the Avaaz petition as the
signees were not published. Teneycke then admitted that he had a
source who had provided false names to prove a point.[11] Later in an
interview, Avaaz executive director Ricken Patel indicated that the
fake signatures that Teneycke had cited were all added from the same
IP address at the time when Teneycke had published the Sun article
critical of the petition.[11] Susan Delacourt of the Toronto Star
observed "Kory Teneycke seemed to have inside knowledge of the fake
names on the petition.[12] Avaaz requested on September 14, 2010 that
the Ottawa Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) begin
an investigation to determine the identity of the individual
responsible for adding the fraudulent signatures from an Ottawa IP
address to the organization's petition dubbed "Stop 'Fox News North'".
In his letter to law enforcement on behalf of Avaaz, civil rights
lawyer, Clayton Ruby, called for a full criminal investigation on the

No charges were ever filed in relation to Avaaz's complaint.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 18:01:00 -0300
Subject: RE John Conway of the University of Regina and his published
opinion of the demise of the NDP In SK
To:,, bwall
<>, premier <>,,,,,
Cc:, maritime_malaise <>,,,
"jacques.nasser" <>, occupyfredericton
<>, "9.17occupywallstreet"
<>, occupyottawa

I don't believe John Conway knows as much as he thinks he does so he
deserved to be somewhat more enlightened EH Brad Wall? Rest assured
that I called him and told him as much as he wanted to know while
Lingenfelter's campain manager played as dumb as a post about my

However as dumb as Lingenfelter and his cohorts may pretend to be if
the NDP boss in SK truly practiced old style, right wing "take no
prisoners" politicking he who have embarassed the hell out of Brad
Wall last year with the letter from Jac Nasser to mean old me that is
hereto attached.

Anyone with two clues between their ears or even a dumb NDP dude would
know that BHP Billiton's Marius Kloppers visiting Brad Wall during an
election campaign is just no coincidence at all. Something smells
truly rotten indeed. However the only way to resolve my concerns is
byway of litigation CORRECT MR WALL?

Have your lawyers review the emials below and tell your Attorney
General to find the documents I sent his office byway REGISTERED US
MAIL in 2005 and tell them to give me a call if they have more BALLS
than you EH MR WALL?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos
902 800 0369

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 15:16:55 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Fw: RE BHP's game I just called Bill Boyd and the NDP In SK
they played dumb as usual

From: David Amos <>
Subject: Yo Shawny Baby interestng trick your pal Carl Urquhart and
his buddies in the RCMP and Fat Fred City's Finest tried to pull on my
son and I last night EH?
To: "MLA" <>, "kelly. lamrock"
<>, "jack. keir" <>,
"jack.macdougall" <>, "Ed. Doherty"
<>, "" <>,
"" <>, "danfour"
<>, "Richard Harris"
<>, "tracy" <>, "nb.
premier" <>, "nbpolitico" <>,
"terry.seguin" <>
Cc: "Wayne.Lang" <>, "rob.lafrance"
<>, "shawn. graham" <>,
"John. Foran" <>, "john"
<>, "krisaustin"
<>, "robin reid" <>, "tony"
"Barry.MacKnight" <>, "Barry Winters"
Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2010, 6:25 PM

How dumb was that? I must ask did he expect the cops to arrest both of
us and then call us both crazy? Hell Urquhart even bragged in front of
the cops that he did the same shit on July 4th, 2008 That malicious
nonsense didn't work out too well for the long gone lawyer and former
Minister of Health Mikey Murphy partcularly after the nasty French
bastard Chucky Lebanc and hs pals violated my privacy and blogged
about N'esy Pas? I told the cops last nght to simply Google my name and
the dumb bastards laughed.

FYI type in Davd Amos to see that I wa not jokng with the smiling dumb
bastards last nght Google will offer Chucky Leblanc's bullshit about
mean old me at the top of the hit list DUHHH?

Davd Amos plus Google equals

Do tell does Carl Baby really think I won't sue his nasty arse
someday? Ya think the corrupt ex cop of Fat Fred City's Finest would
at least wait until he and his cohorts got sworn in to take over your
jobs EH?

--- On Mon, 9/13/10, David Amos <> wrote:

From: David Amos <>
Subject: How is your conscience and sense of ethical conduct doing now
Cc: "" <>,
"Dean.Buzza" <>
Date: Monday, September 13, 2010, 7:57 PM

Jane McAloon (Group Company Secretary) BEc (Hons), LLB, GDipGov, FCIS
Term of office: Jane McAloon was appointed Group Company Secretary in
July 2007 and joined the BHP Billiton Group in September 2006 as
Company Secretary for BHP Billiton Limited.
Skills and experience: Prior to joining BHP Billiton, Jane McAloon
held the position of Company Secretary and Group Manager External and
Regulatory Services in the Australian Gas Light Company. She
previously held various State and Commonwealth government positions,
including Director General of the NSW Ministry of Energy and Utilities
and Deputy Director General for the NSW Cabinet Office, as well as
working in private legal practice. She is a Fellow of the Institute of
Chartered Secretaries.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Collins, Susan J (COSEC)" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 09:23:12 +1000
Subject: Email to BHP Billiton Chairman's

