Friday, 20 September 2013

Yo Chief Rod Knecht forget Section 300 for a second have YOU or any of your corrupt cops in Edmonton ever heard Sec 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code?

WOW is this pervert ever stupid. It is unbelievable why the RCMP would
protect him

Friday, September 20, 2013
Og Shit a dear, wee Davey is again outraged!

Wee David Amos sent this nonsense to me via e mail, and I assume
literally hundreds of others!

Yo Chief Rod Knecht forget Section 300 for a second have YOU or any of
your corrupt cops in Edmonton ever heard Sec 319 of the Canadian
Criminal Code?
September 20, 2013 9:31 PM


Oh Dear little Davey does not like my latest posts. After over
eight-teen hundred posts, David is still crying and commiserating
about the political comment.

David, walk to the window, stand still, and the lights will be put out! Bang!

Posted by Seren at 8:47 PM

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2013 00:31:30 -0300
Subject: Yo Chief Rod Knecht forget Section 300 for a second have YOU
or any of your corrupt cops in Edmonton ever heard Sec 319 of the
Canadian Criminal Code?
To: "Randy.McGinnis" <>, "rod.knecht"
<>, "Dale.McGowan"
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Cc: PCC Complaints <>, "bob.paulson"
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<>, "steven.blaney"
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oldmaison <>, law <>,
"peter.dauphinee" <>, andre

Friday, September 20, 2013
Canada's pore ole niggers, in Fat Fred City!
I once spent a year, one week recently in David Amos' "hometown, "Fat
Fred City." The weather was lovely but as the military personnel at
CFB Gagetown relate, the locals are a slow, stupid, and lazy lot!
Every soldier that ever served at Gagetown says the "locals love their
pogey, or EI" No one works in Maritime kanada.

Indeed, the hardest working "maritimers" are the prostitutes of
Maritime kanada like David Amo's kids! "Ya gotta love it" the only
maritime Kanadians with a work ethic, are those that swallow paste,
and are diseased.

Back here in Edmonton, we are in the midst of an municipal election
campaign, and little Davey Amos has been calling and e mailing
candidates for months now. And of course people like former candidate
Curtis Penner have been blocking his e communications for months.

Here in ward six the candidate I advise appears to be in a very good
position to win the position of "alder-creature."

It is very much a "tale of two cities," regarding "Fat Fred City," and
Edmonton. Edmonton is booming, fast growing, an attraction for
immigrants, capital, and investment. "Fat Fred City" is not. Alberta
is the economic and political centre of gravity in Canada.

"Fat Fred City," and New Brunswick is the parasite capital of Canada.

Indeed, here endeth the lesson.
Posted by Seren at 7:52 PM

Sunday, September 15, 2013
Bomb Iran Now. Kill Iranians
After a year of bogus "red lines" lofty rhetoric unfulfilled
guarantees, and now without a shred of credibility, President
"chattering monkey" Obama says!

US President Barack Obama on Sunday warned Tehran that a new
initiative to avert a Western strike in Syria should not be
interpreted as a lack of willingness in Washington to pursue a
military solution to the ongoing Iranian nuclear standoff.

"I think what the Iranians understand is that the nuclear issue is a
far larger issue for us than the chemical weapons issue, that the
threat… against Israel that a nuclear Iran poses is much closer to our
core interests," Obama said in an interview with ABC. "My suspicion is
that the Iranians recognize they shouldn't draw a lesson that we
haven't struck [the Bashar Assad regime] to think we won't strike

Conversely, Obama added, the Russian-brokered agreement that would see
Syria hand over its sizable chemical weapons stockpile was an
indication to Tehran that "there is the potential of resolving these
issues diplomatically."

Some months ago before the chattering monkey and the US dishonoured
itself and lost all its geo-political credibility: King Abdulaziz bin
Abdulaziz bin Abdularahman Faisal binTurki Abdullah bin Muhammad bin
Saud, the King of Saudi Arabia begged the chattering monkey President
Obama to attack Iran, and "cut off the head of the snake."

What King Abdullah got were a year of "red lines" that weren't "red
lines" at all, and Valdimir Putin and Russia..."stole a march" at the
expense of our amerkan cousins.

On the day of the Pearl Harbor attack, Admiral Yamamoto wrote, "I
fear we have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible
resolve." And that's exactly what Japan accomplished. But subsequent
to 9/11 the amerkan people were filled with nothing but fear,
loathing, conspiracy theories, and a all consuming attitude of "why
us?" We are the good guys, and everyone loves amerka, don't they?

