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Frank Here is why I was laughing as Maude Barlow and the CUPE boss Paul Moist were down in my old stomping grounds raising a little hell with the neo con lawyer Bobby Goguen and yapping it up with the mindless French Bastard Chucky Leblanc

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Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014 22:08:30 -0300
Subject: Frank Here is why I was laughing as Maude Barlow and the CUPE
boss Paul Moist were down in my old stomping grounds raising a little
hell with the neo con lawyer Bobby Goguen and yapping it up with the
mindless French Bastard Chucky Leblanc
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Hi David, Is it ok if I call you Monday? Colleen
24 Feb at 20:29 Delete
DavidRayAmos 902 800 0369 I tried calling you back as
well and some guy picked up but he could not hear me
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What's your email address?
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CUPE has been blocking my emails for years The error
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Hi David, Sorry I didn't realize I was not following you! Do you want
to send me a DM or email me at Tks

DavidRayAmos David Raymond Amos
@cupenat @melaniepoulin @DavidRayAmos I called and talked two people
in CUPE after I posted that I was not surprised that they didn't care
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cupenat CUPE National
@davidrayamos @melaniepoulin @DavidRayAmos What's up? DM if you like.
Tks, Colleen
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DavidRayAmos David Raymond Amos
@melaniepoulin @cupenat @DavidRayAmos Perhaps we should talk ASAP 902 800 0369

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Sent: Monday, February 27, 2012 12:36 PM
Subject: Wow Your buddies within CUPE have shown me their nasty arse
in record time

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From: Colleen Reynolds <>
Subject: RE: Re "MACDONELL JOHN" <9028837308> Your wish is my command
To: "David Amos" <>
Date: Monday, February 27, 2012, 7:31 AM

Hello David,

CUPE is very clear in our support for the release of Leonard Pelletier.

Please do not send any more email to regarding this matter. I will
not respond to any email that does not directly relate to the work we
do for our members or the position we have taken on related issues.

In addition, I personally find the content of this email to be
unprofessional and at times offensive.


From: David Amos []
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2012 10:14 AM
To:;;; Colleen Reynolds
Cc: David Amos;
Subject: Re "MACDONELL JOHN" <9028837308> Your wish is my command

Check the attachments Perhaps you should have long talk with Ross
Landry and CUPE ASAP

