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Fwd: Now that Petey Baby MacKay is the Justice Minister perhaps Norman Doyle and Rob Moore should explain this email to him real slow EH Mr Hamilton?

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Subject: Now that Petey Baby MacKay is the Justice Minister perhaps
Norman Doyle and Rob Moore should explain this email to him real slow
EH Mr Hamilton?
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From: David Amos
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2005 7:27 AM
Subject: Fw: Hunky-dory EH Petey

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From: David Amos
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2005 7:03 AM
Subject: Fw: Hunky-dory EH Petey

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Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2005 7:12 PM
Subject: Hunky-dory EH Petey

I got a better one for ya Petey Boy. "Thar she blows". I bet
Belinda is really pissed off at everybody and is letting off some
steam. If I were you I would start bailing out of your new party like
any other rat that would desert a sinking ship. That is one boat that
could never float. The way you back stabbed your way into its creation
will likely never be forgotten. Some of the new Senators Martin just
appointed proved that didn't they? Right now you are just hanging on
and kissing Harper's arse because nobody else will ever trust you in
their Dory except maybe the diddler, Billy Matthews. He is used to
turningcoat and needs help bailing out his punky little craft. I think
the liberals are tired of him by now and Johnny Crosbie is likely
pretty pissed at him too. I think you two dudes should be good company
for each other as everybody else tries to distance themselves from a
couple of cry babies that call themselves Maritimers. You were born
there alright but a lair lawyer and a nasty old diddler reflect poorly
upon the rest of us. But bad apples fall from the best of trees. The
sooner the better so that they don't suck the sap out of the good

Dare to argue me Petey Boy? I am ten times meaner with no temper
than the man that pitches silly fits kicks chairs. I would kick your
arse in a good debate. I would laugh if you asked me to step outside,
head for the door and quit talking immediately in a sincere effort to
kick your arse in the street. Win or lose, rest assured I would have
fun. Fighting is a true Maritime tradition. EH MacKay? Feel free to
try to call me a liar. Everybody knows it would be a case of the pot
trying to call the kettle black.

"The Nova Scotia MP described his relations with Conservative Leader
Stephen Harper as "hunky-dory, everything's great - that's a good
Maritime phrase."
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Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 10:14:47 -0800 (PST)

From: David Amos"

Subject: Attn Don Amos


As I stated within an earlier email, Scott Daruty finally called
me back and pissed me off. He picked the wrong guy to try and toy
with. I will take up my concerns with Magna byway of Daruty and
Cellucci down here in the Yankee courts. I have much proof of what I
sent Belinda Stronach long before she ever became a Member of
Parliament up home. I will deal with her in a political fashion first
to see if she is interested in up holding the public trust while
protecting her interests in Magna. Good luck with your conscience as a
lawyer named Amos as you check my work. Here is my phone number 506
434-1379 if you have any questions before deciding whether or not to
uphold the law and protect the investor's interests in Magna from my
necessary civil actions. I gave my material to Argeo P. Cellucci in
Canada in July of 2002 before I sent the Sheriffs out with my first
complaints. I know by the fax numbers at the top of my first complaint
that it was Ashcroft and Cellucci that directed the US Attorney to try
to make my complaints evaporate. Now that Cellucci speaks for Magna
and Belinda speaks for Canadians there is a couple of Amos boys that
should have along talk about many things. But forget trying to label
me as your brother until I am assured of your integrity. I have a high
contempt towards lawyers and their sense of ethics for very
justifiable reasons.

Note: forwarded message attached.

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From: David Amos
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Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2005 12:14 PM
Subject: Shame on you Della

At least I am a man of my word. I called you personally as I
stated I would. I have the record of the call that I was directed to
do by your boss, Stevey Boy May. Too bad you would not speak to me to
protect your own interests. At least I have your signature because no
word from you is worthless to me. You can never claim ignorance of my
concerns after directing me to your lawyer. I stuck my hand out to you
as a layman but you had picked your friends the lawyers and had
enlisted them to bite it? Do you really Think I am afraid of dealing
with the likes of Johnny Crosbie and Stevey Boy May when I am
preparing a lawsuit against the likes of John Edwards, John Ashcroft
and Theodore Olson to name a few? Plus there is the irrefutable fact
that you and the law firm you work for have already admitted that you
are aware of the crimes practiced against me. You have done nothing to
uphold the law and have already filed the evidence of that fact in the
Newfoundland Supreme Court. Lady, either I or my estate will bankrupt
you and your firm with its own sworn testimony that you witnessed. You
can take that to the bank. The first question I must ask you Della
what did your law fir do with its copy of the police surveillance tape
# 139 and did you listen to it? You should not have because you are
not an officer of the court nor are you employed by law enforcement.
The Lieutenant Governor Roberts notified me that he had given his
copies of the material to Tommy Marshall to be investigated but I have
received no word from your law firm as to what the hell they did with
their copies. Have your lawyers explain their integrity to you because
you and I will never come to an understanding of ethical behavior
after your treatment of me today. I often sing the praises of Newfys
because they are amongst the nicest folks on the planet excepting of
course their lawyers and their cohorts such as you Della. By the way I
heard about the clerks in Supreme Court having a little wager over who
buys lunch if I managed to do what I said I would do. I would like to
meet the lady who felt I was as serious as a heart attack and willing
to buy lunch if I was not a man of my word. I would love to buy her
lunch some time because the courts need more folks like her in their
employment. She clearly did not disregard the word of a common man.

On the other hand after our exchange of the mere few words today
it would not be wise for me to trust your word or typing if I had
left the voicemail you desired. I have much evidence of many edited
transcripts of things I have said in the past. You and I will argue
them some day no doubt byway of your lawyer friends because I think
you don't speak pro se very well in order to protect your personal
interests. I just got off the phone with one of Frank Stronach's
Yankee lawyers Scott Daruty. He did me the service of really pissing
me off today by finally calling me back after I had torn a piece off
of Magna in Canada about his neglect of duty on their behalf. He
thought he was funny by joking that the Canadian lawyer, Don Amos was
my brother. No lawyer is a brother of mine. He thought I was joking
when I told him I would sue him personally if he did not uphold the
law and rat out Magna's brand new Vice President his brother, Argeo P.
Cellucci so I had to repeat myself so he would understand me in no
uncertain terms. I do make a lot of jokes about very serious business
however it would not be wise to underestimate my sincerity and attempt
to toy with me. I enjoy a good fight win or lose as long as I stand on
the right side of the battle. You just picked a fight with me lady on
a day when I ain't taking prisoners from lawyers or their cohorts. All
lawyers are liars and I have proven it. It is only laymen I will
settle with from now on and only if they tell the truth, the whole
truth and nothing but the truth.

I don't care if your god helps you or not. We can all do it again in
hell for all I care.

From now on I must rely on hard copy of my own creation. For
now I will send you and Stevey Boy a bunch of emails that have been
forwarded to many other people first. I require the record of doing
so. Whereas I have no doubt Stevey Boy will wan to argue about the
emails I have already sent I figure why not be hung for a cow as a
calf? Since everything in heaven and hell is done in threes. I will
forward to Magna's lawyer, Don Amos, Stevey Boy and three large
emails that contain Tiff files. There is no need to be redundant with
hard copy already sent to Scott Daruty and Johnny Crosbie. You can
tell the folks at Patterson Palmer who directed you to offend me that
the emails contain exactly the same documents that Greg Byrne and
Johnny Crosbie received and that you should all prepare to argue every
word within in them. The first email contains a file called Big Day.
It contains every document I served upon Two Solicitors Generals
Theodore Olson and Anne McLellan before I ran for Parliament and Olson
quit his job on June 24th immediately after Johnny Crosbie told Stevey
Harper to shut up about the Arar Inquiry. the second file is called
Big Canada Add and it is a copy of the documents served upon my
political opponents while running for Parliament. Last but not least
are what was added to the first to pile of documents and then served
upon Patterson and Palmer by way of Greg Byrne.

Scott Daruty is receiving the documents within "Big Day" and
other interesting material that Magna should find quite interesting to
say the least. Magna really made my day when they appointed Cellucci
and their new VP. I is comical that he is going to lobby the
government about horse racing especially after listening to what is
recorded on a lot of the tapes and the fact that the top dog of the
RCMP had to teach that dumb Yankee how to ride a horse last summer so
that he would not make an ass out himself at the Calgary Stampede.
This was almost as rich as when Martin sent Franky McKenna to
Washington after he and I had a spit and chew about dogs and pork. At
least I am clever enough to realize when I am a lucky man and how to
make the best out of a golden opportunity to see that justice is
served upon some very nasty bastards. I am very pissed off but still
having more fun than ten men. I love cornering lawyers and listening
to them stutter and try to duck the issues. I will wager that you are
having a bad day too. EH Della? It looks good on you if you are. Why
not get mad? I hope you share your anger with the others at Patterson
and Palmer and start bitchin about me. Never forget all I want is the
truth from you. It will cost you nothing. Why do you want to stand
with crooks and liars for a days pay? I bet you have witnessed lots of
dirty dealings. I truly beleive that there is no honour in your work.
To me working for lawyers is like a lady being sent to a nunnery in
Medieval times. I share ol Shake's opinion of such a place. Times
changes nothing lawyers still work for Jesuits. Look around downtown
St John's and call me a liar. I dare ya. Even the name of the town
says it all.

Cya'll in Court:)

David R. Amos

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From: David Amos
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Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2005 8:33 AM
Subject: RE: Me versus Patterson and Palmer

Hey Della,

I see that Stevey Boy is on vacation and told me to contact
you. I am happy to hear that he is saving all of my emails in a
special spot for some apparent future litigation. I keep very good
records as well and look forward to his argument but I will wager that
I sue him first.

