Saturday, 14 September 2013

Fwd: Years ago after I ran for a seat in Parliament in Fat Fred City the snobby arsehole Bob Mersereau told me to go fuck myself and I laughed and thanked him for being honest

Fat Fred City's Bobby Boy Mersereau is every bit as fat as Davey Myles
is skinny and snobby and the QSLS fanboy Mr Baconfat is EH Chucky

From: "McLaughlin, Heather" <>
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2013 06:43:59 +0000
Subject: Automatic reply: Years ago after I ran for a seat in
Parliament in Fat Fred City the snobby arsehole Bob Mersereau told me
to go fuck myself and I laughed and thanked him for being honest
To: David Amos <>

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2013 03:43:46 -0300
Subject: Years ago after I ran for a seat in Parliament in Fat Fred
City the snobby arsehole Bob Mersereau told me to go fuck myself and I
laughed and thanked him for being honest
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Years later one of the nasty QSLS dudes Davey Baby Myles called me and
said the same thing but he sounded even more whimpy than Bobby. Need I
say I laghed twice as hard?

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Harris" <>; "bert. hudon"
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Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2009 11:57 AM
Subject: Re: I just called the House, Stan Carew, his Deputy Dog and
the QSLS puppy David Myles who loves politicking after you promoted
their website on air

Davey Baby

I truly do thank your for the email. Methinks that you should have
took law as your mom suggested then you would not have made such a
major Faux Pas. On CBC last I believe you talked of your great
interest in politicking and would not mind a job in the UN or
whatever. Thus it follows you know exactly who I am N'esy Pas?

. May I suggest that you quit the BULLSHIT, sprout some balls and call
me ASAP (506 756 8687) Before I take you and your snobby friends in
Fat Fred City to blogger and Youtube hell with me and make you rather
infamous like your local hero Chucky Leblanc?

BTW Your QSLS website is not private and it is overseen by your buddy
Danny Boy Fitzgerald. As you kids well know most of the things you
dudes lament about we agree on. I have no understanding why you kids
attacked me other that to have some malicious fun at my family's
expense. Perhaps you nasty little dudes should try to make amends with
me. It starts by picking up the god damend phone EH?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

On 1/3/09, <> wrote:
> Hi David,
> Thanks for the email. I just wanted to clarify a couple things. I did
> not mention the website on the air let alone promote it. The group, which
> I did mention because of a reference that was made in a phone call, was
> formed as a way for friends to stay in touch (it's meant to be private).
> Dan, a fellow Frederictonian, enjoys blogging about politics and was asked
> to create his own site if that's what he was going to do, seeing as we
> didn't necessarily agree with his views. and that the nature of that site
> was different. that's the site you're talking about. That's his thing not
> ours. Anyway, sorry for any confusion.
> All the best in the New Year,
> take care,
> David
> On Sat, January 3, 2009 8:22 am, David Amos wrote:
>> Now guess who is singing these tunes hereto attached.
>> Veritas Vincit
>> David Raymond Amos
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>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 17:40:24 -0400
>> Subject: I sure hope you call me back Mr Hunter 506 756 8687 the
>> lawyers and the cops can do nothing to stop me now To:
>>,,, "Robert.
>> Jones" <>, "richard.
>> dearden" <>, "Duceppe. G"
>> <>
>> Cc:,,
>> Too many people know the truth of my matters.
>> My first lawsuit against the Crown is written
>> If I don't hear from Mr. Duccppe right after the New Year it is in the
>> mail and the circus begins
>> Obama's lawyer Mr. Craig should be clever enough to understand that I
>> can prosecute the capital crime of murder in the USA in a civil matter in
>> Canada. If not he should study the Canadain Criminal Code.
>> His boss Obama will have no control over my litigation in Canada as we
>> argue about the malice he practiced for the past four years towards his
>> fellow American citizens in support of George W. Bush . Two of whom are my
>> children.
>> The pdf files that you people have already received from me and some
>> have acknowledged are irrefuttable. However these wav files are Hell in a
>> Handbaskert are they not? Shame on you all.
>> Veritas Vincit
>> David Raymond amos
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>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 16:00:08 -0400
>> Subject: How does Harper, the RCMP and CRTC and Bell Canada etc
>> explain to anyone why I have police surveilance wiretap tapes? To:
>>, rob <>, kreicker
>> <>,
>> Cc: ""
>> <>
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>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 14:58:29 -0400
>> Subject: I will lay odds that Rob Horwood knows T.J. Burke and that
>> you Yankees know of these mobsters EH? To:,
>> Cc: "" <>
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>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 19:10:48 -0400
>> Subject: Feel free to lick T.J. Burke's nasty little arse and while
>> you are at it have him explain the sound files attached will ya? To:
>>, "" <> Cc:
>> "" <>,
>> "" <>, Dan Fitzgerald
>> <>, Richard Harris <>,
>> gypsy-blog <>, "nb. premier" <>,
>> tim4nm <>
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>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 11:38:24 -0300
>> Subject: We just talked Mr. Hickey and Mr. Mellish shame on both of you
>> lawyers To:,
>> Cc:,
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>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 07:17:23 -0300
>> Subject: What you are hearing in the attachments is for real. The cops
>> are crazy not I. To:,
>> Cc:,,,
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>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 14:12:19 -0300
>> Subject: Have a little listen to the Yankee mobsters they may wish to
>> sue you crooks too To:,,
>> Thank you. We have received your e-mail to
>> . We will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.
>> E-mail sent through the Internet is not secure and should not be used
>> to send us confidential information. To send us an email securely, use
>> our
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>> starting with the letter "C" (eg. C0000012345).
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>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 08:52:00 -0300
>> Subject: Have alittle listen to the Yankee mobsters they may wish to
>> sue you crooks too To:,,
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>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 12:24:06 -0300
>> Subject: Attn David Emerson and Stockwell Day I just tried to call Mr
>> Skinner the IG of the DHS (1-800-323-8603) once again this is gettting
>> beyond ridiculous To:,,
>> Cc:,,,
>> For the record I wrote this email in a hurry while making many phone
>> calls. I make no apology whatsoever for any honest mistakes in a time of
>> great stress. My Farmer friend Werner Bock and must go out and secure the
>> evidence of more of his cattle dying today while the RCMP laugh at our
>> concerns with the DHS and his persecution.
>> Whereas all my calls to the RCMP recently are always directed to some
>> noname Commissionaires I just got off the phone with the purported boss
>> of
>> the Commissionaires Mr. Driscoll in his National Office to ask him why my
>> concerns concern his people and not the RCMP. As usual he was too busy to
>> talk to me so I called to talk Ms. Clowater one of his underlings in Saint
>> John once again and she just tried to difer me to
>> someone else as usual.
>> To say that II am tired of people playing dumb would be an
>> understatement on quite possibly the last day 39th Parliament sits this
>> summer. It appears to me that your first line of defence in your support
>> of public corruption boils down to retired RCMP and military people EH
>> Stockwell Day? If So then So be it. They will receive Hard
>> Copy of my material BEFORE we meet in Federal Court even though my old
>> classmate from High School Bruce Noble and every law society and court in
>> Canada have acknowledged that email and their attachments etc are
>> very legal and very binding evidence. That is why Fat fred city has now
>> web
>> page email just like Mr. Harper's cohorts do N'est Pas Brucy Baby?
>> For the record the dude who calls himself "freddybeachsleuth" is NOT
>> me. The fact that he steals my name and thunder like the nasty bastard in
>> Edmonton Alberta Dean Roger Ray did over a year ago should
>> be of great concern to the RCMP. Correct?
>> Here are some of the people I called just now.
>> Commissionaires National Office
>> 100 rue Gloucester Street, Suite 201
>> Ottawa, ON K2P 0A4
>> T 613 688 0710
>> TF 888 688 0715
>> E
>> I am doing as I just promised to the DHS and am posting this email on
>> the Internet in several places immediately. This will be the first place.
>> For the record the Irving media who are reporting the American
>> nonsense byway of cut and paste of the Canadain Press are ignoring the
>> fact
>> that to Office of Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security
>> answered me in November of 2003 with a complaint numbered C04-01448 and
>> promised to investigate my concerns long before most Canadians had ever
>> heard the name of Arar.
>> Hell I complained to the DHS the instant Wayne Easter and the Office
>> of Public Complaints Against the RCMP laughed at my concerns on November
>> 18th and 19th, 2003. Ask the long gone Liberal Lawyer
>> Landslide Annie.
>> Now it is over six years later and the Irving media comes out with
>> this BULLSHIT in their local rags?
>> For the Record I gave the Irving rag called the Gleaner in Fredericton
>> New Brunswick many documents supporting my concerns about my family's
>> safety and the lack of integrity of the US Treasury Dept in late January
>> of
>> 2002 after my wife and I met SGT Boucher of the RCMP and
>> left our children in Canada for safe keeping while I took on many Yankees
>> including the FBI while my wife argued many nasty bastards in court. This
>> was long BEFORE the Yankee Department of Homeland Security or the Canadian
>> Department od Public Safety ever came into existence.
