Sunday, 27 October 2013

Yo Rod Knecht Perhaps somebody should call 911 in Edmonton Alberta because your corrupt cops won't believe me

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Subject: Yo Rod Knecht Perhaps somebody should call 911 in Edmonton
Alberta because your corrupt cops won't believe me
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Sunday, October 27, 2013
Dead Injin in the Dumpster?

This evening Lori sent me to take the garbage out. In the alley is a
dumpster for garbage and one for recyclables. In the dumpster for
paper, cardboard, glass etc, was a passed out hopefully dead "proud
native." He was covered with urine and excreta, and was absolutely
still. I did not give a shit if he were breathing or not. So instead
of throwing my garbage in the other dumpster, I threw it on him, and
there was nary a sound or movement.

I told Lori of my discovery and she suggested we call 911. Why bother?
I answered. It would be far better for everyone, including our "proud
native" if he were deceased. His death some small relief on the burden
of real Canadian taxpayers.

Some thirty minutes later I looked, and our "noble aboriginal" was
still there, still in the same position.

In the last several years over half of the injins of Canada's 633
"first nation's" reserves have joined the diaspora and left
"traditional native territory" to join mainstream Canadian society, or
perhaps more accurately leech off it. None of these "people" are
educated, or equipped for life in mainstream Canada. They have no
marketable skills Less than forty percent of "natives" betwixt ages of
18 and 26 have graduated from High School. These "people" are destined
to failure, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and crime form the get go.

It seems that the Assembly of First Nations and the rest of the "big
chiefs" are more concerned with the propagation of their culture in
schools, than the education, and preparation of the younger generation
top succeed.

These uneducated, criminals and addicts are fast leaving reserves in
Canada and coming to a urban centre near you.

That brings us back to the alley here in Oliver community in Edmonton.
It is getting colder now, and it appears the numbers of injin homeless
with their shopping carts has decreased in recent weeks. The residents
of Oliver still "feed the animals" by putting out their bottles and
cans, but alas the Autumn migration of injins to the shelters has

It appears our "aboriginal Canadian" is still in the garbage. No one
in this block in Oliver has yet called the emergency services.

That speaks volumes! Here's hoping our injin "friend" is still there
come morning, dead as a mackerel.

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Subject: On July 17th as Mr Baconfat claimed he was coming to the
Maritimes to meet my family he bragged that he was shocked, amazed and
most happy that a man he thought he had killed with a baseball bat
years ago did not remember him.
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Go Figure why I have a long memory as you scroll down

If any of the journalists, cops and politicians that I had contacted
in Edmonton on July 16th who pretended to be oh so concerned about a
possible racist statement by Curtis Penner within Twitter had went to
this evil bastard's blog as I directed they would have read these
words the very next day.

If they bothered to surf through the very malicious blog back to 2009
they would see enough racists remarks, sexual harrasment and death
threats to make their head spin and demand that a lot of corrupt
public officials in Edmonton to explain why they ignored Mr
Baconfat's blog for over four years. (Trust that Mr Baconfat knows
that I have lots of proof of contact with many people the CROWN will
have to argue someday in several very justifiable lawsuits even though
he falsely claims otherwise).

Before Mr Baconfat could attempt to make good on his threats in August
I talked to a lot of corrupt cops who knew of Mr Baconfat's blog for
years. They all said the same thing. They claimed it as not their
problem because either he or I were not within their jurisdiction. At
least none of nasty cops denied the existence of his blog or my right
to self defense or my right to sue them personally.

Even Glen Canning agreed that any Proud Father would well understand
why I would have enjoyed meeting Mr Baconfat in person. Hell even the
very racist Mr Baconfat bragged about what he did years ago to man
whom the felt had offended his well fed nasty wannabe lawyer daughter.
Did the evil Zionist not deserve the same treatment from me especially
when the corrupt cops would do nothing about his criminal actions? I
knew if I had took his bait and approached Mr Baconfat in the Gagetown
area the corrupt cops could claim that I was stalking him Mr Baconfat
would simply dletes some blogs as he whined and cried and I would be
the one to get locked upp. So I stayed on private propertykept my
phone on and hoped the big talking pervert would come to see me as he

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
More "Native Pride Forever,"

Many years ago their was an drunk Indian that had most of his brain
cells fried from the use of drugs and alcohol. He used to hang out at
a Mac's Store half a block from where my wife, and daughter used to
live. This animal used to get liquored up, piss on the window of the
Mac's Store and wave his under-developed and shrunken member at the
children that congregated there also.

One day my daughter, came home laughing about the "dirty Indian dick"
her and her friends just saw. "Someone," took a small baseball bat to
the drunks head, and caved in half of the animal's skull. He was so
drunk he had no idea what happened to him. In fact for many years
hence I thought he was dead, that he either simply perished one Winter
or was rolled by another homeless drunk Indian.

