Monday, 19 May 2014

For the PUBLIC RECORD many Indians. thr Queen's mindless son Prince Chucky the Honourary Commissioner of the RCMP, Birgitta the sneaky lady from Iceland and of course the Prez Obama know the Truth about Mr Baconfat and his blogs

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 11:39:27 -0300
Subject: For the PUBLIC RECORD many Indians. thr Queen's mindless son
Prince Chucky the Honourary Commissioner of the RCMP, Birgitta the
sneaky lady from Icleland and of course the Prez Obama know the Truth
about Mr Baconfat and his blogs
To: BARRY WINTERS <>, "mckeen.randy"
<>, "david.alward" <>,
"Davidc.Coon" <>, Brian Gallant
<>, "bob.paulson"
<>, "ian.fahie" <>,
"Ian.McPhail" <>, "Ron.Francis"
<>, "Pete.Berndsen"
<>, "craig.callens"
Cc: David Amos <>, madeleine
<>, "steven.blaney"
<>, "steve.murphy" <>,
MulcaT <>, "justin.trudeau.a1"
<>, pm <>, jamiebaillie
<>, Mackap <>, "scott.macrae"
<>, "Grant.Fiander"
<>, PREMIER <>, glen
<>, Glen Canning <>, deanr0032
<>, "Gary.Rhodes" <>,
"gary.forward" <>, justmin
<>, info <>, "Tim.RICHARDSON"
<>, oldmaison <>, andre
<>, msegal <>, merricra
<>, "Marianne.Ryan" <>,
"rod.knecht" <>, frankffrost
<>, radical <>,
"Geoffrey.McDonald" <>, "t.wilson"
<>, "foghorn.leghorn_175"
<>, "jennifer.johnston"
<>, "JAG.Minister"
<>, The Disinfector <>

BTW Cpl Yannick Madelaine just called me with an unlisted number. He
certainly remembered me from our battles Peticodiac in 2006 but in the
next breath the corrupt cop denied receiving hard copy of my material
or even getting this email. Go Figure when his buddy Mr Baconfat brags
of all the emails he and his RCMP butt buddies just got from me while
Prince Chucky is in my old stomping ground EH?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ten E mails from Little David Amos

Wee Davey Amos has decided to infect my e mail inbox yet again. In the
last few days David has e mailed no less than ten poorly written,
incoherent and insane rants to me and with copies to scores of
unfortunate politicians. An E mail from David Amos is as about as
welcome as a dose of the clap.

Which brings of to wee David's latest "bone of contention." It seems
David is somewhat chagrined because he found out that I gave his
Mother that last dose of the clap she had not too long ago. New
meaning to that old curse..."Yo momma!"

Posted by Seren at 7:14 AM

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Amerka';s first Negro President says, "I had that!"

Today Israel's version of Navy SEALs identified an Iranian missile
delivery, intercepted the delivery and captured it, and put paid to
Iran's propaganda. So just what amerka's first "tar baby" president
say in response? "I had that." I mean it, we really had that. I told
the State Department and Defense Department to monitor the
situation..." Yeah right there Uncle Tom! President Obama couldn't
guarantee the security of a Nigger pimp provides for his "stable."

Today naval units and platforms of IDF intercepted Iranian ship Klos-C
in the Red Sea, some 1500 kilometres from its destination in Gaza. It
was loaded with intermediate rage advanced surface to surface

"Why wait for Spring, do it now!" Bomb the "mad mullahs back to the
fucken Stone Age, now! IDF version of SEALs or naval commandos
intercepted and boarded an Iranian ship under a Panamanian Flag
carrying advanced surface to surface missiles enroute to Gaza That's
already Cassus Belli, or an act of war. Israel ought light off their
Jericho IVs with nuclear warheads or Tomahawks with nuclear warheads
from Dolphin Class submarine platforms.

Amerka and NATO guaranteed Ukraine's sovereignty and defense in the
1990s by Treaty. Israel can see how "effective" that has been.
Amerka's President Little Black Sambo claims Amerca will guarantee
Israeli security within the bounds of an Israeli, Palestinian

It is pretty clear amerka and its "president" can guarantee no one,
anything, anytime or anywhere.

Why wait then, Israel needs to start the fireworks now!

Posted by Seren at 10:33 PM

Friday, May 4, 2012

Kill David Amos the movie, and Soylent Green

On May 16 2006, David Amos posted a "letter" he wrote to Stephen
Harper. David called it, "Blowing the whistle on Big Banks and Corrupt
politicians too."

It was long, nauseatingly poorly written and spelled insane screed. He
as always wrote to puff up his already poor sense of self, by
referring to himself as "mean ole me", a "mean old bike mechanic", an
"ethical whistle blower" and so on without end!

Our "friend" David claimed amongst other delusions,"the severe lack of
integrity of people employed by the public service has caused me to
prosecute a matter of public trust in the Pro Se fashion."

And our insane "friend" also said that, "you can expect litigation
against the Crown soon."

In David Amos' rambling and mis-spelled rant he went on about George
Bush, the amerkan "sub prime mortgage industry" [ that doesn't exist
in Canada] and how the "Big Banks, politicians, and public service
union employees are corrupt. All this he trumpeted without a shred of
evidence ...contrived or otherwise... merely an oft repeated promise
of "litigation in the Pro Se fashion" to come.

David Amos promised all this and more...six years ago. Since then the
Harper Tory government has earned a majority, Canada's economy is rock
solid...and there has been NO David Amos' inspired or initiated
litigation, in the "Pro Se or any other fashion.

As always ....David Amos and his kids shoot em and make "solyent green"

Posted by Seren at 4:57 PM

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