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Yo Chief Rod Knecht formerly of the RCMP Methinks that you and your pal Marianne Ryan of the RCMP should not have supported your blogging butt buddy Mr Baconfat for so long

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Now he is using my expressions as he harasses YOU and my kids as well.

Don't ya think you should arrest him yet?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Yo Chief Knecht, your troops are shite

Yo Chief Knecht, where you do you get the shite troops that make up
your "TAC teams?" This afternoon a City of Edmonton Police Service
tactical teams were conducting training exercises at the Leamington
Mansions. A under renovation apartment block on 114 th Street and
Jasper Ave. My wife and I were walking along 114 th Street across the
street from the police who had concluded their exercise. Directly
across from a dozen or so police constables were clearing their
weapons of obviously blank ammunition. Now it matters not what kind of
ammunition they were or weren't using weapons safety is far more
important than a cop in tactical uniform handling his or her weapon in
an unsafe manner.

I was a CF officer for over twenty years, and I have never seen troops
strut around like peacocks, and work the action of their weapons with
the muzzle not pointed at the ground, but at my wife and I walking
across the street. A soldier that negligent with a weapon would be
spending 14 days in the guardhouse.

It seems Chief Knecht your troops are more concerned with looking "cop
cool" than treating their weapons with respect. Yo Chief Knecht, why
don't you tell these assholes to point their weapons at the ground
when they clear them or work the action, rather than point them across
the street? I shouted at the retard to lower his weapon, but alas he
was too busy strutting about trying to look good for the
photographers, to mind his weapon pointed at my wife and myself.

Chief Knecht your troops are untrained shite.
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Decent, people or real Edmontonians DON'T go to the Main Branch of the
Edmonton Public Library
The Stanley Milner Downtown Branch of the Edmonton Public Library is
unsafe. It is unsafe for senior citizens, women with infants or small
children, and the City, and EPL administration knows and realizes
this. The library is constantly patrolled by three groups. The
library's own engaged "security" personnel, the city's "peace
officers," and of course the Edmonton Police Service. The public areas
of the library are patrolled at least fifteen minute intervals by all
of the aforementioned personnel, and there is a standing guard at the
entrance to the Children's Library and of course the main entrance and
foyer of the library proper.

It is roughly twenty minutes to nine AM and a large crowd of
"homeless" and Indians has already assembled at the entrance to the
Library inside the foyer. Most of these animals are carrying
backpacks, multiple duffel, and shopping bags containing all of these
"people's" worldly possessions. A few of the derelicts are carrying
large garbage bags of empty cans and bottles. All of these "people"
are here for the nine AM opening of the Library.

Many of the assembled derelicts are here early because they simply
have no where else to go. Many are ready to race to get a computer
station, many to race for a choice easy chair to sleep upon, and many
to use the Library's washrooms to dispose of used syringes and to
perform their daily ablutions. Because the Edmonton Public Library has
decided that the downtown branch of the library is less a public
institution and more a public space, decent people. educated people,
working people, learned people do not use this branch of library and
no responsible parent would bring a child there, or permit one to go
there alone.

It is now ten minutes to nine AM at the entrance to the Stanley Milner
Main Branch of the EPL, and the "natives are getting restless." There
won't be a police or security presence here until the doors are opened
by two very disinterested and minimum wage worker bees. Until then,
"proud natives," and "people" are jumping the queue, pushing, shoving
and threatening each other.

There is a retired chap, name Keith. Keith spends mornings here to use
the computer, and read newspapers. Keith tells me he was once a very
good hockey player in the Detroit Red Wings system long ago. Keith is
a quiet unassuming, neat, clean, tidy individual.

Then there is this wretched piece of white trash. That for some reason
pushes, threatens Keith and others whilst jumping the queue. This
under-evolved pissant threatens to "beat the shit of them outside." He
is unkempt, even his face is dirty, he has an over stuffed backpack
and two shopping bags. He is as many of the animals here a sociopath.

As nine AM approaches there must be betwixt 25 and 50 people in the
foyer and a great many are getting agitated. There are a number of
homeless youth here pushing at the head of the line to use the
computer centre, to play games, and use the 3 D printer and other
equipment here in the "Make It Centre."

