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RE Cyberbullying, the Governor General's Big Speech and his buddies Mr Harper, Glen Canning and Mr Baconfat and their purported concerns about protecting kids

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 00:25:57 -0300
Subject: RE Cyberbullying, the Governor General's Big Speech and his
buddies Mr Harper, Glen Canning and Mr Baconfat and their purported
concerns about protecting kids
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The Cybertip, RCMP and the Edmonton Police know that I have been
complaining of these perverts stalking my kids since 2007 and the
latest Premier of Nova Scotia and all his cop buddies just laugh at me
while Harper has his buddy read another bullshit speech and Canning
blogs about it? Yea right. You people must have no conscience
whatsoever. How else could you bastards sleep at night?

"Our Government will focus on protecting the most vulnerable of all
victims, ourchildren. Recent tragic deaths, including those of Amanda
Todd, Rehtaeh Parsons,and Todd Loik, have shocked Canadians. Our
Government will introduce legislation giving police and prosecutors
new tools to effectively address cyberbullying thatinvolves criminal
invasion of privacy, intimidation and personal abuse."

Just Dave
By Location
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ISP MTS Allstream
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From: David Amos <>
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 01:20:28 -0300
Subject: Here is why Glen Canning asked me who Mr Baconfat was
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<>, jamiebaillie <>, justmin
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Clearly the corrupt cops in Halifax would do nothing AGAIN

Sonya D Higgins shared a link.
August 14
please investigate this hate site
The anti, anti Freemason, anti, anti Israel, and anti blog, blog:
Stupid Dead Rehteah Parsons,...

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* Halifax Cop Watch, Amanda Dodsworthand Cynthia Martinlike this.
* Cynthia MartinWay to go Sonya!
August 14 at 9:27amvia mobile· 2

* Halifax Regional Police
Hi Sonya - Unfortunately, people are
continuing to post content online that is distasteful and hurtful to
others. We strongly encourage you, if you haven't already, to report
this site directly to Blogger. It's important to be aware that it may
not violate their terms of use and it's up to them whether or not they
remove the page.
August 15 at 8:14am

* Patrick Heart
It's also important to note that we live in a country
where free speech is respected and just because someone doesn't like
the content doesn't mean it has to be removed. (I read the post, it's
clearly some idiot looking for attention... but a far, far stretch
from being hate speech which is illegal in Canada.)
August 15 at 10:28am· 1

* Sonya D Higgins
I am aware that the content is both distasteful and
hurtful. I was wondering if it falls under the new cyber-bulllying
law, becaue Rehteah and her family continue to be targets of trolls on
the internet
August 15 at 10:45am· 6

* Jenn Richardson
What a COWARD hiding behind a blog!!!
August 15 at 10:54am· 4

* Karin Knorr
How is it not hateful???
August 15 at 11:08am· 2
Patrick Heart
The Cyber Bullying law only applies to Nova Scotia and
it is one of the most ridiculous and dangerous laws to threaten free
speech to be enacted in Canada. Before anyone gets all emotional, read
this article because it has consequences for all of you if someone
doesn't like anything you say online:

What happened to Rehteah was awful, but making knee jerk laws is not
the answer! I for one, cannot wait until the law is challenged in
court and thrown out. (Fortunately, the rest of Canada is looking at
our Government like they are idiots -- which they clearly are for
enacting this law.)
August 15 at 11:38am· 4

* Janice Higgins
I can't figure out how to report it. not just this
blog but others there. Not fit, such hateful ppl. Halifax Regional
Police now that you are aware of that blog site can you please report
it, or advise us how to report? It goes beyond distasteful, some sick
ppl exist!
August 15 at 11:39am
* Matt Carson,
i draw you'r attention to his other articles labeled

"lets bully david amos and his children"


"faggots dykes and political correctness"

or how about

"Die Larry Cutarm, Indians are drunken pigs" what part of this is not
hate speech?
August 15 at 5:22pm· 1

* Matthew Byard
why would you promote this?
August 16 at 11:40am

Edmontonian/Calgarian Barry (Walter) Winters

Given the costs and embarrassment of being exposed why troll at all? I
recently asked that very question to a blogger who has written some
very disturbing things about my daughter as well as me, her mother,
Arabs, Muslims, First Nations Peoples, and many, many others. His
response thus far, other than to "dissuade" me from emailing him, has
been silence. He has gone on a panic posting spree. Getting as much
hate spread as he can before he's gone.

To be clear, I fully support freedom of speech and am not interested
in censoring anyone, especially not for a lack of taste, class, and
decency. He can post away for all I care. I doubt anyone even visits
his pathetic site and if they do I'm sure they leave rather quickly.

I do believe there is a point when behaviour online becomes criminal.
Stating to have seen images of an underage girl naked could very well
mean this individual is accessing child pornography and that may need
to be looked into by law enforcement. I have been in touch with the
police in Edmonton. If he has accessed these images they may be on his
Barry Winters

Barry Winters
This is Barry (Walter) Winters. Winters does work the the Department
of National Defence in Alberta, possibly in a security role. He's run
his blog since 2009 and appears to have covered every topic under the
sun but is fixated on an individual I'll not name (besides me, he's
fixated on me too).

Winters emailed me, much to my surprise, when I found out through
another source he was behind the site. At first I really didn't care
because he's just one nut and the bowl is full, so to speak. We've had
lots of trolling on the memorial page and I've had some comments
posted here that are disgusting to be polite about it. Ignoring them
is the best policy unless they are threatening or criminal in nature.

I can't understand the why though? Why post this type of hateful
dribble if being exposed for doing so could have serious consequences.
Winters works for DND. Do they know he wants to shoot Palestinians, or
as he calls them, "the under-evolved animals."

The Muslim and self described "palestinian" immigrants aren't
Canadians or fit in here as real Canadians. Lets give them, Fatima and
the kiddies ten minutes to clear out of Canada, and then start
shooting the under-evolved animals.

Or how about this one:

Indians are drunken pigs.

His claims to have seen child pornography involving Rehtaeh Parsons is
puzzling. Usually the kinds of people who view something as sick as
child porn don't openly brag about it.

I HAVE SEEN naked pictures of Rehtaeh.

There's a lot more filth and hateful comments on his site. I can't
read it, it's nothing more then the ramblings of a sad angry little
man who is so frustrated with life he just wants to share his pain. I
really hope DND takes a look at Barry. Our tax dollars should be going
to better Canadians than him.

Trolls do what they do for a reaction. They almost never think there
will be consequences for it.
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Glen Canning
August 27, 2013 at 9:16 pm

UPDATE: A police report has been filed with Edmonton Police to
verify whether or not Barry Winters has accessed child pornography
like he's claimed to have done.
Lorraine Passchier
August 29, 2013 at 2:07 pm

Glen, keep us updated. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook are
delivering the news that matters. Deeply saddened that you've been
forced to contend with this after the loss of your daughter. Bullies
want our silence. Heartened to see you have the courage to take a

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but
the silence of our friends. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Serah Brandenn
August 27, 2013 at 11:20 pm

We live in a crazy, crazy, fucked up world.
September 18, 2013 at 12:26 am

Please do not swear or use profanity. We don't want children
to see this kind of language in your post regardless of how angry you
may be
From Vancouver, BC
September 1, 2013 at 4:20 am

What an evil, disgusting, miserable POS Barry Winters is. Glen, I
am so sorry about this nightmare you and your family have endured. I
know that nothing can ever bring Rehtaeh back, but I hope and pray
that justice will eventually be served. Sending you, Leah, and Rehtaeh
all of my love.

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 23:12:07 -0300
Subject: I just called the corrupt cops AGAIN (780-423-4567) and asked
them howcome they are protecting you They played dumb as usual
To: sunrayzulu <>, "David.Veitch"
<>, "rod.knecht"
<>, "Dale.McGowan"
<>, premier <>,
"Ian.Shardlow" <>, justmin
<>, merricra <>, ddexter
<>, mcneilsr <>, police
<>, "allan.carroll" <>,
pol7163 <>, "Gary.Rhodes"
Cc: David Amos <>, "calgary.northwest"
<>, "calgary.acadia"
<>, deanr0032 <>

But they can't deny that they answered Canning's Tweet EH PERVERT?

Glen Canning
BARRY WINTERS IP from Edmonton has
Rehtaeh Parsons rape photo. Please stop this pedophile!
9:55 p.m. Mon, Aug 26
18 Retweets 1 Favorite

Edmonton Police @edmontonpolice 10h
@GlenfordCanning Hi Glen. Please call our complaint line at
780-423-4567. Unfortunately we cannot accept crime reports or tips via
View conversation ·

David Raymond Amos @DavidRayAmos 20m
@GlenfordCanning @edmontonpolice @DavidRayAmos Howcome you would not
say who gave ya the info?
View conversation ·

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Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 20:02:28 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: RE "Anonymous" Rehtaeh Parsons" Father Big talking
politicians, Corrupt Cops and their buddy Barry Winters of Edmonton
Alberta versus my family
To: David Amos <>

Not a word from them!

