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RE Pipelines Obama, Harper, Russ Girling, Tom Steyer and the Irving Clan etc

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the Irving Clan etc
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Linda Strean
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Andrew Hattori
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Dave Lesher
Government Affairs Contact
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Subject: RE Pipelines Obama, Harper, Russ Girling, Tom Steyer and the
Irving Clan etc
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Subject: For what it is worth I largely agree with Graeme Decarie
especially his opinion of the Irving Clan
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Subject: Yo Mr Harper What part of this email did the many Green
Meanies fail to understand last year?
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Date: Friday, January 27, 2012, 8:46 AM

You and lawyers such as Joey Oliver, Gary Lunn and Dizzy Lizzy May are
well aware of why I have "Issues" with the Greasy Gassy Oily Guys, the
National Energy Board and all the Green Meanies EH?

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Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 15:26:17 -0300
Subject: I just called

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Subject: RE: i just called some of you again. Instead of calling me
back Suzuki's people just surf the net and play dumb Correct?
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Mr. Amos,

When you called my cell phone earlier, as I was on my way into a
meeting, you offered to send me an e-mail outline the information you
are looking for from the David Suzuki Foundation. Is this it??

Lisa Gue

From: Sutton Eaves <>
Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: The greedy pople on the Fake Left
say nasty things about mean old me as well EH Stevey Boy Harper?
To: "David Amos" <>
Received: Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 2:55 PM

Thanks for your message. I am out of the office until Tuesday, April 19.

If this is a media request, please contact Ian Hanington at, or Leanne Clare at

Otherwise, I'll return your message when I return.

Have a great day!

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Subject: The greedy pople on the Fake Left say nasty things about mean
old me as well EH Stevey Boy Harper?
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Subject: Re: i just called some of you again. Instead of calling me
back Suzuki's people just surf the net and play dumb Correct?
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Gallant" <>, ""
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Received: Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 2:26 PM

He is known to Gretchen as not quiet rational.

John Bennett Executive Director Sierra Club Canada 613 291 6888

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Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 10:18:46
To:<>; Wayne
Subject: RE: i just called some of you again. Instead of calling me back
Suzuki's people just surf the net and play dumb Correct?

I am not responding to Dave Amos' emails, but I believe I have heard
he has some "issues". I have no sense of what his involvement is with
the organization or why he is threatening law suits (my receptionist
just intercepted a call and he told her he didn't want to leave a
message and to just tell her that he would "see me in court").

Does anyone have any idea what to do about this guy? Should we just
ignore him?


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Subject: i just called some of you again. Instead of calling me back
Suzuki's people just surf the net and play dumb Correct?
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Jean-Patrick Toussaint
Spokesperson (english), St-Lawrence Coalition
(David Suzuki Foundation)

Did that lots of people have an opinion of bugets not just David
Suzuki and the greasy gassy oily guys such as Emera, Corridor
Resources and irving Oil

Just Dave
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Subject: FYI here is a litte Deju Vu from Saint John Harbour for Dr Ed
to review EH Shawny Baby?
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Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 12:59:59 -0300
Subject: I called you all and tried to explain how I can help with
your concerns I repeat just say my name
To:,, tracy
Cc: nmiller <>, "" <>

If nothing else listen to this and get pissed off lIke mean old me. At
least that emotion is honest.

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

For Immediate Release - October 4, 2010
PICTOU, NS – Today's decision by the Canada Newfoundland and Labrador
Offshore Petroleum Board (CNLOPB) to allow seismic blasting in the
Gulf of St. Lawrence was met with shock and concern by a coalition
calling for a moratorium on oil and gas development in the Gulf of St.
Lawrence. The coalition - made of aboriginal, fishing, and
environmental organizations - is calling on municipal, provincial,
federal, and aboriginal leaders to act swiftly to halt the testing.

"With this decision, the CNLOPB has approved an activity that could
damage this entire precious ecosystem," according to Mary Gorman of
the Save Our Seas and Shores, "We want this decision reversed
immediately, and action taken to allow jurisdictions bordering on the
Gulf to have a say in its future."

"Seismic testing could start in the next 48 hours, potentially
damaging marine mammals like blue whales, and disrupting fish and
fisheries. This approval has given oil and gas as a toehold in the
Gulf that could lead to full scale drilling," according to Danielle
Giroux of the. "Fishermen I work for need more say over protecting the
Gulf. We want the CNLOPB's decision reversed immediately."

"An oil spill in the Gulf of St. Lawrence would impact fish stocks and
coastal communities in Quebec, PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and
Newfoundland. Moreover, the national importance of this ecosystem must
be upheld." says Gretchen Fitzgerald, of the Sierra Club Canada. "
Federal laws to protect endangered species and fish habitat recognize
the importance of protecting our shared biodiversity and resources.
This decision is not reflecting this shared responsibility or concerns
expressed by groups around the Gulf."


For more information, please contact:

Mary Gorman, Save our Seas and Shores, 902-926-2128/

Danielle Giroux (Francais), Attention Fragile (Magdalen Islands)

Gretchen Fitzgerald, Director, Sierra Club Atlantic, 902-444-3113/

Mark Butler, Policy Director, Ecology Action Centre,

From: David Amos <>
Subject: Say Hoka Hey to the very sneaky lawyer Dizzy Lizzy May for me will ya?
To:, "Wayne.Gallant"
Received: Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 2:28 PM

Bennett was assisting Cape Bretoners opposing a coal-fired power plant
at Point Aconi in Nova Scotia when he first caught the attention
Elizabeth May, then Sierra Club Canada's executive-director. May liked
his approach – among other things, he'd brought his wife and two
daughters to a potluck supper meeting and assured the group he was
there to hear from them, not issue orders. Several years – and, after
an interview on a train ride from Toronto to Ottawa -- later, she
hired him as the Club's director of atmosphere and energy.

He managed environmental education campaigns; was the Club's main
spokesperson on air, energy, automotive and climate change issues;
prepared fundraising proposals; and wrote position papers and research

During this period, Bennett also headed the Climate Action Network, an
association of up to 100 environmental, health, labour and faith
organizations from 10 provinces and two territories. There, he was
also the chief spokesperson, wrote releases and papers, and acted as
liaison with government officials, ministers, MPs, their staffs and
industry leaders. He did similar work with a successor organization,

It was then that he was involved in preparing reporters for the
federal Conservative government's climate plan. "I figured we had to
talk to the media. We had to meet the government head-on, and say what
they were doing was going backward. We were very effective."

The work "succeeded to the extent that when Stéphane Dion became
Liberal leader, the party thought the climate and environment were
where they should campaign. They were right; they just did it very

A spirit of collaboration

Most recently, Bennett was communications director for the Green Party
of Canada, including the 2008 campaign in which the Greens, led by
May, won nearly a million votes and was the only party to increase its

"It's a well-rounded background, ranging from activist events to
negotiating in the halls of power," Bennett says. "My knowledge covers
the spectrum of issues across the country."

Bennett's experience has demonstrated the importance of collaborating
with other groups and including as many people as possible, and their
ideas, in whatever work must be done. That was especially obvious in
the creation of the Green Budget Coalition, which analyzed federal
budgets in terms of their impact on environmental concerns.

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Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 04:00:16 -0300
Subject: Need I remind the CBC, the Green Meanies, Premier Alward,
David Coon and all their pals what I said about Harper, Banksters,
Yankees, the RCMP, Indians,Zionists, the Neo Nazis such as Werner Bock
and the old political whore Louie Lapierre?
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bussieres" <>, "frederic.loiseau"
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"roger.l.brown" <>, "bob.paulson"
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<>, "steven.blaney"
Cc: David Amos <>, "Jacques.Poitras"
<>, "terry.seguin" <>,
"Robert. Jones" <>, "peter.dauphinee"


Please don't try to deny the fact that I can easily prove David
Alward, David Coon and the CBC know the old bastards Louis Lapierre
and Werner Bock very well. They were both playing the wicked political
game in New Brunswick long before I put my name on a ballot in 2004.

