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Chucky Leblanc and his blogging butt buddy Mr Baconfat are professional liars just like cops, lawyers, politiicans and priests are

Who is the Bigger Bullshitter? The CROWN Corps known as the RCMP and the CBC or their boss Prince Chucky or the Fat Fred City Finest or Stevey Boy Harper or David Alward or David Coon or their pal Chucky Leblanc or his many blogging butt buddies such as  Mikey Baby Archibald and Mr Baconfat?

Monday, May 19, 2014

What can a citizen do in Fredericton once the Police turns against you???

I promised to someone that I would not blog this story but I feel that I must but I will not mention any names.

Last week while sitting in a certain location with a female friend. Some young teenager approached me asked me if I knew a certain Police Officer?

I asked  - Why? Do you know the person?

The youth replied - That's my Dad!!!

The female friend I was with decided to step outside while I invited the youth to sit down.

I explained my situation and the conversation went on for 10 minutes.

The youth left and I called the youth back and said - Your Dad is a great person and a good cop!!!

The youth replied - I know my Dad is great!!!

Afterwards my female friend noticed that I wasn't my normal self. I might add any friend also noticed that I was VERY quiet.

It bothered me that I could hurt kids from blasting local Cops in my blog but what else am I suppose to do????

I was part of the media with the police until I made the huge mistake of making a video of a soldier being beaten up by the Cops.

Then came the many arrests but the false charge of child porn MADE ME VERY UPSET!!!!

Cops that I would have a nice conversation with would soon become the enemy!

There's one thing about this Blogger? Once we turned against someone there is no going back to friendly terms. I'm Scottish and my gene will not allow me to forgive.

I might add that the system does not work. Especially when it comes to the less fortunate or the working poor. There are nobody to turn to for guidance.

I had some good supporters during the summer months of 2012. But some of them left me to pursue other adventures.

There was a HUGE News Conference with Bernard Richard and the bottom line was - We have to learn to deal with people who are emotionally disturb!!!!


Nothing on the false charge of child porn. We never seen the papers until last month and IT WAS TERRIBLE of the way the Cops tried to connect me with child porn.

I wondered how many other people the Cops pulled the same stunt on???

The New Brunswick Police Commission told me that the one year of time limitation is gone so the case is close.

But the only problem is we only saw those papers last month!!!!

So... Going back to the kids of the Cops who are hurt by my comments on this Blog about their Mom or Dad....

What can I say or do???? We have a Police Force who will not apologize because they would be admitting guilt. But the problem is they are guilty!!!

Now ever since I saw first hand those Child porn accusations? I have been a VERY ANGRY little blogger!!!

I see Cops on the streets? I see scumbags!!!!!

Look at this video I made last week!!!!


A couple of days ago turn coat Acadian Yves Despres drove his cruiser near my place and I began to shout at the guy!!!!

He was the guy who was involved in the child porn sting and in my book? This co-called Cop used to be a friend but is scum in today's world.

 A friend of mine heard me screaming at the Cop and wondered if I should seek some mental help????

I am just an angry citizen!!!! What they have done to me will take years to adjust. They have created a Monster!!!

What do you do when a citizen goes face to face with a cop and calls him a piece of shit????

The scary part in all this is that I AM 100% RIGHT!!!!!

It was proven once we received those papers last month. < on top of my blog>

We have learned from those papers that the Cops are making up stories to charge people. These steroid Gorillas are no Police Officers. These people are not good members of the Community!!!!
Going back to the kids? The only way to fix this problem is to have the Cops sit down with me and apologize for what happened to me?

Sadly, it will be a cold day in hell when I heard those words from the Cops....:( I guess the kids at school will continue to be harass and hurt by other kids from what the Blogger wrote about their Dad and Mom.

It is indeed a VERY sad situation....:(

All began with two maudit Quebecois!!!!! Fred L'Oiseau and Dan Bussieres!!!

This is what happens when you give maudit Quebecois power. They are scum and New Brunswickers are crazy enough to follow these assholes orders.

Fred L'Oiseau now works in the crime department. I can only imagine how many innocent New Brunswickers are in Jail because of this Sexual Pervert????

But what really bothers this Blogger is no Cops have been suspended for this very dirty work!!!!

Once society loses faith in their local Police Force? It's the end of democracy as we know it!!! 