I see by the following Affidavit you witnessed and Stevey Boy
filed in court that every lawyer within Patterson Palmer is a flat out
liar. I served Greg Byryne in Fredericton myself with witnesses before
Byron Prior served everyone else in Newfoundland. If Byrne did not
share the info with his buddy Johnny Crosbie, it is not my fault. Yet
I suspect that he did so out of the gate because he sent me an email
in which it appears that he was conferring with many others about me
and my concerns. It was too funny that Byrne clicked the wrong button
and forwarded his email to me as well.

I also sent many of your people the same emails that I sent to
Byrne and May as soon as I got out off jail last October and Stevey
Boy first contacted Byron Prior and I had called him. (Thank you for
making a transcript of my voicemail and filing it in court for me. It
is quite hard for me to make lawyers even admit that I exist) Some of
the aforesaid emails were responded to by other members of your law
firm byway of their computers like Stevey Boy's just did. At least
computers are far more honest than the lawyers that own them. I am
compelled to rely on the integrity of their machines and the ability
of their computers and mine to keep perfect records. (Never forget I
am being prosecuted for sending an email to a lawyer I have been
litigating against for years who even went as far to fraudulently
create a document bearing my signature) Because of the fact I can
prove contact with many members of the law firm you work for, they can
never say that they did not know of my concerns and allegations long
before Stevey complained of Byron Prior's actions on behalf of his
client Billy Matthews. He only went forward with his malicious threat
when he thought my goose was cooked down here. There is quite simply
no way you could have prepared his filing on January 21st and he had
Judge green sign it in the time between Byron had served it and the
Judge signed it without the Bastards reading our private emails and
listening to our phone calls. I sent the last email containing the
words to Byron's counterclaim just before I went to court that morning
and he only managed to see it filed by 3 PM Newfy time. You may be a
fast typists but the courts don't work that fast unless they are
covering up something big time. No know as well as I that is true
because the judge and Stevey Boy do not even want other lawyers to
view the public record. Small wonder he took a vacation. If Stevey Boy
has any semblance of a conscience he no doubt has trouble dealing with
himself. I can only wonder if he and Johnny Crosbie are singing for
more tequila right now.

As you no doubt know I am preparing to defend myself in a
criminal trial in the USA and filing some rather profound civil
lawsuits in Canada and the USA that will make the whining of Billy
Matthews in Newfoundland Supreme court seem rather comical. I will be
filing copies of the documents you no doubt helped create for Stevey
Boy May on behalf of your law firm in many courts.

If Greg Byrne, the former Minister of Justice and Attorney
General of New Brunswick had acted ethically last September while I
was in Canada and under Brad Green's jurisdiction I would not have
been falsely imprisoned in the USA the following month. I will be
suing him, your law firm and many others for personal injury and
conspiracy to cover up the many crimes practiced against my Clan and
I. My question to you, Della is why don't I sue you too? As you can
see if you have read my work my battle is with corrupt lawyers not
layman. I would settle with you in a heartbeat for costs if you would
be honest about all that you know to be true. If you decide to go
against me I suggest that you seek legal counsel outside of your law
firm or in fact all of Newfoundland. I am about to take on every
damned lawyer within the Newfoundland law Society. You would not be
wise to doubt me before you have a look at my work in the USA. I will
deal with Newfys under the heading of fun after I have embarrassed the

I will give you a call as Stevey Boy suggests so that at least
you can understand that I am not an unreasonable person and not the
sort of person that lawyers claim that I am. I am just a simple,
sincere and serious man that refuses to play the wicked games lawyers
play. I am willing to die in order to expose the truth. No lawyer can
say that. they love money to much to be willing to miss the chance to
spend it. Judge me for yourself and your own best interests before you
choose whom to stand with.

Whether you believe me or not I am battling for your rights as
well as my own. I am forwarding this email to many ordinary people
like you and me. To Hell with the lawyers and politicians. They do
what they do for personal gain not public service. Their concerns are
lucre not justice and everybody knows it. All I did was go to great
lengths to prove it. There is no need for you and I to argue about
simple truths. As far as I am concerned up until the time you received
this email all you have done is type things and witness signatures.
However you cannot say that anymore.

My pending phone call to you is not harassment. I need the
Yankee phone bill record of my call to you in order to assist in the
defence of my freedom in the USA. Stevey Boy told me to call ya.
Please be nice. After today you can't say that you are not involved in
my false imprisonment in the USA. I am doing no more or less than
Stevey Boy and his malicious clients would do if the same thing had
happened to them. If Billy Matthews had been summoned to the USA while
he was running for his seat in Parliament to be presecuted by an
unsigned criminal complaint and then held without bail under the
charges of "other", he would be more pissed off than I am.

Cya'll in Court:)
David R. Amos

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From: "May, Steve" <>
To: "David Amos" <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 8:32 PM
Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: Dan and Tom Remember me

Mr. May is out of the office till 11 April 2005. He will not be
checking his e-mail. Please contact Della Hart at 709-570-5527 or if you require immediate assistance.

2005 01 T 0010









Court File Number(s):2005 01 T 0010
Date of Filing of Document:25 January 2005
Name of Filing Party or Person:Stephen J. May
Application to which Document being filed relates:Amended Application
of the Plaintiff/Defendant by Counterclaim to maintain an
Order restricting publication, to strike portions of the Statement of
Defence, strike the Counterclaim in it's entirety, and to refer this
proceeding to case management.
Statement of purpose in filing:To maintain an Order restricting
publication, to strike portions of the Statement of Defence, strike
Counterclaim in its entirety and refer this proceeding to case management.


I, Stephen J. May, of the City of St. John's, in the Province of
Newfoundland and Labrador, Barrister and Solicitor, make oath and say
as follows:

THAT I am a Partner in the St. John's office of PATTERSON PALMER
solicitors for William Matthews, the Member of Parliament for
Random-Burin-St. George's in the Parliament of Canada.

THAT Mr. Matthews originally retained Mr. Edward Roberts, Q.C. on or
about 30 April 2002 after Mr. Byron Prior, the Defendant/Plaintiff by
Counterclaim, had made allegations against Mr. Matthews in a
publication called "My Inheritance - The truth - Not Fiction: A Town
with a Secret". In that publication, the allegation was made that Mr.
Matthews had had sex with a girl who had been prostituted by her
mother. That girl was alleged to have been Mr. Prior's sister.

THAT upon being retained, Mr. Edward Roberts wrote a letter to Mr.
Prior. That letter to Mr. Prior is attached as Exhibit "1" to my

THAT subsequent to Mr. Roberts' letter to Mr. Prior, Mr. Roberts
received a 1 May 2002 e-mail from Mr. Prior. That e-mail is attached
as Exhibit "2".

THAT subsequent to Mr. Roberts receipt of the e-mail, Mr. Prior swore
an Affidavit acknowledging that what had been said in that publication
was false. That Affidavit is attached as Exhibit "3" to my Affidavit.
Following Mr. Roberts' receipt of that Affidavit, Mr. Matthews advised
that he was satisfied not to pursue the matter any further and our
firm closed our file.

THAT on or about 25 October 2004, I was retained by Mr. Matthews
following his gaining knowledge that a web site, made a series of
allegations against him relating to my having sex with a girl of
approximately 12 years old through to an approximate age of 15 years
old. It also accused him of being a father of one of her children and
accused him of having raped that girl. Upon checking the web site I
saw that Byron Prior, the Defendant, had been identified as the author
of the material on the site.

THAT Mr. Matthews instructed me to write Mr. Prior, to remind him of
the fact that the allegations had been admitted to being false through
a 16 May 2002 Affidavit to advise him of Mr. Matthews' intentions to
commence legal proceedings if the comments were not removed from the
web site. A copy of my letter to Mr. Prior is attached as Exhibit "4"
to this Affidavit.

THAT I attach as Exhibit "5" a transcript from a 5 November 2004
voicemail left by David Amos, identified in the voicemail as a friend
of Mr. Prior.

THAT I attach as Exhibit "6" a portion of a 6 November 2004 e-mail
from Mr. Amos.

THAT until I received his voicemail and e-mail, I had never heard of Mr. Amos.

THAT Mr. Amos has continued to send me e-mail since his 5 November
e-mail. Including his 6 November 2004 e-mail, I have received a total
of 15 e-mails as of 23 January 2005. All do not address Mr. Matthews'
claim or my involvement as Mr. Matthews' solicitor. I attach as
Exhibit "7" a portion of a 12 January 2005 e-mail that Mr. Amos sent
to me but originally came to my attention through Ms. Lois Skanes
whose firm had received a copy. This e-mail followed the service of
the Statement of Claim on 11 January 2005 on Mr. Prior. I also attach
as Exhibit "8" a copy of a 19 January 2005 e-mail from Mr. Amos.

THAT I attach as Exhibit "9" a copy of a 22 November 2004 letter
addressed to me from Edward Roberts, the Lieutenant Governor of
Newfoundland and Labrador covering a 2 September 2004 letter from Mr.
Amos addressed to John Crosbie, Edward Roberts, in his capacity as
Lieutenant Governor, Danny Williams, in his capacity as Premier of
Newfoundland and Labrador, and Brian F. Furey, President of the Law
Society of Newfoundland and Labrador. I requested a copy of this
letter from Government House after asking Mr. Roberts if he had
received any correspondence from Mr. Amos during his previous
representation of Mr. Matthews. He advised me that he received a
letter since becoming Lieutenant Governor, portions of which involved
his representation of Mr. Matthews. Mr. Roberts' letter also covered
his reply to Mr. Amos.