>> I began my private investigations into the abuse of my Clans' Rights
>> and Interests in the fall of 2000 BEFORE George W. Bush was ever elected
>> and long before September 11th, 2001 became a very important date in World
>> History. That is a very simple irrefuttable fact
>> affirmed in writng by the US Department of Treasury in February of 2002
>> over one year BEFORE the Yankees attempted to falsely imprison me in their
>> very questionable prison in Cuba supported by false allegations of a
>> presidential threat made against me by the crooks within Quincy District
>> Court of Massachusetts on April 1st, 2003.
>> These ARE the very same people who ordered my wife and children to be
>> evicted from our home in 2005 without warrants or due process of law over
>> a
>> false claim of the lawyer Angel K. Troccoli about unpaid rent owed to
>> nobody. She is the same lawyer whose false claims that I was stalking her
>> while running for a seat in the 38th Parliament in Canada had me falsely
>> imprisoned in October of 2004 as soon as I returned to the USA after
>> explaining everything in great detail to the Police Commision of New
>> Brunswick with a lawyer and my American wife
>> witnessing it all.
>> My concerns are the concerns of the DHS and the Department of Publi
>> cSafety and WE THE PEOPLE of TWO purportedly profound democracies Rest
>> assured we will meet in cout or my name ain't "Just Dave".
>> Office of Inspector General Hotline Information
>> OIG Hotline
>> If you have knowledge of fraud, waste, abuse, or allegations of civil
>> liberties or civil rights abuses, or mismanagement involving Department of
>> Homeland Security programs or operations, you can:
>> DHS OIG Hotline Poster (PDF, 1 page - 1.80 MB)
>> DHS OIG Hotline: 1-800-323-8603
>> Fax DHS OIG Hotline at: (202) 254-4292
>> Email us at
>> Or write:
>> Department of Homeland Security
>> Washington, DC 20528
>> Attn: Office of Inspector General, Hotline
>> When making a report convey as much information as possible such as:
>> Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Complaints may be made anonymously
>> or you may request confidentiality.
>> For the record my concerns about rampant cross border public
>> corruption are not anonymous or confidential ask the Sergeant at Arms of
>> the US Senate whose lawyer I argued yesterday. I was suggesting that he
>> uphold his mandate and arrest the President of the USA. Clearly some
>> Yankees took my concerns seriously last night EH
>> Stockwell Day?
>> Just Dave
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>> From: David Amos
>> Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008 19:03:41 -0300
>> Subject: I was not surprised when none of you called me back. You are
>> all as crooked as Bob Rae and all cop, lawyers and parliamentarians
>> correct? To:,,
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>> From: David Amos
>> Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 19:47:02 -0300
>> Subject: Murder is still a capital crime correct John Foran? What
>> about the wiretap tapes in my saddlebags? To:,
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>> From: David Amos
>> Date: May 16, 2008 11:27 AM
>> Subject: Murder is still a capital crime correct Ben? Perhaps you should
>> call the FBI and ask them if I am a liar To:
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>> From: David Amos
>> Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 08:53:37 -0300
>> Subject: Fwd: FwIt been over a year Chief Colicott and I received no
>> answer from you Murder is still a capital crime correct? To:
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>> From: David Amos
>> Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 06:00:53 -0300
>> Subject: FwIt been over a year Chief Colicott and I received no answer
>> from you Murder is still a capital crime correct? To:
>>, Cc:
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>> From: David Amos
>> Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 15:31:22 -0300
>> Subject: Here is a little proof of what I just said to your lawyers is
>> true To:,,
>> For all general inquiries:
>> Catholic School Centre
>> Phone: (403) 298-1411 (Main switchboard)
>> If you are a member of the media, please contact one of the following
>> individuals to talk about potential story ideas, arrange interviews with
>> spokespeople, follow up on a recent news release or discuss other
>> news-related issues:
>> Tania Younker
>> Director, Communications
>> Phone: 403-298-1363
>> Fax: 403-298-1483
>> Mark Budd
>> Manager Informatics, CMSS/SSO/CS/CS-A
>> Natural Resources Canada
>> P.O. Box 4000
>> Fredericton, NB
>> Canada E3B 5P7
>> Telephone: (506) 452-3634
>> Janet Sutherland
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>> From: David Amos
>> Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 13:02:51 -0300
>> Subject: We just talked Ms. Legget I must say you picked a bad day to
>> play dumb EH? To:,
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>> From: David Amos
>> Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 14:59:42 -0300
>> Subject: Fwd: Perhaps you should call RCMP now EH Mr. Nugent?
>> To:,,
>> Cc:,,
>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> From: David Amos
>> Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 14:47:58 -0300
>> Subject: Perhaps you should call RCMP now EH Mr. Nugent?
>> To:
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>> From: David Amos
>> Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 19:13:42 -0300
>> Subject: Fwd: Are you still laughing at me Roland Baby? Perhaps you
>> should call RCMP now that people pissed me off overseas EH? To:
>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> From: David Amos
>> Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 11:43:29 -0300
>> Subject: Are you still laughing at me Roland Baby? Perhaps you should
>> call RCMP now now that people pissed me off overseas EH? To:
>> Cc: "", ""
>>, "",
>> "",
>> "">
>> The wind that blows off of our land carries the scent of your Bullshit
>> over there Correct Frenchy?
>> Ask one of your strange supporters overseas Danny Boy Fitzgerald why
>> he supports your cover up of crimes and attacks my integrity right after
>> you listen again to some portions of tapes of Yankee mobsters that I don't
>> give a damn about but he certainly does and you should too. Nest Pas?.
>> Veritas Vincit
>> David Raymond Amos
>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 16:23:41 -0300
>> Subject: Can ya tell why I have no respect for lawyers Jamie?
>> Shouldn't you call the RCMP now?
>> To:
>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 16:30:58 -0300
>> Subject: For the record Haney your office has had these emails for
>> years and you refused to call me back long ago To:,
>> Cc:
>> You as Police Commisioner should be also well aware of what happened
>> between the Cape Breton Police Force, at least two MPs and I last January.
>> They all received these emails and I did receive many
>> responses and false allegations since then Correct?
>> Unlike you I do my home work and I never play dumb. Thats your forte
>> not mine. Politics got you your fancy jobs. Of that I have no doubt. Our
>> conversation today was just malicious politicking that you were practicing
>> on behalf of Cecil Clarke and his malicious assistant MacDonald CORRECT?
>> For the record if some nasty bastard hollers at me I holler back like
>> any proper Maritimer with any balls should. My father taught me that and
>> the ghost of the Old Lady From Hell who was one of my best friends agrees.
>> That is why he gave me his kilt. My father's ghost would be
>> the first to tell any military dude that his wild but ethical child don't
>> take orders from anyone and is fierce as hell without ever losing his
>> temper. I ain't in your god damned army and I hate those who prompt WAR.
>> Were peacekeepers my whole life and your new hero
>> Petey Baby MacKay is the latest Minister of DEFeNCE NOT ATTACK that is
>> why I wish to run against him in the election of the 40th Parlaiment
>> whilst
>> suing Her Magesty the Queen.
>> Also for the record my father named me after his friend David Hornell
>> (a military man should know who he was) and my mother named me after
>> her favorite brother both men died so that nasty bastards such as yourself
>> should not support the efforts of men in black who come at night and try
>> take decent man away in front of their children just because he had proven
>> that he had the evidence to impeach a Yankee President BEFORE the War in
>> Iraq started. GET IT YET? Ask you boss the
>> latest Attorney general to show you the hard copy of my material that has
>> been in his office since August of 2005 before you dare to call me a liar
>> SIR.
>> Nonsense such as hollering etc don't work out to well with me EH? I
>> immediately raise the stakes and set up the nasty bastard for a lawsuit.
>> Perhaps you should contact you friends in the Police
>> Commission in Fredeicton or the lawyer Paul Kenendy of the Public
>> complaints Against Against the RCMP and ask them to forward to you hard
>> copy of my material so you can have lawyers check my work more thoroughly
>> if Cecil Clarke and his cohorts won't tell you shit. Perhaps Nova Scotia
>> should have a lawyer call me now EH Arsehole? I waited until I got a
>> response from the Halifax PD requesting my material before I pounced on
>> you once again. I will lays odd that you had a lawyer listening in on our
>> converstion that is why you would not introduce me. CORRECT?
>> For the Record I just sent you and your buddies in Halifax PD and some
>> of their buddies evidence of murder once again. The Canadian Criminal Code
>> is still in effect in Nova Scotia. Correct? Say Hoka Hey to the RCMP for
>> me will ya? I will look forward to meeting you all in court and then once
>> again in hell someday if there truly is such a place. Can ya tell ya
>> pissed off the Wrong Maritimer Mr. Haney? You picked this fight not me.
>> Say Hoka Hey to my MP Billy casey ofr me will ya?
>> He has had Hard copy for wway past too long too and the recent ghost
>> of far too many honourable Canadian soldiers are haunting me as they
>> should
>> you.
>> Veritas Vincit
>> David Raymond Amos
>> Rest Assured we will be disputing this and the following emails in
>> court someday or my name ain't "Just Dave" As I watched somebody studying
>> my words yesterday on the web I called the Halifax PD many times and
>> nobody would talk to me or call back so I called you. A Police
>> Commissioner can Play Dumb but at least computers don't
>> bullshit.
>> Just Dave
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>> Thomas P. Haney – SBStJ, CD, BA, cdse, pcsc, plsc
>> Tom Haney took up his appointment as the Director, Nova Scotia Police
>> Complaints Commission on 21 August 2006.
