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Methinks that Charles Thériault should run for public office What say you Chucky Leblanc and Davey Baby Alward?

Charles Thériault exposes hypocrisy at its finest. This year, 2012,
the government of New Brunswick will create more protected zones to
conserve the environment. Protected zones are Crown Forest areas where
no logging is allowed. A large area of Crown Forest surrounding the
Irving family fishing camp on the Restigouche river has been proposed
as a protected zone, while only a few kilometres away, clear-cutting
is happening on the back-steps of cottages sitting on lots of leased
lands near lakes and rivers.

I guess only the wealthy and affluent will get to appreciate nature at
its finest in New Brunswick

Don McCrea explains how the 1982 N.B. Crown Forest Act really came
about and why he later refused to accept the post of deputy minister
of Natural Resources.

Charles Thériault explains how two former New Brunswick politicians,
were key players in creating and modifying the Crown Forest of 1982 in
such a way that it allows them today to exploit it to the tune of

From: Andy Campbell <>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2013 16:42:45 +0000
Subject: Automatic reply: Re Your concerns about the Irving Clan
To: David Amos <>

I will be out of the Fredericton bureau until Monday, Jan. 6, 2014.
Should your matter require immediate attention, please contact Nick
Moore at or call our main newsroom at

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2013 12:42:42 -0400
Subject: Re Your concerns about the Irving Clan
To:, premier <>, oldmaison
<>, "Davidc.Coon" <>,
"bruce.northrup" <>, execdirgen
<>, "macpherson.don"
<>, "mclaughlin.heather"
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<>, acampbell <>
Cc: David Amos <>


Mr. David Raymond Amos,

We respectfully invite you to consider a Letter to the Editor, i.e..,
How Free Trade undermines Maritime Economic Development. We had heard
you make some representation about a U.S. company which truck out
Maritime 'wealth', as a result of not having similar .provincial
resources rights as Alberta, Many Maritimes would be potentially
interested in such an editorial.


Office of John Stokes

The Canadian National Newspaper
internet site:

Hey Mr. Stokes

Thanks for the suggestion. As you should know the most glaring example
of a company that has been raping the Maritimes with abandon for many
years is obviously the Irving Empire. However lately there are some
very nasty new players on the scene such a PCS and Corridor Resourses
etc etc. I am very busy these days and I am not a journalist. You
people are though yet it seems you would rather me say the awlful
truth than yourselves because of some possible lawsuit EH?

So be it. I will because it is not slander if one's words are true.
Perhaps you should consider checking my work and then come to court
sometime in order to listen to me argue all the smiling bastards. You
can have much of my work in a click of the button of my mouse. But
first please allow me to introduce you to the New Brunswick Securities
Commission. I got a rather interesting response from them today whilst
I was in Fredericton. They have ignored my concerns for almost a year
but now that Bernie Lord's government is getting tipsy, it appears all
the bad actors want to show me their arse just in time for me to boot it.

It is Securities Commissions such as this that allow many publicly
held companies such as Corridor Resources or Magna Entertainment etc
to get away with many things rather than remind them of the law and on
how they should conduct business in an ethical fashion. That said,
these Commisssions have no say whatsoever over the Irving Empire and
that is truly bad. It is a privately held corporation that knows very
well the power of money and on how to pay off greedy politicians in
order to get anything they want. In the nutshell of the Maritimes that
is quite simply everything. It seems that I am the only Maritimer who
is not afraid of the ghost of mean old KC Irving and his monoply game.
It has always been hard times in the Maritimes. We lament about it all
the time but our apathy and fear of the Irvings etc gives us the
govenments we deserve.

Print this if you wish. You are off the hook that Irving's lawyers
threaten ordinary folks with. I am fearless yet never reckless with
the truth. I stand by my own words and invite anyone to sue me if they
think I am a liar and wish to argue me. I hate it when the
chickenshits send crooked cops against me bearing false allegations in
a faint hearted effort to shut me up. It does the smiling bastards no
good and only serves to make matters worse.

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

May 7th, 2012

Mr James Irving
J.D. Irving
Saint John.


It has come to our attention in the past week, that since the year
2009, 83,000 cubic/meters of softwood per year, transferred from
license #3 and designated for the Kedgwick lumber mill, has never, nor
has it's equivalency, seen the light of day to be processed here in
our community,

Although you may not have known of this serious transgression at the
time, I am sure that since early March, when all this came to light
you must be giving this unfortunate situation your undivided

By our quick calculation, the total conservative amount of fibre
diverted elsewhere over three years, represents 9 months of mill
operations here in Kedgwick. In other words in a period of three
years, over 2,000,000.00$ (two million dollars) of employee revenue
has been withheld from our economy. It is irrefutable.

We ask ourselves, has our community suffered because of a mistake on
your part ? Or have we suffered because of your company's lack of
moral decency by willfully diverting the wood fibre where it deemed
more profitable for you, resulting from a total disregard of legal and
binding contracts and documents.

For over a hundred years, we have been a community of workers. By the
sweat of our brows, we have been providing the labour and the
resources that are the essential elements that permit the lumber mill
to function, that permits you to make profits and we to earn a living
wage. It is a fine balance achieved by agreements and hopefully a
sense of human decency.

Of course you can understand why, as the information of this
inappropriate situation is spreading from household to household, each
time being distorted to add to the drama, the outrage amongst our
citizens is building. We are feeling violated by the unfortunate
breach of this balance. We do not wish to escalate any conflict that
may derive from this situation. All that we ask is that it be quickly
resolved and that honourable amends be presented to those who have
suffered. Namely the workers and the community.

It is in both our best interest that any negative fallout be
contained as much as possible before it becomes a matter of trial by
the public court. However to my knowledge, the media has recently been
informed of the circumstances surrounding this matter and should soon
be arriving at our doorstep.

We have been dealing with your family for many years now, your
presence amongst our community has been one of respect and we do wish
that it continues that way for we value your presence and the
symbiotic relationship that has been achieved.

Several weeks ago we have formed the Kedgwick citizens committee to
deal with all matters that affect our community. Of course this
matter, among others, has become priority for us. We ask
ourselves....... Is this truly possible? Has this really happened?
Where did the wood go? Questions that should be answered. And how do
we achieve reparation, and how do we return to a sense of mutual

With respect and hoping to hear positive reactions to this matter.

Charles Thériault 506-284-2237

Member of the Kedgwick citizen's committee

Giles Girard

President of the Kedgwick citizen's committee

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