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Yo Chief Knecht Perhaps I should REintroduce the Human Rights Commissioners, the RCMP, your Mayor Iveson ,Indians, the Pride Centre of Edmonton to and YOU to your #1 Fanboy Mr Baconfat

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REintroduce the Human Rights Commissioners, the RCMP, your Mayor
Iveson ,Indians, the Pride Centre of Edmonton to and YOU to your #1
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Thank you for taking the time to contact the City of Edmonton.

We attempt to respond to all email questions/concerns within 24 hours,
however if your matter is urgent, please contact us 24 hours a day, 7
days a week, by dialing 311 (780-442-5311 outside of Edmonton) or
visit us online at for information and self service


The City of Edmonton

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Subject: Yo Chief Knecht Perhaps I should REintroduce the Human Rights
Commissioners, the RCMP, your Mayor Iveson ,Indians, the Pride Centre
of Edmonton to and YOU to your #1 Fanboy Mr Baconfat
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GLBT Pride Centre of Edmonton
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Edmonton, AB T5H 0L2 (Map)
Phone: 780.488.3234

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fags, Dykes, the media, scoundrels, charletans, and marketers

There is a guy. His name is Kevin, and Kevin is a faggot, A
homosexual, one of nature's little anomalies. Now our "little friend"
lives in Vancouver, and he partakes of all the community and cultural
activities the faggot community in Lotus Land has to offer. Kevin
works hard, is a law abiding, useful, and contributing member of
Canadian society.

A couple of months ago a miniscule and vociferous minority of Fags
decided to wax negative about the Sochi Winter Olympics. These folks
are mildly outraged by recent legislation in Russia regarding the
LCBTQ "community" and their rights, or lack thereof in the Russian
Federation. There was a brief furor in the global media, but Christmas
is over, and the games are about to begin.....And no one gives a shite
about the plight of the Russian Fags and Dykes. Nor the "piteous"
position of these "people" in Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, most of
South America and indeed most of the world. In fact the Russian
cultural and legal view of faggots more reflect attitudes of most of
the world than here in North America and the EU

That brings us back to our "friend" Kevin in Vancouver. Kevin is one
of the very few nitwits that advocate "boycotting" the Sochi Games,
because he is so offended and himself a faggot. Now little Kevin
thinks someone may "value" his invalid opinion because, well he is a
Faggot! Now everyone may well have a "right" to an opinion or to
express it, but that doesn't mean such an "opinion" is worth shite.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Injins are criminals, not cops!

The numbers do not lie! Injins are in jail because they belong there.
The "white guy" had nothing to do with it. So called "colonialism" had
nothing to do with it. The fact is that injins do not raise their
kids, or educate them. The fact is, Indian "social systems,"
"cultures" and forms of "traditional self government are just as
primitive and ineffective now as five hundred, to two thousand years

Ersatz RCMP Cst. and injin Ron Frances commiserates about "awareness
of stress injuries" by toking up in Red Serge for a media op. The
animal ought to never been hired as a cop.

Any how as always Lorne Gunter has it about right.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Child Psychologist. Rehtaeh Parsons, Glen Canning and facebook games

Even thought it appears, "I recently married,"( a facebook joke it
appears) today I had lunch with a friend of over thirty years
longstanding. Eileen was a child psychologist with the Calgary school
board since "Christ was a corporal." We talked about many things
anonymous, the Rehteah Parsons case, and the spate of suicides in the
Canadian Forces family in recent weeks.

Eileen posited that it is common for children in dysfunctional
families, or families where abuse is occurring, for children around
the ages of fourteen, fifteen years to abuse alcohol, engage in self
defeating behavior and promiscuity. That appears to be the case with
Rehtaeh Parsons behavior before the "party that ruined her life."
(Leah Parsons' words) Ms Parson' later told those that questioned the
intelligence of permitting fourteen and fifteen year girls attending
such parties that "she felt enough confidence in her parenting
skills," to permit such behavior from her daughter.