They made deals with factions in Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban in
the original build up and invasion of US forces. After they caught
Saddam Huissein General Patreaous did the same thing, in Iraq. Whilst
they killed bin Laden, they accomplished little else because they
never were "filled with a terrible resolve." And therefor the "war on
terror" continues in many ways unabated.

And now Bashar Assad, Russia, and China are thumbing their collective
noses, at a weak and impotent amerka. North Korea is watching amerka's
lack of resolve whilst building delivery systems for nuclear warheads
they already have, ICBMs that can reach amerka eventually.

The Times of Israel further reported

In the wake of that decision, the US president came under fire from
critics who said opting for a diplomatic solution conveyed a message
of American weakness in the region and signaled to Iran that, despite
Washington's statements to the contrary, it could pursue its
controversial nuclear program with impunity.

PRESIDENT OBAMA SAID....... "If you have both a credible threat of
force, combined with a rigorous diplomatic effort," Obama said, "… you
can strike a deal."

But the geo-political reality is, there is no credible "threat of
force" from anyone save the Israelis and the IDF. Who is President
Obama trying to kid. What's more, the Mad Mullahs know it.

It is a long way from the White House, Whitehall. and Brussels seat of
government for the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and given Europe's
historic propensity for killing Jews through the centuries, Israel
will have to do what it has always, defend itself, by itself. In the
mid to late thirties German Jews were trying to leave Germany for
amerka, but the official US immigration policy created and supported
by Congress and President Roosevelt concerning Jewish immigration
was..."one was too many!" Literally hundreds of thousands of Jews
perished in the Shoah that would have lived.

Nations do not have friends, nations have interests. Amerka and the
UK's national interest is "regional stability." Eretz Israel's
"national interest, is survival. And yes the goals are mutually

On 7 June 1981, Israeli intelligence used amerkan intelligence they
purloined from CIA and struck the Iraqi reactor at Osirk Iraq in
OP/opera. The professionalism and courage of IAF pilots stand as a
testament to this very day. Then President Reagan, was outraged that
Israel would US intel to launch a raid on Iraq. He later ended up
agreeing with the operation.

Nowadays IDF doesn't require US SIGINT or national technical means to
create a target list. There now are 9 OFEK low earth orbit
reconnaissance satellites the maintain surveillance for IDF of the
Middle East. There was no need for amerkan assistance and or
permission for the pre-emptive strike in "67" or the "81" OP/Opera
strike, or in the Suez Campaign.

Most Israelis in polls say they want the US like Saudi Arabia to
strike Iran. But is quite clear that chattering monkey Obama is more
than prepared to accept the deaths, or risk the lives of 7 million
Israeli Jews for "regional stability.

In the last year IDF operational capabilities re a pre-emptive strike
on Iran have increased dramatically. Including INS Dolphin Cass subs
armed with nuclear tipped Cruise Missile deployed in the Arabian Sea.
The window of vulnerability of Iranian nuclear facilities is fast
closing. The US has no geo-political credibility and or clout any
longer, and Iran's Mad Mullahs, Bashar Assad, and Vladimir Putin know
it .

The Iranian threat, is and always has been an existential one for
Israel, and President chattering monkey Obama's guarantees, guarantee
nothing. And everyone including the Israeli Cabinet, know it.

Its time for IDF to bomb the fuck out of Iran. Its past time.

Posted by Seren at 3:53 PM

Friday, September 20, 2013
Lets All Bully David Amos, and his Manson Family

What if all the people that block Amos' e mails, have been harassed,
or stalked or othwise abused by David Amos were to join me in bullying
him and his grown prostitute, and diseased children. What if "Stevie
boy Harper", or Linda Duffett-Leger, "little "Petey boy Mackay," or
the rest of the literally hundreds of innocents David has abused over
the years, were to bully the prick? Were to bully his criminal

David Amos is a pariah, a homeless animal, bereft of property, money
or the respect of his peers. David Amos, and his "family" are Jew
haters. What is the Jews of New Brunswick shun him, his business in
shops, write about his crimes against Jews and humanity in Jewish
Weeklies. Perhaps Mossad could "remove him from the board?" Nah David
nor his kids aren't worth the trouble.

