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Fwd: For the Public Record Mr Baconfat I just called your local Ward 6 cop Dexx Williams (587-557-1417) and asked him if he read my emails about your blog

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 23:03:30 -0300
Subject: For the Public Record Mr Baconfat I just called your local
Ward 6 cop Dexx Williams (587-557-1417) and asked him if he read my
emails about your blog
Cc: David Amos <>, "bob.paulson"
<>, "steven.blaney"

I called Derrick Forseythe too 780-288-7932 he seemed like a decent
sort and at least admitted to reading my emails. He now knows where I
stand about the the corrupt cops protecting you. I can only wonder how
he would deal with a man threatening to kill his kids.

In a nutshell Mr Williams quite simply didn't give a damn because he
was too busy trying to get elected. He said he let other people read
his emails and they let him know what they felt he needed to know.
DUHHH? He is a cop correct??? I can wonder if he has knocked on your
door yet and how you behaved I bet you didn't call him the same names
that you called the Yankee Prez Obama EH pervert?

Since Dexx don't read things then he and his bosses and all the other
cops won't know that I published the emails I sent them N'esy Pas Bob

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos
902 800 0379

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 21:14:54 -0300
Subject: The RCMP's favourite pervert Mr Baconfat is a quite a
desperate lair EH Randy McGinnis? He knows as well as the RCMP that
Section 301 was found unconstitutional NOT Section 300
To: "Randy.McGinnis" <>, "rod.knecht"
<>, "Dale.McGowan"
<>, Glen Canning <>,
dexterdyne <>, police <>,
"" <>, PREMIER
<>, justmin <>, "calgary.acadia"
<>, "calgary.northwest"
<>, Calgarynews <>,
calgarynewstips <>, themayor
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"jeff.kasbrick" <>, "hugh.flemming"
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"Stephen.Stafford" <>, sallybrooks25
<>, austin <>,
dfildebrandt <>, "stephen.mandel"
<>,,,, bourdap
Cc: David Amos <>, oldmaison
<>, law <>, "peter.dauphinee"
<>, andre <>

Furthermore the very strange racist threatened to use that Section and
the Human Rights Commision against American Eagle years ago when they
properly fired the nasty arse of his very fat dumb happy broad Lori
Ink for being a racist as well.

Go Figure

Thursday, July 29, 2010
American Eagle at West Edmonton Mall

On July 28, 2010 Jo Ann Hennig's employment at American Eagle was
terminated, and Lori Ink was "written up" and put on thirty days
probation. Jo Ann Henig had complained to American Eagle Canada
corporate human resources in Mississauga Ontario that several American
Eagle employees at the West Edmonton Mall store were not paid for
hours worked.

Ms. Hening had worked over a few weeks with American Eagle Canada's
human resources managers to rectify the problem. Last week the problem
had been rectified whereas several people were not paid correctly,
their pay had been restored to them. On July 28 (yesterday) Jo Ann
Henig was fired by store Manager Carl Caron and District Manager
Samara Snyder .

Ms Snyder and Mr Caron informed Ms Hennig that she was terminated
because there were several calls to the American Eagle "employee hot
line" complaining about her "racist behaviour" and her being a
"gossip". Both Ms. Snyder and Mr. Caron declined and then refused to
identify this "racist behaviour" , explain when this "racist
behaviour" occurred or give any details whatsoever that would confirm
or validate the occurrence of this "racist behaviour" or that there
were any "complaints" to the "hot line".

It should be noted that both Samara Snyder and Carl Caron are new to
their respective positions at American Eagle West Edmonton Mall . Mr.
Caron has been store manager for less that thirty days and has never
once been out on the sales floor, or been the MOD (manager on duty).
He has preferred to spend his days in the manager's office "doing
paper work". Samara Snyder has been District manager less than sixty
days and was hired by (American Eagle Canada CEO) Art Solomon who has
resigned because he was concerned upon the direction American Eagle
Canada was headed. It also should been noted that Mr. Caron's first
decision other than terminating Ms. Hennig is to turn the "marketing
room" into a larger office for himself.

It is more than a little suspicious that Ms. Hennig has been
terminated for undisclosed and specified "racist behaviour" and "hot
line complaints" when American Eagle employees on the watch of Carl
Caron and Samara Snyder were not being paid for hours worked...and
were dissuaded to complain or seek redress from "head office".

On July 28 2010, at roughly 10 am Carl Caron and Samara Snyder called
Jo Ann Hennig into the West Edmonton American Eagle store's back room
accused her of undisclosed "racist behaviour", fired her,
surreptitiously escorted her out the back door...and called into their
presence, Ms. Lori Ink.

