Saturday, 5 April 2014

Strange Dayz when Glen Cannings Feminist and Trangender fanboyz want want my Twitter Account Killed while they ignore Mr Baconfat and his Mens Rights wackos attacking them EH Stevey Boy Harper?


  1. Edmonton man Barry Winters calls freezing deaths of homeless people "creative deficit reduction." 



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    The only war that we must all fight is the one against evil #prayforpeace
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    There are many people in need in today's world. Am I self-absorbed in my own concerns or am I aware of those who need help?
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    It is not enough to say we are Christians. We must live the faith, not only with our words, but with our actions.
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    Thank you for all your warm wishes on my anniversary. Please continue praying for me.
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    Whose house? OUR HOUSE! @Tony_Tracy reminded the @NSLiberal govt about this when they disrespected #novascotia nurses. #nspoli #bill37 #1u
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    Whose legislature? Our legislature! Maybe not @Tony_Tracy's for a while though he just got banned for 90 days. #nspoli #shame #bill37
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    Still no sign of @StephenMcNeil in the house, although I'm told he's in the building. #ns #nspoli
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    Dave Wilson suggests next election we'll see some nurses coming forward to run for office. #Bill37 #nspoli @NSGEU @NS_nurses #canlab
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    Shame on @KellyReganNS for refusing to meet with workers on #bill37 - or listen to nurses' presentations at Law Amendments #nspoli
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    Join @NSGEU's nurses, #healthcare workers from 6 other unions & others TONIGHT *OVERNIGHT* at @NSLeg, starting at 11:30pm!!! #NSpoli #canlab
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    Part of the rules being enforced tonight @NSLeg Being handed to all those in the public gallery. #cbcns #nspoli
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    Making all kinds of noise at the @NSLeg. I must say, this is a better #selfie than Ellen's. #nspoli Thanks to @NSNDP
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    Stephen McNeil was a liar last year, a liar these past weeks & seems destined to be a liar into the future. #NSpoli
  14. Shannon To Brown "I figured he'd tweet at me for saying done and done because he seemed like the sad lame type No worries Glad to help <3"
  15. @TEDFLETT @EmilyBat @Global_NB @LOL_TWU #TWUlaw #LGBT Yes now I am aware as well Say Hoka Hey to Mr Richard and his cohorts for me will ya?
  16. @RCMPNS @pmharper The @RCMPNB know that I will call Vijaya Venkata Gadde #209187 @policy @vijaya and her bosses in San Francisco on Monday
  17. @policy @vijaya @RCMPNS @vijaya Perhaps Twitter's lawyers and I should talk about Glen Cannning's ANONYMOUS followers ASAP EH @pmharper ?
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    We are encouraged by the news from Turkey today and welcome our Turkish users back to Twitter.
  19. @policy @vijaya Good Now does your legal Dept recall when I helped Twitter and Birgita Jonsdottir battle the USDOJ in January of 2011?
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    If 18 year old me saw this photo I fear she might have offed herself on the spot. Present me is comfortable.
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    @DavidRayAmos @GlenfordCanning @RCMPNS @pmharper leave me me. Go check yourself into a hospital or whatever the hell it is you need to do.
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    @DavidRayAmos that you would go back to a Tweet from December and carry on like this speaks volumes. Seek help. It's not healthy.
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    @DavidRayAmos @GlenfordCanning @RCMPNS WTF is wrong with you? I'm queer as a $3 bill - do you think I've saddled up to support @pmharper?
  24. @kimhorne @GlenfordCanning @RCMPNS @pmharper I knew that Everybody & his dog knows Harper & lots of his cohorts are Queer too SO What?
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    @SunNewsNetwork Federal language laws preventing Ft. Mac seniors from getting a new seniors center 
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    Talking about the Enbridge pipeline, the company says the last two of the five requirements are all that's left
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    Just finished last live-shot. Fly back to Vancouver in an hour and a half. Alberta will recover from this.
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    This is not a lake. 6 days later this is what the town of High River looks like. @SunNewsNetwork
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    @bcbluecon @joshuaskurnik always have been, but flown to cover breaking news like Moncton protests/Calgary flooding
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    @plrsTweet On your twitter you say you were a member of IUOE 793 Ontario. Screen shot attached. Is this true?
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    On dit qu'une image vaut mille mots. De gauche à droite: David Alward, Jim Irving, Paul Robichaud.
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    People's Alliance candidate for Kent South - Candidat de L'Alliance des Gens pour Kent-Sud.  #NBVotes #KentSouth
  33. @JoyceWrightPANB @DavidCCoon Would you like to know things that the Devil and David Coon or Chris Austin won't tell ya? @PremierNB @wesgull
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    @JDIGeoffBritt actually, this is going to be WAY more informative than any Irving controlled study #nbpoli #Moncton
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    Sherriff says no ctv and others. #moncton #nbpoli they argue the can tweet if they want to.....yay
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    Waiting for court to go back in session. #nbpoli Bernard to take the witness stand.
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    Incredible day at #Moncton court. Amazing how police have selective memories and use dramatic talking points. #divacopsinthemaking #nbpoli
