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Ms Blatchford, Premier Dexter, the ex cop Ross Laundry and all their cop pals know you began trolling Glen Canning as soon as he disputed what she wrote in her wicked story CORRECT Mr Baconfat?

From: David Amos <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2013 03:12:04 -0300
Subject: Ms Blatchford, Premier Dexter, the ex cop Ross Laundry and
all their cop pals know you began trolling Glen Canning as soon as he
disputed what she wrote in her wicked story CORRECT Mr Baconfat?
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That was kinda obvious out of the gate and very predictable knowing
your style of trolling in support of the corrupt journalists spewing
bullshit in your beloved National Post and Sun Media etc.

My question is does the racist Lori Ink and all and Indians in your
neighborhood know you have a thing for licking Christie Blatchford's
nasty arse? You can't deny that are always bringing up the rear
whenever she shows her nasty arse. N'esy Pas pervert?

Anatomy of a Troll

Trolls come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Some are the
hit and run types and will create a different username and profile for
each attack while others are in it for the long haul and stick to a
single profile.

Trolls have been studied for awhile and the more thats learned about
them the more an understanding develops of what they have in common
and what drives them. Trolls love anonymity and there's usually a good
reason for it. We're not talking about successful popular people when
it comes to trolls. They are very often exactly as they would be
imagined – basement socially awkward dwellers with little to offer
anyone or anything. Trolls are angry at the world and try to take out
that anger by causing grief to others.

One troll in particular was outed by the BBC as part of the
documentary Panorama. A reporter tracked down a troll in Cardiff,
Wales, who goes by the handle Nimrod Severn. His real names is Darren
Burton, and he comments on memorial pages set up on Facebook to honor
those who have died. In particular, he's fond of posting that he hopes
the deceased "rot in piss". See the thumbnail to the left above that
was posted on Rehtaeh's memorial page and you get the idea.

Burton fits the profile perfectly. He's a lonely angry little man and
he gets off lashing out and causing pain to others. He didn't seem to
impressed when he was outed. Below is a segment from the documentary:

Michael Brutsch
Another famous troll was outed last year by GAWKER's Adrien Chen.
Michael Brutsch, aka Violentacrez (pronounced Violent-Acres), was a
Reddit moderator who was responsible for creating such categories as
r/creepshots, r/beatingwomen, and r/jailbait. Yes, jailbait as in
images of minors.

A week after being outed, Brutsch held an interview with CNN's
Anderson Cooper. In the interview Brutsch was apologetic about his
activity and said he made a mistake by not listening to people
concerned about his "contributions." He also lost his job.

The risk factor in trolling has certainly changed. Anonymous and other
groups have begun outing and reporting pedophiles, rapists, and online
tormentors. They helped bring down hate pages set up following Rehtaeh
Parsons death and have been helpful with Amanda Todd's case. Anonymous
also drove the Steubenville Rape Case and helped bring justice to a
traumatized victim.

Edmontonian/Calgarian Barry (Walter) Winters

Given the costs and embarrassment of being exposed why troll at all? I
recently asked that very question to a blogger who has written some
very disturbing things about my daughter as well as me, her mother,
Arabs, Muslims, First Nations Peoples, and many, many others. His
response thus far, other than to "dissuade" me from emailing him, has
been silence. He has gone on a panic posting spree. Getting as much
hate spread as he can before he's gone.

To be clear, I fully support freedom of speech and am not interested
in censoring anyone, especially not for a lack of taste, class, and
decency. He can post away for all I care. I doubt anyone even visits
his pathetic site and if they do I'm sure they leave rather quickly.

I do believe there is a point when behaviour online becomes criminal.
Stating to have seen images of an underage girl naked could very well
mean this individual is accessing child pornography and that may need
to be looked into by law enforcement. I have been in touch with the
police in Edmonton. If he has accessed these images they may be on his

Barry Winters
This is Barry (Walter) Winters. Winters does work the the Department
of National Defence in Alberta, possibly in a security role. He's run
his blog since 2009 and appears to have covered every topic under the
sun but is fixated on an individual I'll not name (besides me, he's
fixated on me too).

Winters emailed me, much to my surprise, when I found out through
another source he was behind the site. At first I really didn't care
because he's just one nut and the bowl is full, so to speak. We've had
lots of trolling on the memorial page and I've had some comments
posted here that are disgusting to be polite about it. Ignoring them
is the best policy unless they are threatening or criminal in nature.

I can't understand the why though? Why post this type of hateful
dribble if being exposed for doing so could have serious consequences.
Winters works for DND. Do they know he wants to shoot Palestinians, or
as he calls them, "the under-evolved animals."

The Muslim and self described "palestinian" immigrants aren't
Canadians or fit in here as real Canadians. Lets give them, Fatima and
the kiddies ten minutes to clear out of Canada, and then start
shooting the under-evolved animals.
Or how about this one:

Indians are drunken pigs.
His claims to have seen child pornography involving Rehtaeh Parsons is
puzzling. Usually the kinds of people who view something as sick as
child porn don't openly brag about it.

