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Yo Chucky howcome your buddy the Attorney General Ms Blais and her Deputy Ms Keating worry more about the money in McCorkill's estate that they do about the sexual abuse of women and children?

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Subject: Yo Chucky howcome your buddy the Attorney General Ms Blais
and her Deputy Ms Keating worry more about the money in McCorkill's
estate that they do about the sexual abuse of women and children?
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Even though Chucky's wingnuts hate mean old me with a passion at least
I see one lady and even Ezzy Baby Levant agree with my opinions.

Trust that I don't care what the evil bastard Arty Topham thinks about

Hell he just made the biggest Boo Boo I ever saw and it was
exactly the same one his old buddy Byron Prior made 11 years ago and
their pal the very dead Dougy Christie pointed it out to Byron Prior a
whole year after I did so He published a bunch of times that what he
pblished on January 1st about Richard Warman was untrue and then even
sent his lawyer 500 bucks. Small wonder why Ms Johnston was nice to
the dummy the other day. He goose is cooked now. All she has to do is
present his own published words and ask a simple question if you
admitted you are a liar already about what you published about Warman
and assocates what more is there to discuss?

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Monday, March 07, 201112 HOURS LEFT TO VOTE ON POLL - Should the
R.C.M.P release the picture of New Brunswick biggest convicted
Pedophile Michael Gilbert from Tracyville to the Public???

New Biggest Pedophile since Kingsclear and the fascist Police Force of
the New Brunswick R.C.M.P. are protecting this Jerk!!!

It just doesn't make any sense.

Two Doctors were arrested last week in Ontario and their pictures were
release to the Public.

< Arrested and not convicted >

Doctors!!! < arrested not convicted >

There could be more victims out there but the R.C.M.P. are protecting
this guy!!!

The question is why???

Posted by Charles LeBlanc at 6:48:00 PM 2 comments:

Anonymous said...
I was raped by a doctor when I had an operation and they didn't show
any photo of him because he got away with it. It's a sad thing when
you can't even trust your doctor while your under.

12:25 PM, March 08, 2011

Mary said...
Legaleagle10: Ask where Dr. Schollenberg and his lawyer, Mr. John
Barry are this week. I know it is Toronto. Could they be under the gun
for anything about this doctor who worked previously in St. John? Ask
the Rob Nicholson, Attorney Gen. of Canada what happened to all the
letters I sent him about a woman in St. John who was sexually abused
by several doctors in St. John and Dr. Schollenberg knew about it. Ask
him about Dr. Mohammed (Cal) from Iran who now is in Calgary and ask
him about another Mohammed (a male who raped the same woman mentioned
above--she went to the hospital in St. John and reported the rape and
had her private parts checked because of potential STD's or HIV and
bruses and then ask about this Mohammed who now is in Edmondton,
Alberta, formerly from Somalia. Maybe if Mr. Nicholson had paid more
attention to my letters last fall then this young girl in Toronto may
have been spared. Anyone wanting more info. contact

7:34 PM, March 08, 2011

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From: Evelyn Greene
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Subject: FW: Why are these muslims email me?

Dear Officer Lang: Will you be looking into this matter and try and
get an inquiry started in New Brunswick?

I went to the Police Commission on Friday afternoon last and the
Director, Pierre Beaudoin refused to take the evidence of the tampered
CCTV video tapes from Ambulance NB and the police and crown? What
will you be doing about this now? You are the only one left to
investigate, or are you?

Please advise.

Evelyn Greene

Subject: FW: Why are these muslims email me?
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 02:04:45 -0200

Dear Officer Lang: I received this email from Dawn Goff who has a
sister-in-law, Cathy Goff, of works for CSIS and Cathy is married to
Alan Goff who is a dentist now working for the Govt. in Ottawa
(perhaps Indian affairs). I reported last year that Dawn Goff told me
she went to a telephone booth and called Cathy and Alan and Alan said
she is (Dawn) is playing dangerous game with these doctors (meaning
Dr. Ed Schollenberg, Dr. Donald Colfordrn; Dr. Oaei (sic) now deceased
and he used to be Dawn's son's psychiatrist who Dawn had long sexual
relationship with and Dawn told me that he said he would kill her if
she told; then there was Mohammed (Cal) who was working at St. Josephs
Hospital and now lives in Calgary. Then Dawn met other Muslim doctors
at places like Tim Horton's; some she says were set up for her to
meet; some would rape her; she said she received no money; it was
called dates. When she called Cathy and Allan on the phone from the
phone booth in St. John, she said she told Cathy Goff she was sending
Cathy a diary and for Cathy to hang on to it; also Dawn said she put a
copy in her safety deposit box. Up until I complained last year, Dawn
had a blog on the College's website, called something like "Dawn Tells
The Truth (Dancing With the Devil). It is still on Dr. Donald
Colford's website.

One day, Dr. Schollenberg's secretary, Clarice, told me she did not
know that the website had anything on it from Dawn Goff because, she
Clarice, was the only one who put things on that website. It was
taken off just a few months ago after I reported it.

Then last summer, Dr. Schollenberg wrote a reference letter for Dawn
Goff on College Letterhead as he knew Dawn wanted a job at St. John
Regional Hospital; a place he knew that she had slept with several
doctors. Also, in or around 2003 Dawn was in Fredericton and had too
much to drink at Sweetwaters; she called Donald Colford (Dr.) and he
sent a Mohammed, a male prostitute who was going to St. Thomas U. and
worked parttime at Multicultural Centre in Fred. He told Dawn later
that he knew Ed (Schollenberg). Dr. Donald Colford is gay and I am
unsure what Dr. Schollenberg's preference might be. He bragged to me
not to long ago that he and his family were visiting his daughter in
Nova Scotia and happened upon a "gay pride parade." I cannot imagine
how someone would find that exciting.

This Mohammed who picked Dawn up at Sweetwaters took her back to his
place and raped her violently. She went to ER in St. John Regional
and reported same and asked for a test for HIV and she said she spoke
to some guy who at that time was a social worker by the name of

I also know that Dawn was responsible for reporting a Dr. Snow to the
College about 15 years ago for sexual assault and Dr. Snow paid her
off and retired. She said Ed and Donald helped her to get legal

To my knowledge, Dr. Schollenberg has not had sexual relationship with
Dawn, but she hints that he did something that may be connected to the
diary. What that is I do not know.

However, something stinks here. Dr. Ed Schollenberg knows Dawn's
history of unspeakable sexual abuse as a little girl whose uncle put a
whiskey bottle or wine bottle up her private parts, etc when she was 5
or 7. I believe she went to grade seven. After she reported Dr.
Snow, she got a job with the Govt. (Dept. of Fisheries). She told me
many stories of things that went on there.

I hope she is not sending my email address to any of these Muslim
doctors or whomever she knows.

I am asking that this be investigated.

Evelyn Greene

Subject: Why are these muslims email me?
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 23:20:22 -0200

Hi there , these emails keeen p coming and I am just cancel them . I
don't want to get viris or bugs either. On my way to bed . God Bless!
Did you hear from Ed on Friday? Busy weekend, my weekend off. Put
garden away. Bye and good night!God Bless! dawn

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From: Evelyn Greene
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2011 10:45 PM
Subject: RE: BTW Mr Lovely I am this David Amos I am sure Mr Zabel and
his law firm can explain

Hi David, are you a member of the Hells Angels or some other uncover
organization such as CSIS? Just wondering. Do you think that charles
LeBlanc thinks you are connected to the US feds or CSIS? Throw me a
bone David. You know that I am under attack here in New Brunswick for
reporting crime and it was recently I contacted CSIS. Thanks. Evelyn

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From: David Amos
To: ; Doug Christie Law Office
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Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 12:52 AM
Subject: attn. Ms. Morgenthaler-Jones and Mr. Christie

Please allow me to introduce myself. Lissa say hey to Arnie
Baby for me and I will say hey to Byron for Dougie Baby. Lissa and I
should discuss Securities Fraud and Putnam Investments with Robert
Pozen of M.F.S. Mr. Christie and I will soon be arguing many things if
he does not display some integrity very quickly.