That alone points a large serving of culpability for this tragedy
directly at Glen Canning and Leah Parsons. Was there abuse occurring,
or was the "family Canning" in some way dysfunctional? This is not
"hate speech," or facebook prevarications, but an observation and
valid questions. One, we were quite sure, Halifax Police entertained
at some point, notwithstanding Glen Canning's howls of outrage, and

Nina Courtepatte is dead. She was brutally murdered in 2005. Nina was
thirteen and alas did not attend school. Her parents permitted, and
encouraged her truancy. Nina had "big dreams" whilst she hung out at
the mall each and every day looking at fashions, trying on make-up for
free, and try to get the money to attend the "modeling school" in the
mall. She became what is called here in Edmonton, a "mall rat." An
Indian squaw that ought to have been in Elementary School or Jr.
High, was now living what some would call a "high risk" lifestyle. To
compound this tale of woe. Nina's "parents" permitted her not be at
home each day after school for several days in succession. In fact
Peacha Aitkinson and her "husband" were NOT aware of their child being
missing, not report her as missing until after they identified the
body for police.

Rehtaeh Parson also did not attend school anywhere in Halifax, and her
parents were also ignorant of that. Those I would suggest are NOT good
"parenting skills."

Eileen said that studies show there are significant numbers of
aboriginal "family units" that do not "raise" their children for lack
of a better explanation. That goes along way to explaining why less
than forty percent of Indian youth graduate High School, both on and
off the reserve.

Both the "parents" of Rehtaeh Parsons, and Nina Courettepatte were
negligent, and culpable in the deaths of their children. Both these
kids were living "high risk" lifestyles, and thus "shit happens."

I had lost interest in these matters, but alas recent facebook
postings has rekindled it. Eilleen told me there is always more to
these tragedies, like onions to be peeled.

I have been told on facebook I am a "newly wed". I must remember that
tonight. At my age a consummation of marriage vows could cause me a
cardiac event, or at the very least, make me throw my back out.

Posted by Seren at 8:14 PM

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Is Mayor Ivison a crook?

Is is His Worship the Mayor Don Ivison a petty crook? Is Mayor Ivison
naturally this stupid, or is he deliberately being obtuse because his
wife likes him dumb and drooling? Every Christmas in Edmonton brings
us all to "city budget" time. When all lucky property owners, and
senior citizens on fixed incomes living in their own well earned homes
find out what their what increase their taxes will be and the
corresponding quality of their lives will be. Because as good ole
previous Mayor Stephen Mandel said, "we are all in this together." But
alas, we are NOT "all in this together."

Edmonton's seniors and hard working decent property owners "carry the
freight," or "pull the laod," or "carry the ball" for those some
addled people refer to as "society's most vulnerable," or the so
called "less fortunate" looking for the proverbial "free lunch."

Edmonton's new Mayor and the half of City Council that are newly
elected are all giddy, and beside themselves that this fiscal years
property tax increase will ONLY be 5.5 % perhaps a infinitesimal hair
less, roughly five percent.

Mayor Ivison and his sycophants are hugely pleased and proud of
themselves that they cut city programmes to aid senor citizens to stay
in their homes notwithstanding tax issues, and gave the City Edmonton
Police a grant to hire more support staff, and a one time 6 million
dollar premium to hire more cops that EPS Chief says he can't do

Military units, police forces, public services everywhere have to
learn to do more with less, but alas our esteemed Chief of Police Rod
Knech would much rather put senior citizens in financial extremis,
than like everyone else in Canada, simply suck it up, buttercup!

So now Edmonton Alder-creatures retain funding for the arts, the old
and stupid "one percent for art programme,"so that, so called
"starving artists" aren't! And seniors in their own homes on fixed
incomes are. The "pot holes" aren't getting fixed, the snow is not
efficiently being removed, parks are not being maintained, inner city
pools are closing, but Mayor Ivison and the rest of the "trained
seals" on council, still want to fund, "The Works" arts and cultural
programme, and a one billion dollar expenditure over ten years to
"help the homeless." There are senior citizen who have choose betwixt
getting groceries, and their Celebrex, but by all means lets spend 12
million dollars for assisted living for the drunk, addicted and crazy
sub-humans of Edmonton in Terwilligar Community.