I HAVE SEEN naked pictures of Rehtaeh.
There's a lot more filth and hateful comments on his site. I can't
read it, it's nothing more then the ramblings of a sad angry little
man who is so frustrated with life he just wants to share his pain. I
really hope DND takes a look at Barry. Our tax dollars should be going
to better Canadians than him.

Trolls do what they do for a reaction. They almost never think there
will be consequences for it.

blogging bullying child pornography crime troll 2013-08-27
Glen Canning
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Glen Canning

August 27, 2013 at 9:16 pm
UPDATE: A police report has been filed with Edmonton Police to verify
whether or not Barry Winters has accessed child pornography like he's
claimed to have done.

ReplyLorraine Passchier

August 29, 2013 at 2:07 pm
Glen, keep us updated. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook are delivering the
news that matters. Deeply saddened that you've been forced to contend
with this after the loss of your daughter. Bullies want our silence.
Heartened to see you have the courage to take a stand.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the
silence of our friends. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

ReplySerah Brandenn

August 27, 2013 at 11:20 pm
We live in a crazy, crazy, fucked up world.

ReplyFrom Vancouver, BC

September 1, 2013 at 4:20 am
What an evil, disgusting, miserable POS Barry Winters is. Glen, I am
so sorry about this nightmare you and your family have endured. I know
that nothing can ever bring Rehtaeh back, but I hope and pray that
justice will eventually be served. Sending you, Leah, and Rehtaeh all
of my love.

Saturday, April 27, 2013
Glen Canning's and Leah Parsons' "Fifteen Minutes" of Dubious Fame

Glen Canning and Leah Parsons have become what they claim is party
responsible for their daughter's suicide, bullies.

Glen Canning is not Rehtaeh Parson's father but, Step Father, and Leah
Parson's now has another "domestic partner." Whilst all them I am sure
are devastated with grief, all of them and their supporters are going
out the their way to distort the truth, and pervert justice in their
zeal for revenge and notoriety.

Canada generally and Nova Scotia specifically do not run "kangaroo
courts." Justice is indeed a "two sided coin." The Criminal Code of
Canada, and our system of jurisprudence is designed to represent the
interests of the of the victims, the people of the provinces of
Canada, and the right of the accused to a fair trial.

Let us be accurate. Rehteah Parsons hanged herself to death over two
years after an alleged sexual assault at a party where fifteen year
old Rehtaeh Parsons, and other minor children were drinking themselves
into a stupor.

Leah Parsons and her camp followers have alleged that Rehtaeh .
"bullied unmercilessly for months, the 17 year old hanged herself in
the bathroom." So where was Mom, Dad, Step Dad and Leah's current
"domestic partner?" More importantly where were these "parental
authorities" when she was going to drinking parties at the age of

The almost predictable inevitability of such a gross and egregious
parental failure in allowing their "daughter" to go to drinking
parties, sadly happened. What one expect, the events of the drinking
party are cloudy and unclear. One of the teen aged boys accused of
this crime by the Parson's camp was later proven not to be even at the

Renowned for her fairness National Post columnist Christie Blatchford
wrote "there are two sides to every story." And that the long
investigation into the allegations of sexual assault during that
party, were nowhere definitive. "The evidence was all over the map.

Ms. Blatchford further reports that, the photo that was taken during
the party of Ms. Parsons having sex, and later used to "bully her to
death"..."shows virtually nothing that would stand up in court." And,
that it doesn't reveal recognizable face." A girlfriend of Rehtaeh
Parsons at the party told investigators. "Rehtaeh was being
deliberately flirtatious at the party," suggesting what the boys are
saying that the "sex was consensual ."

The Crown Prosecutor decided that there was not nearly enough
corroborative evidence to support anywhere near a guilty verdict. A
boy posting a picture on the web of Rehtaeh having sex, and no faces
being shown does NOT prove rape in Canada....and thank God for that .

So now Leah Parson's, Rehtaeh's "step Dad", current beau, and
entourage are blaming the High School Rehtaeh attended for permitting
"two years of bullying" that pushed Rehtaeh to killing herself. The
Parsons' camp in their mission to get "justice for Rehtaeh have become
bullies and vigilantes and liars.

The families of some of the boys investigated, put handbills on
utility poles in Cole Harbour, saying "there are two sides to every
story," that there was no proof of rape, or their sons were rapists,
no faces on the photos, and there insufficient proof to support a
prosecution with a reasonable chance of a conviction. Those handbills
as of now are more accurate than the vitriol being spewed by a
distraught "family."

So the Parson's "family" and their sycophants tore down these leaflets
and howl with outrage, wail, and gnash their teeth at the audacity of
parents trying to protect their children. Something the Parson'
"family" ought to have considered when they knowingly permitted a
fifteen year old little girl go to drinking parties.

