Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wow who is dumber the Zionist lawyer Ezzy Baby Levant or very snobby CBC.Newfy dude John Furlong

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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 15:24:02 -0230
Subject: Re: I wonder if Ezzy Baby Levant and the other Quebecor
wackos and all the other journalists and bloggers remember the Newfy
Byron Prior and I torturing the conscience of the very snobby CBC dude
John Furlong 9 very long years ago???
To: David Amos <>

Hey David:

Let me ask you a question.

Are you crack'd, or what?

What's this drivel all about?


John Furlong
Radio Noon

John Furlong
Radio Noon
CBC Radio
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On 10/27/13, David Amos <> wrote:
> Within my letter to Luc Lavoir years ago you will find the following words
> "An Alliance dude once called Sun Media a bunch of scumbags. I would
> have to agree and laugh because it was a case of the pot calling the
> kettle black."
> Now years later I see Chrtien's old spin doctor Warren Kinsella
> yapping on Sun TV and calling a Conservative a scumbag within his blog
> Things never change with you bullshitters EH? Need I say i laughed
> when I heard Ezzy baby Levant bitch about David Suzuki and another
> John Furlong last week? Small wonder I remember YOU N'esy Johnny
> "Never Been Good" Furlong?
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> From: Byron Prior
> To: David Amos
> Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2004 8:42 PM
> Subject: Re: This is what spooked the Bastards
> David, your a true brother I never had. I can get things out with you
> I never have with anyone, that's fact. I appreciate our talk about
> Trevor and being able to bend your ear with my troubles & I know you
> have more than enough of your own. Thankyou for being their & Helping.
> Byron
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> Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2004 1:08 PM
> Subject: This is what spooked the Bastards
> Byron Prior <> wrote:
> From: "Byron Prior"
> To: "moto maniac"
> Subject: Re: Fw: You are Under Attck FR; Byron, FROM BYRON
> Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 23:50:08 -0230
> David, this one I like very much,good man.
> Byron
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> Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2004 8:35 PM
> Subject: Re: Fw: You are Under Attck FR; Byron, FROM BYRON
> September 26th, 2004
> Tom Marshall Minister of Justice and Attorney General
> 4th Flr., East Block, Confederation Building
> Box 8700
> St. John's, NL A1B 4J6
> Telephone: (709) 729-5942
> Facsimile: (709) 729-2129
> Hey Tom
> I heard through the grapevine that Constable John Roche wants
> to hassle my friend Byron Prior over some very truthful flyers he
> handed out. Don't you think you should talk to me first about the
> material of mine that Lieutenant Governor Roberts sent you? I asked
> him to send to his boss Adrienne Clarkson but idiot picked you
> instead. So I sent her the stuff myself before the Leutenant Governor
> in New Brunswick tried to act honest. I do not have to send you hard
> copy you already have it. Tell me what will you do with the copy of
> wiretap tape numbered 139?
> You should know as well as I that problems with the RCMP fall
> under Federal Jurisdiction. I know John Crosbie and diddler Hickman
> know it but trust that I will look forward to arguing with you about
> it. Don't you think you should act ethically and call me quickly
> before I bring up your name in court on October 1st as being in
> cahoots with the FBI in Boston? I called Gerry Lynch's office and left
> him my number. Perhaps you should call Bolduc Clement of the Police
> Commission in Fredericton and ask for a copy of the tape of the
> meeting I had with him in August if you don't wish to speak to me.
> Byron and Jim Case are mentioned on the tape and I already have my
> copy. I will be filing it in the Public Record down in Boston. If I do
> not hear from you by October 1st I will consider you to be a
> conspirator against me. Say hey to Jim Case and Danny Williams for me
> will ya?
> Cya'll in CourtJ
> David R. Amos
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> Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2004 4:47 PM
> Subject: Fw: Byron Lets see what Bloggers can do
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> From: David Amos
> To:
> Cc:
> Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2004 3:02 PM
> Subject: Fw: Byron Lets see what Bloggers can do
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> From: David Amos
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> Cc:
> Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2004 2:51 PM
> Subject: Fw: Byron Lets see what Bloggers can do
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> From: David Amos
> To:
> Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2004 2:41 PM
> Subject: Byron Lets see what Bloggers can do
> Methinks they can do more in about one week what the Media has
> refused to do for years.
> We are both for real. And we are doing more to protect their future
> than any Politican ever dreamed. If they have any questions they
> should call you. Your number is on the last page of your website. It
> can be found here.
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> From: David Amos
> To:
> Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2004 2:32 PM
> Subject: Tell me honestly
> Independent:
> David Raymond Amos
> Green Party/Parti Vert:
> Karin Bach
> N.D.P./N.P.D.:
> Pat Hanratty
> Liberal Party/Parti libéral:
> John Herron
> Conservatives/Conservateurs:
> Rob Moore
> Remember me? Did you really think that I wouldn't figure out that
> Brian Mulroney was behind the reason that you ignored me? If not then
> you will never understand my doings with the General Counsel of
> Quebecor or the bastards mentioned in the following letter. Rest
> assured I will be saving this email as well. Your problem is who else
> did I tell about you. Methinks bloggers are the way to go. What say
> you?
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> From: Harper, Stephen - M.P.
> To:
> Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2004 8:29 AM
> Subject: RE: They read this stuff Monday
> Thank you for your e-mail message to Stephen Harper, Leader of the
> Opposition. Your views and suggestions are important to us. Once
> they have been carefully considered, you may receive a further reply.
> *Remember to include your mailing address if you would like a response.
> If you prefer to send your thoughts by regular mail, please address them
> to:
> Stephen Harper, M.P.
> Leader of the Opposition
> House of Commons
> Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
> Mail may be sent postage free to any Member of Parliament.
> You can also reach Mr. Harper by fax at: (613) 947-0310
> Merci d'avoir écrit à Stephen Harper, le chef de l'opposition
> officielle. Votre opinion est importante pour nous. Lorsque nous
> l'aurons étudiée avec soin, nous pourrons vous faire parvenir une
> réponse.
> *N'oubliez pas d'inclure votre adresse postale si vous voulez recevoir
> une réponse.
> Si vous préférez nous écrire en utilisant les services postaux
> régulièrs, veuillez le faire au :
> Stephen Harper, député
> Chef de l'opposition officielle
> Chambre des communes
> Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 0A6
> Vous pouvez écrire sans affranchissement à tous les députés fédéraux.
> Vous pouvez également joindre M. Harper par fax au (613) 947-0310.
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> From: David Amos
> To:
> Cc: Byron Prior
> Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2004 7:28 AM
> Subject: They read this stuff Monday
> September 15th, 2004
> Liliana Longo Senior General Counsel
> C/o Assistant Commissioner Gerry Lynch
> RCMP B Division Headquarters
> 100 East Hills Rd
> PO Box 9700
> St. Johns NF A1A 3T5
> RE: Corruption
> Hey,
> Please find enclosed an exact copy of all material served upon
> Lieutenant Governor Roberts by my friend Byron Prior. The copy of
> wiretap tape numbered 139 is served upon you in confidence as law
> enforcement authorities in order that it may be properly investigated.
> I have also enclosed a copy of the correspondence between the RCMP
> External Review Committee and I. As you review the same material they
> got, you can see the folks in BC were contacted almost one year ago.
> Apparently the dumb bastards don't know how to read. If these are the
> best lawyers Anne McLellan has got to send against me, the government
> is about to be embarrassed big time by a simple Maritimer.
> Whereas I have now received my answer from the Lieutenant
> Governor of New Brunswick and the RCMP External Review Committee, I am
> about to file my own complaints. I have given up on my native land
> protecting my dumb ass. If you have any questions may I suggest that
> you take my matter up with Anne McLellan or Jack Hooper.
> With respect to my friend Byron Prior's sad complaint, let
> me be the first layman to congratulate the RCMP in the fine job they
> did covering up his matters for the benefit many corrupt politicians
> for some many years. It is too bad that the RCMP weren't so diligent
> in upholding the law. Lets see if I can have any luck tearing the mask
> of virtue off of the RCMP and the likes of T. Alex Hickman for the
> benefit of all the simple folk like Byron and I.
> Shame on all of you. Say hey to the cop in the picture that was
> guarding Harper on June 19th will ya? I need to know his name and
> summons him to court to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing
> but the truth. He can bring his god along to help if he thinks it
> necessary but I would rather he bring his conscience. What say you? If
> I don't get an answer from you by Oct3rd. I will be due to sue you
> too. What do you think should I complain of the RCMP in a court
> Newfoundland or New Brunswick? I already know Byron's answer.
> Cya'll in CourtJ
> David R. Amos
> 153 Alvin Ave.
> Milton, MA. 02186
> September 10th, 2004
> Brian Mulroney
> Ogilvy Renault
> Suite 1100
> 1981 McGill College Avenue
> Montréal, Quebec H3A 3C1
> Jean Chrétien
> Heenan Blaikie
> Suite 700
> 81 Metcalfe Street
> Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6K7
> RE: Me suing you and your little dogs too.
> Hey you two Evil Old Smiling Bastards,
> Today Coldwell Bankers showed me their ass so I kick yours. You
> didn't really think I would leave you two out of the circus. Did ya? I
> was just waiting for something you can't take back. Methinks that in
> Canada you should be the stars of the show. Although all the other
> crooks won't mind that you steal the show. Paul Martin and Steven
> Harper should make for fair rivals as the clowns as they point back
> and forth at each other and then at you two dudes. After all you
> fellas did seem to get away with the most lucre. If that is how
> lawyers measure successful lawyers methinks you two Quebecers take the
> cake. Everybody knows what I am talking about I am just making it my
> business to prove it.
> Jean, you should never forget that you were Wayne Easter's boss
> when he allowed Ashcroft and his cohorts to keep trying to have their
> way with me last November. As soon as landslide Annie got his job, she
> was quick to finger him to blame. What say you Frenchie? If you can
> simply prove to me the priest Bill Elliot acted according to his
> conscience after I enlightened him about Cardinal Law and Paul Zed, I
> will eat your hat and let you off the hook but you will still have a
> little explaining to do to the people recorded on the wiretap tapes.
> Ottawa is all abuzz these days with sponsorship money. My, my how
> quick we forget the dead. I truly believe there are many ghosts killed
> by tainted blood that have yet to hear the truth of their demise. If
> anyone were to ask me the dude you appointed by the name of Howard
> Wilson did a shitty job of covering up for your friend Paul Martin's
> ethics. If I were you wouldn't seek the counsel of your little dog
> Frank McKenna. He was raised down the road from my old bike shop. It
> seems he knows more as politician about how to help pig farmers get
> ahead than as a lawyer on how to help pigheaded layman find justice.