>> Prior to this, he was the Director of the Police Leadership Program at
>> Dalhousie University, the CEO of Commissionaires of Nova Scotia and
>> CEO of the Nova Scotia Safety Council.
>> Tom has worked as a consultant in policy and democracy matters in
>> Jamaica, Ukraine and for the Iraqi Electoral Commission as well as an
>> advisor with the Haitian National Police. All of this followed a career as
>> a Military Police officer which spanned nearly 30 years and included
>> service in Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Somalia
>> and Qatar. He holds a BA from St. Mary's University and is a graduate of
>> the Executive Development Course of the Canadian Police College as well as
>> the Canadian Forces Staff College. He lives in Chester, Nova Scotia with
>> his wife Lynden and has three children.
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>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 18:52:40 -0300
>> Subject: Hey Gary Tingley make sure Georges checks these ones out OK?
>> I explained to Ms. Barnes the duties of an officer of the court
>> To:,,
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>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 17:21:32 -0300
>> Subject: Cya'll in Court EH Martine Turcotte?
>> To:,,
>> Cc:
>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> From: David Amos <>
>> Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 15:20:17 -0300
>> Subject: Farmers picked a bad day to piss me off with Stockwell Day
>> Checking my work EH Mr. Moore?
>> To:,,
>> Cc:
>> Just Dave
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>> Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 11:07:15 -0800 (PST)
>> Subject: Hey Mr Taft my father was in the RCAF too He named me after
>> his friend named David Hornell. Because of them I did not have to go off
>> to
>> war. To:,,
>> Cc:,
>> Here's hoping Dennis Kucinich and his fine looking British Redhead are
>> paying attention for the benefit of us all EH?
>> Lets just say that I am proud to have David's name and Uncle Raymond's
>> too.
>> My old man and many other decent men who lived through it taught me
>> to hate war. That said, there are some ghosts I must answer to someday and
>> the top of the list is my father. I must do my best to see that no more
>> honourable warriors become ghosts before their time for no reason that I
>> will ever understand or I will not peace in peace someday.
>> Check the time and date when I first sent this email. Clearly it was
>> composed and sent before Captain Nichola Goddard was killed overseas (her
>> family lives in your neck of the woods correct?) Didn't twenty some of
>> your fellow liberals vote to support Stevey Boy Harper and his malice
>> towards us all within the day of this email first being sent? We all know
>> why don't we?
>> Veritas Vincit
>> David Raymond Amos
>> David Amos wrote:
>> Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 07:30:39 -0800 (PST)
>> From: David Amos
>> Subject: Fwd: Portions of wiretap tapes to impeach George W. Bush and
>> put a stop Harper's motion tommorrow To:
>> David Amos wrote:
>> Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008
>> 10:53:56 -0800 (PST)
>> From: David Amos
>> Subject: Fwd: Portions of wiretap tapes to impeach George W. Bush and
>> put a stop Harper's motion tommorrow To:
>> David Amos wrote:
>> Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008
>> 13:02:25 -0800 (PST)
>> From: David Amos
>> Subject: Fwd: Portions of wiretap tapes to impeach George W. Bush and
>> put a stop Harper's motion tommorrow To:
>> David Amos wrote:
>> Date: Sun, 21 May
>> 2006 18:01:23 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: David Amos
>> Subject: Fwd: Portions of wiretap tapes to impeach George W. Bush and
>> put a stop Harper's motion tommorrow To: David Amos
>> David Amos wrote:
>> Date: Sat, 20 May
>> 2006 16:57:59 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: David Amos
>> Subject: Portions of wiretap tapes to impeach George W. Bush and put a
>> stop Harper's motion tommorrow To:,
>> CC:,
>> Hey
>> Before all the Parliamentarians argue and then vote to
>> support further Canadian deaths in one of George W. Bush's Wars for Global
>> Control for the benefit of his corporate cohorts perhaps, you
>> should at least listen to the attachments if you do not wish to bother to
>> read what Billy Casey and the Bankers got on May 12th. If I can assist in
>> preventing the demise of just one more Canadian warrior in a malicious
>> foreign war, all of my work will have been worth it EH?
>> If everyone ignores me as usual, I will not be surprised.
>> At least I will sleep well with my conscience tonight because I know I
>> have done my very best to stop the nonsense since early 2002 long before
>> the War in Iraq began. None of you deserve to sleep well at all because
>> you all supported Harper's orders to send our people to war even before
>> the 39th Parliament sat this year. As far as I am concerned the blood of
>> four very honourable soldiers can be found on your hands. Shame on all of
>> you for not even bothering to honour our dead by lowering the flag on the
>> Peacetower. As long as I have been
>> aware and could consider myself a Proad Canadian, I thought we were
>> peacekeepers rather than poorly paid hired guns for crooked corporations,
>> corrupt politicians and their wicked Yankee bible pounding buddies.
>> Veritas Vincit
>> David Raymond Amos
>> FEDERAL EXPRESS February 7, 2006
>> Senator Arlen Specter
>> United States Senate
>> Committee on the Judiciary
>> 224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
>> Washington, DC 20510
>> Dear Mr. Specter:
>> I have been asked to forward the enclosed tapes to you from a man
>> named, David Amos, a Canadian citizen, in connection with the matters
>> raised in the attached letter. Mr. Amos has represented to me that these
>> are illegal FBI wire tap tapes. I believe Mr. Amos has been in contact
>> with you about this previously.
>> Very truly yours,
>> Barry A. Bachrach
>> Direct telephone: (508) 926-3403
>> Direct facsimile: (508) 929-3003
>> Email:
>> Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 00:00:53 -0700 (PDT)
>> From:
>> "David Amos"
>> Subject: Jumping Jimmy
>> Flaherty's jump boots versus Crosbie's old mukluks in a liberal Senate
>> To:,,
>>,, CC:
>> Deja Vu Anyone? Anyone?
>> That's what John Crosbie wore in 1979, the last time a budget
>> brought down a Canadian government in a minority-Parliament situation. It
>> proved to be a bad omen, given that the Conservative government of the day
>> foundered on Crosbie's document. The mukluks proved to be symbolic of
>> Joe Clark's short-lived administration -- overconfident
>> and blind to convention. As Crosbie observed in his memoirs, Clark
>> "decided
>> to govern as though we had a majority, a decision that was as arrogant as
>> it was presumptuous." By RANDY BURTON — Saskatoon Star-Phoenix
>> May 10th, 2006
>> Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Franky Boy
>> McKenna, Deputy Chair,
>> Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day, John Bragg and John
>> Thompson, Directors
>> President of the Treasury Board, John Baird, Chris Montague
>> Legal Counsel
>> Ministers James Flaherty, and Vic Toews C/o Jill Crosby,
>> Bank Manager
>> C/o Bill Casey MP TD
>> Financial Group
>> 103 Albion Street South, 620 Main
>> Street
>> Amherst, NS, B4H 2X2 Sussex,
>> NB, E4E 5L4
>> W. Geoffrey Beattie, Director John
>> Manley PC, Director
>> David Allgood, Legal Counsel, E.
>> Jennifer Warren, Legal Counsel
>> C/o Sharon Armstrong, Bank Manager C/o Maria
>> Cormie, Bank Manager
>> Royal Bank of Canada Canadian
>> Imperial Bank of Commerce
>> 644 Main Street 761 Main
>> St,
>> Sussex, NB, E4E 7H9 Moncton,
>> NB. E1C 1E5
>> RE: Blowing the whistle on big banks and corrupt politicians too.