November 15, 2003

Governor Gray Davis Governor-elect Arnold

State Capitol Building 3110 Main Street, Suite 300
Sacramento, CA 95814 Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: (916) 445-2841 Phone: (310) 664-9002
Fax: (916)445-4633 Fax: (310)664-9120

Representative Barney Frank Senator Orrin Hatch

2252 Rayburn House Office Building 104 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515-2104 Washington, D.C. 20510-4402
Phone: (202) 225-5931 Phone: (202) 224-5251
Fax: (202) 225-0182 Fax: (202) 224-6331

Re: Me teasing Arnie while putting a couple of his friends over a barrel.


Governor Gray Davis there is no need to cry later. You know as
well as I what is going on and why. You had your chance to cry to all
about all that you know earlier. All of you may wish to claim that you
have never heard of me until today. However, I would strongly doubt
such a remark, merely because of all of the people I have encountered
in the past two years have connections with each of you with less than
six degrees of separation. I will try not to elaborate too much on my
beefs with the system and the proposed New World Order. Oft times less
is more. I will rest on the strength of my words on file in the public
record of many courts.

I have chosen this date to become sort of a political person.
For the past week or so I have been poking and prodding many
politicians in many ways. Before I strike myself dumb, I want to jerk
Arnie's chain to see if that old dog has got any teeth. His face-lift
does not conceal the fact that his ass is starting to sag. I have
determined that vanity is his Achilles heel. I will make the best of
that knowledge to embarrass him. I do this not for spite but as an act
of vengeance on behalf of many an honourable dead man. I like to have
fun and do things my way rather than follow standard operating
procedure laid out by the old school. Whereas you are politicians and
are well paid to talk on behalf of others, you should do so. You do
hold the public trust. On the other hand I am playing dumb for awhile.
I am just another jerk who takes pride in his work. I am not a citizen
of this country. As a legal permanent resident I have the same rights
as anyone else under Title 42. I will pick my time to speak my mind to
the press under the First Amendment until then I will take the Fifth.
I will let the wiretap tapes that I have in my possession protect the
Fourth Amendment Rights of others while I await the Justice System to
finally recognize our Seventh Amendments Rights.

In the "mean" time I am on the road and in hiding. I can't
afford to trust anyone. Many federal employees have ignored Rule 9 of
the Code of Ethics and have no understanding of the rest. I ask all of
you this question. Do you understand how our Seventh Amendment Rights
were violated in the US District Court for the District of
Massachusetts in a complaint pursuant to the First Amendment? Please
view the enclosed documents.

All paid employees of the State do not have immunity from the
laws of this land if you do not act within the scope of your
employment, obey the Rules, uphold the laws and The Constitution. All
the lawyers amongst you particularly those that hold public office,
have even more rules to obey with regard to Professional Conduct. The
lawyers that review the enclosed documents that were sent to every
U.S. Attorney in the USA should take careful note that matters were
dismissed ex parte without any documents ever served upon the
plaintiffs and then consider Canon 3(a) that federal Judges must obey.
Here is a part of one of my next filings in a federal court. I copied
it from an interesting docket. Please note that I did not send you a
copy of wiretap tape numbered 139. Ask the U.S. Attorneys in your
various Districts about it. I have received enough denials from many
authorities that the tapes are valid to do with them what I wish. I
will be giving the tape to the offended parties in order that they may
defend their own rights. I have many tapes to give others. Trust me,
someone will react to the civil rights offences practiced against
them. If the offended parties complain of me and win, I will complain
of the government and all others involved for three times the loss.

III. LEGAL STANDARDSA. Motion to Dismiss

A motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim under Federal Rule of
Civil Procedure 12(b)(6) is disfavored: "a complaint should not be
dismissed for failure to state a claim unless it appears beyond doubt
that the plaintiff can prove no set of facts in support of his claim
which would entitle him to relief." See Conley v. Gibson, 355 U.S. 41,
45-46 (1957); see also Gilligan v. Janow Dev. Corp., 106 F.3d 246, 249
(9th Cir.1997) (issue is not whether plaintiff will ultimately
prevail, but whether claimant is entitled to offer evidence to support
the claim). In deciding a motion to dismiss, the court accepts as true
all material allegations in the complaint and construes them in the
light most favorable to the plaintiff. See Oscar v. University
Students Co-op Ass'n., 965 F.2d 783, 785 (9th Cir.1992); NL Industries
v. Kaplan, 792 F.2d 896, 898 (9th Cir.1986).

The court need not accept as true allegations that contradict facts
which may be judicially noticed. See Mullis v. United States
Bankruptcy Ct., 828 F.2d 1385, 1388 (9th Cir.1987). For example,
matters of public record may be considered, including pleadings,
orders, and other papers filed with the court or records of
administrative bodies, see Mack v. South Bay Beer Distributors, 798
F.2d 1279, 1282 (9th Cir.1986), while conclusions of law, conclusory
allegations, unreasonable inferences, or unwarranted deductions of
fact need not be accepted. See Western Mining Council v. Watt, 643
F.2d 618, 624 (9th Cir.1981); see also Branch v. Tunnell, 14 F.3d 449,
453 (9th Cir.1994) ("[A] document is not 'outside' the complaint if
the complaint specifically refers to the document and if its
authenticity is not questioned."). Allegations in the complaint may be
disregarded if contradicted by facts established by exhibits attached
to the complaint. See Durning v. First Boston Corp., 815 F.2d 1265,
1267 (9th Cir.1987).

In layman's terms it means that a complaint must not be dismissed
if there is a remote possibility that it is legit. Canon 3(a) mandates
that a judge cannot discuss a pending matter with anyone without all
parties present.

Judge Stearns dismissed 48 million dollars worth of relief sought
within a Prima Facia complaint without the plaintiffs being served
anything. This was done without a hearing on the word of a liar who
was incompetently 5 months in default in defense of his clients. Many
State Laws, Local Rules of the US District Court and Federal laws were
broken to protect the mask of virtue of the Department of Justice. The
Fax information served upon me on top of my own complaint by the US
Attorney told me long ago that Attorney General Ashcroft was a crook.

The fact that the government altered the summons to show that
the Treasury Dept Agents were not served was amazing. The fact that
the Suffolk County Sheriff was willing to go along with the perjury of
the U.S. Attorney was beyond belief. When Deputy Sheriff Larry McGrath
asked me to please sue him on October 15th, 2002 in front of a
witness, he should have realized that he didn't have to ask me twice.
Suing lawyers is one of those things I do that nobody seems to
appreciate. The fact that the Massachusetts Attorney General practiced
Mail Fraud in order not to receive my documents and the postal service
covered it up was bad enough. Today I discovered that Deputy Sheriff
McGrath is now practicing Mail Fraud as well.

