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The Indians, John and Jane Doe should know all about the SWN lawsuit, their lawyers McInnes and Cooper, the RCMP, Sgt Mike Hudson and SUN TV's blogging buddy Mr Baconfat N'esy Pas?

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Subject: The Indians, John and Jane Doe should know all about the SWN
lawsuit, their lawyers McInnes and Cooper, the RCMP, Sgt Mike Hudson
and SUN TV's blogging buddy Mr Baconfat N'esy Pas?
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Saturday, November 2, 2013
"Big Chief" Atleo sucks cock!
The injin "big chiefs" suck cock! "Big chief" Atleo and the other
members of the injin crime family are not "peaceful protesters" but
more akin to the Sopranos.

These "warriors" in the ersatz combat clothing are all addicts, or
drunks, and uneducated injin trash. Like get a job already children!

MONCTON, N.B. — Another Sun News journalist said he was threatened by
Native anti-fracking protesters Thursday while covering a gathering
featuring Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo.
Joshua Skurnik said he was outside a community hall on Elsipogtog
First Nation near Rexton, N.B., while some of the local chiefs were
being interviewed by other media, when a man shoved him and, along
with others, told him to leave.
"A large guy came up to me and said, 'I know you're a fighter, but
you've never met me before'."
Skurnik said the man was likely referencing his cauliflower ear
injuries from when he was a wrestler at the University of Missouri.
The man then grabbed his arm and pushed him, Skurnik said.
That's when he decided it was best to leave the area.

This comes after Sun News reporter Kris Sims and four other members of
the media were swarmed by Native protesters Saturday while filming
razed cop cars that were set ablaze by anti-fracking protesters a few
days before near Rexton.
The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) said Thursday Atleo wasn't present
during the tension between Skurnik and community members. They also
said the AFN doesn't condone violence.
"The AFN and national chief believe strongly in working with media to
ensure coverage of any issue is informed and comprehensive. We support
any steps toward improved relationships between First Nations and
media," they said in an e-mailed statement.
Atleo and other First Nations leaders gathered with community members
Thursday to offer their support.

"Our job is to be with the Mi'kmaq people and to ensure they are
protected and that whenever they assert their rights that we help them
do so in a peaceful way," Kji-Keptin Andrew Denny, from Eskasoni
Nation, said in a statement.
Meanwhile, Coady Stevens, who faces charges of unlawful confinement,
uttering threats and summary assault after the anti-fracking protest,
was denied bail Thursday.

On Oct. 17, RCMP marched on a blockade of mostly Native protesters who
were preventing SWN Resources workers, there to explore for shale gas,
from getting to their trucks and equipment.
In apparent retaliation, protesters torched six RCMP cruisers.
Guns, knives and homemade explosives were later found in their
encampment, police said.
Prosecutors allege Stevens was also involved in confining a group of
security workers the day before. Before a publication ban was set, the
Crown prosecutor identified the captured group as Irving Oil workers

These injin under-evolved animals are NOT peaceful or sober!
Posted by Seren at 5:54 AM