Alward must remember when Danny Boy Bussieres illegally barred me from
Legislative properties and his pal Chucky Leblanc stole my documents
he promised to give to the Attorney General then spilled the Beans on
his political neo con pals in the local Indi Media forum run by David
Coon's many Green Meanie and Fake Left minions. Ask the sneaky
liberal lawyer Bernie Richard or his pals in the NB Police Commission,
the Fat Fred City Finest and the RCMP if I am a lair or not if you
lost your local records and did not bother to read the documents that
I provided you people long ago. The documents hereto attached are for
the CROWN to argue in Federal Court. I will as I promised long ago sue
you greedy local dudes later. Right now you are far to busy
yourselves and I am enjoying the circus.

However Mr Alward I must say that was particularly evil of your
underling the drunken ex cop Carl Urquhart to try to have the RCMP and
his pals in the Fat Fred City Finest arrest me AGAIN on the night you
won your mandate in September of 2010. You know very well that was two
whole weeks after I had recieved the letter (hereto attached) from the
Chair of BHP and NONE of you has ever dared to even discuss it in the
three very long years since I forwarded it on to you and Premier Brad
Wall etc during the election in NB. Trust that Premier Dexter got it
it as well while he sat in opposition in Nova Scotia and bitched about
Harper and his mindless cohorts.

For the record trust that I thought it was incredibly that you crazy
bastard's arrested the Neo Nazi Werner Bock in open court today and
filed him in the Looney Bin for a long weekend. I find it rather funny
indeed. Hell Bock laughed at me when you bastards tried hard to lock
me up in 2008 and your blogging butt buddies Chucky Leblanc and his
pals Richy Baby Harris and Danny Boy Fitzgerald felt free to violate
my privacy and blog about it because they do not know the law and
thought my goose was cooked anyway. When I asked Werner Bock why he
thought it was funny he claimed it was just "Gallows Humour". When
iresponded that the ghost of a Hanged Manwould see no humour in his
jokes, he quit laughing. However he still uses that excuse to this
very day. So turn about is fair play and its my turn to laugh at his
plight. For what it is worth Werner Bock does not abuse his cattle and
the CROWN knows it and it also knows that I have secured all his
documents in a digital form and can easily prove the malice practiced
against him by the RCMP and many others since the early seventies. He
was very dumb not to call me as a witness whether I would have be
hostile towards his standing as a Neo Nazi or not I would have told
the truth and provided supporting documentation of what I witnessed
personally. The reason Bock did not call me is because he knew that I
would not support his theory about laser beams and etc because I had
not witnessed it. I witnessed his care of the cattle their very
strange deaths, the unwillingness of various governmental authorities
to investigate and the constant police harrassment of him in a effort
to shut
him up. The farmer had every right to ask people to investigate. The
animals were his lively hood and more importantly to the rest of us
his cattle were going into the FOOD CHAIN. When the CFIA tried hard to
have the RCMP to arrest both of un in 2009 and put their malice in
writng it was beyond ridiculous. Werner Bock was very foolish indeed
to stab me in the back and try to make friends with the bastards.

The RCMP did managed to divide us in 2009 but neither of us are
conquered thus far.
You can see that I included many of Werner Bock's friends on the
Internet in this email as well. We shall all see if they have the
balls to speak in his defence. N'esy Pas Chucky Leblanc and David

BTW Methinks the CROWN Corp known as the CBC just violated Werner Bock's
privacy BIGTIME as well. They always told me that they are not allowed
to talk about suicides because of Mental Health and privacy issues.
The same should hold true for all people even German immigants.
Furthermore the CBC can never deny that never said a
word about Byron Priors various litigations oe when the evil Newffy
Judge Orr locked up him in the Waterford Hospital for about nine
months or so.

I must say the CROWN was particularly dumb to lock up Bock and get the
CBC brag about it particularly while the NB Attorney General is
assisting two Jewish Groups to attack the McCorkell estate at the same
time that the CROWN is prosecuting one of Bock's Neo Nazi friends Arty
Baby Topham of Radical Press. Methinks between the
Huffington Post, a heard of other bloggers and Internet talkshow hosts
New Brunswick will be put on the map even more than it already is.

Also even thogh everybody and his dog knows that Werner Bock and I
parted company in 2009 the CROWN cannot deny that three of my calves
died on Werner Bock's farm and I recorded and protested their demise
as well. You also all know I was the one who made the videos for Bock
in 2008/09 and wrote the words in his website about Section 444 of the
Canadian Criminal Code. Hell I did so over a year after Mikey Murphy
the Fomer Minister of Health/Attorney General responded to me and
asked the local boss of the RCMP Steve Graham to investigate and they
never did So I made Werner Bock rather well known on the Internet in
2008/2009 CORRECT? Google Werner Bock's name before you dare to call
me a liar and put it in writing.

That said since old Louis Lapierre claims to be unwell and can't talk
to the CBC perhaps he in the Looney Bin with Werner Bock tonight?
Perhaps someday when he feels better will he join the other snobby and
very sneaky retirees in NB and sue in order to protect his unearned
pension too N'esy Pas?

If ya wanna know why I so pissed off on August 23 why not ask the RCMP or
Premiers, Redford, Alward and Dexter.

If politicians and cops play dumb or won't talk to you and you truly
don't already know just Google two names of very different men who are
still trying to protect their childrens' reputations and stop cyber
bullying over the Internet while the corrupt cops laugh at us.

David Amos and Glen Cannning

Your favourite Zionist Mr Baconfat has had lots to evil to spew about
us all EH Chucky Baby Leblanc?

Well Davey Baby Alward wouldn't you be pissed off too if the the RCMP
laughed at you while this shit was being published about your children
while the Zionist spindoctor was bitching on Labor Day about YOU and
Premiers Ghiz and Dexter begging Harper for money???

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Maritime Kanada's Cocksuckers

So Premier Alward, Premiers Ghiz and Darrell Dexter, do you guys gently
unzip "Stevie boy's" trousers and blow him each year when you go to Ottawa
to beg for more federal tax dollars and equalization from the rest of

Red Deer Alberta, city of less than 100,000 that has basically
statistically full employment. Red Deer has robust manufacturing,
conventional oil and oils sand industry servicing, agriculture and food
processing, petro-chemical production: All turbocharged with home grown
expertise and an unsurpassed quality if life.

Red Deer and Central Alberta has hundreds of family or privately owned
companies with 50 to 100 skilled workers, with gross revenues of 50 to 100
million dollars.

Meanwhile in Kanada's Appalachia, inbred Maritime Kanada, unemployment in
those provinces run from 9 % to 14 % unemployment. In Alberta and
Saskatchewan it runs from 4.3% to 4.5 % . In each of Canada's parasitic
Maritime jurisdictions the largest employer is the provincial government. No
immigrants choose Maritime Kanada to settle in because the education systems
are piss poor, and there is no private enterprise to speak of.

In Maritime Kanada the inbred politicians campaign on the promise of a
"chicken in every pot, and a government job for everyone that can read and
make his X on the paper." And some that can't.

Then there are Laura the Butt and Max still turning tricks, and Rehtaeh that
is till dead, dead, dead. You still trying to make money off that Glen?

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Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos
902 800 0369

Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 12:02:35 -0400
From: "Murphy, Michael B. \(DH/MS\)"

January 30, 2007


Mr. David Amos

Dear Mr. Amos:

This will acknowledge receipt of a copy of your e-mail of December 29,
2006 to Corporal Warren McBeath of the RCMP. Because of the nature of
the allegations made in your message, I have taken the measure of
forwarding a copy to Assistant Commissioner Steve Graham of the RCMP
"J" Division in Fredericton.