>> Hey,
>> Flaherty's budget looming on the horizon tonight is gonna
>> get the big OK from the Bloc EH? Well a mean old bike mechanic in the
>> Maritimes has been waiting to chuck a wrench in the works of many a
>> crooked beancounter. I just served your offices in hand some of the same
>> material that Andre Arthur MP and Senator Kinsella received before the
>> 39th Parliament began. I am also giving you other material
>> and a political rant that they did not receive. The legal counsel of all
>> the monstrous Canadian banks have shown me their arses, two for a month
>> and three for almost two years. It is high time to boot you bankers out
>> off bed with the corrupt politicians you depend on to cover up wrongs or
>> sue you bastards too. N'est pas? You can expect to see litigation against
>> the Crown soon. The severe of lack integrity of people employed in public
>> service to protect the public interests has caused me to prosecute a
>> matter of public trust in Pro Se fashion. As is my right. I will do my
>> best to hold accountable all those in public office, public service and
>> the lawyers etc that have acted wrongfully against me. In the past I filed
>> forms in the public record and in confidence, argued cops, sued treasury
>> agents, lawyers, judges, an Attorney General who aspires to be a Governor
>> and even a high priest. To no avail, I made thousands of phone calls, sent
>> many more emails and sent mountains of letters proving my concerns and
>> sincerity. To date no one has ever called me a liar but all of it was
>> ignored all the same. If there were such a thing as an honest cop, lawyer
>> or politician they could never deny that it is ridiculous that a
>> whistleblower would have to go to such lengths to attempt to see Justice
>> served in two purported Democracies. Pursuant to my quest for Justice, you
>> will find enclosed hard copy of the material that I promised I would send
>> to you before we meet in court. The copy of wiretap tape # 139 that all
>> law enforcement authorities in Canada and the USA have refused investigate
>> should be of the greatest concern to all of you right away. It is served
>> upon you in confidence as officers of the court. Prepare to argue me about
>> many more tapes and cases of other documents. The bankers and I may be
>> arguing the Securities, Bank and Tax Fraud in the USA sooner than they
>> think. The AT&T dudes should have known police surveillance tapes when
>> they heard them. EH? Whether you admit it or not, I know I have served
>> upon you some of the irrefutable evidence that should have warranted the
>> process to impeach George W. Bush years ago. All who sat in the 37th, 38th
>> and now the 39th Parliament know why the Yankee DHS tried to take me away
>> to Cuba on April 1st, 2003. It was because of my legitimate efforts to
>> expose Bush and his cohorts BEFORE the War on Iraq began. For years
>> legions of politicians, lawyers, cops, bankers and priests proved an
>> Orwellian truth as they laughed at my ethical efforts to
>> defend the rights and interests of my Clan. "In the time of universal
>> deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" EH? Do you think your
>> banks' investors will laugh like your lawyers did? By law and the rules of
>> your professions you must conduct yourselves ethically and hold matters in
>> confidence. I do not. Now it is a rebel rouser's turn to laugh as you turn
>> page. Awful truths will put your fancy panties in a knot yet make me feel
>> as free as my big balls do under my kilt. J Please fell free to sue me if
>> you disagree but you, Stevey Boy Harper got your party its mandate with
>> rhetoric claiming to crack down on crime and hold the government
>> accountable. Now that Conservatives have had the reigns of power for over
>> three months, Stockwell Day at the very least must be well aware of all
>> the secrets the two previous liberal governments kept from you and us
>> Common
>> Canadian Citizens. The secrets about me that most other Canadians do
>> not give a damn about, do concern me greatly. Ask the Commissioner, John
>> Reid, he must know of the cover up of my efforts to expose the
>> well known rampant cross border public corruption that has caused my
>> little
>> Clan to suffer so. His office hung up on me on the very day he
>> was speaking about the Conservatives' new rules to Parliament. No doubt he
>> knows of the evidence I have provided over the years to many Canadian law
>> enforcement authorities that is considered a matter of public safety. Yet
>> we all know it is not. Nevertheless it has caused three very corrupt
>> Canadian Federal
>> governments and all Provincial governments to willfully support the malice
>> of Yankee State and Federal governments acting wrongfully against me. WHY?
>> Now Harper has shown us his true colours, too bad for you
>> that the DHS did not manage to take me away to Cuba. EH Mr. Day? I must
>> ask
>> you in court someday soon if you have listened to the original wiretap
>> tapes that I provided to CSIS and the RCMP before and after the federal
>> election in 2004. It was done before I was falsely imprisoned in a Yankee
>> jail. Why did the nasty Canadian Consulate officers in Boston refuse to
>> accept any more of the Yankee wiretap tapes that my wife tried to give to
>> them while I sat in jail held under the charges of "other" without bail or
>> even being legally arrested or charged? As I sat in a jail in Beantown
>> Eliot Spitzer, a
>> Yankee in New York made the big score with my info. Yet he allowed
>> Morgan Stanley to sue my wife? The 38th Parliament continued to ignore
>> my plight throughout its mandate. As we all watched Bush pull off another
>> very questionable election it appears only I saw Count Peter-Hans
>> Kolvenbach fly to the USA to speak in
>> aid of the very evil smoke and mirror show. EH? Whereas all Canadian
>> authorities have ignored my pleas for assistance for three years, I must
>> sue the Crown to seek relief under the Charter for my government's
>> deliberate assistance in malicious prosecution and false imprisonment etc.
>> Did you politicians think I
>> was kidding when I said it in January on CTV News? The smirking newsman,
>> Stevey Boy Murphy asked me clearly and I answered him
>> plainly. It was watched live all over the Maritimes just minutes before
>> the
>> only time I was ever allowed to debate dumb Andy Scott in front of a live
>> crowd as I ran against him for his seat in Parliament. Many common folks
>> heard me say it and have commented about it in the months since. Some of
>> them must have questioned some of their various MPs by now. I watched a
>> friend confront his MP, Greg Thompson in front folks of two ridings. He
>> gave all other candidates running against two seated Conservatives a copy
>> of the letter he served upon Thompson in hand. Now you have your copy too.
>> Thompson in front of witnesses promised to respond in writing to
>> his constituent before polling day three months ago. Just as I suspected,
>> the new Cabinet Minister broke his promise. I know for a fact in 2005 Greg
>> Thompson, Bill Casey and Andy Scott ignored other
>> constituents of theirs who brought hard copy of my material to their local
>> offices personally while I was being illegally prosecuted in the USA.
>> Obviously our MPs Liberal or Conservative have no respect for
>> their own constituents if they are kin or friends of mine. EH? Check the
>> letter that Landslide Annie McLellan sent to me when she had Stockwell Day
>> 's day job. Clearly she was compelled to answer
>> me after so many high placed Yankees had already done so. She did what all
>> Martinites have done in the past and blamed one of Chretien's
>> arseholes, Wayne Easter for my plight as a whistleblower. Stockwell Day
>> did
>> you get off your Jet Ski to follow the lead of liberals such as a dumb PEI
>> farmer and a very malicious political lawyer from Nova Scotia? You will
>> not provide me any assistance whatsoever as is required by the mandate of
>> your office? None of your underlings even the nervous Marshal dude will do
>> me the simple courtesy of calling me back just like your political cohorts
>> never did? Your little Newfy buddy, Rob Moore forgot something just as
>> Landslide Annie as the
>> Minister of Justice did when Easter was Solicitor General. She did not
>> have any idea what mechanism a layman would employ to hold many a corrupt
>> Parliamentarian
>> accountable. The answer is so simple to me. Sue the Bastards. Didn't
>> anyone
>> notice I have done it in the past to many Yankees? I have changed my style
>> and waited until some very corrupt public servants were out of public
>> office so that they could not employ the weight of a corrupt justice
>> system against me. Vic Toews will have his job cut out trying to defend
>> the malice of all three recent government mandates two of them liberal
>> against one Proud Canadian. EH? J Whereas Federal Court in Canada does not
>> allow me the right to a trial by jury and its Commissioner David Gourdeau
>> has shown his arse too, I plan to do a double check in the USA. With luck,
>> at about the same time my matters may begin in Fredericton, I will be
>> seeking a jury in a Yankee Federal Court with a lawsuit against some very
>> crooked Canadian political lawyers and their many Yankee associates acting
>> against other Canadians, Yankees and me. In the "mean" time I have been
>> lining up ducks while Jumping Jimmy Flaherty was drop kicking his wicked
>> budget past the very confused corrupt clucking Chickenshits sitting as the
>> opposition in the Chicken House. Tonight byway of the Bloc I am making my
>> best fiercely political efforts to see that all Conservatives will be
>> looking for a new day job far from the Hill in Upper Canada. Then I will
>> give this material to other bankers when I judge the time is right. Any
>> great mechanic knows that there is true magic in the timing of things. If
>> a
>> crook in opposition blinks and mentions me in a public forum even after
>> the budget is allowed, it will be all over but the crying for George W,
>> Bush and his lapdog, Stevey Boy Harper. Who may
>> wish to mingle with the media soon is interesting. EH? If the bankers who
>> did not wish to call me back last month want this material explained, it
>> is the task of the Thomson dudes, Jealous Johnny Manley and Franky Boy
>> McKenna to do now. I did my best
>> to make certain they knew everything over the years. The Thomson dudes
>> claim to know everything that goes on in court in Canada and the USA. The
>> Upper Canadian lawyer was Minister of Finance etc in the 37th
>> Parliament, and the Maritimer was our Ambassador to the USA under the
>> mandate of the 38th. They can explain the malice of Landslide Annie and
>> her
>> many cohorts in support of corrupt bankers etc. Better yet let the Yankee
>> lawyer Michael Hefler and his Canadian counterpart Deborah Alexander
>> explain their support of Putnam Investments, Brian Mulroney, Cendant Corp.
>> and Franky McKenna's old BMO crowd etc. Tell me, do ya think my name came
>> up when they cooked a little deal between Citigroup and Scotia Bank
>> recently? Jennifer Warren should be capable of explaining why Garfield
>> Emerson quit the Rogers outfit recently. Geoffrey Beattie of Thomson
>> Corp no doubt can explain why David Allgood is playing dumb. Need I
>> say that the brotherhood of the bar and bankers make me as sick as
>> politicians do? The reason I ran against the aptly named lawyer, Rob Moore
>> in 2004 should be painfully clear to all Canadians in recent days. Stevey
>> Boy Harper is proving to all that he is a lapdog for Bush just like
>> Franky Boy McKenna said of him years ago. I do not have put one word
>> in the text of this letter in support of what many Proud Canadians are
>> agreeing with in Frank Boy's political dogma speech years ago in support
>> of the reelection of Rotten Ralphy Goodale. The fact that Moore is now
>> Canada's Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of
>> Justice greatly offends me. All Canadians have the right to know why.
>> If he or any other Canadian lawyer had acted as a proper officer of
>> the court then my Clan would not be suffering from many wrongs right now.
>> The Yankee Carpetbagger, David Lutz whom I had given this
>> material to BEFORE Moore was elected in 2004 must agree. I am very curious
>> what Rob Moore will say in Parliament in his own defense when I put him
>> and Lutz in bed in a Canadian complaint.
