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There are two other Rants attached to Andre Murray's old blog one for Jenn Wambolt and the other for the certified wingnut Sally Brooks

On Xmass Eve Chucky Leblanc and his wignut Sally Brooks thought they would give us all a treat and show us Sally's snobby British arse. I for one enjoyed it and the comments in his blog as well

Meet Charles Leblanc, New Brunswick, Canada's famous pioneer blogger, journalist and warrior. Join us for an entertaining broadcast, where Charles gives us the scoop on his adventures, and the dangers and perils he has faced while exposing corruption and injustices at all levels. Charles is a videographer, photographer, reporter on the front lines who goes right to the source when confronting the Irvings, police, judicial system, and politicians. Charles also gives us an update on the Anti Shale Gas protests that he has been covering on the ground in Elsipogtog since it began this summer. Be sure to visit his blogspot for up to date news on what is really happening in New Brunswick Canada

In 2003 Sally Brooks, along with her husband and two sons immigrated from England to New Brunswick, Canada, in search of a better life style. Canada's reputation as being a prosperous, welcoming, and democratic country were some of the reasons why they chose to make their home here. Unfortunately, nothing could have been further from the truth. Due to numerous societal stresses the family unit broke down. In this interview Sally explains what happened to turn their lives upside down. While dealing with the stresses of divorce, Sally was also to encounter the organized crime ring in New Brunswick, known as the justice system, from many angles. Through her horrendous ordeals, she has gained a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. Sally is currently writing a book, determined to expose, educate and propel much needed change to the current "un"justice system. Through extreme adversity Sally has also found extreme strength. It was our honour to talk to her.

Listen closely as she bitches about Barby Baby Baird and off handedly mentions what happened to others she knows. However everybody and his dog in Fat Fred City knows that her ex wingnut cohort Evelyn Greene shared all my files with Sally until she and Chucky Leblanc had a falling out in March of 2012. Sally Brooks was quick to stab Greene in the back as well. Andre Murray continued to support Evelyn Greene while Sally Brooks played everyone like fiddle. In January of last year Andre Murray finally figured out what I was telling him about Sally and Chucky was true but Jenn Wambolt still refuses to see the obvious one whole year later. If Sally or Chucky truly cared about the Wambolts well being howcome neither one of them mentioned their friends on the talkshows they promote?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sally Brooks is exposing the Corruption in Fredericton on radio this morning at 10:00am!!!!!!!


Sally Brooks is exposing the Corruption in Fredericton on radio!


Anonymous said...
Can't understand a word she saying. She doesn't speak good English. It isn't Western New Brunswick English. Must have learned that in some bad English Immersion School.
Anonymous said...
To 10.39, no wonder immigrants to this province have such a hard time and often choose to leave. I had no problem understanding her. You are obviously not used to "real" English.
Sally Brooks said...
To the poster @ 10:39: I went to a private school in England, where the language comes from, and where I had elocution lessons in the Queen's English. In case you don't know, elocution is the study of formal speaking in pronunciation, grammar, style, and tone. I guess you are the one who went to a bad immersion school and can't speak or understand English properly. I met the Queen too - no-one at Buckingham Palace had a problem understanding me either.
Anonymous said...
10:39a.m. It is obvious you would not know the Queen's English if you heard it (which you did) this morning. Excellent two hours of telling it like it is in the Legal System in Fredericton and N.B. Many of us no longer call it the Justice System because there is no justice in this Province unless you are rich. You cannot be faulted for telling the truth and I applaud Sally. Get the book written Sally and many of us will buy it and make you rich so, you too, can have justice.
Sally Brooks said...
Thank you so much for the positive comments and Merry Christmas to you all - including the Grinch at 10:39.
Anonymous said...
To all of you dimwits. I am making a point. I understand and enjoy her accent but I am pulling a Charles. Everyone who doesn't speak Chiac he says doesn't speak French. Must have learned it in some bed French Immersion program. He can't understand a word they say. That is how utterly stupid his comments are and how hurtful and racist they are. There are many forms of a language and all are beautiful in their own way. Your accent doesn't matter it is that you be understood immediately and are able to express yourself respectfully and logically.

By the way, I speak English, French, and Spanish. English is my mother tongue, French I learned in French Immersion, and Spanish I learned in South America.
Anonymous said...
4:59 - your point was not made. You were incredibly rude to someone who has never done you any harm. If you have a problem with Charles you should not take it out on other innocent parties. You then add insult to injury by calling people dimwits for seeing your comments for what they are - which is rude. You should apologise - and you should stop detracting from important issues with such foolishness.
Anonymous said...
To poster 4.59. Rude is the same in any language.
Anonymous said...
Interesting that it's not RUDE when Charles is ignorant to everyone. Important issues are in the mind of the beholder. This woman has done a lot of harm and a lot of it has fallen on me and the ones I love. Plus, Charles exploits the people he doesn't like beyond any other in the world. Look at the abuse he heaps on Bussiere. Yet that man can do nothing about it. I don't know either but I certainly see all kinds of one sided abuse here.