THAT I attach as Exhibit "10" an e-mail from Mr. Amos received on
Sunday, 23 January 2005.

THAT I swear this Affidavit in support of the Application to strike
Mr. Prior's counterclaim.

SWORN to before me at
St. John's, Province of Newfoundland
and Labrador this 24th day of
January, 2005.

Signed by Della Hart STEPHEN J. MAY Signature
A Commissioner for Oaths in and for
the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
My commission expires on December 31, 2009.

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From: David Amos
To: David Amos ; ; ; Canadian
Justice Review Board ; J. D. Kuntz ; ; ; ; ; ; ; moto maniac
Cc: ; ; ; ; ; 'Stephen Harper' ; Jack
Layton ; ; ; ; ; ;
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2005 1:55 PM
Subject: Re: Latest Application and Affidavit

Good Day to my Friends and to Hell with you politicans

There is nothing more I can do to help Byron for awhile so I am
going to take a break before my trial begins. I called Stevey Boy May,
right after calling a lot of the cops or their Lawyers that I have
crossed paths with in the USA to inform them that I will be calling
them to testify about wiretap tapes in particular during the course of
my pending trial. I managed to speak to the little bastard personally
and was glad he had the opportunity heard my voice speak to him
directly instead of through his sneaky voicemail. If you do not think
I am a very serious man today, call me. I dare ya. But only do it
today. After this I quit talking to anyone except my friends and kin.
I informed Stevey Boy that I was well aware that Byron Prior was in
the emergency room of a Newfoundland Hospital. I suggested that if he
doubted that fact he should send one of his lawyers to verify it and
then file his own Request for a Postponement for the pending "hurry it
up and cover it up" hearing on Feb 9th in Newfoundland Supreme Court
on behalf of Johnny Crosbie and his buddies.

I have an even better idea for all the Newfy Legal Aid lawyers
and the cops I have contacted very recenty. EARN YOUR GOVERNMENT
UPHOLD THE LAW. GET IT? I am going to forward the email that I send to
you next everywhere Yahoo and Hotmail allow me to. I ask that everyone
that receives it does the same so that they will know who you are and
that you really should give Byron some of your precious taxpayer paid
time and a lot of legal aid. Maybe a lot of people will hold you
accountable as well. I do not need anyone's help right now nor am I
asking for it. I am pleading for someone to help Byron.

I know that Stevey Boy May is a crook and you all know I made no
bones about it. I was happy to reaffirm it to him in person through
the phone line. I look forward to telling him so again someday in
court in front of a bunch of his friends and mine. I truly wish the
chickenshit would stand up, act like a proper lawyer and sue me to
defend his own false face of integrity. However he knows I would
cherish the argument and would never file a motion to dismiss or
strike any of his words. Therefore he does the usual legal tricks and
tries hard to ignore me or deny my existence. Lawyers really need to
get honest or learn new tricks to fool this dumb layman. I have
thoroughly embarrassed much better lawyers than him in open court and
everybody knows it. If you doubt me ask the law firm of J. Owen Todd
or the Rogers Crowd why my arguments against them ran off with
Cardinal Law back in 2002.

I also informed Stevey Boy that I was well aware of the kind and
quantity illegal and deadly drugs that have been prescribed to Byron
Prior in the past by a nasty Newfy Doctor. In both Byron's and my mind
we are sincere in the belief that the bad acting bastards in
Newfoundland were trying to kill him. Byron and I are now very
concerned as to his well being should it become necessary for him to
have an operation. If my friends dies for whatever reason the
Government of Newfoundland may claim, it will mean nothing to me. I
will diligently investigate the matter on my own in a very ethical and
timely fashion and then raise Hell if I smell anything rotten.

You all know that I have already made certain that Byron and
his allegations and evidence of crime will never be lost or forgotten
no matter what happens to him or me. Be very careful I am not forced
to call you politicians and your lawyers and cops co-conspirators in
his death. These are very serious words and you know I am not kidding.
I am still very pissed off about the fact that Ashcroft had tried to
take me away to Cuba to be tortured with the blessings of the new
dude. Gonzales. The fact that government of my native land did nothing
to defend my rights made me justifiably angry. You all know that is
the reason I ran for Parliament and gave my material to the Arar
Inquiry a long time ago.

I do not mind all that much when the bastards attack me
personally. I kind of enjoy it in my own strange way and Byron will
attest to that as he shakes his head at my antics. He knows it is hard
to change my mind and even harder to stop me from doing what I please.
Byron while in great pain told the Supreme Court that fact about me on
January 26th and everyone admitted that it was true. What everyone
does not understand about me is how I can find the fun in this shit.
The answer is simple oh so simple. If I didn't I would go mad or get
very mad, both would not be a good thing for others to witness.
However when I feel someone I love is under threat I quickly lose my
sense of humor and turn very very mean and vindictive. Anyone that
knows me well will verify that is the absolute truth about my nature
and yet nobody has ever witnessed me lose my temper. I just get very
quiet and think about how to get even. The only scary part of me is my
eyes. Only a very foolish person would consider messing with my
friends or kin without first considering my reaction. It is my right
and duty as a proud father and a decent friend to be fierce when need
be. Even Thomas Jefferson and the latest President Bush and his Big
Daddy agree about that simple fact. However they do not lead from the
front with their asses on the line as I do. They can send legions of
lawyers against me, it still does not change the truth. I have argued
countless numbers of lawyers over the years and not one has dared to
call me a liar. Their only tool against me is to attempt to erase me
from the Public Record. However my name will at least forever remain
on the ballot in Fundy for a seat in the 38th Parliament and it was
quite a battle to do just that and I speak of that feat often. The
biggest difference between me and the politician that defeated me is
that he is a crooked lawyer and I am an honest layman. I take great
pride in my loss because I would not be compelled to sit amongst his
cohorts in the Canadian Parliament right now. An unnamed lawyer in
Ottawa with Elections Canada fought me tooth and nail from afar to the
very last minute to keep my name off the ballot and CBC and the rest
of the Media kept me out of public view but I did what I needed to do
anyway. Check history for yourself or ask Kingsley. I dont care. I
know what I did and so do you. The politician's problem is that I can
prove it much to the chagrin of their many lawyers.

As you all well now I am not a religious man. I find the
Jesuits amongst you the most contemptible people on the planet. To
discover that they have an office within and funded by the Canadian
Government makes me very disgusted. On the other hand Byron Prior is
very religious, more than enough for both of us. In the past he has
only sought justice against T. Alex Hickman for the sexual abuse of
his family long ago. It was my idea for him to tell all that he knows
about Newfoundland because a man might as well be hung for a cow as a
calf. He agreed and now prays for me constantly while I throw caution
to the wind and directly attack the Big Bad Bastards amongst us. Life
is simply to short for me to do it any other way. I sincerely hope
that my friend Byron Prior does not prove my point. If he dies before
seeing justice served upon T. Alex Hickman and Billy Matthews it will
be a profound Canadian tragedy. He has fought his battles against
public corruption honestly and alone for over forty years. In the past
year I let every Member of Parliament and legions of others know that
I had taken up his cause. Obviously I am very fierce with my very
righteous indignation towards the failure of all to uphold the Public
Trust an I have no qualms in placing my freedom in jeopardy to support
my cause. Any man willing to die for his cause is not a terrorist as I
have labeled by a lawyer a time or two. He is just a very formidable
foe to his adversaries.

I have said much about this in recent days and now I will fall
silent and prepare for my own pending criminal trial. From time to
time I may send certain people emails to assist in our matters and
anyone may fell free to try to use them against me. I will be closely
monitoring the well being of my friends and Byron Prior in particular.
He is a very important witness not only for me, but for all the people
of Canada. This is my fair warning to the government of Newfoundland
to take extra special care of my friend. If he dies there will be no
need for Newfoundland to separate from Canada under the leadership of
Danny Williams because I will be making my best effort to own the
Rock. If I did happen to succeed I would just as quickly give it back
to ordinary Newfys like Byron Prior and out of the hands of the likes
of Johnny Crosbie and his cohorts.

May I suggest that all of Canada that is so inclined pray for
Byron's speedy recovery while I give the Devil his due in ethical and
legal fashion with no help from any god or any of you. I have tried to
talk to many of you for well over a year. Now I will refuse to. I will
say what needs to be said in front of a jury of my peers in the USA.
This is not a good day for Byron or anyone who loves him. Rest assured
I wish to make you all feel very miserable too. Maybe the conscience
of just one of you will get the better of you and Byron will finally
see justice served without further delay by nasty little lawyers such
as Stevey Boy May. I have studied a little Latin too but I like Wing
Dings better. Latin is for crooked priests and lawyers so that
ordinary people cannot understand their deceit. Wing Dings are just
fun. When you read this Byron I hope you gets a little chuckle. By the
way, what did God tell the Newfys? The same thing I am telling you.
Play dumb until I get back will ya? I wrote this haste before I called
to see how you are doing because I am not certain of my reaction if I
heard bad news. I know you are a worried man and I am too. Now I am
on the phone to find out whats up with you.

Good luck to you Buddy. Veritas Vincit ! ! !