> Trust me, he will never understand mutts.
> As for you Brian, everybody knows I am the reason that you chose
> not to speak at the Conservative Convention. My emails to Belinda and
> all the others did the trick and you know it as well as I. Ain't it
> too funny how Brian Tobin just quit Belinda and her big daddy's
> company. Ask him why. I dare ya. But never forget that he is a layman
> sitting in the catbird seat. What he squawks about may hang you all.
> There are many ghosts lingering about the Ocean Ranger that would like
> to hear the truth of their demise. Before you argue me give my friend
> Byron Prior a call after he stops filling your ear about your friends
> John Crosbie and T. Alex Hickman maybe he will tell you what you
> already know. While you are at it ask him about the MP Bill Matthews
> and his sister.
> Brian, what everybody doesn't seem to know is how many times we
> have crossed paths in the USA in recent years because of your
> associations with all the other crooked lawyers and their assorted
> companies down there. Cendant Corp is the finest example of me versus
> you but then there are the Forbes dudes as well. I will wager you are
> shocked that I am still alive, Aren't ya? I allowed the bastards in
> Coldwell Bankers to sell the Beach House just so I could sue your fat
> ass in the USA. That matter is far from over. Call Francis Galvin if
> you don't believe me. The only men smart even to realize I just might
> pull this off were William Cohen and David Aufhauser. Too bad for them
> they couldn't be smart and ethical. I bet Cohen screamed at you when I
> served him in his office in Washington. Watch UBS scream at their new
> General Counsel. I find it hilarious how Aufhauser also joined an
> organization called CSIS in the USA. Do you think Jack Hooper will get
> the joke?
> Please find enclosed exactly the same material sent to
> Adrienne Clarkson. The copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is served
> upon you in confidence as officers of the court in order that it may
> be properly investigated. I have also enclosed a copy of an affidavit
> of mine that was discussed in New Brunswick Provincial Court today. I
> will leave it to you to ask your Yankee Carpet bagging buddy David
> Lutz to scurry about and figure out how to cover your arses. By the
> time you read this letter I will be back in the USA and talking a lot
> in court on the public record about you and many others in Canada. I
> you disagree, sue me. I double dog dare ya to. But I bet I sue you
> first. Trust that I won't settle. I want a public hearing in order to
> properly shame you.
> When we finally do meet in court, my first questions will likely
> be how do all the ghosts of your past allow you to sleep at night. No
> amount of money could appease the conscience of an ethical man.
> Apparently lawyers know something I don't. One thing you don't know is
> that I can't see any reason why I should not sue your law firms too. I
> consider them Bernard Lord and Frank McKenna all to be your little
> dogs. Can you trust your crooked little pets not to settle with me and
> tell the truth about you? I would love to know what the Queen and
> Adrienne are talking about right now. Should Paul Martin's shaky
> government be allowed to stand? If not what sort of new government
> could rise from the evil rubble. Would the Public Trust be upheld next
> time around by many independent candidates such as me? It wouldn't
> hurt to have a bunch of pigheaded laymen not affiliated to any party
> asking a lot of questions and stressing the ethics of political
> lawyers everyday. Even if the dead can't speak. all living Canadians
> should hate you bastards for NAFTA alone. Why we all don't speak up on
> behalf of the unborn is beyond my understanding. Perhaps we should dig
> up Louis Riel and ask him why that is.
> Oh ye who claim to be so right and honourable, what say you now?
> Cya'll in Court:)
> David R. Amos
> 153 Alvin Ave.
> Milton, MA. 02186
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> <>
> Sent: Monday, August 30, 2004 5:18 PM
> Subject: Ask Mr. Mulroney about me
> Brian Mulroney
> c/o Luc Lavoie
> Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs
> Quebecor Media Inc.
> (514) 380-1974
> (514) 236-8742 (cell)
> Hey,
> I just called Luc Lavoie's office and left a message but not my
> phone number. From now on I want hard copy. Lets just say Mulroney
> should have done the Right and Honourable thing a long time ago,
> particularly as soon as I notified the lawyers working at Cendant
> Corporation. I served them once in person and once by confiremd US
> Mail. Maybe Belinda should have had him call me when I contacted her.
> I know I am the reason he did not speak at the Conservative leadership
> convention. I also know Mulroney, Arthur Hamiliton and John Crosbie
> were likely some the lawyers who advised Harper to shut up about what
> he knew about the Arar Commission.
> I had a great laugh to see the spit and chew between Senator
> Kerry and Mulroney but I also know that Mulroney is the reason that
> Forbes and Sun Media has not reported my doings with the SEC in the
> USA or even my of run for Parliament. Ain't it funny how everyone said
> Fundy was a riding to watch but no one whispered my name. I know I
> do not have to be redundant and send the same documents and wiretap
> tape to you that I sent to Mulroney and his many associates long ago
> before I complain of all the various companies and lawyesr he is in
> bed with. Title 18 in the USA will make all the lawyers fall on their
> own sword. Hell even you guys claim the merits of the internet and
> email is just as efective as the US Mail in the litigation process.
> Ask Frank Quatronne or Martha Stewart about that before you disagree.
> Bill Gates' lawyer offered no comment so I sent that bastard US Mail
> just to rub it in. IF you think I am pissed off you are right. Brian
> Mulroney could have easily stopped the distruction of my Clan's
> beloved Beach House but he would rather have stood with his corrupt
> friends than me. Or is it simpler than that? Did Mulroney just want
> his peice of the action in the fraudulent Real Estate transaction by
> Coldwell Bankers because he thought I had no hope of stopping it
> myself? We all know how Mulroney loves money. Airplane deals proved
> that.
> What say you J. Serge Sasseville do you stand with your boss and
> his peers or me? I know Lavoie will hang with Mulroney until the
> bitter end. Perhaps you may wish to confer with Martine Turcotte or
> Robert C. Pozen, they have just received the most recent hard copy of
> material. Proof of my contact with Mulroney can be found within the
> stuff if perchance he tries to call me a liar. There is still time for
> you three folks to act in a ethical manner and uphold the law
> according to the Rules of Professional Conduct. After Sept 3rd your
> are too late. that is the day Massachusetts Trail Court tries to call
> me a criminal and I demand a jury of my peers.
> This is not an offer to settle before I file my complaints. That
> came along ago to Mulroney and his buddies. Now I look forward to
> arguing the bastard or any lawyer he chooses to send against me. I had
> offered to settle with BCE before I complained of them but the deal
> was off the instant they tried to puill a fast one in an effort to
> delay me in the hope no doubt that some bad acting Yankee might put a
> stop to me when I return to the USA. Their silence since has spoken
> volumes. Martine should have contacted me the instant ATV got the hard
> copy like i told her they would. I will forward you some of our email
> exhange so that we may all get to know each other quite well. these
> emails will be forwarded to many others but I ain't telling you who.
> My next emails come byway of Yahoo as a double check in case you
> choose to block me.
> Say hey to Mulroney for me and I will try to say hey to Kerry for
> you. Maybe Ms. Turcotte will share with you what she knows about Kerry
> and Mulroney will tell her what he knows about William Cohen and why
> he quit Cendant Corp so fast. Maybe Joe Day will tell you about Barack
> Obama and me. I am about to tell Obama about Day. Turn about is fair
> play. Obama used my stuff against Senators Edwards and Kerry to become
> a big wig in Beantown last month. I can use a Senator from Canada to
> take the wind out of his sails the following month. An Alliance dude
> once called Sun Media a bunch of scumbags. I would have to agree and
> laugh because it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
> Cya'll in Court :)
> David R. Amos
> 153 Alvin Ave.
> Milton MA. 02186
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> From: David Amos
> To: Byron Prior
> Sent: Friday, September 17, 2004 12:10 PM
> Subject: Re: A simple blood test
> Nope the CBC has known who I was for a very long time. I even got on
> reporter fired I think. His name is Carl Davies and he now works for
> the Irving empire of newspapers. I know him personaly. He and I have
> crossed paths many times. As I write thiss he has been asking me how
> he can help for quite a while. He knows I have his ass in a sling.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: David Amos
> To: Byron Prior
> Sent: Friday, September 17, 2004 11:50 AM
> Subject: Fw: Text of letter to Joe Day
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Davies, Carl (Telegraph)
> To: 'David Amos'
> Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 9:55 AM
> Subject: RE: Text of letter to Joe Day
> I remember the call in 2002. I didn't make the connection when you
> were at Bill's that time. I'm not sure what exactly it is you're
> asking though.
> From: Byron Prior
> To: David Amos
> Sent: Friday, September 17, 2004 12:28 AM
> Subject: Re: A simple blood test
> David, have you ever gotten a reply from John Furlong?
> Byron
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> From: Byron Prior
> To: David Amos
> Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 10:20 PM
> Subject: Re: I read what you wrote to Byron lets see how you do with me
> David, I'd be delighted to be a wittness, sue them, they're all assholes.
> Byron
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> From: David Amos
> To:
> Cc: ; ;
> ; ;
> ; ; ; Byron Prior
> ; ; Bachrach, Barry A.
> Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 4:59 PM
> Subject: I read what you wrote to Byron lets see how you do with me
> Attention
> Ginette Pilon Manager,
> Ministerial Correspondence
> Justice Canada
> Ministerial Secretariat
> 284 Wellington Street
> Ottawa, Ontario
> Canada K1A 0H8
> Telephone: (613) 957-2950
> Please don't try to pretend that you do not know who I am. For
> you information I did serve Mr. Byrne the letter at the bottom of this
> email with many witnesses and Byron did likewise and got signatures.
> On September the 13th Leutenant Governer of New Brunswick finally
> answered me with a letter he claims to have written September 3rd.
> However on September 2nd I got tired of waiting for everyone to act
> ethically so I sent the stuff to Adreinne Clarkson myself and let her
> know I was gonna sue the Queen providing the DHS did not to take me
> away to be tortured. I tracked the letter and she got it before the
> Acadian Leutenant Governor got up enough balls to respond.
> Do you know of anyone taking bets that I will live until
> October 1st? Maybe I will give the bookies recorded on the tapes a
> call and fix the game to hedge my bets. What say you? I have three
> bucks that I will bet you on the side that says I do. To be fair I
> have let some of the bastards in Beantown aware of the game to make it
> a more even bet for you. I will give it to the Canadian Consulate in
> Beantown if you are game to take the bet.