----- Original Message -----
From: "David Amos" <>
To: "BARRY WINTERS" <>, "deanr0032"
<>, "Gary.Rhodes" <>,
"Michelle.Boutin" <>, "premier"
<>, "rod.knecht" <>,
"Ken.Zielke" <>, "BARRY.SHAW"
<>, "pol7163" <>,
"police" <>, "police" <>,
"Leanne.Fitch" <>, "gary.forward"
<>, "oldmaison" <>,
"andre" <>, "David.Veitch"
<>, "Ian.Shardlow"
<>, "frederic.loiseau"
Cc: "austin" <>, "David Amos"
<>, "jamiebaillie"
<>, "mcneilsr" <>,
"justin.trudeau.a1" <>, "MulcaT"
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 7:14:56 PM
Subject: RE "Anonymous" Rehtaeh Parsons" Father Big talking
politicians, Corrupt Cops and their buddy Barry Winters of Edmonton
Alberta versus my family

One comment
Glen Canning

August 27, 2013 at 9:16 pm
UPDATE: A police report has been filed with Edmonton Police to verify
whether or not Barry Winters has accessed child pornography like he's
claimed to have done.

On 8/25/13, BARRY WINTERS <> wrote:
> Suck it up buttercup!
> Yo Amos, got any naked pictures of your kids? Do you want some?
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "David Amos" <>
> To: "Glen Canning" <>, "sunrayzulu" <>,
> "dexterdyne" <>, "steve.graham"
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> <>, "steve.murphy" <>,
> "roger.l.brown" <>, "rod.knecht"
> <>, "washington field"
> <>, "boston" <>
> Cc: "David Amos" <>, "ddexter"
> <>, "jamiebaillie" <>,
> "mcneilsr" <>
> Sent: Sunday, August 25, 2013 4:26:43 PM
> Subject: Re: RE "Anonymous" .Rehtaeh Parsons" Father and my family versus
> Big talking politicians, mindless Cops and their buddy Barry Winters of
> Edmonton Alberta
> Why play dumb now? Learn to READ.
> You ignored me for months and then did nothing with the info you
> requested about Mr Baconfat as you whine about death threats against
> yourself in the media CORRECT?
> Play all the politcs you want with your strange anonymous pals my kids
> and grand kids are still alive thus they have feelings
> On 8/25/13, Glen Canning <> wrote:
>> Why do you send me this stuff?
>> Glen Canning
>> 902.802.5572
>> On 2013-08-25, at 3:51, David Amos <> wrote:
>>> From: BARRY WINTERS <>
>>> Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 00:22:16 -0600 (MDT)
>>> Subject: Re: RE "Anonymous" .Rehtaeh Parsons" Father and my family
>>> versus Big talking politicians, mindless Cops and their buddy Barry
>>> Winters of Edmonton Alberta
>>> To: David Amos <>
>>> Yo Amos! When can I expect a visit fron the FBI in "Bean Town?"
>>> Yo David......I won, you and your animals have lost.
>>> Say Hi to Glen Canning for me. He cause any other kids to kill
>>> themselves?
>>> YOU couldn't kick my "nasty arse" on the best day you ever had.
>>> From: Jordi Morgan <>
>>> Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 02:44:19 -0400
>>> Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: RE "Anonymous" .Rehtaeh Parsons"
>>> Father and my family versus Big talking politicians, mindless Cops and
>>> their buddy Barry Winters of Edmonton Alberta
>>> To: David Amos <>
>>> I am out of the country until September 3, 2013. Please send all
>>> correspondence concerning Maritime Morning to Meghan Groff at
>>> If you would like to reach me on a
>>> personal matter I will be checking my personal email from time to
>>> time. If I'm having a real good time I may
>>> post a tweet...
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>>> subject to copyright and legal privilege and no related rights are
>>> waived. If you are not the intended recipient or its agent, any
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>>> of its content is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. All
>>> messages may be monitored as permitted by applicable law and
>>> regulations and our policies to protect our business. E-mails are not
>>> secure and you are deemed to have accepted any risk if you communicate
>>> with us by e-mail. If received in error, please notify us immediately
>>> and delete the e-mail (and any attachments) from any computer or any
>>> storage medium without printing a copy.
>>> Ce courriel (ainsi que ses pièces jointes) est confidentiel, exclusif,
>>> et peut faire l'objet de droit d'auteur et de privilège juridique;
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>>> supprimer ce courriel (ainsi que toutes ses pièces jointes) de tout
>>> ordinateur ou support de données sans en imprimer une copie.
>>> On 8/25/13, David Amos <> wrote:
>>>> "Alberta Justice Minister Jonathan Denis told The Chronicle Herald on
>>>> Thursday that his province recently created a new position — associate
>>>> minister of family and community safety — to oversee issues of
>>>> bullying and cyberbullying.
>>>> Balancing the rights of the accused and providing adequate resources
>>>> in policing and education are concerns, he said, and he will discuss
>>>> the issue with Landry at a meeting in October.
>>>> Denis said Alberta hasn't seen a case "like the very unfortunate
>>>> situation that you had in Nova Scotia, but to me that's not a reason
>>>> to delay action, because I believe that situations like that will
>>>> happen again unless we start to modernize our laws and we also start
>>>> to enforce the new laws."
>>>> Saturday, August 24, 2013
>>>> What Kind of Fucked Up Animal Is Glen Canning?
>>>> I am not sure if the teenager killer Glen Canning hitched his star to
>>>> pedophile David Amos' mule cart, or the other way around, but
>>>> nonetheless they are engaged in a deeply weird and incestuous
>>>> relationship. It has always seemed silly, counter productive, or in
>>>> the case of decedent Rehtaeh Parsons, deadly, to me that licences are
>>>> required for owning a pet or driving a car, but alas not for "owning"
>>>> or otherwise "operating" a teenager. Perhaps if there were some sort
>>>> of "competency check," not unlike a driver's examination young angst
>>>> ridden Rehtaeh might still be alive.
>>>> Now it appears Mr. Canning is using his "daughter's" untimely demise
>>>> due to "Mommy and Daddy's" culpable negligence to "raise his stock"
>>>> from that of not that well regarded a "journalist," to the lofty, and
>>>> heady pinnacle of "fifteen minutes of fame."
>>>> Notwithstanding Glen Canning's and Leah Parson's obfuscations, and
>>>> denials, they, and they alone are culpable for the demise of Rehtaeh
>>>> Parsons , inasmuch as they had themselves tied the ligature to her
>>>> neck. For all of Rehtaeh's roughly seven-teen year short life she had
>>>> required a level of commitment and competence of parenting that she
>>>> would never receive, not ever.
>>>> It seems that Mr. Glen Canning whilst so revering his own freedom of
>>>> expression, is trying to intimidate, out me and is outraged by my own
>>>> exercising a Canadian's right to express him or herself. Rehtaeh was
>>>> not driven to suicide by "billies" or bullying on line, but because
>>>> her parents, Glen Canning and Leah Parsons failed her, her entirely
>>>> too short life.
>>>> Glen, you fucking twat, if you want me, your little pedophile friend
>>>> David Amos has my E mail. Maybe you can get you anonymous "friends" to
>>>> "get" me?
>>>> Better yet, retreat back to the ignominy you so richly deserve and
>>>> stop trying to profit from your incompetent parenting of Rehtaeh
>>>> Parsons.
>>>> Posted by Seren at 6:35 AM No comments:
>>>> ----- Original Message -----
>>>> From: "David Amos" <>
>>>> To: "glen" <>
>>>> Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013 3:38 AM
>>>> Subject: FYI He does go by the name of Barry Winters and he lives in
>>>> Edmonton across from Kitchener Park
>>>> His wife's name is Lori Ink
>>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>>> From: David Amos <>
>>>> Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 01:40:44 -0300
>>>> Subject: You are the pathological liar not I Why not ask Austin if I
>>>> have called him YET Mr Baconfat?
>>>> To:,,
>>>> " \"stephen.mandel\""
>>>> <>, "rod.knecht"
>>>> <>, sunrayzulu <>,
>>>> "Dale.McGowan" <>,
>>>> Cc:, premier <>, premier
>>>> <>, xchief <>, David Amos
>>>> <>, minister <>,
>>>> "" <>, wendallnicholas
>>>> <>, "Tim.RICHARDSON" <>,
>>>> oldmaison <>, ssamson <>,
>>>> airdrie <>, "Gary.Rhodes"
>>>> <>, andre <>, "david.akin"
>>>> <>, "greg.weston" <>
>>>> Walter Clifford Winters
>>>> August 19, 2012.I love nurses. I love all the nurses in porn flicks. I
>>>> love nurses inshort skirts, stockings and garters giving patients blow
>>>> jobs. I don't like to think of nurses geting "pooped on". But golden
>>>> showers and nurses sounds divine
>>>> Share.
>>>> .Walter Clifford Winters
>>>> July 1, 2012.Happy Canada Day everyone! "Ready aye ready"
>>>> Share.
>>>> .Walter Clifford Winters
>>>> June 30, 2012.It is a lovely day today. I spent time in the garden. I
>>>> am alone today. Lori is at work. Tomorrow is Canada Day! Happy Canada
>>>> Day!
>>>> On 8/24/13, David Amos <> wrote:
>>>>> Sgt. Andy Kerr
>>>>> Acting Media Relations Officer
>>>>> Halifax District RCMP
>>>>> Office: (902) 490-1497.
>>>>> Cell: (902) 488-2830
>>>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>>>> From: David Amos <>