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    The #saintjohn harbour #liberal nomination meeting is on Thr, may 1st register by April 24 so you can choose your candidate #nbpoli
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    Welcoming the new #saintjohn harbour constituents! Check out the map and see if your riding has changed. #nbpoli
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    @CreightonEllen She is not only a fantastic candidate but also a community champion.
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    .@CreightonEllen She's a former New Democrat I believe, running for the NBLibs in Moncton-South; a lot of ppl attracted to Lib Party #nbpoli
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    Cathy Rogers wins Moncton South Liberal nomination. Congrats Cathy!!!
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    It's important that we find ways to be not only efficient in government, but efficient with heart. I'd love to hear your ideas! #nbpoli
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    Pleased to welcome Brian Hicks as our newly nominated candidate for Moncton Northwest!
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    #RCMPNB respond to serious threat to public safety; explosives, firearms and knives seized, Rexton, N.B. 
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    Brown: I know that the criminal behaviour of some individuals yesterday is not representative of the greater First Nations community
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    A/Commr. Brown: The RCMP certainly respects the rights and traditions of aboriginal communities….. 
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    A/Commr. Brown: Police officers demonstrated incredible professionalism as they worked to resolve the situation.
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    Brown Given what we found, this demonstrated that this was no longer a peaceful protest and there was a serious threat to public safety.
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    Brown: ....and death threats against employees of a private security firm working in the area.
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    A/Commr. Brown: We became aware of the presence of firearms and other weapons,……. 
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    A/Commr. Brown: we became aware of a number of factors that changed the nature of the situation in Rexton.
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    A/Commr. Roger Brown: TheRCMP had been working diligently with all parties involved in hopes for a peaceful resolution.
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    #RCMPNB Commanding Officer A.Commr. Roger Brown will discuss what took place and the nature of the RCMP's investigation.
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    #RCMPNB will make a statement at 3 pm about the RCMP's enforcement operation on Route 134 near Rexton, N.B., on October 17.
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    At least 40 people arrested for firearms offences, threats, intimidation and violating a court injunction, Rexton, NB 
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    #RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson congratulates A/Commr. Roger Brown as the 29th Commanding Officer of the #RCMPNB.
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    A/Commr. Roger Brown becomes the 29th Commanding Officer of #RCMPNB at Change of Command Ceremony, Fredericton
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    A/Commr. (rtd.) Wayne Lang last duty as the 28th Commanding Officer of #RCMPNB at Change of Command Ceremony
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    #RCMPNB Change of Command Ceremony for A/Commr. Brown about to begin at the RCMP Headquarters in Fredericton.
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    @kittyhundal We cannot accept reports of crime over the Internet. Please contact your local police to report criminal activity.
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    Holy shit 11 witnesses left. This trial will go on for another week at least. Adjourned, back at 9am Atlantic time #warriorscourt #nojustice
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    Frank Blog- Grow Up, Boys; thoughts on the Men's Rights Halifax movement by Amanda Spriggs. 
  65. @RCMPNS @GlenfordCanning @pmharper @PatrickJohnDora Harper Canning the RCMP & I know why the call was interupted why Patty Baby said my name
  66. @PatrickJohnDora One thing is for certain the heat @RCMPNS Glenny @GlenfordCanning and his pal Stevey Boy @pmharper know you and Mr Baconfat
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    @MilesHowe I'd have to double check, but pretty sure bounty for scalps still on the law books. Legacy a matter of perspective...
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    Another hidden image. Here's the heartbreaking truth. RCMP pepperspraying our elders & women. Notice the smirk.
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    #fracking #SWN #RCMP watch protesters from a distance for now. Protester: "RCMP should protect my children not SWN!"
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    RCMP Const.Theriault says the "john and jane doe" in injunction covers anyone in the public, including journalists. @APTNNews
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    . @APTNNews On Oct 17, officer quoted as saying, "Crown land belongs to the gov't not f---ing natives."
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    . @APTNnews RCMP Sgt Richard Bernard testifies for Crown. Describes mood of fracking protesters leading up to Oct 17 as "volatile."
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    . @APTNNews RCMP. Sgt Bernard testifies he was to serve copy of injunction to protesters on Rte 134 near Rexton NB Oct 17
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    . @APTNNews RCMP Oct 17 video shows sudden skirmish and arrests of Breau, Francis and others by 10am
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    . @APTNNews More to come on trial of two Mi'kmaq shale gas protesters tomorrow. Check us out on Facebook.
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    @DavidCCoon @MeganLeslieMP time to talk about the pillage of NB's resources? Anyway we can bring this up with the Feds re no transparency?