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Yo Scott Taylor of Esprit de Corps is this stuff about DND true or false?

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is this stuff about DND true or false?

I am out of the office on TD until 4 Oct 2013. For urgent matters pls
contact DComd 5 CDSG - LCol Malejczuk. I am monitoring BB.


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Subject: Yo Scott Taylor of Esprit de Corps is this stuff about DND
true or false?
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Sunday, September 22, 2013
Fucked up David Amos and his Sec 319

Wee Davey Amos, and his Sec 319, and his bleating this post is
"treasonous, I thought we would post it again. Just to make little
Amos happy.

Friday, September 20, 2013
Little Davey will be pissed....again

I wrote this some time ago, and little David Amos has taken umbrage
over this little epistle several times in several ways. First he said
it was all bullshit. Then he complained to the military police
civilian complaints officials because David said it was treason. Now
our "little friend" says this contravenes sec 319 of the CC of C.

So here it is again.

August 14, 2009

What does Amerika, the "Truther" movment, "God" and retards have to do
with Canada
We do not have to worry about comment from Little Dean and Dave...they
are too uneducated to understand most posts

So have you seen them, been annoyed or insulted by them, have you
smelled their disease? Have you ever crossed the "medicine line" and
seen some Yank being taken into custody because he just has..."this
constitutional right to bear arms" Canada. I remember years ago
when the debate was on in Canada, about there being weapons of mass
destruction in Iraq. Our American 'friends" demanded that Canada join
into "the Coalition of the Willing.

American "veterans" and sportscasters loudly denounced Canada for NOT
buying into the US policy. At the time I was serving as a planner at
NDHQ and with 24 other of my colleagues we went to Tampa SOCOM HQ to
be involved in the planning in the planning stages of the op....and to
report to NDHQ, that would report to the PMO upon the merits of the
proposed operation.

There was never at anytime an existing target list of verified sites
where there were deployed WMD. Coalition assets were more than
sufficient for the initial strike and invasion phase but even at that
point in the planning, we were concerned about the number of "boots on
the ground" for the occupation (and end game) stage of an operation in

We were also concerned about the American plans for occupation plans
of Iraq because they at that stage included no contingency for a
handing over of civil authority to a vetted Iraqi government and
bureaucracy. There was no detailed plan for Iraq being "liberated" and
returned to its people...nor a thought to an eventual exit plan.

This was contrary to the lessons of Vietnam but also to the military
thought, that folks like Colin Powell and "Stuffy" Leighton and others
elucidated upon. "What's the mission" how long is the mission, what
conditions are to met before US troop can redeploy?

Prime Minister Jean Chretien and the PMO were even at the very
preliminary planning stages wary of Canadian involvement in an Iraq
operation....History would prove them correct. The political pressure
being applied on the PMO from the George W Bush administration was

American military assets were extremely overstretched, and Canadian
military assets even more so It was proposed by the PMO that Canadian
naval platforms would deploy to assist in naval quarantine operations
in the Gulf and that Canadian army assets would deploy in Afghanistan
thus permitting US army assets to redeploy for an Iraqi operation....

The PMO thought that "compromise would save Canadian lives and liberal
political capital.. and the priority of which ....not necessarily in
that order. Essentially Canada determined to stay out of Iraq, paid
the price, of a larger role in Afghanistan to enable US military
assets to redeploy to Iraq.

The US op in Afghanistan evolved from a US op, to a UN op, to a NATO /
ISAF op. NATO countries other than Canada and the UK shun combat
operations in Afghanistan..their rules of deployment and engagement
mitigate against NATO troops engaging the Taliban. By design I am
quite sure.

But now the American Iraq op, is a great success. The "surge" worked.
But alas now 127 Canadian soldiers are dead. The 2011 deadline is
coming nigh....and President Barak Obama and NATO want Canada to
consider extending the deployment of Canadian troops. The motives are
different. The US wants to... needs to, as matter of national
security, to defeat insurgency in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Our
European allies want Canada to remain and continue to "punch above its
weight" so European soldiers do not have to actually fight or die.