Trust me. If I have my way this political scandal is going to
break all the records. What I did with the MBA over a month ago was
wicked funny. I had to wait for the seminar about Probate Turf Wars
and the election in California before proceeding with my plan. Dragon
slaying can be fun if approached with the right attitude. Lawyers may
call me crazy but I bet they don't call me stupid anymore. The best
part of the day at MBA was when one of the snobby Oliver Wendell
Holmes Fellows snubbed me and refused my papers as he entered their
guarded clubhouse and then came out later and asked me for one. I
smiled and said he could have them all. He refused and slid away back
into the den of thieves. Can you tell I hold them in contempt? I like
the famous jurist's father better anyway. Although he was a witty
writer, it was the fact that he went to find his son on the
battlefields in order to bring him home that causes me to admire him
greatly. Whatever else that man had accomplished in life, comes in
second to me in comparison to what he did as a father. For that alone
my hat is off to him.

Representative Dennis Kucinich failed to understand my
position in his recent letter to me. The fact is that whereas I cannot
vote, then it follows that no one can speak for me. Bill Delahunt is
not my Clan's State Representative, Stephen Lynch is. That said trust
me, Bill Delahunt knew all about me long ago as does Senators Kerry
and Kennedy. Now Stephen Lynch can never deny it yet he ignores me as

Because Stephen Lynch is my Clan's Representative I had been
saving him as one of the last people to prove that I have informed
before leaving my family. There are several reasons for doing so.
Stephen Lynch recently donated a portion of his liver to his
brother-in-law. He still lives in his family home as does my wife.
This proves to me that he has a strong sense of home and family. I
admire that in a man. He has not renewed his license to practice law.
Maybe he is as sick of lawyers as I am. I was hoping that he would
approach me first. He didn't so I did and now I am gone.

The two opponents that he had in his bid for Congress are
very crooked lawyers and State Senators who have been well aware of
our matters for a very long time. They have chosen to stand with my
wife's criminal relatives rather than uphold the law. On the other
hand he does live in the Bulger neighborhood and did warm the former
President of the Senate's seat for awhile and he also avoided the
issues in the congressional investigation into the Whitey Bulger
matter. Nobody should deny the fact that I had been doing my level
best to present possible evidence in the matter to the proper
authorities. In return all I received was harassment.

The faxes I sent out a while ago to the Democratic Candidates
looking for fellow Democrats to bless their run for President should
have caused Mr. Lynch to contact me. Maybe they were mushrooming him.
From this point on, he can never say that I kept him in the dark or
fed him bullshit. I was disappointed but not surprised when I did not
hear from Mr. Lynch. At this point in time I would be truly shocked if
anyone in public service actually did their job and did an honest
day's work in an ethical fashion.

Just for fun, I am sending Playboy, Easyrider, Larry Flynt and
Mary Carey a copy of this letter. I contacted the first two awhile ago
but they laughed at me and ignored me. One of the fellas whose lady
friend was running for Governor in Massachusetts last year received
everything from me in hand. He also claims to have written for
Playboy. Now I will laugh and ignore them. Maybe in return they will
bother you guys with a few questions. If they do, then we will talk.

I was not surprised when the Magazines ignored me. I bear them
no malice. I have no doubt they encounter many fools with an
unbelievable story and simply do not have time to investigate them
all. However, I cannot say the same about many other members of the
press. If National Enquirer finally does decide to print something,
they had best honour the offer of twenty-five grand. My Clan needs the
money. I did fax them about two hundred documents and can prove it.
Just for good measure the Enquirer's General Counsel, Michael B.
Kahane, gets this letter not the reporters. They had their chance.
Maybe Mr. Kahane will recognize the argument quoted earlier from some
other litigation in the U.S. District Court in California.

The last two folks I mentioned had no idea about me until I
called them last month. As I said, I contacted them just for fun. I
judge Larry to be an ethical man and do not judge his chosen vocation.
Just like Jimmy Carter, I freely admit that I look upon women
lustfully. The fact that he had a friend in Jimmy's sister proved to
me that not only did Larry have an ethical set of Big Balls to go
against the System and defend all of our rights but other ethical
people saw it in him as well. I sense that Marey Carey is all about
fun. I like that in a lady because that is the kind of guy I am. There
is no reason for me to think anything ill of her. Given their chosen
professions and outlook on life, I figured that both would appreciate
a man with big balls. Excuse the pun.

The last person who should judge any of us for having fun is
the Governor-elect of California. In the past he has been paid to show
off his balls. Mary Carey's assistant laughed and seemed interested
enough to have a look at my briefcase in yahoo. Larry's assistant
seemed too busy to bother with the likes of me. I have met with
similar responses too many times in the past to continue to waste
anymore of each other's precious time. I will do as I said and simply
email Larry this letter. If he develops an interest he will have to
figure it out for himself. His help will not be of much help. In fact,
I doubt he ever reads this in a timely fashion to be the first to have
some fun with it. Feel free to call me Larry, I am not mad at your
help. Most ladies don't like me.

Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger you weathered the storm
of the feminist press as I knew you would. Lets see how you do with me
and my strange mix of words. What I found kinda interesting was the
fact that the press that was pestering you appeared to be employed by
the same bunch that produced your latest flick. It seems that they may
think that notoriety may help box office receipts. I have two bones
that to pick with you. One is political. There other is as a biker
with a beef about your political employment of a fine bike and its
later demise without a comment from you.

The first bone is as follows. I am sure you agree that none of
us has any choice as to when or where we are born or who our father
is. As any good son we should honour our father. Good or bad, they are
just men who did the best they could to raise their sons the best way
they knew how. Despite any possible failing they may have had, we have
no right to judge them unless they did us deliberate harm. However
once we reach manhood we have every right to check their work and
disagree if we wish. Men that went to war against the men that raised
you raised me. The war is over but the political reasons that my
forefathers went to war still exist. As a result of that war Nazi's
have the right to have their opinions. However when you invited a War
Criminal to your wedding, you insulted the memory of my father and his
brothers in arms that had fought and many had died to give you the
right to become a Governor in this country. The fact that it was held
in a compound built by an old Nazi Sympathizer was not overlooked.

I noticed that Mr. Bush, a promoter of a New World Order, and
whose recent wars smack of fascist thinking, ran to seek your support
immediately after the election. "Standing before a cheering California
crowd, President Bush said he has a lot in common with Gov.-elect
Arnold Schwarzenegger" "I'm proud to call him friend," Bush said.
"According to the "New York Post, Arnold Schwarzenegger will probably
be the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention, which is
very smart because after Schwarzenegger speaks, Bush's English won't
sound so bad."

All of the aforementioned facts proves to me that the apple
doesn't fall too far from the tree. That said the same remark holds
true for me. To honour my father I must challenge you and your
beliefs. I choose to combat you with the word rather than the sword.
It is mightier. Now you know why I waited until you became a
politician. A blind man could see it coming if he knew me well. If you
disagree read on.

"If Arnold is elected, you know who I'd feel sorry for? The people on
death row. Imagine, you're about to be executed, the governor calls,
you think it's your reprieve, and you hear 'Hasta la vista, baby.' "
Jay Leno

Many a true word said in jest huh. You and Mitt Romney may get
along. By the way Arnie I have a little tale to tell about Jay Leno
and the Harley auction but not today. I am saving it for the book. I
was gonna tell Dave Letterman but not now. If you want a clue as to
what it is about ask Christine, Willy G.'s secretary. Maybe she will
recall a so-called warm-hearted guy that called her just once. Since
you did ride a new Harley in a Hollywood movie maybe she will spend
more time with you. After all, I only ride Panheads and Shovels. The
only thing that sees them is the road. Harley doesn't stock parts for
them any more, therefore there is no gain in talking to me.