But mostly the crowd consists of homeless "proud natives" looking for
someplace to quietly drink concealed alcohol, and use drugs. Every day
there are three to ten Indian Squaws with their babies on the second
floor of the library. These "people" are homeless and here on the
sofas they change and let their kids sleep. Hardly responsible
parenting, no wonder the percentages are greater of an Indian kid
being incarcerated are greater than him or her graduating High School.

It is nine AM and there's a stampede of drunks, addicts and everyday
losers, pushing and shoving each other to get an easy chair in a
corner, nook or cranny where the can piss in a corner and not exert
themselves to go to the can. There is a mad rush for newspapers and
computer stations. It is "the running of the bulls" for the human
refuse of Edmonton

To be fair there is a significant number of people who use the library
as an office and a tool to help find gainful employment. There's use
of computers and printers, free WIFI, free internet access, and these
folks have cell phones. So the EPL becomes an "office" to help people
find work. Indeed a very good thing.

But by in large the downtown branch of the EPL is merely a "public
space" like a City Park where derelicts, and addicts "do their thing,
and kill time. Each and every day City Police arrest an individual or
individuals in the library. The EPL main branch and the grounds
thereof generate most calls for police assets daily than almost
anywhere in downtown Edmonton.

Indeed not a place for decent, real Canadians.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Two more "palestinians" off to Paradise and seventy-two virgins
Wannabe Jew killers Elias Hazineh a so called "palestinian-kanadian"
and United Church of Canada hater and killer of Jews Steve Berube are
pissed, chagrined, disappointed and outraged today. Two under-evolved
animals in Gaza yesterday were sent to "paradise" and its 72
mustachioed "virgins." Self described "soldier" and Popular Front for
the Liberation of Palestine "commander" Ahmed Zaamin and his cousin
Youself Zaamin were targeted for selective assassination by IDF. And
yesterday in parked car just before they launched rockets in to
Southern Israel, and IDF Hellfire missile blew smoke rings up the
asshole's asses. These under-evolved pigs are no dead, "food for the
worms, dear Yorick," if there is anything left of the animals.

One would think this is an excellent object lesson for Muslim pig
Elias Hazineh and his so called "palestinian-kandian" sycophants here
in Canada. If these animals and United Church of Canada anti-Semite
and wanabe Nazi Steve Berube hate Jews so much....leave Canada, go to
Gaza or Judea and or Samaria, and pick up a rifle, or strap on an
explosive belt, and blow yourself up to kill Jews. Kindly feel free to
fuck off from Canada, and fight for allah and his pig fucking prophet
mooohamad! Fatima, her "husband" and the kiddies ought leave Canada
and be Muslim pigs somewhere else, and take their violence, honour
killings, and Sharia Law with them. Indeed the Parti Quebecois
government in Quebec is quite right about Islam and Muslim animals in
Quebec. Simply, collect your kiddies, and get the fuck out of here.

Ahmed Zaamin was earlier a "commander" with the Islamic Front for the
Liberation of Palestine. Now he is a senior operative of the Popular
Front for the Liberation of Palestine. He is the is the pig that
launched rockets at the Ariel Sharon funeral. This Muslim pig is now
dead. Dead at the hand of the IAF and the Israeli intelligence
apparatus. Another terror chief, eliminated in combat operations

Perhaps anti-Semite members of the United Church of Canada and
Obergruppen Fuhrer"reverend" Steve Berube.... could be next!

:Kill em all and let God sort em out.".
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Monday, January 20, 2014
Tolerance, Intolerance and Hypocrisy
A few years ago a man who ran a print shop in the GTA was offered work
or an order by a Lesbian association. In fact these animals
deliberately targeted this poor small businessman who just happened to
be an evangelical "Christian." This group of "misunderstood.
unaccepted and discriminated against" group of Lesbians demanded this
poor "Christian" schmuck print some tracks for them, which he
respectfully declined. They then proceeded with their previously
prepared plan to take this poor ordinary small businessman to the
Ontario Human Rights Commission, citing their "human rights" were
violated, because our businessman did not want their business.