>>>>> Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 02:21:19 -0300
>>>>> Subject: Re: Well Glen Meet Mr Baconfat I must ask what makes you more
>>>>> important to the RCMP than my grandchildren?
>>>>> To: glen <>, "david.fraser"
>>>>> <>, sunrayzulu <>,
>>>>> "rod.knecht" <>, ddexter
>>>>> <>, justmin <>,
>>>>> "allan.carroll" <>, "alain.g.leblanc"
>>>>> <>, "Dale.McGowan"
>>>>> <>
>>>>> Cc: David Amos <>
>>>>> Friday, August 23, 2013
>>>>> David Amos, Still Crying and Threatening Everyone
>>>>> David Amos is still ....."crying over me, and my "evil blog." Little
>>>>> Davey Amos cries out to Glem Canning the incompetent parent of dead
>>>>> bitch Rehteah Parsons. "I sent you his photo, I know where he works
>>>>> and where he lives if the police don't arrest him. Ill kick his nasty
>>>>> arse you have my word on it."
>>>>> Hey cuntfuck Glen Canning, little Davey Amos....I am still waiting!
>>>>> ''Hey children, you are all talk, bluster and bullshit!
>>>>> Posted by Seren at 7:18 PM No comments:
>>>>> Glen Canning and Leah Parsons are the Reason Rehraeh is dead, dead
>>>>> dead
>>>>> Rehtaeh Parson's is dead! The angst ridden addled child took her own
>>>>> life, mainly because her "parents" permitted her to go to drinking
>>>>> parties whilst she was only a fifteen year old child. As one would
>>>>> expect Rehteah got both drunk and fucked by the tradesman's
>>>>> entrance, and predictably she was a "butt" of a joke or ten thousand.
>>>>> Two years hence the party Rehtaeh had no business being permitted to
>>>>> attend, she killed herself. Leah Parsons and Glen Canning have
>>>>> desperately and feverishly tried to cash in on the "fifteen minutes of
>>>>> fame" this tragedy has enabled. These criminally culpable and
>>>>> negligent "parents" first tried to blame the Halifax School Board. A
>>>>> recently released report show the Halifax School Board had a wealth
>>>>> and myriad of programmes tailor made to assist Rehtaeh and her
>>>>> parents. But alas they could not assist Rehtaeh and her "family",
>>>>> because for the better part of two years Rehtaeh was not attending
>>>>> school, and her "parents" now claim they didn't know.
>>>>> Rehtaeh Parsons is dead, because she had no "family" or loving parents
>>>>> that actually "parented her." Now the animals Leah and Glen are
>>>>> scrambling for "fifteen minutes of fame" and a pay cheque. As far as
>>>>> these two animals, the police are to blame, drunk teenagers are to
>>>>> blame, Face Book is to blame, the Halifax School Board is to blame,
>>>>> the inter-net is to blame....everything and everyone save themselves.
>>>>> You animals! Animals raise their kids better than you did.
>>>>> Mr. Canning is apparently upset with this "evil blog." He wants David
>>>>> Amos to give him my picture and telephone. Oh dea I am so afraid. Then
>>>>> our "friend" and incompetent parent wants to get "anonymous to hack
>>>>> my blog and out me!"
>>>>> Glen, son, I have every right to write these words and observations
>>>>> about you and your selfish and stupid ex wife. If you are offended by
>>>>> these observations and posts....Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
>>>>> You and little Leah did more to end the life of Rehtaeh, than any of
>>>>> the people you are pointing fingers at.
>>>>> As Ed Whalen used to say, "in the mean time and in between time," I'll
>>>>> just continue to engage in my freedom of expression!
>>>>> Posted by Seren at 5:39 PM No comments:
>>>>> On 8/23/13, David Amos <> wrote:
>>>>>> Obviously pervert wanted an update after I ignored him for a month
>>>>>> Yet
>>>>>> he was too chicken to meet me or even call when he came down to the
>>>>>> Maritimes this week.
>>>>>> Wheras you are concerned about evil things on Youtube listb to a
>>>>>> colletion of this evil bastard's messages to me in 2009 here are two
>>>>>> videos that I just made public
>>>>>> This is me talking to a friend about Mr Baconfat and the military in
>>>>>> early
>>>>>> 2010
>>>>>> An Update on all of David Amos' Threats!
>>>>>> David Amos, "Fat Fred City's" most well known pederast, lickspittle,
>>>>>> and vitriolic blow hard. David Amos the inter-net prevaricator and
>>>>>> troll, with the largest e mail list, filled with people clamouring to
>>>>>> get off of it. It is more than funny, each time I ask David Amos for
>>>>>> an "update" on the status of his threats against me, or his
>>>>>> complaints
>>>>>> regarding me to the "Bean Town" Field Office of the FBI. Or the "US
>>>>>> Marshalls and their DC bosses," well as you well can imagine the
>>>>>> silence from little Davey Amos is deafening.
>>>>>> I would, and I am quite sure anyone reading this small epistle would
>>>>>> like to know from David, the status of the myriad of whining
>>>>>> complaints he has made in the has year or so.
>>>>>> So David Amos, just what has the National Capitial Commission had to
>>>>>> say about your carping about my "evil blog," and "evil words" out
>>>>>> here
>>>>>> in Edmonton Alberta. Or the RCMP. Or the RCMP Civilian Complaints
>>>>>> Commission. What did the Edmonton Garrison Military Police do for
>>>>>> you?
>>>>>> Or for that matter the CFB Gagetown Military Police? Or the Military
>>>>>> Civilian Complaints Commission? Did anyone at all listen to, or
>>>>>> respond to you?
>>>>>> When I was at CFB Gagetown, there were no phalanxes of "meatheads" or
>>>>>> the RCMP to arrest me, or "afixin" to arrest me on the say so of
>>>>>> David
>>>>>> Amos. I guess no one listens to David Amos!
>>>>>> So Davey, laddie boy, just how bad is it going for you? The Edmonton
>>>>>> City Police have not been a calling. Lori and I did attend a social
>>>>>> event recently with Premier Redford, obviously she does NOT receive
>>>>>> your e mails.
>>>>>> David, just answer us all this one question: How does it feel to be
>>>>>> so
>>>>>> insignificant?
>>>>>> Posted by Seren at 8:04 PM No comments:
>>>>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>>>>> From: David Amos <>
>>>>>> Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 03:46:32 -0300
>>>>>> Subject: Here is his latest IP info Be careful he may work with the
>>>>>> cops just as he claims
>>>>>> To: Glen Canning <>
>>>>>> Delivered-To:
>>>>>> Received: by with SMTP id do2csp145896ved;
>>>>>> Sat, 22 Jun 2013 22:33:02 -0700 (PDT)
>>>>>> X-Received: by with SMTP id
>>>>>> iu3mr5537589icb.117.1371965580717;
>>>>>> Sat, 22 Jun 2013 22:33:00 -0700 (PDT)
>>>>>> Return-Path: <>
>>>>>> Received: from (
>>>>>> [])
>>>>>> by with ESMTP id
>>>>>> l13si3724978igt.31.2013.
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>>>>>>> Can you send me his name please.
>>>>>>> Glen Canning
>>>>>>> 902.802.5572
>>>>>>> On 2013-08-15, at 0:59, David Amos <> wrote:
>>>>>>>> Yes I sent you his photo I know where he lives and works If the
>>>>>>>> cops
>>>>>>>> don't arrest him I will kick his nasty arse someday. You have my
>>>>>>>> word
>>>>>>>> on that
>>>>>>>> On 8/14/13, Glen Canning <> wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Do you know who bacon fat is? I'm trying to get Anonymous to hack
>>>>>>>>> his
>>>>>>>>> blog and out him.
>>>>>>>>> Glen Canning
>>>>>>>>> 902.802.5572
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>>>> Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013 2:17 AM
>>>> Subject: Re: OH My I just saw this Perhaps the ex cop Roger Merrick
>>>> should give Mr Baconfat a call since they are both too chicken to talk
>>>> to me
>>>>> Wednesday, August 14, 2013
>>>>> Rethaeh Parsons, Nina Louise Courtepatte and their scum "mother's"
>>>>> Leah Parsons and Peacha Atkinson have many things in common, but first
>>>>> and foremost they were and are uncaring, lazy and woefully inadequate
>>>>> as mothers. Both the animals daughters are dead, because of their
>>>>> "Mothers."
>>>>> Nina Louise Courtepatte was murdered here in Edmonton April 3 2005.
>>>>> She died of "blunt force trauma," to wit ; a sledgehammer bashed her
>>>>> head in. Nina was missing from her "loving" family for three days,
>>>>> while a highly publicized search for her was being conducted. Her
>>>>> injin "parents" had no clue, they said they don't read the paper or
>>>>> watch the news.
>>>>> For months injin Nina would be truant from school. She would meander
>>>>> around the mall, try on make up and clothes and dream of being a
>>>>> "fashion big shot." At thirteen to fifteen Nina Courtepatte did not
>>>>> attend school and here injin parents claim, "they didn't know." If
>>>>> Nina Courttepatte was in school that day, attended school each and
>>>>> everyday, if her loving injin parents had been actually raising her,
>>>>> Nina Courtepatte would be alive today.
>>>>> Nina Courtepatte, and Rehtaeh Parsons are dead. They are dead because
>>>>> they had Mother's that simply didn't give a shit about raising their
>>>>> kids. Nina and Retehaeh are dead because they didn't have stable
>>>>> families, that made sure their kids attended scholl.
>>>>> Former President of the Church of Jesus Christ David O MacKay once