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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 14:50:35 -0400
Subject: RE Murdered Mobsters (buried in Nova Scotia) and one murdered
Indian lady from Nova Scotia Perhaps the EX RCMP Officer Ross Landry
should talk to Yankees ASAP EH?
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<>,, robin reid
Cc: "Fred.Wyshak" <>, "Brian.Kelly"
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Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 15:44:53 -0400
Subject: The Bullshiter Paul Demain should not deny that I just got
off the phone with him and that he wished me luck suing him and his
butt buddy te back stabbing Barry Bachrach
To:,, Ireland For Peltier
contact <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Cc:, maritime_malaise <>,, "richard. dearden"
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On 2/21/12, David Amos <> wrote:
> From: michael wolfheart <>
> Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 12:19:11 -0600
> Subject: RE; Mr. Amos.
> To:
> Greeting's LPDOC chapter Member,
> So far i have decided not to respond to this David Amos clown, It
> looks like to me he is just another person on a long list of
> provocateurs that is coming out of the rotted wood work to create
> disharmony and disruption among our support network. In my opinion he
> should be treated just like Ed woods and Joe Trimbach - Give him no
> further attention or words to spin.
> He makes it very clear to me that he does not support Leonard's
> freedom and truly does not understand the facts of Leonard's case .
> He may very well be a plant from the other side to discredit the LPDOC
> and other native groups, His intentions are out of balance and no
> further attention or time should be spent debating with him. We do
> not have time to spend debating with people that have no intentions on
> working as a team on behalf of Leonard and Native rights issues. This
> message will be sent to Mr. Amos and the others, That will be the last
> time i communicate with Mr. Amos or anyone that chooses to continue
> communications with him.
> M. Wolf Heart.LPDOC.
> On 2/21/12, David Amos <> wrote:
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>> Compare
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>> From: David Amos
>> Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 10:29:20 -0400
>> Subject: Re: "Occupy" Wall St and the former spokesperson Bill Csapo
>> It appears that your email and phone number no longer function WHY???
>> To:, RT-US , "Frank. McKenna" ,
>>, "" , birgittajoy ,
>> birgitta ,,,
>>, robin reid , "j.kroes" , "Barry.Shaw" ,
>> "Mackay.P" , bairdj ,,
>> Cc: occupyfredericton , OccupyBostonMedia , OccupyS ,
>> From: David Amos
>> Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 12:32:30 -0400
>> Subject: Andre meet Bill Csapo of Occupy Wall St He is a decent fellow
>> who can be reached at (516) 708-4777 Perhaps you two should talk ASAP
>> To: wcsapo
>> Cc: occupyfredericton
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>> On 1/12/12, David Amos wrote:
>>> Franky Boy McKenna oversees this park in the Big Apple and the
>>> Attorney General of New Brunswick admitted long ago i had issues with
>>> McKenna and his bankster associates.
>>> From: David Amos
>>> Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 23:22:00 -0300
>>> Subject: i just called from 902 800 0369 (Nova Scotia)
>>> To:
>>> I am the guy the SEC would not name that is the link to Madoff and
>>> Putnam Investments
>>> Notice the transcript and webcast of the hearing of the US Senate
>>> banking Commitee is missing? please notice Eliot Spitzer and the Dates
>>> around November 20th, 2003 in te following file
>>> From: "Julian Assange)"
>>> Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 18:15:46 +0000 (GMT)
>>> Subject: Al Jazeera on Iceland's plan for a press safe haven
>>> To:
>>> FYI: Al-Jazeera's take on Iceland's proposed media safe haven
>>> More info
>>> Julian Assange
>>> Editor
>>> WikiLeaks
>>> From: Birgitta Jonsdottir
>>> Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 07:14:02 +0000
>>> Subject: Re: Bon Soir Birgitta according to my records this is the
>>> first email I ever sent you
>>> To: David Amos
>>> dear Dave
>>> i have got your email and will read through the links as soon as i
>>> find some time
>>> keep up the good fight in the meantime
>>> thank you for bearing with me
>>> i am literary drowning in requests to look into all sorts of matters
>>> and at the same time working 150% work at the parliament and
>>> the creation of a political movement and being a responsible parent:)
>>> plus all the matters in relation to immi
>>> with oceans of joy
>>> birgitta
>>> Better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are
>>> not.
>>> Andre Gide
>>> Birgitta Jonsdottir
>>> Birkimelur 8, 107 Reykjavik, Iceland, tel: 354 692 8884
>>> -
>>>>> >> On Dec 8, 2010, at 1:35 AM, David Amos wrote:
>>>>> >>
>>>>> >>> I truly enjoyed talking to you. More to the point I am happy you
>>>>> >>> took
>>>>> >>> the time to listen to mean old me. I was impressed with your
>>>>> >>> openess
>>>>> >>> and honesty. In return I took a bit of time to study you more
>>>>> >>> closely
>>>>> >>> on the Internet and I am now even more impressed to view the
>>>>> >>> artist
>>>>> >>> in
>>>>> >>> you. To hell with the politics and the money for a minute. At the
>>>>> >>> risk of sounding odd your sincere soul that I sensed in your voice
>>>>> >>> came shining through the various webpages. An honest person
>>>>> >>> practicing
>>>>> >>> the wicked art of politicking is a rare thing indeed. I must
>>>>> >>> confess
>>>>> >>> that I grinned at the possibility of crossing paths with another
>>>>> >>> kindred soul when I saw you employ the expression Me Myself and I
>>>>> >>> because I often use that expresssion
>>>>> >>>
>>>>> >>> I also sent you another email to your politcal email address on
>>>>> >>> June
>>>>> >>> 24th, 2010 right after you spoke on CBC. (I can resend it if you
>>>>> >>> wish)
>>>>> >>> When you folks ignored that and my calls and only sent me nasty
>>>>> >>> responses I gave up on Iceland and IMMI because I had made
>>>>> >>> everyone
>>>>> >>> well aware I had no respect for Assange and corrupt
>>>>> >>> parliamentarians
>>>>> >>> whatsoever. Assange became the big celebrity after releasing the
>>>>> >>> video
>>>>> >>> from Iraq but I felt sorry for the kid who went to jail that had
>>>>> >>> given
>>>>> >>> him the stuff. Obviously I sent you folks the email below long
>>>>> >>> before
>>>>> >>> Assange made the scene in Iceland. Rest assured that I sent him
>>>>> >>> evidence of my concerns about Iceland or he would not had sent me
>>>>> >>> his
>>>>> >>> bragging emails the following March.
>>>>> >>>
>>>>> >>> Now that Assange is in jail with no hope of bail like I was a
>>>>> >>> couple
>>>>> >>> of times after CBC has been yapping about him for weeks I was
>>>>> >>> feeling
>>>>> >>> a little vindictive so I opted to tease some of his friends and
>>>>> >>> fans
>>>>> >>> (such as McCarthy and CBC) by reminding them that I was still
>>>>> >>> alive,
>>>>> >>> not in jail and kicking like hell. (A host of cops in seven cars
>>>>> >>> pounced on my son (who was visiting me) and I at 2;30 in the
>>>>> >>> morning
>>>>> >>> right after the results of the recent election was annnounced
>>>>> >>> Although
>>>>> >>> I managed to run them off this time need I say it really pissed me
>>>>> >>> off
>>>>> >>> and saddend me to put him on a bus back to Boston)
>>>>> >>>
>>>>> >>> I did not send you that email with the pdf files attached from my
>>>>> >>> new
>>>>> >>> Yahoo address but you will get it in a bit. Heres hoping you will
>>>>> >>> enjoy it.
>>>>> >>>
>>>>> >>> Best Regards
>>>>> >>> Dave
>>>>> >>>
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>>>>> >>> From: David Amos
>>>>> >>> Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 22:33:10 -0300
>>>>> >>> Subject: RE: Iceland and Bankers Whereas the politicians ignore me
>>>>> >>> maybe some fellow bloggers will listen to me eh?
>>>>> >>> To:,,,
>>>>> >>>,,,
>>>>> >>>,,,
>>>>> >>>,,,
>>>>> >>>,
>>>>> >>> Cc:,,
>>>>> >>>,
>>>>> >>>,,,
>>>>> >>>,,
>>>>> >>>
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>>>>> >>> From: David Amos
>>>>> >>> Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 21:23:15 -0300
>>>>> >>> Subject: Fwd: You mentioned Iceland and Bankers just now and I
>>>>> >>> smiled
>>>>> >>> To:
>>>>> >>> Cc: "Jacques.Poitras" , Dan Fitzgerald
>>>>> >>>
>>>>> >>>
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>>>>> >>> From: David Amos
>>>>> >>> Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 20:52:42 -0300
>>>>> >>> Subject: You mentioned Iceland and Bankers just now and I smiled
>>>>> >>> To:,
>>>>> >>>
>>>>> >>>> ———- Forwarded message ———-
>>>>> >>>> From: David Amos
>>>>> >>>> Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 12:24:42 -0300
>>>>> >>>> Subject: Fwd: RE: Iceland and Bankers etc I must ask the obvious
>>>>> >>>> question. Why have you people ignored me for three years?
>>>>> >>>> To:,,
>>>>> >>>>,
>>>>> >>>>,,
>>>>> >>>>,
>>>>> >>>>,,,
>>>>> >>>>,,,
>>>>> >>>>,,
>>>>> >>>>,
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Cc: webo ,,
>>>>> >>>>,,
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> I wonder if any lawyer will bother to read this email, understand
>>>>> >>>> it
>>>>> >>>> and call me back
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> ———- Forwarded message ———-
>>>>> >>>> From:
>>>>> >>>> Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009 15:06:39 +0000
>>>>> >>>> Subject: Re: RE: Iceland and Bankers etc I must ask the obvious
>>>>> >>>> question. Why have you people ignored me for three years?
>>>>> >>>> To: David Amos
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Dear David Amos
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Unfortunately there has been a considerable delay in responding
>>>>> >>>> to
>>>>> >>>> incoming letters due to heavy workload and many inquiries to our
>>>>> office.
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> We appreciate the issue raised in your letter. We have set up a
>>>>> >>>> web
>>>>> site
>>>>> >>>> where we have gathered various practical
>>>>> >>>> information
>>>>> >>>> regarding the economic crisis in Iceland.
