Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Please allow me to introduce some British politiicians Mr Baconfat of Edmonton Alberta to the # 1 fan of the RCMP, Mark Carney and Stevey Boy Harper

From: David Amos <motomaniac333@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 06:13:01 -0300
Subject: Please allow me to introduce some British politiicians Mr
Baconfat of Edmonton Alberta to the # 1 fan of the RCMP, Mark Carney
and Stevey Boy Harper
To: "david.allgood" <david.allgood@rbc.com>, exclusive@the-sun.co.uk,
whistle <whistle@fsa.gov.uk>, whistle@fca.org.uk, "george.osborne.mp"
<george.osborne.mp@parliament.uk>, comments <comments@osc.gov.on.ca>,
"david.barry" <david.barry@nbsc-cvmnb.ca>, oig <oig@sec.gov>,
"deborah.alexander" <deborah.alexander@scotiabank.com>,
public.enquiries@hm-treasury.gov.uk, birgittaj
<birgittaj@althingi.is>, Red Ice Creations
<redicecreations@gmail.com>, Jharrison@bank-banque-canada.ca
Cc: "rod.knecht" <rod.knecht@edmontonpolice.ca>, "Dale.McGowan"
<Dale.McGowan@rcmp-grc.gc.ca>, "bob.paulson"
<bob.paulson@rcmp-grc.gc.ca>, David Amos
<david.raymond.amos@gmail.com>, RBauer <RBauer@perkinscoie.com>,
bginsberg <bginsberg@pattonboggs.com>, "Patrick.Fitzgerald"
<Patrick.Fitzgerald@skadden.com>, "stephen.m.cutler"
<stephen.m.cutler@jpmorgan.com>, "jamie.dimon"
<jamie.dimon@jpmorgan.com>, "gregory.craig"


David Amos, why is your daughter's pussy so stinky?

Our semi-literate and not too bright "friend" David Amos wrote this:

"I tried to talk nicely to the British politicians before the crook
Mark Carney became their governor now its time to try hardball
politicking with the snobby banksters EH Mr. Bauer and Ginsberg?" END

So the little troll from Fredericton, "tried to talk nicely" to
British politicians. Those "British politicians" obviously ignored
David's insulting and poorly written and spelled e mails, just as
Canadian politicians and law enforcement agencies do. No one in North
America or New Zealand accepts David Amos' e mails or telephone calls.
So why would anyone in the United Kingdom heed David Amos any more

So now our emotionally disturbed friend David Amos, is going to "try
hardball politicking with the snobby banksters." That indeed begs the
question, just what "hardball politicking with snobby banksters," can
this very large gas bag initiate?

What is our little "friend" going to go? Try to telephone 'snobby
banksters,' spouses places of employment, or claim to, or stupidly
telephone the wrong retail outlets, thus making an ass of himself!

Just how is a "homeless for four fucking years," inter-net troll, and
convicted pedophile from, Fredericton, New Brunswick going to "try
hardball politicking" with accomplished, wealthy and accomplished men
in the UK?

David Amos can't even win at "hardball" with me. I have abused,
insulted his dysfunctional family, and have exposed his insanity to
the cyber-world.

David Amos has bleated, whined and ratted me out to police for several
years. Not once in almost ten years has a law enforcement agency
called or called upon me regarding David Amos' commiserations.

I challenged David Amos, our little fart in a windstorm, to call me or
my wife as he claimed he could do. He didn't, he couldn't, he is full
of shite.

David Amos claimed, "for the public record," he called a Marks Store,
where my wife never worked a day in her life. To attempt to insult and
annoy her all the way from Buttfuck New Brunswick.

There is NO record of such a call from David Amos. The management of
that Mark's outlet never took a phone call from David Amos.

Oh dear, little David, you done fucked it up again!

David "I done whupped ya again!"

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