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In 2009 I had no idea what the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were as this Zionist/RCMP dude bragged in one of his many YouTube channels why they were cyberstalking my familly nor do I care today I battle all evil people who supported the abuse my family

From: David Amos <>
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 23:19:57 -0300
Subject: In 2009 I had no idea what the Protocols of the Elders of
Zion were as this Zionist/RCMP dude bragged in one of his many YouTube
channels why they were cyberstalking my familly nor do I care today I
battle all evil people who supported the abuse my family
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David Raymond Amos: Are All Maritimers as Funny as You?
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From: AmosIsGullible
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DavidRaymondAmos (5 hours ago)
How dumb are you I must ask? It is the CROWN who must answer for its
support of your actions FYI I am not one bit angry I have NEVER lost
my temper in my life pussy. I am obviously saving everything and
forwarding it to the RCMP/GRC in order to record the evidence for
Federal Court in Fat Fred City.

Please do go on and on and on. As I said last night you can't fool me
because i am too stupid. Like "Forest Gump" I believe that Stupid Is
As Stupid Does and you are proving it in spades EH pussy?

AmosIsGullible (5 hours ago)
I have heard you lose your temper as well as seen evidence in your
YouTube comments. Alas, I am growing t accept that telling lies and
misrepresenting yourself is pathological with you.

The only one proving his stupidity in his statements (aside from the
very retarded friend of yours Dean Roger Ray) herein is David Raymond

don't want to be a homeless liar STAY IN SCHOOL!!!

DavidRaymondAmos (5 hours ago)
Who says I didn't go to university YOU?

AmosIsGullible (5 hours ago)
Actually you made the statement about being proud of the fact that you
never attended Univeristy in comments on one of your earlier

DavidRaymondAmos (4 hours ago)
Wrong I refused to got the St Jean Quebec for a FREE military
education in 1970 because I wasn't allowed to become a pilot too like
my uncle did before me Plus I didn't like the kind of dudes who
interviewed me thus i did not wish to turn out like Mr Baconfat who
could be you for all I know right now. For the PUBLIC RECORD I opted
for UNB on my dime for two years and quit both times mid year to
continue on with my first love which the CROWN acknowledged I was
expert of about ten years later.

AmosIsGullible (4 hours ago)
If that IS true it is inconsistant from your previous statements in
your YouTube comments. Which is the truth and which is the lie Amos?

I wonder. There are some people out there who tell stories for effect
rather than accuracy. Is this your MO or are you truly a pathological

Still, however, even if the current revelation is accurate it still

AmosIsGullible (4 hours ago)
Speaking of your "first love", how come you don't get a job doing it
if you are so good at it? Do you just not want to work or is there
some other reason?

DavidRaymondAmos (4 hours ago)
Clearly you don't know me at all. However who has the time to study
another man so intensly in order to play games in Youtube and the
blogs? You are a liar. You have never heard me lose my temper not only
because i haven't it is because we have never spoken or met. You claim
to do many things yet deny the obvious published crimes practiced
against many people not just me You are a spin doctor trying hard to
impeach my character because of many recent events related to my
actions in the past EH?

AmosIsGullible (4 hours ago)
Wrong on all counts. I'm actually someone who got a big kick out of
pissing you off all this time. However, I am disturbed by people like
you and Dean Roger Ray, the low rent Alex Jones/Bill Cooper wannabes
that you are. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion warped uneducated
minds because the intellectuals of the day refused to "lower
themselves to refute them". As a result of the influence of that sort
of stupidity, millions would go on to die in the worst conflict in
recorded history.

AmosIsGullible (4 hours ago)
In essence, it is the responsibility of individuals such as myself to
refute your bullshit BEFORE it spreads to the degree that Alex
Jones's and Bill Cooper's have, and worse yet to the level that the
Protocols did.

DavidRaymondAmos (2 hours ago)
My my what a telling thing here is another from you in mid July

I have some more stuff up on the Just Davey blog. Although I moderate
comments, I will allow anything you post to go through. The only
reason I do that is to keep Dana Durnford out. He posted your
daughter's phone number and address on my YouTube channel the other
day. I deleted it though. But you can see why I have to moderate.

Anyway, let me know what you think, or if there is anything you want
to talk about.