That begs a few questions: "Nations do not have friends, nations have
interests" -Henry Kissinger. Is American national security re
terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan compatible with Canadian
national interests? If this country, Canada is going to be a
continuing ally in "the war against terror"....should not our "friends
and neighbours across the medicine line be more amenable in matters of
trade, or just living up to their free trade agreements. If our
"friends and neighbours" to the south want Canadians to fight side by
side...maybe that 7 % Softwood lumber tariff was a mistake...or the
buy American provision in the currant stimulus plan ought to be re

Our American "friends" give Israel roughly 3 billion dollars a year to
be spent buying weapons systems from US defense
survive (both Israel and US defense industries) Perhaps US dollars
should flow to Canada to buy weapons systems and patrol aircraft and
naval platforms...after all, aren't we your "friends and allies"?

There is nothing similar with American culture, and politics between
Canada and the US. Canada evolved into nation status and the US,
revolted violently. This difference in the means we became
nations...has greatly defined who and what we are.

Our American "friends" look upon Canada as cultural, economic and
political satrap.... Now to their great consternation they are finding
out... that is NOT the case . Nothing good came to Canada by way of
America. The military "schewirpunct" should be defense of our
continental shelf and the arctic.

Canada does need to stop shipping unrefined bitumen to the US and
totally refine it here and start building a pipeline for bitumen to
Canada's west coast to sell to Asian and the Chinese market. It is
more than past time to understand ..our American "friends" are not our
friends at all.

Or else it is: Bend over here it comes again.....KY anyone?
Posted by Seren at 11:27 AM

I wrote this some years ago. It is just as correct and relevant now
as it was then. It also "offends" David Amos' sensibilities as much
now as them. Oh dear Sec 319 of the CC of C, what shite!

Posted by Seren at 11:57 PM

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
More "Treason for David Amos"

Our ignorant, uneducated, and self-described "proad Canadian" (yes
that's David's spelling) erroneously refers to Canadian Forces as
"peace-keepers." This is a deliberate prevarication and pathetic
attempt to mislead people by David Amos.

United Nations "peace-keepers" was an idea championed by Canadian
Ambassador to the United Nations Lester B Pearson, to help end the
1956 Suez War betwixt Israel and Egypt. The United Nation's
"peace-keepers" served in Egypt until they were ordered to leave Egypt
by President Nasser in his run-up to start the Six Day War.

Canada sent "peace-keepers" to Cyprus, in the sixties at the behest of
US President Johnson and the United Nations to separate the Turks and
the Greeks, notwithstanding the large pervasive presence of UK troops
on Cyprus.

Then of course there was the entirely unsuccessful UN mission in the
Former Yugoslavia. The point is, from the days of the Boer War, the
Great War, the Second World War, to Korea, Iraq, and now Afghanistan
Canada have been warfighters far far longer than we have been

In the First Gulf War, Canada participated and "punched well above its weight."


Canadian CF-18 Hornets participated in combat during the Gulf War.
See also: Operation FRICTION

Canada was one of the first countries to condemn Iraq's invasion of
Kuwait, and it quickly agreed to join the U.S.-led coalition. In
August 1990, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney committed the Canadian
Forces to deploy a Naval Task Group. The destroyers HMCS Terra Nova
and HMCS Athabaskan joined the maritime interdiction force supported
by the supply ship HMCS Protecteur in Operation Friction.

The Canadian Task Group led the Coalition's maritime logistics forces
in the Persian Gulf. A fourth ship, HMCS Huron, arrived in-theater
after hostilities had ceased and was the first allied ship to visit
Following the U.N.-authorized use of force against Iraq, the Canadian
Forces deployed a CF-18 Hornet and CH-124 Sea King squadron with
support personnel, as well as a field hospital to deal with casualties
from the ground war.

When the air war began, the CF-18s were integrated into the Coalition
force and were tasked with providing air cover and attacking ground
targets. This was the first time since the Korean War that Canada's
military had participated in offensive combat operations. The only
CF-18 Hornet to record an official victory during the conflict was an
aircraft involved in the beginning of the Battle of Bubiyan against
the Iraqi Navy.[112]


The most recent Afghanistan campaign was in many ways an example of
Prime Minister Chretien being "hoisted by his own petard." Whilst our
amerkan cousins in SOCOM in Tampa Bay were rushing headlong into
operational planning to invade Iraq and to service strategic targets,
that didn't exist. There were a few dozen of us Canadian OP/planners,
a section in Tampa Pay involved in the operational planning, but also
informing DND, the Minister of Defense, and the PMO of the operational
planning overall.

