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Clearly Chucky Leblanc and his buddies Mikey Baby Archibald and Danny Boy Bussieres deserve each other

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Is Dan Bussieres truly a Fascist???

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What is Fascism??? That's the emotional question? I had this debate with many people and we seem to agree or disagree on this issue.

Now? We're not talking about killing people.

Here in New Brunswick? Government doesn't go around killing people. < Not yet but the Liberal Christmas Party was very close >

Click below for that story -

Liberal Party Sent Thugs to harm Blogger!!


I'm looking at the whole picture here.

Now? I have been holding on to this story close to two years and I will finally blog it!!!!

No! I'm not going into the details of the reason I was banned from the New Brunswick Legislature. The detail issue of the murder will have to wait.

Stay tuned!!!

Ok . . . Going to Dan Bussieres?


This story was told to me by a couple of people.

While I was in the New Brunswick Legislature, I met a lot of people from Moncton, Saint John and all around the Province. People that I haven't seen in years.

After I had a conversation with an individual and left the area?

Dan Bussieres would arrive on the scene and introduce himself as the Sergeant-At- Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature.

He would politely ask the individual if Charles LeBlanc was harassing them?

The individuals who knew me would always say - Who Charlie??? Nooooo

Dan would apologize for bothering them and leave the area. Very sneaky indeed.


Now? Quebecois Dan Bussieres went around and asked many people the same question?


He FINALLY located four of them!!!

He promised these individuals that Charles would never know the identity of the people who made the complaint.


The individual would sign a piece of paper telling the LAC committee that I was harassing them.

Now? I could walk by a snobby bureaucrat and say- Hi there and that could be considered as harassment.

This is the reason I went head on against Tom Mann went he wrote a letter to the editor to the Irving's Paper supporting the ban

Now? To convict someone without providing the evidence?

Wouldn't that be Fascism????

I believe it is!!!

The Liberal Party will meet with me next week for the final word of my complaint of the way I was handed at the Christmas Party.

Now? If the Liberal Mla's send three bouncers after a good standing member of the Party because that member didn't agree with certain new policies of the Liberal Party?

bouncers 2

Wouldn't that be label as Fascism???

This is a very strong word and I believe there's issues going on around this Province and could be labeled as Fascism.

But I'm certain that many readers of this blog will set me straight on this one.

Maybe this is a new way to convict people in New Brunswick?

Lets not forget one thing? When I was charge in Saint John by the Saint John Police Force?

I was told that I had no right to a lawyer.

This would have been the same result because I didn't know anything about disclosures or the court system.

Therefore I would have been convicted and could have ended up like Ashley Smith dead!!!!


Isn't this Fascism???

What is fascism???

Is Dan Bussieres a Fascist???



mikel said...
Boy, you sure love to heat things up over the holidays!

Its good you finally posted those details, although they do need to be verified. First of all, if he 'finally found four people' who would lodge a complaint, then you have to at least admit that at least some of your conduct was complaint worthy-to at least four people.

Second, as you well know, Dan Brussiere's has no actual power to ban ANYBODY from the legislature. You know full well that it was a legislative committee made up of eleven elected officials.

And absolutely it is 'fascist'. Just because nazi's are called fascist doesn't mean the word is necessarily bad. Hitler was elected by a representative democracy, before he cancelled elections, Germany was more democratic than Canada is now, but we don't use 'democracy' to mean 'bad' in the same way as fascism.

Of course you can define the word in many ways, but basically it means putting the rights of the state over the rights of the individual. Canada is fascist, but not as fascist as nazi germany was, however, there are pretty strong restrictions on individual liberty. SOME restrictions, so SOME fascism, is not a bad thing. But again, go ask a native about Canada's 'democracy' and you get a far different account than what you'd get from media.

Dan is head of security, so BY DEFINITION he is fascist, and that's a GOOD thing. Even your own story doesn't paint him in a completely bad light. He saw you interact with somebody, and asked if you were bothering them. I see nothing wrong with that. He found four people with complaints, and told them their identities would be protected. So far he's doing an excellent job.

You publicly said at one time that he got your fired, that needs to be proven, but that is certainly overstepping his bounds.

But where the 'fascism' comes into it is when the legislative committee actually banned you, Dan Brussiere's didn't do THAT, the elected government did, and that's why you were advised YEARS ago to sue them. For all the public knows, there may not have even been four complaints. NOBODY would accept a trial held in secret, which is what this is.

PS: keep in mind legislative changes since 9/11- secret courts are now part of the canadian landscape. So you really don't have to look far for examples of 'fascism'. So keep in mind then when you call Dan a fascist, you also have to apply it to EVERY elected member of the government. In short, the word becomes so common that it loses all meaning.
Anonymous said...
Rather fascism than bleeding heart socialism and liberalism.
Anonymous said...
I think he's gay.
mikel said...
Kind of a dick comment dude, so for a dickish reply- while the government is fascist to an extent, it is BOTH bleeding heart socialist AND liberalist to probably about the same extent. SOT.
Anonymous said...
Dan Bussiere looks like a lion in a cage ready to break out, Charles if looks would kill, you know the rest. :-)..

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