Sunday, 27 April 2014

RE Rehtaeh Parsons’ father and his cyber wars FYI Shaw owns Global News and Mr Baconfat's ISP connection DUHHH Shouldn't Shaw investigate themseleve???

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mr Baconfat 2235 Sonya D Higgins and David Amos 0

Not too bright woman and dullard from somewhere in the armpit of
kanada, the maritimes, little Sonya D Higgins says...."Please
investigate this hate site." The Halifax Police, RCMP and everyone
else told our intellectually deficient woman that this was not by any
stretch of the imagination "hate speech," and that she ought to turn
off her "puter" turn on Oprah and eat bonbons. That's about all she
and women like her are intellectually equipped for.

David Raymond Amos self described "ethical whistle blower,"
significant part of the "investigations, and successful prosecutions
of David Madoff and Whitey Bulger," and a "man completely without
fear, has complained about this blog for many years. David Amos in an
e mail to me this day, told me he was now going to whine and carp to
Global News because they are owned by Shaw Communications. Oh dear, it
makes one wonder if little Sonya D Higgins and our "man without fear,"
David Amos are fucking each other like Rehtaeh Parsons and four of her
closest friends (with benefits) did? In Atlantic kanada family trees
grow straight up.

The reality is, 2235 posts later this blog is still here and I still
write unfettered what I want. David Amos is banned from Google and You
Tube, that's why his current blog is under another name Justice Done
Dirt Cheap registered by someone else.

Sonya D Higgins and David Amos, "that girl" and "that guy." How sweet!

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2014 02:13:16 -0400
Subject: RE Rehtaeh Parsons' father and his cyber wars FYI Shaw owns
Global News and Mr Baconfa'ts ISP connection DUHHH Shouldn't Shaw
investigate themseleve???
To:,, bottercr
<>, IH <>, "steve.murphy"
<>, "steve.graham" <>,
"steven.blaney" <>, msegal
<>, merricra <>, jamiebaillie
<>, "rod.knecht"
<>, "Jacques.Poitras"
<>, oldmaison <>,
"Kevin.leahy" <>, "scott.macrae"
<>, "Gilles.Moreau"
<>, "Gilles.Blinn"
<>, eachtem <>,
deanr0032 <>, mclellana
<>, mcneilsr <>, premier
<>, PREMIER <>,
Cc: David Amos <>, patrick_doran1
<>, sunrayzulu <>, Glen
Canning <>

Clearly the corrupt cops in Halifax would do nothing AGAIN

Sonya D Higgins shared a link.
August 14
please investigate this hate site
The anti, anti Freemason, anti, anti Israel, and anti blog, blog:
Stupid Dead Rehteah Parsons,...

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* Halifax Cop Watch, Amanda Dodsworthand Cynthia Martinlike this.
* Cynthia MartinWay to go Sonya!
August 14 at 9:27amvia mobile· 2

* Halifax Regional PoliceHi Sonya - Unfortunately, people are
continuing to post content online that is distasteful and hurtful to
others. We strongly encourage you, if you haven't already, to report
this site directly to Blogger. It's important to be aware that it may
not violate their terms of use and it's up to them whether or not they
remove the page.
August 15 at 8:14am

* Patrick HeartIt's also important to note that we live in a country
where free speech is respected and just because someone doesn't like
the content doesn't mean it has to be removed. (I read the post, it's
clearly some idiot looking for attention... but a far, far stretch
from being hate speech which is illegal in Canada.)
August 15 at 10:28am· 1

* Sonya D HigginsI am aware that the content is both distasteful and
hurtful. I was wondering if it falls under the new cyber-bulllying
law, becaue Rehteah and her family continue to be targets of trolls on
the internet
August 15 at 10:45am· 6

* Jenn RichardsonWhat a COWARD hiding behind a blog!!!
August 15 at 10:54am· 4

* Karin KnorrHow is it not hateful???
August 15 at 11:08am· 2

* Patrick HeartThe Cyber Bullying law only applies to Nova Scotia and
it is one of the most ridiculous and dangerous laws to threaten free
speech to be enacted in Canada. Before anyone gets all emotional, read
this article because it has consequences for all of you if someone
doesn't like anything you say online:

What happened to Rehteah was awful, but making knee jerk laws is not
the answer! I for one, cannot wait until the law is challenged in
court and thrown out. (Fortunately, the rest of Canada is looking at
our Government like they are idiots -- which they clearly are for
enacting this law.)
August 15 at 11:38am· 4