Honourable Michael B. Murphy
Minister of Health

Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 17:34:53 -0500
From: "Warren McBeath" <>
CC:,,,, "Bev BUSSON" <>, "Paul
Dube" <>
Subject: Re: Remember me Kilgour? Landslide Annie McLellan has
forgotten me but the crooks within the RCMP have n

Dear Mr. Amos,

Thank you for your follow up e-mail to me today.

I was on days off over the holidays and returned to
work this evening. Rest assured I was not ignoring
or procrastinating to respond to your concerns.

As your attachment sent today refers from Premier
Graham, our position is clear on your dead calf issue:
Our forensic labs do not process testing on animals
in cases such as yours, they are referred to the
Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown who can
provide these services. If you do not choose to utilize
their expertise in this instance, then that is your
decision and nothing more can be done.

As for your other concerns regarding the US Government,
false imprisonment and Federal Court Dates in the US, etc...
it is clear that Federal authorities are aware of your concerns
both in Canada and the US. These issues do not fall into the
purvue of Detachment policing in Petitcodiac, NB.

It was indeed an interesting and informative
conversation we had on December 23rd,
and I wish you well in all of your future endeavors.


Warren McBeath, Cpl.
GRC Caledonia RCMP
Traffic Services NCO
Ph: (506) 387-2222
Fax: (506) 387-4622

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From: "David Amos" <>
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<>; "linkejul" <>;
"markandcaroline" <>; "oldmaison"
<>; <>; <>; <>;
<>; <>; <>;
<>; <>; <>;
<>; <>;
<>; <>;
<>; <>
Cc: "David Amos" <>;
<>; "premier" <>; "Davidc.Coon"
<>; <>;
Sent: Friday, August 23, 2013 12:38 AM
Subject: New Brunswick Energy Institute??? Yea Right Just another expensive
whitewash overseen up by the old political whore Louie Lapierre

Do I seem pissed off? Perhaps you should ask the Harper or bosses of
the RCMP why that is EH David Coon?

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 22:47:13 -0300
Subject: EMERA is in constant contact with the regulator the National
Energy Board???? Gee who the hell has the Green Meanie Horst Sauerteig
talked to that I did not?
To: oldmaison <>, "mckeen.randy"
<>,, xchief
<>, minister <>,
premier <>, "marie-claude.blais"
<>, "john.warr" <>,
"bernadine.chapman" <>,, hmc <>, wendallnicholas
<>, ppalmater
<>, jrebick <>
Cc: David Amos <>, "Gary.Rhodes"
<>, "gary.forward"
<>, "Michelle.Boutin"
<>, highwood <>,
"fortmcmurray.woodbuffalo" <>,
deanr0032 <>, eachtem <>,
gplant <>

From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 20:29:46 -0300
Subject: Re: EMERA is in constant contact with the regulator the
National Energy Board???? Gee who the hell has the Green Meanies Horst
Sauerteig talked to that I did not?
To: Horst Sauerteig <>
Cc:, "chris.huskilson"
<>, " \"joe.oliver.c1\""
<>, "Dina.Bartolacci"
<>, "Robert.Trevors" <>,
"bruce.northrup" <>,,,,,
premier <>, "Davidc.Coon" <>,, gplant <>,, leader <>,,,, "rob.bennett" <>,,

FUCK YOU Sauerteig I don't need your consent

---------- Original message ----------
From: Horst Sauerteig <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 09:49:45 -0400
Subject: Re: EMERA is in constant contact with the regulator the
National Energy Board???? Gee who the hell has the Green Meanies Horst
Sauerteig talked to that I did not?
To: David Amos <>,, "chris.huskilson"
<>, " \"joe.oliver.c1\""
<>, "Dina.Bartolacci"
<>, "Robert.Trevors" <>,
"bruce.northrup" <>,,,,,
premier <>, "Davidc.Coon" <>,, gplant <>,, leader <>
Cc:,,, "rob.bennett" <>,,

Please note that Mr. Amos sent this e-mail without my knowledge and/or
Horst Sauerteig, Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lawrence Wuest 367 2280

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 05:21:38 -0300
Subject: Do you people want my help YET???
Cc: David Amos <>

Media contact:

Ellen Adelberg
Director of Communications
(613)569-7226 ext. 234

Roberta Clowater, 506-452-9902;

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 04:45:05 -0300
Subject: EMERA is in constant contact with the regulator the National
Energy Board???? Gee who the hell has the Green Meanies Horst
Sauerteig talked to that I did not?
"chris.huskilson" <>, "
\"joe.oliver.c1\"" <>, "Dina.Bartolacci"
<>, "Robert.Trevors" <>,
"bruce.northrup" <>,,,,,
premier <>, "Davidc.Coon" <>,, gplant <>,, leader <>
Cc:,,, "rob.bennett" <>,,

Horst Sauerteig
88 Bedell Avenue
Saint John, NB E2K 2C4
Telephone .(506) 658-1326!search/profile/person?personId=1413397560&targetid=profile

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 04:24:21 -0300
Subject: Imagine if David Eby beats Christy Clark this time around I
suspect he will become BC's next Attorney General then Cummins decides
to finally to act ethically and embarasses the hell out the NDP, the
Liberals, Harper, and you EH Mr Plant?
To: "" <>, ""
<>, ""
<>, ""
<>, "" <>,
"" <>,
"" <>,
"" <>, ""
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Hey Mr Plant

Please notice that I added two more pdf files to this email that all our
surving past and present Prime Ministers and Governor Generals are
well aware of but you may not have seen them.

Remember our conversation and the four emails I sent you one month before
the writ was dropped? It was at about the same time a couple of my enemies
in BC Splitting the Sky and Dougy Baby Christie dropped dead. They were
followed up not long afterwards by none other than Rotten Ralphy Klein?
Does it make me an evil person to be happy that I out lived some of my foes?
You should not deny that Rotten Ralphy's Attorney General got the same
letter and the same a pile of documents and a CD that all the Canadian
Attorney General's received except the Quebecers who turned the Registered
US Mail back 10 times but it was NEVER returned to the USA. Methinks the
RCMP or their pals in CSIS stole my mail just like they have done before and
since. Its rough being a whistleblower. N'esy Pas Mr. Chretien and Mr.

Now to be fair here is one all the lawyers working for the Yankees Al Gore,
Prez Obama and George Soros should review before Birgitta Jonsdotter and her
Wikileaks buddies finally read it..

Yea I know I am pipe dreaming. I doubt things will change in my lifetime but
what is life with fine dreams? History has proven the Sheeple always get the
governments they deserve when apathy rules the day. However once they start
losing their shirts and have no cake to eat there is always hell to pay and
do roll on occasion. Anyone paying attention can see that the stock
market is at an artificial high created by the greedy Banksters NOT the
economy. Obviously it has nowhere to go but down. Look out when it does.
Even old folks who support Harper and Cummins get pissed when they lose
another big chunk of their precious pensions. But to hell with us old folks
our days
taking advantage of this wonderful old old are winding down anyway. What is
far worse to me is that methinks the "Powers that Be" may let loose the Dogs
of War once again at about the same time the economy crashes. I am not the
only soul predicting this but I have been rather outspoken about this since
2002 when the greedy Yankees attacked my little Clan. Te public record
of my affairs speaks for itself. If my reasoning is correct all of our
children's future will become truly dire indeed. Shame on all you greedy
bastards if what I believe comes true. Trust that I will hate being correct
but to deny the obvious would make me as foolish as you people.

Pipedream or not the rest of this email is a nightmare for any unethical
lawyer or cop to read or ignore.