Now this brings me to my second bone to pick with you.
"California Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger, who rode an Indian in
the third "Terminator" movie, received a special invitation to attend
a celebrity press conference and ride in Los Angeles. but did not
attend. " Although I was once a Kawasaki Dealer and a bigtime fan of
them, I really liked the old Honda that you rode in the first
Terminator movie. The choice of a cheap out of date bike proved that
the movie was produced on a budget. Later when you rode a new model
Harley it was only a form of slick advertising within a proven format
for profit. The motion picture art came in second. As a motion picture
buff and a biker, I must say the movies Easyrider and Road Warrior
blew any of your movies into the weeds. At least you pretended to ride
the wheels off the bikes in your flicks and for that I thank you. I do
give the devil his due. I noticed that the Movie Company requested the
Indian Motorcycle for your latest flick and they built a couple of
models for you that never existed before. You sold at auction a couple
of bikes for big bucks to support your election bid but said nothing
about the company in your State going bust.

Hmmmm. I am a biker that likes all bikes that do the job that
they were built to do. If a person tells me that he will ride only one
brand, to me that is as silly as saying you only chase redheads. I
smile and won't argue because there is a world full of ladies out
there who may have more time for me. Why would I want to convince him
otherwise? My wife hates this kind of talk but I can't change my
nature. The same thinking allows me to possess many a wonderful bike
because so many folks these days only like one brand. Need I say I
liked the new Indian? I suspect foul play. I will take that up with

I must say, Arnie, you do have a well mixed bunch of friends.
Representative Barney Frank is a fine example. His words as follows
told us all what may be in our future.

Mr. MCDONALD. All right. I could give what I consider the definitive
argument against the proposed amendment in two words: Arnold
Schwarzenegger, but I have been allotted 5 minutes, so I will take the
5. I will explain the reference, if it does not follow.

[Later in the testimony...]

Mr. FRANK. Thank you. First, I would ask, Professor McDonald, I assume
the reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger was to hold out the terrible
prospect that he might get elected President.


Mr. FRANK. I think what I find is that that shows—the assumption is
that there is no great discretion on the part of the public.

Mr. MCDONALD. They have elected a number of actors before to high office.

Mr. FRANK. Yes, they have, and I think they did a reasonable job,
given their values. And I think that I am glad you brought it up,
because it seems to me what we have here is, in the guise of a defense
of the American citizens, a denigration of them; the notion that they
somehow cannot be trusted to make these decisions.

I will never understand what motivates a gay man and Robb
Quinan in particular. I am certain Mr. Frank knows him. Perhaps he can
explain him to me. Mr. Frank, I must ask you if you agree with me in
the fact that the very outspoken Gay Member of the Bar, Assistant
Attorney General Robert L. Quinan Jr., should have spoke up when the
U.S. Attorney, Michael J. Sullivan, deleted the name of the defendant,
Cardinal Law, from my complaint? You are a lawyer, and a Member of
Congress representing Massachusetts. This is a federal issue. Ted
Kennedy dropped the ball. Will you pick it up and run with it? Or do
you stand with Robb Quinan? Do you see how Quinan has been working
very hard to deny my wife and I the very rights that he wants for
himself and his husband?

I am not homophobic, actually I find some lesbians rather
attractive. I do agree that you should be allowed to do whatever you
want to do as long as it is of no harm to others. I also have the
right to think and say that such a life style does not warrant a
marriage license. I believe that a marriage license is a contract for
the benefit of children produced by the union of a man and a woman.

Nature commands that it take a man and a woman to bring
children into this world. It only follows that nature meant for both
sexes to raise them. I do not feel there is any license necessary for
a same sex union. Such a union can not produce a natural born family.
I have no problem with members of the light community adopting and
raising children or employing other methods to acquire them. All
children need responsible loving parents. As long as the parents hold
true to that course, whatever else they do in their personal lives
should be of no consequence. A marriage license is a different kettle
of fish. That is merely a political tool that the far light left
lawyers want to have in order to attain firmer ground to stand on in
the courts. If Gays and Lesbian lawyers are concerned about the assets
that they hold in common with their chosen partner, they should know
that there are many sorts of legal contracts that they can enter into
without having the right to marry. If they choose an alien to hook up
with, they should simply sponsor them with the INS like everybody
else. I repeat this is simply a political play by the far left who are
no better than their opposition on the far right. The people that
suffer are the ordinary men, women and children that are stuck in the
middle of this political power play. The plight of my family is a fine
example. I will not stand for it.

Mr. Frank I expect a response from you and from Mr. Hatch. The
Code of Ethics is hereto attached for your review. Mr. Davis and Mr.
Schwarzenegger can ignore me for a while anyway. Rest assured this
won't be the last that they hear of me.

Senator Orrin Hatch I know that Schwarzenegger and you are old
friends I also know that last July you introduced a proposed amendment
to the Constitution very similar to Mr. Frank's. It also proposes to
allow anyone foreign born and a resident for twenty years to be
eligible for the office of President and that it is widely held that
this action by you was a favor. I also have no doubt you know Governor
Romney quite well. Say hey to him for me next time he is in Utah
skiing near whatever sort of residence it is that he is paying taxes
on. He has been ignoring me since April 2nd, 2002. At that time he had
just popped into Beantown to run for Governor but nobody was really
sure that he could. Later on the fix was in and he was in like Flynn.

I thought I was a shit disturber until Governor Romney raised
the death penalty issue and appointed two of my adversaries, Tim Cruz
and Michael Sullivan. Both dudes are good buddies of Argeo Cellucci,
the man that has taken on the task of torturing my native land. It is
a safe bet to say that I dislike Republicans more than Democrats but
none of you would compare to an honest Independent. I truly believe
all politicians should be independent and vote for how matters relate
to their constituents and not for the benefit of a party. Politicians
should answer to the people who voted for them and not kow tow to a
party. California proved to me there are lots of ordinary unaffiliated
folks willing to step up and do just that. Too bad the Republicans had
more money.

Mr. Hatch there is no need for a bipartisan inquiry to review
how effective the current laws are at protecting America; whether
additional tools, reporting obligations and oversight may be needed;
and the implications to security, privacy and civil liberties of
current laws including the PATRIOT ACT. If you disagree with me study
the Constitution before you attempt to argue with me. If you still
wish to argue, I challenge you to debate me in a public forum. In my
opinion such an inquiry would be no more than a faint-hearted circle
jerk where no loser would ever eat the cracker. How's that for picking
a fight? Better yet, sue me I dare you.

What Republicans are doing in Washington right now with a
secretive Energy Bill should be a national disgrace. Yet most ordinary
folks are not aware of it because of only token coverage by the Press
while the War on Iraq is pounded into their thick skulls as a very
righteous endeavor. For what it is worth, in my opinion it is a waste
of fine young people's lives whose only mistake was being loyal to
their country. I will never fault them for that. They swore to follow
orders and so they must. However I do take serious issue with the men
and women that sent them to war. I maintain that they should be
ordered home now before one more drop of blood is shed on either side
of a needless conflict. The standing army was created for defense not

I agree with Rep. Edward Markey's stance on the Energy Bill. He
kinda blew it with me when he started talking about baseball during an
important debate that the Democrats in California were taking a lot
more seriously. There is also the fact that he is in bed with the
D.H.S. dudes that sent the Secret Service to my door.

My comment to Mr. Markey and to all other politicians is
better said by Alfred North Whitehead. He said "When you are
criticizing the philosophy of an epoch, do not chiefly direct your
attention to those intellectual positions which its exponents feel it
necessary explicitly to defend. There will be some fundamental
assumptions which adherents to all variant systems within the epoch
unconsciously presuppose". On one hand Mr. Markey voted to go to war
and on the other he laments the fact that it is all about control of
energy resources. Out of the gate, most thinking people figured that
one out. It should be no surprise that the same fellas would make the
same play for the control of energy in the USA within Congress. At
least in Congress there was no bloodshed. I do agree that the proposed
Bill it will become more and more painful as time marches on. It is
our children that will have go to work in energy guzzling rigs to pay
the national debt incurred by our sin of apathy as we sit fat, dumb
and happy in our easychairs ignoring what the talking heads are really
trying to do. It is so simple and as old as man himself. Those that
have power and control over us merely want more. One of the formulas
used in doing so is to keep the people poor and in debt to them.
Create a need for something they control then dole it out to those
that tow the line. They are employing smoke and mirror tricks to
conceal their devious work.

