Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Payment Notification (ATM)... 01/14/2014..

Attn: Beneficiary

Your long overdue payment worth $10.5 Million usd will be released to you on a special method payment via ATM MASTER CARD, If ur Funds have been delayed, denied or if you have been scammed, u are advised to get back to this office with Your FULL NAME, MAILING ADDRESS, DIRECT / CELL PHONE NUMBER, to claim your funds.PLEASE CONTACT: WILIFRED ADAMS on adams01cardswift@gmail.com or call +011 234 808 569 6357.By responding to this email you are expected to comply with all given directives as we work strictly only by abiding to our Bank's regulations and that of our International corresponding Bank. You will have a choice to either come down to our Head Office to pick up your Atm Card or pay the required fee to conclude this contract. If you will be unwilling to comply with this instructions, please do not bother responding so as not to waste your valuable time and ours. Congratulations as you make the right choice.
Congratulations, you took this chance!


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