My point was definitely made. Otherwise, it would not have got this reaction ("got" is the correct form of the past tense in the Queen's English). I am pleased that so many people saw the fault in this. Maybe now they will hold Charles to a higher standard. Remember his famous ignorant words "idiot jerkface"

By the way, I hope you didn't mean that Charles does no harm. He does a great deal of harm to people already suffering.
Charles LeBlanc said...
Lets not forget that it's Dan Bussieres who began all this. The Ban from the Legislature, the cops were called and the most sicken one - Calling the Police and ordered them to give me a ticket!!!!

Bussieres have ruined the reputation of the Police and have cost the Province a lot of money!!!
Anonymous said...

Agreed. They, as in Charles, the brooks, wambats, etc, feel that since they are doing "right" they are allowed to do whatever they want in that course of doing "right".

It's a typical fault of volunteers and those that support undying volunteers. The philosophy that as they do so much good, that if some bad is done along thhe way, it's okay. Because the good they do outweighs any bad they do.

A terribly flawed philosophy that they practice. Unfortunately pointing out this spot such volunteers is met with even more hostility from them.
Anonymous said...
12.45 12.45 pm and your point is what? That people volunteering and doing what they think is right think they can do anything along the way? Well obviously, because they believe they are doing right and helping. You don't really seem to have anything sensible to say and comments like 10.39s just detract from serious issues.
Anonymous said...
Is the audio available? I can't find it on
Anonymous said...

I'll simplify in exaggeration.

For every 10 miracles they perform, they shouldn't get a pass on the one thing they do wrong.

But the justfy wrong actions by claiming all the wonderful things they do to "offset" the wrongs,
Anonymous said...
First of all one questions the so called good they do. I have not seen any real change in any situation or any real change in attitude or productivity in any of these so called downtrodden. I certainly agree that the police in Fredericton are corrupt and that the RCMP are no better, but I also see a
bunch of people who do not help themselves and live in a protracted spoiled brat syndrome. The whole business about calling an ambulance to a jail is a perfect example. The righteous indignation of SallY Brooks, Leblanc, and their gang even though it was a crime. They think they are above the law. This bike helmet is another example. If someone gave Leblanc a $200.00 helmet would he shut up wear it and stay off the sidewalk. I doubt it since he would have nothing to fight about then.

As for Bussiere ruining the police reputation, they did that themselves. As for costing the province a lot money, so did you and you refused to speak when you had a chance.
Charles LeBlanc said...
Couldn't talk to Bernard Richard because I don't know my charter of rights.

In the new year, I will be making an appearance in front of the Public Safety committee and asked why the Racist Cops are going after certain people who ride with a helmet.

In 2014, we will find out who is the peadophile in the Fredericton Police Force.

Better yet? Maybe the City will get rid of this Racist Police Force once and for all!!!

Get the R.C.M.P. in here!!!!

The Cops are going to go through a huge public relation night mare in 2014!!!!

Sally Brooks said...
To 9:47: I have never done anything bad and I have never done anything but tell the truth and help others whenever I can to the best of my ability. My spiritual beliefs obligate me to be this way. If you are unable to see that you obviously do not actually know the facts - and I have in my possession all of the documents to prove the frauds and corruption I have suffered and I have had the privilege of having viewed documents that confirm the fraud and corruption others have suffered - those you demean and degrade with your ignorant comments as someone who obviously has not see the actual evidence. To 8:31 - awake radio will be uploading the audio interview on youtube and I am sure Charles will post a link when that is done. It will also be re-broadcast at intervals through 2014 and a second interview will be made to cover the issues there was no time to include.
Anonymous said...
Actually, 9:47, in the Queen's English "got" would not be used as the past tense of "get" in your context. The Queen would never say "my point would not have got that reaction," she would say "it would never have received that reaction." She NEVER uses the word "got" as past tense of received. I had a good education and was taught there was no such word as "got" in this context, that it was slang. We were always taught to use the "proper" word - received.
As for 10:19, you acknowledge these people perform miracles and I agree with you. Time will confirm they only performed miracles and did not err, did no wrong, just told the truth and stood up for justice for the greater good of all - even fools like you. Unless you have all of the legal issues in writing before you for both sides (which you obviously do not) you have no valid justification for damning those you now acknowledge have performed miracles.
Jesus performed miracles and he also got angry and overturned the money-makers' tables, which could be seen as slipping up as a human. You are comparing these people to Jesus, which I heartily agree with and endorse.
Anonymous said...
My uneducated mother always said: "Self praise is a very poor recommendation."

To all you preeners, really accomplished people are quietly humble. Christ said those who boast get their reward now and will not be celebrated in heaven. This means that the reward is in the boast.

Anonymous said...

We live in different worlds then. Running around and screaming there are epdophiles in the FPF does. It qualify as a good deed or a right did in my world.


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