Please find attached a letter from Mr Jac Nasser, Chairman of BHP

Susan Collins
Company Secretariat
BHP Billiton | 180 Lonsdale St | Melbourne Vic 3000 |Australia
T: +61 3 9609 2654 | M: +61 427 713 994 | F: +61 3 9609 3290
E: <>

<<Amos D 2010 09 14.pdf>>

-----Original Message-----
From: David Amos []
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 8:36 AM
To:;;;;; shawn. graham;;
rick.hancox; Bernard.LeBlanc; Liebenberg, Andre;; MooreR; danfour;;
Harris, Brendan; Dean.Buzza; Gilles. Blinn
Cc: wcoady;;;
WaterWarCrimes; Penny Bright; tony; Nasser, Jacques
Subject: Fwd: PotashCorp should mention my concerns about their lack
of ethical conduct and actions against me to your shareholers before
you people buy much stock in their stock eh?

With ANOTHER election in the near future I see no need to explain my
issues again about theexploitation of our natural resources to a
bunch of sneaky lawyers.(everyboy shoul checkout the pdf hereto
attache) especially our former Deputy Prime Minister Lanslide Annie
McLelllan an the RCMP thought they knew everything seven years ago and
did nothing let alone call me back just like you an your many
conservative cohorts NEVER did EH Brucy Baby Northrup? (902 800 0369
Notice my new contact number? You an the RCMP can forget Werner Bock's

Clearly there is no need for politicians to try to be confidential
with mean old me when the Globe and Mail loves spiling the beans
sometimes ou woul think those unethical journlists woul know that
simple truths spoken amongst common folk about corrupt politicians
have a good habit of coming to the surface sooner or later anyway EH?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

This message and any attached files may contain information that is
confidential and/or subject of legal privilege intended only for use
by the intended recipient. If you are not the intended recipient or
the person responsible for delivering the message to the intended
recipient, be advised that you have received this message in error and
that any dissemination, copying or use of this message or attachment
is strictly forbidden, as is the disclosure of the information
therein. If you have received this message in error please notify the
sender immediately and delete the message.'s_Chairman.pdf

----- Original Message -----
From: "David Amos" <>
To: <>; <>; <>;
<>; <>; <>;
<>; <>; <>;
"rnc" <>; <>; "bairdj"
<>; <>; "pm" <>;
<>; <>;
"ecofredericton" <>; "water"
<>; "gretchenf" <>
Cc: <>; <>;
<>; "jacques.nasser"
<>; "premier" <>;
"premier" <>; <>
Sent: Monday, May 07, 2012 11:05 PM
Subject: Re: Banksters, Potash Corp and Norway's very strange sense of
ethical conduct

----- Original Message -----
From: "David Amos" <>
To: <>; "pm" <>; "bob.rae"
<>; "Nycole.Turmel"
<>; "maritime_malaise"
<>; <>
Cc: "occupyTOmedia" <>; "occupyfredericton"
<>; "OccupyBostonMedia"
<>; "Arthur Taylor"
Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2011 11:02 AM
Subject: Re Banksters, Potash Corp and Norway's very strange sense of
ethical conduct

I waited for over week for Norway's Minister of Finance of his
Ambassador in Canada to call me back before sending this email as I
promised. They assistants in Canada and Norway didn't believe that I
sent them emails in 2009 and demanded that I resend them before I
could discuss anything with their bosses. I did as they requested but
told them I wished to discuss more recent events concerning Potash and
the European Union but they didn't seem to care. They only wanted me
to prove that I had sent them email before for some strange reason.

This was what I wanted to discuss with Norway while the Canadian
parliaments were in session.

However long ago Byron Prior said the Judge Hickman, Norway and a host
of others covered up what happened to our cod and the sinking of the
Ocean Ranger,314115

"Byron had some incredible stories for me when we talked on the phone.
He is a jack-of-all-trades who cannot get a job because of his pursuit
of justice in a land ruled by his tormentor. He has worked on oil rigs
and in repairing ships wounded on the treacherous shores of
Newfoundland. One day a cargo ship owned by Paul Martin the current
Canadian Prime Minister and named after his wife, limped into port for
repairs, in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Kilos of cocaine, were found in the
steering section, no one was charged. Another story he told me was a
story of resource exploration gone badly. As it turns out,
Newfoundland is sitting on some of the richest oil and natural gas
reserves in the North-Atlantic, in fact the Canadian Government sold
the known reserves to the Multi National oil companies. An exploration
Rig, The Ocean Ranger, was surveying for oil/natural gas, on the Grand
Banks, off Newfoundland. Because of the voracious greed of the oil
company doing the surveying the rig was operating in waters, 30 meters
or approx. 100 feet, shallower than it was built for. It had all the
tractor-trailer office-boxes on top, which added more weight, which
meant it needed even more water. Then a storm kicked up and the swells
picked this rig up and down till one of the legs hit the bottom and
snapped off. The whole rig capsized. Everyone on board was killed. T.
Alex Hickman, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and
Commissioner of the Ocean Ranger Inquiry, said, The Companies are
neither responsible nor liable for what happened to this oil rig. As
it is said, "There is no loyalty among thieves".