Cya'll in CourtL

David R. Amos

153 Avin Ave

Milton MA. 02186

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
To: ;
Cc: Byron Prior ;
Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2005 2:37 PM
Subject: At least I am ethical

Nobody can say that I didn't call you immediately and try to tell you
the truth. However as soon as I sense a liar. I quit talking on my
dime and wait to argue the bastard in court. The fact that you claim
Johnny Crosbie is a buddy of yours speaks volumes to me of your
integrity. I suppose you like his buddy the Diddler T. Alex Hickman
too. I told you I served your law firm the same material Patterson and
Palmer got byway of Frank Mckenna. It was immediately after Byron
received a letter from Irwin Coltler on July 2nd. However I also
served the same material on Paul Zed the lawyer before he was elected.
Both lawyers played dumb like you just did but many others answered
me. As a double check I just called Paul Zed's office in Saint John
and they played dumb just like you. Ask me why I am not surprsed as I
intruduce you to some bad acting Yankees.
Wed, 2 Feb 2005 14:04:02 -0400
From: "Owens, Audrey" <>
To: "David Amos"<>
I have received your recent e-mails, which I have attempted to read.

I do not know you or Byron Prior; consequently I do not understand why
you are sending lengthy e-mails to me.

James R. Chalker

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From: David Amos
To: ;
Cc: ; ;
; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 4:58 PM
Subject: As Landslide Annie yaps today about more money for security for the USA

Obviously I have been busy too. Lets just say none of you surprised me
by not calling me back. Two can play that game. Try calling me now
after I prove to the world how long you bastards really knew about
Byron and I. It is really funny how old Gregy Byrne in Fredericton is
trying hard to ignore me Eh? I will let you all wonder as to whom
received my forwarded emails and when. Methinks some pissed off
Canadains may be waltzing into a few of your offices in the near
future with hard copy of my stuff and some serious questions about
your integrity.

----- Original Message -----
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 09:11:50 -0800 (PST)
From: David Amos
Subject: Thanks for the call back Ms. Boyd

Because of that call you can know no doubt tell I have little
patience with liars. Most lawyer ignore and deny the existance of
emails but when I back it up with a person call they are usually quick
to show me their ass and I get proof of the view. But at least you
affirmed to me that your boss is Cotler. I have reconsidered my
statement to you about sending you hard copy. It is expensive and
redundant. Your boss and his other cohorts in Canada have had it for
at least five months byway of Senator Joe Day and he finally answered
me after I appeared in court in Boston on the 21st and I spoke of
Byron's affairs in Newfoundland. To me you are just another co-
conspirator against Byron Prior and I.

If you wish to continue to play dumb it is fine by me. However to
protect your own interests, perhaps you should ask your cohorts to see
the letter Cotler sent to Byron on June 30th the same day Martin's
coal boat was caught in Sidney with a load of Cocaine. Better yet ask
Stevey Boy May if he will show you his Affadavit with all of its
attachments that was served upon Byron on Monday of last week and you
will learn lots about me. You have made it abundantly clear to me that
you work for crooks rather than the Canadian people. The bastards you
are in cahoots with may torture Byron in Newfoundland for over forty
years however it obviously has not stopped me from making the rest of
the world well aware of it in a heartbeat. At least our brief talk
should have proved to you that I am as serious as a heart attack and
have no fear of litigating in front of a jury my peers against a pack
of liars. The more the better. Shame on you Ms. Boyd.

----- Original Message -----
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 10:44:22 -0800 (PST)
From: David Amos
Subject: Re: Spam

I find that a very strange question for you to ask as you send me a
very interesting executable file. I am taking up the matter of me
being labeled a spammer just before the federal election down here
with the General Counsels Les Segraves of Earthlink in Atlanta and
Michael Callahan of Yahoo in California. Your name will come up and I
will show them your email to me. Perhaps you should have a long talk
with Danny Williams and his underlings Brian Furry and Tommy Marshall
after you study what is within my emails. wrote:

Are you a spammer? (I found your email on a spammer website!?!)

ATTACHMENT part 2 application/octet-stream name=list_ed_motomaniac_02186.exe

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From: David Amos
Cc: ; ; ;
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 9:01 PM
Subject: Say hey to Ian Hanamansing for for us will ya

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
To: Byron Prior
Cc: ; ;
; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; rarespade
; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 8:44 PM
Subject: Byron this should be a fun one for you to forward

Byron as you can see I already covered a few bases. This is
the text of the cover letter I provided with the three Motions filed
today. I will send them separately no sense spoiling my surprise.
Anyone can go the the public record and view them anyway. I just want
to put Mr. May's panties in a knot first thing in the morning. I also
attached some emails that proved long ago that all of the buddies of
Billy Matthews knew the score about me and you long before I came
home and ran for Parliament. It is also very good digital evidence to
use in your countercomplaint against Matthews. It proves I am a
witness and that I stand with you in your allegations of crime.

Obviously Mr. May can never say that he don't know about me now.
As you well know I have a great deal more but first I want to know
what the Newfys know about the whereabouts of Whitey Bulger. I think
he is in Boston now that I made things a little too sticky for his
pals in Newfoundland. It seems to me that now that he is off the Rock
they can try to torture you once more without the embarassment of
Whitey surfacing right where I said he was on October 1st in
Dorchester District Court. I truly think that is why the crooked judge
had me thrown in jail. They figured out that Oct 1st was the first day
of hunting season up home and I could lug my shotgun anywhere but I
wasn't hunting ducks. The feds must heard me let something slip while
I was on the phone to a friend. Never forget they cut my phone line on
Sept 30th. They knew I was heading home after I stood in court the
next day and had to stop me. If I had cornered Whitey before the
Federal election all hell would have broke loose. It was a small
wonder to me that Howie Carr and Channel 7 were reporting he wanted to
give hiself up right after the election but stopped reporting it as
soon as I call the District Attorney and Howie Carr etc.

The silly Bastards in Newfoundland seem to have sent Whitey my
way. He has even less friends in Boston than he has in Newfoundland.
Now that his little brother Willy has lost his political clout Whitey
is fair game for anyone that wants a million bucks and who ain't
scared of an old man with a knife. Small wonder he wants to give
himself up with the likes of me dogging his nasty ass. As you well
know I ain't too fond of many Irish Catholics for very justifiable
reasons. What better fella to take my meaness out on than a serial
killer who is wanted dead or alive and whom the FBI won't catch for
their own benefit. That old bastard is a perfect target for a
legitimate bounty hunter and the ultimate bag for a Maritimer that
loves hunting. You well know I am having fun with this shit but Mr.
May may be changing his panties often tommorrow. The last thing he
would want to argue is murder but he best review how easily I
predicted H. Paul Rico's death in jail to Van Zampt and Issacs over a
year ago and Sgt. Huff and the DA in Tulsa didn't give a damn so I
took up bounty hunting myself. Much of that info was given to the
bastards complaining about you telling the truth about them.

One of the first things you should mention in your answer to
Mr. May is my standing as a witness in your defense against the very
foolhardy lawsuit of Billy Matthews. He should take a blood test and
the old shit between he and you would settle in a heartbeat. However
the affairs between Mr. May and I are just beginning. I am about to
tear that snotty bastard a new asshole for John Crosbie to have a poke
at. He really should have done his home work. It seems that Mr. May at
Patterson and Palmer forgot the material I served upon John Crosbie
byway of Mr. Byrne in Fredericton last year after a run for Parliament
against Harper's little lawyer buddy with a very appropriate name Rob

Better yet their former partner Mr. Roberts who is now the
dumbass Lt. Governor forgot to tell his former partners about how he
crossed paths with you on behalf of the liberal MP Bill Matthews
before he was appointed to his new post speaking for the Queen and the
diddler T. Alex Hickman got the Order of Canada. Even better is the
fact that while Roberts was speaking for the Queen this year, he
obviously forgot to tell everybody that he acknowledged and sent all
of my material and yours that you had served upon him on to Tommy
Marshall the Minister of Justice. He has clearly ignored both of us.
Wasn't it Tommy's boy that sat beside you at the Mason's lodge a while
ago when Ian Hanamansing came to Newfoundland to inquire about
justice? The best part is that Roberts proved for me that Danny
Williams and the Law Society got my stuff byway of you.

If these dumb fatass legal Newfys do not understand that we are
tied at the hip perhaps they should check my filings in Boston. My
last words to the crooked judge in Beantown before she illegally threw
me in jail were about you and the rampant corruption in Newfoundland.
I figured the last words that I may be ever allowed to say on the
public record should be in support of a fellow Maritimer and his
common pursuit of Justice. Trust me your name will be remembered in
Boston when I speak again beginning on January 21st simply because the
courts will long remember what I will have to say about Public
Corruption and the severe lack of integrity within the legal
profession. I have a right to a jury and I will make the proper use of
them to help them protect their own interests from crooked lawyers and
their political buddies. The first judge you stand before in
Newfoundland should explain to you why his boss (Tommy) has failed to
answer your friend (me) after the Queen asked him to investigate
before I was sent to jail. Before Tommy's underling attempts to judge
you for the benefit of his friends(Matthews, Crosbie, Hickman,
Marshall, Williams, etc etc etc.) he must answer me.

January 11th, 2005

Daniel F. Conley
Anthony Owens

Suffolk County District Attorney
Clerk Magistrate of

Dorchester District Court
Dorchester District Court

C/o his office at
510 Washington St.

510 Washington St.
Dorchester, MA 02124

Dorchester, MA 02124

RE: My Three court Ordered Motions for you to study and file.


Please find enclosed three motions for your files that a judge of
Dorchester District Court demanded I serve upon you before we meet in
again court on Jan 21st. I say directly to you what I have told your
assistants. Shame on you. Neither of you can ever say that that I did
not diligently try to confer with you two dudes since last July before
I sued you in federal court. I have your signatures proving that
simple fact. The enclosed motions do attest that I will no longer wish
to deal with either of you as of Jan 21st. After that I must argue the
lawyers whom you will no doubt send against me, unless of course you
choose to defend yourselves in a Pro Se fashion as I have been
compelled to do for so long. If you wish to have a fool for a client,
I will be happy to argue with you until the cows come home or justice
is served. I allowed your assistants to laugh and make fun of me as
they did their worst to cover up the truth because it suited my own
ends. Now I say nay, never, no more and Veritas Vincit! There are some
fellas up home that will get my meaning if they look at a bottle of a
certain beer. Good day to you Billy Matthews and Stevie May, tell
Crosbie to sing for more tequila for Byrne and Crown Royal for me. By
now you must have realized that as you were attacking my buddy Byron
Prior, I was involving the UN with our concerns about Human Rights in
the Maritimes.