Ms. Ink was first informed that Jo Ann Henig was terminated and that
it would be a "shame" that "Ms. Ink's 18 year career with American
Eagle were to end because of {her} friendship with Jo Ann Hennig."
Lori Ink told Ms. Snyder and Mr. Caron that they needed to inform
store staff that Jo Ann was terminated, at which point Carl Caron
excused himself to tell the store's employees that Jo Ann Hennig was
terminated. He also took the opportunity to tell the staff, that Ms.
Ink would soon be out and be upset and perhaps crying ... And they
"were forbidden to hug, comfort or otherwise commiserate with her".

During the "meeting" Mr. Caron and Ms. Snyder informed Lori Ink that
she too was accused of "racist behaviour and gossip". When pressed for
details these people told Ms. Ink she had used a "racist
epithet".....she used the word "Asian" to describe the ethnic group
"Asians". Ms. Snyder said that was...."racist behaviour". Once again
NO further details of the "complainants" nor "complaints" were

It should also be noted here that what Mr. Caron and Snyder did ...can
be considered an offense to the C C of C (Criminal Code of Canada)
section 300 "Criminal Slander". A "private information" or police
prosecution could conceivably result .

Ms. Ink has been reprimanded for completing duties that Carl Caron and
several previous managers have been having her do. (receiving
shipment, supply orders etc) for the past several years in her
"Performance Improvement plan" .

Ms. Ink was told that the entire "break schedule" for the store had
been revamped because of her "gossip" with Jo Ann Hennig. Ms. Ink and
Ms. Hennig once a week went out to lunch together for a couple of
years (Tony Roma's)...and Mr. Caron and Ms. Snyder claim that there
they...."gossip" .

At the end of the "interview" Ms. Ink was threatened with termination
if she talked to Ms. Hennig, spoke about the "meeting" with the store
employees or any employees or management of American Eagle. ....So
much for using the "hot line" or communicating with corporate human
resource personnel without retribution!

There is far more to this, but sufficed to say.... two new and
obviously inexperienced management personnel have decided to persecute
two very long time employees of American Eagle. Ms. Ink a single
mother, raised a son and sends him to a post secondary institution on
the pay of THIS JOB.

I wonder what the "intake officials" at Alberta Human rights and the
Alberta Labour Board would say about this?

Posted by Seren at 2:31 AM

Now that Google is removing his blogs on behals of the Wingnut Sally
Brooks ans some Indian women Mr Baconfat is deleting some all on his
own as well Hell ever since Glen Canning and Mr Baconfat got in their
spit and chew last month the big talking pussy has even dogged in
"Comment moderation" which is what he complained about others doing
for years. Clearly the RCMP's favourite pervert does not want other
people to read what many people really think of him while he is busy
editing out his many death threats etc. and posting even more evil
nonsense about mmy family and I

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""Puttin on the Ritz, Pimpin Out Their Kids!""
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1 – 0 of 0
Only in Maritime kanada, would two inbred Maritimers pimp out their
kids to eke out a living, even in the instance where one of the kids
is dead. Rehtaeh Parsons is dead by her own hand because her parents
were far too busy with other distractions that to actually raise their
fifteen year old daughter. And now Rehtaeh is dead, dead by here own
hand, her so called parents, are as culpable for her death if they
themselves tied the ligature around her neck.

Leah Parsons and Glen Canning have successfully parlayed their
culpability in the death of their daughter, into a sick extension of
"fifteen minutes of infany," into cyber-space, twitter, facebook and
blogger celebrity in the sick attempt to "make a buck," now trying to
secure the copyright of a tormented, abused and now dead teen-ager.

David Amos simply pimps out his still living children as sex trade
workers (I guess that's what they call it now)

Our "friend" David churns out reams and reams of spam, harasses
countless public officials until he is compelled to stop....and calls
this insane mischief, his "work." To wit:

Re: RE "Anonymous", Jon Blanchard, Rehtaeh Parsons" Father Glen Canning, Big
talking politicians, Corrupt Cops and their buddy Barry Winters of Edmonton

I just called the Halifax Police Department to try explain the blogs,
Youtubes and emails containing may death threats etc against my family
since 2007 and ask why they only care about Glen Canning's concerns.

One young cop claimed that he did not have a name to give the public
but felt free to call me Dave instead of Mr Amos as he tried hard to
play dumb. So I gave up n that sneaky bastard and called the cop in
charge. It was a woman by the name of Sgt Saunders and what a liar she
turned out to be she claimed to not have a computer nor did she even
know who the former Commissioner Haney was or about the file the
Haifax PD had on me me but she felt free to suggest that I run for
public office again or sue her police force or call her new boss Chief
Blais tomorrow morning.