> I just called your office and hour or so ago and referred to
> your recent letter in answer to my friend Byron Prior's years of
> concerns. I also asked if you were a lawyer. The obvious question I
> wish to ask you is whether or not the RCMP are under federal
> juristion. When they dropped the ball and failed to investigate
> legitmate complaints going back over forty years, should not
> Parliamment ask for a Royal Commission to investigate Byron Prior's
> concerns just as Mr. Arar now has to investigate his matters? As for
> me I don't want one but I am willing to testify on Mr, Arar's or on
> Byron's behalf. I just want the truth to be known by all as I go about
> my business of torturing lawyers with the awful truth about themselves
> in order that they may fall on their own swords. I am having way more
> fun than Byron or Mr. Arar could dream of but I know that truth and
> justice would at least make them happy.
> I would think the issue of bringing Byron allegations into a
> Parliamentry investigation could be easily resolved by asking a man
> who was awarded the Order of Canada so show enough integrity to allow
> a simple blood test in order to prove Byron's allegations false. If
> Byron's allegations prove to be true by Hickman's denial of a blood
> test or the results of one then many heads should roll throughout
> Parliament and the RCMP for failing to uphold the Public Trust and the
> law.I now realize that it ain't important if you Ms. Pilon are a
> lawyer or not because your boss Irwin Cotler certainly is as are his
> bosses, Anne McLellan and Paul Martin. Apparently everybody was
> comfortable with the answer you gave to my friend. Lets see how they
> feel about your answer to me once I serve the man in Beantown that
> speaks for us all down here. If don't get an answer in writing by my
> wife's birthday I will send the Queen a summons for her to answer and
> I don't think many Yankees will care if I do. (excepting of course
> lawyers) Ms Pilon please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I
> beleive the following words are yours.
> In my response to your words to my friend I will deliver many
> documentsto another lawyer Ronald A. Irwin employed by Parliament to
> speak for Canadians in Boston. Some of them will iclude documents
> delivered to the Leutenant Governor Roberts. That man had Byron Prior
> sign a very interesting document years ago that should be brought into
> the public view because it concerns the actions of the MP Bill
> Matthews. Don't try to tell me that is not of federal concern.
> By the recent flood of letters sent to me dated on or about
> Setember 3rd, it appears that many Canadian politically appointed
> lawyers are rather surprised that I managed to escape the clutches of
> Attorney General Ashcroft and his cohorts within the DHS and stand in
> order on Sept 3rd and file many FBI tapes in the Public Record.
> Apparently Ronald A. Irwin doesn't give a damn about my Safety just
> like Anne McLellan and Wayne Easter didn't.I know that he is immune
> from prosecution in the USA but I can certainly complain of him in
> Canada. What say you Ms. Pilon?
> Whereas you Ms. Pilon seem to have all the answers, I must ask
> you a few questions. When I sue Her Majesty the Queen in the USA, do I
> served the summons upon Ronald A. Irwin? He does speak for her here in
> Boston correct? If not upon whom do I serve the documents? Furthermore
> can I call Ronald A. Irwin to testify in my defense or can he simply
> continue to ignore me? How do I as a Canadian citizen begin the
> process of seeing him removed from his office? As I write this I am
> trying hard to inspire the NDP to cause a confidence vote. October 6th
> should be an interesting day in Canada particularly if I am allowed to
> stand in Dorchester District Court on Octber 1st in the USA.
> Mere minutes ago I received by US Mail irrefuttable proof of
> former Prime Ministers Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien malice towards
> my family and I. I had expected as much byway of an email notofication
> from Coldwell Bankers last week yesterday while I stood in court in
> Norfolk County to argue the very lawyer that began the actions on
> behalf of criminals in Plymouth County the Clerks offfice of Plymouth
> County mailed certified proof of the court's willingness to assist in
> fraud, larceny and perjury. The Massachuseets Registy of Motor
> Vehicles is threatening to take our drivers licenses for not willing
> to pay exise tax on vehicles stolen from our own yard by the State and
> this after I had notified all their lawyers of the fraud etc.
> Whereas many of my concerns involve Securities Fraud I believe
> that many Canadians should be made well aware of my concerns and of
> the sort of people that safeguard thei investments. If anyone has any
> questions perhaps they should seek the counsel of Robert C. Pozen of
> Boston a director of Bell Canada Inc. and an authority on Mutual Fund
> issues and a former legal counsel for the SEC. If you are wondering
> about the realestate sale I am referring to, perhaps you should
> confer with Francis Galvin of Massachusetts or John R. Buckley Jr. the
> Plymouth County Register of Deeds whom will seeks reelection shortly.
> I will be suing those bastards in federal court in the USA in short
> order along with Brian Mulroney and many lawyers within Cendant Corp.
> You all will be invited to participate in the prosecution of an
> necessary complaint either as witnesses or litigants against me. These
> bastards made the sale of our property seem to be legal five months
> after our property was stolen and destroyed without due process of law
> in order to protect the interests of many a crooked lawyer in Canada
> and the USA.
> Feel free to argue me but you really should wait until Ronald
> A. Irwin receives his correspondence from me. One last question do you
> think you can trust yyour yankee friends to protect your interests
> when I start bringing up the subject of murder? Think fast. I have
> already filed some of the evidence in a couple of courts. Everybody
> knows there is no honour amongst theives. Ask T. Alex Hickman or John
> Crosbie or dig up Joey Smallwood and watch him grinning from the
> grave. Alas we all knew Joey too well.
> Cya'll in Court
> David R.
> Amos
> Barry looks like I guessed right eh? You really should stand with me
> in court on Oct 1st and at least testify as to why the criminal
> complaint against me involves federal issues.I don't care what your
> partners think it is my ass that is on the line that is why I gave
> your some of the wiretap tapes perhaps you should make certain that
> someone I respect receives Three of them right away and simply send
> her the contents of my mail to Dane M. Shulman but save the envelope
> so that I can prove that I did not go his office on April fools day
> but merely employed the US Postal Service.
> Hey Byron would you like me to sue the RCMP in Newfoundland? The
> bastards gave me their final answer on September 3rd as well. I could
> call you and Ms. Pilon to testify.
> July 30, 2004
> Mr. Byron Prior
> 66 Readers Hill Crescent
> Conception Bay South, Newfoundland & Labrador
> A1W 5B4
> Dear Mr. Prior:
> On behalf of the Honourable Irwin Cotler, Minister of Justice and
> Attorney
> General of Canada, I acknowledge receipt of your correspondence involving
> allegations of sexual assault. The office of the Honourable Bill Graham,
> then Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as former Member of Parliament
> Mr. Dennis Mills, also forwarded your concerns to Minister Cotler. I
> apologize
> for the delay in responding.
> Allegations of criminal offences should be directed to the police.
> While
> the Parliament of Canada is responsible for enacting criminal law, the
> administration of justice in a province, including police services and the
> prosecution of Criminal Code offences, is the responsiblility of the
> provincial governments. Neither Minister Cotler nor any official of the
> federal government can have any involvement in this matter.
> Thank you for expressing your concerns.
> Yours Sincerely,
> Ginette Pilon
> Manager
> Ministerial Correspondence
> Unit
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Byron Prior
> To: David Amos
> Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 2:28 PM
> Subject: Re: A simple blood test
> David, immediately after I contacted you yesterday with these
> messages, our computer went crazy. Trevor & I ran the anti virus scan,
> it showed 51 viruses. We got ride of 20 & now I have to run it again.
> Contacting you isn't a popular thing to do, this is the first time
> we've had trouble like this in a long while, ruffled feathers I guess,
> David at least I know, when this happens, some-one's watching
> somewhere. I'll run the anti virus again now, check in later if I can.
> Byron
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: David Amos
> To:
> Cc: Byron Prior
> Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 1:50 PM
> Subject: A simple blood test
> Would tell the tale that CBC does not wish to be told.
> A Tale of Two Sons
> By Pandora Jones
> The place is Newfoundland; in particular, St. John's and a small town
> called Grand Bank, pop. approximately 3,000. You think this has to be
> an isolated tale of corruption? It has to be something with Newfies,
> right? Wrong.
> Our first son is T Alex Hickman. At first sight, a luminary on the
> local landscape. Any web search of Hickmans in Newfoundland will turn
> up an absolute plethora of them. So let's call our T Alex's family,
> scions in that area (don't confuse that with philanthropists, though).
> Not too far from the truth unless you are a critical thinker. Hell,
> there's even a place called Hickman's Harbour and old T Alex even had
> a building named after him. He's 79 at the moment (early 2004), so he
> was born about 1925. Let's see. His extended family has a huge number
> of businesses operating in the area of which I write. Interesting.
> What else about old T Alex? Well, he became a lawyer; called to the
> Bar in 1947 and ending his overt career in 2001. He is an alumnus of
> the United Church Academy, Grand Bank. Funny how the United Church
> keeps turning up in pedophilia allegations. Also funny how the Roman
> Catholic Church, say, has rules against secret societies but not the
> United Church. Check it out. But read on. He made his way up the
> ladder. Got to be a judge, then got to be Attorney General and
> Minister of Justice, Minister of Finance, Minister of Health and
> Minister of Education, not to mention various honorary awards and
> other powerful appointments. Now, was old T Alex just damned good at
> things or were there strings involved? Was he pulled or was he pushed?
> If I tell you that old T Alex is a Freemason Grand Master, would that
> indicate anything? T Alex was married, wife Nancy. Not known if they
> had any children but according to our second son, T Alex most
> certainly did. So he had to be a heterosexual, right? Wrong. Does
> heterosexuality include by definition, sex with underage girls? Nope.
> And being a lawyer and all, he'd know that.
> Our second son is Byron Prior. Byron was born in 1953 as the oldest in
> a family of 12. On the wrong side of the tracks. Byron himself
> describes his mother, Harriet, as the town prostitute. Harriet died in
> April 2000 at age approximately 68, so she would have been born about
> 1932, and when Byron describes his mother as a sexual plaything of old
> T Alex from youth to adulthood, yup, it fits. He describes
> ( how he and his siblings were used
> for sexual gratification by their mother, relatives and the mother's
> customers, many of whom were politicians, businessmen and even (gasp)
> two Salvation Army officers who turned up to help the abused children
> and became yet two more of Harriet's johns. Read up on it if you like
> and I hope you do; my intent is though, to expose old T Alex, and his
> partners in crime for what they are.