I now have the required proof of Francis C. Kickham's demise
and all the necessary evidence of the Yankee malice towards my Clan.
What is of even better benefit to my Clan is that I now have a signed
document from the Office of the General Counsel of the SEC proving its
malice towards me and the knowledge of Securities Fraud long ago. It
seems that the dumb bastard forgot that Canadians buy and sell their
interests in the Yankee stock markets too. They depend upon his
integrity and that of his Yankee governmental coworkers who draw a
paycheck from the taxpayer's interests. What is fun for me in these
matters is that Paul Martin is asking Franky McKenna to come to
Washington to be the latest Canadian Ambassador. Check your files to
see why I am laughing. If Franky Boy does decide to take the job,
methinks a couple of colonial boys from the same point on the planet
will finally put the Maritimes on the map with Global issues of
concern to the future of all of our children. Rest assured Franky and
I alone have the makings of a very entertaining and important circus.
I am as wild as they come yet very ethical. Franky appears to be more
civilized yet he is absolutely corrupt. I must complain of him before
he accepts his appointment, comes to the USA and then tries to claim
diplomatic immunity. Check the documents I have provided you to see

Interesting letter EH? It gets worse for a DA and a clerk as I
drag their names to the Maritimes, a place Bush and Clinton love to go
golfing and fishing and talk about oil to McKenna and Lord. You are
just pawns to me in a big big game. Your actions have been all too
predictable. Try surprising me with honesty and I will reward you
withdrawing my complaint against you for only costs. I am a man of my
word. If I later prove that I am not feel free in using this letter
against me. You have my signature. Perhaps you should consider my
offer before I file. At least the truth will set you free from costs.

A word to the wise if you think I am bluffing. No amount of
money will convince me to settle out of court and out of the public
scrutiny. If you have cause to doubt my sincerity, perhaps you should
ask Cardinal Law or Bishop O'Malley to ask their past and present
secretary, Robert T. Kickham to pray to the ghost of Charles J.
Kickham Jr. in order to seek his counsel. My Blood Feud against the
Kickhams and all those who assist in the conspiracy to cover up their
crimes against my Clan is well known and openly declared. I have
always refused to settle with the Kickhams. Why would I change my
nature when it comes around to their nasty cohorts? Once upon I time I
did offer to settle with the three stooges, James McLaughlin, Sumner
Gillette and John B. Jenney Jr. as long as they told the truth. The
incompetent little lawyers laughed at me and did not bother to read
what I served upon them. Ask them who is laughing now as I begin
arguing about Yankee wiretap tapes and Securities Fraud with the
lawyers representing the diddler, Bill Matthews a Member of Parliament
in Canada from Newfoundland as he attempts to save his reputation from
my friend Byron Prior's pursuit of justice.

May I suggest that everyone review my last statement in my
affidavit on Oct 1st. and then review the attached Exhibits I provided
very carefully. I made my concerns about bounty hunting a serial
killer who once hid out in Newfoundland well known to the FBI, the
RCMP, the Newfoundland Constabulary and this court for well over a
year. I also truthfully told Judge Hanlon where Whitey Bulger was the
instant she asked me on Oct 1st. I believe Whitey Bulger is back in
the Boston area now because I made things to uncomfortable for his
friends in Newfoundland. Ask Howie Carr about his own reports. I
called your office Mr. Conley and registered my indignation the
instant Carr began reporting that Whitey Bulger wanted to give himself
up and wished the reward for his capture to go to a nephew. I also
declared in court on November 19th that if he does in fact give
himself I will demand the reward for all my efforts to force him to

I opted to deliver the enclosed motions on the last day allowed
instead of mailing them just in case something further develops in the
Maritimes. The timing is critical. My support of Byron Prior's pursuit
of justice takes precedence. I was compelled to rewrite some of this
stuff including this letter to aid his efforts. The unpunished sexual
abuse of his family, the long gone fish around the Ocean Ranger and
the dead men on board who died because of the endless greed of the
Haliburton crowd is far more important than defending my own freedom
from unfounded desperate accusations of Troccoli and Shulman. Call me
crazy but I am not afraid of Whitey Bulger and his wee little brother,
Willy. The bounty hunting is not just for fun. It is a serious effort
to expose corruption.

When I get back from my travels I will sue the three stooges
again and a host other Yankees in federal courts for personal injury
if only for my malicious imprisonment based on your false allegations
and criminal actions in support of Troccoli and Shulman. I would not
have had to go to such great lengths to defend myself if just a few
people within law enforcement had acted within the scope of their
employment a long time ago.

If you wish to respond to me before Jan 21st, put it in writing
as I have to you. I said in court on Nov 19th that you could forget
trying to talk to me and I mean it. From my point of view and knowing
what I am up next and by the way you fellas have played your games
against me, I would have to say you have just enough time to chastise
a few of your assistants for their incompetence and malice. Then
perhaps some people would believe in your sense of integrity if you
stepped down from your positions because of your own ignorance and
failure to up hold the law. Both of you should also be aware that you
can't fool me because I am too stupid. I made everybody aware on Nov
19th that I knew of Commonwealth v. Clerk-Magistrate of the West
Roxbury Division of the District Court 439 Mass. 352(2003). What it
will take to appease me now, is absolute honesty and a heartfelt
apology. That said, I know I am a dreamer but at least I am a better
man that either of you two dudes. Right now some fancy lawyers working
for Crosbie's law firm of Patterson Palmer are attempting to pull a
fast one on a friend. Too bad for them that I expected it and am
prepared to pounce in his defense. If I do not manage to do what I am
attempting to do I will at least die trying. Newfoundland can be a
very deadly place for an unwanted mainlander. If I die my blood will
be on your hands. My ghost may be very vindictive upon your
pocketbook, reputation and freedom. This letter was addressed to you
but you can see it was written to put one over the bow of many bad
acting Maritimers who do not want me to come home. It was emailed to
many Canadians before leaving for court to give the hard copy to you.
The email supports the motions' existence so they do not disappear
from the public record.

If any of the people who receive a copy of this letter find it
offensive, please call the cops or sue me, the sooner the better for
all. I must clearly state that I am of no physical threat to anyone
with the sole exception of Whitey Bulger. However if we cross paths, I
will do my best to keep him breathing. His words are worth more to me
than his nasty Irish ass. President Bush starts his second term the
day before I am ordered to appear in court. I have never threatened
that man in anyway. I will be complaining of him and his lawyer pals
Kerry, Gonzales, Ashcroft and many others in civil lawsuits. If you
think I am a troublemaker check his work and mine. Never mind my
diction, grammar or manners. Earn your paycheck from the people in an
ethical fashion and simply do your job rather than what may be
politically correct for your Master of War. Proper use of the material
I already provided to you would impeach that bastard in a heartbeat.

Cya'll in Court:)

David R. Amos

153 Alvin Ave.

Milton, MA 02186

Methinks I have waited long enough for the Minister of Justice, the
Minister of Public Safety and the Arar Commission to get off their fat
arses don't you? The Governor General and two of her Lieutenants said
I gave the evidence to the proper law enforcement authorities and yet
they allow me to go to jail and then send the Canadian Consulate in to
tease me? What say you is it time to sue the Queen, Count Peter-Hans
Kolvenbach and George W. Bush in the USA and mention all the rest of
servants. Now there would a very interesting set of three stooges for
a court jester to crack some jokes with.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
To: Stéphanie Forest
Cc: ; ; ; ;
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2005 3:10 PM
Subject: RE: Stephen J. Toope and his Bullshit

Stéphanie I had already predicted Toope's response when he did
not call me back. Now I will approach the UN with my concerns with his
name mentioned and a printout of your email to me. Maybe that will
shake their tree.

Say hey to my friend Byron. By all reports the UN is already
aware of his concerns and thus far has done nothing. I expect no
better service but at least I will make them undeniably aware of my
concerns byway of Mr. Toope. The PDF file I downloaded from the UN
site that Toope works with does not say that I have to be still
amongst the missing.

Byron maybe you should considering sending this email to the UN.
We can come at them on two fronts with different issues then perhaps
they will pay better attention to both of us. I know they know of both
of us it is time they shit or get off the pot. I do not have to send
Toope hard copy of my stuff but you may wish to send him and his buddy
the top dog a CBC a couple of emails. Stéphanie just acknowledged
receiving my emails to Toope which cantained most of the stuff you
served in Newfoundland. The next time Mr. Toope is in New York
spouting off UN propoganda he can ask Martha Stewart or Frank
Quatronne's lawyers if such things as emails do not hold up in court
as irrefuttable evidence. From now on I will deal with Mr. Toope as
just another Canadian lawyer not intersted in upholding the law as his
oath demands in order that he may practice law for a fee.