>>>>> said. "The place to save society is, in the home." He was so right.
>>>>> Posted by Seren at 7:32 PM No comments:
>>>>> Lets Bully David Amos and his "Children."
>>>>> There is a convicted pedophile in Fredericton New Brunswick. His name
>>>>> is David Amos. David Amos has two children that are what are
>>>>> "politically correctly" referred to as "sex trade workers." In many
>>>>> enlightened Latin American countries such miscreants are routinely
>>>>> rounded up by authorities...and they simply disappear, forever. In
>>>>> many societies pedophiles such as David Raymond Amos in Fredericton
>>>>> New Brunswick are simply and discretely given a " 9 mil. double tap"
>>>>> to the head. Far, far better for all concerned. After all the only
>>>>> cure for diseased people lik David Amos of Fredericton New Brunswick
>>>>> and family is termination.
>>>>> Lets bully, lets cyber-bully the under-evolved animals. Let us try to
>>>>> push these inbred animals into suicide.
>>>>> Wee Davey Amos has threatened, cajoled, annoyed, riled vexed, bullied
>>>>> and hounded to distraction scores if not hundreds of people over
>>>>> twenty years. He has stalked women, hounded them, posted their
>>>>> personal data on line, and phoned them incessantly, until threatened
>>>>> with police action. Alison Menard, Scott Agnew, Dean Roger Ray Linda
>>>>> Duffett-Leger, Lori Ink, Glen Canning, members of the League of
>>>>> Reason, a young boy named Owen in the UK. The pedophile David Amos
>>>>> even called young Owen's college in the UK to complain about him.
>>>>> David Amos had the temerity to call my daughter's law school Mac Gill
>>>>> to try and find out her name and complain. David does not like to see
>>>>> young people become successful because his kids had such incompetent
>>>>> parenting and dysfunctional family life
>>>>> David Amos has to making mass e mailings to people who don't want e
>>>>> mails from him, much akin to the niggers from Black Africa phishing,
>>>>> sending e mails for money making scams to gullible white people in
>>>>> North America.
>>>>> David Amos' "children" are diseased female and male prostitutes in
>>>>> their twenties and thirties respectively, and David is pimping them
>>>>> out. Social Assistance in New Brunswick is not enough to sustain David
>>>>> Amos' heroin addiction.
>>>>> Lets bully them! Lets continue to harass them and write about them
>>>>> until the animals "do the right thing," and leave this world.
>>>>> Posted by Seren at 12:52 PM No comments:
>>>>> Monday, August 12, 2013
>>>>> Stupid Dead Rehteah Parsons, her rotten parents and David Amos
>>>>> Rehtaeh Parsons was killed by her Mother Leah Parsons, her real father
>>>>> no one knows, step father Glen Canning and Leah's currant beau. Her
>>>>> family are more culpable and or responsible than the teenagers at the
>>>>> drinking party fifteen year old Rehtaeh got liquored up and fucked at.
>>>>> Over two years had passed betwixt the party and Rehteah taking her own
>>>>> life. The Halifax school system could not help Rehteah, because she
>>>>> wasn't showing up to school. Her "parents" did not know their beloved
>>>>> daughter Rehteah wasn't attending school or didn't care.
>>>>> Rehteah Parsons was only fifteen years old when Glen Canning and Leah
>>>>> Parsons permitted their daughter to attend a drinking party. In the
>>>>> two years subsequent to the party Leah was ill, suicidal, and
>>>>> struggling and her "parents" did not see this, or more likely just
>>>>> didn't care.
>>>>> If I could talk to Rehteah Parsons' "family, I would tell them they
>>>>> are to blame, not the police, not teenage inter-net bullies, not the
>>>>> government, not the school system....YOU ARE.
>>>>> Since Rehteah Parsons suicide her "parents" have been feverishly
>>>>> trying to claim "fifteen minutes" of fleeting fame by seeking to
>>>>> attach blame for their stupid daughter's death, when they themselves
>>>>> are completely culpable.
>>>>> So now David Amos claims his "children" have been bullied and is
>>>>> trying to "seek justice in his own fashion." He does that by posting
>>>>> Leah Parsons' and Glen Canning's phone numbers on his blog, and tries
>>>>> self aggrandize himself shamelessly.
>>>>> The world would be a much better place without David Amos and his
>>>>> "family"
>>>>> Posted by Seren at 10:37 PM No comments:
>>>>> Barak Obama's "I bring you peace in our time," moment
>>>>> The calm before the storm. The calm before the Shoah. The calm before
>>>>> the Holocaust, was when British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
>>>>> brought back from Munich, a signed, "peace treaty from Herr Hitler,
>>>>> promising "peace in our time." Neville Chamberlain at London's airport
>>>>> waved a piece of paper at throngs of people and newsreel cameras,
>>>>> triumphantly crying out he had "brought peace in our time," to Europe
>>>>> and the world.
>>>>> All Neville Chamberlain and HMG succeeded in doing with their
>>>>> appeasement of a madman, was seal the extermination of millions and
>>>>> deprive millions more of their homes, countries, and lives. Now United
>>>>> States President Barak Obama is concerned about the "foreign affairs"
>>>>> legacy" of his Presidency. He wants to bring "peace in our time." to
>>>>> the Middle East. To accomplish what no other US President has, thus
>>>>> assuring his "place in the history books!"
>>>>> And, why not? Its a long way from the beltway in DC, or Whitehall in
>>>>> London to Beit El, the Golan or Yerushalym. "Peace in our time," for
>>>>> Chamberlain meant forsaking the people and sovereignty of the Czech
>>>>> Republics. For President Obama, his perceived legacy is far more
>>>>> important than the security and lives of almost 7 million Israelis, or
>>>>> almost 7 million Jews. Both Barak Obama and Vice President Joe Biden
>>>>> have told Israelis that they are "willing to take big risks for
>>>>> peace." Like I said its a long way from the "beltway" to Tel Aviv.
>>>>> The brain trust in Washington DC are fearful. It seems that the United
>>>>> States Air Force Chief of Staff last week visited secretly Israel.
>>>>> This week US Army Chief of Staff Dempsey visited Israel and IDF Chief
>>>>> of Staff Benny Gantz. With Hezbollah assets in Lebanon being
>>>>> redeployed to Syria to aid Bashar Assad, US National Command Authority
>>>>> is concerned that IDF will pre-emptively strike Iran without US
>>>>> assistance or permission. With many Hezbollah assets now in Syria,
>>>>> Hezbollah ability to retaliate from Lebanon would be significantly
>>>>> reduced.
>>>>> In the last year IAF capabilities to get greater numbers of
>>>>> conventional weapons or special weapons on targets in Iran has
>>>>> significantly increased. Many military observers claim American
>>>>> participation in such a pre-emptive strike is no longer required, nor
>>>>> desired.
>>>>> On Wednesday peace talks betwixt the so called "palestinians" and
>>>>> Israel resume. Israel will demand from the "palestinian" concessions
>>>>> to guarantee Israel's security. The US negotiators are hoping to
>>>>> coerce Israel to agree to, later negotiate security guarantees with
>>>>> the US, rather than making such demands or guarantees of the so called
>>>>> "Palestinians." Most Israelis do not trust their security or safety to
>>>>> America. It is a long way from the DC beltway, and Podunk Texas to
>>>>> Haifa.
>>>>> So now The EU and United States are considering new negotiations with
>>>>> Iran concerning their WMD programme. The US have coerced and extorted
>>>>> Israel and the "palestinians" to the negotiation table for talks,
>>>>> peace talks, to bring us once again appeasement, and "peace in our
>>>>> time." Or more accurately more dead Jews. It is a long way from
>>>>> Washington, Barak Obama and the kiddies to Tel Aviv and the Jewish
>>>>> State.
>>>>> Prime Minister Chamberlain, HMG and the allies were more more than
>>>>> willing to sacrifice Austria, and the Czech Republics, to bring us
>>>>> "peace in our time," in 1936. President Obama will throw Israel and
>>>>> the Jews "under the bus" all in the cause of his "presidential
>>>>> legacy."
>>>>> Or as Barak Obama says..."I bring you peace in our time."
>>>>> Posted by Seren at 10:00 PM No comments:
>>>>> Sunday, August 11, 2013
>>>>> Faggots Dykes and Political Correct Hypocrisy
>>>>> Did the so called LGBTQ "community" cause AIDS, spread AIDS,
>>>>> exacerbate AIDS, or otherwise contribute to the pandemic? If there
>>>>> were no faggots or lesbians, et al, would there be or have been an
>>>>> AIDS problem?
>>>>> Is being a member of the LGBTQ "community" a crime? Is so called
>>>>> "homophobia" wrong? In 78 of the world's nation states being a
>>>>> sodomite is a crime. In 33 of African nations "homosexuality" is a
>>>>> criminal offense. Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and a host of the
>>>>> world's Islamic Republics, sodomy and or homosexuality is punishable
>>>>> by death.
>>>>> Notwithstanding the outraged cries and commiserations of the LGBTQ
>>>>> "community" in the world, the practice of homosexuality is not only