>> Rob Moore can explain to all Canadians why I think the blood
>> of four very honourable Canadian soldiers and countless others can be
>> found
>> on his hands and that of his cohorts. In June of 2004 during a debate at
>> the Moss Glen Legion we were questioned in front of many people including
>> David Lutz, I stated my position clearly with regards
>> to War. In defense of our warriors I said that they must get the best
>> training and weapons possible, then be kept home to defend our country.
>> That is their job. Lutz a Yankee draft dodger nodded in
>> agreement. Moore did not argue me because he did not need to. Less is more
>> for Moore when matters are a sure thing. The Blue Coat got the seat he
>> expected to win in Fundy just like my dog would have if she had worn his
>> coat. However Moore and Lutz are lessor men than I because of their
>> inaction as purportedly ethical men. If the lawyers in Moore and Lutz
>> disagreed with all I wrote of them since, why didn't they sue me to
>> protect their reputations? The answer is the same as I have proven in the
>> turncoat Bad Boy Billy Matthews versus Byron Prior matter in Newfoundland.
>> Politically appointed Judges like Derek Green or lawyers like Bernard
>> Roy controlling the show in court or Inquiry only cover up and delay
>> awful truths. It is important that public corruption be argued in public
>> view quickly. Thus I will sue Crown. Before anyone attempts to deny what I
>> have just stated, study this material closely. Look how sending this
>> material to any of you is truly redundant. The evidence that you or your
>> associates and I crossed have paths many times in the past is irrefutable
>> despite the fact that I can prove my many letters, phone calls and emails
>> that I sent over the years. Turn the page, lawyers. It gets worse for you
>> J
>> If any of you truly do not know who I am, it is the Fed's
>> fault, not mine. I can easily prove that the Feds have done no service
>> whatsoever for the public they have an obligation to serve. The fact that
>> the Feds have done their worst to keep my legitimate actions a
>> whistleblower secret with false claims such as confidentiality or public
>> security further serves to prove my point about rampant public corruption.
>> To refute the false claims of secrecy, I must point out
>> that much of my work can still be found in the public record of many
>> courts
>> in Canada, the USA and on the Internet as well. Last fall my wife saw a
>> copy of wiretap tape # 139 in the docket of a Yankee court that anyone
>> could listen to. I had filed that copy in a sealed envelope with that
>> court in order to protect the Fourth Amendment Rights of the people
>> recorded on it. As you can see by the documents I have provided that one
>> year ago the District Attorney in Boston lost the many original wiretap
>> tapes that I gave him in court in 2004. Nothing yet has been said about my
>> lawyer in the USA sending 9 original wiretap tapes to the Senate
>> Judiciary Committee in Congress this year on February 7th. So much for
>> Yankees upholding the law EH? Canadians are no better.
>> As you can see despite my wife and my lawyer's best efforts
>> to stop them, the Yankees seized our home without warrants or due process
>> of law. A couple more Yankee bankers and insurance dudes made out like the
>> bandits they are. This was done while my children and I were in Canada
>> last summer without a home. Nobody in Canada or the UN even bothered to
>> care about our Human Rights. All of my pleas to the spendthrifts Adrienne
>> Clarkson, Pierre Pettigrew and their
>> replacements Michaelle Jean, Petey Baby MacKay were ignored despite our
>> Canadian birthright and our rights under the Charter. Canada
>> supported the theft of our property including many original wiretap tapes
>> I
>> had in my possession in our home. I have been recently informed that
>> Yankees have sold all of my
>> possessions at a public auction including the wiretap tapes. However, much
>> to chagrin of Yankees, I have proven that I have many more wiretap tapes
>> in Canada and elsewhere. The aforesaid malicious auction of my property
>> was done while my Clan is still awaiting a long delayed trial about the
>> illegal actions against us. Our property was supposed to be safely stored
>> according to the rules of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of
>> Public Safety until the matter was
>> resolved. This latest malice begs the obvious question.. Whereas Yankee
>> law
>> enforcement authorities feel free to violate their Constitution and sell
>> wiretap tapes of their citizens at public auction, why can't I do the
>> same? Interesting question. EH? Why should I as a Canadian Citizen care
>> about the Civil Rights of Yankee mobsters and their families anymore when
>> their evil government does not? Methinks I should sell a few on EBAY in
>> Europe to see if I can
>> recoup some of my losses ASAP. I could use the funds from the sale of the
>> wiretap tapes to sue many lawyers etc in the USA and Canada. Look at the
>> very dumb answers I got in 2003 from a crooked District Attorney in
>> Massachusetts and the corrupt US Attorney in New
>> Hampshire, before you try to claim that what I would be doing is
>> illegal. The former is a good friend of Argeo P. Cellucci and the latter
>> enforces federal code in the State where I now permanently reside. Both
>> Yankees claim the tapes are not what I say they are but
>> merely evidence in a probate action? What planet do Yankee lawyers come
>> from? I can't be the only person on this planet who wishes to see George
>> W. Bush impeached ASAP. Ask the fat dumb happy Yankee Michael Moore
>> before you disagree. These tapes may fetch quite a price from story hungry
>> dudes such as he. Truth is stranger than fiction and far more marketable
>> and profitable with less money spent in production using real people
>> instead of big name actors. Even clever lawyers must admit that wiretap
>> tape # 139 makes one wonder what happened next. EH? Stay tuned dudes.
>> Small portions of other tapes may be in your email inbox
>> for you to listen to. Other politicians can read the text of this letter
>> and listen to their Parliamentary email along with the rest of mine they
>> have ignored for over three years. The many words of a fiercely political
>> rant may be added as a postscript to the text of this letter and sent to
>> the government's opposition first. I must be fair. You dudes got this
>> letter first. My next email may cause quite a stir amongst the clucking
>> Chickenshits in the House. Canadians should find it very interesting
>> indeed if one or more the smiling bastards decide to mention my name to
>> the
>> Speaker.
>> How they vote against the political pollution of hot air from
>> the windbags of Baird and Flaherty that is stinking up the House is
>> critical to our future. I see no need to let all the cats out of the bag
>> in this letter to you but for fun just check my work. See me teasing Derek
>> Burney and his boss Brian Mulroney? They know the
>> Barbarian at the gate who is me knows what lawyers hold the keys that
>> lock all political parties together on both sides of the 49th parallel.
>> One
>> nasty Yankee's name is Harper too. J That smiling bastard's law office
>> ain't too far from the UN. EH? Depending how far left you are Michael
>> Ignatieff,Canada's Prince
>> of Darkness or our Sexist Cerebral man knows the Yankee Harper quite well.
>> Derek Burney and Karl Rove as aymen or Louis Freeh and the new
>> General Counsel of the FBI as lawyers would likely agree with little
>> ol me and on one thing. It is that bigassed Yankee lawyers like the one
>> named Harper makes little liberal lawyers such as Humpty Dumpty, Land
>> Slide Annie, Asinine Allan Rock, Franky Boy McKenna, and Johnny
>> Jealous Manley look like the little lost puppies truly they are.
>> Perhaps bankers etc will want Franky Boy McKenna to call some crooked
>> cop he knows hanging out in his hometown to figure out how to handle me
>> now. Before you do, check my work that I have provided to you to see what
>> I have already given you many clues not to. I have had enough
>> police harassment for any ten men to stand. My ghost or I will sue every
>> cop that has tried to stop me from justifiably and legally seeking
>> justice. There is no middle ground for any honest man to stand on in my
>> battles against very corrupt justice systems in two purported Democracies.
>> The
>> interests of investors in many banks would be better served if the bankers
>> chastised in public view a certain few employees who deliberately failed
>> to uphold the law and protect the public's interests invested in their
>> bank and many other publicly held companies. From a Canadian's perspective
>> of the world I know that the interests of all Canadians are bought and
>> sold on Yankee stock markets everyday. I know of many lawyers who should
>> be knocked off their high horses ASAP. In fact I just named some them. EH?
>> Canadian politicians should know this before the vote on the
>> budget becomes a matter of history. I truly believe that Conservatives
>> will
>> continue to follow Bush's lead for the benefit of the bankers whose HQ's
>> surround Flaherty's office. Like Bush he will try to take our country deep
>> into debt. Bankers and politicians will do what they wish with the world,
>> tis true. Trust that I don't care the more the merrier for me in
>> litigation. You dudes are about to meet a rather formidable layman in
>> court. I have been studying and arguing law night and day for four years,
>> all the while clearing each and every hurtle that rampant public
>> corruption has thrown into my path to Justice. I will not pity any lawyer
>> who chooses to stand in court beside the likes of Franky Boy, Landslide
>> Annie and Humpty Dumpty. You can see
>> that Harper has ignored the words of the Accountability Act with
>> doubletalk
>> if his pals need money for their party war chests. Our little Lord of NB
>> and his buddy Brad Green affirmed that they knew the same truths that Rob
>> Moore,
>> Franky Boy and Landslide Annie did years ago. It was within a few days
>> of the election and Humpty Dumpty's Third World boat named after his wife
>> was caught in Nova Scotia bringing cocaine to Canada along with more Blood
>> Coal. Humpty Dumpty employed lawyer's rhetoric and recused
>> himself and Landslide Annie's underlings made the matter evaporate. Harper
>> just looked away in support even as Humpty Dumpty picked Franky Boy to be
>> our Ambassador within the year to obviously support the Yankee's malicious
>> persecution of me rather than act within the scope of his employment as a
>> public servant. If bankers do not understand my words, blame your own
>> lawyers. David Allgood should have walked the talk of Chris Montague's
>> words about Red Flags in his speech on Feb 11th 2005 and called me back if
>> he did not wish to argue me in court. When I called both of them Deborah
>> Alexander, Ronald Sirkis and
>> Jennifer Warren were past
>> too late. They knew of wiretap tapes and Bank Fraud etc since 2004. This
>> year after the Conservative government accepted Franky Boy's resignation
>> and well before the TD Financial Group hired Franky Boy, I called his
>> spokesperson Ruth McCrae. After a minor spit and chew ensued, she told me
>> to sue her along with the law firm of McInnes and Cooper. A liberal talk
>> show host Tom Young will soon affirm that I do not have to be asked twice
>> to sue someone but I did call many partners of the aforesaid law firm to
>> see if they agreed with Franky Boy and his outspoken gal. The words of the
>> lawyer Costello, a partner who argues NB Power on behalf of the Venezuela
>> and the silence of the rest affirmed that all apparently stood with
>> McKenna including some of
>> the former partners of Paterson and Palmer. Furthermore, Franky Boy should
>> have disclosed everything about a potential lawsuit etc to the TD
>> Financial dudes before accepting his new position. However I was
>> very open and very honest with them as soon as I was aware of his new job.