Unlike a lawyer or a poltiician I have always trusted my conscience, my
logic and my strange gut feelings.just like the honest cops in the movies
Thus far the senses I was born with have not failed me. So I must confess
I have not lost my faith in my fellow common man yet even though I hold much
contempt towarss many low men in high places. My doubts are justifiable but
still have hope especially after watching the black guy named Charles talk
taking a break from munching on his MacDonald's and playing his part help
save three long lost girls in the USA It is guys like him that assure me
that we
common folk are not all evil people like the wealthy ones amongst us usually
Charles should run for Congress I suspect he would win by a landslide if a
serving Independent can beat BC's Attorney General in the last election/ If
sneaky lawyer David Eby beats Christy Clark in her own riding it will only
serve to further prove my point. Need I say I love how the political parties
in BC are creating their own Independent opponents? Too too funny. Seems
that they are bringing about "change" byway of their malicious incompetence.

History as I said earlier has proven the worm always turns on the smiling
bastards. With any luck at all it may happen soon in BC. I know I have done
my part to try to bring about change in BC since 2004. I still have so many
irons in the fire in so many places to singe some fancy political arses with
that it is quite simply unbelievable. For instance with regards to this
email pipelines in your neck of the woods I know everyone of you checked out
the letters hereto attached but did nothing . Curipusity is a hell of a
thing but you are all afraid of Harper Correct? I doubt many of you greedy
people know about Lenny Hoyt, Emera and Enbridge or Mr. Jones, his Director
Derek Burney within TransCanada versus Mean Old Me. Trust
that it would take me only minutes to explain it to anyone with two clues
between their ears. In fact I have done so to quite few and still they say
and do nothing. Hell the dumb Green Meanies in Canada have understood me
since 2004 and still don't care about the shit that went down between Danny
Boy Williams and I even after he sues some of them. Go figure?

Methinks folks should stop listening to greedy lawyers EH? What say you Mr.
Plant? If you recall our conversation on March 15th you demanded I wrap
things up in a couple of minutes and I promptly did so within 30 seconds or
so then I called your friend Elisabeth Graff and her bosses as well. After
all your Law Firm has had Hard Copy of my material for nearly a year before
you quit politicking as an Attorney General Then Wall Eyed Wally Opal gladly
took your job and in turn got his arse kicked out of office by an incredibly
stupid Independent whom I talked to as well CORRECT Ms Huntington a former
Security person and Acting-Chief of Staff to the Solicitor General of
What I did not bother telling you Mr. Plant was the the reason I called on
of people the Ides of March. Scroll down and you will see I caught Harper's
minions checking my work that day. Plus I know for a fact the CSE and the
RCMP listen to all my calls so why not give them an earful then prove to
others I am paying attention too?

Believe it or not not everybody is a afraid of Mr. Harper and many are
tired of his antics. I heard through the grapevine that I have
gotten some fans amongst the Feds and that maybe someone may use my
documents to blow the whistle. Heres hoping that is true. The sooner I get
my old Harley back and return to being "Just Dave" I am sure many
and lawyers will breath a sigh of relief. Methinks the CROWN and I should
write an MOU ASAP and then assist me in asking the the Yankees to settle
with as well. What say Mr. Plant? Do you know an old liberal lawyer in YOUR
law firm capable of writing a letter to the Prime Minister and making a deal
with fellow devil on behalf of a Canadian citizen that they purportedly
serve? I do they got this email too and my letter hereto attached. Four of
documents are from the Canadian government one is from a very big cheese
and only one is mine Correct?

If no no lawyer takes my side rest assured the Green Meanies South of the
49th heavily financed by George Soros/Swartz are about to be enlightened
much to the chagrin of Harper and Prez Obama and of course my wife's evil
Catholic cousins and their old Yankee buddy John Kerry the current Secretary
of the Sad State of Affairs in the US of A.

Such is the way of the world and the life and times of a fierce but ethical
political animal. As long as I maintain my Integrity I and tell the truth
all day long
to anyone I choose to then sit back and watch the "Powers That Be" squirm.
Sooner or later somebody will grow some balls and simply say my name in a
Parliament or a Congress or in the corporate media. The love of money
dictates it.
Of that I have no doubt.

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos
902 800 0369

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Subject: Fwd: RE Potash Corp, The NEB, Nexen, Pipelines and political spats

Media contact:
Andrea Smith

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From: "Dix.MLA, Adrian" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 00:03:21 +0000
Subject: Thank you for your email
To: David Amos <>

Thank you for your email. This response is to assure you that your
message has been received.

All of my e-mail messages are reviewed on a regular basis. However,
due to the high volume of e-mails received, I may not be able to
respond personally to each one. To help me serve you better, please
ensure that your e-mail includes your full name, phone number and
street address with your postal code.

To ensure your email is sent to the most appropriate office, a
database of all MLAs, searchable by postal code, is available at the
BC Legislature website:

Thank you again for taking the time to share your ideas, concerns, and
insight with me. If you require an immediate response or your email is
urgent, please call our office directly at 604-660-0314

Adrian Dix

MLA, Vancouver-Kingsway

Leader, New Democrat Official Opposition

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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 22:20:05 -0300
Subject: I just called about Fracking, Money, Municipal elections and
Public Corruption
Cc: mhayes <>, andre <>, markandcaroline

Thursday April 26, 2012
Doaktown elections
Posted by Kevin Shaw

Stan Donovan was certain candidates for office in Doaktown would be
eager to share their views on all issues at a public forum, then he
ran into fracking.

(506) 365-7860

Doaktown, NB

James Risdon.
1050 Smith Street.
Bathurst, New Brunswick.
E2A 3V2.
(506) 545-7192

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Subject: Re Phone calls and emails to and from the CRTC, CTV and CBC since
To:,,, andre
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<>, law <>,
"" <>

Edith Cody-Rice - Publisher

Edith Cody-Rice is the publisher of the Millstone. She recently
retired from the position of Senior Legal Counsel to the Canadian
Broadcasting Corporation where she worked for twenty-nine years. Edith
has worked extensively with journalists to help them publish their
stories. She is currently a director of the Michener Foundation which
grants awards and fellowships to outstanding journalists.

Edith is deeply interested in literature and for 19 years held
literary luncheons at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa for many of
Canada's outstanding writers. She was also on the board of directors
of the Writers' Trust of Canada for 15 years and was its chair in the
mid 1990's. She founded a very popular fundraising dinner for the
Trust in Ottawa called Politics and the Pen which raises over $200,000
per year for the Writers' Trust. She was a founding director of the
George Woodcock Fund which provides support to published writers who
face financial need while completing a book project.
Edith has also been a director of the Writers' Foundation of
Canada, the Ottawa Valley Book Festival, the Ottawa International
Writers' Festival, and is currently a board member of Puppets Up!
International Puppet Festival. Edith has been a fund raiser for the
Ottawa library.

Edith serves on the Millstone as publisher, reporter at large, book
reviewer, legal counsel and web designer.

From: Edith Cody-Rice <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 16:53:07 -0500
Subject: Calls and E-mails to CBC
Cc: Rob Renaud <>

Dear Mr. Amos:

CBC personnel have contacted me concerning your calls and e-mails to
them. As you are threatening legal action, would you kindly direct any
further calls or correspondence to me. Other CBC personnel will not
respond further to your correspondence or calls.