Anonymous said...
Charles maybe the children ought to know what is happening for real. I am always amused (sic) when people upset victims who have children who watch their mother being tased while she is in her home watching TV then say don't upset my children.
Parents are supposed to be role models and police even more so. If they want their children to think well of them, act professionally and treat the people who pay them with the respect they think they deserve.

If his father's or mother's name in on your blog then perhaps they ought to clean up their acts.
They need to apologize not you.
2:12 PM, May 19, 2014
Anonymous said...
I was going to write exactly the same as 2.12. It's time the younger generation realise just what their "great" parents are doing that hurt other people.
4:58 PM, May 19, 2014
Anonymous said...
Hey charles, they'll apologize just as soon as you apologize for calling people sexual perverts and predators which you do to others ruining their reputation long before they ruined yours.

Of course, you've always been a hypocrit. And there is actually nothing worse than that in the end.
4:58 AM, May 20, 2014
mikel said...
The million dollar question is whether the kids dad did anything wrong, and if so, what. If his dad is Detective Form filler, then you simply say "sorry, but your dad lied on a form to get my internet information".

And although Charles is certainly a victim here, its not specifically related to individual cops. Just to recap in case the kid is reading:

1. We know Charles can be belligerent. We are 'told' that people at the legislature complained. As head of security Dan Brussiere's wanted him banned. This was done by 11 elected representatives.

2. While that ban can, and even should be considered unconstitutional and without merit, thats not something that an individual police officer can decide.

3. In raiding his house, this was certainly unconstitutional, but not without 'merit'. Each province has a supreme court, until the SC of Canada makes a statement, or the one in NB makes one, then the law still stands since its on the books.

Thats why panhandlers can continue to be arrested in New Brunswick but nowhere else, thats why New Brunswick and PEI can continue to refuse to pay for abortions.

So an individual officer in Fredericton doesn't know about the lie on the form, so they wouldn't know that what they are doing is, well, illegal.

4. As for the bicycling stuff, we've been over that. Police have discretion, and they aren't OBLIGED to give bylaw tickets. We certainly know that Charles was singled out, but that was that L'oiseau guy.

So while we have evidence there are some 'bad apples' in the barrel, that doesn't tar every cop. Charles has decided that its every cop, and Dan Brussiere's. Yet gives the legislators a pass even though they are the ones who passed all these laws.

So its certainly not cut and dry. While Charles is certainly a victim, that doesn't make all cops bad. The policing SYSTEM is certainly lousy, but an individual cop has little power over that.

But its most important for this kid to realize that Charles is 'mentally ill'. And MUCH of that can be blamed on the government and police of New Brunswick (though not all, its not their fault he's got scottish genes). So for Charles, you should check around and see what support groups there are online, because the work you do is important, and the person hurt most by this is YOU, not this kids dad.

What ever happened to that lawsuit you said you filed on your own? Have you actually tried all across canada to find a lawyer to represent you? Why people get angry is because they feel helpless.
8:00 AM, May 20, 2014
mikel said...
Actually, Charles never called L'oiseau a pervert until AFTER he got the ticket for not wearing a helmet.

If you recall, this occurred just after Charles did one of his greatest services by videotaping the Fredericton police beating hell out of a suspect.

Then a week later this officer was providing backup to another officer. And as I've said over and over, police do have discretion in provincial regulations, and as Bernard Richard stated, the idea that an officer providing backup would call a person over from across the street and give them a bylaw ticket is pretty bizarre behaviour.

Charles blog posts can get pretty nasty, but almost never has he 'cast the first stone'. I think he's over the top with a lot of officers, but there is no doubt that much of his blog is 'payback'.

And thats the result of living in a society where the population is powerless. Even if he had lodged a complaint, there is 'technically' nothing the officer did wrong.

What's more, I highly doubt you are a cop. If charles had a front page blog tomorrow with apologies for everything he said, and even if he closed down his blog and never said anything else, there is ZERO evidence that the police would apologize.

And your comment just makes the police look even WORSE, because you are saying that they are even MORE petty and belligerent than Charles. People may expect and accept that from a old french scotsman, but if we are willing to tolerate that in our police force, then our society really is as bad as some of its worst critics say.
10:22 PM, May 20, 2014

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