>> Now that
>> Franky Boy and I are both back home in our old stomping grounds and I
>> am on the warpath, John Manley may quit hustling the Ottawa Senators
>> hockey
>> team to CIBC. It would be wise to try to explain why Franky Boy praised
>> Yankee success at pond hockey to the law partners of Burns and
>> Levenson whom he partied with last fall instead of being a proper
>> public servant and discussing with Yankees the failings of their partner,
>> my Guardian Ad Litem Brian Bixby. J For my benefit, I made it a point to
>> look into Stevey Boy Harper's pale blue eyes on June 19th, 2004 when he
>> stopped in Sussex for ice cream the day after I debated Rob Moore the
>> first time. We both knew each other at a glance. Lets just say I found
>> nothing I admired behind Stevey Boy's eyes. His soul is far meaner than
>> Rob
>> Moore's. With luck on my side, this year my fellow Maritimers should
>> be entertained and educated in a three-ring circus of a long awaited
>> monumental hoe-down in court. Our little Lord's justice system that his
>> buddy, Cleveland Allaby was well paid to study in secret years ago will be
>> the unwilling confused ringmaster to oversee the affair. When it comes to
>> being showmen Franky Boy and I are on and even keel. We are both smiling
>> bastards who crack a lot of jokes fearlessly in front of crowds. To his
>> advantage, he is a lawyer whereas I am not. He is famous whereas I am not.
>> Franky Boy is very wealthy, whereas I am not.
>> On the other hand, I am
>> honest whereas he is not. I have many friends that I can trust, whereas he
>> does not. I have much evidence of many crimes he has covered up in his
>> personal pursuit of lucre, whereas he has only fancy legal doubletalk.
>> Franky Boy has climbed high up on the crooked totem
>> pole of affluence pedaling his influence over common Maritimers without a
>> common man's conscience that is lost to all lawyers. Franky Boy and his
>> many pals in banks and companies such as the Carlyle Group may gain the
>> whole world at the expense of their own souls. However one pigheaded
>> ethical soul will try hard to hold them all accountable by just knocking a
>> few off their high horses. I also know there are many souls in the
>> Maritimes who were entertained and understand the
>> meaning of the old story of David versus Goliath or my name ain't Dave.
>> Watch me look into the eyes of the people I pick for a jury
>> before I start chucking rocks in court. Stevey Boy Harper and his little
>> lawyer Rob Moore would not understand why I am humming the old tune sung
>> the dude who loved to hang around mobsters but many other old farts like
>> me will. They will understand why I am writing the letter in April and
>> delivering it in hand to my MP Bill Casey in May. (I am sending Duccepe
>> and Fortier the same material Allan Rock and Franky Boy received last May)
>> To give the
>> devil his due, that old dead Yankee Franky Boy sang "That's Life" very
>> well. Methinks that Stevey Boy's big mistake was following the directions
>> of Derek Burney and Karl Rove too closely. He really should learn to think
>> for himself. He is flying too high in April for his own good in May. It
>> seems that Harper don't even know that what goes up always comes down. The
>> higher they go the harder they fall. Ask Humpty Dumpty. The clucking
>> chickens in opposition may shoot his government down in May without the
>> effect he desires. To challenge the opposition to unseat him just because
>> he is momentarily higher in the polls is dumb beyond belief. If Mulroney
>> and his cohorts think Harper can win a majority in the House next time
>> around simply by blaming the opposition for causing the election, they do
>> not remember Humpty Dumpty's big faux pas last year. I sincerely hope that
>> next week holds a very bad day for many nasty political Maritimers who
>> have kissed Upper Canadian fat fancy arses for years. It has always been
>> Hard Times in the Maritimes
>> and it is their fault. N'est Pas? Time will tell the tale. Right now I can
>> only wish that my efforts help knock Jumping Jimmy Flaherty out of his new
>> jump boots and into the Newfy, Crosbie's old mukluks from 1979. With any
>> luck at all Luc Lavoie will not be so lucky anymore. He and all the other
>> all clucking Conservatives will start singing for more Tequila from Sheila
>> as Dominic LeBlanc learns how to play his Daddy's kazoo. As I look
>> towards the horizon in the direction of far off Upper Canada, I will dream
>> of Petey Baby MacKay and his very punky hunky dory sinking beneath the
>> waves of bullshit that has kept him afloat for years. There is no denying
>> that I will chuckle as I imagine his very nasty ex sweetyfart Belinda Baby
>> picking up the phone and calling Magna Entertainment's Yankee VP Argeo P.
>> Cellucci and its General Counsel
>> Don Amos. Her Big Daddy Franky may want to rip them new arseholes for
>> in order to shove each other's head into. Clearly they did not do a good
>> job protecting the interests of Stronach's publicly held company from one
>> pigheaded Maritimer who is serious gambling man in the big game called New
>> World Order. I am
>> still gambling that there is no honour amongst thieves and somebody will
>> blink in order to protect their own butt. I too am wondering and ain't
>> betting on the ethics of any politician. For instance only a fool would
>> bet on the ethics of Andre Arthur the Independent MP and if he will quit
>> being as quiet as a mouse in the House. If the government goes down, I
>> doubt he will get elected again. He had his chance to do the right thing
>> just as Chucky Cadman did years ago. The Yankee midterm election is the
>> biggest game in the world right now. Ask my Clan's Senator Teddy Kennedy.
>> J
>> I will wager that I do know why nobody wants to talk to or
>> about me. The dark horse in this game is the one who will blink, when and
>> where. Knowing who won't say a word is easy. Strangely predicting who may
>> be honest is tough. How sad is that? For instance Senator Kinsella's
>> malice against me was a nobrainer. I expected it about as much as that he
>> would vote for Lynch in Fredericton. On the other hand Andre Arthur had no
>> ethical reason whatsoever to ignore me particularly after reading things
>> he has said in the past. His recent appointment to oversee the CRTC proves
>> to me that he is a crooked as Hell. He must have known he was finally free
>> from all the lawyers that had once chastised him in the past. They cannot
>> hold him accountable for whatever he says in the House to a nationwide
>> audience as an MP like they once did when he spoke on local radio. The
>> chickenshit, Andre Arthur may be laying back and waiting for just the
>> right point in time to start clucking into the Parliamentary record to
>> make
>> history in his own best interests. I don't know. Nor do I care if he has a
>> plan or is just holding to a backroom deal. I do know when we talked on
>> the phone months ago, I could tell that he did not have any balls at all.
>> The silence of a
>> former big talking talk show host from Quebec spoke volumes to me months
>> ago about why that Frenchman won't mingle with the media he now oversees.
>> His appointment to the committee that oversees the very
>> dudes who once tortured him, stinks of backroom deal and a political
>> payoff
>> to me. All Andre Arthur or anyone else in the House had to do this month
>> or in the years before was to have the sand to stand up and ask the
>> Speaker in a question period on the record simply state the
>> following. "Who the Hell is David Raymond Amos and what the Hell is
>> talking
>> about?" There I even wrote the script for him just in case he or anyone
>> sprouts some testicles real soon. If anyone acts like an ethical
>> Parliamentarian, it will be
>> Rob Moore's task to explain my affairs to the House. I will lay odds
>> that if Andre Arthur or anyone else were certain that they could profit
>> rather than suffer from such few words, they would. love to make history
>> and become the hero who saved Democracy for us all. Nobody will talk to me
>> for the same reason Arthur is silent to everyone else. It is based in
>> political deceit. Justice is always a matter of political will rather than
>> the way that it should be. I am just wise enough to know I can be the most
>> effective in finding a little justice when the political process is flux.