Newly "frocked" Mayor Don Ivison has decided to resume previous Mayor
Stephen Mandel's, "please sir, can I have some more" approach to
funding city responsibilities. That is to whine that it is so unfair
that the cities of Canada need to fulfill their responsibilities, and
they need far more and more tax dollars from Ottawa to do just that.

There has been a cold snap the last few days in Edmonton and there is
three or more feet of snow. The "tailings," windrows, or snow piles
are up to four five feet at the side of the road in some places. It
has been at times -37 C, but alas the "green hornets" and their
crooked friends in City Hall think spending hundreds of million
dollars on bike trails or routes, for a cycling season of say 6 months
makes entirely perfect sense. After all they "do it in Amsterdam," is
the argument.

Has anyone told "hizz honor" this ain't Europe?

Now organizations working with the so called homeless, are bleating
about the "humanitarian catastrophe" Edmonton's little cold snap has
caused. So now Edmonton's "social agencies" a growth industry in and
of itself have at tax payers assistance have 24-7 radio dispatched
trucks to respond to "homeless emergencies," to in their words "get
them somewhere safe." The Bissell Centre has the Mobile Assistance
Programme with a"pilot taking crisis calls from addicts, drunks, and
Indians, who require intervention." The social "dogooders" claim there
are in city the size of Edmonton roughly ten calls a day that are
"homeless emergencies" and require homeless scum to be taken to
hospital because of the cold."

I liked it much better when we did not waste resources on the homeless
and let "old man winter" cull the bastards from the street. The
downtown shopping centres have the right idea, kick the fuckers out on
to the cold street, and hope they die quick before help comes. That is
cheaper and better for all concerned, except perhaps the
homeless....and NO ONE cares what they think.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The "people" to steal your rights, want to "debate" it in the "right" place

Jennifer Lynch is a cunt! She wants to steal your rights.
Jennifer Lynich says: Canadians are "uniformed" and "deliberately
mis-informed of the hate speech provisions of human rights law" and
are "engaged in a debate that is completelu unbalanced.". Canadian
"human rights" commisioner Jennifer Lynch.

Jennifer Lynch is liar! She says, she welcomes this debate ...but "we
want it to be an informed debate the right forum. where people
can have an informed dialogue" .Really just what is the "right forum?"
Well this bitch says it is in backroom parliamentary commitees. She
also said in an interview, that "we did a special report to Parliament
last week...that is the appropriate forum."

Jennifer "bitch" Lynch wants to censor the nations news dailies. She
already has tried to censor Ezra Levant. There are no, repeat no hate
speech provisions or human rights commisions in US law.

This debate MUST be occur between all Canadians, editorial boards,
blogs, the water cooler, because hate speech provisions and "human
rights" commisions opress the rights of all Canadians...NOT IN

Jennifer Lynch is a bitch who is a threat to all Canadians. Jennifer
Lynch wants to censor newspapers, institute thought crimes, and create
a Stalin and Hitleresque society where one is muzzled and people rat
out their neighbours in the name of "human rights"

Seig Heil...Jennifer!

Posted by Seren at 8:30 AM

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jennifer Lynch...Fuck you

Canadian Human Rights Commissioner Jennifer Lynch is a bitch. Jennifer
Lynch is a is a cosmetic hideously made up Gestapo bitch who is a
threat to the free speech of every Canadian. In the relatively long
and evil histrory of the Canadian Human Rights Commision's
persecutions there has been a 100% conviction rate, not one acquital,
not one dismisal....and no mechanism of appeal. That is the same
"conviction rate that the Gestapo had, the KGB had and the Star
Chambers of the Inquisition....Jennifer Lynch must be soooo proud.