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Greetings from the Ministry of Finance.
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Tilvísun í mál: FJR08100024
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Frá: David Amos
>>>>> >>>> Dags: 29.01.2009 19:17:43
>>>>> >>>> Til:,,
>>>>> >>>>,,,
>>>>> >>>>,,
>>>>> >>>>,,
>>>>> >>>>,,,
>>>>> >>>>,,
>>>>> >>>>,, ""
>>>>> >>>> , "" , Dan
>>>>> >>>> Fitzgerald ,
>>>>> >>>> Afrit:,,,
>>>>> >>>>,,
>>>>> >>>> Efni: RE: Iceland and Bankers etc I must ask the obvious
>>>>> >>>> question.
>>>>> >>>> Why
>>>>> >>>> have you people ignored me for three years?
>>>>> >>>> ———————————————————
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> FYI Some folks in Canada are watching your actions or lack
>>>>> >>>> thereof
>>>>> >>>> more closely than others. As you well know I am one.
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> You folks should not deny certain responses that I have received
>>>>> >>>> over
>>>>> >>>> the course of the last few months from your country CORRECT?
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> From: David Amos
>>>>> >>>> Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 13:57:55 -0300
>>>>> >>>> Subject: Re: Regarding your enquiry to the Prime Ministry of
>>>>> >>>> Iceland
>>>>> >>>> To:
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Thanx
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> On 10/8/08, wrote:
>>>>> >>>> David Raymond Amos
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Your enquiry has been received by the Prime Ministry of Iceland
>>>>> >>>> and
>>>>> >>>> waits
>>>>> >>>> attendance.
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Thank you.
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> From: Fjármálaeftirlitið – Fyrirspurn
>>>>> >>>> Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 12:23:41 -0000
>>>>> >>>> Subject: Staðfesting á móttöku
>>>>> >>>> To: David Amos
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Fjármálaeftirlitið hefur móttekið erindi yðar. Erindinu verður
>>>>> >>>> svarað
>>>>> >>>> við fyrsta tækifæri. Vakin er athygli á heimasíðu
>>>>> >>>> Fjármálaeftirlitsins, Þar má finna ýmsar
>>>>> >>>> upplýsingar ásamt svörum við algengum spurningum:
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> The Financial Supervisory Authority (FME) of Iceland confirms the
>>>>> >>>> receipt of your e-mail. Your e-mail will be answered as soon as
>>>>> >>>> possible. We would like to point out our website,
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> There you can find information and answeres to frequently asked
>>>>> >>>> questions:
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Kveðja / Best Regards
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Fjármálaeftirlitið / Financial Supervisory Authority, Iceland
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Sími / Tel.: (+354) 525 2700
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> From: David Amos
>>>>> >>>> Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 10:53:47 -0300
>>>>> >>>> Subject: I just called to remind the Speaker, the Bankers and the
>>>>> >>>> Icelanders that I still exist EH Mrs Mrechant, Bob Rae and Iggy?
>>>>> >>>> To:,,,
>>>>> >>>>,,
>>>>> >>>>,,
>>>>> >>>>,
>>>>> >>>> Cc:,,
>>>>> >>>>,
>>>>> >>>>,,
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> All of you should review the documents and CD that came with this
>>>>> >>>> letter ASAP EH?
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Perhaps Geir Haarde and Steingrimur Sigfusson should call me at
>>>>> >>>> 506
>>>>> 756
>>>>> >>>> 8687
>>>>> >>>>
>>>>> >>>> Veritas Vincit
>>>>> >>>> David Raymond Amos
>> On 2/21/12, David Amos <> wrote:
>>> Hey Mr Duncan as the current Minister of Indain Affairs you should
>>> pepare your lawyers for the Motherload of Deja Vu Your office
>>> received Hard Copy of some of my concerns byway of the former Minister
>>> Andy Scott in 2004 and then a great deal more when i ran against him
>>> in 2005/2006. If my memory serves me right you lost that election to
>>> Ms Bell of the NDP CORRECT?
>>> Now that you are back in office and a Minister no less perhaps you
>>> should finally consider doing your job before the light dawn's on the
>>> NDP's marblehead. Failing that yor really should hire yourself a
>>> personal lawyer such as your boss Harper has in Richard Dearden.
>>> (Another chickenshit Upper Canadian lawyer too shy to return calls or
>>> answer emails). You cannot deny the fact that I have called and
>>> emailed your office many times about your consituent in Port Hardy
>>> Dana Durnford, the RCMP and Indian matters as well. EH MR MINISTER?
>>> In my humble opinion the students in Colorado are talking to the wrong
>>> people if they truly seek the truth. Silent Bear did not get off to a
>>> good start in dealing with me in an ethical fashion. We seem to have
>>> resolved some of the animosity.
>>> However the jerks overseas appear to be far more offensive.
>>> This person in Ireland means less than nothing to me HE/SHE does not
>>> even have the balls to have a name as they slander me. However many
>>> people know that Ireland and I have crossed paths many times Remeber
>>> the Police Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole who left Beatown to advise
>>> Ireland about terrorists years ago?
>>> If this person speaks for all of Ireland too bad so sad for them.
>>> My best advice to for Irish cry baby is to stedut every word of the
>>> email they have acknowledged. Then sprout some balls or get a fucking
>>> lawyer far more clever than the sneaky greedy bastards employed by
>>> Leonard Petlier Defense Committee.
>>> I have a name and I do not joke when I say Hoka Hey. Peltier's lawyer
>>> Barry Bachrach and the Prime Minister Harper and his lawyer Arthur
>>> Hamilton knew I wasn't joking about the Irish Catholic mob, the VERY
>>> corrupt RCMP and the FBI in 2004 BEFORE the YANKEES falsely imprisoned
>>> me.
>>> Veritas Vincit
>>> David Raymond Amos
>>> 902 800 0369
>>> Deny these emails I Double Dog Dare Ya Mr Duncan
>>> -----Original Message----
>>> From: "Bachrach, Barry A."
>>> To: 'moto maniac'
>>> Subject: RE: Fw: Something weird going on...FR: Byron
>>> Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 12:49:51 -0400
>>> you got to be careful. just found out someone went out to pine ridege.
>>> totally disrupted a group of people trying to fight the corruption.
>>> guess what. bingo, his wife is an fbi agent. i smelled something and
>>> told them to find out. in the interim, the work was disrupted as
>>> planned
>>> .-----Original Message----
>>> From: Byron Prior
>>> To:
>>> Cc: Lisa ; moto maniac ; John Bjornstrom
>>> Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2004 6:44 PM
>>> Subject: FR: Byron RE; Mafia Boss visit, yesterday
>>> Yesterday I had the unpleasent presents of one of Eastern Canada's Top
>>> Mafia Bosses & Drug Lord, from Montreal, a Newfie, spend more than 2
>>> hours in my home, inquiring what my intentions were with my WEB-Site &
>>> if any persons have made me any offers to get ride of my site. I told
>>> him only threats of charging me from the NFLD. Constabulary. His offer
>>> to me was to forget everything & come back to work for him,
>>> immediately, if I wish, drug mule. I said no thanks & told him my web
>>> site will be there until my last breath. His comment to me was, that
>>> may be so, and left my home.
>>> John, you have my association chart, he married the Mexican Girl who
>>> couldn't speak English, by Judge Lloyd Wicks, at the NFLD. Hotel.
>>> John, that list has been with, RCMP, NFLD. Const., CIA, FBI, since
>>> 2001, why is he still aloud to travel the world from South America to
>>> Qubec to NFLD. constantly, & not be bothered by anyone when they are
>>> all aware of what he does, is he really representing them & the MOB.
>>> I'm sure others in this group know exactly who I'm speaking about, how
>>> do you sleep at night?
>>> Should anything happen to me I told him & I tell you all, I won't go
>>> without a fight, I will inform as many public as I can & I have
>>> records hidden in several places & with many different people. What is
>>> most disapointing to me is how many foney & corrupt people are out
>>> there without consience.
>>> YES, I will stay a member of this group, as long as I feel there is 1
>>> honest person here. 34 years a MULE & for that now I call myself a
>>> JACKASS. If you have to run drugs for kids, it's better not to
>>> survive.
>>> Byron David Prior
>>> 66 Readers Hill Crescent
>>> Conception Bay South
>>> A1W5B4
>>> 709 834 9822
>>> ----- Original Message -----
>>> From: Harper, Stephen - M.P.
>>> To:
>>> Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2004 7:29 AM
>>> Subject: RE: They read this stuff Monday
>>> Thank you for your e-mail message to Stephen Harper, Leader of the
>>> Opposition. Your views and suggestions are important to us. Once
>>> they have been carefully considered, you may receive a further reply.
>>> *Remember to include your mailing address if you would like a response.
>>> If you prefer to send your thoughts by regular mail, please address them
>>> to:
>>> Stephen Harper, M.P.
>>> Leader of the Opposition
>>> House of Commons
>>> Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
>>> Mail may be sent postage free to any Member of Parliament.
>>> You can also reach Mr. Harper by fax at: (613) 947-0310
>>> Merci d'avoir écrit à Stephen Harper, le chef de l'opposition
>>> officielle. Votre opinion est importante pour nous. Lorsque nous
>>> l'aurons étudiée avec soin, nous pourrons vous faire parvenir une
>>> réponse.
>>> *N'oubliez pas d'inclure votre adresse postale si vous voulez recevoir
>>> une réponse.
>>> Si vous préférez nous écrire en utilisant les services postaux
>>> régulièrs, veuillez le faire au :
>>> Stephen Harper, député
>>> Chef de l'opposition officielle
>>> Chambre des communes
>>> Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 0A6
>>> Vous pouvez écrire sans affranchissement à tous les députés fédéraux.
>>> Vous pouvez également joindre M. Harper par fax au (613) 947-0310.
>>> ----- Original Message -----
>>> From: David Amos
>>> To:
>>> Cc: Byron Prior
>>> Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2004 6:28 AM
>>> Subject: They read this stuff Monday
>>> September 15th, 2004
