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Here is why Glen Canning asked me who Mr Baconfat was

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Clearly the corrupt cops in Halifax would do nothing AGAIN

Sonya D Higgins shared a link.
August 14
please investigate this hate site
The anti, anti Freemason, anti, anti Israel, and anti blog, blog:
Stupid Dead Rehteah Parsons,...

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* Halifax Cop Watch, Amanda Dodsworthand Cynthia Martinlike this.
* Cynthia MartinWay to go Sonya!
August 14 at 9:27amvia mobile· 2
* Halifax Regional PoliceHi Sonya - Unfortunately, people are
continuing to post content online that is distasteful and hurtful to
others. We strongly encourage you, if you haven't already, to report
this site directly to Blogger. It's important to be aware that it may
not violate their terms of use and it's up to them whether or not they
remove the page.
August 15 at 8:14am
* Patrick HeartIt's also important to note that we live in a country
where free speech is respected and just because someone doesn't like
the content doesn't mean it has to be removed. (I read the post, it's
clearly some idiot looking for attention... but a far, far stretch
from being hate speech which is illegal in Canada.)
August 15 at 10:28am· 1
* Sonya D HigginsI am aware that the content is both distasteful and
hurtful. I was wondering if it falls under the new cyber-bulllying
law, becaue Rehteah and her family continue to be targets of trolls on
the internet
August 15 at 10:45am· 6
* Jenn RichardsonWhat a COWARD hiding behind a blog!!!
August 15 at 10:54am· 4
* Karin KnorrHow is it not hateful???
August 15 at 11:08am· 2
* Patrick HeartThe Cyber Bullying law only applies to Nova Scotia and
it is one of the most ridiculous and dangerous laws to threaten free
speech to be enacted in Canada. Before anyone gets all emotional, read
this article because it has consequences for all of you if someone
doesn't like anything you say online:

What happened to Rehteah was awful, but making knee jerk laws is not
the answer! I for one, cannot wait until the law is challenged in
court and thrown out. (Fortunately, the rest of Canada is looking at
our Government like they are idiots -- which they clearly are for
enacting this law.)
August 15 at 11:38am· 4
* Janice HigginsI can't figure out how to report it. not just this
blog but others there. Not fit, such hateful ppl. Halifax Regional
Police now that you are aware of that blog site can you please report
it, or advise us how to report? It goes beyond distasteful, some sick
ppl exist!
August 15 at 11:39am
* Matt Carson, i draw you'r
attention to his other articles labeled "lets bully david amos and his
children" or "faggots dykes and political correctness" or how about
"Die Larry Cutarm, Indians are drunken pigs" what part of this is not
hate speech?
August 15 at 5:22pm· 1
* Matthew Byardwhy would you promote this?
August 16 at 11:40am

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