> You'd think, wouldn't you, that these two sons were miles apart in
> every way and that their lives would never touch. T Alex, consummately
> educated, privileged and part of the Grand Scheme of Things. Byron, on
> the other side of the tracks, lacking education and one of a family
> looked down upon by the denizens of Grand Bank - some of whom no doubt
> thought that old T Alex was wonderful. Or perhaps cowed by his power.
> Byron and his siblings, bundles of hurt. Well, don't assume that Byron
> has no motivation. Despite successive barriers, he still keeps trying.
> Did the lives of these two sons touch? They certainly did.
> Let's fast forward to Byron trying to get something done about what
> had happened. He tried to lay information on the abuse of his family
> by "persons in authority". He was interviewed in 1998 by one RCMP
> named Cornick - who is another Freemason, we find. Byron was
> encouraged to let it all out, and believing that the RCMP are an
> upright force, he did. The transcript of the interview is full of
> Byron crying. Little did he realize that the whole intent of the
> interview, which lasted for an extended time, was designed to find out
> what he knew and who his witnesses were, with the purpose of gagging
> these witnesses, which subsequently turned out to be the case. Byron
> said that he tried (9 times) to lay information about abuse of his
> family by "persons in authority". I wonder. Somewhere along the line,
> somebody got to somebody and as I've said before, the corrupt use two
> methods. They either place the corrupt in positions to do their dirty
> work for them, or if by chance they find honest people they need to
> control, they use blackmail or coercion. Doesn't hurt to be
> politically powerful or have eager-for-advancement relatives, either,
> does it?
> When Byron was 13, his mother had been at old T Alex's campaign
> office, drinking and returned to collect his little sister. Byron knew
> that this would be another occasion of sex abuse and followed them
> back to the office. He was driven away by a man called Les Douglas.
> Old T Alex went upstairs with Byron's mother Harriet and Byron's
> little sister (and I mean little) and Douglas guarded the stairs
> whilst old T Alex had his fun. Guess what happened to Douglas after
> that? Golly gosh, he was rewarded by being made custodian of the
> Public Building in Grand Bank, along with a free 3-bedroom apartment,
> not to mention being able to benefit by renting out his previous home.
> Want to know about the RCMP? Well, Grand Bank usually has 2-3 RCMP.
> These were allowed a 2-year tour of duty (in the interests of
> dispassion, supposedly, i.e. so that they wouldn't get to know and
> sympathize with the people). Byron gives a list of those RCMP he spoke
> to in trying to get help for himself and his siblings:
> Sturge, a sergeant when Byron was 7. He listened, walked home with
> Byron, talked to the mother - and nothing came of it.
> Cst. Gilbert White, in the early 60's. He said he would talk to the
> mother - but nothing came of it.
> Cst. Jerry Lahey, who expressed anger at the situation in the late
> 60's and said he was going to "put a stop to it" - but nothing came of
> it.
> Corp. Eaton, also in the late 60's, very aware of what was going on,
> who did manage the removal of a strait-jacketed Harriet to Waterford
> Hospital, one of the many occasions on which she was forcibly removed
> from the home - but always came back.
> Corp. Sparkes, to whom Byron went after his mother had beaten his face
> bloody. Sparkes made notes and said he would take care of it - and
> nothing happened, not for Byron's benefit, anyway; after the Sparkes
> event, Byron's uncle Charl Snook threatened Byron with drowning if he
> made trouble for Snook's family and friends.
> Cst. Len Briand, to whom Byron appealed for help in the early 70's.
> Again, no action (including from municipal policeman Richard Foote who
> was with Briand).
> And many RCMP listening to Byron in 1998 when he spent that 52 hours
> telling all. Not to mention appeals to the RCMP by other abused
> siblings of Byron over the years. Looks like the minute anybody
> mentioned old T Alex, the shutters came down. Byron says that he
> remembers most of Grand Bank RCMP being freemasons, marching in
> parades. What was the result of that 52 hours of interrogation? Why,
> the RCMP had the names of all Byron's witnesses! Odd, that - one
> witness with telling evidence was told to "think very hard before"
> doing anything. Others, including, incredibly, the lead investigator,
> were conveniently omitted from the witness list to do with the planned
> charge. What was that charge? Why, no mention of old T Alex, just
> charges against a mentally impaired friend of Harriet's. A scapegoat,
> just in case it did get to court (it didn't). Letters to those in
> authority? Ignored. Did anybody bother talking to Harriet after this
> "investigation"? Nope, with the excuse that she was ill. Oh really,
> that's all right then. She was ill, all right, after a lifetime of
> dissipation, but what was really happening is that they were waiting
> for her to die and take a lot of secrets with her.
> There's one other matter to do with old T Alex. His offspring. The
> only one we know of, anyway. Pedophiles are not known for using
> condoms. At age 12, Byron's sister Susan became the youngest mother
> ever in Grand Bank. According to Byron, this child, a female, Majorie,
> now aged 37 (and therefore born to Susan when old T Alex was about
> 42), resembles him greatly. Why might it surprise you that old T Alex
> has some semblance of a heart, and Majorie currently works at a
> Hickman-owned garage? A pity he doesn't have more of a heart.
> Have old T Alex take a blood test, you ask? What are the chances of
> that with the old-boy network in Grand Bank joined at the hip with
> him?
> Connect the dots…
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: David Amos
> To:
> Cc: Byron Prior
> Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 1:11 PM
> Subject: I read what you said to Byron
> Would you like to argue me? I do agree with Byron? If you wish to
> pretend to not know who I am, perhaps you should call your local CBC
> station in the Maritimes or better yet your own Ombudsman. The CBC
> does have a mandate to allow all people running for Parliament an
> opportunity to be heard. I will use this email to you as an exhibit in
> a complaint against the CBC. It is in fact the parties who are
> employed by CBC to cover up the truth who should be called low, vile
> and beneath comtempt. What say you John Furlong?
> Cya'll in Court
> David R. Amos
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "John Furlong" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2004 4:53 PM
> Subject: Re: Canadians Given 1 Day Of Democracy
> To Vote
> Your assessment of our Governor-General is unfortunate.
> It is low, vile and beneath comtempt. It's hardly fitting for
> someone who communicates with me on a regular basis
> because you profess to be seeking justice for your own case.
> John Furlong
> Senior Producer
> CBC Television News
> "Byron Prior" <> 07/01/04 03:27PM
> I must thank the second & third generation Politicans & Beaurocrats
> from Ontario & Qubec for allowing the Taxpaying Public from
> for our next crop of POLITICAL CRIMINALS who will LIE,
> CHEAT, STEAL & ABUSE us for the next 4 years.
> In NFLD. we're 11% ahead of the rest of Canada, only 49%
> bothered to vote here.Paul Martin tells us, while he held the bank
> book, Jean Chretian & his buddies, robbed Canadian tax payers of
> Billions, but he knew nothing about it. Either you are the worst
> Finance Minister possible or the biggest LIAR ever, I suggest you
> are both.
> Now you say, your the best person for our PRIME MINISTER,
> what a sad situation. Mr Martin, the coke won't fix Canada's Health
> Care Bills, fix it with the stroke of a pen, get rid of Adriene Clarkson
> & her LT. Govonors. The money saved from paying for their parties
> & maintaining their properties will pay the health care bills.
> The prime REAL ESTATE these specimans occupy, will provide
> our young men & women in our ARMED FORCES with some
> much needed equipment.
> Every time I see Clarkson walking, I think of a HOOKER after a
> long weekend, she's sore & not as flexible as she was when
> CHRETIEN put her in POSITION .
> I see the grooming of the second generation TRUDEAU is going well.
> I wonder will he & BELINDA STRONICH be the first Couple in
> OTTAWA on opposite sides of the house, I'm sure it's OK with
> Belinda, she's in favor of everything, Gay Rights, Same Sex Marriage,
> Free Abortion & Legalizing Grass & Ash,( Clinton )
> I know being LIBERAL is OK, she hired BRIAN TOBIN as CEO
> of her company. Brian isn't smoking TURBOT anymore, maybe he's
> giving out a free pack of cigarette papers with every order of
> Has anyone ever figured out, what planet her father pays taxes on?
> Why does my mind suddenly wonder to, LAUNDROMAT?
> MR PAUL MARTIN, don't you all realize by now, the only people
> politicans & the PROPAGHANDA PROSTITUTES, your Canadian
> media, who operate like MONKEYS with an ORGAN GRINDER.
> These puppets, are intentionally, & with orders, ignoring the REAL
> STORY OF THIS ELECTION, because of corruption from the top
> From an Enclosed & Controlled Island,
> NFLD.ask John Crosby & Alex Hickman
> BYRON PRIOR, with uncommonly, THE TRUTH.
> P.S. We've removed the fish from the Atlantic to make room for
> CANADIAN POLITICANS. Come down bye and JUMP IN.....
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Byron Prior
> To: moto maniac
> Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2004 4:29 PM
> Subject: Re: Fw: Byron Prior
> Hey my Maratime friend, I 'm waiting for the rest of your delivery & I
> will enjoy my delivery, we listened to the tape & I'm half way through
> the excuses. Do they all get the same degree in bullshit. Dave, use
> everything we have, I don't give a fuck any more, somethings got to
> give.
> Byron
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: moto maniac
> To: Byron Prior
> Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2004 4:23 PM
> Subject: Re: Fw: Byron Prior
> Now you are cooking buddy. Just keep calling them names and telling
> the truth about many things so they won't know what to do. I hope you
> have some fun delivering my stuff. Relax I am watching your back as
> best I can from afar. But if you turn around quick one day I may be
> right behind you. Two poor barstards can catch a truck to or from
> Newfoundland if you catch my drift. Take care and keep you nose clean
> and your powder dry.