* Janice HigginsI can't figure out how to report it. not just this
blog but others there. Not fit, such hateful ppl. Halifax Regional
Police now that you are aware of that blog site can you please report
it, or advise us how to report? It goes beyond distasteful, some sick
ppl exist!
August 15 at 11:39am

* Matt Carson, i draw you'r
attention to his other articles labeled "lets bully david amos and his
children" or "faggots dykes and political correctness" or how about
"Die Larry Cutarm, Indians are drunken pigs" what part of this is not
hate speech?
August 15 at 5:22pm· 1

* Matthew Byardwhy would you promote this?
August 16 at 11:40am

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shame on Leah Parsons, Glen Canning

Leah Parsons sent a "letter." I don't know if this poor excuse for a
mother wrote it for David Amos to post now, or for maximum media
effect some months ago. But alas David Amos may have re-posted it, or
perhaps Mister Canning and Leah Parsons wrote it now in their ever
fevered search for "fifteen minutes of fame.

The poorly written missive began, "Dear Tormentors," Leah Parson goes
on in her missive that "I/we have not ruined little boys lives." She/
they further commiserate that it "baffles her/their mind we are
suffering the loss of our child, and people continue to attack us,
attack Rehtaeh."

Leah Parsons further whines that Rehtaeh, "was not the same little
girl after November 2011.

No Ms. Parsons and Mr Canning, ":your little girls was not the same
since November 2011. When you permitted a fifteen year old child to
attend a drunken orgy. Mrs. Parsons/handler in her "heartfelt screed,
alluded to people questioning the parenting skills of the Parsons

Well, Mr. Parsons, Glen Canning and sycophants, we are not afraid of
you feckless morons trying to, shut us up, repress our right to
expression, which I might add is as sacred as yours.

Glen Canning and Leah Parsons, you killed your daughter by your
laziness and ignorance many times over. YOU permitted a fifteen year
old child to attend a drunken orgy, no one else. YOU had no clue, nor
did you want to, knowing YOUR daughter wasn't attending school. Thus
depriving herself and you of professional assistance for her problem,
that the Halifax School Board could have rendered. You simply didn't
care that much for your child.

For two years Rehtaeh progressed herself to suicide. It did NOT happen
overnight. That indeed begs the question: Where was and why didn't her
parents do nothing.

Rehtaeh Parsons is dead, and Leah Parsons and Glen Canning chase their
ever elusive fifteen minutes of fame by further shedding crocodile
tears. Mrs. Parsons further commiserated, and spelled: "Rehtaeh you
were up against some pretty cruel people with zero compassion and

No Rehtaeh! You were saddled with selfish, uncaring and incompetent
"parents" that failed you in both life and death. They didn't bother
to actually parent you, before you decided to kill yourself and now
they are trying to profit off your tragic life.

Rehtaeh's "parents are now blaming everyone else in Halifax for Little
Rehtaeh's offing herself, except the ones to blame...themselves. No
child on the planet deserves "parents" like Glen and Leah.

Now craven and cowardly Glen Canning wants to use surrogates like
little David Amos to shut me up. To restrict my expressing an opinion
for no other reason than he doesn't like it. So he gets little Davey
Amos to say "Shame on the RCMP and Shame on the Military Police,' for
permitting the Charter Rights of Freedom of Expression.

You cowardly tosspot Mr. Canning, trying to engage "hackers" to out
and shut me up. YOU and your bitch ex wife have become the
"tormenters." Is the profit in a dubious fame and a few bucks worth
the bullying of people including Christy Blatchford. Mr. Canning, it
would be easy to simply write you off as another dullard form Maritime
Kanada, but you assholes remind me of the old Roman saw: We have met
the enemy, and they are us.

Notwithstanding you craven, cowardly and churlish attempt to muzzle
me, I and others with continue to write what we want, when we want to.

Glen, you and little Leah are most responsible for your daughter's
wasted you have to wear it, and own it.