Terrain in Iraq lent itself to high tempo armoured, campaign of
extreme mobility that well suited the TOE of amerkan forces. There was
an extremely adverse correlation of forces vis a vis the Iraqi
Republican Guard.

It was appearing to many of us during the operational planning for
Operation Iraqi Liberation, that there was no complete integrated
vision and end game. The idea was to "kick the snot" out of Republican
Guard, get Saddam and liberate the Iraqi people. The capture of
Saddam's WMD wasn't that high a priority, because no one really
believed he had any, because there was no evidence of any. Every inch
of Iraq had been examined and studied by national technical means,
UAVs and Special Forces in situ, there was nothing to find, and
eventually we knew it.

Even more worrisome is there was no provision made for the governance
of Iraq post invasion and occupation. There was no planning for
political endgame and detailed plans of how or when to get troops
home, it was in many ways directly contrary to lessons learned from

Informed by our dispatches DND wanted no part of Operation Iraqi
Liberation, nor did the Minister of Defense, and ultimately the PMO.
The pressure exerted on Prime Minister Chretien by our amerkan cousins
was onerous. Prime Minister Chretien thought he had a compromise,
perhaps better put, "a way out."

Prime Minister Chretien explained that Canadian military assets were
severely overstretched, and participation in OP/ Iraqi Liberation was
impossible. But Canada could take over the US role in Afghanistan
since the initial invasion was successful and the Northern Alliance
had defeated the Taliban. Thus enabling the re-deployment of US
forces to OP/ Iraqi Liberation.

Prime Minister Chretien's "deal" to stay out of combat in Iraq, had
precipitated Canada's longest war in our history. Canada's ten years
in Afghanistan is Canada longest combat campaign. No one in the PMO,
and only a few planners that weren't heeded, had any idea that the
Taliban was going to initiate a major immediate operation on Kandahar.

Prime Minister Harper quite rightly extended the mission for a time,
and knew also when to get Canada out of Afghanistan.

DND well kept the PMO and the Minister of Defense apprised of the
flaws in OP/ Iraqi Liberation planning, as well as potential problems
in Afghanistan. The Prime Minister Chretien government made what they
though was the best deal the could with the "Great Satan" across the
medicine line.

Well Davey, there's some more "treason" for ya!

Posted by Seren at 4:43 PM

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Perhaps I should notify the RCMP that the pervert Mr Baconfat claims
he is coming to Gagetown if so trust that they know why I want to meet
the nasty fat bastard

From: David Amos <>
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 21:16:16 -0300
Subject: Perhaps I should notify the RCMP that the pervert Mr Baconfat
claims he is coming to Gagetown if so trust that they know why I want
to meet the nasty fat bastard
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Cc: David Amos <>

Thursday, August 15, 2013
Lets bully David Amos and his children
One more time! Lets "bully" the pedophile little David Amos and his
prostitute children some more! Good looking pictures Dave. I
especially like the one taken at Heritage Days over a year ago, with
the lovely Asian ladies.

Is XXXX still giving half and half for ten bucks? Is your "little boy"
XXXX still sucking cocks for ten bucks at Mac's Stores in Oromocto?
Have any of the Parsons' crowd talked to you yet? Still posting their
personal data? How about Alison Menard's, and Scott Agnew's?

Oh dear, you and you "family" are such tedious, uneducated and
vitriolic little people.

I would look you up in "Fat Fred City" next week being at Gagetown and
environs, but alas you have no fixed address, or abode. And anyhow,
any discussion betwixt you and I would be injurious to your health.
You couldn't rise to the purchase of bus fare to Gagetown anyways.

I know! You can post where Austin works! Or you can threaten to sue me
again! Or you can try to talk to the publican that owns the pub Lori
and frequent....again!

Oh dear, you are such a pathetic little man!
Posted by Seren at 12:31 AM

From: "Horsburgh, Sonya L" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 00:19:58 +0000
Subject: Automatic reply: Perhaps I should notify the RCMP that the
pervert Mr Baconfat claims he is coming to Gagetown if so trust that
they know why I want to meet the nasty fat bastard
To: David Amos <>

Please note I am away from the office until August 19. Access to my
email will be limited. If this is an urgent request, please re-direct
your message to Nicole Watkins-Campbell

Thank you,
Sonya Horsburgh
Posted by Contributing Advocate at 18:30

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