> Love Dave
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Byron Prior
> To:
> Sent: Saturday, September 04, 2004 11:06 PM
> Subject: Fw: Byron Prior
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Byron Prior
> To:
> Cc: Lisa ; ; Alberta Republicans ; David Amos
> Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2004 2:46 PM
> Subject: Fr: Byron Prior
> Rob, John Carten says, if anyone tells me they can help me with my
> situation, they're lying to me and wasting my time, what do you say
> Rob, true or not? I haven't heard from you , I know you've been away,
> please reply truthfully. I left home today with the intention of
> filling a, Writ of Summons, A Statement of Claim & An Affidavit with
> the Supreme Court Of Newfoundland aganist T. Alex Hickman & The RCMP,
> I didn't & left the building more determined than ever to inform the
> PUBLIC. On public display, upon entering, a picture of Alex Hickman &
> The Queen, great start, a list of Supreme Court Judges, Mr Justice R J
> Halley, X partiner of Halley, Hunt & Hickman, Hon Chief Justice J D
> Green, a member of the Ocean Ranger Inquiry which white washed the
> sinking of the Ocean Ranger & said the Oil Companies were not
> Responsible or Liable Legally for the SO CALLED, ACCIDENT. Most of the
> other Judges also sat on the inquiry with Alex Hickman, than Chief
> Justice as Chairman. None of these people would know an Oil Rig from
> an Oil Delivery Truck. After the Ranger sank, I came home from
> Tanzania, East Africa, to help 2 sea Captains, start an Offshore
> Safety Course For the oil rigs, Basic Offshore Survival Training, BOST
> Course, at the marine institute. I had worked on 4 continents for a
> company called Helmer Staubo, of Oslo, Norway, a hobby for me was
> collecting Rig Photos from around the world, one of which was the
> Ocean Ranger. This rig had one thing completely different from ALL
> other Semi Submersable Rigs, it's anchor chains were moved up ,on the
> legs, so the chains were always visablely out of the water, this was
> done to try to add stability. The sister RIG of the Ocean Ranger is
> still working , to this day in the Norwegan Sector of thr North Sea,
> to work in 3 meters, 6 ft. less water than it was designed for, 20
> tons of weight had to be removed from the work deck, to compensate for
> the 3 meters of less water, to prevent it from hitting bottom during a
> HALIBURTON TESTING EQUIPMENT. I was showing these pictures in my
> saftey classes when an order came from CAPT. Jack Strong to remove my
> Photos from the class room & instruct only from the prepaird text
> book. After that my teaching career ended & I was black listed from
> the offshore. I'm told filling my CHARGES with these people, will show
> them I'm serious about my Charges. If ,after 44 yrs. of reporting & my
> web sites & 4600 hand outs door to door hasn't convinced them, my
> spending $40.00 on their corrupt system, so they can further discredit
> & devour me ,at my expense, will make no difference to them at all BUT
> $40.00 will give me 400 more handouts to inform the taxpayers they
> keep in the dark, a total of 5000 & I will stick to MY schedule and
> allow them to discredit me & many others in my chosen time space
> .Lisa, I have to thank you very much for helping me with the Forms,
> they wouldn't be done without you, but I can't afford to COMPLETELY
> WASTE $40.00, it will be better spent in hand-outs than wasted in
> their CORRUPT court rooms, they can take me there at their expense
> anytime they want. I, and most of you know, OUR LEGAL SYSTEM IS
> Sincerely Sad Canadian
> Byron Prior
> September 2, 2004
> Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli,
> Deputy Commissioner J. G. Harper Boucher ,
> Chief Superintendent Steve Graham,
> C/0 RCMP Officers John deWinter, Graham Milner
> and Keith Livingstone of Sussex, NB
> RE: Rampant long running Corruption within your
> Ranks
> Sirs,
> Pursuant to my conversations with an ex RCMP Officer before the
> debate on June 18th and Graham Milner in front of witnesses in the
> Blue Bird Restaurant this past July and most importantly my words
> stated on the Public record in Sussex Provincial Court on July 29th, I
> am providing you with three original wiretap tapes that appear to have
> been recorded by the FBI in Boston or some other local law enforcement
> authority.
> The RCMP should already have in its possession three other
> tapes that I suggested the Priest Bill Elliot give to them or the cops
> go get. Perhaps Special Agent James McCarty of the FBI took them back
> to the USA when he left town. I don't know and nobody is telling me
> anything. The Yankees just want me back under their jurisdiction now
> in order to prosecute me for something I did not do. Please view the
> enclosed summons and related documents.
> There is no need to be redundant and provide the same documents
> that I have given to the Crown Prosecutor that was in court on July
> 29th and many others as well. However I do demand to know to whom did
> David Lutz give my material to and when did he do so. I stared at all
> the cops in the room that day over a month ago and have heard nothing
> from any of them about this matter. I did hear reports of John
> DeWinter labeling me as a bad influence and a troublemaker for the
> benefit of his friend David Lutz and his actions. Mr. DeWinter should
> know that I am offended by his remarks particularly when they come
> from the mouth of a former Sussex Town Cop. I know who the bad actors
> are and am more that willing to argue DeWinter in court about their
> past and present actions. There is no need for gossip. Let us air all
> the dirty laundry on the public record and in open court. I did not
> say anything about Dewinter because I did not know him personally he
> was just a kid when Keith Livingstone attacked me in 1977 and swore to
> that old bastard that I would make him account for it someday after my
> lawyer told me I could not win any action because Livingstone's word
> would caring more weight than mine. In recent time every time I
> encounter a crooked Judge with the same name in the USA I cannot help
> recalling Keith Livengstone slamming my face against his desk a few
> times in front of other cops. I bet he can recall how I stood up
> against him looked him in the eye and called a lawyer. Now I don't
> need a lawyer the truth of many other matters will bring my beefs with
> Livingstone into the public record. I don't want money in the form of
> relief I just want to say my piece in an effort to get even and quit
> thinking about old crap from long ago. It is the future of my family
> that is important to me now.
> I have also enclosed copies of recent letters sent to Governor
> General Adrienne Clarkson, Lt. Gov. Herménégilde Chiasson, Lt. Gov.
> Edward Roberts and a Committee that is supposed to check your work..
> There is also some proof of the fact that I predicted the demise of
> the ex FBI agent H. Paul Rico in jail.
> Tell me do you fellas wish for the same thing to happen to me
> after I leave your jurisdiction? I have personal experiences with cops
> liking to beat up people in jail. Ask Keith Livingstone. Perhaps
> Milner should ask Walter Wells why he was so confused long ago about
> why I blew zero twice on the breathalyzer. Wells knows I ain't no "one
> percenter" in fact I was the only mechanic he had encountered at the
> time that could make his old Harley run ok. Even Milner will admit
> that he and Wells used to come around my bike shop and say good day as
> friends. Wells knew I was clearly out of character and very pissed off
> that night long ago. In fact, all the former Town Clowns and new RCMP
> officers know why. I made it my business that they would. The gossip
> mill is an effect tool. They should also know that it is a small town
> and I do know a great deal of gossip about many of them. What do ya
> think should I tell it all. Maybe I should just to get it off my chest
> and put the bastards in the proper corner and under the proper light.
> I have delivered this stuff in person to any RCMP officer in
> Sussex Provincial Court today in front of many witnesses just so
> nobody can say I didn't do it. Plus I wan to have one last to chance
> to look everyone in the eye one last time before I go.
> Shame on all of you. I have made certain that my words will
> not be lost or edited like the transcript of the proceedings on July
> 29th.
> Cya'll in Court:)_
> David R. Amos
> 153 Alvin Ave.
> Milton MA. 02186
> September 2nd, 2004
> Chairman Bolduc Clement
> New Brunswick Police Commission
> 435 King St.
> Fredericton, NB. E3B 1E5
> Re: My Complaint against the
> Fredericton Police Dept.
> Sir,
> Pursuant to your request, this is my formal request that the
> New Brunswick Police Commission investigate the actions of the
> Fredericton Police Dept. in their assistance to the Sergeant at Arms
> in banning me from the New Brunswick Legislature Buildings on June
> 24th, 2004 for political reasons not legal reasons.
> I am also expecting to pick up my copy of the recording of
> our meeting that was promised to me last week. If it is not ready I
> ask that it be sent to the address below.
> I have given up hope in trying to confer with the City
> Solicitor Bruce Noble before I file a complaint against the City of
> Fredericton. Within the hour of speaking to you last Wednesday, Bruce
> waddled by my family and I as we were seated in the Café in front of
> your offices. I went to High School with that man. He and I did make
> eye contact and recognized each other. However I did not say one word
> to him because I was concerned that there may be plain clothes Police
> about and Bruce may try to claim the I was harassing him in order to
> stop my complaint against him. This is exactly the sort of complaint
> that brought me to your office and the same that I am defending myself
> about in the USA tomorrow.
> If Bruce Noble did have any integrity he would have returned my
> calls months ago. You can tell him for me I will see him again in
> court. I could argue him down for a joke in School I suspect I will be
> capable of doing it again and again if need be. Lawyers are far to
> predicable in their actions to be considered formidable. However
> wouldn't an honest lawyer be quite a force to contend with? You met
> one last week. She attempted to be picked as the Conservative
> candidate in the same riding that I ran in. If she does again I would
> support her efforts. I support people not parties. I sincerely hope
> that one day she will be elected to speak for us in Parliament. One
> thing is for certain, that little lady has more ethics in her little
> toe than Rob Moore has in his whole soul. His name suits him very
> well. I am sorry to be such a political animal. But judge me harshly
> blame the lawyers for creating the legal/political monster that I have
> become.
> Once again I thank you for you quick response to my
> plea and taking the time to even listen to me.
> Best Regards.
> David R. Amos
> 153 Alvin Ave.
> Milton, MA. 02186
> September 2nd, 2004
> John Crosbie
> c/o Greg G.
> Byrne,
> Suite 502, 570 Queen Street
> Fredericton, N.B. E3B 5E3
> Lieutenant Governor, Edward M. Roberts,
> Government House Road
> St. John's, NL A1C 5W4
> Premier Danny Williams
> Confederation Building
> 8th fl, East Block
> St. John's, NL A1B
> Brian F. Furey, President
> Law Society of Newfoundland
> 196-198 Water Street
> St. John's, NL A1C 1A9
> Re: Corruption
> Sirs,
> On my friend, Bryon Prior's birthday this past July. I had decided it
> was high time that I started to fulfil a promise I made to him before
> I came home to run for a seat in Parliament. If you dudes wish to
> pretend that you don't know who he is or what is much on his mind
> these days, then perhaps you should read the enclosed documents real
> slow. Then maybe you should start conducting yourselves in a legal and
> professional manner very quickly before my efforts towards making shit
> hit the fan bear fruit. Although it seems that Bryon has lost his
> faith in my efforts to help him find justice it does not change the
> fact that I believe in him. I do know that he still is concerned about
> my well being and I thank him for that. He has been of great value to
> me in my enlightenment of just how bad things really are in the
> Maritimes. For that I am forever grateful and in return will bother
> him no more with my concerns. For now I will continue with my own
> battles alone after fulfilling this promise to him. I have served this
> material upon Mr. Byrne's office myself before leaving the country. I
> have enclosed a copy of Byron's Statutory Declaration. He has made his
> own diligent campaign to seek justice all over the internet type his
> name in a web browser to see for yourself. If Byron wishes to serve
> the other three above named parties and swear a similar Declaration
> then send a copy to me in the USA, I believe he may make his concerns
> more widely known in short order, particularly if the DHS or the FBI
> or the RCMP or all three pounce on me today.