>>>>> criminalized, but abhorred in more parts and countries of the world
>>>>> than not. Many nations, if not most in the world put squarely the
>>>>> blame of the AIDS pandemic, upon the gays, lesbians, and other of
>>>>> nature's little anomalies.
>>>>> Whilst the "LGBTQ community" around the world is full of "righteous
>>>>> outrage and indignation" that Russian government has passed what fags
>>>>> and dykes are calling "homophobic:" Two things ought be remembered.
>>>>> First that Russia's laws are no different than the majority of the
>>>>> nation-states of the planet.
>>>>> And notwithstanding the howls outrage from so called more "civilized
>>>>> and enlightened nations," every nation-state has the right to
>>>>> legislate or enact any laws they deem compatible to their society, and
>>>>> culture. A very recent poll in Russia illustrated the fact over 74 %
>>>>> of Russians feel the LGBTQ community are an offence to Russian society
>>>>> and that can never be accepted into Russian society.
>>>>> Even in nations where the laws are "ambivalent" towards faggots, dykes
>>>>> and bisexuals, they are shunned, abhorred and have no relevance in
>>>>> their nations. Countries like Turkey, India and China whilst are
>>>>> legally "ambivalent" towards fags and dykes. these "people" are NOT
>>>>> considered a part of society, but a cancer.
>>>>> The LGBTQ "community" isn't accepted by people even in so called
>>>>> enlightened European Union nations. A recent published survey showed
>>>>> in 37 European nations over half of gay, dyke, bisexual and
>>>>> transgendered freaks claim to have experienced "bullying" in school.
>>>>> In the UK, whilst homosexuality is legal, fags and dykes claim over
>>>>> two thirds of themselves experienced bullying in school. That over 41
>>>>> % of these animals claim to have been physically assaulted. 91 % of
>>>>> fags and dykes claim to have been "verbally abused." On in five lesbos
>>>>> and fruits claim to have been harassed in the workplace, and a full 56
>>>>> % of these "people" claim that they would have trouble getting elected
>>>>> to public office because they are queer.
>>>>> In the United States a 2011 opinion poll showed 48% of Americans think
>>>>> homosexuality or being lesbian is immoral and a choice, a piss poor
>>>>> choice. South of the Mason-Dixon Line, the percentage of Americans
>>>>> that abhors fags and dykes increases exponentially.
>>>>> Our "friends" of the "LGBTQ community" have no problem "taking the low
>>>>> road" expressing prevarication and ersatz outrage. The new Russian
>>>>> legislation has been made into political weapon, bully pulpit, and
>>>>> propaganda mouthpiece for "gay rights," right here in the "civilized"
>>>>> western world. There is absolutely no chance of a boycott of the Sochi
>>>>> Olympics. All that does is initiate a retaliatory boycott by Russian
>>>>> and its allies the next Olympics. But alas these animals know that.
>>>>> Homosexuality and Lesbianism is a social abnormality, a biological
>>>>> anomaly, nor does the vast majority of the nation-states of the world
>>>>> recognize it as acceptable or, as a "human right."
>>>>> The "activists," NGOs and the "LGBTQ community's" latest prevarication
>>>>> and campaign is to claim AIDS is being spread by "homophobia" rather
>>>>> than faggots having sex with each other. Gay men being "afraid of
>>>>> social stigma," and not being tested or deliberately having unsafe
>>>>> sex... Is the problem with the spreading of AIDS. Its all the "fault
>>>>> of "straights and the "straight world," rather than faggots fucking
>>>>> each other in the ass.
>>>>> The Sochi Winter Games is not an aberration. 74 % of Russians despise
>>>>> fags, dykes and queers. Most of the world has the same laws and
>>>>> attitudes, notwithstanding the howls of outrage and cries of "human
>>>>> rights violations" by the self interested and hypocritical faggots and
>>>>> dykes.
>>>>> Posted by Seren at 10:01 PM No comments:
>>>>> Hunt them down....and Kill them all!
>>>>> Elias Hazineh trumpets, proclaims and cries what Arab, Muslim animals
>>>>> have done for centuries..."kill the Jews!" Allah akbar, "kill em all!"
>>>>> Last week at an Al-Quds day demonstration Elias Hazineh representing
>>>>> Palestine House, until recently a recipient of Canadian dollars, to a
>>>>> miniscule number of kanadians at a rally...."Give the Jews in
>>>>> Jerusalem and "palestine" ten minutes to leave, and then start
>>>>> shooting." Ersatz kanadian Elias Hazineh further posits, "that is the
>>>>> only thing Jews understand."
>>>>> Jews, the Jewish people or race are the indigenous people of the
>>>>> Middle East. The ersatz "prophet Mohammad" walked the planet roughly
>>>>> 500 years subsequent to the death of Christ. There was a Jewish State
>>>>> with Yerushalym as its capital 2000 before the Birth of Christ.
>>>>> The Muslim and self described "palestinian" immigrants aren't
>>>>> Canadians or fit in here as real Canadians. Lets give them, Fatima and
>>>>> the kiddies ten minutes to clear out of Canada, and then start
>>>>> shooting the under-evolved animals. Just as the Muslim animals have
>>>>> murdered Jews in the name of a fucked up allah, lets gun down Fatima
>>>>> and the kiddies. How is that suggestion any more outrageous than Elias
>>>>> Hazineh's plans for "peace in the Middle East?"
>>>>> Mr. Elias Hazineh is a Muslim coward! If he feels so strongly that he
>>>>> ought to kill Jews or that someone must do it...than why don't himself
>>>>> and his sycophants go to Israel or YESHA and take on the IDF and see
>>>>> where that takes them?
>>>>> In the meantime Mr. Hazineh's idea to gun down little Achmed and
>>>>> Fatima in a hail of 50 cal fire seems as good as any other.
>>>>> Posted by Seren at 6:19 AM No comments:
>>>>> Wednesday, August 7, 2013
>>>>> Die Larry Cutarm, Indians are drunken pigs
>>>>> If there was any "justice" drunk Larry Cutarm would be dead and not
>>>>> his
>>>>> son.
>>>>> A few days ago, drunk Indian Lance Cutarm was shot dead by a RCMP
>>>>> Constable on Highway 13 near Ma Me O Beach Alberta. His Brother Larron
>>>>> was also shot, present in the truck was their Father Larry and two
>>>>> other Indians.
>>>>> Five drunk Indians were drinking all day. They jumped into a pick up
>>>>> truck, three, in the cab and two in the truck bed. And on Alberta
>>>>> public highway 13 off the Ermiskin reserve they were stopped by a RCMP
>>>>> constable who suspected the vehicle was being operated by someone
>>>>> under the influence of alcohol.
>>>>> Drunk Indian Larry Cutarm was driving. Drunk Indian Larry Cutarm later
>>>>> told media that he had been drinking, but "was not drunk." He told
>>>>> media, "he was maintaining..." whatever that means. Alberta's DUI laws
>>>>> have been reformed. The point zero eight alcohol limit has been long
>>>>> reduced to point zero five. No one, but no one can have even one drink
>>>>> and drive any longer. If you drink, it is illegal to drive. It is
>>>>> indeed that simple Mr. Cutarm.
>>>>> So a lone RCMP constable pulls over a truck with five drunk Indians in
>>>>> it. Lance Cutarm the drunk Indian that was fatally shot, had a lengthy
>>>>> and longstanding criminal history, and record. He also was a well
>>>>> known common drunk. Larry Cutarm told media after the incident. "My
>>>>> son was trying to change his way of life. He was sober. This was the
>>>>> day he drank a little bit and look what happened to him. Its a
>>>>> senseless killing that happened. It could have been prevented..."
>>>>> Indeed, it could have Mr. Cutarm, you could have refrained from
>>>>> getting liquored up, getting into ole pick up, and driving. You, and
>>>>> your drunken companions could have cooperated with police rather than
>>>>> being so drunk and so stupid to think you could resist arrest or have
>>>>> it on, with a police constable discharging his lawful duty.
>>>>> Disparate news reportage says the drunk Indian survivors claim that
>>>>> they wanted to prevent the RCMP constable from beating the driver
>>>>> Larry Cutarm. That indeed with four other witnesses and outnumbered
>>>>> five to one a RCMP constable was "beating" the driver. Well that is
>>>>> indeed quite a claim.
>>>>> The reality is Larry Cutarm killed his son quite deliberately when he
>>>>> jumped into the ole pick up and drove down Highway 13, after a day's
>>>>> worth of drinking. And then have the temerity to blame someone else.
>>>>> But alas that is very much what Indians do! It is always a case of
>>>>> "racism" or someone else's fault."
>>>>> Last week was an inquiry as to the circumstances of the murder of
>>>>> Indian five year old Phoenix Sinclair, by her "parents" drunk Indians
>>>>> Samantha Kematch and her common law husband Karl MacKay. These Indian
>>>>> animals in their daughter's short life, shot BBs at her, fed her human
>>>>> excreta, starved her, practiced wresting choke holds on her, and
>>>>> fucked her.
>>>>> At last week's inquiry, Manitoba Assembly of "big chiefs'" lawyer Jay