Did you all at the Trudeau HQ really think that I did not do my
homework before I called your office? Everybody knows Trudeau was
educated by Jesuits. His ghost and the malevolent McLellan, Mulroney,
Martin, McKenna and legions of other lawyers report to Count
Peter-Peter Klovenbach not any Canadian taxpayer. Your organization
just helps hold up the mask of virtue over the evil face of a dead
politician who had betrayed the Canadian Public Trust long ago. Did he
not create Petro Canada that the Canadian Taxpayer funded to help
Halliburton locate all the energy reserves in the so called poor
defeatist Maritimes? Hasn't every politician following Trudeau sold
our interests cheaply to their Corporate buddies byway of NAFTA or
outright sale? The Protestants of the far Right under the direction of
big Daddy Bush, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney etc. just stabbed their
Catholic buddies in the back and are now wrenching the Black Pope's
control of the UN from him. If you doubt me ask the poor old Catholic
Mayor of New York who was knighted by our Queen. His former friends
used his partner the crooked ex cop's bad rep against him. Rudy got
the same letter I sent Mulroney last year. See if the Arar Commission
will show you my stuff if he won't talk about it. I will be daring
Toope to call me a liar so he had best check my work within the emails
I sent.

If the Bastards in the USA are successful at making me dissappear
for good ar in my case bad good luck with your conscience Ms.
Stéphanie Forest. I am battling to protect your rights and interests
as I defend my dumb ass from the corrupt system that you and your
friend, Stephen J. Toope support for your own personal gain. All I
want to know from you is a few of your opinions. I know you are not a
lawyer and are quite likely the nice lady that I talked to the other
day. I could tell that you did not think I was a liar and that you
truly thought Toope ethical. You must have felt something as you wrote
this email to me. Since you obviously read my stuff because it was
sent to you why do you not stand with me? What I sent you proved what
I say is true. Do you still think toope is ethical or just another
lawyer? Since you wrote it and sent it in your name I must shame you
if only to protect my children and their interests. If the DHS had
tried to take your father away to Cuba in order to protect Cardinal
Law and his friends from a justifiable lawsuit wouldn't you be angry?
Does Toope think he can duck my issues just because I fared better
than Mr. Arar? Must I disappear or die before the offense to a fellow
Canadian's civil and human rights become of interest to a Canadian
lawyer sent to the UN to have and opinion about such things? Are we
now on the same planet and the same page? I was polite and nice to you
the other day as you were to me. Now I am really pissed off. Why
aren't you after I just proved to you what I say is true? Your only
excuse to me is that I am not gone? I say Bullshit. What say you? If
you find this line of questions offensive, sue me and send your Boss
Toope to argue with me. I will gladly do so in the proper jurisdiction
and venue outside of the digital world. Otherwise just run home to
your daddy and whine to him that a dumb Maritimer just shamed you and
your boss Toope.

I truly think this is an excellent effort from the private sector
to foster a fruitful dialogue between him and scholars that will help
to promote a public discussion on issues of major societal importance
to Canada and the world. (I read a lot and plagarize only a little
when I want to employ other people's words against them) The dude I
want to argue the most within your organization is Roy Heenan the
chair of your board of Directors. He was appointed a Director of the
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in July 1995. CBC has been ignoring
my concerns for years. But it does have and mandate to allow all
people running for Parliament the right to be heard on the airwaves
they have a license to use. Check my work within the emails I served
the CBC lawyers in hand byway of their local office in Saint John well
before the election was over. My best advice to the old lawyer Roy
Heenan who is Chairman and founding partner of the Canadian law firm
of Heenan Blaikie LLP with offices in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa,
Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Calgary, Vancouver and
Kelowna that really should sit up and pay attention. I do not have to
send my stuff to one of his offices before I sue CBC, his law firm and
him personaly. Ask your buddy Jean Chretian to see what he received at
his law office just before I went to jail in the USA. My notice to
the Trudeau crowd is just a warning shot over his bow to tell him a
proud Maritimer will be coming his way soon and will be seeking a
great deal of relief in the form of punitive damages. Perhaps you
should forward this email and my other emails to him Stéphanie as you
can see I sent him this one. I don't think he has decent help at CBC.
Susan Lambert and Sophia Harris certainly dropped the ball. I know for
a fact their umbudsman is as dumb as a post and Ian Hannamansing was
very stupid to doubt Byron Prior's sincerity. My father and his were
good friends I remember him as a little kid in Dorchester NB and he
did get his start in his loud mouth carreer at a Radio Station my ex
wife once worked at. If Heenan does not think I can embarrass the CBC
in a New York minute send young Ian to Boston to debate me about
crooked justice systems in two countries. Better yet send him to
report my words during my pending Criminal Trial in Boston.

Since Heenan was also named an Officer of the Order of Canada. I
have no doubt that he knows the child molester, T. Alex Hickman quite
well. So I think my friend Byron may like to have a long talk with him
as well as have another little talk with young Ian but this time CBC
should record his words and image. Obviously Ian beleived him or he
would not have been edited out of the CBC program held at the Mason's
Lodge in Newfoundland. Hell everybody already knows how a bunch of
nasty priests of the Catholic faith broke Newfoundland's heart years
ago. Ian just didn't want fellow canadians that lawyers could be every
bit as bad because he likes to brag that he went to law school.
However methinks he was never called to the bar. Could it be because
he is just another dumb pretty face?

By the way, do ya wanna bet whether or not Obama stands with the
other black folks today in the USA? To me today's smoke and mirror
show is just another fine example that greed does not base itself in
any religion race or creed. We are all very selfish animals and
precious few of us are concerned about the world we leave our seed. As
long as we can spend our time fat, dumb and happy. I speak plain and
directly. Mr. Toope has some lady speak for him? What a chickenshit.
Please tell him I said so. Will ya?

P.S. Byron when I first saw this lady's name I immediately thought of
the La Forest dude from UNB and saw red but I do not think they are
related. Read the following article and I am sure you will understand.
I have called that La forest character a long time ago and his buddy
who answered the phone in his UNB office tried to toy with me but it
backfired on him bigtime. I was long figuring out that that fella acts
as an intervener in matters for the NB Attorney General. I have been
appraoching the UN myself and have been going nowhere with it, so I
thought I would take some of my troubles back up home for a bit. You
can see how quickly Mr. Toope snubbed me. I am just hoping Frank
McKenna comes my way to promote the interests of the Carlisle Group
with his Bush buddies. Then he will have to answer me about the
Canadian Consulate's actions while I was in jail. It was really too
funny that Redstone the nsty bastard from Dedham Ma who graduated from
Harvard Law with my wifes evil Counsin Chucky Kickham appointed one of
the crooked lawyer on the Judicial Commision that I had sued to me his
companiys ethical advisor and then went off to party in china with the
other CEO's and Mulroney and back Bush while his boy Dan Rather was
being crucified in the USA. It should be quite a hoedown in Washington
for Maritmers to watch. Me and that pig farmer McKenna that went far
after he grew up just down the road from me going at it should make
you laugh. Trust me he is just as dumb as Bernard Lord. We all know
why they go fishing and golfing with them and then invite them to
Bilderberger meetings. It has nothing to do with smarts and everything
to do with the energy reserves of the Maritimes. Remember my letter to
McKenna last year about dogs that the Attorney General Brad Green
answered? Mr. Toope is likely reading it right now. If that stuffed
shirt had been sent to a downtown Boston Physc Ward without being
arrested or any bail to have his head examined, I doubt he would have
survived with his sanity intact and if he did he would still be
shitting his pants and screaming for help from his lawyer buddys:) I
must be crazy after all because I am still having fun. As Crazy Horse
would say Hoka Hey but Mr. Toope better start praying to his god that
I don't die because I don't give a damn and that scares the hell out
of even the Black Pope.

Hearings in the second phase of the Arbitration Tribunal established
to settle the offshore area dispute between Nova Scotia and
Newfoundland and Labrador were held Nov. 19-28 in the Wu Conference on
the UNBF campus.

UNB alumni have been involved with the high profile Tribunal, which is
being held to determine how the line will be drawn dividing the
coveted offshore exploration areas for petroleum products.

The chair of the tribunal, at centre, is former Supreme Court of
Canada Justice Gerard V. La Forest (BCL'49, DCL'85), who is
Distinguished Legal Scholar in Residence at UNBF. With him, from left,
are Tribunal registrar Heather Hobart (LLB'86) of the law firm of
Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales, Fredericton; arbiter Leonard
Legault, QC, former chair of the International Joint Commission,
Ottawa; arbiter James Richard Crawford of Cambridge University,
England; and technical expert David Gray of Fisheries and Oceans
Canada, Ottawa.

Stéphanie Forest <> wrote:

Mr. Toope informs me that the UN Committee on which he sits can deal
only with cases of disappearance – where the person in question has
been seized by security forces of a state and has simply disappeared.
This is clearly not your situation.

Best wishes for the New Year.


Stéphanie Forest
Adjointe administrative / Administrative Assistant
Fondation Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation
1514, avenue Docteur-Penfield, 2e étage
Montréal, Québec H3G 1B9 Canada / /

From: "David Amos"
Subject: Your words and now mine
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 22:35:00 -0400


As I watch you fellas play your wicked game, it seems that
you forgot the the wild card that is in the game as well. The joker or
the self proclaimed court jester that is me. Or didn't anyone tell you
this morning that I got out of jail last night and escaped Ashcroft's
clutches once again for a little while at least? I bet you do know now
because Rob Moore must be screaming for help like a little stuck pig
by now.

You Bloomberg dudes ain't fooling me because I am too stupid.
Plus there fact that I sent Bloomberg the same letter I sent Mulroney
a long long time ago and little while before that I had talked
personally to his reporter in the White House. I am certain he knew of
that conversation. I will wager I am having more fun than you guys are
right now. I will leave you all to wonder who gets this email next.
Tommorrow we shall see if he has enough sand to make history or if he
made a deal with you devils.