Edith Cody-Rice
Senior Legal Counsel
Premier Conseiller juridique
181 Queen Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1K9
Postal Address: P.O. Box 3220, Station C, Ottawa K1Y 1E4
Tel: (613) 288-6164
Cell: (613) 720-5185
Fax/ Télécopieur (613) 288-6279

This communication is subject to solicitor/client privilege and
contains confidential information intended only for the person(s) to
whom it is addressed. Any unauthorized disclosure, copying, other
distribution of this communication
or taking any action on its contents is strictly prohibited. If you
have received this message in error, please notify us immediately and
delete this message without reading, copying or forwarding it to

La présente communication est assujettie au privilège du secret
professionnel de l'avocat et renferme des renseignements confidentiels
intéressant uniquement leur destinataire. Il est interdit de
divulguer, de copier ou de distribuer cette communication par quelque
moyen que ce soit ou de donner suite à son contenu sans y être
autorisé. Si vous avez reçu ce message par erreur, veuillez nous en
avertir immédiatement et le supprimer en évitant de le lire, de le
copier ou de le transmettre à qui que ce soit.

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From: Ombudsman de Radio-Canada <>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 09:24:41 -0400
Subject: Faire suivre : Fwd: I tried to call you all The pdf files
hereto attached prove that I am no liar and the mp3 and te wav files
in the next two emails speak volumes

Dear David Amos:

I acknowledge receipt of you three e-mails attached.
The Radio-Canada Ombudsman has a mandate to determine whether
information programs of Radio-Canada has broadcast fully respect
CBC/Radio-Canada*s journalism policy. Radio-Canada's Office of the
Ombudsman is completely independent of Radio-Canada program management
and thus does not intervene in the editorial process prior to the
broadcast of information programs. You can read the mandate of the
Ombudsmans web sites:

Best regards,

Julie Miville-Dechêne
Ombudsman, Services français
Société Radio-Canada

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From: David Amos
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 12:01 AM
Subject: Re: I am curious

Ms. Turcotte

Great. Thanks for the response. It saves time and unnecessary expense
and redundancy because as I said, your local ATV Station is getting a
hard copy and Mr. Pozen will receive his upon my return to the USA. I
will attach hardcopy of this email to those documents so they will
understand that I am serious about my complaints. But I will remain
true to my word and not forward this email to anyone outside of your
company. Trust that I am seeking friends not more foes. I truly
believe that CTV should capitalize on this story but I am somewhat
dubious after I saw how Bell Canada employed its media to slam the
people striking against Aliant last night. Please never forget I have
been compelled to play the wicked political game and I do understand
the argument at the bottom of this email. I am very much against the
huge mergers at the Global Level. I am certain every lawyer and
politician knows why.
Best Regards
David R. Amos

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Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 10:28 AM
Subject: RE: I am curious

Mr. Amos, I confirm that I have received your documentation. There is
no need to send us a hard copy. As you have said yourself, the
documentation is very voluminous and after 3 days, we are still in the
process of printing it. I have asked one of my lawyers to review it in
my absence and report back to me upon my return in the office. We will
then provide you with a reply.

Martine Turcotte
Chief Legal Officer / Chef principal du service juridique
BCE Inc. / Bell Canada
1000 de La Gauchetière ouest, bureau 3700
Montréal (Qc) H3B 4Y7
Tel:(514) 870-4637
Fax: (514) 870-4877

Executive Assistant / Assistante à la haute direction:
Diane Valade
Tel: 514) 870-4638

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From: David Amos
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 6:12 AM
To: Turcotte, Martine (EX05453)
Subject: I am curious


I did not receive a response from you to the last email so I am not
certain if you received it. I must inform you that I will be closing
my briefcase in Yahoo for public view at the end of the week. I have a
great deal of material to add and I only wish certain parties to view
it. I opened it for you the other day as an act of good faith. Mr.
Pozen can check my work in the dockets of the various courts around
Boston they are a matter of Public Record my files are not. As you can
see by this and some following emails. I am very busy dealing with
criminal matters first before filing civil complaints in the USA. As I
told you when you called a lot has been happening. I have made a lot
of cops mad at me and I don't trust them a bit particularly after the
Police Commission is willing to check their work so i have been busy
watching my back and covering my butt. However that does not mean that
I have not thought about our conversation and was curious about a few

I was glad to receive your call and impressed by the fact that you
were more than willing to receive the material and a copy of the
wiretap tape in particular. Your stated willingness to uphold the law
was a rare statement to me. However I was curious why you only
mentioned my voicemail to Mr. Pozen and not the email to your company
and the news program that it owns. Did they not inform you as well? If
they didn't I am not surprised because I have some other rather
interesting denials from the Media. the most interesting would have to
be from the PBS program called Frontline when I introduced its
producer Michael Sullivan to the US Attorney Michael J. Sullivan. Now
that is a story well worth W5 telling. Too bad they showed me their
ass. As a courtesy to you and a further act of good faith, I will not
forward this email to anyone else until after I return to the USA and
nothing has been resolved between BCE and I and I am compelled to name
it in my complaint. I would find it very hard to believe that Mr,
Pozen does not know everything he needs to know about me right now.

I had also called a lawyer, Steven Skurka who had a week long little
special on CTV . I had tried to inform him that I knew my rights his
assistant hollered at me. You from speaking to me yourself that I am
not a rude character. I found it too funny to be treated that way and
I had resolved to serve him this stuff byway of the local ATV Station
that had presented his smiling talking head to me. That is why I was
telling you that you could get this stuff from the local ATV station.
I found it quite strange that you did not rely on them to send it on
to you. Thus I must make an extra copy to comply with your request.

I know the date stamp on the forwarded email is incorrect but that is
because my old laptop goes to the first year in it when I boot up and
sometimes I am too busy or tired to bother changing it. However MSN
tracks it with the true date. Brad Smith and I have a bone to pick as
well and I have been checking his work rather closely since he ignored
my letter to him last year. His boss Bill Gates is gonna be very angry
and Brad Smith and Steve Balmer in the near future if I have anything
to do with it. If you do act ethically and immediately I will settle
with your company very cheaply in comparsion to the bottom lines of my
first two complaints. In fact I will be so impressed I will
immediatlely offer you a better job than the one you have now. Please
study the material I will provide you closely and ask me any thing you

I will do as I promised and send the material you requested as soon as
I can put it all together. Right now I am on the move and far away
from my printer. Is the following your correct address? Perhaps you
should consider sending someone to the my meeting with the Police
Commission in Fredericton next week in order to hear me speak of these
matters to law enforcement before I return to the USA. Once I do
return there I will serve the Mr. Pozen the material as promised and
call him to testify in my pending trial. The following emails should
explain some of my concerns to you. My wife will be in Canada next
week as well to pick up our kids. I will allow you to speak to her if
you wish. She has had a nervous breakdown over the legal crap and I do
have her Durable Power of Attorney pursuant to M.G.L. 201 B. Mr. Pozen
can ask Robert S. Creedon Jr. about that document. I argued it with
him before the entire Judicuary Commitee on Sept. 18th 2003.

I will call you in a minute to make certain that you get this and the
following emails.

David R. Amos

Martine Turcotte
1000 de la Gauchetiere Ouest
Floor 41
Montreal, Quebec H3B 58H Canada
Tel: (514) 870-4637
Fax: (514) 870-4877

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From: David Amos
Cc: ;
Sent: Sunday, January 06, 1980 4:07 PM
Subject: My turn to tell a tale.

