Monday, 26 August 2013

Methinks the Mindless Zionist is pacticing plagarism again and stealing real soldier's words

Monday, August 26, 2013
More "Hate Speech" for Little Dave Amos
Little Davey Amos, here is a little "hate speech" to further his
incessant whining about. One of my "employers", wanted a more
detailed sitrep regarding things in Eretz Israel, and Syria, but here
is a taste to further inflame your anti-Semite sensibilities.

Our Amerkan cousins are betwixt a rock and hard place. First of all
President Obama has not the "testicular fortitude" to service a Syrian
target list. Nor all the assets for the complete range of US military
options are in place yet.

If the US targets Bashar Assad's military and political command and
control nodes, or suspected chemical weapons stores, that could
precipitate Hezbollah, and others to retaliate from firing positions
in Southern Lebanon.

It is said, "be careful of what you ask for it, you just may get it."
If US or even IDF strikes incapacitate Bashar Assad to the point the
correlation of forces change in favour of the rebels... you could get
a more extremists and malignant regime than Bashar Assad's. That is an
existential concern for IDF planners in the Kirya.

Amerkan politicians have stated they could destroy the Syrian air
force if they wanted to. Why, IAF already has complete tactical air
superiority in the Middle East.

It probably makes more military sense not to strike targets in Syria,
but geopolitically "red lines have been crossed" if Amerka does
nothing, Amerka and their foreign policy resolve will be perceived
weak. With Egypt well on the way to becoming a failed state, in the
process of a civil war, and Syria already a failed state. Bashar Assad
has deployed Hezbollah units from Lebanon have more than stabilized
the situation. So the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons is
perplexing, because for rather insignificant tactical gain, the world
has renewed its resolve against the Assad regime to the point where
Russia and China can no longer mitigate world political intrusion in
what's essentially an internal matter.

Amerka now is moving naval platforms and assets into the region, but
Amerkan military strike options are limited.

From my experience and time as an exchange officer to IDF in the Kirya
I am certain that IDF have already tasked Sayeret Matkal, Sayeret
Shaldag and probably Mistaravim. Of course IAF have long engaged in
mission specific training exercises to pre-emptively strike Syrian
chemical weapons stores and other WMD stores.

A few short weeks ago, a Russian shipment of advanced missile weapons
systems in the Syrian port of Latikia were attacked by IAF aircraft
using "popeye" and other new "standoff" technologies. But now it is
thought that cruise missiles from INS Dolphin Class submarines were
deployed. Western intel organizations believed that Syria was planning
to transfer these missiles to Hezbollah units in southern Lebanon.

Bashar Assad does not want to deploy chemical or any other WMD in
Israel or Allepo, Latikia and Damascas become parking lots. If Israel
had credible intel that the Assad regime was about to deploy WMD, they
would act quickly.

It appears that US forces and UK forces are staging on Cyprus, US
naval platforms are deploying closer to the Israel /Lebanon coast. A
British Trafalgar Class SSN is said to be deployed already. There are
already Israel Sayret Matkal, and Shaldag units operating within Syria
now but a I suspect a SAS Sabre team and US special forces are soon to
be deployed to delineate targets, if not already. UAV's digital take
is already being processed

A US /UK strike could quite possible ignite a already volatile Middle
East. Having IDF or IAF forces involved would start a regional
conflagration. IDF planners already think any UK / US strike will
elicit volleys of missiles from Gaza, Southern Lebanon and maybe from
Syria onto the Golan Heights. There are now five Iron Dome Batteries
deployed, as well as a David's Sling Battery and a Magic Wand Battery.
But that may not be enough to suppress rocket fire from Gaza and
Lebanon. IDF incursions into both may well be required to over-run
rocket firing positions.

Iran is watching President Obama's response to these "red lines" being
crossed in Syria. Iran's Revolutionary Council has to now succeeded
progressing their nuclear programme, But IDF according to Gen. Dempsey
US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Israel can now destroy
rather than delay any Iranian nuclear programme.

Israel now has one or more Dolphin Class Submarines armed with special
weapons tipped tomahawks constantly on station in the Arabian Sea.

Israel may well be disposed to a pre-emptive strike now more so than a
year ago. From the Suez Campaign to "67" to the Osirk raid....Israel
has always hit first, without asking permission, the more things
change the more they stay the same.

If Israel has to, Jericho IV ICBM with special weapons could be
weapons of last resort.

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