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Re My calls about Bishop Jane Alexander, Dave Hancock QC, Mayor Don Iveson, Chief Rod Knecht, Sun Media and Mr Baconfat

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Howcome you people refuse to protect even your own reputations???

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gimme Money, Right Fucken Now!

Newly elected Mayor Ivison is akin to the panhandlers downtown....
Gimme money, right fucken now! Are esteemed Mayor rather than live
within a budget, is panhandling to the federal and provincial
government for more, more, more. Mayor Mandell beseeched the province
to force outside counties to give money to the city, in the name of
"fairness" of course. He begged and extorted the Federal Government
for more money. In the name of "humanity and fairness" of course and
now our newly minted Mayor is carrying on with the same tradition of
begging for dollars.

Edmonton Mayor Don says province, feds can ease tax increase 25

By Jeff Cummings ,Edmonton Sun

First posted: Wednesday, November 06, 2013 03:33 PM MST | Updated:
Thursday, November 07, 2013 08:15 AM MST
Mayor Don Iveson. (FILE PHOTO)

If people want to understand why costs for city coffers are going sky
high, blame the federal and provincial governments, says Edmonton's
new mayor.
"Municipalities are increasingly shouldering burdens of sustaining
our civilization," said Mayor Don Iveson at Wednesday's council
meeting, after administration presented a proposed 2014 budget that
includes a 5.5% hike in taxes.
"We need role and responsibility, clarity with the other orders of
government and we need financial support so that we don't need to keep
going back to the taxpayers to pick up the pieces for failures on the
part of other orders of government."

Iveson is disappointed the province isn't willing to fund costs to
help move prisoners to the new Edmonton Remand Centre from the
Edmonton Police Service's downtown headquarters and the courthouse.
In 2012, roughly 15,000 inmates were transported to the remand centre
now located on the city's northwest boundaries.
Council approved a one-time fund of $1 million this year to help pay
for those costs, hoping the province would shoulder more in the years
to come. However, Lorna Rosen, the city's chief financial officer,
says after "extensive negotiations" the province isn't willing to kick
in the cash, saying transporting inmates is a municipal

It's one reason why administration is asking council to approve
another 'one-time' $1.05-million fund to deal with the costs. That
figure is included in the proposed $2.1-billion budget for 2014, as
the number of inmates being transported is expected to grow.
Iveson also points out the city pays for costs related to police and
fire crews to service collisions that involve out-of-town vehicles,
something he says makes up "46% of all collisions" in Edmonton.

"This is 100 per cent paid for by taxpayers in Edmonton -- this is
part of the problem," said Iveson.
"This isn't about prisoner transfers; this is about a whole host of
responsibilities that have to do with supporting the prosperity -- and
everything that comes with it -- in northern Alberta."
Iveson wants to see the proposed 5.5% tax hike drop as council sifts
through the budget in the weeks ahead.

But don't expect to see that number drop significantly, as 1.5% will
pay for the city's neighbourhood renewal program and 2.8% will pay for
new projects that include new rec centres and LRT extensions -- two
things Iveson says should not be taken off the table.

"Unless we want to not turn on a rec centre, or not start running LRT
service, or slowing down neighbourhood renewal, that's the vast
majority of this tax increase," said Iveson.
"This (tax hike) is a one-time thing because there is so much
infrastructure coming. This is a benefit for the city."
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Little Donny Ivison, just can't wait to raise our taxes and give
himself and council another pay raise!

Now Janine Fraser and the rest of the women first crowd want more of
your money. WIN HOUSE III has gone tits up. People, women, could have
supported it with dollars and corporate donations, but alas no one
thinks it is that important. So now they want coerce the government to
hand over your tax dollars to them without your permission.

If WIN HOUSE III was worthy of support, or doing a much needed job,
then people, women, and corporations would support it. If they do not,
why should government? Our new Mayor "little" Don Ivison doesn't want
to support WINHOUSE III but merely write a letter to beg other levels
of government to bust its budgets to support a cause no one obviously
wants to.

Mayor Don Iveson appalled an Edmonton women's shelter closed its doors

By Jeff Cummings ,Edmonton Sun

First posted: Wednesday, November 06, 2013 05:02 PM MST
Janine Fraser of Win House meets with the press Tuesday to talk about
the recent controversy over an ad posted by Fluid Salon in Edmonton.

Mayor Don Iveson says he is appalled that a local women's shelter that
helps immigrant women and victims of human trafficking shut its doors
due to lack of funding.