History does repeat itself. Our forefathers knew it and gave
us the weapon to rebel without bloodshed against a long-standing evil
government that has become insufferable. In the USA it is called the
Constitution. Protect it. All the people permitted to vote should
thrust its most effective weapon into the ballot box. Apathy nurtures

One hundred years ago a man we owe a great debt to, Nikola
Tesla, tried his best to inform us. In return, the powers that be, put
a negative spin on his reputation. Credit for his magnificent work was
all but erased from history. However after he died, the FBI wasn't
long running in and scooping what remained of his files. To this day
no one can hold a candle to his genius. I often see the signs of his
labors in many reports of secret weapons employed by the USA. His
essay called Every Man a King says it all.

By the time anyone reads this, I will be off to Miami to
support the many people speaking up against the governments many
wrongs. I also want to have a little pow wow with a lawyer or two. I
am just one person amongst many with something to say. I am a private
person that played politics for a couple of weeks in order to do his
part to right the wrongs. Once that is done, I return to being just
me. I did it all in order that someday I may rest in peace. This is my
selfish act. It suits me to do so. I too, heed Mr. Whitehead's advice
and do not consider any of my concerns greater than the overall need
for world peace and the conservation of the world's resources for the
benefit of our seed. We must not overlook the obvious. Why wait until
the truth bites us in the ass? There is no room left on this planet
for greed. I am far from a genius but I am smart enough to understand
the warning signs that Mother Nature is displaying to all. Common
sense is what we all need. Why is it such a rare thing to find in a
Politician? Although I cannot vote, my advice to those who can,
particularly the young ones amongst us, is simply to vote. It is you
that will go further into the future and it is your future that these
old smiling Bastards are messing with. I also think that it may be
wise not to vote for a single incumbent in order to teach all
politicians a hard lesson.

The one good thing about Arnie being elected is that he was
never a politician before. However he has followed in the steps of
other actors that employed celebrity rather than substance to get
elected. I would love to debate him to hear what comes off the top of
his head about a few topics. What do ya think Arnie? Wanna try me?
Lets duke it out with words and questions from the right and left. You
obviously lean to the far right while you are in bed with the far
left. You need their assistance but only at a proper distance. (Do you
think Barney and Robb lust over the naked photos of you?) If I tried
to debate your friend Mr. Bush, it would not be a fair fight. People
would chastise me for picking on a moron. Hasta la vista, BabyJ

David R Amos

153 Alvin Ave.

Milton, MA. 02186

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From: Byron Prior
To: Doug Christie Law Office
Cc: David Amos
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 8:46 PM
Subject: Re: Info on Liberal MP Bill Matthews & Legal Action

I was pressured into signing the papers by Matther's lawyer, but you
wouldn't be interested in that, your also an asshole corrupt lawyer
who serve the corrupt system & anyone who holds the purse. You have
been told before I'm sure, your're a lawyer, the scum of society.
----- Original Message -----
From: Doug Christie Law Office
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 5:40 PM
Subject: Info on Liberal MP Bill Matthews & Legal Action

Dear Mr. Byron Prior:

In my opinion, if you have sworn an affidavit saying that the
statements you made were false, you have no alternative but to cease
making them or else be found malicious in making them when you know
they are not true. Your affidavit, it seems to me, has put an end to
the matter. I'm referring to the affidavit allegedly sworn 16 May

Yours truly,

Douglas Christie

(dictated but not read)

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Sent: Monday, May 24, 2004 1:30 PM
Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, May 24, 2004 1:15 PM
Subject: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

Just so ya know David I am forwarding these emails to other
politicians as well. But I didn't bother to call them because they
are lawyers as well. Therefore I see no need to explain my actions to
them. Plus the smart one's have a bad habit of trying to ignore me
anyway. I t appears that standard operating procedure for them is to
ignore. delay, deny and then try to settle. They are confused by
someone that wants to argue law rather than go away with the gold.
What should be interesting to both of us is whether or not they have a
sudden fit of ethical behavior after they discover that an honest
western farmer and wild but ethical maritime biker have been talking
about them. Please notice that I am more than willing to help such a
man as Byron Prior anyway I can. I just wish there were more men like
him on this planet. Trust me the US Attorney backtracking in the
Martha Stewart matter and prosecuting a Secret Service Agent is too
funny to relate in this email.

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From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2004 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Regarding your e-mail