Here endeth the lesson, laddie

Posted by Seren at 8:15 AM


Patrick Doran said...
So true. Glen Canning in particular has been free to use social media
to propagate his version of events, while we can't even hear another
side. After two investigations, still no rape charges. Glen Canning
and his sycophants got me flagged off of Twitter after that asshole
started flaming me first. Rehtaeh's parents are assholes indeed.
February 12, 2014 at 6:28 AM

Patrick Doran said...
Right you are. Rehtaeh's parents are shady characters who used social
media and their victim status to exploit their daughter's tragedy and
bully those that question the official story.
February 12, 2014 at 6:30 AM

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2014 00:45:04 -0400
Subject: Rehtaeh Parsons' father and his cyber wars FYI Shaw owns
Global News and Mr Baconfa'ts ISP connection DUHHH????
To: sunrayzulu <>, "scott.macrae"
<>, glen <>,
"" <>, "joshua.skurnik"
<>, lgunter <>,
"Marianne.Ryan" <>, "rod.knecht"
Cc: David Amos <>

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rape, Rape Rape Cry Feministas! Is There Such A Thing As A Woman With Integrity?

Herr Goebbels had nothing on these " girls" and the LGBTQ "community."
These animals like Stalin, think if they tell the "big lie" over and
over and over enough it becomes true... dis-information on steroids.

The Feministas propagandize that only 2 % of rape charges leveled by
women are false. But alas as law professor, and well known legal
scholar Michelle J Anderson of Villanova has written. " No study has
ever been published that sets forth the evidentiary basis for the "two
percent false rape complaint thesis. Once again Fem-Nazi "rape
culture" is propaganda debunked. It is indeed a truism that morning
after remorse and fears of correctly being deemed a slut, and
bleating a crime, everywhere.

No Glen! A fourteen year old slut fucking the brains out of four of
her "best friends" at a party is NOT rape.

To wit: "A study of rape in Indiana over a nine year period revealed
that over forty percent were false." According to the author. "These
false allegations of rape appear to serve three major functions for
the complainants: providing an alibi, seeking revenge, and seeking
sympathy and attention." {Kanin EJ sex behave, false rape allegations
Feb 23 1995.}

Another unrelated study conducted by Special Investigations of the
United States Air Force revealed. "In 2005 a study showed that out 557
accusers of rape when faced with a polygraph (which can be ordered in
the military) 27 % recanted the accusations. Further independent
evaluations showed a 60% false accusation rate. {McDowel Charles P.
PHd. Forensic Science Digest Dec 2006 number 4}

Women, sluts like Rehtaeh Parsons are lying to convict innocent
men...because they can. The ongoing DNA Exoneration Project has
exculpated thousands of convicted rapists, falsely accused. In one
case a man was identified, and accused of rape by a woman, was falsely
convicted and spent 19 years in jail.

The Feministas and their new shill Glen Canning wail, gnash their
teeth and prevaricate about a "culture of rape" that they made up or
manufactured. To make money. A perfect illustration of Stalin's "big
lie" tactic. "Don't raise your son to be a rapist," they cry. But
alas, "raise your daughters with a scintilla of integrity," might be
more appropriate.

The bimbos of say! One on four women in North America
will be raped. Fox News reports. Famed Criminal Defense lawyer Barry
Scheck and founder of the Innocence Project said. "In every year since
1989, twenty five percent of cases when a convicted rapist DNA is
checked, his DNA is NOT a match."

Fox News further reports this data shows roughly forty percent of the
bimbos who cry rape are likely lying simply shown by DNA tests of
"convicted rapists." So the Fem-Nazis that claim one in four women in
all of North America will be raped is not only untrue, but the reality
is only roughly one on four accusations of rape are true. Or after you
fuck a bimbo, the odds are she will cry rape!

The serves to illustrate that NOTHING a women's "activist" or "social
agency" say can be believed. It is all a con job. The haters of men
from say! "83% of all disabled women will be raped." It
seems to me 83% of all Fem-Nazis and Leah Parsons are liars.

Posted by Seren at 8:53 AM No comments:

Feministas, "Victims" Rehteah Parsons, And Suzie Rottencrotch

Suzie Rottencrotch- A generic, world over expression of soldiers
referring to sluts, bimbos, tarts, girl friends and hos everywhere.
Or as one nameless old NCO somewhere said. "And they're all sluts,
bimbos, tarts and hos."

Notwithstanding the wailing, gnashing of teeth, threats of violence,
vitriol, and a great showing of so called "righteous outrage," from
Feministas everywhere, and Glen Canning and little Leah
is past time for the truth about Rehteah Parsons ersatz "vicious gang
rape." That truth is, its all a con. Rehteah Parsons was many things
but a victim of sexual assault by "those boys" wasn't one of them. And
all of those kids that were allegedly "bullying" her knew it.