>>>>> Funke entered into the record a statement made by Manitoba's injin
>>>>> "big chiefs." Where they posit that...": the tragedy of Phoenix
>>>>> Sinclair's death was largely due to centuries of colonial based
>>>>> policies and practices forced upon the first nations peoples of
>>>>> Canada..."
>>>>> Drunken Indians on a close knit small reserve and injin tribe, abused,
>>>>> starved and tortured a infant until it was five death, and it
>>>>> is the "white guy's fault."
>>>>> Already our "Indian friends" are passing the buck, and saying the
>>>>> "racist white guy" is to blame. The Erminskin Cree "Nation" is
>>>>> "demanding answers" into the death of drunk Indian Lance Cutarm. The
>>>>> Hobbema reserve is the hemorrhoid of Alberta. It is a cesspool of
>>>>> Indian criminal gangs, drug manufacture, sales and abuse. Less than
>>>>> forty percent of Indian youth on this reserve graduate from High
>>>>> School. Drive by shootings and the killing of infants and children are
>>>>> a common occurrence. Notwithstanding the fact the Erminskin ersatz
>>>>> nation" is wealthy due to oil royalties, it is a tosspot of
>>>>> corruption, graft and nepotism.
>>>>> Alas, "big chief" Craig Makinaw is "demanding answers" of the RCMP.
>>>>> He claims tribal members are "concerned" about an incident that
>>>>> occurred nowhere near the reserve.
>>>>> Joey Young a childhood friend of the decedent whines that "the
>>>>> shooting has created distrust between band members and the RCMP." But
>>>>> again the incident was no where near the reserve. Mr. Young further
>>>>> bleats "I want questions answered why he had had to be shot to death?"
>>>>> If four drunk Indians attack a cop, making a drunk driving
>>>>> stop...Indians get shot, and rightfully so.
>>>>> The Erminskin Cree " Nation" is culpable and complicit in this
>>>>> tragedy as they enable and condone drinking and driving. The Erminskin
>>>>> Cree ersatz "nation" created the society and "culture" that engenders
>>>>> and enables this sort of under-evolved behavior.
>>>>> Self described aboriginal leader and chair of the so called
>>>>> "aboriginal commission on human rights and justice" , 'big chief"
>>>>> Muriel Stanley Venne says! "The incident maybe another reminder of the
>>>>> discrimination of aboriginal people by the justice system."
>>>>> Oh dear, five drunk Indians that were drinking all day, pile into a
>>>>> truck, drive and get pulled over by a RCMP constable ion Highway 13.
>>>>> "Big chief" Muriel Stanley Venne calls that "discrimination of
>>>>> aboriginal people by the justice system."
>>>>> Like the "assembly of Manitoba chiefs" these animals blame the "white
>>>>> guy" and government for the crimes of injins. Larry, Larron Cutarm,
>>>>> and their two other companions resisted arrest and attacked a police
>>>>> constable, because they were drunk and that's what Indians do.
>>>>> Larry and Larron Cutarm et al killed Lance Cutarm just as surely as if
>>>>> they pulled the trigger, now they are shifting the blame.
>>>>> Indians are well known for "eating their young," this proves that
>>>>> sentiment once again.
>>>>> Mr. Cutarm....why don't you kill yourself?
>>>>> Hey "big chief" Muriel Stanley Venne why don't you get liquored up
>>>>> tonight and drive by your nearest RCMP detachment? You dumb squaw!
>>>>> Posted by Seren at 10:30 PM No comments:
>>>>> On 8/14/13, David Amos <> wrote:
>>>>>> BTW I did not post Leah Parsons' or Glen Canning's phone numbers
>>>>>> anywhere. Hell I only called Canning once and never did speak to him
>>>>>> I
>>>>>> didn't even share his email address with many until recently
>>>>>> Furthermore all of it is readily available on the Internet anyway.
>>>>>> However as you all well know the very evil cyber bully Mr Baconfat
>>>>>> has
>>>>>> said lots about them and eveybody else including my kids and the RCMP
>>>>>> just laughed at us?
>>>>>> Methinks I will sue the RCMP What say YOU NOW Sgt Allan Carrol???
>>>>>> From: Allan Carroll <>
>>>>>> Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 18:14:09 -0400
>>>>>> Subject: Re: Trust that Murray Segal's appointment to whitewash the
>>>>>> Rehteah Parsons matter did not surprise me after the meail I sent
>>>>>> this
>>>>>> weekend (AOL)
>>>>>> To: David Amos <>
>>>>>> I will be AOL commencing July 27, 2013 and returning on August 13,
>>>>>> 2013. Cpl David Baldwin of Amherst Det will be assuming my duties
>>>>>> during my absence. Should you require immediate assistance, please
>>>>>> contact the main Amherst office number at 902-667-3859.
>>>>>> For inquiries about the Crisis Negotiation Team, please contact
>>>>>> Sgt.Royce MacRae at 902-720-5426 (w) or 902-471-8776 (c)
>>>>>> Monday, August 12, 2013
>>>>>> Stupid Dead Rehteah Parsons, her rotten parents and David Amos
>>>>>> Rehtaeh Parsons was killed by her Mother Leah Parsons, her real
>>>>>> father
>>>>>> no one knows, step father Glen Canning and Leah's currant beau. Her
>>>>>> family are more culpable and or responsible than the teenagers at the
>>>>>> drinking party fifteen year old Rehtaeh got liquored up and fucked
>>>>>> at.
>>>>>> Over two years had passed betwixt the party and Rehteah taking her
>>>>>> own
>>>>>> life. The Halifax school system could not help Rehteah, because she
>>>>>> wasn't showing up to school. Her "parents" did not know their beloved
>>>>>> daughter Rehteah wasn't attending school or didn't care.
>>>>>> Rehteah Parsons was only fifteen years old when Glen Canning and Leah
>>>>>> Parsons permitted their daughter to attend a drinking party. In the
>>>>>> two years subsequent to the party Leah was ill, suicidal, and
>>>>>> struggling and her "parents" did not see this, or more likely just
>>>>>> didn't care.
>>>>>> If I could talk to Rehteah Parsons' "family, I would tell them they
>>>>>> are to blame, not the police, not teenage inter-net bullies, not the
>>>>>> government, not the school system....YOU ARE.
>>>>>> Since Rehteah Parsons suicide her "parents" have been feverishly
>>>>>> trying to claim "fifteen minutes" of fleeting fame by seeking to
>>>>>> attach blame for their stupid daughter's death, when they themselves
>>>>>> are completely culpable.
>>>>>> So now David Amos claims his "children" have been bullied and is
>>>>>> trying to "seek justice in his own fashion." He does that by posting
>>>>>> Leah Parsons' and Glen Canning's phone numbers on his blog, and tries
>>>>>> self aggrandize himself shamelessly.
>>>>>> The world would be a much better place without David Amos and his
>>>>>> "family"
>>>>>> Posted by Seren at 10:37 PM
>>>>>> Monday, April 29, 2013
>>>>>> Charles Leblanc, Glen Canning, Rehtaeh Parsons and "cyber-bullies."
>>>>>> Stephen Harper says Ottawa will stop cyber-bullying! He Has met or
>>>>>> meeting with the "family" Parsons for a photo op and lend some
>>>>>> perception of credence to this abject political propaganda. But
>>>>>> notwithstanding this political posturing, there will be no
>>>>>> "criminalizing bullying or cyber-bullying or amending the Criminal
>>>>>> Code of Canada. My first reaction is: How the fuck are you going to
>>>>>> do
>>>>>> that?
>>>>>> So Prime Minister Stephen Harper how do propose to stop mental
>>>>>> defectives like Charles Leblanc falsely accusing serving Police
>>>>>> Constables of "touching his private part?" How are going to stop
>>>>>> Charles Leblanc from bullying what he calls "snobs?" Mr. Leblanc has
>>>>>> described Fredericton Police Force constables as "steroid freaks," as
>>>>>> "racist against the poor" for enforcing panhandling laws. He has
>>>>>> suggested people that disagree with him need to "have a bullet in
>>>>>> their head." He frequently expresses his hatred of "maudit
>>>>>> Quebecois,"
>>>>>> food bank personnel and any one else who in his words "pisses him
>>>>>> off."
>>>>>> So just how is Charles Leblanc exercising his freedom of expression
>>>>>> in
>>>>>> writing his blog any different than Glen Canning, Leah Parsons et al
>>>>>> whining about restricting kids ability to post on face book or
>>>>>> twitter?
>>>>>> If we are going to "criminalize bullying", what is bullying and what
>>>>>> is the right to say whatever you want? If there is sufficient
>>>>>> evidence
>>>>>> uncovered to support a sexual assault conviction against those (4?)
>>>>>> boys that allegedly rape Rehteah Parsons, a prosecution ought be
>>>>>> initiated without delay. The problem is after over two years there
>>>>>> was
>>>>>> and isn't enough evidence to support a conviction or convictions in
>>>>>> this sad story. Yet the public and the Parsons' entourage want their
>>>>>> "pound of flesh," partly because the "family" Parsons is responsible
>>>>>> if not culpably negligent for Rehteah's suicide. And their refusal to
>>>>>> accept such responsibility.
>>>>>> A fifteen year old child was permitted to go to drinking orgies. For
>>>>>> two years this sad tale was progressing itself to Rehteah's demise,
>>>>>> and everyone else is to blame except Mommy and step Daddy.
>>>>>> Just how is the school system going to censor kids on face book and
>>>>>> twitter to put an end to "bullying?" How is restricting freedom of
