Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The British politicians' new # 1 fan Mr Baconfat of Edmonton Alberta falsely claims that I sent the British PM Cameron an email????

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The British politicians' new # 1 fan Mr Baconfat of Edmonton Alberta
falsely claims that I sent the British PM Cameron an email????
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From: David Amos <motomaniac333@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 02:59:31 -0300
Subject: The British politicians' new # 1 fan Mr Baconfat of Edmonton
Alberta falsely claims that I sent the British PM Cameron an email????
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Now that the evil Queens Counsel Vicky Toews has finally left the
House full of chickenshits who claim they speak for common folks from
the Hill in faraway Upper Canada, perhaps the cops Bobby Boy Paulson
and Biagey Baby Carrese who pretend they care about other peoples'
money should explain something to their minions in the RCMP. Tell
them don't worry about the Evil Dwarf Duffy and all the lawyers. Tell
them you smiling bastards in the red serge are servants of the British
Queen Dizzy Lizzy II and not the decent Canadians who pay your big
unearned wages and fine pension plans with our tax dollars. Thus you
are untouchable just like the Yankee IRS. Hell the Brits and their
banksters screwed their fellow English Canadians twice bigtime within
8 eight years when I was younger Remember when Trudeau the Elder and
and his cohorts ordered the Governor of the Bank of Canada to ignore
his mandate without any act of parliament whatsoever and start
borrowing money from the corporate banksters so Trudeau could become a
big cheese in the UN? How about when we got done in again byway of an
Act Of British Parliament in 1982 and only the French in Quebec were
wise enough not to agree with that bullshit? The Charter? Yea Right
What rights did we not already have? What rights did we lose with it?


"That doesn't even make grammatical sense. But alas he sent that to Ed
Milibrand, David Cameron and scores of British politicians. This is
what wee Davey calls "hardball politicking." I am quite sure of two
things, no one read this nonsense, and readers of wee Davey's blog are
wondering what possible relevance can a guy having a beer and burger,
have with ole "stevey boy Harper, or Mark Carney?" END QUOTE

YEA RIGHT your zionist fan is half-assed correct EH Eddy Milibrand?

Why should I bother? I suspect that Ed Milibrand his pal Cameron and
their butt buddy who is our PM Harper already read the huge pile of
documents and checked out the CD I sent the PMs Blair and Martin their
G20 and EU cohorts way back in 2005. I am trying inform the possibly
ethical souls overseas who don't have the first clue about the
bankster Mark Carney and his evil game

Checkout page five witin the link below or the file hereto attached


Does anyone know what planet this mindless zionist comes from?


At least Clayton Thomas-Muller's has to agree that the fat bastard
Harper uses for spin in Edmonton Alberta has no scalp worth taking and
quite likely no balls at all So Cameron should forget about getting a
fine leather snuff bag from us colonials for Xmass N'esy Pas Stevey
Boy Harper?


"Its "sovereign summer," Clayton Thomas-Muller's Idle No More is busy
"protesting," demonstrating, conducting bomb attacks on oil companies
infrastructure, and becoming as our Indian friend claims, more
militant....NOT! These "people," their so called, "big chiefs," their
so called "war chiefs," their "peacekeepers," (with the T shirts to
prove it) and all the "little Indian boys," have attempted, have
accomplished, absolutely nothing." END QUOTE

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos
902 800 0369

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Subject: Automatic reply: The British politicians' new # 1 fan Mr
Baconfat of Edmonton Alberta falsely claims that I sent the British PM
Cameron an email????
To: David Amos <motomaniac333@gmail.com>

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