It took over two years for Rehtaeh to progress herself to suicide,
where was the "family" Parsons? Where was Mom, "step Dad, the Beau and
entourage for the two years since the alleged rape? Kids talk, kids
nowadays are addicted to social media and have taken gossip to an
entirely new level. How are school authorities to monitor or regulate
what kids say on twitter and face book using their smartphone and

There is not much difference betwixt the Parsons' camp accusing a boy
of rape that was not even at the party where Rehtaeh drank herself
silly. And the "bullying" the Parsons' claim drove their Rehtaeh to

So now the Parsons' "family" are demanding "prosecutions of those
responsible," regardless of the existence evidence. The Parsons'
"family" are demanding change in the law to muzzle those that would
tweet, gossip, be kids or otherwise might offend someone, or push some
weak minded poorly parented child to suicide. Everyone of us say we
are to blame in someway for the death of 17 year old Rehtaeh...except
themselves of course.

Glen Canning is outraged by a fair article by Christy Blatchford
outlining how legally problematic a prosecution in this case was. So
Rehtaeh's "step Dad" howls in ersatz outrage to further his "fifteen
minutes of fame." And has like his ex-whatever Leah become a bully.

What is that old saw or quote...."we have met the enemy, and they are us"
Posted by Seren at 7:01 AM

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Facts about the Canada's "first nations" crisis and the Indian con job
First some basic facts. There are 633 "first nations" or "first
nation's reserves in Canada. There are roughly 1.6 million Indians in
Canada. In the last decades more than half of Canada's Indians have
left their reserves, "people", "societies", clans,tribes and
"cultures."They have indeed "voted with their feet," and moved to
urban Canada.

Most Canada's 633 "first nations" reserves or communities are
economically sterile. Most of Canada's "first nations" reserves are
remotely located, and have less than 3000 residents each. All of
Canada's "first nations" reserves prohibit "natives" the right to own
property. Have un-evolved tribal customs that serve "as
self-governance" that are wholly archaic and ineffective.

Self-government, effective self-government for Indian tribes, band,
clans and Canada's 633 "first nations" reserves is legally mandated in
the Canadian Constitution. On Canada's 633 "first nations" reserves,
reside roughly 500,000 Indians in tribes,bands, and clans, everything
but "nations" or "nation-states."

There does NOT exist a "nation to nation" or a "nation-state to
nation-state relationship between the Federal Government of Canada,
nor between the provincial governments of Canada ...and Canada's
rapidly disappearing 633 "first nations" clan, band and tribal
reserves populations. Nor has a "nation to nation relationship
betwixt "nations" ever existed between Canada and its Indian peoples.
This is the "great con job", the "the bright shining lie." that the
Idle No More movement and Indian "chiefs" trying to sell the Canadian

On Canada's 633 "first nations" reserves right now roughly 180 of them
are in enforced mandatory "third party management." At any given time
up to one-quarter of Canada's Indian reserves are in "third party
management," because of theft, malfeasance, under-evolved systems of
self-governance and as Christie Blatchford describes, a "broken
culture."This is not the "stuff of nation states."

"Big Chief" Spence started 6 weeks ago her "hunger strike". Three
weeks ago her spokespeople and the Idle No More movement demanded a
meeting betwixt all the roughly six hundred Indian "chiefs",the Prime
Minister of Canada, the Governor General of Canada and of course,
herself. Idle No More and the "chiefs" "broke their knees" climbing
aboard that bandwagon. They said those three weeks ago a meeting with
in 72 hours was required to save "chief" Spence's life.

Big "chief" Spence and some of the other "big" chiefs did not attend
the meeting. Their false and inflated sense of "sovereignty" and
desire to diminish of office of Prime Minister, overwhelmed the
"crisis" on Indian reserves that they wanted to deal with.

The "crisis" Canada's Indian"chiefs" are concerned about occurred
about six weeks befor "big chief" Spence's fake hunger strike...The
government adopted Bill C27, the First Nations Financial Transparency
Act. This Bill ensures that Indian "chiefs" and hereditary "chiefs"
are as accountable to Indians, as our elected officials are held to
the same laws of accountability, as Canadian elected officials.

The "big chief" Spence and the Idle No more "sting" and con job. The
federal government over seven years gave "big chief" Spence and the
Attawaspiskat Band Council over 104 million dollars to provide housing
for 1500 people, roughly three hundred families.

The money is gone, no homes have been built, and "big chief" Spense
is still alive after six weeks of her ersatz "hunger strike." Today
the "great con" continues. Today "big chief" Spence will end her fake
hunger strike. Her community reportedly sent a letter to "their chief"
to "return to her community now or face removal of chief of the

So today "big chief Spence" swallows her pride with a Snickers Bar and
issues 13 declarations of commitment to deal with the "crisis" on
Indian reserves, and will attend an "honouring ceremony" at a posh
downtown Ottawa Hotel. Of course paid for by the tax payers of Canada.

"ya gotta love that injin con-game."
Posted by Seren at 3:13 PM

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