AmosIsGullible (2 hours ago)
I was keeping up the charade that it was Dana who was talking shit to
you in YouTube. It obviously worked better than I could have ever
hoped for, based on your current raving.

DavidRaymondAmos (2 hours ago)
its your raving

War Between the Super Trolls
I am considering making either a series of videos or a blog site
dedicated to what the League of Reason has now dubbed the "War Between
the Super Trolls" aka David Raymond Amos vs Dana Durnford. Anyone with
any information, including David and Dana, feel free to respond. I
want to list their individual grievances as well as give a timeline of
events. If you know of anyone else who could provide information send
them my way as well. Thanks. Toby

AmosIsGullible (2 hours ago)
Yep, that's my work. Designed to make both of you butthurt. Dana
never bit on it though. I guess as dumb as he is with all that Alex
Jones and Constable Gilmore bullshit Mr. Amos is even dumber....

DavidRaymondAmos (2 hours ago)
On my birthday you invited me to introduce you to Staff Sgt Moe Comeau
so i did and your silly little blog went "Poof"

Re: Re: Re: For the Public Record
I have seen reference to this Moe Comeau in your videos. Would you
mind telling me what his significance is? Also, how are the comments
on my page "evidence to use against the Crown"? Once again, if you
have any information relating to the subject I am studying (the war
between you and Durnford), please send it my way.


AmosIsGullible (2 hours ago)
I was trying to make you think that Dana paid the Phonelosers to hack
his blog, in turn making you paranoid that you would be next.

DavidRaymondAmos (2 hours ago)
DUUHHH Do I seem paranoid. I am the guy with a face and a name.
Perhaps you should check youself in for some more meds Consider what
you commented then explain this

FuckTobiasBeecher i,m gonna kill that fuckface i,m gonna kill that fuckface
amos,,,have u seen that bullshit,,,now ur friend is attacking
me,,,mark my words this tobias beecher of halifax ns if that is even
his real name is a dead man when i get near him,,,don,t even try to
claim dibs monkey he,s mine,,,bang bang mark my words

AmosIsGullible (2 hours ago)
You are VERY paranoid in my opinion. You claimed in your YouTube about
that Robin Reid woman (as well as many net talk shows) that you have
to move around from place to place and can't say where. That
constitutes paranoia to me.

You know that "Dana" the character (as well as the real Dana) is a
shit-talker who goes haywire when he gets angry. That statement fits
the persona. Dana hasn't got balls enough to face anyone, but it
would be up his alley to hire a hacker.

DavidRaymondAmos1 (2 hours ago) (Obviously one Dirty Dicky Dean's many
sock accounts pretending to be mean old me)
You have no higher moral ground than Amos you are both Assassins Amos
killed 81 people you killed thousands! You planned 911. You set up the
Putt and calls for friends Robert L Thompsett now you are in we are

AmosIsGullible (2 hours ago)
Dean, let the adults talk for a moment ok?

AmosIsGullible (2 hours ago)
You must admit, all this stuff I write looks like it could very well
have come from the real Dana.

AmosIsGullible (2 hours ago)
Amos, here's the thing: DON'T FEED THE TROLLS!!!!

It really is that simple. Had you not responded, there would have
been no LULZ, and thus no reason to waste my time with you.

AmosIsGullible (2 hours ago)
I'm nothing if not thorough Amos. :)

AmosIsGullible (2 hours ago)
Okay. It's obvious I've jerked you around so much that you don't know
right from left in these matters.

Suffice it to say that there will be no more trolling as "Dana" or
anyone else (I also pretended to be Dean Roger Ray once or twice).
However, I will make an exhaustive study of your scribd files on the
blog very soon.

On 6/5/13, David Amos <> wrote:
> DUHH??? These are YOUR words not mine Perverts
> Lines 774 and 1668 and many inbetween were somewhat enlightening
> Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 19:23:48 -0600 (MDT)
> Subject: Re: The confidential "WARNED STATEMENT" of Cst Terry Wilson
> that Arty Baby Topham's Nazi pals published forever proved to me why
> the RCMP were backing Mr Baconfat's openly malicious actions
> To: David Amos <>
> Oh dear, if you don't like my blog, don't read it. No one cares what
> offends your insane sensiblities

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