The WIN House III -- a shelter that specialized in services to
immigrant communities and human trafficked women -- closed its doors
Oct. 31 because of "a lack of sustainable" funding from the provincial
and federal governments, said Janine Fraser, the executive director of
Edmonton's Women's Shelters.

Iveson says the city was willing to offer supportive funding to "to
keep the lights on" at the shelter, but the city "didn't act fast
"It's appalling that once again we have an organization that's in
distress," said a frustrated Iveson who called the closure a
"dereliction of duty" by the provincial and federal governments.
"Organizations like this need long term sustainable funding from the
orders of government whose business it is to deal with human services
because we are going to keep having issues like this.
"Families and children are going to fall though the cracks. That will
end up on our doorsteps as policing and other challenges."

Since the shelter opened in 2010, Fraser says it has helped 90 women
through "complex issues" of domestic abuse since many don't have
access to health care because of "precarious" immigration issues.
The need for a 10-bed shelter like WIN House III is there, says
Fraser, as Edmonton women shelters have the highest turn-away rates in
the country.
"I had to look clients in their eyes and let them know we are closing
our doors," said Fraser, who said help from the city wouldn't have
been enough to keep doors at the shelter open.
"When and if we do open our doors, we need to have a strong
sustainability model. We will not re-open unless there is some

Iveson will be sending a letter to the province for help in finding a
long-term funding plan for the shelter.

Oh dear another bimbo that wants a programme!
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013
Holy Goat Fucking Christ! The Anglican Bishop Lied!

Holy Pig Fucking Christ, another man / woman of the cloth "bearing
false witness," in the name of "Jesus the living Christ" of course."
Edmonton's Anglican Bishop Jane Alexander is as truthful as Toronto
Mayor Rob Ford, and about as svelte.

Anglican Bishop and part-time prostitute Jane Alexander told
Edmonton's media that her church's proposed homeless and addicts
housing project in Edmonton's Terwilligar neighborhood has been

The bimbo of the cloth told media that "a small, but vocal minority of
uninformed residents opposed the development." Ersatz Bishop Jane
Alexander further posited that "the community had become quite
frustrated," that there was "a lot of conflicting research out there."

Bishop Jane Alexander "emphasized the decision to back off shouldn't
be interpreted as caving to community pressure from a small number of
opponents who didn't want homeless of any sort in the Terwilligar

Little Jane Alexander further prevaricates. "We're not caving because
you can't cave to that kind of behavior. That's a very small but
vocal, and sometimes aggressively vocal voice."

Bishop Jane Alexander is another lying self described "Christian
voice" trying to con people.

The entire Terwilligar community were united to express their
displeasure and opposition to having homeless addicts in their upscale
suburban neighborhood. Hundreds and thousands of community residents
attended meetings to express to the Anglican Bishop Jane Alexander,
and Tory MLA of Edmonton Whitemud Dave Hancock their displeasure, and
opposition to having homeless scum living in Terwilligar.

It is not uncommon for another ersatz "Christian" to lie in the name
of "Jesus pig fucking Christ." Residents of Terwilligar raised many
thousands of dollars to secure legal representation to oppose the
Anglican Bishop Jane Alexander's retarded idea to import sub-human
homeless "people" to a community where real Edmontonians settled to
remove themselves from homeless scum.

What happened in Terwilligar is Tory MLA and Cabinet Minister Dave
Hancock was told in no uncertain terms, and to his certainty that
Provincial approval of this project would lead to his electoral defeat
in the next election .

Notwithstanding the piteous entreaties former Edmonton Mayor Stephen
Mandell to "accept this project because it is good for the city,"
Terwilligar residents were resolute in their opposition to this
project foisted upon them by Anglican Church officials that are NOT
residents or part of the Terwilligar community. The Edmonton hierarchy
of the Anglican Church and ersatz "Christians" have lied, are lying,
and care only about their agenda.

Anglican Bishop Jane Alexander ought to go beck to turning tricks for
twenty bucks a pop. Hookers are more honest than so called "Christian

One of the Edmonton Journal's lesser lights, columnist David Staples,
pontificates that "suburbs have to step up to assist homeless." Now
David Staples doesn't live in any of the "suburbs" he claims need to
assist homeless scum.

What our former Mayor, Journal columnist David Staples, and our
Anglica "Christian" friends are intellectually incapable of
understanding the people of "suburbia" have every right to oppose
"homeless animals" being housed in their neighbourhoods.

The good people of Terwilligar are not the problem....dishonest
animals like Anglican Bishop Jane Alexander are.

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