I think is time to let a little something out of the bag for the
benefit of a few Maritimers who think they know something about the
Media.I did notify CBC, the Rogers crowd and Harry Steele's folks that
I knew a little bit about the Media and that I had written a book
about it. Problem is I need an editor and I believe I may have found
one.He comes in the form of a disenchanted newspaper man. But the
thing is I want to put it on the web for all to read for free so there
is no money in it for him. So I guess I wiil sue some big company with
a Prima Facia complaint and settle for a lesser amount out of court.
Lets just say I am looking hard at you dudes. I had zeroed in on the
Yankee media long ago and I am certain folks within the Ottawa Citizen
and Democracy Watch had checked my work(Hey Duff say hey to Dan for
me) I have crossed paths with many of Globemedia's people many times
for many reasons and I can easily prove it. What I haven't bothered to
tell them that I knew the reason Gobal etc never mentioned me was
Frank McKenna and the Irving influence because basically that was a no
brainer anyway. However If Globemedia and all their cohorts didn't
think I knew about the influence Robert Pozen in Boston, you had best
think again. then give Mr. Spitzer, Mr. Galvin, Mr. Shelby and Mr.
Donaldson a call and drop my name along with Mr. Nesters and Mr.
Koski's and tell them my stuff is off to the Arar Commission I am
heading back to the USA to call Mr. Pozen and many folks he calls
friends to court. Perhaps in Ottawa Bill Rowe will truly speak for the
common man after all if the worm turns on his buddies. How do you
people sleep at night? What say you? Why not get honest with the world
and I will settle cheap? I will give one of your lawyers something
real soon before I serve Mr. Pozen his just due byway of this lawyer
Jeffrey N Carp MFS Investment Management
500 Boylston Street Boston MA 02116-3741 617-954-5747 Perhaps he
should call Putnam investments or the Brookline Savings bank and say
hey to Mr Chapman and Mr Tripp for me. I just called Bob Pozen at 617
954-5707 and introduced myself so that he can never say that he never
heard my name.

MFS set to agree to second settlement

00:00 EST Wednesday, March 31, 2004


00:00 EST Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Sun Life Financial Inc.'s Boston-based mutual fund arm will agree to a
$50-million (U.S.) settlement today with U.S. regulators over
allegations the firm directed trading commissions to brokerages in
exchange for preferential treatment, according to people familiar with
the matter.

Sources said Massachusetts Financial Services Co. will announce a deal
with the Securities and Exchange Commission this morning that will
also include "compliance reforms," in addition to a token $1
disgorgement penalty.

Eric Morse, a spokesman for MFS, declined to comment. A spokesman for
the SEC refused to discuss any talks with the firm.

The embattled fund company is hoping this settlement will enable it to
move beyond the intense public and regulatory scrutiny it has endured
in the past several months.

In early February, MFS agreed to a $350-million settlement with the
SEC and New York State Attorney-General Eliot Spitzer for allegedly
permitting improper trades in some of its bigger funds. That figure
included $225-million in penalties and restitution to investors, along
with $125-million in fee reductions spread out over the next five

The fallout within MFS, which manages about $140-billion in assets,
was also considerable. Its two highest-ranking officials -- chief
executive officer John Ballen and president Kevin Parke -- were each
fined and slapped with temporary suspensions by the SEC, leading to
their departures from the firm. Long-serving chairman Jeffrey Shames
also retired in the aftermath of MFS's problems, and was replaced by
Robert Pozen, formerly a senior executive at Fidelity Investments and
onetime associate general counsel at the SEC.

Mr. Pozen has been charged with cleaning up the mess, and tightening
the firm's internal controls.

He has already hired new legal and compliance officers, added
monitoring staff, and imposed a ban on so-called "soft dollar"
transactions. The firm also prohibited the practice of directing
trading fees to brokerages in exchange for being placed on a preferred
list of customers and receiving better visibility for its funds.

This latter arrangement, known in industry circles as "pay for play,"
is at the centre of MFS's pending settlement with the SEC. Sources
said the current settlement talks advanced fairly quickly because of
the voluntary compliance improvements MFS has undertaken.

In a recent interview with The Globe and Mail, Mr. Pozen attacked the
basis of the regulator's case as "very weak" and said it should have
raised this as a problem when it conducted audits of the company.

Nevertheless, he said he hoped to settle the matter quickly, in large
part to avoid a costly legal battle and prevent nervous investors from
pulling their money out of MFS funds. So far, the damage has been
contained to one major client, the Illinois Teachers Retirement
System, which fired MFS last month as lead manager on a $664-million

The SEC is investigating about a dozen other fund companies for
directed brokerage, although sources say MFS will settle individually,
rather than as part of a group.

Last fall, brokerage powerhouse Morgan Stanley agreed to pay
$50-million to settle charges it failed to tell investors it was
promoting funds with which the firm had a special arrangement. Morgan
Stanley had a "Partners Program" of 14 funds, including MFS, that paid
"substantial" fees in return for the brokerage steering their funds to
investors, the SEC claimed.

The regulator indicated a few months ago it would begin investigating
a number of fund companies for directing commissions, but did not say
which firms it would target.

Sun Life revealed in a filing that MFS was under investigation for
this practice just a couple of weeks after its first settlement with
the SEC and Mr. Spitzer. The news came as a surprise to most
observers, some of whom criticized the insurer's CEO, Donald Stewart,
for not disclosing this probe earlier.

MFS is hoping to recoup some of the $175-million it must repay
investors under the terms of the first settlement by suing firms and
individuals that engaged in market timing and late trading of its
funds. Market timing involves making frequent trades in and out of
funds in order to cash in on minor pricing discrepancies. It is not
illegal, but is usually prohibited by many fund companies, since the
quick trading can raise administrative costs and undermine returns to

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From: W-FIVE Viewer Mail
To: 'R. S. Webb'
Sent: Thursday, November 28, 2002 3:03 PM
Subject: RE: possble story

Dear Mr. Amos,

I would like to thank you for your email to W-FIVE, sorry for the
delay in responding.

We review every email and story idea that we receive here at W-FIVE
and give it serious consideration. Your email has been forwarded to
our executive and senior producer for review. If we are interested in
pursuing your idea further, you will be contacted by one of our

Thanks again for your input. Your interest in our program is much



Production Coordinator


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From: R. S. Webb []
Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 2:28 PM
Subject: possble story

I am a Canadian Citizen who thus far, as a plaintiff, has two Lawsuits
in the US District Court of Massachucetts they are numbered 02-11686-
RGS and 02-11687-RGS. They were removed to that Court from the Norfolk
Superior Court by the US Attorney Michael J. Sullivan very improperly.
However they shall remain there because of my status as a Canandian
Citizen. Judge Sterns has not even held a Conference about the matters
because he likely does not want to hear the matter because I have
presented all Members of the Bar with their worst fear of a catch 22
problem. Accordinging to law he is late. I have complained of 47
defendants 34 of whom are State Defendants( the Attorney General, The
Commission of Judicial Conduct Board of Bar Overseers etc) and 3 are
Federal Treasury Agents. Some of the defendants are over two months
late in their answer to the Summons. The smallest suit amounts to 188
million dollars in the form of relief. There is a lot to these matters
and too much to briefly explain. But in a nutshell my wife's Aunt, who
is buried beside Rose Kennedy, left my wife some money. It was stolen
by her relatives in executing the estate. No news there. But the
crooks are very well connected politically and every part of the old
crony network in Boston covered for them. The crook and our cousin,
Charles J. Kickham Jr of the Kickham Law Office on Beacon St, has been
past President of Bar Associations. He has sat on the Board of
Governors of Harvard Law School etc. I have given much information to
many members of the press who have simply ignored some interesting
facts. What should be somewhat newsworthy is how far a wild colonial
boy has come in prosecuting Pro Se the most profund Yankee
carpetbaggers. My next two lawsuits Under title 18 are wickedly
righteous. I have left one copy of much information in Saint John New
Brunswick at a lawyer's Office, Mosher and Chedore 33 Charlotte St if
some one wishes to view them. I can be reached at this Cell number 506
434- 1379

David R. Amos


Canadian Media Deregulation Provides Insight Into FCC Proposal

Critics of consolidation say the integrity of the news is being
undermined by the effects of concentrated ownership

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to correct inaccuracies.
Please see the corrected version here.