Yet this cunt, Jennifer Lynch says Canadians are "mis-informed" about
the Canadian Human Rights Commission and "hate speech". Are we now?
There is NO role for the "government" or a Human Rights Commission to
monitor or censor "hate speech", or to adjudicate anything between
anybody. To wit; our American Cousins do not have "Human Rights
Commisions to deprive anyone of their Constituional right to express

The Canadian Human Rights Commision as all provincial human rights
commisions are opposed by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association,

Two things come to mind. Two threats these predominately women from
fourteen "human rights commisioners" are upon Canadian's come to mind.
The first is: The Canadian Criminal Code has "hate speech" provisions.
It is contrary to the CCof C to advocate hate, make threats, incite
violence, incite hate or cause hate derived violence, or against any
identifiable group. It is NOT a crime, or criminal offense to be
insulting, bruise people's feelings, annoy folks or even verbally

Canada's fourteen human rights commisions have semi-judical authority
or have exceeded their authority like the KGB and Gestapo to persecute
Canadians for what they say, write, and think. In BC an eatery was
fined for forcing food service employees to....wash their hands. In
Ontario a Christian printer MUST take the business of faggot special
interest groups...why there are other printers?

Jennifer Lynch wants the Canadian Human Rights Commision to Censor the
nation's newspapers with a standards board, which every news media
outlet in Canada opposes. Jennifer Lynch and her cunt colleagues
throughout Canada want to determine what papers print, what you can
read, what you can think, what you can say, and what business you can
accept or decline.

In Canada it is a crime to be a "holocaust denier". I live part time
in Israel, I have served in Israel as an exchange officer in combat, I
am more than pro-Israeli ...yet I oppose the prosecution of "holocaust
deniers" because there should be NO ABRIDGMENT OF THE FREEDOM OF

Canada and the US has more than adequate criminal laws to deter hate
crimes, crimes inciting violence against minorities or actions of
violence against minorities. The cunt Jennifer Lynch says: " To cede
or remove our jurisdiction would leave a gap." What gap? This animal
goes on to say: "So the hate speech provisions of The Canadian Human
Rights Act is animportant section, it serves a purpose". What purpose?

The animals of Canada's human rights commisions presecuted Ezra Levant
for printing the Danish cartoons. The animals of Canada's human rights
commisions presecuted McLeans magazines for excerps of a Mark Steyn
book. The animals of Canada's human rights commisions persecuted a
cafe for forcing its food service workers to wash their hands.

Now these animals of Canada's human rights commisions want to censor
newspapers, and continue to prosecute "thought crimes". No such
judical or semi-judicial bureaucracy exists in the United States....I
wonder why?

So to all the women bureaucrats and cunts like Jennifer Lynch....fuck
you, get a real job...leave us alone.

Posted by Seren at 6:18 AM

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome to the inquistion

Canadian Human Rights Commision chief Jennifer Lynch would make Hitler
proud. In fact her Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has the same 100 %
conviction rate that SS leader Heinrich Himmler and the Gestapo Courts
Martial ,Stalin's "trials" and the Inquistion's "Star Chambers.
Jennifer must be so proud!

Jennifer Lynch's "investigators" use "tools", entrapment and methods
on unsuspecting Canadians that the Chart of Rights prohibit the
police. Canadian Human Rights Commission hearings are held in secret.
Ms. Jennifer Lynch says "it is for the safety of witnesses". Since
when does the "safety" of witnesses trump the ancient and Charter
Right of an accused to face one's accuser in Court.

Pig-girl Jennifer Lynch told a Canadian Parilamentary Committee; Her
commission "does NOT follow rules of evidence, or legal
proceedure...but merely has operating proceedures that identify

To put that in plain English: NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO, OR THE GURANTEE

The Canadian "human rights" commission is a joke, a very very sick and
evil joke. Being a human right. If you are offended by
someone's speech...too bad. Inciting violence, death and racial based
crime is.....a crime, contrary to the CC ofC.

It is time to abolish the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.... know one needs this evil shite.

Sieg Heil Jennifer Lynch filthy cunt! You and Herr-Oberst
Werner von Bock wouild love each other


Posted by Seren at 8:13 AM

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