Since the dawn of time people have had the unreserved right to decline
the patronage or custom of anyone they choose to, for whatever
motivation. It took some time, effort and money but the Lesbian
extortion was defeated and Canadians can still do business with, or
without anyone they so choose.

Today on the #1 bus downtown, and dirty, disheveled, bum, with an
unlit cigarette hanging from his mouth, and obvious BO. The sub-human
boarded the bus with a overstuffed backpack and duffle bag and two
shopping bags. He could not afford the fare and after a long and
boring excuse the ETS operator permitted our "friend" to board the

He immediately sat in the priority handicapped seating beside a
mature, well dressed, and seemingly relatively affluent woman. The
"man" had tremors and talked to himself. Without warning he started to
chat up the matron sitting beside him. He put his arm around her back
on the bench seat and asked her, "what's for dinner." After a few
short moments of this our mature woman "lost interest" in her new
friend, got up and moved to another seat.

So was our matron exhibiting a "racist attitude" towards the poor or
"less fortunate?" Was she being "intolerant" or "discriminatory?"

I have previously posted here about the faggot with the dirty clothes,
purple hair, sitting next to me and refreshing his make-up on the bus
a couple of nights ago. I very quietly, and discretely got up, and
moved to another seat. Another passenger boarding the bus also shunned
this gender confused individual. Is that being "intolerant,"
"homophobic" or otherwise dismissive to faggots?

Is it discrimination not to rent or lease property you own to anyone
you choose not to, regardless of the reason.? Transgender and former
unsuccessful Miss Universe contestant Jenna Talackova whines about the
"injustice going on with transgendered people, and all the hate
crimes" That indeed begs the question, what constitutes a hate crime?
Landlords "discriminate" everyday considering who would be a suitable
tenant. And this is usually accomplished by nothing more than "first
impression," or gut reaction. Is that "hate crime?"

In Nigeria "amorous homosexual behavior" ""LGBT marriage," or
membership in LGBTQ organizations" is punishable with up to 14 years.
Has it dawned on the faggot and dyke "community" that most of the
people in most of the nation-states of the world not only accept these
laws but approve of them.

It seems these "people" ordering everyone to "tolerate" or "accept"
them for "what they are," is presumptuous indeed! Because the freedom
to choose is the freedom to discriminate.
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Sunday, January 19, 2014
Good For CSIS and CSEC
In recent months there has been a "tempest in a teapot" issue that has
gained no purchase in Canadian political discourse. CSEC, until
recently known simply of Communications Security establishment has
been gathering ELINT, SIGINT, and other high value Intel since the
Second World War. It appears that CSEC is spying on nations like
Brazil and most of Africa and South America

Canada has always shared Counter-Intel with our amerkan cousins, and
has been a significant partner in Five Eyes (UK, US, Can, AUS, and New
Zealand), and ECHELON from the very beginning.

In the 1980's counter-intel, intelligence and clandestine operations
were taken from the RCMP. and CSIS was established. Canada's worst
terrorist attack the Air India bombing occurred at the very beginning
of CSIS. Nonetheless the Air India bombing was a significant Canadian
intelligence failure. There has been no successful terrorist attacks
on Canada or on Canadian soil since then, and the formation of JTF-2

CSEC and CSIS have been conducting SIGNIT, ELINT and other intel
operations upon most of the world to protect or further Canadian
interests for almost fifty years. Canada has "read Brazil's and other
competitor nations mail", since "Christ was a corporal." After the
"great revelation" by Eric Snowden no one here in Canada seems to care
a whit (except David Amos) about the spying by Canada's considerable
intelligence apparatus. There has been mass of public outrage in
Canada as in the United States of Amerka. I wonder if the lack thereof
here is one of those "peace order and good government things,"
Canadians are at the minimum ambivalent about Canada's security
agencies spy at home or abroad if it furthers Canada's business
interests, geo-political interests Foreign policy and homeland

Simply put Canadian don't care about Brazilian business' being spied
upon, or anyone's for that matter, if it furthers Canadian business
and or political interests. Or in the furthering or enhancement of
Canadian safety and security.