> David,
> Thanks for the e-mails. I will read them all and hear what you have to say.
> All the best.
> Rob
> >
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: David Amos
> > To: Wayne, Elsie - M.P.
> > Sent: Monday, March 22, 2004 5:08 PM
> > Subject: Re: Regarding your e-mail
> >
> >
> > Elsie, I like you more and more. If anyone understands about
> > being forced to be away from his family its me. Give my mom a
> > call. Her laugh alone will make your day. To hell with the
> > smiling bastards in Ottawa their grins ain't genuine. Maritimers
> > can still find some fun in a long hard day :) Come to think of
> > it, maybe thats why the Upper Canadians think we are crazy. By
> > the way I have managed to get a rather famous lawyer to speak on
> > my wife's behalf down here while I run for Parliament uphome. But
> > before I go I have been invited to go fishing with Martha
> > Stewart's brother Frank in the Gulf of Mexico. My matters are
> > about to bust wide open down here. That is why I have chosen this
> > time to make appearance uphome. Once I make the news down here I
> > will step on the stump uphome.
> > Best
> > Regards
> > Dave
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> > From: Wayne, Elsie - M.P.
> > To: David Amos
> > Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 3:42 PM
> > Subject: RE: Regarding your e-mail
> >
> >
> > Dear Dave,
> >
> > I try to respond to as many people as I can. We do get a lot of email
> > around here.... I decided to retire because I truly miss my family.
> > It's hard being on the road back and forth by yourself. It gets very
> > lonely.
> >
> > God Bless,
> > Elsie
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> > From: David Amos []
> > Sent: March 22, 2004 3:28 PM
> > To: Wayne, Elsie - M.P.
> > Subject: Re: Regarding your e-mail
> >
> >
> > No problem, Elsie. By the way my mom is a fan of yours. She told
> > me you were quitting. Too bad if it is true.You are the first
> > politician to respond to me. That fact alone wins my respect. Ask
> > around Saint John about me in certain circles I am fairly well
> > known. You may even know my sister, Nancy and her husband, Reid
> > Chedore. Perhaps you crossed paths with my dad C. Max Amos he was
> > a tax Supervisor for the Province years ago. And maybe even my
> > mom's second husband, Lloyd Nickerson, from Fredericton. He was
> > somewhat of a political person whereas my dad was not. (Lloyd was
> > chief electoral officer for about twelve years and did run as a
> > Conservative) If you wish to warm my mom's heart please give her
> > a call and simply say that you appreciate her good words about
> > you to her wild child Dalevid. She will get the joke. She is
> > always confusing me with another brother. Her name is Anna and
> > her number is 506 455 3600. Do with it what you will. Trust me I
> > would love to see another out spoken Maritimer step up to the
> > plate and speak of rights and wrongs. The sooner that I can go
> > back to being just Papa the happier my little Clan will be. I
> > would truly appreciate if someone would let my mom know that they
> > are at least aware of my concerns whether they agree with me or
> > not.
> > Best
> > Regards
> > Dave
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> > From: Wayne, Elsie - M.P.
> > To: David Amos
> > Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 2:15 PM
> > Subject: RE: Regarding your e-mail
> >
> >
> > Thank you for the notice.
> >
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> > From: David Amos []
> > Sent: March 16, 2004 2:07 PM
> > To: Wayne, Elsie - M.P.
> > Subject: Fw: Regarding your e-mail
> >
> >
> >
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> > From: David Amos
> > To:
> > Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 2:06 PM
> > Subject: Fw: Regarding your e-mail
> >
> >
> >
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> > From: David Amos
> > To:
> > Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 2:05 PM
> > Subject: Fw: Regarding your e-mail
> >
> >
> >
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> > From: David Amos
> > To:
> > Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 2:03 PM
> > Subject: Fw: Regarding your e-mail
> >
> >
> >
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> > From: David Amos
> > To: Correspondance Deputy Prime Minister/Vice premier ministre
> > Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 1:57 PM
> > Subject: Re: Regarding your e-mail
> >
> >
> > I already received Anne's response. Can't you people read what
> > you wrote to me? Why else would I be so pissed off?
> > I am who I say I am and that is as follows:
> > David R. Amos
> > 153 Alvin Ave,
> > Milton, MA. 02186
> > Phone 617 240-6698
> >
> > Now just exactly who are you Mr. Correspondence Deputy Prime
> > Minister and are you a lawyer?
> >
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "Correspondance Deputy Prime Minister/Vice premier
> > ministre" <> To: <>
> > Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 1:34 PM
> > Subject: Regarding your e-mail
> >
> >
> > > If you wish to receive a response to your comments addressed
> > to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety and
> > Emergency Preparedness, please include your return mailing
> > address along with your original e-mail message. All official
> > responses will be sent by regular mail.
> > >
> > > If you wish to send correspondence addressed to the Minister
> > through the regular mail, please use the following mailing
> > address:
> > >
> > > The Honourable A. Anne McLellan
> > > Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety
> > > and Emergency Preparedness
> > > 340 Laurier Avenue West
> > > Ottawa, Ontario
> > > K1A 0P8
> > >
> > > From: David Amos <>
> > > To:
> > > Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:32 PM
> > > Subject: Read real slow then forget what is politically
> > correct.
> > >
> > > Deal with your own conscience. After that try to think of
> > a good
> > > reason why I should not run for Parliament and at least speak
> > my mind about the sad state of our affairs. You know who I am.
> > If you don't, trust me, you are way behind the eight ball.
> > > Once I make my mark in the American Justice System and
> > political
> > > process, I am coming home to stress test the ethics of many a
> > lawyer/politician in my nativeland during the course of the
> > next federal election. My question to all of you will be why
> > did you wait for me to say something? Am I the only one paying
> > any attention. Even Jesus got mad a time or two and tore up a
> > temple when he saw all the money changing hands in a place
> > that should not be concerned about such things. But forget
> > about the money for a minute. What did he have to say about
> > anyone that harmed a child? Rest assured I will remind you.
> > Although I ain't religious, I must say that Jesus had more of
> > sand than most men and he made some very good points about
> > what is right and what is wrong. Can any of you even hold a
> > candle to Byron? He has at least one friend that will back him
> > up all the way down the line. I don't mind dying it is what I
> > didn't do while I was living that will haunt me in in my
> > grave. What is the golden rule these days? Is it truly a fact
> > that he with the gold makes the rules. Do you think voters
> > agree with that fact? What say you?
> > > Canadian Corruption
> > >
> > > Sexual Abuse & Political & Legal Conspiracy.
> > >
> > > RCMP Incompetence & Cover up.
> > >
> > > Priors Of Grand Bank NFLD Canada
> > >
> > > How do I get a corrupt legal system to investigate, charge and
> > convict itself? After years of asking the Canadian Legal
> > System to do its job, it's long past time to inform the public
> > myself about this lack of action or justice.
> > > If T. Alex Hickman, Justice Minister, 1966 to 1979 also Health
> > Minister 1968 to 1969 and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
> > of Newfoundland 1979 to 2000, 34 YEARS OF COMPLETE LEGAL
> > SYSTEMS CONTROL,at 41 years of age, rapes and impregnates your
> > younger sister Susan, at 12 years old, and in grade 8, what
> > would you do?At 12 years old she was the youngest child
> > ever,in Grand Bank,to have a baby. I am willing to take any
> > tests and answer all questions regarding my entire life. All
> > he has to do is take one blood test. It's time for him to stop
> > manipulating our legal system and face the truth which I have
> > been telling the legal System,and anyone else who would
> > listen, all of my life.I didn't just awake one morning and
> > decide to accuse the most powerful and most corrupt legal
> > animal in this province. I have had, no childhood, no
> > education, no family, no hometown, no self- esteem or
> > self-respect and no past, present or future as a contributing
> > person.
> > >
> > > By the time I was 14 years old I was responsible for 9 younger
> > children, all of us abused and molested while our hometown
> > either joined in, bothered us about our situation, or looked
> > the other way and said we were all trouble. Our mother has
> > always been a hypochondriac and married prostitute in a town
> > of 2500 people. She can go blind instantly, become a cripple
> > instantly, go insane instantly and even convinced the doctors
> > at our Health Science Center 4 years ago she was dying of
> > cancer. They called her family and said she had a maximum of
> > two weeks to live, but out of every situation she can
> > instantly become well. This person is a disgrace to the human
> > race and also so are all those who support her. I am Byron
> > Prior, the oldest of her 12 children.
> > > (A) I was sexually abused by my mother from age 4 to 14.
> > >
> > > (B) Physically beaten by my mother until I bleed because I
> > tried to stop her friends and family from molesting my younger
> > sisters.
> > >