>>> Liliana Longo Senior General Counsel
>>> C/o Assistant Commissioner Gerry Lynch
>>> RCMP B Division Headquarters
>>> 100 East Hills Rd
>>> PO Box 9700
>>> St. Johns NF A1A 3T5
>>> RE: Corruption
>>> Hey,
>>> Please find enclosed an exact copy of all material served upon
>>> Lieutenant Governor Roberts by my friend Byron Prior. The copy of
>>> wiretap tape numbered 139 is served upon you in confidence as law
>>> enforcement authorities in order that it may be properly investigated.
>>> I have also enclosed a copy of the correspondence between the RCMP
>>> External Review Committee and I. As you review the same material they
>>> got, you can see the folks in BC were contacted almost one year ago.
>>> Apparently the dumb bastards don't know how to read. If these are the
>>> best lawyers Anne McLellan has got to send against me, the government
>>> is about to be embarrassed big time by a simple Maritimer.
>>> Whereas I have now received my answer from the Lieutenant
>>> Governor of New Brunswick and the RCMP External Review Committee, I am
>>> about to file my own complaints. I have given up on my native land
>>> protecting my dumb ass. If you have any questions may I suggest that
>>> you take my matter up with Anne McLellan or Jack Hooper.
>>> With respect to my friend Byron Prior's sad complaint, let me
>>> be the first layman to congratulate the RCMP in the fine job they did
>>> covering up his matters for the benefit many corrupt politicians for
>>> some many years. It is too bad that the RCMP weren't so diligent in
>>> upholding the law. Lets see if I can have any luck tearing the mask of
>>> virtue off of the RCMP and the likes of T. Alex Hickman for the
>>> benefit of all the simple folk like Byron and I.
>>> Shame on all of you. Say hey to the cop in the picture that was
>>> guarding Harper on June 19th will ya? I need to know his name and
>>> summons him to court to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing
>>> but the truth. He can bring his god along to help if he thinks it
>>> necessary but I would rather he bring his conscience. What say you? If
>>> I don't get an answer from you by Oct3rd. I will be due to sue you
>>> too. What do you think should I complain of the RCMP in a court
>>> Newfoundland or New Brunswick?
>>> I already know Byron's answer.
>>> Cya'll in Court
>>> :)
>>> David R. Amos
>>> 153 Alvin Ave.
>>> Milton, MA. 02186
>>> On 2/20/12, Ireland For Peltier <> wrote:
>>>> Mr. Amos,
>>>> I received this rather disturbing email from you in regards to personal
>>>> issues that you appear to have with others. This should not have been
>>>> sent
>>>> to the Ireland for Peltier campaign group, it is filled with personal
>>>> opinions and defamatory accusations against a variety of people. I am
>>>> offended by the content and can only hope that you stop whatever
>>>> campaign
>>>> you appear to be on.
>>>> Leonard Peltier needs unity, comradeship and friendship at this most
>>>> delicate juncture in his life. Creating division is a blatant attack on
>>>> his
>>>> campaign for executive clemency. A grave injustice has been done to
>>>> him,
>>>> he
>>>> needs unity in his struggle for freedom. Please remove us from your
>>>> mailing
>>>> list as we will not be part and parcel in your campaign to slur others.
>>>> We
>>>> are all related, lets try to stand strong together not pull each other
>>>> apart.
>>>> In the spirit of freedom,
>>>> Ireland for Peltier
>>>> On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 6:16 PM, David Amos
>>>> <>wrote:
>>>>> Robin Your friend Michael Wolfheart is likely an OK guy but you are
>>>>> very wise to not trust anyone and put your family first.
>>>>> It appears to mean old me that all the organizations are corrupt.
>>>>> CUPE, AIM and LPDC are fine examples. They talk the talk about freedom
>>>>> and justice but if their hero ever got out of prison their gravy train
>>>>> would stop. So they merely campaign collect money of his behalf and
>>>>> then spend it on themselves as they actually do nothing at all.
>>>>> FYI Peltier's lawyers first approached me with their concerns about
>>>>> their client's false illegal extradition from Canada and his false
>>>>> imprisonment just as Arlo looking Cloud's trial began. I assisted them
>>>>> for years and even ran against the former Minister of Indiena Affairs
>>>>> Andy Scott in the election of the 39th Parliement. They did nothing
>>>>> but stab e in the back just like a Little Big Man did to one of my
>>>>> heros long ago. After the election in 2006 iw as so disgusted I fired
>>>>> Barry Bachrach and advised my wife to do so as well. Obviously i also
>>>>> ordered him to send a pile of Yankke wiretap tapes to the US Senate
>>>>> before the former Attorney General Gonzales refused to take an oath as
>>>>> he lied like the bastard his truly is about bush' proclaimed right to
>>>>> wiretap tape the people he purported served without warrants. Just
>>>>> like Harper is trying to do now with us.
>>>>> In my humble opinion any ethical Indian who makes himself well known
>>>>> is either sent to prison or killed. All the crooked ones who go along
>>>>> with the evil within longstanding governments get wealthy, play
>>>>> politics or go to Hollywood. (Sometimes all three Russell Means
>>>>> Petier's former friend is a fine example of that fact)
>>>>> Veritas Vincit ( and of course Hoka Hey)
>>>>> David Raymond Amos
>>>>> 902 800 0369
>>>>> PS I tied to talk to CUPE Peltier's lawyer Michael Kazuma again today
>>>>> but as usual the chickenshit would not pick up the phone. So I called
>>>>> his friends in Canada and the USA th Canadian's were rather rude and
>>>>> made fun of the way I said the Yankee lawyer's even though they FAILED
>>>>> to spell his first name correctly in the big announcement. However the
>>>>> Yankee democratic listened closely to what I had to say about Senator
>>>>> John McCain and what he sent me when he was chair of Indain Affairs in
>>>>> 2005.
>>>>> Look for my letter to the FBI Agent David Price then check page 25
>>>>> This is the letter I sent Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell at Barry
>>>>> Bachrach's request. My Scottish ancestors and that of McCain's always
>>>>> said to never trust a Campbell. Small wonder the tough talking Harley
>>>>> riding Indian from Colorado quit mid term not long after his lawyers
>>>>> got my documents and CD.
>>>>> "Mr. Peltier's choice as Vice-President is Barry Bachrach, lead
>>>>> counsel for Peltier. Mr. Bachrach is a Litigation Partner with
>>>>> extensive experience in managing and handling a wide variety of
>>>>> litigation. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Maine,
>>>>> School of Law, has authored several legal publications and is
>>>>> currently co-authoring a book about the Massachusetts Constitution.
>>>>> Bachrach has bar admissions in the states of Maine, Massachusetts and
>>>>> Minnesota and in the United Claims Court, Federal Circuit Court of
>>>>> Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit.
>>>>> Mr. Bachrach has been with the Defense Committee for 3 years and
>>>>> believes that Leonard's campaign will offer hope to the oppressed,
>>>>> bringing back the principles that this country was founded upon,
>>>>> regaining the soul that this country has lost. Bachrach believes that
>>>>> Native Americans are the foundation of this country, spiritual people
>>>>> who cherish the earth, not strive to own it.
>>>>> In the Spirit of Crazy Horse"
>>>>> FEDERAL EXPRES February 7, 2006
>>>>> Senator Arlen Specter
>>>>> United States Senate
>>>>> Committee on the Judiciary
>>>>> 224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
>>>>> Washington, DC 20510
>>>>> Dear Mr. Specter:
>>>>> I have been asked to forward the enclosed tapes to you from a man
>>>>> named, David Amos, a Canadian citizen, in connection with the matters
>>>>> raised in the attached letter. Mr. Amos has represented to me that
>>>>> these are illegal
>>>>> FBI wire tap tapes. I believe Mr. Amos has been in contact with you
>>>>> about this previously.
>>>>> Very truly yours,
>>>>> Barry A. Bachrach
>>>>> Direct telephone: (508) 926-3403
>>>>> Direct facsimile: (508) 929-3003
>>>>> Email:
>>>>> Freedom for Leonard Peltier and justice for all aboriginal
>>>>> communities, says CUPE Ontario
>>>>> Union joins other supporters to mark 36 years of Peltier's false
>>>>> imprisonment
>>>>> Toronto, ON – The struggle for freedom for American Indian activist
>>>>> Leonard Peltier, wrongly extradited from Canada to the US in 1976,
>>>>> reminds Canadians that the struggle for justice for all aboriginal
>>>>> peoples is ongoing, CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn said today on the
>>>>> 36th year of Peltier's false imprisonment.
>>>>> "CUPE Ontario stands with all those gathering today to call for
>>>>> freedom for Leonard Peltier," Hahn said. "And we are reminded today
>>>>> that the call for freedom extends to a demand for social and economic
>>>>> justice for all aboriginal communities."
>>>>> Hahn, along with CUPE Ontario Diversity Vice-President representing
>>>>> Aboriginal Members Joanne Webb, and National Diversity Vice-President
>>>>> Brian Barron attended today's events organized by the Canadian Human
>>>>> Rights Committee for Justice and Freedom for Leonard Peltier and the
>>>>> Indigenous Education Network of OISE/UT. The groups gathered to take
>>>>> part in the annual community vigil in honour of Leonard Peltier, North
>>>>> America's longest-serving, indigenous political prisoner.
>>>>> As Canada's largest union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees
>>>>> (CUPE) is part of a large number of organizations and individuals that
>>>>> believes that Leonard Peltier was convicted on fabricated and
>>>>> suppressed evidence, as well as coerced testimony. Hahn encouraged
>>>>> CUPE members and all Canadians to call or email US President Barack
>>>>> Obama to support Peltier's long bid for freedom.
>>>>> "From the wrongly imprisoned Leonard Peltier to the challenging
>>>>> socio-economic conditions for aboriginals across Canada, the issues
>>>>> facing aboriginal people are concerns for all Canadians," Hahn said.
>>>>> -30-
>>>>> For more information, please contact:
>>>>> Fred Hahn, President, CUPE Ontario, 416-540-3979
>>>>> David Robbins, Communications, CUPE Ontario, 613-878-1431

