Friday, 16 May 2014

Another Gang of Government Criminals in British Columbia

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To Whom it May Concern:

We are trying to get the word out on what was done to us
by a Gang of Government Criminals who have subjected
our family to a five year domestic terror campaign without
comparison anywhere in Canadian history.

We wonder if you would consider putting a link to our Blog on your sites and any other folks who
are willing to help us get the word out..

We are lucky to be alive with what they did to us and we have
lost our home, business and life savings and are basically refugees
in hiding..

We have seen our property illegally fraudulently taken over by
the BC Civil Service Pension Fund and CAI Private Equity Partners
who are a Gang of high level criminal Government insiders who
should all be put on trial for treason and murder.

The last photo is Doug Pearce (CEO of bcIMC) who I have personally
met in Victoria and Tracey McVicar who is the Vancouver Director of CAI
and, if you can believe it also a member of the Board of Directors of
both bcIMC and BC Hydro.

BC Hydro came onto our property illegally in trespass and destroyed
the access bridge to our property so we could not refinance our property.
This was done at the same time bcIMC had laid siege to us and we suffered
four major arson attacks, had our water system vandalized and destroyed,
our sewer connection illegally shut off by bought off town officials who have
their pensions with bcIMC,and someone crawled under our truck and undid
the steering linkage in an effort to murder us and make it look like
an accident!

This is what and who we are fighting!

Thanks for any assistance on this.

We are dealing with Government Organized Crime that most
Canadians have no idea even exists.

Our goal is to put these people in prison and get our property back.

Thanks for any publicity you can pass on and hopefully placing
a link to our site on yours.

Thanks for standing up to the criminals who appear to have taken
over all our governments and police, from municipal to federal, in
this country.

If only the public knew and had the courage to stand up and deal with it.

All the Best,

Jack English,
Pacific Rim Resort,
Tofino, B.C.

(250) 266-2599.

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  1. The English family have been the victims of something very, very, disturbing and frightening. Unfortunately, there are people inside the British Columbia government and working for the British Columbia government who think and act as if British Columbia government employees officers and agents are above the law and can do whatever they like because they know that their colleagues inside the government will protect them from prosecution.


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