The original version of this story (see below) posted on May 29, 2003
incorrectly stated that Canada's two national newspapers, The Globe
and Mail and the National Post, recently laid off their online
editorial staffs. According to editor Angus Frame,
there have been no recent editorial layoffs at; the
site's 18-person staff continues to write and edit stories that are
published exclusively online. The National Post did not have dedicated
online editorial staff, and did not have online editorial layoffs. The
story also failed to acknowledge that the country's largest newspaper,
the Toronto Star, also has a significant online operation.

The Federal Communications Commission is poised to unveil new media
ownership rules June 2 that some experts believe may change the face
of American journalism.

The new rules would allow media companies to own television stations
and newspapers in the same cities.

The FCC barred companies from owning newspapers and TV stations in the
same market in 1975, but big media owners like the Tribune Co., Knight
Ridder, MediaNews Group and the New York Times say it's time to lift
that ban.

They argue that cross-ownership makes for better journalism: Staffers
working for companies that own newspapers and TV stations in the same
market can work together to create richer, multimedia news reports
that can then run in the company's paper and on their stations and Web

Advocates say the synergies of convergence lead to cost savings,
increased advertising revenues and greater efficiencies.

Cross-ownership already exists in some markets: The FCC granted about
40 exemptions to the cross-ownership rule in cases where a company
already had television or radio stations and a newspaper in a single
city. The FCC also granted exemptions in larger markets after media
mergers produced cross-ownership situations.

'The concentration of ownership in a lot of major Canadian cities is
of interest for a lot reasons, but mainly because it provides too much
news coming through one pipeline.'
--Russ Mills, former publisher of the Ottawa Citizen

The Tribune Co., for example, owns television stations and newspapers
in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Miami.

How further media consolidation and convergence would play out if the
FCC does lift the ban on cross-ownership has been the subject of hot
debate in the weeks leading up to the commission's June 2 vote.

Experts familiar with the rapid consolidation of media in Canada say
the U.S. should look northward for some lessons on what loosening
cross-ownership restrictions could mean to journalism in the U.S.

In Canada, the deregulation of cross-media ownership occurred
gradually over the last 20 years. Within the past eight years, it has
led to massive consolidation of media companies.

Most of Canada's news media -- including newspapers and broadcast
stations in all of its major cities -- are in the hands of two media
giants: CanWest Global Communications Inc., and Bell Globemedia -- a
division of the country's largest telephone company, Bell Canada.

The rapid media consolidation in Canada has inspired an
often-acrimonious debate over whether Canadian journalists are able to
report objectively on social and political issues and whether the
country's corporate media has allowed business interests to undermine
the role of journalism in a modern democracy.

"Based on the experience in Canada, dropping restrictions on
cross-ownership certainly hasn't worked out well," said Russ Mills,
former publisher of the Ottawa Citizen in Canada's capital city, who
was fired by CanWest in a fight over editorial independence.

"The concentration of ownership in a lot of major Canadian cities is
of interest for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it provides too
much news coming through one pipeline," he said. "When companies use
ownership to control the news, and they do have the ability to do so,
it hurts everyone."

Though the two media conglomerates said cross-media consolidation
would improve online journalism, many media observers say online
journalism at local papers has gone downhill in the wake of

The country's two national newspapers, the National Post, half-owned
by CanWest, and The Globe and Mail, owned by Bell Canada's media wing,
Globemedia, have laid off the online reporters and editors at the two
papers that once produced copy separate from print editions.

The two papers, former online staffers said, were the only ones in
Canada that were doing something other than simply repurposing content
from newspaper pages into newspaper Web sites.

Executives at Bell Globemedia and CanWest have defended the cutbacks,
saying they were a result of cost-cutting efforts and consolidations
undertaken after spending billions of dollars to acquire newspaper and
broadcasting properties.

Consolidation accelerated in 1990s

Canada's restrictions on cross-media ownership were carved largely
from regulatory decisions on broadcasting licenses made since the
1950s by the Canadian Radio-Television Commission -- Canada's version
of the FCC.

By the mid-1980s, Canadian media experts say, exceptions to
cross-media ownership rules had eroded the cross-ownership ban to the
point that it was unenforcable and largely ignored.

By the mid-1990s, consolidation of Canadian media companies had
accelerated on the strength of economics. And in 2000,
CanWest, the second largest broadcaster in the country, announced a
$3.5-billion deal to purchase a majority of the nation's newspapers --
including papers in the nation's 12 largest cities.

Within weeks, Jean Monty, Bell Canada's CEO at the time, announced
that Canada's largest phone company had set its sights on owning both
content and the multimedia pipelines into consumers' homes.

The decision prompted Bell Globemedia to purchase the Globe and Mail
and the nation's largest TV network, CTV, in 2001.

Despite the rising consolidation of media outlets, the massive
purchases of newspapers by CanWest Global and Bell Globemedia took
many Canadian journalists and media-watchers by surprise.

CanWest and Bell executives convinced Canada's CRTC that convergence
was necessary to attract advertising revenue and reduce costs if
newspapers in many Canadian communities were to survive. And they
promised that resources from new revenues would be devoted to
improving the quality and reach of journalism through the Internet.

When questions about convergence arose during CRTC hearings on both
companies' broadcast licenses shortly after their newspaper purchases,
they promised regulators that they would separate management of
news-gathering operations by their television stations and newspapers.

Officials from the Canada National Newspaper Guild complained that
keeping management separate would not prevent companies from forcing
journalists to perform work for both newspapers and television, to the
detriment of journalistic independence.

Critics -- including journalism professors, journalists, newspaper and
broadcast union officials, and some government officials -- have
argued that the quality of journalism has gone down, not up, as a
result of convergence.

Joyce Smith, an assistant professor at Canada's Ryerson University,
teaches online journalism and worked on the online staff at the Globe
and Mail before those employees were laid off last year.

She said the one opportunity to see convergence succeed might have
been missed by Bell Globemedia in its efforts to cut costs to recoup
some of what it spent on media acquisitions.

"What I found interesting was that the actual idea of convergence
wasn't a hit with people working with just the newspaper or just
television," Smith said. "Where it really happened was with the online
news team. There were things the TV folks could clearly do much better
with the online newspaper. By pooling resources, it all did work much

"But in the tradition of journalism," she said, "reporters were
asking, 'What does this mean for me? Does it mean that I have to file
stories to the Web and then do stand-ups in newsroom, while doing my
piece for the deadline at the end of the day?'

"Basically, (owners) wanted reporters to be one-man bands," Smith
said. "That has been played and replayed here. It made sense from a
business model, but journalists, especially those who have been around
for a while, went into newspapers and TV for a reason. Some are great
at doing both, but not everyone has the same aptitude. And no one has
the time in the day to do it all. Some of the expectations were

Canada reexamining changes

While U.S. media critics and media executives have been testifying
over the past few weeks in Senate hearings on the proposed changes in
the FCC's media ownership rules, Canada is busy reexamining what has
come of its own cross-media consolidations.

Two inquiries are underway by Canadian government officials to explore
the impact of cross-media ownership and consolidation on journalistic
integrity and media responsibility.

The Canadian Senate's Committee on Transport and Communication began
taking testimony at the end of April on those issues and is expected
to report its findings within the next year.

A House of Commons committee on Canadian heritage is expected to
release an 800-page report next month on its own yearlong
investigation into the impact of media concentration and political
efforts by corporations to ease restrictions on foreign ownership of
Canadian media.

But media-watchers, who have a ringside seat on Canada's great media
debate, say they are doubtful that government investigations will
produce any new regulation on media conglomerates.

"The horse is out of the barn," said Arnold Amber, director of the
National Newspaper Guild of Canada. "But the good news is that this
has at least inspired a vigorous national debate on press freedom and

Amber and other critics of media convergence said promises of more
stories and better information from combining print and broadcast news
staffs have largely failed in Canada.