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"harper1" <>; "jchretien" <>;
"iwhitehall" <>; <>;
<>; <>; <>;
<>; <>;
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<>; <>;
<>; <>; <>;
<>; <>; <>;
"acampbell" <>
Cc: "thehouse" <>; "FOIL" <>;
"foreign" <>; <>;
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 9:22 PM
Subject: Somebody in the Big Apple will read this pdf file sooner or
later EH Mr Buzza of IMET/RCMP?

As for mean old me I am giggling at the fact that Ivan Weis hated
receiving this email whilst his law firm partner Jean Chretien is
cracking jokes about banksters

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Debra Levy <>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 17:02:22 -0700
Subject: Thank you for your email Re: I just called and left a message
for Andre Turcotte The RCMP know that my # is 902 800 0369 CORRECT Mr

Please note I have transitioned to a new position so please direct
your letters and comments to Rajiv Sicora, Thank

All the best,
Debra Levy

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 19:21:05 -0300
Subject: A lot of Feds, the CIBC, the Bank of New York, Maher Arar and
his pals should remember me now EH Mr Sommer?
To:, maritime_malaise
<>,,,,,,, "deborah.alexander"
<>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "manon.hardy"
<>,,,,,,,,,,,,,, webo
"" <>, pm
<>, "rick. skinner" <>, oig

It was truly beyond incredible today that not only did the New York
Bank and the CIBC people pretend to forget who I was but even the very
corrupt RCMP in Ottawa claimed that they lost my file as well.

Obviously everybody knows about my old blog so I can't help but wonder
how all the buddies of Governor Mark Carney formerly of Goldman and
Sachs will explain this nasty kid's blogs about mean old me when one
of Bernie Madoff's victims reads this one in particular.

Just Dave
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From: Sommer Ronald W <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 15:48:14 -0500
Subject: Thank you for the call

Will forward substance of your call to appropriate parties here.

Ron Sommer
The Bank of New York Mellon
Corporate Communications
One Mellon Center, Room 151-1840
+1 412 236 0082 *

The information contained in this e-mail, and any attachment, is
confidential and is intended solely for the use of the intended
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Please refer to for certain
disclosures relating to European legal entities.

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 15:45:09 -0400
Subject: I must say that the crooks Blackburn and Willy Baker need far
more clever spokepeople than the likes of Josee Dussault EH?
To:,,,,, "Blackburn. J" <>,
Cc: "layton. j" <>, lawdean <>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 11:29:45 -0400
Subject: We were just talking Josee 506 756 8687

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 16:28:53 -0400
Subject: I am on the phone to you folks in Canada right now. I also
sent this email to INTERPOL byway of their webpage
To:,,, Dan Fitzgerald <>,
"" <>,,,

I can be reached at 506 756 8687
The Global Organization Against Corruption (GOPAC) is an international
network of parliamentarians dedicated to good governance and combating
corruption throughout the world.

Global Organisation of Parliamentarians against corruption
255 Albert Street, Suite 802
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6A9
1 613 432 1640 ;
1 613 237 0143 X 371

Contact persons :
Meaghan Campbell
Communications and Program(s) Consultant
Kimberley Jordan
Program(s) Assistant

Global Witness was the first organization that sought to break the
links between the exploitation of natural resources, and conflict and
corruption. Global Witness exposes the corrupt exploitation of natural
resources and international trade systems, to drive campaigns that end
impunity, resource-linked conflict, and human rights and environmental
abuses. Relevant areas of work are corruption in oil, gas and mining
as well as the role of financial institutions.

Global Witness
Global Witness
PO Box 6042
London N19 5WP

The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) is a
non-governmental and non-political organization. Its creation was in
response to the rapid growth in serious transnational crime,
particularly drug trafficking, money laundering and fraud. There was a
perceived need for greater international co-operation between
prosecutors and for faster and more efficient mutual assistance, asset
tracking and other international co-operative measures.

International Association of Prosecutors
Hartogstraat 13
2514 EP
The Hague The Netherlands

PTF is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to
helping civil society play an effective role in the design,
implementation and monitoring of national anti-corruption programs.

Partnership for Transparency Fund
4355 Klingle St NW
Washington DC 20016

The Transnational Crime and Corruption Centre (TraCCC) is the first
centre in the United States devoted to teaching, research, training
and formulating policy advice in transnational crime, corruption and
terrorism. TraCCC's fundamental goal is to better understand the
causes and scope of transnational crime and corruption and to propose
well-grounded policy to reduce and eliminate these problems.