>> Bernie Shapiro's
>> office and that of his fellow crook, Jean Fournier's have denied receiving
>> anything of mine from Andre Arthur or Noel Kinsella. That makes me
>> understand that I am on the right track this time. When Shapiro's office
>> called me last year, they were nervous campers after I had made Parliament
>> uphold an act and give Fournier a job so that I could complain to him
>> about Senator Joe Day. The far from ethical parliamentary counselors are
>> quite likely hiding under a rug somewhere in the House and praying Baird's
>> Accountability Act replaces them
>> soon. Shapiro and Fournier are just playing dumb while waiting to duck out
>> the back and scurry into the sunset with unearned severance pays in their
>> purses. Once they are all out of public service, they will become just a
>> few more paragraphs to me in a future complaint against many individuals
>> out of public service I plan to sue. The rats abandoning Humpty Dumpty's
>> boat like David Dingwall and Howie Wilson should offend anyone with half a
>> mind. Most ordinary folks have all but forgotten the Dingwall affair but
>> I doubt most did not even know who the dude Howie Wilson was or
>> how he assisted Landslide Annie in making Humpty Dumpty's doings with
>> Tainted Blood disappear on everyone else's watch but mine. Does anyone
>> but me remember where the bad blood came from and who made the deal with
>> whom? I do. This brings me to why I find the Bloc so interesting these
>> days. I know Ducceppe is a crooked as the rest but some other Bloc may
>> want to fill his shoes. Humpty Dumpty's loss was a given, to me. The loss
>> of the Bloc and the Conservative gain was a surprise to everyone. It would
>> be truly comical if their leader, Ducceppe were to act ethically on my
>> behalf after all these years. It is not beyond the realms of possibility
>> that he could be the next PM if the Bloc had the majority next time
>> around. The other parties could be so decimated by his integrity that
>> maybe a legion of Independents would inhabit the House. Less of a pipe
>> dream would be that perhaps the Bloc could get the ten seats in Quebec
>> from the Conservatives and truly make the Liberal history as well. C'est
>> Vrai?
>> I know what I just stated seems crazy but think about it for a
>> minute. Ignore what crooked liberals such as the local talk show host, Tom
>> Young may say of me being a nut. He retracted "the fool for a
>> client spiel" in another matter when it suited his political agenda. He
>> knows I was not nuts in my predictions about picking Speakers, the Tanker
>> Malley affair or wiretap tapes too. Young was not wise to
>> challenge a man such as I to sue him on live radio. I ain't that foolish
>> not to sue Jennifer Warren and Rogers Media J . Whatever liberals such
>> as Young and his cohorts in Rogers say about me negative or otherwise on
>> the radio almost two years later is gravy after I had made my mission
>> known byway of his own program. I openly declared that it was my
>> Securities Fraud issues that should
>> most concern my fellow Maritimers. Soon it is my turn to fall silent in
>> the
>> text of this letter anyway. However before I do become truly silent you
>> may wish to know that some of you will receive this letter in your email
>> and see it posted on the Internet at about the same time the budget vote
>> becomes history. I cannot give you time to run political damage control. I
>> have long understood your wicked game of hear, no evil, see no evil and
>> speak no evil for your own benefit and not the people you claim to serve.
>> I know that the things like Freedom
>> and Justice that lawyers claim are so important in a Democracy are merely
>> myths. Bankers and lawyers know as well as I that Freedom does not have
>> prayer because Justice is bought and sold everyday to the highest bidder
>> in the marketplace and the courts. Money is all the beancounters care
>> about as they count the percentage points of gain and lawyers follow suit
>> in their fees for assisting in the malice against us all. The corrupt
>> Yankees that you people support have taught me a lot about how to deal
>> with many crooked Canadians. The answer is simple. Make Justice a matter
>> of
>> political will particularly in a time of War. Now that we all understand
>> the wicked game, why mince words anymore? I am raising the stakes and
>> laying some more of my cards on table before I summons you all to court.
>> You do not have much time to decide
>> if I am bluffing or not. Lets just say I have no doubt whatsoever why the
>> blog in CTV W5 website was deleted recently after it had stood for almost
>> a year. I save all blogs long before they are lost in cyber space. The
>> words of the one within CTV's W5 domain that was erased for the benefit of
>> CIBC John Manley and the Thomson dudes will resurface
>> somewhere else on the Internet in short order. Hard copy of the aforesaid
>> blog and many others will be presented in various courts someday. Dempsey
>> the lawyer, who has since fallen silent had apparently filed a complaint
>> in BC about what anybody who has studied the banking profession knows to
>> be true. Wise guys know the root of all evil is not exactly money but
>> Filthy Lucre, the words that King
>> James employed just once. Gain of
>> control over the land is the name of the game. Money is just a clever
>> paper
>> tool that is based on nothing at all. The idea of money in the form of a
>> banknote that is no longer based on gold but debt was invented and
>> controlled by bankers and the same holds true for the notion of religion
>> invented the banker's cohorts the Roman who turned into priests of one
>> god. It is money I must attack and seek because it is what the lawyers who
>> made the rules for the benefit of bankers and priests claim I must do in
>> order to play their wicked game. I did so out of the gate years ago. If
>> you bother to check my work you will see that I employed my right to have
>> the freedom to have no religion at all to attack what the smiling bastards
>> hold most dear, their money. The law is clear in matters of money and
>> beancounters rely on such laws. It is against the law for a trustee to
>> give money he holds in trust to any charity on his own accord. For a
>> well-respected old lawyer to assist an ex FBI agent in his wrongs against
>> the terms of a trust and without the knowledge and accent of the
>> beneficiaries is interesting to say the least. To steal it and give it to
>> a church that the beneficiaries have no faith in is particularly offensive
>> especially when the Cardinal's secretary is the offended person's cousin.
>> When I exposed to the Feds the fact that the crooks had also
>> hid some of the stolen funds in a bank account in the name of a person
>> whose estate was long closed, things got really bad. The people who are
>> supposed to enforce the law turned against me for the benefit of crooked
>> bankers. It took me awhile to understand why the Feds were behaving so
>> poorly. The reason was all the pension funds of government employees
>> controlled by Putnam Investments and the fact that they owned half of the
>> Brookline
>> Savings Bank, another publicly held company.
>> Perhaps you dudes should read the fine print of the
>> whistleblower form 211 that I filled out many years ago. Whereas bankers
>> and priests employ many puppets in the form of politicians, lawyers, cops
>> and priests to play their deadly game of World Control for them, it is the
>> puppets I must deal with day to day. However I always knew who were
>> sending the people to act against me. Bankers invented money and the
>> miserable bastards known as Jesuits invented lawyers. Correct? The real
>> nature of the wicked game is World Control or New World Order just as the
>> carpetbaggers named Bush love to say. Before you dare to call me a liar,
>> have the local liberal lawyer Dominic Leblanc and non elected Cabinet
>> Minister Michael Fortier study
>> the material I just sent to them. It is the same material Franky Boy
>> McKenna, Deborah Alexander of the Scotia Bank and Petey Baby MacKay
>> from Nova Scotia for example got back in 2004. As I said in the CTV blog
>> it
>> is just the tip of the iceberg. J What I have just delivered in hand to
>> the bankers and Bill Casey is different material than the liberals have
>> ever received from me. Find the email within this material that the
>> General Counsel of
>> Bell Canada, Martine Turcotte sent me in 2004 and you will see that
>> Bell Canada spent three days printing my files off the web. They still
>> did not have it all by a long shot. Ask the serial killer and his cohorts
>> the Feds about that simple fact. As I said earlier in this letter now that
>> the Stevey Boy Harper, a lapdog for the Bush regime has shown all
>> Canadians that his nasty arse is flying too high, it is
>> high time that someone gives it a boot ASAP. I will take license and
>> employ
>> some of Franky Boy McKenna's choice of words. The only hope I see on the
>> horizon in far off Parliament Hill to see that that our democracy is
>> served can be found within the personal greed of members of the Bloc
>> Quebecois. Yet that is the very
>> party that wants to break up our country. Thus I think that what I see
>> must
>> be a mirage to give me false hope. All Canadians can see the Liberals are
>> wandering around lost in the far from deserted halls of the House with no
>> leader in sight. The Liberals crippled up old German Shepherd wants to
>> talk to high school kids and the media in the Maritimes about the future
>> of the liberal party but the kids and nobody else seems to care about
>> Humpty Dumpty anymore. Everybody wants
>> to talk to the Conservatives and they won't talk to anybody unless Karl
>> Rove and Derek Burney first bless the script. The annoying
>> arsekissing terrier and boss of the NDP Jacky Jackass Layton is truly
>> irrelevant. He has lost all credibility. Ask yourselves why the yapping
>> little terrier is not willing to give the Conservatives the boot as he
>> claims he did with the Liberals last year. Even Layton 's old buddy Bob
>> Rae has quit the NDP
>> and joined his old college roommate's liberal crowd of wealthy thieves.
>> Rae
>> wants to lead liberals out of the desert for selfish reasons of his own.
>> The first thing Rae, a pal of Landslide Annie
>> bragged of on CTV the morning he announced he was running for leader was
>> of
>> his work within the Security Intelligence Review Committee. It seems he
>> has chosen to forget my emails to him or the phone conversation we had
>> late in the week before. I know Rae knows that Marion McGrath, the General
>> Counsel of the SIRC has refused to do her
>> god damned job just like Franky Boy's old lieutenant Adleea Landry does.