Some honest folks are having a pretty good laugh right now at
your expense. I certainly hope the rest of Canada joins in on the
chuckle. APEX in Ottawa and Accenture/McGraw Hill in New York are
about to make their big plans for our future while I ran around
chucking wrenches in the works. Trust me this is fun.

Tomorrow is another day and I would not want to spoil the show.
If the Yankee bastards come get me tonight, methinks they will be to
late to stop the circus. Rest assured I will die smiling because I
know what I did today and they don't. No matter what they choose to do
to me I cannot undo what I have already done. What a difference a day
makes eh?

Oct. 6 (Bloomberg) -- "Canada's biggest opposition party said it would
support Prime Minister Paul Martin's legislative agenda as long as he
adds five pledges, including a commitment to lower taxes on poor
families and to hold a parliamentary vote on whether Canada joins the
U.S. missile defense program.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, 45, made his demands in an
amendment to yesterday's Throne Speech, which laid out the
government's program. The speech is considered a ``confidence''
matter, meaning the government will fall should the majority of
members of Parliament vote against it. Tony Valeri, the Liberal
minister in charge of organizing the legislative schedule, said he
needed more time to decide whether the government could agree to the
changes. Any votes on amendments to the Throne Speech will be votes of
confidence, Valeri said. One may take place tomorrow, he said.

`Big Problem'

``Anything that changes the intent of the government is obviously
something that we have a big problem with,'' Valeri told reporters in
Ottawa. ``There's a lot to look at, a lot to consider.''

Jack Layton, leader of the New Democrats, indicated that he would back
the Liberals.

``We will not play chicken with an opportunity to make positive
change,'' Layton said in the House of Commons. "

To contact the reporter on this story:
Kevin Carmichael in Ottawa

Hey Chantal

OTTAWA—With yesterday's Speech from the Throne, Prime Minister Paul
Martin is daring the federalist opposition leaders — in particular
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper — to align themselves with the
sovereignist Bloc Québécois to defeat his minority government.

He may yet see that happen.

At best, the speech amounts to a high-risk attempt to tilt the balance
in the House of Commons in favour of the Liberals by polarizing it
along federalist/sovereignist lines.

At worst, it is the clumsy product of a governing party that is
willing to break at the first opportunity rather than bend to the
realities of minority rule.

What it is not is the work of a government that has broken a sweat
searching for ways to make do in uncertain circumstances.

For the most striking feature of Martin's second Speech from the
Throne is that it is so much like the first one.

Poring over its 15 pages, one is at a loss to find signs that its
authors drafted it with a serious thought to its changed circumstances
and the election-imposed necessity to reach out to the opposition to

Yo, Adrienne

Yesterday while my wife and friends from Canada were busy
with their last dimes bailing me out of a Boston jail that the fat
dumb and happy old lawyer Ronald A. Irwin didn't care that I was in,
you were busy making your big speech and bragging of preparing for
another fancy world tour at Canadian expense. When I read your speech
today, I saw red. I expected the political double talk kissing
Martin's ass simply because he has covered your butt with respect to
all the money you squandered. However stealing a little glory from the
veterans of past wars was to much for me to stand. You really pissed
me off and I must register my indignation now.

In your speech you paid homage to dead men from World War II that
I was named after and talked of visiting Saint John NB amongst other
places. Perhaps you should have stopped at the Veteran's hospital in
Saint John and talked to one of the last surviving 48th Highlanders
that went up through Africa and Italy. His name is ol Tom. He has been
through hell and back many times and still retains a remarkable Joie
de Vivre. He is one of my best friends in life and it was his kilt
that I wore while campaigning for Parliament. I was also wearing it as
I went off to jail as well back out again.

I am sure Tom would have loved meeting you and telling you a few
horror stories about the war and about the great times that we have
shared together as friends. He is thirty years my senior but he has
long recognized the attibutes within me that would befit a proper lady
from hell. Ask Mr. Irwin's help about a proud man they met yesterday
within the living hell of a Beantown jail. Ol Tom, my father and many
other good men taught me to never surrender, never take prisoners,
maintain your pride and ethics and never stop enjoying whatever life
may throw at you. Ol Tom, my father and all the others saw too many
friends that never had a chance to enjoy the sort of life that I have
lived. I thank Ol Tom for his friendship and support he is my only
friend of the old school of decnt men that I have known who is still
alive. It is now my turn to make their lessons and memory live on.
Rest assured Tom will receive a copy of this letter.

(: I hope to see you once again real soon Corporal Hee Haw. You
know I just gotta jerk your chain to hear the old dog growl. Me old
Yamaha is waiting for you to ride. I will ride along with
Superfarmer's old Kawi. To hell with the Harleys they are too
expensive and slow for the pace. Our old bikes have been stress tested
for over the 25 years why quit riding them now? Beside we are all as
poor as church mice these days we might as well enjoy the day with
what we already have. Say hey to Dave for me as he reads you this
letter and give him a kiss for me until payday :) This note is no joke
I have more respect for Ol Tom than a million politicians. If there is
anyone that I wish to be remembered byway of this email, it is him. I
simply don't give a damn if anyone else reads it but I know many will
very very soon. You can take that to the World Trade Bank.

It was no accident that I put my name on the ballot in Fundy on
June 7th. That was the day my mother's favorite brother died in
Normandy. She honoured me with his name, Raymond. My father, who was
the sole survivor of a plane crash during the war honoured me with the
name of his friend. David who went on to be awarded the Victoria Cross
for his bravery. Obviously I put my full name on the ballot not only
to honour both my mother and my father but to most importantly of all
to honour the men like ol Tom still living who sacrificed so much in
order for me to be allowed to speak up and defend the rights that so
many people like him have fought to defend.

After all the prior contact with you and your office, you chose
to defend the likes of Paul Martin and his many cohorts and head out
to party some more? Shame on you. The following are your words and the
following emails are my words and proof that I am making my best
effort to properly shame you in an ethical fashion. If for no other
reason someone must bear witness for the living and the dead so that
their sacrifices were not in vain.

It is now the end of the first day of Parliament and it appears
that my former political opponent Rob Moore, who is appropriately
named as well is apparently struck dumb by my contacts with him and I
have not heard from anyone that was willing to act honourably and call
for a confidence vote. Methinks I will chastise the NDP first because
they are the biggest disappointment to me. As you can see I have
already begun. I had high hopes for them because their party contained
the least amount of lawyers.

Adrienne, why you would choose to continue to honour the likes of
T. Alex Hickman is way beyond Byron Prior's understanding and mine as
well. Rest assured that we are cut from the same cloth as our
forefathers who fought to defend our Queen. We will speak for the
rights they gave us. The same ones that you and all those in public
service deliberately deny us. What say you now oh ye fine and fancy

Adrienne's (Martin's) words

"I congratulate both the returning members of Parliament, as well
as the more than one hundred who are newly elected, as you take up
your duties in the House of Commons for this Thirty-Eighth Parliament
of Canada.

This year, Canadians commemorated the 60th anniversary of D-Day
and the landing of allied forces in Europe—an event that spelled the
beginning of the end of the Second World War. Canadian soldiers,
sailors and aircrews fought with dogged bravery and were ultimately
victorious on Juno Beach that day.

Shortly, I will be going to Italy to commemorate the significant
campaign in which six thousand Canadians sacrificed their lives. To
me, personally, these commemorations are a symbol of our eternal
gratitude and an affirmation that we have not forgotten.

On these occasions, we are reminded of the huge debt we owe to
those in uniform who have served this country—then and today. Our
veterans connect generations and Canadians. As a country and as
individuals, we gain in pride and in purpose from their deeds and
their service.

I recently concluded extended visits to six cities of varying
size—Saint John, Quebec City, Toronto, Saskatoon, Calgary and
Vancouver. In them, I found remarkable, innovative projects for social
renewal and individual commitment. They express the confidence and
love that we all hold for this country. This is the spirit of Canada I
see as Governor General."

And now mine

----- Original Message -----

From: David Amos
Cc: ; moto maniac ;
Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 7:58 AM
Subject: Remember me Rob?

Methinks it is time to sue you too.What say you?
By the way do you know the name of the RCMP officer that I was
talking to on June 19th about you and Mr. Harper as he guarded you
folks while you and Elsie had some Ice Cream and Harper smoozed the
crowd? I have enclosed a photo to refresh your memory.
On that day in front of many witnesses, I told you I would sue you
if you did not uphold the Public Trust. You told me you were too busy
playing politics but for me to keep up the good work.How am I doing?
It has been almost five months since you and I first talked. You
have done nothing to uphold the law as a lawyer and an officer of the
court. Lawyer prepare to defend thyself in civil lawsuits. Say hey to
Arthur Hamiton for me will ya?
Cya'll in Court:)
David R. Amos

P.S. Byron Prior and I both think today is a Good Day to inspire a
confidence vote in Parliament since the Governor General didn't bother
to to do the right thing yesterday. She can never say she didn't know
the truth. I have answers from her and two of her Lt. Govs.
Lets see if a few emails from Byron and I can shake some trees and
cause the rotting liberal minority to fall.

