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Re The Responsibility To Protect holds true for Fathers to as we watch your favourite evil DND/Zionist Troll picking a fight with Prez Obama the wrong Canadian veteran

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for Fathers to as we watch your favourite evil DND/Zionist Troll
picking a fight with Prez Obama the wrong Canadian veteran

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for Fathers to as we watch your favourite evil DND/Zionist Troll
picking a fight with Prez Obama the wrong Canadian veteran
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Subject: Re The Responsibility To Protect holds true for Fathers to as
we watch your favourite evil DND/Zionist Troll picking a fight with
Prez Obama the wrong Canadian veteran
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Intersting Zionist attack on Prez Obama. Who say Jews aren't racists
EH Irwin Cotler?

Anyway I am glad to see that most Yankees and the rest of the world
except some dumb French bastards and the crooked lawyers Obama, Biden
and Kerry don't agree with Axworthy's opinion on the "Responsibility
To Protect" certain people.

It seems that Yankees and Brits only intervene in the affairs of
countries that the Zionnists want them to. Axworthy really pissed me
off as I watched him spout off on Sun Media on Thursday. Imagine if
Axworthy applied the doctrine of "earned sovereignty" to our ancestors
actions aganst the original natives of many other lands. They didn't
earn nothing they took and slaughtered a lot of people in the process.
Sun Media's big mouth lawyer Ezzy Baby Levant got his knickers in
quite a knot not to long ago when his old buddy Bernie Farber compared
te Indian's plight to that of his people. Well I believe a lot more
than six million Native Americans died in short order after Chris
Columbus and other white men laid claim to the their turf.

Here is the email I sent to Axworthy and Sun Media yesterday. I did
not hold my breath as I waited one day for a response. now Jessica
Hume has the long weekend to look for her conscience.

This was the pdf file I attached to Axworthy that the law firm in
Halifax was checking out as well They were on both blogs today so it
was no coincidence.

Notice my letter the crooked liberal lawyers Frank Mckenna Allan Rock
when they were our Ambassadors Washington and the Big Apple?

Why am I not surprised that their fellow liberal War Monger Axworthy
did not respond?

Methinks Banksters and University Presidents are the most overpaid old
political whores in Canada and I ain't shy about telling them so.

Methinks Canning is gonnna sue Mr Baconfat just like the law created
by his daughter's demise allows him to.

Plus Glen Canning is ex military as well (25 years as a navy diver). I
know that the zionist spindoctor attacks me because of politics and
money but it is very strange that Mr Baconfat would attack him, his
dead daughter and her Mother eh? The fat dumb bastard has been
pounding on Canning since April. The pervert's latest blog tonight is
particularly nasty.

There is lots in between

15 minutes of fame" Yea right. The bullshitting zionist is gonna get
more that 15 minutes of infamy. Folks love to see evil people get
there nasty arses kicked. I love how he respects Nathan Beford Forest
all of a sudden. Four years ago he accused me of beong KKK just
because I respected what that old soldier did in defense of his

This is Barry (Walter) Winters. Winters does work the the Department
of National Defence in Alberta, possibly in a security role. He's run
his blog since 2009 and appears to have covered every topic under the
sun but is fixated on an individual I'll not name (besides me, he's
fixated on me too).

Winters emailed me, much to my surprise, when I found out through
another source he was behind the site. At first I really didn't care
because he's just one nut and the bowl is full, so to speak. We've had
lots of trolling on the memorial page and I've had some comments
posted here that are disgusting to be polite about it. Ignoring them
is the best policy unless they are threatening or criminal in nature.

"I HAVE SEEN naked pictures of Rehtaeh."

There's a lot more filth and hateful comments on his site. I can't
read it, it's nothing more then the ramblings of a sad angry little
man who is so frustrated with life he just wants to share his pain. I
really hope DND takes a look at Barry. Our tax dollars should be going
to better Canadians than him.

Trolls do what they do for a reaction. They almost never think there
will be consequences for it.

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Notice the dumb bastard took months to finally figure out that Canning
really was Rehtaeh Parson's father? Watch the liar change or delete
some blogs now and pretend it never happened.

Saturday, April 27, 2013
Glen Canning's and Leah Parsons' "Fifteen Minutes" of Dubious Fame

Glen Canning and Leah Parsons have become what they claim is party
responsible for their daughter's suicide, bullies.

Glen Canning is not Rehtaeh Parson's father but, Step Father, and Leah
Parson's now has another "domestic partner." Whilst all them I am sure
are devastated with grief, all of them and their supporters are going
out the their way to distort the truth, and pervert justice in their
zeal for revenge and notoriety.

Canada generally and Nova Scotia specifically do not run "kangaroo
courts." Justice is indeed a "two sided coin." The Criminal Code of
Canada, and our system of jurisprudence is designed to represent the
interests of the of the victims, the people of the provinces of
Canada, and the right of the accused to a fair trial.