Keep whining David! Too bad you aren't a real Canadian
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"Kill em All and Let God Sort em Out!
In the last few days Israeli Deputy Minister of Defense Danny Danon
wrote in a US "online" magazine called "Politico," stating Israel may
well preemptively strike Iran and it's WMD, without looking for
approval or the askance of the United States. After all Israel did
not ask for US approval in 1956, or the preemptive strike in 1967.
Israel did not beg permission to hit Iraqi nuclear facilities at Osirk
in 1981. When the Syrian government were building nuclear WMD in a
compound in Syria in 2007, the IDF destroyed the site and butchered
the Syrians there, without considering to ask for US approval.

So why on earth would Eretz Israel ask the US for permission to save
it's citizens from destruction now? Notwithstanding amerkan jingoism
crying out that only US military assets can fully do the job of
eliminating Iran's nuclear WMD. That's not a view shared by the
experienced combat officers in the Kirya. The Israeli Defense Forces
have a long and distinguished history of military achievement. Amerka
has Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam.

So now as Danny Danon posits in Politico the P-5 plus one are
negotiating with Iran to end their weapons grade enriching programme.
Peace talks with Iran reminiscent of the western allies with Adolf
Hitler in the mid thirties. Amerka's first Black African American
President Barak Hussein Obama has reprised the role of Neville
Chamberlain. A "man" more than willing to throw Israel under a bus,
like Chamberlain did with Czechoslovakia in 1936. Neville Chamberlain
then and there at Munich in fact started the Second World War by
appeasing the "Austrian Corporal, "and enabling the extermination of
six million Jews.

It seems what we have here is deja vu all over again!

Imagine, Barak Obama Obama waving a paper in his hand just like Prime
Minister Neville Chamberlain did in 1936...."I bring you peace in out
time," and the extermination of Europe's Jews.

Israel can not and will not trust the United States of Amerka, the P
plus 5 group, or whatever when it comes to the continued existence of
the Jewish State, and by extension the Jewish people.

Israeli Deputy Minister of Defense Danny Danon told the amerkan
administration that if sanctions are relaxed or Iran is permitted to
enrich to weapons grade nuclear materials, Israel will act.

It is gratifying to see a Canadian Prime Minister and Canada standing
foursquare with the Jewish State, the Jewish people, and Israel
against evil Islam.

Israel needs to hit Iran, now. Kill them all and let God sort em out.

Iittle Barak Hussein Obama says...."ibring you peace in our time...."
In a pig's eye
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Canada's "palestinian" citizens of comvenience
Meet Elias Hezineh. He isn't a real Canadian, nor even a fully evolved
human. Elias Hazineh a so called "palestinian" living in Canada with
others availing themselves of the benefits of the Canadian social
safety net. Mr Hazineh calls or called himself an "activist" working
here in Canada with other "palestinian terrorists."

Last August on what Arabs refer to as Al Quds Day our "Palestinian
terrorist" Elias Hazineh told a gathering of "palestinian kanadians"
that Palestinians in Yerushalym, Judea and Samaria ought to machine
gun all the Jews. "Give them 5 minutes to leave, and kill them all,"
he said. Mr Elias Hazineh's Palestine House, and other "palestinian
kanadian fronts for terror have been defunded by the Federal
Government. Their ongoing scam, is over for good.

This week a man known by Canada's intelligence apparatus as a known
terrorist, or Islamic extremist Damian Clermont was killed fighting in
Syria for anti-government rebel forces. His family in Calgary is
obviously devastated, his Grandfather tried to call and convince the
sub-human to come home. I am very glad the scum is dead.

Damian Clermont's asshole Grandfather Gerry Boudreau blames the
Government du Canada that his Grandson is dead. Mr. Boudreau claims
the federal government ought not to have allowed this animal to leave
Canada. Oh dear, when shite happens, "blame the government."

Frankly, I wonder if Canada security services permitted Damian
Clermont to exit Canada, hoping the untermenshe would get killed.
Thank Goodness, he did! It seems that hundreds of "radicalized Islamic
animals" are engaged in "jihad" around the world.