At what Leah Parsons called "that fateful party," not little Rehtaeh's
"first rodeo", she undressed three boys, and fucked their brains out
en mass. Little Rehtaeh is, or was the textbook definition of a Suzie
Rottencrotch. Little Rehtaeh Parsons was not only compliant, and
consenting, she initiated the sex. This was certainly not the first
time she had done so.

The parents of "those boys" didn't raise rapists or any other sort of
miscreant. Rehtaeh Parsons was "that girl." There were NO cries of
rape until she heard their may be pictures of her "doing" the boys.
Obviously Glen Canning and Rehtaeh Parsons were remiss in teaching or
instilling any form of integrity in their daughter. False accusations
of rape are serious offences of the Criminal Code of Canada.

This is an illustration of the ne "real politik" of Feministas, and
grifters like Leah Parsons and Glen Canning. The sordid tale of
Rehtaeh Parsons "grist for the mill" of political propaganda, "fifteen
minutes of fame," and money for the so called "victims."

As we can see here little Rehtaeh was many things, but alas not a
victim of rape.

"The truth shall set you free," Glen!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

"God n Gays!" Lawyers and David Amos and the Devil

"God n me" we got us an understanding. He leaves me alone and I leave
him alone. It seems to be have been a "lifetime success!" Gays,
Queers, Trannies, little boy fuckers and David Amos are like amerkans.
They desperately want to be loved and accepted by God, Allah, Hashem,
and everyone else on the planet, "so help them God." Now as I have
written before, God,not so much, he don't like those "folks" much. The
"big guy" has been reputed to call them an "abomination, to his eyes."
That pretty much goes for ole Hashem, Allah, and the "B team Gods."

But alas! Hope springs eternal in the "human" breast, and who knows
maybe the "big guy," Hashem, Allah, the " B team Gods," and the rest
of the human race will learn to "love, accept and admit Faggots and
Queers to "faith based institutions" with Faculties of Law. I kind of
liked the "ole don't ask, don't tell," amerkan approach to Faggots,
Queer and little boy fuckers. It has worked for the US "Army" and the
"Holy Church" of Rome for over two thousand years. sworn to "poverty
and chasity" so called Priests and "men of God fucked boys, dogs, and
church mice when they could get the mice to hold still!

I mean, all the Fags and Queers that absolutely require a law
education from a "faith based" institution could promise to "keep it
in their pants," and lie about it. People the whole world does that
now, don't they?

God, really hates David Amos! The "big guy" and I were having a beer
together last week and G told me, "even he wishes there was an eternal
lake of fire and brimstone" waiting for old "Davey boy," "yo Davey
baby," and his "butt buddies!" "G" took a healthy swallow of beer,
straightened His Flames Jersey and said. "I know, I know, I ought to
love all the great unwashed, natures anomalies, Oilers fans and
lawyers, but that is just too fucken much."

Well, "if in God sayed it, it must be true!"

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"That Girl!" Like Rehteah Parsons and Hang The Fem Nazis!

A woman, a bimbo, a Fem-Nazi afflicted with seven pregnancies in 10
years in Southern Utah stands charged with seven counts of Murder. As
this under-evolved specimen is an amerkan and her "alleged crimes"
were committed in These United States of White amerka this woman and
no doubt self- described victim of "post partum depression, could well
face lethal injection for Capital Murder. But if this obscenity of a
woman committed and were convicted her "alleged crimes" here in the "
land of the feminist, truth north, strong and free, she would only be
charged with "infanticide." And receive about a 3 years sentence for
each count, served concurrently.

Many historians theorize it took our UK cousins over 300 years to
perfect the art and science of hanging people without a great deal of
muss and fuss. Her Majesty's Prisons had purpose built rooms, with a
trapdoor through two or three floors down, a strait jacket, belts
around the legs, well soaked, stretched and stiff ropes. And presto, a
dead cunt like these "people," become dead cunts, with the pull of a
lever! No one misses, "that girl."

The Fem Nazis with professional "victim" and paid "mercenary victim,"
Glen Canning commiserate about the "all prevalent rape culture," that
only they see in Canada. But say nought about "that girl!" Fourteen
year old Rehteah Parsons, and her "mother Leah "were "that girl."
Rehteah Parsons was the literal embodiment of that girl." Also. "that
girl," mother, Leah permitted daughter Rehteah to attend parties where
drugs were being used, alcohol being abused, and young people were
fucking their brains out.

