Sunday, 13 April 2014


Hello My Dear,
May my letter be not a surprise message to you; I am Mrs. Misha Alzawit Mhd Fouzi from Allepo- Syria and also a reputable woman in Syrian government who denied the evil of Bashar al-Assad's government, a leader who had bent Syrian people to be under his regime when average people survive with $3 per day. The government is led by President Bashar al-Assad, who's been in office since 2000. He took over from his father, Hafez al-Assad, who ruled from 1971 until his death.
The Syrian Arab Republic's major exports are oil, cotton, meat, wheat, fruits and vegetables in the entire surface of this earth but the citizens live in poorest condition according to international standard. Please I need your urgent help as Bashar Al-Assad's has continued to torment entire population and kill those who were in his administration that denounce continuity.
I am writing this mail to you to see if you could help me to keep this money with you for my Kids as most of our house and assets has been taken by Bashar al-Assad's loyalist, with unending torture and killings. I am not sure if I would live more but in case anything happens to me I would like you to help me keep my $59million for my 2 kids, I have only 2 kids of 3 to 5 years old. I might not survive this situation aftermath. I have a relationship with one of United Nations delegates who came to destroy the Government's Chemical weapons, and he had successfully secured the money out of Syria, and now awaiting for my instructions on which bank account the money should be transfer to. Please, I hope you can assist me to keep this fund since I don't have any foreign bank account.
My kids names are Fadilah Mhd Fouzi and Asadel Mhd Fouzi. But my husband Mr. Mohammed Mhd Fouzi was shut when he announced his resignation. What you are to do is take 30% of this money and keep the rest for my Kids in case I couldn't make it. If you accept to help me please give me words of encouragements and assurance of the safety of this funds for children.
I would like to give you further details of the position of the funds and what you have to do when I get your response. Please, if you're ready to assist me in this situation kindly provide me your personal data and your contact address to proceed forward.
Great regard,
Mrs.Misha Alzawit Mhd Fouzi

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