Another story Byron was a witness to involving the exploration of
natural resources gone badly this time off the Northern Labrador Coast
which was known as one of the richest fisheries in the world. They
also happened to be one of the richest sources of natural gas in the
Northern Atlantic. A Drill Ship, The Pelerin, was surveying for oil
and natural gas off the coast. They wound up hitting pay dirt on a
fearsome level. While drilling they hit what must have been a fissure,
because the volume of natural gas that erupted threatened to sink the
ship. When any gas is dissolved in water it reduces the buoyancy of
anything floating on the surface. It would have sunk instantly for
lack of buoyancy had the strong current not carried the natural gas
away from the ship. They tried in vain for three days to seal the leak
but it overcame their abilities. It was this incident that may have
caused the death of the cod fishery in the richest grounds of the
North Atlantic. Byron is a witness to this incident."

"I left home today with the intention of filling a, Writ of Summons, A
Statement of Claim & An Affidavit with the Supreme Court Of
Newfoundland aganist T. Alex Hickman & The RCMP, I didn't & left the
building more determined than ever to inform the PUBLIC. On public
display, upon entering, a picture of Alex Hickman & The Queen, great
start, a list of Supreme Court Judges, Mr Justice R J Halley, X
partiner of Halley, Hunt & Hickman, Hon Chief Justice J D Green, a
member of the Ocean Ranger Inquiry which white washed the sinking of
the Ocean Ranger & said the Oil Companies were not Responsible or
Liable Legally for the SO CALLED, ACCIDENT.

Most of the other Judges also sat on the inquiry with Alex Hickman,
than Chief Justice as Chairman. None of these people would know an Oil
Rig from an Oil Delivery Truck. After the Ranger sank, I came home
from Tanzania, East Africa, to help 2 sea Captains, start an Offshore
Safety Course For the oil rigs, Basic Offshore Survival Training, BOST
Course, at the marine institute. I had worked on 4 continents for a
company called Helmer Staubo, of Oslo, Norway, a hobby for me was
collecting Rig Photos from around the world, one of which was the
Ocean Ranger. This rig had one thing completely different from ALL
other Semi Submersable Rigs, it's anchor chains were moved up ,on the
legs, so the chains were always visablely out of the water, this was
done to try to add stability.

The sister RIG of the Ocean Ranger is still working , to this day in
the Norwegan Sector of thr North Sea, to work in 3 meters, 6 ft. less
water than it was designed for, 20 tons of weight had to be removed
from the work deck, to compensate for the 3 meters of less water, to
prevent it from hitting bottom during a storm, NOT ONLY WAS THE OCEAN

I was showing these pictures in my saftey classes when an order came
from CAPT. Jack Strong to remove my Photos from the class room &
instruct only from the prepaird text book. After that my teaching
career ended & I was black listed from the offshore."

Wheras Norway's government has ignored me for way past to long Perhaps
I should talk to the opposition before its parliament says ok to this
nonsense. It appears that those right wingers could use some good
press about their actions but we all know why i don't wish to be
friends with Right Wing Wackos EH Mr Harper?

"Norway has today offered up to 6 billion SDR (equivalent to 7 billion
euros) to the International Monetary Fund, as a bilateral loan to
contribute to stabilising the European and international economy, and
thus also to safeguard the Norwegian economy and Norwegian jobs", says
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2011 14:23:19 -0400
Subject: Lisa Faiella has an informative blog about Potash Strange
that none of this was ever reported EH Jac Nasser?
To:,, "jacques.nasser"
Cc:,, pm <>, premier
<>, premier <>, maritime_malaise

Look my words quoted by the newspaper years ago and campare them to
the words in Nasser's letter that is atttached.

"What he's fighting for is the discussion of issues – tainted blood,
the exploitation of the Maritimes' gas and oil reserves and NAFTA, to
name a few.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 07:46:04 -0400
Subject: RE Harper, the CBC, Daniel Tobok, BHP Billiton and China
versus me old me
To:, "greg.weston" <>, pm
<>, Clemet1 <>,,
"jacques.nasser" <>, water
<>, "" <>, "terry.seguin"
<>, premier <>, premier
<>, "" <>

Too too funny EH Jac?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Collins, Susan J (COSEC)" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 09:23:12 +1000
Subject: Email to BHP Billiton Chairman's

Please find attached a letter from Mr Jac Nasser, Chairman of BHP

Susan Co

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