On 10/30/13, David Amos <motomaniac333@gmail.com> wrote:
> http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/canada/archives/2013/10/20131029-171336.html
> http://upriverenvironmentwatch.com/category/uncategorized/
> Fracking company sues protesters
> Updated
> 10:06 am, October 30th, 2013
> 5:13 pm, October 29th, 2013
> HALIFAX — The company trying to explore for shale gas near Rexton,
> N.B., is suing Native anti-fracking protesters because it alleges they
> held its security workers captive, threatened them and destroyed an
> expensive piece of drilling equipment.
> In its statement of claim dated Oct. 3, SWN Resources Canada Inc.
> names 12 defendants, including protesters Willi Nolan and Ann Pohl and
> self-described Mi'kmaq warriors Susan Patles and Jim Pictou.
> The Texas-based company alleges people identifying themselves as
> "warriors" held its security workers captive prior to Oct. 17, when
> the RCMP enforced a court injunction against the Native blockade near
> the site where the company is trying to find shale gas.
> The statement of claim alleges the workers were trapped near their
> seismic equipment in the woods near Rexton and claims they were
> threatened by people yelling over a megaphone: "This is the last face
> you will see" and "Your family will hate you because you won't come
> home."
> SWN Resources says an expensive piece of drilling equipment was also
> "burned to the ground" and is seeking damages including lost profits,
> interest and the company's legal costs.
> Requests for comment from the protesters were not returned. None of
> the allegations have been proven in court
> New Brunswick Premier David Alward says there were plenty of meetings
> between his government, the company and the Elsipogtog First Nation
> before things boiled over with violent protests earlier this month.
> "There's been significant consultation that has taken place...that's
> work that we will continue to do to build relationships," Alward told
> reporters in Ottawa.
> Alward added he suspects the recent violence in Rexton was sparked by
> interlopers and not locals.
> On 10/30/13, David Amos <motomaniac333@gmail.com> wrote:
>> http://baconfat53.blogspot.ca/2013/10/is-frederiction-police-sgt-mike-hudon.html
>> Tuesday, October 29, 2013
>> Is Frederiction Police Sgt Mike Hudon a sperm sack for injins to screw
>> in the ass?
>> Does Fredericton police Sgt. Mike Hudson like injins to fuck him in
>> the ass? Does Fredericton police Sgt. Mike Hudson take money from
>> Indians, and so called environmental activists"? I have known a few
>> cops personally, and they to a fault were / are honest, of good
>> judgement, and courageous. I have never know a craven or witnessed a
>> cowardly cop until I saw Fredericton Police Sgt Mike Hudson in
>> "action. If Fredericton Police Sgt. isn't fucking "injin chiefs, or"
>> have a "lack of moral fibre," then he must be corrupt and taking
>> money, in this lamentable situation.
>> In a video on You Tube three disgusting squaws and "fashion victims"
>> pontificated how Sun New coverage was so "racist." So these "people"
>> and others behaved in the accordance with their primitive culture, and
>> behaved like animals. These welfare parasites are NOT but garden
>> variety drunken injin criminals.
>> Sun News stands firm: Reporters get little help from police in N.B.
>> protest aftermath
>> By Ezra Levant ,QMI Agency
>> First posted: Monday, October 28, 2013 08:59 PM EDT | Updated: Monday,
>> October 28, 2013 09:12 PM EDT
>> A row of RCMP vehicles burn during an anti-fracking protest near
>> Rexton, N.B. on Thursday Oct. 17, 2013. Handout/Twitter/stimulator
>> Ten days ago, news reporters from Global TV, CTV and the Sun News
>> Network were filming the charred remains of six RCMP vehicles in
>> Rexton, N.B.
>> They had been torched two nights before during a riot that saw 40
>> people arrested. The hubbub was long over, but the networks were
>> filming background footage.
>> But then a car drove by with members of the Mi'kmaq Warriors gang.
>> They saw the reporters and jumped out, screaming and swearing at them,
>> demanding they stop filming.
>> The gang — led by Tyson Peters, dressed in military fatigues — said
>> the media had unfairly portrayed the rioters. This was payback.
>> Immediately the reporters started packing up. Sun News' Kris Sims kept
>> her camera rolling, to record the evidence of the threats.
>> But once the reporters were in their vehicles, the threats only
>> increased — Peters and his gang screaming at them to abandon their
>> vehicles. It was a carjacking. Global TV and CTV complied — CTV
>> surrendering a million-dollar satellite truck. Only Sims kept her
>> wits, staying in her locked car and calling 911.
>> The gang blocked her exit. But when they stepped aside, Sims drove
>> away, picked up the other reporters, and drove to the police station.
>> It has been 10 days, but Tyson Peters and his gang have not been
>> charged with assault, extortion, hijacking, false imprisonment,
>> uttering threats, conspiracy, or anything so much as jaywalking.
>> Part two.
>> Several days later, Sun News Network's Josh Skurnik was invited to
>> attend a press conference by Shawn Atleo, the Grand Chief of the
>> Assembly of First Nations. Skurnik attended, along with other
>> reporters. But this time, he was singled out.
>> See, Global and CTV had tailored their coverage of the Mi'kmaq Warrior
>> gangs and the riots. They complied with the threats; they appeased the
>> intimidation.
>> So only the Sun was kicked out — again, by thugs pushing and shoving
>> Skurnik and taunting him about a "fight." Right in the middle of a
>> national press conference, with cameras rolling.
>> That's assault and battery, and extortion. No charges laid there,
>> either. And no comment from the other media, who were allowed access,
>> unmolested.
>> Part three.
>> Last weekend, protesters were building an Indian "longhouse" in a
>> public park across from New Brunswick's legislature in Fredericton.
>> Media were invited to the spectacle.
>> And, again, Sun News was specifically singled out by the activists,
>> for our editorial perspective. And to "punish" the Sun, they stood in
>> front of the camera, blocking Skurnik's shot.
>> No threats this time; no assault or theft. Just being jerks. Which is
>> legal.
>> But then Fredericton's police got involved. Skurnik was exceedingly
>> polite, even introducing himself to the police, and shaking their
>> hands. But when he went to film the longhouse — as Global TV did — the
>> police demanded that Skurnik move his camera.
>> Sgt. Mike Hudson's bizarre "rationale" was caught on tape. "There is
>> an issue with one person, and that one person is here," said Hudson.
>> "We have a peaceful protest here, and I don't want any issue
>> whatsoever. You can have any picture ... if you move back
>> 15 or 20 feet and give them some room." When a protester said, "We're
>> staying on our side," Hudson said, "well, it's all your side."
>> No, Sgt. Hudson. No, it's not. This is Canada. We have a free press.
>> No matter what gang members say.
>> And no matter what a politically correct cop has to say.
>> No Sgt, Mike Hudson is not a "politically correct cop. He is a fag, He
>> is a sperm sack for Injins. Sgt Mike Hudson is cowardly, and or
>> corrupt. His behavior in this lamentable matter is an insult to every
>> freedom loving real Canadian.
>> Our New Brunswick "proud natives," have every right to "boycott Sun
>> News. I boycott injins. Twon evenings ago I found a dying, dead injin
>> in a dumpster. I left "it" there. I did not call emergency services,
>> and no one else in Oliver Community did so either.
>> So Sgt Mike Hudson, don't you think you ought look for other
>> employment. You could be male fag fucker like David Amos' son Max!
>> Wait, it appears that you already are!
>> Posted by Seren at 6:04 PM

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