At this writing, in a few short hours Prime Minister Harper's RCAF
aircraft will land in Tel Aviv. Later this trip Prime Minister Harper
will address the Knesset in Yerushalayim thus annoying those Muslim
animals that think Yerushalyim is a the capital of a "palestinian"
captital, of a "palestinian' nation state that never in recorded
human history existed.

That brings us back to the cowardly Elias Hazineh living here in
Canada a very long way from Judea, Samaria and Israel. His suggestion
of Arabs "picking up machine guns, and gunning down Jews," ring kind
of hollow here in Canada. Its a very long way from the Middle East to
here in Canada. More typical Arab pig boasting. But let us remember
one thing, the Arabs of the Middle East have NOT won any war with the
IDF. Not one. Not ever.

Not Canada, and our Prime Minister are being hailed as geo-political
friends and allies of Israel. That indeed must piss off the ersatz
"palestinian kanadian animals" that leech off real Canadians.
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On 1/24/14, BARRY WINTERS <> wrote:
> For a great time call Laura the butt at 1 902 800 0500. She never rubs you
> the wrong way!
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> Cc: "David Amos" <>, "frankffrost"
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> <>
> Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2014 11:49:37 PM
> Subject: Why is it I was not surprised to see Moncton's former City
> Solicitor John Hughes intervene in the trial of the neo nazi Werner Bock as
> a "friend" of the court EH Teddy Flemming, Brucy Baby Northrup and Roger
> "The Dodger" Brown of the RCMP?
> Hey
> One thing I know for certain is that Brucy Baby Alward's latest
> Minister of Public Safety knows Werner Bock just as Roger "The Dodger"
> and his pal John Warr of the RCMP know their fellow Newfy Byron Prior
> quite well.
> Mean while while the self serving mindless bloggers such as Chucky
> Leblanc, Mr Baconfat and Arty Baby Topham profess to know everyone and
> everything. Yet all of them manage to prove to mean old me on a daily
> basis that they know nothing and have no balls at all.
> That said did anyone but mean old me notice that the CROWN pulled the
> same trick on my former friend Werner Bock that they did on another
> of my former friend
> Byron Prior?
> The CROWN conducted a trial for well over a year in both matters. Once
> their
> trials were over and a judgement should have been rendered the judges ask
> some
> questionable shrinks employed by the CROWN to simply certify that Bock
> and Prior are delusional and not capable of standing trial? If only to
> save the taxpayer dimes and the court a lot of time should not the
> CROWN practiced its malice before their trials began??? Could the real
> reason be that the CROWN did ot want me to become involved?
> So Peter A. Juk, QC it begs the obvious question how long before the
> CROWN certifies that neo nazi Arty Baby Topham is just another nasty
> nutbag?
> Regina v The Radical Press: LEGAL UPDATE #16 January 16th, 2014
> January 17, 2014 by admin 3 Comments
> Regina v The Radical Press: LEGAL UPDATE #16
> January 16th, 2014
> Dear Free Speech Advocates and Radical Press Supporters,
> A new year is upon us and along with it comes increased litigation,
> court appearances and further subterfuge on the part of Regina, aka
> the Queen of England. This foreign entity is attempting to use her
> Zionist-controlled courts to silence and stop me from
> publishing the truth about any and all political events connected with
> the Jewish lobby here in Canada and/or with the Zionist Jew juggernaut
> that's sweeping across the planet with evil intent. This of course
> includes the actions of the Canada's judiciary and the Royal Canadian
> Mounted Police (RCMP) who do her bidding.
> My last update of November 20th, 2013 focused mainly on the Rowbotham
> application that I had applied for in order to have Regina pay for a
> lawyer to defend me against her spurious sec. 319(2) "hate crime"
> charge that resulted in my arrest and incarceration back on May 16th,
> 2012. That application was refused by Judge Morgan after a hearing
> held in the Quesnel court house on November 18th.
> Since that date I've been back in court a few more times on related
> matters the most recent being Tuesday, January 14th.
> During the November 18th, 2013 Rowbotham hearing Judge Morgan brought
> up the matter of the particularization of the disclosure (the massive
> amount of purported "evidence" which the Crown intends to rely upon to
> justify their having charged and arrested me and stole all of my