Transnational Crime and Corruption Centre (TraCCC)
American University
School of Public Policy, George Mason University
3401 Fairfax Drive, MS 3B1
Arlington, VA 22201, USA
Ph: (703) 993-9757
Fax: (703) 993-8193

Hundreds of governance and anti-corruption activities are taking place
throughout the World Bank Group focusing on internal organizational
integrity, minimizing corruption on World Bank-funded projects, and
assisting countries in improving governance and controlling

World Bank – Governance and Anti-corruption
1818 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20433 USA

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 21:03:58 -0400
Subject: Sometime when Frank Quattrone or his lawyer and banker
buddies are bored perhaps they should study this email. EH?
To:, "john. conyers" <>,
"" <>, "victor. boudreau2"
<>, "" <>
Cc:,, "jennifer. warren"
<>, Dan Fitzgerald <>

Trust that some Canadians know that I understand the world of fierce
financing and litgation and politicking even though they won't admit

This forwarded email should prove my sincerity

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 15:53:19 -0400
Subject: Hell even Big Bankers form India pretend that they do not
know how to read yet want more of my stuff?
To:,,,,,,,,,,,,, rob
<>, kreicker <>,,,,,,,,
Cc: "" <>, webo <>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ICICI Bank Canada <>
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2008 21:23:33 +0530
Subject: RE:'ICICICARE=031-627-108' I just called you people and I was
not impressed with your ethics
To: David Amos <>

Dear Customer,

We have received the incomplete mail from you. We request you to
elaborate your query to enable us to assist you further.


Sirisha D V
Customer Service Officer
ICICI Bank Canada

This e-mail message may contain confidential, proprietary or legally
privileged information. It should not be accessed by anyone who is not
the original intended recipient. If you have erroneously received this
message, please delete it immediately and notify the sender. You will
appreciate that e-mail transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure
or error-free as its contents are susceptible to loss, damage,
interception, destruction, etc. Before opening any attachments please
check them for viruses and defects. The notice appended to the e-mails
is not intended to prejudice the interests of our customers in any
manner or to evade responsibility for any act of done with the
endorsement of ICICI Bank.

-----Original Message-----
From: David Amos (
Date: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 08:24 PM
To: (
Subject: I just called you people and I was not impressed with your ethics

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 12:14:55 -0300
Subject: Donne Smith and I should have our long talk now EH Mr Hancox?
Cc: "" <>,, Dan
Fitzgerald <>, ""

The Minister of Justice of New Brunswick can never say that he did not
know the truth about my concerns a long long time ago as did the
Minister of Justice of Nova Scotia.

Correct Mr Peacock?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 11:22 AM
Subject: We just talked Mr. Sinclair need I say I hate it when Upper
Canadian lawyers play dumb?

Alan Sinclair
UBS Bank (Canada) - Toronto
Phone: (416) 345-7082
Fax: (416) 345-7145

You will find the first portion of this email posted on the same law
blog. Perhaps you should call me back now and quit playing dumb EH?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 1:18 AM
Subject: RE: David Aufhauser, general counsel for UBS' investment banking

Do you people recognize the problem UBS have had with me for a very long time?

Perhaps you should google your ex lawyer's name and mine EH?*&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1

or find his name within these documents

Here is the text of one them here in this blog. Look for the following line

"Senator Edward M. Kennedy David D. Aufhauser, General Counsel"

Clearly David Aufhauser's name is directly across from Ted Kennedy's
and he answered me Aufhauser quit the Treasury Dept just like he just
did with you when the going got tough.

The links above and below prove to you that a dumb Maritimer know hows
to read and write and even though he hasn't been to some fancy law
school he has sued many lawyers in the past CORRECT?

Notice that I have inserted the first portion of this email as a
comment within the link above and that I have inserted a couple of my
latest emails at the bottom of this email. (I do this in this fashion
so that no one can ever claim that I am being sneaky or underhanded.
That is what crooked lawyers do not me. The next time I call UBS in
Canada (which will be very soon indeed) please do not allow the snobby
people in Upper Canada to laugh at me anymore or rest assured I will
sue your bank in a heartbeart to seek relief from your assistance to
the wrongs practiced against my family and I. If you doubt me or my
sincerity ask your former Generl Counsel or the US Treasury Dept or
the Attorney General of Masschusetts why I truly beieve and can prove
that they have no integrity whatsoever.

However if you bankers were truly wise in these troubling times I
believe you will realize that we can be of great assistance to each
other and the people who trust in your integrity. Perhaps you should
read my comments in this law blog as well.

Ask your selves where the transcripts of these Senate Banking
Committee hearings went

Then you should read this file

Although UBS is far from innocent and it has definitely failed its
fiduciary responsibilities towards ist investors etc not all of the
wrongs were of your bank's doing. The wicked plans were dreamed up by
evil lawyers such as David Aufhauser and assisted to by governments
and the taxpayers are begining to understand that simple fact..

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

UBS Global Asset Management (Canada) Co.
Street Address:
161 Bay Street
Suite 3900
Toronto, ONT M5J 2S1

Mailing Address:
Box 618
Toronto, ONT M5J 2S1

Telephone: 1-416-681 5200
Facsimile: 1-416-681 5100


September 09, 2008

From the Pages of The Pomerantz Monitor: UBS Pressured to Settle
Auction Rate Securities Claims

The September issue of The Pomerantz Monitor relays events that led
UBS to enter into a global settlement with federal and state
regulators over auction rate securities. UBS, the Swiss banking
colossus with $1.9 trillion under management and over 80,000 employees
worldwide, has been forced to write off close to $43 billion in the
value of its debt portfolio. Its stock is down more than 50% this
year. Its chairman, CEO and other senior executives have been forced
out. And it is at the center of the auction rate securities debacle
and a tax fraud investigation. On August 12, UBS announced that in the
second quarter, its private-banking clients had withdrawn funds for
the first time in eight years; and that it is cutting 5,500 jobs. UBS'
wealth management advisors are reportedly defecting in droves.

About 50,000 UBS customers are now stuck with $37 billion worth of
auction rate securities. In order to settle a suit brought by the
Massachusetts Attorney General, claiming that UBS misled investors
about the safety and liquidity of those securities, UBS recently
agreed to pay $4.4 million and announced it would buy back up to $3.5
billion of auction rate preferred stock sold by closed-end tax-exempt
funds and held in UBS accounts as of that date.

The New York Attorney General ("NYAG") filed a similar suit on July
24; on the same day, the Texas State Securities Board moved to suspend
UBS' securities license in the state until UBS repurchases, at par,
all auction rate securities it sold to Texas investors. In addition,
the SEC was conducting an investigation into the auction rate
securities crisis.

Finally, on August 8, UBS, under overwhelming pressure, entered into a
global settlement with federal and state regulators in which it agreed
to buy back nearly $19 billion of auction rate securities held by
retail investors.

The New York action had the potential to be particularly embarrassing
for UBS. The suit alleges that seven UBS executives unloaded a total
of $21 million in auction rate securities in the months leading up to
the market's collapse, while the bank was telling customers that these
securities were safe. Among the seven was David Aufhauser, general
counsel for UBS' investment banking arm. The NYAG's complaint
references an email sent to Aufhauser, among others, anticipating the
UBS pull-out from the auction market for these securities. Later that
same day Aufhauser instructed his financial advisor to dump all his
auction rate securities holdings. Aufhauser has now resigned.

UBS is also in the dock for supposedly helping thousands of wealthy
investors from around the world hide their assets and income from tax
collectors. On July 17, 2008, a Senate subcommittee released a
110-page report on "Tax Haven Banks and U.S. Tax Compliance" that
focused on UBS and LGT Group, the largest bank in Liechtenstein, a
country which has been blacklisted by the Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development for past money laundering activities. The
report concludes that, in order to recruit U.S. clients, UBS
established an elaborate formal training program on such subjects as
how to avoid surveillance by U.S. customs and law enforcement, and how
to secretly move money in and out of the country.