Let us be accurate. Rehteah Parsons hanged herself to death over two
years after an alleged sexual assault at a party where fifteen year
old Rehtaeh Parsons, and other minor children were drinking themselves
into a stupor.

Leah Parsons and her camp followers have alleged that Rehtaeh .
"bullied unmercilessly for months, the 17 year old hanged herself in
the bathroom." So where was Mom, Dad, Step Dad and Leah's current
"domestic partner?" More importantly where were these "parental
authorities" when she was going to drinking parties at the age of

The almost predictable inevitability of such a gross and egregious
parental failure in allowing their "daughter" to go to drinking
parties, sadly happened. What one expect, the events of the drinking
party are cloudy and unclear. One of the teen aged boys accused of
this crime by the Parson's camp was later proven not to be even at the

Renowned for her fairness National Post columnist Christie Blatchford
wrote "there are two sides to every story." And that the long
investigation into the allegations of sexual assault during that
party, were nowhere definitive. "The evidence was all over the map.

Ms. Blatchford further reports that, the photo that was taken during
the party of Ms. Parsons having sex, and later used to "bully her to
death"..."shows virtually nothing that would stand up in court." And,
that it doesn't reveal recognizable face." A girlfriend of Rehtaeh
Parsons at the party told investigators. "Rehtaeh was being
deliberately flirtatious at the party," suggesting what the boys are
saying that the "sex was consensual ."

The Crown Prosecutor decided that there was not nearly enough
corroborative evidence to support anywhere near a guilty verdict. A
boy posting a picture on the web of Rehtaeh having sex, and no faces
being shown does NOT prove rape in Canada....and thank God for that .

So now Leah Parson's, Rehtaeh's "step Dad", current beau, and
entourage are blaming the High School Rehtaeh attended for permitting
"two years of bullying" that pushed Rehtaeh to killing herself. The
Parsons' camp in their mission to get "justice for Rehtaeh have become
bullies and vigilantes and liars.

The families of some of the boys investigated, put handbills on
utility poles in Cole Harbour, saying "there are two sides to every
story," that there was no proof of rape, or their sons were rapists,
no faces on the photos, and there insufficient proof to support a
prosecution with a reasonable chance of a conviction. Those handbills
as of now are more accurate than the vitriol being spewed by a
distraught "family."

So the Parson's "family" and their sycophants tore down these leaflets
and howl with outrage, wail, and gnash their teeth at the audacity of
parents trying to protect their children. Something the Parson'
"family" ought to have considered when they knowingly permitted a
fifteen year old little girl go to drinking parties.

It took over two years for Rehtaeh to progress herself to suicide,
where was the "family" Parsons? Where was Mom, "step Dad, the Beau and
entourage for the two years since the alleged rape? Kids talk, kids
nowadays are addicted to social media and have taken gossip to an
entirely new level. How are school authorities to monitor or regulate
what kids say on twitter and face book using their smartphone and

There is not much difference betwixt the Parsons' camp accusing a boy
of rape that was not even at the party where Rehtaeh drank herself
silly. And the "bullying" the Parsons' claim drove their Rehtaeh to

So now the Parsons' "family" are demanding "prosecutions of those
responsible," regardless of the existence evidence. The Parsons'
"family" are demanding change in the law to muzzle those that would
tweet, gossip, be kids or otherwise might offend someone, or push some
weak minded poorly parented child to suicide. Everyone of us say we
are to blame in someway for the death of 17 year old Rehtaeh...except
themselves of course.

Glen Canning is outraged by a fair article by Christy Blatchford
outlining how legally problematic a prosecution in this case was. So
Rehtaeh's "step Dad" howls in ersatz outrage to further his "fifteen
minutes of fame." And has like his ex-whatever Leah become a bully.

What is that old saw or quote...."we have met the enemy, and they are us"

Posted by Seren at 7:01 AM

What kind of evil wacko writes such racist shit as this and slndrs the
hell out a dead kid and her parents. What kind of nasty broads are
Premier Redford, Landslide Annie Mclellan, Lori Ink and her wannabe
lawyer daughter to even associate with Mr Baconfat?

Friday, August 30, 2013
Hey Boy! Bomb Big, or Shut the Fuck up!
Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer opines today. "Bomb big or
don't bomb at all."

The boy in the White House, "is in his third year of dithering, two
years after declaring Assad had to go, one year after drawing and then
erasing-his own red line on chemical weapons. Barak Obama has been
stirred into action. Or most likely shamed into action."

The Monkey in the White House wants to send a message to Bashar Assad.
President Obama doesn't want regime change, he doesn't want chemical
weapons stockpiles attacked. In fact recent polls show a majority of
amerkans this Labour Day week-end are not desirous of further US
military involvement in the Middle East.

