Friday, 4 April 2014

I will leave Hard Copy with Werner Bock 506 756 8687 if he is willing he may provide you with a copy.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos
Date: Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 4:06 PM
Subject: You would after nearly six years somebody would ask me about what I did BEFORE the war in Iraq began
To:, ""
Cc: "", Dan Fitzgerald, Richard Harris,
gypsy-blog, Byron Prior, "", "nb. premier"

I doubt that you or many of your friends voted for me in 2004 just
enough folks in Canada support the lawyer Rob Moore and his Neo Con
party's lust for war. However I did contact a lot of your anti war
friends in "the Place to BE" over the years since then and all they
have done is laugh at me or make false allegations against me. Do you know why Mr. Berube? I have called you before and like you friend Prof. McKendy and many others you have yet to return my calls. How come? Do you really believe what Chucky Leblanc says about me with attempting to judge me for yourself?

Maybe someday somebody with a little sand and alittle integrity will quit making fun of me or ignoring melong enough check to see if I am liar or not. Everyone can't believe everything Chucky Leblanc says just because certain priests and questionable the lawyers such as Greggy Byrne, Kelly Lamrock, T.J. Burke or bloggers like Jody Coughlin, Anthony Baby Cooper and Danny Boy Fitzgerald and the CBC are
fans of his. Or can they???

I am ok with my attempt to enlighten Jody after she asked me to expalin my concerns. However I was not surprised that she was merely baiting me so that her friends could slander me some more.

That said I truly hope somebody someday at least checks out the first few paragraphs of this comment in Jody's blog from me. Although I am nearly done with it my work can stand on its own now if anyone cares enough to use it in the future I will leave Hard Copy with Werner Bock 506 756 8687 if he is willing he may provide you with a copy.

Whether anyone believes me or not I am a whistleblower about many
things including the wrongs of the US Treasury Dept and the RCMP.

First things first Jody. If you or any one else hates war and before
anyone gets bored with me please check these documents out.

Obviously nearly six years ago I won some judgements in Yankee
lawsuits just before the War in Iraq began. In return and in an effort to cover up their many wrongs one of the Yankee judges made false allegations of a presidential threat against me and then Yankee Secret Service tried to use the Patriot Act against me and falsely imprison me in Cuba because I am a Canadian NOT a Yankee. Clearly that didn't work out to well for the Yankees and not only did they fail to shut me up I attacked them back and actually got lucky enough to become involved in an important hearing in the US Senate Committee on Banking in which the public record has since evaporated but I still have my copies of the transcripts.

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