Apparently the IRS caught on to UBS when it audited a billionaire from
California and discovered some of the hidden assets. The billionaire
pleaded guilty to tax evasion and informed against his former UBS
private banker, Bradley Birkenfeld. When the IRS knocked on
Birkenfeld's door, he described to them the whole UBS tax evasion

On July 17, the same day that the subcommittee held hearings and
released its report, UBS tried to head off the inevitable retribution
by announcing that it would stop offering offshore banking services to
U.S. clients and would cooperate with U.S. efforts to identify its
19,000 U.S. clients that it had previously failed to identify to the

UBS' chagrin was no doubt exacerbated by its being lumped together
with LGT. The taped testimony of the subcommittee's chief witness
against LGT, Heinrich Kleiber, was recorded in with his face in
shadows and his voice disguised.

LGT reportedly got caught when Kieber, a lowly information technology
employee and convicted felon, stole client account records in 2002 and
sold them to the authorities. The German and British governments
allegedly paid him a total of $7million for account records relating
to their citizens. Several individuals are already being prosecuted
for tax evasion, and more way be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

When the LGT scandal broke, Kieber received death threats from all
over the world, and there is reportedly a $10 million price on his
head. This, no doubt, reflects the type of clients LGT went out of its
way to recruit. Interpol is reportedly hunting for him too. Kieber is
now in hiding, with a new identity. "He's hunted, he's wanted — this
is not what I would call living the good life," said Jack A. Blum, Mr.
Kieber's lawyer. He may get to enjoy his $7 million, but we're
guessing that it won't be any time soon.

From: David Amos
Subject: Attn Martine Turcotte I am still curious. Is Mikey Duffy too???
To:,,,,,,,,, "duffy", "Akoschany", "w-five", "checkup",
"jacques_poitras", "", "Jason Keenan", "josie. maguire", "Andrew.Krystal", "acampbell"
Cc:,,, "Dan Fitzgerald", "Richard Harris", "richard. dearden", "sheila.fraser",,, "dions1",,
Date: Thursday, October 30, 2008, 6:54 PM

It has been over four years and 4 Parliaments I how long must I wait
for Bell canada to act with integrity???

----- Original Message -----
Cc: ;
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 10:28 AM
Subject: RE: I am curious

Mr. Amos, I confirm that I have received your documentation. There is
no need to send us a hard copy. As you have said yourself, the
documentation is very voluminous and after 3 days, we are still in the
process of printing it. I have asked one of my lawyers to review it in
my absence and report back to me upon my return in the office. We will
then provide you with a reply.

Martine Turcotte
Chief Legal Officer / Chef principal du service juridique
BCE Inc. / Bell Canada
1000 de La Gauchetière ouest, bureau 3700
Montréal (Qc) H3B 4Y7

Tel: (514) 870-4637
Fax: (514) 870-4877

Executive Assistant / Assistante à la haute direction: Diane Valade

Tel: (514) 870-4638

From: David Amos <>
Subject: Is Mr Leblanc in Boston going to assist in reuniting my
family and preventing my false imprisonment again or not???
Cc:, "layton. j" <>,, "Duceppe. G" <>,,
Date: Thursday, October 30, 2008, 7:52 PM

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 12:44:50 -0300
Subject: Hey Harper obviously I called Jay Hill and your Privy Council
too Correct?
"" <>, "Duceppe.
<>,, "layton. j"

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 12:10 PM
Subject: I am on the phone to VanLoan and Cannon's offices. We all
know why Correct?
Cc: "Duceppe. G" <>,,
j" <>

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 10:26 AM
Subject: I wonder if Jack Harris and the other NDP lawyers know how to
read I know that the liberals don't
Cc:, Byron Prior <>,

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 7:10 PM
Subject: Professor Fried now that you are no longer supporting McCain
perhaps you should study something.
Cc:,,,, "layton. j" <>,, "Duceppe. G" <>, Dan
Fitzgerald <>, "oldmaison. wcie"

Professor Fried

Please read this first.

As I am writng this the CBC is having their weekly talk show hosted by
a Maritimer named Rex Murphy whom I do not respect. He and another
Maritmer Mike duffy amongst legions of others know exactly who I am
and about my battles with the US Treasury Dept and a great many others
in court in Massachusetts. Even if I could get through on the p[hone
to Rex's assistant the CBC will never allow me to speak on the
publicly owned airwaves again so I will let them know that I am paying
attention bywayof this email to you.. The topic today all over Canada
is of course the ECONOMY and many highly placed people in two
purportedly profound democracies are well aware that I have been
trying to expose the wrongs of bankers and the US Treasury Dept long
before most folks ever heard of the term sub prime mortgage. The fact
that Rex just talked to a blogger in Washington is indeed very
agravting so in response i will post the email in several blogs
because is how i just learned about you and your recent personal
decision regarding the pending election in the USA.

Professor Fried I sincerely hope that you are the honest man whom I
have been seeking for many years. I have no doubt whatsoever that the
lawyers J. Gerald Hebert, Trevor Potter, Tara Malloy and Paul Ryan in
John McCain's Campaign Legal Center, in Washington, DC. curse my name
on a daily basis lately. The first link i asked you to read is just
one of the many reasons why. Whereas the questionable actions of the
US Treasury Dept is the hot topic in the last days of this
presidential election, I will wager the lawyers will have no idea how
to answer this email so they will try hard to ignore it and not tell
their boss John McCain about it so he can continue to play dumb about
me and of my concerns about the severe lack of integrity of bankers
and their governmental cohorts.

Canadians rely on the integrity of the US Treasury Dept too. I for one
as a Proud Canadian citizen have no respect for Solitictor Generals
who fail to act within the scope of their employment for political
reasons and have practiced my right to run against their malevolent
political parties every chance I got before I sue the Her Majesty the
Queen. I truly hope that you took the time to read the link to the
document above and found your friend John McCain's answer to me in
2005. It obviously came to long before I ran for a seat in Canada's
Parliament once again and long before Stephen Harper won his first
minority mandate for the Neo Cons up here north of the 49th. If not
check the document I have provided below. McCain's is the top letter
but the next one is every bit as important particularly in light of
the fact of whom you just voted for.

I certainly agree that you had the irrefutable right to vote for Obama
or anyone else instead of your friend McCain in advance and in private
byway of an absentee ballot. However I don't beleive you were fully
informed. Correct? I was very impressed that you obviously ethically
informed the General Counsel of McCain lection campaign of your
decision prior to pollong day. If his General counsel were a wise man
he would have kept the letter to himself and simply removed your name
from a roster of commitees just as you requested and let the politcal
cards fall where they may. However I must confess I am very curious as
to how your letter McCain's legal counsel was leaked to the bloggers
so quickly and it does not seem that the press has picked up the ball
and ran with it yet even though the New York Times and the Anchorage
Daily News recently endorsed Obama is also well aware of your vote and
of my many emails and phone calls to them over the years. I find this
very strange to say the least.