> > > (C) Sent next door with my mother's gay boyfriend almost daily
> > for money from age 5 to 14.
> > >
> > > (D) Brought to her drunk girlfriend's summer cabin to be
> > sexually abused for money.
> > >
> > > (E) Had to clean the blood from my 4 year old sister after she
> > was sexually molested by our grandfather and left on the
> > kitchen floor in a pool of blood.
> > >
> > > (F) Had to watch while my oldest sister had three miscarriages
> > and two children by the age of 15. One child for a member of
> > the Newfoundland Government when she was 12, and a second
> > child when she was 15 for another Politician, a girl, Majorie
> > and a boy, Arron. In 1983 the girl, age 15, was given an
> > illegal abortion in Montreal with everything arranged and paid
> > for with spending money for her and my sister Joan, by a
> > friend of the family. This girl has worked for Hickman's
> > family business from high school to this day. Five of my
> > sisters and one brother suffered similar abuse as I did.
> > > Why is this situation allowed to continue for more than 40
> > years and ruin all my families lives? Is it because,
> > > (A) Our mothers past customers are politically connected and
> > run our legal system.
> > >
> > > (B) Our mothers past customers are Grand Bank business men
> > whose children are now politicians.
> > >
> > > (C) One of our mothers family is a big wheel with organized
> > crime all of his adult life and is a partner to politicians.
> > >
> > > (D) Is it because two of her past customers are Salvation Army
> > officers, who came by to help us but became customers as well.
> > (E) Is it because all of North America is corrupt and a family
> > of 12 really means nothing to anyone when business and
> > politics are concerned in an economy controlled by corruption.
> > (F) Is it to cover up Child rape and corruption by T. Alex
> > Hickman and a business family with influence and business
> > contacts all across Canada. The legal system now tells us
> > justice for my family and I are three charges against one
> > mentally delayed man with a judge and jury at the T. Alex
> > Hickman building in the same town where we spent our entire
> > lives with abuse and persecution. Two R.C.M.P. officers and
> > the Crown prosecutors office will make no effort to have the
> > location changed. Again there will be NO JUSTICE SERVED and as
> > much covered up as possible. This I'm told will begin in Sept.
> > 2001, at Grand Bank, NFLD I spoke with the Crown Prosecutor on
> > Sept,18/01. He said his office has been trying to get the
> > complete investigation reports from the RCMP for more than two
> > years now and to this date still hasn't received them. He said
> > this was in his experience, the first time he had ever seen
> > such an unexplained delay to get information. On Nov 29/01 I'm
> > told by Victim services, this has changed to Jan.11/02 for a
> > trial date to be set.
> > >
> > > To whom it may concern: 04/13/98 There are many horrors that I
> > can recall from childhood. Byron's too frequent trips to the
> > woodshed next door; his having to sleep in the same bed as our
> > Mother; his little hands, palms down, being held on the hot
> > coal stove burner; the never ending beatings with belt
> > buckles; braided nylon ropes; old- fashioned ironing cords;
> > hot tea thrown in our faces or the face of my Father; knives
> > and forks thrown at us; hot grease thrown at us or our Father;
> > continual molestation - sexual - to myself and other siblings;
> > continual verbal and emotional abuse; at eight years old I was
> > locked in the cupboard under the stairs for hours with rats
> > crawling around me because my little brother had misplaced his
> > baby bottle while I was in charge of him; continual
> > abandonment when Mother would take her vacation and leave us
> > at seven and eight years old to take care of ourselves and the
> > babies; being forced to quit school to go to work to provide
> > yet more money for our beloved Mother; my younger brother,
> > Allan, being thrown into jail for no legitimate reason, other
> > than she wanted him out of the house - by the way; if you
> > check, you will also find that there is no record of his
> > incarceration; the abuse that we suffered was, and remains,
> > never ending........ Our lives have been destroyed. We all
> > suffer from severe emotional problems. We have extreme
> > difficulty trusting others. We cannot form loving
> > relationships. It is very difficult for us to allow others to
> > get that close to us without pushing them away. All we ever
> > wanted was someone to love us for who we were; but, when we
> > get close to others, we tend to sabotage those relationships -
> > unconsciously. The cycle of abuse continued with my own
> > daughter. My younger brother, Randell, molested her from the
> > age of four years. This fact my daughter was afraid to confide
> > to me until a year and a half ago. May God have mercy on his
> > soul because "I Don't"!!!! Both Byron and myself have tried to
> > have those in authority - RCMP, Social Services, Clergy and
> > Teachers help us, but, our cries for help fell on deaf ears.
> > We were, to them, a disposible family of liars and children
> > with overactive imaginations. Nothing can make the nightmares
> > go away. Even the sleeping pills don't work anymore. It has to
> > end! There has to be justice and a sense of closure for all of
> > us. Please, if we stop this cycle of insanity from happening
> > to other innocent children, then maybe our lives would have
> > not totally been in vain. You are our hope. Please help us to
> > find justice.
> > > Sincerely Yours,
> > > Sharl (Donna) Prior
> > >
> > > April 14, 1998
> > > A letter of Shame;
> > > This letter concerns what happened to my family and myself.
> > The things that I remember are also the things I try to
> > forget. I'm not very good with words so I will only tell you a
> > few things of many which have happened within my family.
> > Leather belts, ironing cords, ropes were only some things I
> > was beaten with so many times I can't count. Verbal and mental
> > abuse, the same humilating things that were done to my sisters
> > and brothers. Girls having to pull down their pants and pea in
> > their underwear for our mothers long time friend, for money. I
> > remember our mother going into a bedroom with him and coming
> > out some time later. We have a brother and sister (who I love)
> > who look and act like this guy. I expect, without much doubt,
> > are his. I remember the abuse to my father, a man I loved with
> > all my heart. Attacks on him with anything our mother could
> > put her hands on, knives, hot water, chasing him out of the
> > house. This man was home maybe a day every ten, and she would
> > blame him for everything and when Dad wasn't around, we were
> > blamed for everything, which was anything. This is a woman who
> > every chance she had would call the police on me to try to
> > have me charged with something. This was when she couldn't
> > beat me anymore because I was a little older, but she still
> > had to have control over me. This was a small town in
> > Newfoundland with a population of 3500 people. So she would
> > have me taken away from my home by the police and I would have
> > nowhere else to go, this was control over me and she knew it.
> > I would have to kiss ass just to have a roof over my head. (Of
> > course this was after my father had passed away. He was afraid
> > of her but he would never have let her do this to me.) This is
> > a woman that had me put in jail during Christmas and New
> > Year's when I was very young. This was for trying to teach my
> > niece her homework, she said I had to ask her. Education was
> > not something she was concerned about for her kids. All she
> > wanted was when I had turned 15 was to get out of school and
> > go to work in the fish plant so I could pay my way every week.
> > She would loan me $20 and I would have to repay her $40 plus
> > rent. This woman has a lot of problems. I do not hate her
> > because she is my mother but I do not like her as a person.
> > > I finally got out and moved to Ontario, uneducated with no
> > direction, but out. I really haven't had any contact with her
> > since then and have not seen her since. I think because of all
> > these things and many more which as happened to me and things
> > I saw that had happened to other members of my family is the
> > reason I have a hard time to meet anyone, develop a
> > relationship, or hold down a job. I'm always lost, I don't
> > know if I should see a doctor or if it's just me, I'm lost.
> > The way I am now is the way the rest also is, it must be
> > because of her, take a look, it has to be. I'm writing this
> > letter now so that this woman and the others who knew what was
> > happening but did nothing face up and admit what happened. All
> > of my family have the same problems and the same memories
> > which affect our lives. This is something I have never spoken
> > about with anyone, but now maybe it's time. Hopefully, this
> > will help me start to became a real person a whole person.
> > Please do what you know is the right thing to do.
> > > Sincerely yours,
> > > Allan Prior
> > >
> > > To Whom It May Concern:
> > > July 24, 2001
> > > My name is Byron Prior. I'm the oldest living of these 12
> > children. I not only had to live through my abuse but, watch
> > as the rest of my sisters and brothers were abused and raped.
> > Three of my sisters raped, 1 by a grandfather at the age of 4,
> > a second raped by T. Alex Hickman, Justice Minister, at age
> > 11. A third sister raped by a young man in our home town. The
> > legal system are only concerned with keeping all this under
> > cover and protect themselves. Please people, if you have a
> > heart, walk one day in my shoes and tell me you would just
> > forget because these bureaucrats say so. I have copies of my
> > full statement on all the details of what happened, which I