> computers and firearms back in May of 2012). I had made an application
> to the court back on April 10th of 2013 asking for further particulars
> and that the Crown to be more specific as to just what articles,
> posts, etc. were the ones on the website which Regina felt were
> willfully promoting hatred against "people of the Jewish religion or
> ethnic group." After the Rowbotham application was refused I refiled
> the original April 10th, 2013 application asking the Judge to order
> Crown to further particularize the case.
> That hearing took place on December 16th, 2013. Judge Morgan reserved
> his decision until I appeared again January 3rd, 2014 on another
> related matter. It was then that he handed down his Judgment in which
> he dismissed my application on the grounds that I was "seeking"
> "particulars relating to the Crown's theory." In the Judge's
> estimation, "An order – as set out in his application – for the Crown
> to particularize the date and time and the exact statement or
> statements by which the alleged hatred was promoted would have the
> effect of limiting the Crown's theory of the case; something that
> Krindle J. in Pangman (above) at paragraph 3, found there was no
> authority for and would amount to an extension of the existing law."
> It all sounds good in "theory" doesn't it?
> Following the November 18th, 2013 Rowbotham hearing I contacted Crown
> Counsel Johnston regarding the matter of witnesses that the Crown was
> planning to call for the Preliminary Inquiry set for January 22nd,
> 2014. Counsel informed me that she would only be calling one witness,
> Barry Salt, a forensic computer technician. More taxpayer money to be
> spent bringing someone up to Quesnel in order to "prove" that I was
> the Publisher and Editor of a fact which I have never
> denied.
> On December 2nd, 2013 I wrote another letter to CC Johnston regarding
> the matter of witnesses (or lack thereof) and that Crown was not
> planning to call either of the complainants (Richard Warman and Harry
> Abrams) nor the investigating officers (Terry Wilson and Normandie
> Levas). In that letter I wrote:
> As I'm sure you are well aware the preliminary inquiry is an important
> opportunity for me to cross-examine witnesses and gather relevant
> evidence for pre-trial Charter applications in Supreme Court. Much of
> the necessary evidence for the Charter applications will be put on the
> record at that time and therefore I feel it behooves the Crown, in the
> interest of justice, to call those persons specified above for
> cross-examination by myself, or, in the event I am able to procure
> counsel in advance of the January 22nd date, my legal representative.
> I never heard back from CC Johnston on this matter and so I filed
> another application on December 30th, 2013 stating the reasons as:
> "The complainants (Richard Warman and Harry Abrams) and the police
> investigators (Terry Wilson and Normandie Levas) are relevant and
> necessary witnesses for the purpose of the preliminary inquiry. The
> Crown is refusing to to call these witnesses. I respectfully request
> that the Crown be compelled to produce these witnesses."
> As a result a hearing date was set for January 3rd, 2014. During the
> hearing Crown argued that they didn't have to produce any witnesses
> that they chose not to and downplayed the whole notion of the
> importance of the Preliminary Hearing process. I was given a fourteen
> page document indexed as: United States of America v. Shephard [1977]
> 2 S.C.R. 1067. This document, according to both Judge Morgan and Crown
> Counsel Johnston, clearing showed that the threshold to be met in
> order to justify ordering a trial to be held was so low as to be
> practically impossible to refute.
> Prior to the January 3rd date the Judge had set another date of
> January 7th, 2014 for what is called a "focus hearing" which,
> translated into English, means a time to go over the ins and outs of
> what would be transpiring during the upcoming Preliminary Hearing on
> Jan. 22nd. He then decided to deal with that matter too on the 3rd and
> skip the Jan. 7th date. It was during this hearing that Judge Morgan
> addressed the issue of the thousands of emails which were still on my
> stolen computers and had not been returned to me. I told the judge
> that they were relevant to my defense and that they should be returned
> as part of the disclosure package which had already been returned some
> months ago. The judge concurred with my argument and after some
> discussion with Crown directed CC Johnston to contact Det. Cst. Wilson