>>>>>> expression not "bullying" in its own right.
>>>>>> Amanda Todd and Rehteah Parsons were not "let down" by the schools,
>>>>>> the criminal justice system, government or society, as much as they
>>>>>> were by their own parents and family! As "cyber-bully" Charles
>>>>>> Leblanc
>>>>>> says..." that's the fact Jack!"
>>>>>> Posted by Seren at 10:40 AM
>>>>>> Saturday, April 27, 2013
>>>>>> Glen Canning's and Leah Parsons' "Fifteen Minutes" of Dubious Fame
>>>>>> Glen Canning and Leah Parsons have become what they claim is party
>>>>>> responsible for their daughter's suicide, bullies.
>>>>>> Glen Canning is not Rehtaeh Parson's father but, Step Father, and
>>>>>> Leah
>>>>>> Parson's now has another "domestic partner." Whilst all them I am
>>>>>> sure
>>>>>> are devastated with grief, all of them and their supporters are going
>>>>>> out the their way to distort the truth, and pervert justice in their
>>>>>> zeal for revenge and notoriety.
>>>>>> Canada generally and Nova Scotia specifically do not run "kangaroo
>>>>>> courts." Justice is indeed a "two sided coin." The Criminal Code of
>>>>>> Canada, and our system of jurisprudence is designed to represent the
>>>>>> interests of the of the victims, the people of the provinces of
>>>>>> Canada, and the right of the accused to a fair trial.
>>>>>> Let us be accurate. Rehteah Parsons hanged herself to death over two
>>>>>> years after an alleged sexual assault at a party where fifteen year
>>>>>> old Rehtaeh Parsons, and other minor children were drinking
>>>>>> themselves
>>>>>> into a stupor.
>>>>>> Leah Parsons and her camp followers have alleged that Rehtaeh .
>>>>>> "bullied unmercilessly for months, the 17 year old hanged herself in
>>>>>> the bathroom." So where was Mom, Dad, Step Dad and Leah's current
>>>>>> "domestic partner?" More importantly where were these "parental
>>>>>> authorities" when she was going to drinking parties at the age of
>>>>>> fifteen?
>>>>>> The almost predictable inevitability of such a gross and egregious
>>>>>> parental failure in allowing their "daughter" to go to drinking
>>>>>> parties, sadly happened. What one expect, the events of the drinking
>>>>>> party are cloudy and unclear. One of the teen aged boys accused of
>>>>>> this crime by the Parson's camp was later proven not to be even at
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> party.
>>>>>> Renowned for her fairness National Post columnist Christie Blatchford
>>>>>> wrote "there are two sides to every story." And that the long
>>>>>> investigation into the allegations of sexual assault during that
>>>>>> party, were nowhere definitive. "The evidence was all over the map.
>>>>>> Ms. Blatchford further reports that, the photo that was taken during
>>>>>> the party of Ms. Parsons having sex, and later used to "bully her to
>>>>>> death"..."shows virtually nothing that would stand up in court." And,
>>>>>> that it doesn't reveal recognizable face." A girlfriend of Rehtaeh
>>>>>> Parsons at the party told investigators. "Rehtaeh was being
>>>>>> deliberately flirtatious at the party," suggesting what the boys are
>>>>>> saying that the "sex was consensual ."
>>>>>> The Crown Prosecutor decided that there was not nearly enough
>>>>>> corroborative evidence to support anywhere near a guilty verdict. A
>>>>>> boy posting a picture on the web of Rehtaeh having sex, and no faces
>>>>>> being shown does NOT prove rape in Canada....and thank God for that .
>>>>>> So now Leah Parson's, Rehtaeh's "step Dad", current beau, and
>>>>>> entourage are blaming the High School Rehtaeh attended for permitting
>>>>>> "two years of bullying" that pushed Rehtaeh to killing herself. The
>>>>>> Parsons' camp in their mission to get "justice for Rehtaeh have
>>>>>> become
>>>>>> bullies and vigilantes and liars.
>>>>>> The families of some of the boys investigated, put handbills on
>>>>>> utility poles in Cole Harbour, saying "there are two sides to every
>>>>>> story," that there was no proof of rape, or their sons were rapists,
>>>>>> no faces on the photos, and there insufficient proof to support a
>>>>>> prosecution with a reasonable chance of a conviction. Those handbills
>>>>>> as of now are more accurate than the vitriol being spewed by a
>>>>>> distraught "family."
>>>>>> So the Parson's "family" and their sycophants tore down these
>>>>>> leaflets
>>>>>> and howl with outrage, wail, and gnash their teeth at the audacity of
>>>>>> parents trying to protect their children. Something the Parson'
>>>>>> "family" ought to have considered when they knowingly permitted a
>>>>>> fifteen year old little girl go to drinking parties.
>>>>>> It took over two years for Rehtaeh to progress herself to suicide,
>>>>>> where was the "family" Parsons? Where was Mom, "step Dad, the Beau
>>>>>> and
>>>>>> entourage for the two years since the alleged rape? Kids talk, kids
>>>>>> nowadays are addicted to social media and have taken gossip to an
>>>>>> entirely new level. How are school authorities to monitor or regulate
>>>>>> what kids say on twitter and face book using their smartphone and
>>>>>> computers?
>>>>>> There is not much difference betwixt the Parsons' camp accusing a boy
>>>>>> of rape that was not even at the party where Rehtaeh drank herself
>>>>>> silly. And the "bullying" the Parsons' claim drove their Rehtaeh to
>>>>>> suicide.
>>>>>> So now the Parsons' "family" are demanding "prosecutions of those
>>>>>> responsible," regardless of the existence evidence. The Parsons'
>>>>>> "family" are demanding change in the law to muzzle those that would
>>>>>> tweet, gossip, be kids or otherwise might offend someone, or push
>>>>>> some
>>>>>> weak minded poorly parented child to suicide. Everyone of us say we
>>>>>> are to blame in someway for the death of 17 year old Rehtaeh...except
>>>>>> themselves of course.
>>>>>> Glen Canning is outraged by a fair article by Christy Blatchford
>>>>>> outlining how legally problematic a prosecution in this case was. So
>>>>>> Rehtaeh's "step Dad" howls in ersatz outrage to further his "fifteen
>>>>>> minutes of fame." And has like his ex-whatever Leah become a bully.
>>>>>> What is that old saw or quote...."we have met the enemy, and they are
>>>>>> us"
>>>>>> Posted by Seren at 7:01 AM
>>>>>> Saturday, June 15, 2013
>>>>>> Rehtaeh Parson's Suicide was Because She was Fucked in the Head
>>>>>> I have many times opined here that Rehtaeh Parson's suicide was
>>>>>> entirely the fault of herself, her "Mother", her "step father," and
>>>>>> her "Mother's " current significant other. This at no time was a
>>>>>> stable family unit.
>>>>>> Now as time is passing and the dust settles, no charges have been
>>>>>> laid
>>>>>> for bullying or sexual assault. That is because there is no
>>>>>> actionable
>>>>>> evidence to support these charges not withstanding the bleating of
>>>>>> Rehtaeh's family and their "supporters."
>>>>>> The week-end edition of the National Post reports there was an
>>>>>> independent review of the way the Halifax Regional School Board
>>>>>> handled the Parson's situation. The report released yesterday said
>>>>>> that the School Board might have handled Rehtaeh Parsons more
>>>>>> effectively, had she actually attended school. There are literally
>>>>>> scores of programmes and resources available to assist troubled
>>>>>> youth,
>>>>>> but Rehtaeh Parson's "constant truancy," precluded any effective
>>>>>> assistance for her.
>>>>>> The Parsons "family" has placed blame on the police agencies
>>>>>> involved,
>>>>>> the school authorities, Rehtaeh's classmates, and acquaintances. But
>>>>>> the blame belongs entirely with Leah Parsons, Rehtaeh's "Mother".
>>>>>> Leah Parson's permitted her daughter to attend drinking parties at
>>>>>> age
>>>>>> fifteen. Leah Parsons much like Indian "parents" refused to supervise
>>>>>> or actually raise her daughter. If a High School student is not
>>>>>> attending school, their parents are solely responsible and culpable.
>>>>>> The Parsons family was again like Indian "families" never stable or
>>>>>> permanent. Rehtaeh's Mother and so called step Father, were neither
>>>>>> effective or caring parents, or ultimately Rehtaeh's suicide may
>>>>>> never
>>>>>> occurred. Or perhaps Rehtaeh Parsons was emotionally disturbed at the
>>>>>> get go.
>>>>>> Nevertheless, the Parson's "family's" attempt to blame the schools,
>>>>>> Rehtaeh's friends, and the police, and the controversy these people
>>>>>> have fomented, is disingenuous, specious to say the least.
>>>>>> Rehtaeh Parsons and her "family" are not so much the victims of this
>>>>>> tragedy, as the perpetrators of it.
>>>>>> Posted by Seren at 8:54 AM
>>>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>>>> From: BARRY WINTERS <>
>>>>> Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 19:31:28 -0600 (MDT)
>>>>> Subject: Re: Curtis Penner should not be embarassed but he should ask
>>>>> Leibovici, Diotte, Iveson, Mandel and the cops whats in the water that
>>>>> caused their support this blog out of Edmonton
>>>>> To: David Amos <>