> > gave the R.C.M.P. on March 9, 1998, 52.5 hours at their
> > office. I will send it to anyone who will send me an E-mail
> > address. I will never forget the abuse, shame, and persecution
> > to this day, from the animals who did this to my family.
> > > Sincerely,
> > > Byron Prior
> > >
> > > On April 3, 2000, the second in command of the R.C.M.P. for
> > all of Canada, said in an interview from Toronto, organized
> > crime totally controls Canadian businesses and affects every
> > Canadians daily life, from video arcades to laundry mats. This
> > is very sad, here in Canada we are lost and we all need help.
> > Here in Newfoundland our Dictator, T. Alex Hickman, has had
> > his hands in our Political and legal systems from 1957 to this
> > very day. His family and friends control everything, including
> > whether my family and I ever get justice for what was done to
> > us in the town of Grand Bank. We've tried for justice at least
> > 9 times from Police, Social Services, Clergy and Family
> > members. This last attempt started on March 9/98. On July
> > 24/98 an RCMP officer told me they have enough information to
> > charge our mother and one boyfriend now.
> > >
> > >
> > > On February 25/00 an RCMP officer said he was recommending the
> > justice department should lay 35 charges against several
> > people. This officer was taken off the case, transferred from
> > Grand Bank to St. John's custom's department position and his
> > wife transferred to a new position in St. John's with
> > Provincial social services department. To this day August
> > 20/01 only 3 charges are laid against one mentally delayed
> > boyfriend and no trial date set yet . The trial date has been
> > set for April 29/02. On April 5/02 I spoke with the Crown
> > Attorney, Ted Cardwell, he said the only two witnesses for the
> > trial on our behalf will be my sister Joan and me. The
> > investigating officer John Warr of the RCMP is not necessary,
> > my therapist of two years is not necessary, my social worker
> > from victim services is not necessary and my sister Joan's
> > therapist is not necessary. It seems to me like the final
> > verdict has already been decided and again for the victims
> > there is no justice.
> > >
> > >
> > > The Court did not proceed on April 29/02. It was found by the
> > Judge and both attorneys that they did not have an unbiased
> > jury toward the defendant and another attempt to find a jury
> > in this same town will be made again on May 21/02. This is
> > also the home town of my family and I and I asked the Crown
> > Attorney, at the beginning of this trial, if it could be held
> > in a neutral town to be fair to my family and I. If you have
> > read some of the statements in this web site guest book you
> > can understand why I made this request. It seems all
> > consideration is given for the defendant but none for the
> > victims. The R.C.M.P. freely admit that they are in position
> > of 3 statements I had given them about the abuse in our family
> > when I was a child but for some reason will not make these
> > statements available to me or my lawyer. I would like you to
> > read this request made of the R.C.M.P. by a local law firm on
> > >
> > > May 16/01 via fax (279-1871):
> > > Royal Canadian Mounted Police
> > > Marystown Detachment
> > > Marystown, Nfld.
> > > Attention: Constable Jackie Remillard
> > > Dear Constable Remillard:: Re: Our Client - Mr Byron Prior
> > Further to the above and to our various past communications,
> > most particularly our letter of February 16/ 01, despite the
> > passage of several months we have yet to receive the
> > information requested at that time. As it is ordinarily a
> > straightforward matter to obtain, with that person's consent,
> > the statements of a complainant we are at a loss to explain to
> > our client why our request has not been answered to date. We
> > would, therefore, appreciate your early attention to this
> > matter and look forward to the immediate receipt of the
> > requested material. Trusting the above to be satisfactory.
> > > Yours very truly
> > >
> > >
> > > Questions for John Warr, R.C.M.P. lead investigator who will
> > no longer speak with me personally.
> > > 1. Why would you say most of the R.C.M.P. Officers and Doctors
> > in my case are retired and you couldn't find them now. Don't
> > any of them get a pension? What address is that sent to?
> > > 2. Why did you tell two witnesses who volunteered information
> > - a lady from Garnish and a man from Fortune, that this case
> > would be very messy and they should think very hard before
> > volunteering information, you would contact them in a couple
> > of days for an appointment. They both changed their minds
> > about witnessing.
> > > 3. Why didn't you question witnesses whose names you were
> > given at the beginning of this case four years ago. People in
> > Ontario and people 15 minutes from your office. One witness
> > #85 & 86 in my guest book on my website and others who have
> > telephoned me.
> > > 4. Why did you go to a Grand Bank business man, who had no
> > information about this case, more than 2 years ago and tell
> > him there was a very messy case coming up soon involving my
> > family and I. Then immediately after you were transferred and
> > only 3 charges laid against one person. 5. Why is the lead
> > investigator not a necessary witness in this case? You
> > investigated and recommended the charges be laid, you must
> > have some information regarding this case.
> > > 6. Why in 2 years of your investigation, did you not once
> > approach or ask Harriett Prior one question at all?
> > > After all these years of reporting to the R.C.M.P. can
> > everyone see why I have to inform the public myself. IT'S A
> > >
> > > On April 19/00 our Prime Minister is in the Middle East
> > fighting for Basic Human rights. Here in your own house Mr.
> > Prime Minister we need Basic Human Rights also. We are now
> > fighting in Afganistan for the rights of abused and persecuted
> > people, most of whom are women, please allow my family and I
> > some personal rights and dignity here in Canada. If anyone
> > requires more info I have statements to Police, names and
> > positions of all persons involved and letters from family
> > members on what has happened to our dysfunctional family.
> > Please contact us at <>
> > or call (709) 834-9822 Byron Prior. After
> > you view our site please tell your friends and e-mail
> > <>, or,
> > > <> and tell him,
> > Justice for The Prior family of Grand Bank NFLD. is long past
> > due, you need to give them Justice today. Visit their website
> > at
> > > <>
> > I Look forward to living with
> > Democracy, Freedom and Justice for my family also, here in
> > Canada.
> > > For additional informational pages go to the links at the top
> > left of our homepage. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
> > >
> > > To Whom It May Concern:
> > > What I am about to disclose is extrememly painful for me but
> > what I'm writing is completely honest to the best of my
> > knowledge and recollection. I would like it to be known for
> > the record that I have no desire to hurt anyone. All I am
> > trying to accomplish is to help my brothers, sisters and
> > myself get some closure in their lives; for them and for their
> > families. For me, personally, I was and still am very strong.
> > I endured nothing in comparision to some of my other siblings.
> > I Love my Mother because she is my Mother and she did give me
> > life; such as it was. However, there is no LOVE that compares
> > with the love I have for my brothers and sisters. Therefore, I
> > must tell the Gods honest truth. What I strongly feel for my
> > Mother though is a sense of pity. She is and always has been a
> > Manic Depressant. She has taken so many drugs in her lifetime
> > that I sometimes wonder if even she realizes the extent of the
> > damage she has caused us all.
> > > Besides, she never had a chance anyway. Her Mother was a
> > diagnoised Manic Depressant and her Father was nothing short
> > of a pervert. Uncle Max told me and Suzanne that Grandmother
> > was a diagnoised Manic Depressant and her Mother before her. I
> > have to wonder what went on in their lives and their home. I
> > bet if Moms family were to be honest they would have many a
> > story to tell. For me this whole story is regarding abuse.
> > Mental, Physical and sexual abuse. Abuse upon ones own
> > children. If I waver back and forth from one subject to
> > another please bare with me for I am trying to write this as
> > it comes to me in all honesty. Of my youth I recall most of
> > all is FEAR. Fear of MOM. Fear of life. Fear of Love. Fear of
> > being unloved. Fear of not being accepted by my peers. Fear of
> > failure. Fear of becomming a whore, a drunk, a drug addict and
> > God forbid, the fear of becomming a murderer.
> > >
> > > By the grace of God I became none of the above. Unfortunately
> > for some of my brothers and sisters they have had some
> > difficulty dealing with the past and sometimes turned to drugs
> > as an escape. But they have all done pretty well to date
> > keeping themselves on track. We have no hardened criminals and
> > no murderers among us which you may find amazing as the story
> > unfolds. We were all very strong individuals; we had to be in
> > order to survive the ordeal. It has not been an easy road for
> > any of us but we made it and maybe we can become a family for
> > once in our lives. Maybe we can look each other in the eye
> > someday and understand why we did and do the things we do. I
> > Love each and everyone of my borthers and sisters so much. We
> > all had so much potential if given even half a chance at life.
> > Our Mother stole away our chances at life. She played us all
> > one against the other from the day we were born. She still
> > cont

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