I also noticed that you set the record straight

"Fried writes to TNR: I admire Senator McCain and was glad to help in
his campaign, and to be listed as doing so; but when I concluded that
I must vote for Obama for the reason stated in my letter, I felt it
wrong to appear to be recommending to others a vote that I was not
prepared to cast myself. So it was more of an erasure than a public
affirmation--although obviously my vote meant that I thought that
Obama was preferable to McCain-Palin. I do not consider abstention a
proper option. "

Posted: Friday, October 24, 2008 12:40 PM

With regards to my letter to Obama in 2004 before most folks ever
heard his name I must say that although Barak Obama has never answered
me I truly believe he used the material I sent him against his fellow
Democrats in order to be chosen as the keynote speaker at the
Democratic National Convention in Boston while I was running in the
election of the 39 Parliament. I was not one bit surprised to find
myself falsly imprisoned in Massachusetts under the charges of
as soon as I returned to the USA and stood in court on October 1st,
2004. To put it blumtly I believe you made a mistake to vote for Obama
in this wicked election. Now that the Democrats can use your name in
some sort of "October Surprise" McCain must be wondering who his
friends are within his own legal dept. In my humble opinion for what
it is worth you were indeed very wise to exit stage left before the
McCain Campaign implodes byway of its own actions.

In closing and far more importantly for the benefit of people involved
in ridiculous wars and my little Clan's rights and interests I must
point to our affairs your State of the US Union. I have no doubt
whatsoever that you knew of my wife's malicious cousin Charles J.
Kickham Jr. (he did sit on the Board of Governers of Harvard Law and
was President of the Massachusttes Bar association twice). What you
may not know is why my family and I sued Kickham many of his cohorts
within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2002 long before Mitt
Romney was elected your Governor while one of his predecessors Paul
Cellucci was Ambassador to Canada and trying hard to talk my
nativeland into going to War with Iraq for the benefit of his bosses
George W. Bush and Colin Powell.

All Canadians should read paragraph 16 beginning on page 31 very
closely. Clearly I knew what I must do long before I did it EH Rex
Murphy and Mike Duffy?

All Yankees should check the date on these judgements. Clearly George
W. Bush and I had a very serious problem with the integrity of his
executive offices long before the War in Iraq began.

Please consider carefully the things I have pointed out to you ASAP
Profeeser Fried and feel free to contact me at 506 756 8687 in order
to explain matters more thoroughly to you. the Newfy on CBC right now
Rex Murphy can feel free to do the same. I am tired of trying to call
him and being laughed at when I do managed to get through. His show is
now going off the air and the last caller came from the very town I
was born Sackville New Brunswick, the same town where that the General
Counsel of the Board of Bar Overseers Michael Fredrickson taught
briefly. (did ya notice I sued him too?). My fellow Canadian I believe
his name was Eric is pointing out to all the true problem It seems
that he forgot who he truly works for. A former Solicitor General of
the USA should understand my indignation and frustration towards the
nonsense of it all.

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos*&q=%22Charles+j.+Kickham+Jr.%22&btnG=Search

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 11:21 PM
Subject: Hey Ron Paul and Dennnis Kucinich we should talk ASAP EH?
To:,,,,,,, Dan Fitzgerald <>

I must confess to be fair to you that I would find a certain joy in
stress testing the ethics of the your adversary of old the lefty
lawyer Charles "Lefty" Morris. However i am not certain he is still
kicking after all these years. If anyone mentions my name in the media
and causes the shit to hit the fan with a rather profound October
surprise methinks he/she will become a rather famous person and indeed
a true champion of the common man in short order. If that person
happened to be a lawyer their brothers of the bar may curse their name
for eternity but the biggest surprise would come to me. After all the
lawyers I have crossed paths with over the years I have given up on
the pipe dream of finding an ethical one. However what the hell I can
still dream? One might go for the brass ring I am dangling to suit his
own greedy ends. Everybody hates lawyers and bankers anyway. They
might as well learn to hate each other. EH Mr. Paul?

That said as you well know I talked to many of your political
associates when you sought a presidential nomination last year then
came close to losing your local nomination. Remember? Today I talked
to some of your other newfound friends for strange little third
parties. Here is my number once again 506 756 8687 just in case you or
anyone else decides to have a decent conversation with a rather fierce
but fun loving ethical Canadian politcal animal before folks caste
their votes and hope for the best South of the 49th..

As you well know Mr. Paul I sent you hard copy of my material in
August of 2007 and you did receive a great deal more documents etc
than Dennis Kucinich revieved from me 5 years ago and long before the
bankers got themselves in hot water once again. CORRECT? Best check
the links before you call me a liar sir. Never forget Dennis Kucinich
answered me in 2003 when he made his prior bid for presidential office
and I sent you the proof of that fact too byway of the aforementioned
Hard Copy in the confirmed US Mail . EH?

Furthemore as I tore our Canadian politicians brand new arseholes
before the writ was dropped up here for the 40th Parliament and the
RCMP opted to harassed me some more I do mention you in the following
Youtube if only just in passing right show some of the documents as

It seems that you Yankees don't matter to me much but why don't you
do the right thing for your benefit if not the the people you
represent before the light dawns on a lawyer like Lefty's old
marblehead that there is another lawyer/banker/writer dude named
Charlie Morris who claims to knows it all? Guess where I am gonna blog
this email for shits and giggles?

We shall see if the "Independent" understands its rights under the
Amendment. They are my words not theirs posted within their blog and
anyone can sue me if they dare to call me a liar. Rest asured I stand
by my every word and have the evidence to back them up. Scroll down to
see a bit of proof that it is true.

I already know for a fact that NPR ain't worth a good god damn and I
can prove that too. Ask their old ombudsman from CBC days before you
doubt me. I saved his emails as well.

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

P.S. Sometimes religious folks report some truths. Too bad they don't
tell it all EH?

"Meanwhile, the 2008 campaign is producing unusually high numbers of
credible primary challengers. Reps. Ron Paul (R) of Texas and Dennis
Kucinich (D) of Ohio curtailed their presidential campaigns to shore
up support in Tuesday primary races – and the congressional primary
season, unlike the presidential primary period, is just beginning.

"We've already seen as many incumbents knocked off in primary
elections so far this year as were defeated in all of 2006," says
David Wasserman, who analyzes House races for the Cook Political
Report. "It's a 'change' election, so primary challengers have
leeway to establish viability through fundraising and through

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 13:16:38 -0300
Subject: Perhaps Cynthia McKinney and the Green Party will listen to
the truth now EH John Judge?

Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 11:22:43 -0400
Subject: Re: Fwd: Your weekend newsman named Mikey just hung up on
me??? (Time to move on)
To: David Amos <>

As of Friday, Oct. 10, I no longer work at The Plain Dealer.

If your email concerns news, please contact deputy business editors
Randy Roguski at and Roger Mezger at

I can be contacted through my personal email at

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 12:01:23 -0300
Subject: Your weekend newsman named Mikey just hung up on me???

As most of you now know I did not hesitate and called many of you right back.

The Toledo Blade Company,
541 N. Superior St.,
Toledo, OH 43660 ,
(419) 724-6000

I know you people don't love Canadians but everybody loves their
money. Correct?Maybe some other newsman will read this today. Who

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 11:38:08 -0300
Subject: RE the pending election and the US Treasury Dept

Anyone can feel free to call me and have me explain this email. I am
tired of trying to talk to rude people who don't care about their own

506 756 8687

I am who I say I am and here is a little proof of that fact.

FYI Although the transcript and webcasts of this very important Senate
Hearing have evaporated from the Congressional Record of the USA

Clearly I have my copy EH?

Everybody knows why I must keep good records here is alittle proof as to why

Veritas Vincit

David Raymond Amos

Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 08:02:12 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: To our New York Times reader

Thank you for writing to us. Your message has been received and will
be forwarded to the reporter you contacted. Please note that messages
are delivered once per day, at 8 a.m. (EST). Because of the high
volume of responses we get from readers, not all communications can be
responded to personally. But be assured that we want to hear your
thoughts. (Please do not reply to this e-mail as this address is not
monitored for incoming messages.)

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