>>>>> That is so kind of you David. I certainly wouldn't write these little
>>>>> epistles if I didn't want them read.
>>>>> Since you claim to know where I work, live, and have my picture, why
>>>>> don't you give me a call. I indeed have both a cell phone and
>>>>> landline, perhaps you get the "lawyer Amy Sock" and her pals in the
>>>>> "Oliver neighbourhood" to pay me a visit?
>>>>> Still waiting for you to get the FBI after me. I suppose you can claim
>>>>> to call Lori at work again. Anything that makes you feel better,
>>>>> David!
>>>>> Cheers laddie!
>>>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>>>> From: David Amos <>
>>>>> Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 22:19:46 -0300
>>>>> Subject: Re: Curtis Penner should not be embarassed but he should ask
>>>>> Leibovici, Diotte, Iveson, Mandel and the cops whats in the water that
>>>>> caused their support this blog out of Edmonton
>>>>> To:,,
>>>>> " \"stephen.mandel\""
>>>>> <>, "rod.knecht"
>>>>> <>, sunrayzulu <>,
>>>>> "Dale.McGowan" <>,
>>>>> Cc: premier <>, premier <>, xchief
>>>>> <>, David Amos
>>>>> <>, minister <>,
>>>>> "" <>, wendallnicholas
>>>>> <>, "Tim.RICHARDSON" <>,
>>>>> oldmaison <>, ssamson <>,
>>>>> airdrie <>, "Gary.Rhodes"
>>>>> <>, andre <>, "david.akin"
>>>>> <>, "greg.weston" <>
>>>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>>>> From: BARRY WINTERS <>
>>>>> Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 19:11:29 -0600 (MDT)
>>>>> Subject: Re: Curtis Penner should not be embarassed but he should ask
>>>>> Leibovici, Diotte, Iveson, Mandel and the cops whats in the water that
>>>>> caused their support this blog out of Edmonton
>>>>> To: David Amos <>
>>>>> Yo Amos!
>>>>> This is what you say is, "too funny!" Another line of pathetic crying
>>>>> out into the ether!
>>>>> I would call you, but alas, what is there to say to you? Middle August
>>>>> I am in Gagetown for a reunion of sorts. "People" of your ilk are not
>>>>> permitted on the installation. E mail me your address, but alas you
>>>>> are of no fixed address are you?
>>>>> Would you like to "meet" at Laura the Butts abode, I mean I will be
>>>>> cuming their anyway?
>>>>> Still waiting for the FBI, David cheers David!
>>>>> You will love the latest on the blog!
>>>>> Tuesday, July 16, 2013
>>>>> David Amos all twitterpated!
>>>>> David Amos is all "twitterpated," "creaming his jeans," "knickers in a
>>>>> knot," and otherwise outraged by that "evil man that lives in Oliver
>>>>> across the street from Kitchener Park."
>>>>> David Amos is the self described, "ethical whistle blower," former
>>>>> "bounty hunter," and the man responsible for the "jailing of Whitey
>>>>> Bulger and David Madoff," is now complaining to the Mayor, and members
>>>>> of the Edmonton City Council about what he calls my "evil blog." This
>>>>> is not the first time David Amos has deigned to complain about my
>>>>> freedom of expression to Edmonton's Mayor Stephan Mandel. Mr. Amos
>>>>> was ignored by both His Honour the Mayor, as well as the Chief of
>>>>> Edmonton Police. In fact neither these people and their respective
>>>>> staffs did reply to him. I am quite sure if any of these people cared
>>>>> enough about the vexation of poor David Amos, they would tell him, if
>>>>> he feels this blog is so "evil," then do not read it.
>>>>> Wee David has also bleated his chagrin about this "evil blog" to the
>>>>> Prime Minister of Canada, several Ministers of the Crown, the Premiers
>>>>> of New Brunswick, Alberta and Saskatchewan, the Director General of
>>>>> CSIS, the amerkan NSA, CIA, and indeed the "leader of the free world
>>>>> President Obama
>>>>> A few days ago Mr. Amos claims to have complained to "FBI Special
>>>>> Agent Comcowich in Bean Town," and the "US Marshall Service's, bosses
>>>>> in DC," about this "evil blog." He also claims to have called my
>>>>> wife's place of employment to complain to her employers about my "evil
>>>>> blog. "
>>>>> Mr. Amos' consternation, and outrage with my humble blog is several
>>>>> years longstanding, as are his childish, churlish insults, and
>>>>> pathetic threats of imaginary litigation. David Amos, of Fredericton
>>>>> New Brunswick has most recently threatened "litigation," against Mayor
>>>>> Samson and the Alberta Town of Sylvan Lake. This is quite astonishing,
>>>>> from a "man" that couldn't rise to the purchase of airfare to Alberta
>>>>> on the best day he ever had.
>>>>> David Amos and his family, makes one long for the days of the twenties
>>>>> and thirties, when all Canadian Provinces had eugenics programmes and
>>>>> legislation. David Amos' mother would have been sterilized, or her
>>>>> tubes tied in a nice little bow.
>>>>> Oh dear, it does makes one long for the "good old days!
>>>>> Posted by Seren at 5:55 PM No comments:
>>>> 'Anonymous' won't release names of Rehtaeh Parsons suspects
>>>> Group claiming to be hacktivist network plans protest in Halifax
>>>> CBC News Posted: Apr 12, 2013 9:17 AM AT Last Updated: Apr 12, 2013
>>>> 5:40
>>>> PM
>>>> AT
>>>> A group purported to be hacktivists Anonymous says that at the request
>>>> of the family of Nova Scotia teenager Rehtaeh Parsons, it will
>>>> withhold the names of the individuals alleged to have raped the
>>>> teenager before her death, but adds others might not go along with
>>>> that decision.
>>>> The 17-year-old was taken off life support and died Sunday following a
>>>> suicide attempt.
>>>> Her mother, Leah Parsons, alleges Rehtaeh was raped by four boys who
>>>> took photos of the incident, which she says sparked bullying and
>>>> harassment.
>>>> No charges have been laid.
>>>> "We feel that honoring the Parsons' wishes while they lay their
>>>> daughter Rehtaeh to rest is the respectful thing to do," said a
>>>> statement released Thursday from the purported group.
>>>> Earlier this week, a group claiming to be the leaderless,
>>>> international collective vowed to identify those involved in the
>>>> victimization of the teenager. In a video, a masked figure linked to
>>>> the infamous hacktivists threatened to release the young men's names
>>>> if authorities didn't reopen the case.
>>>> Where to call for help
>>>> Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868
>>>> N.S. Mental Heath Mobile Crisis Team: 1-888-429-8167
>>>> But "it has come to our attention that several names have already been
>>>> posted online to various websites, even tossed around on Twitter. Be
>>>> aware that 99 per cent of you have named someone that is innocent,"
>>>> they wrote.
>>>> "We aren't playing guilty until proven innocent. We apologize to those
>>>> of you who want this type of justice, but bashing someone's reputation
>>>> online is just not good enough."
>>>> In the group's latest statement, it claims to have seen what it calls
>>>> a confession from one of the young men, who admits he had sex with
>>>> Rehtaeh and names three other boys who had sex with her as well.
>>>> The online collective said screenshots of this confession have been
>>>> made available to police.
>>>> This has not been verified.
>>>> The group said if at some point it does decide to release names, it
>>>> will ensure people know Anonymous is behind the leak.
>>>> Putting a face to Anonymous
>>>> Jon Blanchard, who says he's a Halifax member of Anonymous, is trying
>>>> to bring accountability to Nova Scotia.
>>>> Blanchard says the government's handling of the Parsons case reminds
>>>> him of neglectful bureaucracies in the developing world.
>>>> Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter has appointed four government
>>>> departments to look into the death of the teen. Both Dexter and
>>>> Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson have urged people not to become
>>>> vigilantes.
>>>> Blanchard said the case has attracted the collective's attention
>>>> because of a perceived lack of official concern.
>>>> "While everybody is shuffling the papers and trying to find what went
>>>> wrong, they are the same people that let a 17-year-old girl kill
>>>> herself," he said.
>>>> Hopes teen 'did not die in vain'
>>>> Anonymous and its offshoot, Lulz Security, have been linked to a
>>>> number of high-profile computer attacks and crimes, including many
>>>> that were meant to embarrass governments, federal agencies and
>>>> corporate giants
>>>> But Blanchard said he has worked with Anonymous to publicize human
>>>> rights issues in the developing world, including Syria and the
>>>> Maldives. He says details are different, but the government response
>>>> is the same.
>>>> "We are doing the same kind of bureaucratic no-speak that they are,
>>>> and it's alarming and frankly embarrassing for me as a Nova Scotian. "
>>>> Blanchard said he hopes Rehtaeh's legacy will be one of change.
>>>> "What the Anonymous community is trying to do is make sure that she
>>>> did not die in vain."
>>>> A demonstration outside police headquarters in Halifax this weekend
>>>> will be held by the group claiming to be Anonymous.

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