Last week I saw, our "friend" at Tim Horton's, and with a dull glazed
eyes, and a dull monotone voice he asked me for "a few bucks." I was
shocked, amazed, and most happy the pig was both still alive, and
didn't remember me.

Just another example of "native pride forever!"

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On July 18th I quit responding to Mr Baconfat's many emails and he
went nuts as I baited him and waited to see if he would finally show
me his evil arse and try to kill me just like he had been threatening
to do since April of 2009

As usual the pervert did not turn up but this time I did know that Mr
Baconfat was in the area. I truly believe his corrupt cop friends told
him to stay away from me back in 2009 and he just done just exactly

Trust that the chickenshit did not call me as he falsely claimed. His
butt buddies the corrupt cops can bet I would have enjoyed listening
to his voice in order to compare it with other recordings I have.

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Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 6:17 AM
Subject: Curtis Penner should not be embarassed but he should ask
Leibovici, Diotte, Iveson, Mandel and the cops whats in the water that
caused their support this blog out of Edmonton

This evil man lives in Oliver across from Kitchener Park Scroll down
to check out his equally sick blogging buddy in Sylvan Lave

Edmonton mayoral hopeful takes heat for 'slave' comment
5:02 pm, July 15th, 2013

EDMONTON -- An Edmonton mayoral candidate is in hot water after
offending a fellow council contender -- and proud black woman --
with a "slave" reference on Twitter.Curtis Penner, running for mayor
in October's election, was embroiled ina heated Twitter debate about
the use of fluoride in drinking water when he made the comment. He
said he was using the idea of slavery as an extreme example to prove
a point in an argument with Edmontonian Don Martin, known as
@donmartinyeg on Twitter, against the practice. He ended up tweeting
comments to Ward 7 candidate Mimi Williams after she remarked Saturday
on the fluoride debate dominating Twitter's election feed (

#yegvote)."@willmimi Fluoride at root is a social justice issue. Does
democracy give a majority the right to deny a minority's needs
he wrote to Williams Sunday morning.

When Martin replied, "Yes, Chris it does," Penner followed up with the
comment in question. "@DonMartinYEG So you feel there are no
inalienable rights? What about if we voted that you should be our
slave? #yegvote cc @willmimi".

Williams, a human rights activist with African-American heritage, is
incensed by the analogy. "I think it was completely insensitive," she
Monday. "I can't imagine why anyone, whether they are trying to make
their point or not, would make such a racially charged statement."

But Penner is adamant the comment was not meant to have racial
connotations. He was hoping to demonstrate why the minority's opinions
should still factor into a democracy by "extrapolating the argument to
the extreme in order to highlight the flaw in the argument."

"It was a question; can the majority of the democracy vote for the
wants of the many over the rights of the few?" Penner said.

"When his reply was 'yes,' this fellow was basically saying a
democracy should be able to vote away anyone's inalienable rights."

Penner says he picked a random, extreme situation -- slavery -- in
order to "force Martin to see why his argument was not tenable."

Now, Williams is urging council candidates to be cautious about what
the say on social media and have a care for who it could offend.

"You can't say, 'I didn't think somebody who is black might be
offended by that'," she said. "I don't know if he was baiting me, to
in the discussion or not -- but to add me in to the slavery comment
shows some pretty bad judgment."

The silver lining, in Williams opinion, is the comment seemed to
spark a subsequent debate on whether or not using slavery as a
argument is acceptable.

"His justification to me is lame; but if he has, in a round about way,
caused us to have conversations about racism, that's a good thing,"
she said.

2013 Election « The Candidates « Mayoral Race
Curtis Penner

Mayoral (map) Kerry Diotte
Don Iveson
Karen Leibovici
Curtis Penner

Information about Curtis Penner

Ward Mayoral Race
On 10/27/13, David Amos <> wrote:
> However the Zionist dudes on Sun TV and their blogging butt buddies
> Chucky Leblanc and Mr Baconfat take the cake as usual. I tried to
> explain the scene to the tough talking Yankee kid Joshua Skurnik
> before he picks a fight wioth the wrong guy. However he told me he was
> too busy to even read anything let alone care what happened in Burnt
> Church All the kid wanted to know was who the hell the Harrison dude
> from Manitoba was. I said if he had not bothered to read anything I
> sent him already why should I care to tell him anything anymore and
> let him go. I suspect that this will be the last email I ever send
> young Mr Skurnik Perhaps he wil say hey to the sneaky Anita Sharma
> formerly of CBC in Fat Fred City for us all N'esy Pas Davey Baby
> Alward?

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