Now when the chattering monkey, draws a "red line" in the Middle East
or with North Korea, no one listens.

Mean while back in the Kirya and Jlem, amerkan guarantees of security,
in return for sacrifices for peace, or refraining from a pre-emptive
strike on Iran, are now considered worthless. So why negotiate, why
wait to strike Iran?

There is no military upside to a "limited proportional response". You
want to send a message, text the animals. A Tomahawk Missile is for
killing and serious destruction.

Eretz Israel is at risk of retaliatory strikes from Hezbollah, HAMAS,
Syria, or even Iran in the event of a US strike upon Syria. So what
would the virtue of a "limited, proportional response" by the US, if
Israel is at risk?

It is a long way from the Oral Office, the DC beltway, and TA and
Jlem. A US "limited proportional" response puts roughly 7 million Jews
at risk, for no good military reason

This strike or proposed strike has nothing to do with military
exigencies but geo-political ones. So why not finish Assad as
President Obama said two years ago..."Assad must go." If the United
States of Amerka are going to put at risk 7 million Jews, and the
citizens of Jordan, why not strike airfields, helicopters, fuel
depots, weapons storage sites, troop concentrations, command and
control and so on

For days the US has telegraphed its intentions to the Syrians and
Iran. The Syrians have already re-deployed its Scud Missiles and
artillery batteries.

Hey Monkey boy, go hard or shut the fuck up! Or do you like the idea
of Jews dying for no good reason?

Posted by Seren at 10:56 PM

Friday, August 30, 2013
The Anatomy of a Life Lost

I told the story of a man who I watched or was in attendance whilst he
burned to death. It was horrible. The most disturbing thing about the
tragedy was how his Father and a next door neighbor literally helped
to ensure his terrible death by stupidity. Even a day after the fire
department investigators told the Father the details of his sons
death, and why, Daddy dearest could not face the truth.

Little fifteen year old Rehtaeh Parsons was less than fifteen years
old and turned out to be willful, promiscuous, ill behaved and started
attended drinking parties. I spoke very recently with Eileen a child
psychologist with Calgary Public Schools about Rehtaeh. Of course she
knew a great many details about the Rehtaeh Parsons' file. There
hasn't been any detail or aspect of her life, or behavior before the
party or after it, that hasn't been dissected, and looked at
carefully, by authorities.

Eileen postulated that very often such behavior is ususally
indicative, or symptomatic of abuse, by someone in authority, or a
family member in early years. Eileen further posited she would have
been most surprised if Halifax police or RCMP didn't at least
entertain that notion during the investigation that would have
eventually covered every detail of her short and seemingly tormented

It took almost two full years for Rehtaeh to progress herself to being
able to tie that ligature around her neck, and end her young life.
Eileen opined that there had to be something more going on than what
happened at the party and the social media aftermath.

So like that smoldering cigarette butt in the sofa bed that killed
that young arts student so many years wonders what the
"smoldering ember" was in Rehtaeh's life, that was fanned into flames.

What sort of abuse, or problem could have there been to start the
cycle of self-defeating and self-destructive behavior that ultimately
cause Rehtaeh to end her young life?

It is much too convenient and self serving for Leah and Glen to
blame or indict the teenage boys at the party, or the teenage boys
that took the pictures at the party. It smacks of a desperate and
selfish grasping at "fifteen minutes of fame," to blame the Halifax
school board, teenagers and social media, "trolls," police, and the
cry out "for the love of God do something." Rehtaehs "parents"
permitted an under-age fifteen year old minor to attend a drunken
orgy. Why was Rehtaeh abusing alcohol at fifteen. Just what was the
"smoldering ember" that initiated this behavior.

Where were Rehtaeh's parents, or what were they doing to resolve these
issues in the two years betwixt that fateful party and her suicide?

Who was it that said? " No amount of success can compensate for
failure in the home." Leah and Glen failed. Rehtaeh is dead. Rehtaeh
was abusing alcohol, getting drunk, laid and socially ostracized by
age fifteen, dead by seventeen.

What disorder, abuse, event or dysfunction at home, was that
smoldering ember? I hope and pray to whatever deity that may or may
not exist that Glen and Leah do not have the responsibility for any
more children in their lives, as clearly they are NOT up to it.

Mr. Canning, you can whine, bluster, and cry out someone is trying to
kill you in the media....but YOUR daughter is dead. Mine, the daughter
of your so called "troll" is alive, successful and I had dinner with
her the night before last.

It makes one wonder, Mr. Canning, with all your and your ex wife's
vociferous finger pointing, churlish and childish name calling, what
are you trying to cover up?

Your behavior reminds me to the old story of the man who farted in
Church, when the congregants turned and looked at him with disdain,
and loathing, he quickly pointed at the guy sitting next to him.

Posted by Seren at 4:31 PM

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