> and have him return all of my email correspondence to me. He gave the
> Crown until January 14th to prepare a response to his recommendation
> and it was on that date that I was to return to court to find out the
> results. When I appeared on January 14th I learned that the emails had
> been downloaded to a file that was supposedly being sent up to the
> Crown's office and that I would be notified as soon as it arrived.
> Judge Morgan told me to contact Crown Counsel's office if I didn't
> hear anything after a couple of days.
> It was also on Jan. 14th that I first learned that Crown was also
> calling Det. Cst. Terry Wilson of the BC Hate Crime Unit to appear at
> the Preliminary Inquiry. Then, to top things off, came the sudden
> announcement by Crown Counsel Johnston that the Crown had filed a
> third count against me! It was a repeat of the original May 16th, 2012
> sec. 319(2) CCC charge. This new indictment, known as "Count 3″, had
> received the consent of the Attorney General of British Columbia on
> the 31st of December, 2013 and was signed by Peter A. Juk, QC Acting
> Assistant Deputy Attorney General. The reasons stated were that I,
> "Roy Arthur Topham, between the 29th of January, 2013 and the 11th day
> of December, 2013, inclusive, at or near Quesnel, in the Province of
> British Columbia, did by communicating statements, other than in
> private conversation, willfully promoting hatred against an
> identifiable group, people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin,
> contrary to Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code."
> Having made this announcement to Judge Morgan and myself CC Johnston
> then added that nothing more would be forthcoming as a result of it
> until after the upcoming Preliminary Inquiry when an application would
> then be made to the court in order that Crown might attempt to impose
> new restrictions on me to prevent me from publishing any more truthful
> articles and opinions on
> One further thing needs to be added to this update prior to closing
> off. This morning, January 16th, 2014 I sent a letter to Crown Counsel
> Johnston informing her that I had subpoenaed two witnesses to appear
> in my defence for the Preliminary Inquiry slated for January 22nd,
> 2013. In that letter I wrote:
> "Please take notice that I have subpoenaed and will be calling two
> witnesses for the Preliminary Inquiry to be held on January 22nd,
> 2014.
> Mr. Frank Frost will be appearing to testify on the urgency to
> maintain an alternative news media here in British Columbia in order
> to ensure that criminal activities on the part of the RCMP, the
> Judiciary and the Attorney General's office (Crown) are exposed to the
> general public. Mr. Frost is a strong, knowledgeable advocate and
> expert witness in the areas of children and family advocacy and
> pedophelia within B.C.'s judiciary.
> Mr. Lonnie Landrud will also be appearing to testify on the importance
> of maintaining an alternative new media. Mr. Landrud is an expert,
> knowledgeable witness in the area of judicial misfeasance as it
> pertains to his own case. Mr. Landrud was witness to a murder of a
> young woman in Quesnel by RCMP officers and subsequent to reporting
> this heinous crime to the RCMP has been the subject of numerous
> attempts on his life by the RCMP. In one instance Mr. Landrud was
> forced to shoot, in self-defence, an RCMP officer who was attempting
> to murder him in his home. Since the advent of these events Mr.
> Landrud has been unable to have his case investigated at any level of
> government after years of sincere effort and the mainstream news media
> has refused to investigate or cover his plight. Mr. Landrud will be
> speaking to the court on the pressing need for an alternative news
> media that will and does cover his untold story."
> The next few days will be spent preparing for the Preliminary Inquiry.
> I will send out another update sometime after the 22nd and let readers
> know what transpired on that day.
> For Peace, Freedom of Speech and Justice for All,
> Arthur Topham
> Publisher/Editor
> The Radical Press
> Canada's Radical News Network
> "Digging to the root of the issues since 1998″
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> Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 3:17 PM
> Subject: Perhaps Paul Kennedy the current Commissioner of Public Complaints
> Against the RCMP will call us back now EH?
> Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 13:36:41 -0400
> From: "PCC Complaints"
> To:
> May 23, 2007
> File No. PC-2005-1291
> Mr. David R Amos
> Dear Mr. Amos:
> On a number of occasions you have called or sent e-mails our office to
> raise matters which are of pressing concern to you.
> Each time we have tried to respond by explaining to you the relatively
> narrow mandate of this Commission and the limits of our powers to deal
> with the matters which are of concern to you. I must stress, once
> again, that the purpose of this Commission is to provide the public
> with an opportunity to make complaints concerning the conduct of
> members of the RCMP in the performance of their duties. We have
> neither the expertise nor the legal authority to permit us to become
> involved in issues beyond the scope of this mandate.
> While it is clearly not the intention of the Commission to prevent you
> from making complaints against members of the RCMP, an analysis of
> your numerous contacts with the Commission indicates that your
> concerns fall well outside the confines of our mandate. Further, your
> frequent e-mails have been disruptive and unproductive for both you
> and for the staff of this office.
> Should you determine that some point in the future you have a
> complaint concerning the conduct of a member of the RCMP in the
> performance of his or her duties, please submit it to the Commission
> by Canada Post only. As of now, your e-mails will be deleted unread.
> Yours truly,
> Andrée Leduc
> Enquiries and Complaints Analyst
> Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: Say hey to Shawn Murphy for me will ya
> Brian?
> Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 15:25:45 -0400
> From: "REVIEWS"
> To: "David Amos"
> The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP has received
> your e-mail message and will be responding in due course.
> La Commission des plaintes du public contre la GRC a reçu votre
> courriel et vous rendra une réponse au moment opportun.
> Subject:
> Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 12:02:35 -0400
> From: "Murphy, Michael B. \(DH/MS\)"
> To:
> January 30, 2007
> Mr. David Amos
> Dear Mr. Amos:
> This will acknowledge receipt of a copy of your e-mail of December 29,
> 2006 to Corporal Warren McBeath of the RCMP.
> Because of the nature of the allegations made in your message, I have
> taken the measure of forwarding a copy to Assistant Commissioner Steve
> Graham of the RCMP "J" Division in Fredericton.
> Sincerely,
> Honourable Michael B. Murphy
> Minister of Health
> CM/cb
> Warren McBeath wrote:
> Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 17:34:53 -0500
> From: "Warren McBeath"
> To:,,
> CC:,,
> "Bev BUSSON",
> "Paul Dube"
> Subject: Re: Remember me Kilgour? Landslide Annie McLellan has
> forgotten me but the crooks within the RCMP have n
> Dear Mr. Amos,
> Thank you for your follow up e-mail to me today. I was on days off over
> the holidays and returned to work this evening. Rest assured I was not
> ignoring or procrastinating to respond to your concerns.
> As your attachment sent today refers from Premier Graham, our position
> is clear on your dead calf issue: Our forensic labs do not process
> testing on animals in cases such as yours, they are referred to the
> Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown who can provide these
> services. If you do not choose to utilize their expertise in this
> instance, then that is your decision and nothing more can be done.
> As for your other concerns regarding the US Government, false
> imprisonment and Federal Court Dates in the US, etc... it is clear that
> Federal authorities are aware of your concerns both in Canada and the
> US. These issues do not fall into the purvue of Detachment policing in
> Petitcodiac, NB.
> It was indeed an interesting and informative conversation we had on
> December 23rd, and I wish you well in all of your future endeavors.
> Sincerely,
> Warren McBeath, Cpl.
> GRC Caledonia RCMP
> Traffic Services NCO
> Ph: (506) 387-2222
> Fax: (506) 387-4622
> E-mail
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: David Amos <>
> Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 15:25:33 -0300
> Subject: Fwd: I have never met Mr. Baker it was Shawn Graham who I met
> in person in June of 2006
> To:,,,
> Cc:,,
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From:
> Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 14:39:45 +0000 (GMT)
> Subject: I have never met Mr. Baker it was Shawn Graham who I met in
> person in June of 2006
> To:,,,
> Cc:,
> May I suggest that the Premier and the RCMP finally call me back and
> then start doing their job? 506 756 8687
> Werner Bock

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