> I can easily prove to anyone how many cops, lawyers, politicians and
> others that I have made well aware of my support of Byron and of my
> distain of the crimes practiced against him and his family. I will
> employ the words spoken to me by my political opponent Rob Moore
> before he climbed back on the bus with his buddies Steven Harper,
> Elsie Wayne and the RCMP on June 19th. They were as follows "Keep up
> the Good Work" I know the lawyer/politician Mr. Moore did not mean one
> word of what he said to me in front of many witnesses but I do mean
> every word of it to Byron. I will be sending a copy of this letter to
> many people to prove to him that I am a man of my word. I hope he does
> the same. That said I wish Byron a belated happy birthday and simply
> restate that I will remain a faithful witness to his just endeavours.
> If you have any doubts of Byron's sincerity or mine maybe Mr. Crosbie
> should ask his friend T. Alex Hickman what he knows of truth and
> simple blood tests. Perhaps Edward Moxons Roberts will enlighten you
> all about his encounter with Byron Prior on behalf of Bill Matthews
> before he was appointed Lt. Gov. The fact that Hickman was awarded the
> Order of Canada should offend all Canadians not just Byron and I.
> Mr. Byrne only has to ask Kelly Lamrock, Leroy Armstrong or T. J.
> Burke of my support for Byron and his pursuit of justice. If Mr. Byrne
> makes few calls to the likes of Mr. Lord, Brad Green, Frank MacKenna,
> Paul Zed, Bruce Noble, David Lutz, Lorne Walman, or Henrick Tonning to
> name a few it should convince you that I am as serious as a heart
> attack. Lutz did assure me in front of many witnesses including
> several RCMP officers and John DeWinter in particular that he had
> given this material to them. I did request that Jack Hooper of the
> CSIS and the Arar Commission be made aware of my concerns and
> allegations. Everyone saw the fancy Yankee in his bowtie run from me
> in his shiny cowboy boots after he had tried to dodge my questions and
> ignore my requests.
> Lutz does speak for the federal Attorney General as a prosecutor just
> like you did Mr. Byrne. What is hilarious to me is that he as a former
> President of the Law Society he was striking for more money as a
> defence attorney. Now that he and his buddies have lost they are
> complaining about the same conflict of interest I pointed out on July
> 29th to Henrick Tonning. Brad Green the Minister of Justice of NB,
> another post that you held for a brief period truly has been struck
> dumb because no matter which way he turns he is surrounded by liars
> just like himself. There is no doubt that Lutz is adept at straddling
> the fence in federal and provincial politics of both parties in
> pursuit of his own interests just like you and Mr. Crosbie, Frank
> would say Brad Green is just a sick little puppy heading out on a
> honeymoon while I head into hell. He left happy and horny. I left
> feeling mean but just as horny. Ashcroft and his cohorts should watch
> their asses if they don't want the truth up it. It should be
> interesting to see who comes back smiling. Mr Roberts send this
> material the Governor General before I start chasing her and the Queen
> with my complaints. You know I emailed all of you a copy of this
> letter. I think Byron will do his best to see that you get the hard
> copy. No one should interfere.
> I found it too funny that that you, Mr. Crosbie who had slammed the
> Alliance Party for years and then found employment in advising them in
> what to say but I will wager true conservatives unlike Rob Moore ain't
> laughing about it. Lets see who laughs when Mr. Orchard's legal
> friends receive a copy of this letter. I know I am giggling just
> thinking about it. Please find enclosed a copy of a news article dated
> June 24th that states that Mr. Harper may be called to testify before
> the Arar Commission inquiry because on June 22nd Harper had indicated
> on CBC that he new something about Maher Arar's situation. The next
> day Lorne Waldman called his bluff and Jack Hooper said the CSIS
> didn't tell Harper jackshit. Later Harper stated he wanted to talk to
> his lawyers. I can only laugh at all this because everyone knows the
> reason he said this because the source of his information was in fact
> one of his lawyers, Rob Moore.
> I will wager amongst the other lawyers Harper did confer with were
> you, Mr. Crosbie, Peter MacKay and Arthur Hamilton. What they may not
> have known is the source of Mr. Harper's newfound knowledge. I
> maintain that it is me that is "deep throat" this time. Check my work.
> Before you call me a liar John or start singing some old non
> applicable lament, have a look at the photo of me talking to one of
> the RCMP officers guarding Harper on June 19th then ask Hooper or
> Harper what I was telling that man. I will wager that you were the one
> that told Harper to quit harping. I will also bet that I will tell the
> world all about it before Hooper starts hooping or his new boss Dale
> Neufeld starts hollering about it. The fact that Wayne Easter
> appointed Plunkett to check everybody's work was not impressive to me.
> The fact that the lawyer Anne McLellan picked Neufeld for his new job
> at about the same time her wealthy boss, another lawyer is asking to
> be elected into his new job wins no brownie points with me either,
> especially in light of the news from Sidney NS two days after the
> election.
> Is anyone paying attention to the scandals swirling around Mr. Martin.
> There is the ghosts of many Canadians killed by tainted blood from
> years ago to missing money from the registy of gun that killed far
> less people to foreign flags and cheap labour on his boats, to
> ignoring laments in several provinces of abused children from along
> ago, to sponsorship money. Now no one cares that more coke than coal
> was found on a boat bearing his wife's name in an area where he had a
> hand in shutting down the coal mines but was quick to make a deal to
> ship coal in from elsewhere. Obviously just a couple of sacks of coke
> ain't no big deal to cover up when he flaunts his wealth in front of
> out of work coal miners everyday. Harper is right we are defeated and
> as dumb as Brad Green.
> It is a small wonder that Byron and I both are screaming for our
> fellow men to pay attention to the obvious corruption. I am thankful
> for Byron's existence on the planet. I sincerely hope he lives to be a
> hundred and that his next fifty will be filled with as much joy as it
> takes for him to forget the suffering he experienced in his last fifty
> years. It is men such as he that renew my faith in mankind. He is as
> old and almost as reckless as I. His honesty, wisdom and diligence
> must be self-taught. He did not learn it by example.
> I say tear that Medal off of that old bastard T. Alex Hickman's chest
> and give it to Byron for his Trophy Chest by his next birthday. What
> say you? I have come to expect the young people to protest and rebel
> against the system. It seems like part of growing up but once we get
> fat, dumb and happy enjoying the fruits of our labours that our
> masters have allowed us to have, we shy away from protesting in order
> to protect our own greedy interests. We seem content to try to enjoy
> what is left of our time on the planet with what is left of the planet
> to enjoy. To hell with the future if we are compelled to go out of or
> way. Right? Wrong. Someone way smarter than I once said that evil will
> prevail if good men do nothing and someone else modified it somewhat
> by saying that evil governments are born out of apathy. I sent this to
> the Law Society because Byron says that it contains the largest nest
> of crooks in Newfoundland. I agree.
> What I would like to know is why do we old farts leave it to the young
> folks amongst us to speak up and protest about the corruption that we
> all know to exist. It is us that have the least to lose with regards
> to the future. Why should we be so guarded and nervous in our last
> days? I see no need to be secretive in protecting my safety. It is the
> future of my little Clan that I must worry about. I have already had
> more fun than ten men I owe them to have the opportunity to pursue
> happiness without the likes of George Bush or Brian Mulroney lording
> over them. The more that know the truth and do something about it the
> sooner it will be better for all our children, not just mine. This is
> the task of law enforcement, lawyers and politicians, not Byron and I.
> The CSIS knows that the biggest bunch of organized criminals that
> there is exists within the legal and political circles of governments.
> They should they are a part of it. Everybody knows it and I have
> already proved it. To date I have only discussed crimes relating to
> civil rights issues and money. Watch what happens to the rhetoric of
> lawyers and politicians when I raise the spectre of murder. I have
> enclosed some documents relating to my prediction of the death of H.
> Paul Rico in jail. Ain't it kinda funny how the media doesn't mention
> much about the fact that he was beaten almost to death before he was
> moved to live out his last days on Tulsa time? Never forget that my
> wife's Uncle Willy was an FBI agent in New England at the same time as
> Rico. Ask yourself what he may know and why so many powerful people
> have protected him in his wrongs. Then read real slowly the documents
> I have provided and listen to the CD. Then ask yourself if you want my
> blood on your hands. I have already recorded your name within my work.
> You can never claim that you did not know the truth. I leave Canada
> today because I am summoned to court and stand trial for criminal
> charges made against me in the USA while I was in running for
> Parliament. Everybody knows the charges are false but that I look
> forward to speaking before a jury of my peers. I won't wager that I
> will be allowed to stand before that court on September 3rd.
> I bet the DHS will pounce on me again. Everybody knows how many
> wiretap tapes I have that may cause many people in high places to be
> impeached and sent to jail. Everybody knows my wife's Uncle Franky
> died two months before they pressed charges against me. Why have they
> not bothered to notify my wife yet of his demise?
> I know the bad guys what me back under their jurisdiction and the
> Canadian government is more than willing to throw me to the wolves.
> Too many other witnesses against corruption have died in the past for
> me to ignore the ramifications of my actions. It only follows that I
> must also predict the possibility of my own demise then do my best to
> prevent it for the benefit of my minor children. Quitting this quest
> for justice will not remove the threat to my existence nor will it
> regain all that my family has lost. What would you do break a window
> in Canada today in order in order to get arrested here and avoid
> Ashcroft and his cohorts in the USA tomorrow? I have considered it but
> I have no choice but to see this through properly until the truth
> becomes public knowledge. Someone must be ethical if lawyers, cops and
> bankers won't.
> I could not live with the knowledge that I quit protecting my kin,
> their rights and interests simply because I was a chickenshit to
> challenge the ethics of low men in high places. Lawyers must argue me
> in front a jury of my peers or I must die trying. It is just that
> simple. Ask me how pissed I am at priests like Cardinal law if you
> like cursing alot.