I have abused little Davey for several years. Notwithstanding David
Amos' constant whining about sec 300 of the CC of C, recently found to
be unconstitutional in cyber-space...I have abused him. He has stalked
and harassed decent folks for years. Stand next to the window, Dave,
now stand still....lights out!

Posted by Seren at 8:16 PM

Sunday, September 8, 2013
The Civic Election and Ward Six Edmonton

Preston Manning once said, "you put on the light on the porch in
Summer you are bound to attract bugs." Civic elections in Edmonton are
sometimes like that, most especially ward six. There is always a large
number of unqualified and or nuisance candidates, people who have
less qualification or education to be an "alder-creature" as say David
Amos of "Fat Fred City."

Being a successful candidate for "alder-creature" is very difficult.
In the years before the re-drawing of ward lines, Ben Henderson tried
no less than three times to become councilor for then ward four. He
attended pot lucks, rummage sales, community league functions, every
gathering in the ward for roughly twelve years and three civic
elections. to get finally win a council seat. Ben Henderson even had
an edge. His wife is Laurie Blakeman, has been the long serving
Liberal MLA in Edmonton Centre.

This election with 11 candidates, a decently funded campaign in ward
6, may well win the council seat with a mere 3000 votes.

There is but one qualified candidate in my view, in ward six, and that
would be Scott McKeen. Scott McKeen covered city hall for many many
years for the Edmonton Journal. There's no incumbent in the ward now,
and none of the other candidates have a lick of government or related
experience. Muncipal politicians have a greater direct influence on
the lives of their constituents than any other level of Canadian

Scott McKeen has years of experience watching city hall, and knows how
it works. This sort of experience is lacking in all the other
candidates. Most candidates in all the councilor races are bereft of
any real ideas or new ideas to deal with the city's problems. Curtis
Penner had some "outside the box" idea worthy of consideration and
debate, but alas he withdrew his candidacy.

In ward six especially there is truth in the old story, "you have to
kiss a lot of frogs, to find a prince. That can also be said about
civic politics. And that's a shame because municipal politics are
perhaps are the most important level of government.

The problem is every immigrant, bimbo, uneducated retard with an
agenda or favourite cause thinks he or she is qualified to help
administrate what in Edmonton is multi-billion dollar budget.

What is they say: "Ultimately, we get the government we deserve."

Posted by Seren at 2:32 AM

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
To sum up!
It is Tuesday, September 3. I am back still traipsing the shallow
end of bureaucratic government, DND officialdom. David Amos is still
unemployed and Mr. Canning, and Leah Parsons is still trying to extend
and parlay their "fifteen minutes of infamy" into something more
profitable. "For the love of God do something..." they cry. Which
translates to, what can we get out of all this.

Since Mr. Canning threatened me with "going national" on his blog,
nothing has occurred. There has been no deluge of e mails to my home,
none actually. NO torrent of comments to by blog, no promised calls
from the "media" or outraged articles or other news stories,
"methinks" Mr. Canning has overstated or exaggerated his importance,
and influence. I am not over surprised.

Rehtaeh Parsons is still dead, a victim of her selfish, addled and
negligent "parents", to allow a fifteen year old child to be a drunk
and promiscuous. According police there are still outstanding photos
or at least one out there.

David Raymond Amos still infects cyber-space threatening retribution,
spam and imaginary litigation upon anyone that annoys or irks him.
From Alison Menard, Robert F. O'Meara, Dan Fouts, Werner Bock, Mark
Carney and the rest of the "snobby British Banksters and politicians,
to our own "Stevie Boy Harper. Honourable mention goes to the unnamed
security constable who David wants his name so he can sue him, for
some arcane reason known only to, and understood by Amos. David Amos'
e communications are blocked and ignored, as the products of

David Amos' "children" Max, and Laura are still hard working
prostitutes, swallowing paste and giving rim jobs for thirty bucks, a
pack of smokes in a pinch. And our "friend" David Amos is still
calling Cruise line a gay chat site for thrills.

Oh dear....The more things change the more they stay the same.

Posted by Seren at 4:23 PM

Friday, August 14, 2009
What does Amerika, the "Truther" movment, "God" and retards have to do
with Canada
We do not have to worry about comment from Little Dean and Dave...they
are to uneducated to understand most posts

So have you seen them, been annoyed or insulted by them, have you
smelled their disease? Have you ever crossed the "medicine line" and
seen some Yank being taken into custody because he just has..."this
constitutional right to bear arms" Canada. I remember years ago
when the debate was on in Canada, about there being weapons of mass
destruction in Iraq. Our American 'friends" demanded that Canada join
into "the Coalition of the Willing.