"That girl," fourteen year old Rehteah Parsons, went to a party, not
her first rodeo, smoked some grass, got liquored up, undressed three
boys and happily and joyously "fucked em to death." As soon as young
Rehtaeh and Leah her there may be photos out there....Those girls
cried rape! In fact one of "those boys" they publicly accused of the
"vicious gang rape" didn't even attend the party where it "allegedly

There are many kinds of "that girl." In Western Canadian Hospitals
there are Angel Cradle rooms. Where "that girl" that just delivered
baby for nine months didn't "bond with it," but simply wants to flush
it down a toilet bowl. shake it to death, anything to make it go away.
Now anonymously "that girl" can relieve herself of her burden with
impunity, and face no recourse for her actions.

There are literally thousands of "that girl" that lose, strangle,
shake, drop, lose, otherwise murder, or abuse fetuses with alcohol, or
just forget about and lose babies in Canada. There are more of "that
girl," in Canadian society than male rapists.

On Edmonton's 118 Avenue, where our "little friend" "The Kravat" rolls
with her "friends" there are garbage dumpsters in alleys, with
messages for "that girl." To "that girl do NOT throw your baby or
foetus in this dumpster!"

I say ....."Bring back the trap door and noose for "that girl!"

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

"The Kravat," David Amos, "Social Activists" and Law School

Mea Culpa! I was wrong! I beg forgiveness, and stand corrected! Cravat
is not a too bright of indeterminate gender, obese semiliterate is NOT
Cravat, but "The Kravat."

Please accept my most profound apologies!

"The Kravat" is "big on community," he or it is a very community
spirited "guy" really big into whole Alberta Avenue, 118 Avenue
revitalization movement. But alas no one really lives on 118 Ave.
Alberta Avenue. People cruise 118 Avenue after dark to frequent sleezy
bars, engage diseased, cheap hookers of indeterminate gender, and sell
stolen property at pawnshops!

"The Kravat" is lonely, unaprecieated, disrespected and completely
ignored like "her" or "its" kindred spirit David Amos hiding out in
New Brunswick. So like David Amos, "The Kravat" unsuccessfully tries
to show us how important "he, it or she is."

"The Kravat," says to the good folks at Men's Rights Edmonton.

"Didn't threaten any specific action-so just stay safe out there, and
use the knowledge that others, not specifically me- want to fuck you
up over this. Or better yet, stay the fuck out of my neighbourhood.
There's a lot of strong community organizing- not to mention gang
bangers in the area...pick your assailant... anti male" Ha ha ha the
ones I roll with on 118 are all men, and if a man is falsely accused
of rape, the woman should get what's coming to her. I am doing this
for my sister, who was victimized by men as all females are
everywhere. Am I a neo-nutzi? LOL I thought it was your side that was
chummy with the boneheads. We would fuck them up if we caught them
postering here, don't you worry there." END QUOTE

Oh dear another feminist voice" railing against ... whatever! It, like
David Amos' voice in Butt Fuck New Brunswick is ignored by everyone.
No one is going to welcoming either one of these fools to Law School,
anytime soon.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

What is called an "intellingent lesbian or woman's activist."

Me, this man is, entirely surprised by the even mediocre writing
ability this woman or lesbian "intellectual" has exhibited. This is
most definitely one of those more "educated women."

A "letter" from a "woman" named Cravat to Men's Rights Edmonton.

Dear goofs and clowns;

I thought I would just check in and say hi, as I happened to see your
new posters on 118 this evening. I am around here all the time and I
keep an eye out for goofs like you, its not just me either, word
around here is you folks aren't so well liked. Must all be a little
light in the loafers, with all that drama and whining, which is what
your "activism" seems all about, and your hatred for women. People
seem to think it is about time you people pump the brakes. And its not
like anyone is being sneaky about ripping down your posters here
either. I look forward to meeting you some time soon, so do a few
other of your "neighbours" on 118.

Stay safe, don't be that dead rape apologist ha ha. END QUOTE

I am quite sure we don't have to worry about "this token lesbian"
graduating any time soon from Trinity Western University's Faculty of
Law... or even "play school." When this bimbo was a child she was
"that bitchy bossy shrieking bitch." Now look at, what kind of
"leader" "it" has become!

My "dear lady," be very careful what you ask may get it!

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