> The complaint that I will file in South Carolina either in person or
> byway of my estate will be a Prima Facia matter. It is for you and
> many other lawyers to decide who files it and when. As for me I plan
> to file it before the next Federal Election in the USA this year.
> Here's hoping that I live that long. If not, I want my wife's lawyer
> to use this letter against you and all the other lawyers I have
> contacted and made well aware of the crimes practiced against me. If
> my wife and kids are compelled to sue you, do you dudes wish to be
> first or last on the roster? I am looking forward to arguing you and
> your old friends like Brian Mulroney and Alex Hickman. Of the three
> stooges methinks you Mr. crosbie would be the most fun. Trust me, John
> singing a song about Tequila won't matter to me a Tinker's good
> goddamn. It will just inspire me to make a funnier rebuttal like some
> rhyme from Barnacle Bill the Sailor. We all know how Hickman and
> Deering love the fair young maidens.
> Although I had taken a little time off from all this legal and
> political crap to enjoy my family and friends as best I could, it did
> not mean that I had quit and gone back to the USA with my tail between
> my legs because Elections Canada had declared I had only secured one
> percent of the vote in Fundy. In fact I have considered my little
> foray into the political forum a raging success. I had made many a
> fellow Maritimer undeniably aware of my allegations. Many people saw
> me serve Rob Moore, Joh n Herron and others this material. Now I will
> begin the litigation process of securing my rights and my Clan's
> interests and safety in the USA before I return to Canada to raise
> some more hell. I will be filing many lawsuits against the parties you
> see mentioned within the enclosed documents. In pursuit of that end, I
> went to the provincial Court in Sussex last month and now I obviously
> returned Fredericton. I will leave it to you to wonder who else I am
> speaking to today but obviously I have more faith in a young want to
> be a lawyer than any old lawyer that has played the wicked game for
> years.
> Please find enclosed the documents previously mentioned and exactly
> the same material served upon the Governor General of New Brunswick
> and many others last week. I have also enclosed the Ombudsman Bernard
> Richard's answerThe copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is served upon
> you in confidence as officers of the court in order that it may be
> properly investigated. Lets just say I was not surprised by the money
> grubbing turncoat Richard's answer and neither should you, Mr. Byrne.
> Franky and Leroy did not surprise me either. Both fellas are from
> Apohaqui and they know me at least as well as I know them. When Global
> TV failed to show an interest in the material I provided them or
> report the truth years ago. It did not take me long to discover the
> reason why. Franky sat on the Board of Directors. The Irving owned
> newspapers and their incredibly snotty reporter, Carl Davies only
> further served to prove my point.
> I cannot help but confess that I was very disappointed by Henrick
> Tonning particularly after I received and read a copy of the
> transcript of the hearing on July 29th. I know Henrick was the first
> judge Brad Green had ever appointed. I also know that Paul Zed was not
> allowed to cross the street without him but I did hold that against
> him. I had considered Henrick to be a friend of mine. He is a much
> better man than most lawyers I have ever met and certainly the best
> judge now seated on the bench in New Brunswick. It seems he cares more
> about the opinions of Carl Davies and David Lutz than mine. He
> obviously holds the respect of Brad Green, Paul Zed and Joe Day in
> much higher regard than mine. I had left Henrick out of my battles out
> of respect for him as a friend but when he chose to insult me from the
> bench and have our conversation edited, I saw red. If Henrick
> considers this slander, tell him to feel free to sue me. I hope he
> goes against me Pro Se but he can bring his little friend, Paul Zed
> along to tag team me if he wishes. I have seen enough Irving bullshit
> for any Maritime man to stand. They can send as many lawyers against
> me they wish. The more the merrier. Skitter scatter lets get at her.
> Just give me a jury of my peers so we all can have some fun. Any self
> respecting shit disturber knows that when one cannot get those in
> public service to act within the scope of their employment and uphold
> the law, it is his duty to make the people they serve well aware of
> the problem. We still have the freedom to speak. At least some of my
> words in answer to Henrik's edited question still exist. I can't wait
> to hear the tape.
> Mr. Byrne and Mr. Crosbie, if you should choose to go against me or
> ignore this letter I will sue the entire law firm of Patterson Palmer
> as well. I have a few questions to ask your partner about the scheme
> mentioned in his attached letter. I seems to me that some offshore
> lawyers and Insurance companies dreamed up something not quite proper
> to help rich folks cheat the taxman. I should not have to remind a
> former Minister of Justice of the Code of Conduct. Mr. Byrne don't you
> think you should call CISNB Director Mike Connolly at 506-452-2048 and
> make certain that Mr. Lutz and the priest Bill Elliot did the right
> thing and acted according to their conscience. You may rest assured I
> will be asking,
> Hey Danny don't you think it funny how Brian Tobin suddenly quit
> Belinda's outfit and Bill Rowe is off to Ottawa to spout off about the
> common man like he has any idea how it is to be such a thing. Say hey
> to the Rarespade Jim Case and Whitey Bulger for me, will ya? Tell Jim
> to remember his promise to me and to let me know the next time that
> evil old bastard heads to Beantown. If he does, I will split the
> bounty with him. I am a man of my word. If Rhode Scholars can't
> understand the drift of Rudyard's poem called if. That is their
> problem, not mine.
> Cya'll in Court:)
> David R. Amos
> 153 Alvin Ave.
> Milton, MA. 02186
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> From: Davies, Carl (Telegraph)
> To: 'David Amos'
> Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 9:55 AM
> Subject: RE: Text of letter to Joe Day
> I remember the call in 2002. I didn't make the connection when you
> were at Bill's that time. I'm not sure what exactly it is you're
> asking though.
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> From: David Amos []
> Sent: Friday, January 04, 1980 3:37 AM
> To:
> Cc:;;
> Subject: Fw: Text of letter to Joe Day
> Yes Frenchy I did get your silly slam about comparing me to to a
> dog. The thing is it is no insult. I compare myself to a mangy old
> guard dog. Ask Brad Green and maybe he will show you the letter I sent
> him. I am not impressed that you made an Irving paper. I have had far
> better coverage than you and trust me they hate me more than they do
> you. Ask Frank McKenna. Have you got around to asking your favorite
> priest where Cardinal Law went after I filed my affidavit on Dec.
> 12th/02? Watch the priest's eyes when he answers you. Never mind
> laughing at my plight Frenchy. Did you ever think the confession booth
> is built the way it is so that you could not see the priests laughing
> at you?
> If you really want to get the scoop on things ask Carl why he is
> no longer with CBC and why he don't say shit about me long ago.
> Remember when I called you from the camp Carl in November of 2002 and
> asked you to get Henrik to call me? Don't deny it because I had a
> witnesses there who had suggested that I call you and I have my cell
> phone records as well. How does it feel to be a part of an interesting
> story Carl?
> As for you Carl you can just say hey to our friends Henrik Tonning
> and Bill Dalton for me and tell them I am still pissed off at them.
> All of you smiling bastards know I ain't no bullshitter because it
> takes one to know one.
> As for you Mr. Vaughn and Mr. Richard perhaps you should get to
> gether and share the material that Charles Leblanc gave you before the
> shit hits the fan. Do you understnd the meaning of the word
> Conspiracy. If not call the US Attorney Michael J. Sullivan in Boston
> and ask him to explain. He is such a good Catholic boy that he edited
> out Cardinal Law from my complaint about religious freedom.
> Now thats funny because after he did so Charles J. Kickham Jr. did it
> again.
> Are you still laughing fellas? Watch out for my next complaint.
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> From: David Amos
> To:
> Cc: ; ;
> ; ; ;
> ; ;
> Sent: Friday, January 04, 1980 2:55 AM
> Subject: Text of letter to Joe Day
> He can never say that he didn't get it. This is an email is
> sent as triple check as proof that it was done when and where I swear
> I did it. That is his front door and although no one came to it
> because I didn't bother knocking I did bring witnesses and obviously
> took pictures
> I can easily prove that I was in contact with Wayne Easter's
> office on November 19th/03 the same day Arar's lawyers from the CCR in
> the USA were. Apparently the Canadian government and Mr. Ashcroft must
> have had a different plan as to what to do about me. Doesn't anyone
> think that Anne McLellan, Wayne Easter and I have lots to argue about
> within the Arar Commission. My evidence certainly supports Arar's.
> If anyone whois now seated as a Member of Parliament considers
> themselves worthy of the public trust perhaps they should speak up
> andask a few questions and consider asking for a non confidence vote.
> May I suggest that some member of the NDP who is not a lawyer contact
> me before I return to the USA. I would prefer to talk to Ed Broadbent.
> If he chooses to recall, I did wish him luck.
> Veena tell Geoff Regan to give a call when he gets back from
> golfing with Clinton and McKenna's buddies will ya?
> Just so everybody knows I am sending this email to many folks all
> around the world.
> What do ya thing should I hang around home long enough to see if
> Premier Lord calls an election for a Senator in the Federal government
> or wait until he calls a by-election to fill Bernard Richard's vacate
> seat at the provincial level? I know the Yankees are sick and tired of
> me. But i did make lots of folks uphome laugh and think about things.
> Everybody calls me a rebel or a fool. Both labels I take as my own
> with a smile. However I must ask why am I so rebelious to expect
> lawyers to uphold the law or demand that politicians uphold the Public
> Trust? Why am I so foolish not to trust the law enforcement community?
> Never forget it was the US Secret Service that came to my door with a
> town cop that is paid to protect and serve me. They did not mind
> investigating false allegations made against me as a by lawyers to
> protect politicians but refused to accept hard evidence of Bank Fraud,
> Securities Faud and Tax Fraud which is well within the scope oftheir
> employment. The well paid governent officials within my own nativeland
> are more than willing to throw me back to the wolves in the USA
> claiming that they don't have jurisdiction over me. Why? Are they
> pissed I ran for Parliament and had too much fun telling the truth in
> the process? Maybe I should hang around and have some fun and piss
> them off some more. Pat Hannraty did suggest that in one of the CBC
> debates that I was excluded from. Joe Day ran for many positions in
> government and never succeeded. However once he became a top dog
> lawyer for the Irving Clan he wasn't long finding a seat. I say the
> first order of business for any elected Member of Parliament would be
> to inspire and act that makes all Senators be elected as well. What
> say you oh ye honourable members of the NDP? Why not put that on Mr.