American "veterans" and sportscasters loudly denounced Canada for NOT
buying into the US policy. At the time I was serving as a planner at
NDHQ and with 24 other of my colleagues we went to Tampa SOUCOM HQ to
be involved in the planning in the planning stages of the op....and to
report to NDHQ, that would report to the PMO upon the merits of the
proposed operation.

There was never at anytime an existing target list of verified sites
where there were deployed WMD. Coalition assets were more than
sufficient for the initial strike and invasion phase but even at that
point in the planning, we were concerned about the number of "boots on
the ground" for the occupation (and end game) stage of an operation in

We were also concerned about the American plans for occupation plans
of Iraq because they at that stage included no contingency for a
handing over of civil authority to a vetted Iraqi government and
bureaucracy. There was no detailed plan for Iraq being "liberated" and
returned to its people...nor a thought to an eventual exit plan.

This was contrary to the lessons of Vietnam but also to the military
thought, that folks like Colin Powell and "Stuffy" Leighton and others
illucidated upon. "What's the mission" how long is the mission, what
conditions are to met before US troop can redeploy?

Prime Minister Jean Chretien and the PMO were even at the very
preliminary planning stages wary of Canadian involment in an Iraq
operation....History would prove them correct. The political preesure
being applied on the PMO from the George W Bush administration was

American military assets were extremely overstretched, and Canadian
military assets even moreso It was proposed by the PMO that Canadian
naval platforms would deploy to assist in naval quarantene operations
in the Gulf and that Canadian army assets would deploy in Afghanistan
thus permitting US army assets to redeploy for an Iraqi operation....

The PMO thought that "compromise would save Canadian lives and liberal
political capitial.. and the priority of which ....not neccessarily in
that order. Essentially Canada detemined to stay out of Iraq, paid the
price, of a larger role in Afghanistan to enable US military assets to
redeploy to Iraq.

The US op in Afghanistan evolved from a US op, to a UN op, to a NATO /
ISAF op. NATO countries other than Canada and the UK shun combat
operations in Afghanistan..their rules of deployment and engagement
mitigate against NATO troops engaging the Taliban. By design I am
quite sure.

But now the American Iraq op, is a great success. The "surge" worked.
But alas now 127 Canadian soldiers are dead. The 2011 deadline is
coming nigh....and President Barak Obama and NATO want Canada to
consider extending the deployment of Canadian troops. The motives are
different. The US wants to... needs to, as matter of national
security, to defeat insurgency in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Our
European allies want Canada to remain and continue to "punch above its
weight" so European soldiers do not have to actually fight or die.

That begs a few questions: "Nations do not have friends, nations have
interests" -Henry Kissinger. Is American national security re
terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan compatable with Canadian
national interests? If this country, Canada is going to be a
continuing ally in "the war against terror"....should not our "friends
and neighbours across the medicine line be more amenable in matters of
trade, or just living up to their free trade agreements. If our
"friends and neighbours" to the south want Canadians to fight side by
side...maybe that 7 % Softwood lumber tariff was a mistake...or the
buy American provision in the currant stimulus plan ought to be re

Our American "friends" give Israel roughly 3 billion dollars a year to
be spent buying weapons systems from US defense
survive (both Israel and US defense industries) Perhaps US dollars
should flow to Canada to buy weapons systems and patrol aircraft and
naval platforms...after all, aren't we your "friends and allies"?

There is nothing similar with American culture, and politics between
Canada and the US. Canada evolved into nation status and the US,
revolted violently. This difference in the means we became
nations...has greatly defined who and what we are.

Our American "friends" look upon Canada as cultural, economic and
political satrap.... Now to their great consternation they are finding
out... that is NOT the case . Nothing good came to Canada by way of
America. The military "schewir punct" should be defense of our
continental shelf and the arctic.

Canada does need to stop shipping unrefined bitumen to the US and
totally refine it here and start building a pipeline for bitumen to
Canada's west coast to sell to Asian and the Chinese market. It is
more than past time to understand ..our American "friends" are not our
friends at all.

Or else it is: Bend over here it comes again.....KY anyone?
Posted by Seren at 11:27 AM

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