>> Because of that Bob Rae felt free pat to his own back about the
>> work he did with the SIRC? Marion MacGrath and many others whose names can
>> be found within the enclosed documents have forever proven to me the
>> malice of all politically appointed public servants. The cop, Dean Buzza
>> of the arm of the RCMP known as IMET really pissed me off in March. I defy
>> anyone to try to talk to the crooked lawyer, Paul Kennedy about him. IMET
>> was created within a week or so of Ashcroft meeting with Easter in
>> November of 2003. Amongst a host of public servants that know all
>> too well what I say is true and ignore the law for personal gain is Rick
>> Hancox and his cohorts within the New Brunswick Securities
>> Commission. They are just like the lawyers of the Public Service
>> Integrity Office, sneaky Howard Wilson, Bernard Shapiro, Jean T.
>> Fournier and Paul Kennedy of the Public Complaints Against the RCMP
>> crowd. All these people are worse than useless as tits on a bull. They are
>> crooks. They should be fired and prosecuted immediately. At the very least
>> the malicious public servants are definitely not entitled to severance pay
>> a la David Dingwall. There are many honest Canadians in the Maritimes
>> looking for work. They could be hired to replace the corrupt politically
>> appointed bureaucrats we have now. I am part of that public these
>> bureaucrats etc are supposed to serve. I am also one of those over fifty
>> folks that the CARP50 dudes hustle about where to invest our money. If the
>> Cop Dean Buzza and his cohorts in IMET who had talked to CARP had done
>> their job while I was running for a seat in Parliament and truly
>> investigated the spike in Income Trust trading, many a banker etc would
>> have had their panties in a knot for months. Instead the cops hush the
>> CARP dudes up for the benefit of Rotten Ralphy Goodale and
>> his banker buddies? Furthermore the far west Conservative M.K. Braaton
>> deletes my words about Income Trusts from his blog after he allowed a
>> Yankee Deputy Dog to attack my rep while running for a seat against
>> his cohorts? Harper who claims Maritime roots and yet calls us defeatists
>> has done a little service for all Canadians and unseated the wealthy
>> corrupt liberals. More importantly he has proven in a timely fashion that
>> he living is up to the Maritimer, Frank Boy's description of him when he
>> had a fine breakfast out west with the fancy former Minister of Finance
>> two years ago. A true Maritimer who will never admit defeat has given many
>> bankers who have a lot to lose fair warning that they should not side
>> with Harper against me. J Prior to printing this letter I will await the
>> results of the budget vote. Just in case someone in the Bloc suprises me
>> with a display of ethics. Yesterday and today I called many members of
>> various entities known as Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Bloc, US Congress,
>> RCMP, FBI, CSIS, SRIC, the Fredericton Police Dept and New
>> Brunswick Police Commission etc for the last time and waited one more
>> day for someone honest to call me back. Nobody did and nobody ever will.
>> Here is my humble opinion for what it is worth to the deaf ears
>> of Upper Canadian bankers. Ed Clark should fire his new Deputy Chair of
>> the
>> TD Financial Group and his lawyer Chris Montague ASAP for the
>> benefit of TD Bank's shareholders. Lawyers and politicians are far easier
>> to replace than repairing a bank's damaged reputation. The same goes for
>> the CIBC, John Manley and E. Jennifer Warren and of course the RBC and
>> David Allgood.
>> Yea I know I am dreaming but at least you can never say that
>> you did not know before I send the text of this letter in a email
>> everywhere I can think of. That said guess who just played you all like
>> fiddle? I not only made you litigants against me in my sad complaints but
>> I may make this letter the introduction for a book that
>> I have been writing for years. It is called "Pro Se Once Removed" as
>> named in the first complaint that I ever filed. It is not a bad piece of
>> work for a layman but I am far more proud of the second complaint I filed.
>> I have not shown it to anyone other than litigants against me.
>> It is a very rare Prima Facia complaint about legal malpractice that
>> any lawyer should study. It has caused several Bills to be inspired in a
>> very corrupt Yankee Statehouse. Thomson dudes should query it sometime.
>> Two courts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must keep it
>> in the public record forever. The matters began and ended in Dedham MA,
>> hometown of Sumner Redstone and the stomping grounds of his old Harvard
>> Law School pal,
>> Charles J. Kickham Jr., my wife's evil cousin. The matters were
>> delayed and dismissed over a year after my opposition to Cardinal Law's
>> motion to dismiss was destroyed after the cases were removed illegally and
>> doctored in federal court without any hearing whatsoever. Clark Kent
>> Irvin,
>> the former Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security should
>> know all about Truth Justice and the American Way. Ask him if US District
>> Court docket #
>> 02-CV-11686-RGS or Norfolk Superior Court docket # 02 01113 are worth
>> checking out. I legally signed the complaint in my wife's name as her
>> attorney in fact after she had suffered a breakdown because of the
>> wrongful actions against her by her kin and the justice system over mere
>> matters of money. The Yankee Court accepted the sad complaint and filed in
>> the last hour of work before July 4th, 2002. Within weeks I gave the US
>> Secretary of State his copy byway of the Ambassador Argeo
>> P. Cellucci to remind Yankees why their forefathers rebelled against
>> the Crown (No taxation without proper representation). The rest is
>> history.
>> Now that I have chucked my wrench, I must deal with a far
>> more important matter I have at hand. Whereas my family needs a roof over
>> their heads, I looked around to see which Maritime crooks live handy to
>> where I'm camped right now. I decided there are Three Stooges in each big
>> party that I should sue soon. To the left I see the easiest of all,
>> Whining Wayne Easter. Landslide Annie confirmed her
>> pal's malice towards me during the 37th Parliament. Franky Boy McKenna is
>> the very political banker/lawyer who worked against me in the USA under
>> the mandate of the 38th Parliament for the benefit of Yankee banks. Plus
>> he really pissed me off when he had too much fun with my G.A.L. while my
>> wife and kids were in the streets around Beantown. Franky Boy's old pal
>> Andy Scot is a close tie with the Newfy Bad Boy
>> Billy Matthews as the dumbest and nastiest of all Maritime
>> Parliamentarians. It is the failure of the NDP and the Conservatives
>> that they sit in the 39th Parliament today. To the right, are Rob Moore,
>> Greg Thompson and Bill Casey for
>> reasons I already explained. These Maritime Stooges have properties to
>> fill
>> the bill of my Clan's needs. I will sue them along with my G.A.L., Bixby's
>> law firm in Canada in order to seek some immediate relief from the wrongs.
>> I love teasing hostile laymen with a temper.
>> Thus Wayne Easter and Greg Thompson will be a lot of fun in court. Ask
>> the goddamned biblepounders Cardinal Law or Pat Robertson's song and dance
>> man Johnny Never Been Good Ashcroft why I love to argue lawyers. Canadian
>> lawyers should consider the following. Whereas the Crown stood with the
>> USA and the Holy See against me it has caused the
>> Queen to lose Sovereign Immunity in the USA on two counts. As soon as
>> I crossed an international border with the former Governor General's
>> blessings in hand and into a Yankee jail, all MPs should have paid
>> attention. Instead they ignored the fact I was held under the charges of
>> "other" before Clarkson made her last Speech from the Throne to
>> allow the 38th Parliament to begin. J This is no conspiacy theory as
>> liberal talk show hosts like to suggest. You are looking at hard copy of
>> the proof of what I say is true. clearly before I went into the Yankee
>> jail, I had notified many Canadian authorities and my Yankee lawyer etc
>> that my US Mail to the Canadian Consulate in Boston had been blocked and
>> directed elsewhere and that my Canadian Mail to the General Counsel of the
>> had disappeared. That is Mail Fraud practised by two governments of two
>> countries on the same day in order to cover up a conspiracy against me.
>> The Canadian Consulate finally did come to visit me in
>> jail after a few days with prodding from my friends and relatives but my
>> Yankee lawyer friend never did. The Canadian public servants were
>> bearing hard copy of more false allegations that have since disappeared
>> from the public record. I told the Consulate off and went back to my cell
>> and said Bingo to myself. The nut of Sovereign Immunity in regards to the
>> Crown, the Holy
>> See and the USA was cracked not once but twice in October of 2004.
>> You hold the proof in your hands. Call me crazy and put it in writing
>> in fact, I Double Dog Dare Ya To. In closing I confess I have no false
>> illusions. Any man with half a mind has understood for years why I must
>> prosecute matters Pro Se. Ethical lawyers and politicians do not exist.
>> They created the
>> myth called Justice to suit their own selfish ends. I have no doubt
>> whatsoever the weight of a corrupt justice system will try hard to smother
>> my complaints. I expect all you to maintain standard operating procedure
>> and ignore me as our government acts wrongfully on your behalf. I also
>> know some common men like me will not. Some of us vote and invest money
>> too. Some of us know our rights and interests are bought and sold on
>> Yankee stock markets everyday for the benefit of
>> crooks that ignore the public trust. Some of us are broke and can't vote
>> but are fierce political animals when the evils of longstanding
>> governments are insufferable. It is not only our right but it is our duty
>> to do so. I also know that many Canadians were raised to Hate War and are
>> proud that much of the World recognizes us as Peacekeepers. Even the dumb
>> as a post Stevey Boy Harper, a Canadian lapdog of the Yankee moron, George
>> W.
>> Bush and the Yankee Norfolk County Sheriff and his equally dumb Deputy
>> Dog, Robert F. O'Meara must know at least that.
>> Cya'll in Court J
>> Veritas Vincit
>> David Raymond Amos
>> PO Box 234
>> Apohaqui, NB E5P 3G2
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