> Martin'.s table to chew on.
> Friday the 13th of August, 2004
> Senator Joseph A. Day
> 14 Everett St.
> Hampton, NB
> Prime Minister, Paul Martin
> 80 Wellington Street
> Ottawa, ON. K1A 0A2
> Eva Plunkett Inspector General (CSIS)
> 340 Laurier Avenue West
> Ottawa, ON. K1A 0P8
> Ethics Counselor, Howard Wilson
> 66 Slater St., 22nd Floor
> Ottawa, ON. K1A 0C9
> Geoff Reagan c/o Irwin Cotler,
> 900 Justice Building
> Ottawa, ON. K1A 0A6
> Philippe Rabot
> RCMP External Review Committee
> P.O. Box 1159, Station B
> Ottawa, ON. K1P 5R2
> RE: Corruption
> Hey Joe,
> The fact that you said I was not worth voting for is no matter
> to me. I just wish my fellow Canadians had the right to vote you out
> of your job. That is one thing I agree with Mr. Lord about. To me you
> are just another lawyer who couldn't get elected so you were
> politically appointed to a high government position for the benefit of
> Irving interests. Now that you are in public service not only must you
> obey the Code of Conduct of your chosen profession, you must act
> ethically as a well paid federal employee and speak for the public
> good. Forget your former employer's interests and do your job.
> It is time to check the work of many high officials and mine as
> well. I demand that you study of the enclosed material then forward it
> all to the Prime Minister Paul Martin. Ask him to forward copies of it
> all to the other above named government employees and to the Arar
> Commission in particular. I can easily prove prior contact to all the
> above named persons or their offices and I believe they should be
> expecting to see this stuff. The CD of the copy of wiretap tape
> numbered 139 is served upon you as an officer of the court in
> confidence in order that it may be properly investigated. I have given
> you many more documents than the ones I will mention in the following
> paragraphs. I will send a copy of this letter to many people as a
> double check on your ethics.
> One of the documents of foremost importance to me is a recent
> letter Attorney General Brad Green sent to me dated August 3rd. It is
> attached to the letter and all the other material I had delivered to
> Bernard Lord and Frank McKenna just after Canada Day. I deem the
> aforesaid letter to be so important because he is the first Canadian
> public servant in any office to even admit knowledge my concerns and
> allegations in two months of waiting for a proper response. His
> position in public service and his answer forever prove just how bad
> things really are in Canada and the USA. I am not sorry for the delay
> in providing you with this material as I planned and stated within the
> enclosed email. If you had wanted it, you would have returned my calls
> or answered my email.
> I had spoken to many people about my concerns as I ran for
> Parliament. I made certain that the proper authorities knew of my
> allegations the instant I was on Canadian soil. If our government was
> on the up and up, someone should have sent the cops around to pick
> this stuff up or at least ask me a few questions a long time ago. I
> cannot wait any longer for my country to act properly in my defense.
> The Yankees now want me in court.
> The recent letter from Brad Green and the actions of some other
> bad actors in Fredericton and the USA gave me cause to pause, rethink
> and rewrite a bunch of stuff. One would think that Henrick Tonning,
> the first judge that Green had ever appointed or the unnamed duty
> counsel in court on the first day of Brad's new plan to defend the
> rights of the people would have informed him that I was very pissed
> off and still in New Brunswick. The Sheriff who refused to identify
> himself in Henrik's court that day was more than willing to take me
> away and under his jurisdiction. What province writes the Sheriff's
> paycheck? Even the local rumormill had enough time to generate enough
> gossip from July 29th to August 3rd for Brad Green to be adequately
> informed before he wrote such a ridiculous letter to me. Clearly Brad
> paid no heed my fair warning to lawyers about making one false move.
> Maybe he should call the former Attorney General in New Hampshire and
> ask Peter Heed why he paid no heed to me. Now I will prove to both Mr
> Heed and Brad Green that I wasn't joking and that I am well within the
> jurisdiction of law enforcement in both New Brunswick and New
> Hampshire.
> If the Fredericton City Police arrest me as I approach the
> legislature one day very soon, Brad Green, Bruce Noble and I will have
> lots to argue about in years to come in many courts. I will be filing
> a complaint against them and several others with the Law Society
> anyway. I am looking to hire an ethical lawyer to sue the bastards
> long before the Law Society gets around to figuring out how to ignore
> my allegations. What would you do if you were I? Do you know an
> ethical lawyer that I can discuss this with? Or would I fare better if
> I acted ethically in a Pro Se fashion?
> My encounter with the Ombudsman, Bernard Richard proved much to
> me about NB politicians. I didn't believe what he said about Wayne
> Steeves the second he mentioned Connie Fogal. He tried so hard to
> argue about jurisdiction that he maintained Rule One of the Code of
> Professional Conduct of the New Brunswick Law Society is not about
> integrity but jurisdiction. No lawyer is that dumb and the last thing
> I would want is such a man to speak for me. So I promptly told him I
> would see him in court and ended our conversation. He was obviously
> arguing against me for the benefit of Brad Green rather than making a
> sincere and ethical effort to listen to me and address my concerns to
> the powers that be on my behalf. Richard likely has few Liberal
> friends to chum with. For all I know he may have just got back from
> Larry's Gulch so I allowed him to continue on the fishing expedition
> byway of email. For his information just in case he is that dumb, I
> brought up the subject of integrity so he would stop arguing
> jurisdiction and act more ethically and diligently as a lawyer. When
> he continued, I quit talking and sought proof of contact. Lawyers must
> maintain their integrity no matter the jurisdiction or issue.
> I can easily refute the jurisdictional argument of both Mr.
> Richard and Brad Green. I am used to that legal dodge. Thirty-three
> years ago a RCMP officer charged me with speeding by within the city
> limits of Fredericton. When I questioned his jurisdiction the Crown
> was quick to inform me that the RCMP have jurisdiction over everyone
> everywhere in Canada. If I were to unbuckle my seat belt in defiance
> of a NB law as I drove to Hampton to serve this material upon a lawyer
> employed as a Senator in the federal government, in what court would I
> appear? What if I served this material upon the cop that had the
> authority stop me? If the matter was heard in Hampton or Sussex
> Provincial Court shouldn't Judge Henrik Tonning immediately recuse
> himself because of his words to me in court on July 29th. Would I not
> have the right to make a federal case out of what began as a seat belt
> offense and change the jurisdiction to the USA?
> A far better example is what happened on June 24th. A man who
> claimed represent the Crown as the Sergeant at Arms in the New
> Brunswick legislature claimed that he and the Fredericton PD had
> jurisdiction over me and the right to throw me out of the public
> building. However when I tried to give them this stuff as the Deputy
> Prime Minister Anne McLellan and Attorney General Brad Green have both
> suggested, they refused. What right did they have to do so? Should I
> file a complaint against the Crown in the USA? I was thrown out of a
> building in NB. Who defends the Crown if not Green?
> Senator Day, make certain that Jack Hooper of CSIS sends
> someone to see the priest, Bill Elliott and get the stuff I gave to
> him the night of his debate on June 21st. Everybody in the churchyard
> watched that old man holler at me as I gave it to him. Now Mr. Waldman
> can listen to what Mr. Harper was harping about on June 22nd on the
> CBC, As I told the priest there were three original wiretap tapes
> within that envelope I gave him. The tapes are important evidence for
> the Arar Commission. If nothing else their mere existence proves how
> far the FEDS in two countries will go to cover things up. Let me know
> if the priest denies he got them or Hooper won't give them up, I have
> several more hidden in Canada that the Arar Commission can have.
> Hooper can hoop and holler about National Security all he wants. I
> must protect my ass if he won't, If you look at the photo I have
> provided, you will see me talking to a RCMP officer that was guarding
> Harper in Sussex on June 19th. Now you know what I was talking about
> to him. What I want to know is that cop's name. Harper wasn't long
> spilling the beans to his political advantage on CBC but his lawyers
> weren't long shutting him up on June 24th after Waldman demanded that
> he testify at the Inquiry. Why is that?
> Waldman should have known of me if Arar's lawyers at CCR in the
> USA had kept him properly informed. Rest assured that I did as soon as
> I became aware of him. During our conversation I know I said enough
> for him to check my words. His silence spoke volumes.
> Mr. Arar's lawyers had no fear of filing a complaint against
> Ashcroft and the others in the USA after they received my stuff last
> November. I see no further progress with that suit since it was filed
> last January. Why have they ignored me? Did they make a deal and
> settle? Why have they fallen so silent within the inquiry in Canada?
> If you don't believe me about what Mr. Harper knows, call
> Arthur Hamilton and ask him about the little talk we had about this a
> little while ago. Mr. Hamilton can never say he doesn't know because I
> saved his voicemail to me. I have no doubt that he has had a long talk
> with our new MP Rob Moore by now. Why are they so silent?
> I have many questions to ask Geoff Regan and Anne McLellan
> about the Arar Commission. Geoff has no time to return my call but
> lots of time to golf with Clinton and McKenna. I demand to know if the
> many documents that caused the delay in the inquiry were mine. If not,
> why not? I did do as Anne McLellan suggested and gave this stuff to
> both Customs and Immigration the instant I landed in Canadian
> jurisdiction. If I am not called to testify, I will never understand.
> I did manage to talk to Veena Verma and she had no answers for me only
> arguments about jurisdiction as usual.
> Your friend, Mr. Zed can never say he don't know because as
> you can see I served his law office this stuff on June 25th the day
> before he and John Herron greeted Paul Martin at the airport. After
> your review of this stuff you must confess it is obvious to all why
> Paul Zed and his friend Frank McKenna have been struck so dumb. Paul
> Zed was elected to speak for that politically minded priest amongst
> others, correct? Perhaps after they voted according to their
> conscience they should act according to it as well.
> I know that I have proved what everybody knows. The word of a
> lawyer is worthless. Peter MacKay also proved that to all the true
> Progressive Conservatives in Canada. The fact that another lawyer,
> John Crosbie advised the former Alliance party on what to say is too
> funny and sad for the words of this letter. One reason I came home and
> ran for Parliament is to sooth my own soul because I found Mr. Harper
> and his buddies to be a truly dangerous bunch of characters. Crosbie
> did too for awhile anyway. Ain't it funny how he now sings a different
> tune? There is no doubt that the old lawyer Paul Martin is a
> monumental a crook. The boat in Sidney proved that to me two days
> after the election. He can play well within Mulroney's league. It was

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