"Bell Globemedia is talking about restructuring and selling off its
media wing," Amber said. "The failure of convergence to bring in
revenues was primarily responsible for the resignation of Bell
Canada's CEO, Jean Monty," who stepped down in April 2002.

Geoffrey Elliot, vice-president of corporate affairs for CanWest, said
that convergence has not led to revenues, or the reduced costs, the
company had hoped for.

But Elliot, and other supporters of cross-media ownership, argues that
all sides have benefited from consolidation.

"We are a family-owned business that saw an opportunity in which the
whole was greater than the sum of the parts," Elliot said. "We saw
substantial potential synergies on the sales side by putting
television and newspaper assets together, since they both serve
primarily advertising clients as sources of revenue, and serve a
combination of local and national markets."

Amber said the companies likely saw their primary financial advantages
from a convergence of back-office technologies -- combining
circulation, sales, printing and management operations.

But it was something else that brought issues to a head in Canada over
media consolidation and sharing newsroom resources: The loss of
diversity of voices within the Canadian media took on new importance,
observers say, after a series of events that led to accusations of
censorship and political bias by CanWest's owners.

In December 2001, CanWest -- which owns 11 major dailies and 22
smaller papers in Canada -- issued a directive to its newspaper
editors that they would be expected to run three editorials per week
that reflected the position of CanWest's owners on political or social

The decision was met with a spate of criticism -- especially when
editors were told that other local editorials were not to contradict
those from corporate headquarters.

A byline strike ensued at the Montreal Gazette, and inquiries by the
newspaper guild there led to findings that work by columnists and
cartoonists was spiked when it conflicted with opinions from corporate

Several journalists quit; some staffers published a protest Web site.

The furor finally boiled over into the public arena last June when
Russ Mills, the publisher of the Ottawa Citizen, was fired by CanWest
for running a series of stories and an editorial that outlined alleged
political and financial irregularities in the administration of
Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

Elliot, the CanWest vice president, said the controversy arose because
Mills failed to let CanWest's owners know in advance of the series or
the editorial -- which called on Chretien, a friend of CanWest
patriarch Israel Asper, to resign.

Mills said he had not sought permission for either the investigative
series, or the editorial, because he believed in preserving "editorial

The problem, Mills said, was that the new owners were trying to
dictate local editorial policy from corporate headquarters.

Elliot described the concern over attempts at a national editorial
policy -- which has since been largely abandoned –- as a tempest
without substance.

He said CanWest's owners were "well within their rights to propose
national editorials," and that their actions were no different that
those of other newspaper ownership groups prior to media

"There has never been any effort to control what was published in news
stories," he said.

Since his firing, Mills has become an outspoken critic of media
consolidation in Canada, and he testified in April before the Canadian
Senate committee conducting media hearings. He was also awarded a
Neiman Fellowship at Harvard University and is the incoming dean of
the journalism program at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

Meanwhile, Mills' firing prompted a public opinion poll by Canada's
largest media union that found that the incident had caused the public
to lose confidence in the media's editorial independence.

The results, union officials said, showed that Canadians were
concerned about press freedom and wanted the government to look into
problems associated with media concentration.

Peter Murdock, then vice-president of the communications union, told
Canada Newswire that the poll "demonstrates that Canadians want their
journalists protected from the whims and prejudice of media barons. It
is a grim warning to media corporations and government that Canadians
believe that the very integrity of the news that feeds our democracy
is being undermined by the effects of concentrated media ownership."

It is clear that online journalism at Canada's newspapers has changed
dramatically under CanWest's corporate control.

The company replaced independent newspaper Web sites with a common
site,, which allows consumers to access local news by
clicking on the community they are interested in.

Elliot said community news on the Web site comes from local newspapers
and television stations, and said that consolidating that information
on a single Web site provides consumers better access to local news
across the country -- as well as reduces costs.

Bruce MacCormack, former head of interactive media at CanWest, said
supplementing newspaper and television content with a common Web site
has made access to news more efficient and allowed the corporation to
serve consumers better.

"The consumers of online media … were also television viewers and
newspaper readers, and at different points in the day, different media
were the best way to reach those people," MacCormack said.

"Someone watching television in the evening could be told about
stories being developed for the next day's newspaper, which is read on
the commuter train as people go to work," he said. "Then, during
working hours, the Internet was the most effective way to get them up
to date on news, and tease them for television use at night."

"These were handoff mechanisms that worked to reach people, so
consumers and the public were able to access services in the most
appropriate media, for whatever method they could best be served."

CanWest recently filed testimony with the FCC to support the
relaxation of cross-media regulations in the U.S. That testimony
challenges media critics on their central objections to cross-media

"Today's media market is the richest and most diverse in the history
of modern media," the document says. "Cross-ownership has strengthened
media companies and encouraged greater diversity and more sources of

"Experience," it adds, "simply does not support the contention of some
opponents of cross-media ownership, that consumers would have access
to fewer point of view, or would see only repackaged versions of the
same content across multimedia platforms."

Smith, the Ryerson professor -- despite her criticisms of the handling
of online media opportunities in Canada -- said she sees differences
between media ownership consolidation in Canada and in the United

"In the U.S., because of the size of the market, the chance of one or
two owners gobbling up everything, I think, would be less than in
Canada," she said. "But there is some caution in that.

"If you are thinking about journalists, there are wonderful things
about operating in a converged environment. It was really exciting
thinking we could potentially have video, and it may be good for news
consumers in the sense that (online video) will be a faster way of
converging types of media.

"But you get a lot of the same stuff. There is no alternative. You are
going to lose some (editorial) voices in the process."

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In my humble opinion you dudes nee to learn new tricks. Most of the
unions already went along with the sucker play so the retirees
pensions were never under threat anyway. The smart ones with enough
time in retired last year as soon as they smell what was in the wind.

Blaine Higgs just did his road trip to stir up a lot of shit so folks
would ignore his budget. Kinda like what Boudreau did with the ferries
in 2009. N'esyPas?

The Opposition Liberals are questioning whether proposed pension
reforms for retired civil servants are legal.

Retired civil servants could lose their annual cost-of-living
increases when markets perform poorly under the proposed changes.

Liberal MLA Victor Boudreau pointed to recent unrelated lawsuit where
a Court of Queen's Bench judge ruled an employer could not
unilaterally change the rules for cost-of-living increases in pension

Still, Boudreau stopped short of calling the reforms illegal.

"We don't have the resources to do that type of legal reference," he said.

"But obviously the province does and could very easily refer this to
the courts to get a reference from them."

Finance Minister Blaine Higgs had acknowledged during one of a series
of public meetings with retirees last week that he wasn't sure he
could legally change the pension rules.

After checking with government lawyers, however, he said Tuesday he is sure.

"I received an answer that said yes, we could," said Higgs.

Will review case law
But Attorney General Marie-Claude Blais seemed unprepared for Liberal
questioning about the 2011 case, which involved hospital workers
across the province.

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You are the arsehole who had no time for me and treated me like fool
when I called and tried to tell you how I could help you but then you
were as sweet as pie the next day to Terry Seguin who will never do a
fucking thing except make fun of you CORRECT?

On 4/23/13, Cliff Kennedy <> wrote:
> David! You certainly have the wrong Clifford Kennedy. I am not a lawyer
> and
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Subject: Yo Margo say hey to the very nasty Mr Cardy and his new lawyer/NDP
buddy Lamrock for me will ya?

BTW Both the CROWN Corps known as the CBC and the RCMP know that I
have been publishing quite a few of my emails (including this one) in
this blog lately

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I will be out of the office until May 1 and will have only occasional
access to email during that time. Please excuse any delay in
responding. If you need assistance before May 1, please contact my
assistant, Cathy Powers, at or 847-706-3568.

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