That evil woman knew exactly who I was and I called Chief Blais office
immediately and left another wicked viocemail that that pussy will
never return. Now I am calling their pals in the RCMP AGAIN

Clearly the corrupt cops in Halifax would do nothing AGAIN

And our insane little "friend " posted this:

The farmer had every right to ask people to investigate. The
animals were his lively hood and more importantly to the rest of us
his cattle were going into the FOOD CHAIN. When the CFIA tried hard to
have the RCMP to arrest both of un in 2009 and put their malice in
writng it was beyond ridiculous. Werner Bock was very foolish indeed
to stab me in the back and try to make friends with the bastards.

The RCMP did managed to divide us in 2009 but neither of us are
conquered thus far.
You can see that I included many of Werner Bock's friends on the
Internet in this email as well. We shall all see if they have the
balls to speak in his defence. N'esy Pas Chucky Leblanc and David

BTW Methinks the CROWN Corp known as the CBC just violated Werner Bock's
privacy BIGTIME as well. They always told me that they are not allowed
to talk about suicides because of Mental Health and privacy issues.
The same should hold true for all people even German immigants.
Furthermore the CBC can never deny that never said a
word about Byron Priors various litigations oe when the evil Newffy
Judge Orr locked up him in the Waterford Hospital for about nine
months or so.

I must say the CROWN was particularly dumb to lock up Bock and get the
CBC brag about it particularly while the NB Attorney General is
assisting two Jewish Groups to attack the McCorkell estate at the same
time that the CROWN is prosecuting one of Bock's Neo Nazi friends Arty
Baby Topham of Radical Press. Methinks between the
Huffington Post, a heard of other bloggers and Internet talkshow hosts
New Brunswick will be put on the map even more than it already is.

Also even thogh everybody and his dog knows that Werner Bock and I
parted company in 2009 the CROWN cannot deny that three of my calves
died on Werner Bock's farm and I recorded and protested their demise
as well. You also all know I was the one who made the videos for Bock
in 2008/09 and wrote the words in his website about Section 444 of the
Canadian Criminal Code. Hell I did so over a year after Mikey Murphy
the Fomer Minister of Health/Attorney General responded to me and
asked the local boss of the RCMP Steve Graham to investigate and they
never did So I made Werner Bock rather well known on the Internet in
2008/2009 CORRECT? Google Werner Bock's name before you dare to call
me a liar and put it in writing.
Is there actually anyone out there that can understand or care about
this lobotomized, uneducated and illiterate cretin is trying
unsuccessfully to articulate?

The one theme is always clear in David Amos' rantings, is he the
centre of his little universe. Everything is always, "all about little
Davey Amos." In that respect David is identical to his "Fat Fred City"
colleague Charles LeBlanc for ignorance and rampant narcissism.

The wee lad Davey Amos further whines and sobs:

Well Davey Baby Alward wouldn't you be pissed off too if the the RCMP
laughed at you while this shit was being published about your children
while the Zionist spindoctor was bitching on Labor Day about YOU and
Premiers Ghiz and Dexter begging Harper for money???

Wee Davey Amos feels I ought be arrested and incarcerated vis a vis
Sec 300 of the CC of C. A section of the Criminal Code to be found
"unconstitutional" or rather contrary to the Canadian Charter of
Rights and Freedom. Imagin that little Glen Canning and Davey Amos
don't like this, and think it is "criminal behavior." Oh dear thank
heavens for proper jurisprudence and learned judges.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Maritime Kanada's Cocksuckers

So Premier Alward, Premiers Ghiz and Darrell Dexter, do you guys gently
unzip "Stevie boy's" trousers and blow him each year when you go to Ottawa
to beg for more federal tax dollars and equalization from the rest of

Red Deer Alberta, city of less than 100,000 that has basically
statistically full employment. Red Deer has robust manufacturing,
conventional oil and oils sand industry servicing, agriculture and food
processing, petro-chemical production: All turbocharged with home grown
expertise and an unsurpassed quality if life.

Red Deer and Central Alberta has hundreds of family or privately owned
companies with 50 to 100 skilled workers, with gross revenues of 50 to 100
million dollars.

Meanwhile in Kanada's Appalachia, inbred Maritime Kanada, unemployment in
those provinces run from 9 % to 14 % unemployment. In Alberta and
Saskatchewan it runs from 4.3% to 4.5 % . In each of Canada's parasitic
Maritime jurisdictions the largest employer is the provincial government. No
immigrants choose Maritime Kanada to settle in because the education systems
are piss poor, and there is no private enterprise to speak of.

In Maritime Kanada the inbred politicians campaign on the promise of a
"chicken in every pot, and a government job for everyone that can read and
make his X on the paper." And some that can't.

Then there are Laura the Butt and Max still turning tricks, and Rehtaeh that
is till dead, dead, dead. You still trying to make money off that Glen?

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Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos
902 800 0369
posted by Seren at 3:26 PM on Sep 20, 2013

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