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From: David Amos
Sent: Thursday, May 27, 2004 10:50 AM
Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
; ; ;
; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Wayne, Elsie - M.P. ; ; ; ; ; ;

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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To: Connie Fogal
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; ; ;
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; ; ;
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; ; ;
; ;
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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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Sent: Monday, May 24, 2004 1:30 PM
Subject: Fw: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

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From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, May 24, 2004 1:15 PM
Subject: Here is some proof that Harper knows I coming home

Just so ya know David I am forwarding these emails to other
politicians as well. But I didn't bother to call them because they
are lawyers as well. Therefore I see no need to explain my actions to
them. Plus the smart one's have a bad habit of trying to ignore me
anyway. It appears that standard operating procedure for them is to
ignore. delay, deny and then try to settle. They are confused by
someone that wants to argue law rather than go away with the gold.
What should be interesting to both of us is whether or not they have a
sudden fit of ethical behavior after they discover that an honest
western farmer and wild but ethical maritime biker have been talking
about them. Please notice that I am more than willing to help such a
man as Byron Prior anyway I can. I just wish there were more men like
him on this planet. Trust me the US Attorney backtracking in the
Martha Stewart matter and prosecuting a Secret Service Agent is too
funny to relate in this email.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2004 5:55 PM

Methinks you and I should have a long talk very soon about
Maritimers and Solicitor Generals. Call Anne McLellan or Wayne Easter
and mention my name if you haven't heard of it by now. Trust that no
lawyer uphome will welcome my letters. They hate it when they are
compelled to uphold the law and the Public Trust particularly at
election time.
David R. Amos

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2004 5:03 PM
Subject: You, the Harvard Crowd and I

We are going to have lots to argue about very soon. But like any true
Maritimer we should first discuss why the Fishing ain't worth a good

March 18, 2004
Ottawa, Ontario
Prime Minister Paul Martin announced today the renewed mandate of the
Task Force on Seasonal Work. The Task Force will evaluate the
challenges born by seasonal industries while looking into the needs of
workers and communities that depend on them and provide advice on
areas for possible action in the future.

"This government places great importance on hearing from those lives
that are directly impacted by our policies, including our seasonal
workers. Our Caucus has been extremely active in making the sector's
opinions known, and will continue to play an important role in further
examining those views," said Prime Minister Paul Martin.

"We are facing particularly challenging times in one of our economy's
strongest sectors and I look forward to working in collaboration with
Parliamentarians and all Canadians to find solutions."

The Task Force will examine;

the specific needs of seasonal industries and workers in the area of
skills development, life-long learning, and literacy;

ways to promote greater economic diversity and stronger local
economies, particularly in rural and remote communities across Canada;

the support required to help seasonal work dependent communities to
adapt to seize opportunities provided by the new knowledge-based
global economy;

ways of lowering barriers to regional and interprovincial labour mobility;

how to align income support programs such as Employment Insurance and
Provincial Social Assistance Programs to improve income support, while
also promoting full, year-round participation in the labour force;

ways of addressing the challenges and opportunities offered by
temporary foreign workers;

the potential role for government in encouraging new approaches to
community development, i.e. the `social economy` ;

an assessment of the opportunities and challenges specific to seasonal
economies in promoting the safeguard of our natural environment;

The Task Force will deliver its report to the Prime Minister by November 2004.

Members of the Prime Minister`s Task Force on Seasonal Work include;

Chair: Brent St. Denis, MP (Algoma-Manitoulin)
Vice-Chair: The Honourable Pierrette Ringuette, Senator (New Brunswick)
Members: The Honourable Libby Hubley, Senator (Prince Edward Island)
The Honourable Lorna Milne, Senator (Ontario)
Dominic Leblanc, MP (Beauséjour-Petitcodiac)
Jeannot Castonguay, MP (Madawaska-Restigouche)
Rick Laliberte, MP (Churchill River)
Georges Farrah, MP (Bonaventure-Gaspé-Îles-de-la-Madeleine-Pabok)
Nancy Karetak-Lindell, MP (Nunavut)
Dominic LeBlanc was elected to the House of Commons in November
2000. Since then he has served on the Special Committee on Non-Medical
Use of Drugs, and the Standing Committees on Fisheries and Oceans,
Transport and Government Operations, National Defence and Veterans
Affairs, and Public Accounts. He has also served as Parliamentary
Secretary to the Minister of National Defence and was Chair of the
Atlantic Caucus.

Mr. LeBlanc received a B.A. in political science from the
University of Toronto (Trinity College), his Bachelor of Laws from the
University of New Brunswick, and then attended Harvard Law School,
where he obtained his Masters of Law. Academic successes include the
Dean's List at the University of New Brunswick's Faculty of Law, a
scholarship from the New Brunswick Branch of the Canadian Bar
Association, and the Graduating Average Prize from Trinity College at
the University of Toronto.

Prior to his election to the House of Commons, Mr. LeBlanc was a
barrister and solicitor with Clark Drummie in Shediac and Moncton.
From 1993-1996, Mr. LeBlanc was a Special Advisor to the Prime
Minister of Canada.

Mr. LeBlanc is married to Jolène Richard, a Moncton lawyer. They
have one son, Selby.

----- Original Message -----
From: Byron Prior
To: David Amos
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2004 1:26 PM
Subject: Re: Hmmm!!!Byron

What a strange message.Talk about talking & not saying anything.This is a
second person from the one who sends me caring & understanding E-mails, as
usual I'm confused, do you understand what happened.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
To: Byron Prior
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2004 12:45 PM
Subject: Fw: Hmmm!!!

----- Original Message -----
To: David Amos
Sent: Friday, May 14, 2004 5:42 PM
Subject: Hmmm!!!

Oh ya, Arthur at radicalpress thinks I'm ok. I think I am, too.
Sh*t disturber, alternative journalist, poverty advocate,
hind-legs injustice fighter, little old lady with a sting.

A lot of stuff there and very fragmented as to information value.
Boggling, even. I'm English and wrestling with what's going on
in all 3 countries. Which is of course all the same sh*t with a
different face.

Did I get it right, you are a lawyer, based in Minnesota? What
were you doing in NFld?

Notice that Kenneth Lay has disappeared inviolate from the news
of Enron Scandals. Note that Accenture is slated to take over
managemet of welfare in BC. Shades of W2 in Wisconsin.
Smoke & mirrors.

Fogal? Oh yes, concerned along with Hellyer about the
disappearance of Canada's "sovereignty" (buzzword) but
they don't care about less-than-middle-class people. I didn't
realise that Fogal was a lawyer, though. Figures.

Credit cards? I wouldn't touch one with a bargepole.

Tell me more. Got a website?


----- Original Message -----
From: Mary-Sue Haliburton
To: David Amos
Cc: Connie Fogal
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2004 1:02 PM
Subject: Re: The following I think are your words long ago

On 17-May-04, at 10:47, David Amos wrote:

Thanks for your response. Your words are of no surprise to me. I
will simply show yours and mine to my fellow Maritimers and let them
judge us. I do seek their vote.

Indeed let Maritimers be the judge for themselves! But unless you show
them both my whole statement as well as your whole statement, not just
your out-of-context selections from what I said, they will be not be
judging for themselves, but will have only your opinions to assess,
not mine.

Having Maritime roots myself, I know that the region abounds with
intelligent, fair-minded, caring people. BTW, Stan Rogers was also
from Ontario, though he sounded as if his familial roots in the
eastern seacoast was his actual whole life. Did you know that he was
one of us "upper Canadians" himself?

Whereas upper Canadians usually ignore us until it comes time to ask
for our vote, your words should prove valuable to me. You proved my
point for me about your party and you. .

While you are at it, you will undoubtedly "forget" to mention that I
and my siblings gave a substantial endowment in memory of our late
father to his Alma Mater, University of New Brunswick. The William
Haliburton Memorial Scholarship was as of last check the largest award
they offer, and will help annually help two meritorious students
complete their training in forestry. Is that the act of a
much-maligned "upper canadian" alleged to despise the eastern

If you omit this fact -- which can be easily confirmed by contacting
UNB in Fredericton -- then you are not as good a representative of
Maritimers as you claim to be, and we can quite easily challenge your
views of us. Indeed Maritimers be the judge, based on the whole truth.

"Either you are well funded and have a good researcher working for
you, or you're a cultural pack rat who habitually saves emails about
all kinds of topics for no apparent reason. "

It's just odd that you would have retained emails -- from a decade ago
which would have had to be carried forward all from an older computer
-- and cross-referenced by author as well as title. Or else you
expended a lot of effort to dig up something you could use as dirt,
regardless of how or whether I replied.

BTW, it was clear when he said in an interview, "I worship competence"
in any field, that the late, great Stan Rogers valued the exercise in
skill that he manifested in songwriting. No one who puts great effort
into something despises appreciation of that skill. Therefore,
recognizing the structure, word choice, and poetic quality of Stan's
work only strengthens our love of the wonderful legacy he left us
celebrating Canada and working Canadians from coast to coast.

May the most truthful candidate win.

Mary-Sue Haliburton

----- Original Message -----
From: Mary-Sue Haliburton
To: David Amos
Cc: Connie Fogal
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2004 10:28 AM
Subject: Re: The following I think are your words long ago

To see this Stan Rogers comment dredged up is a surprise since it was
years ago that I wrote those comments. Either you are well funded and
have a good researcher working for you, or you're a cultural pack rat
who habitually saves emails about all kinds of topics for no apparent

On 14-May-04, at 13:09, David Amos wrote:

Hey Lady
I sent this email to you because I just received another email
from your party that contains your words as well. As you run for the
Action Party and I run alone you should always understand that I seek
friends not foes and that I do appreciate women.

Addressing me as "hey lady" is a funny way of showing it...

I agree with your Party platform however not with some of its people.
Being the uneducated but argumentitive Maritimer that I am, I have a
different take on Stan's songs as well. I think it is about Stan's
life not his work. I don't think he put hidden meanings in his work.
Although he did have some fun playing with words, I believe that he
always ment exactly what he said with no hidden agenda. I can't say
the same for your Party. It appears to be selling something about its
distain of money. It laments about lack of funding from the very purse
it finds offensive.

It's a bit hard to make sense of a paragraph that starts out "I agree
with" then reverses itself. We don't hate money and we don't hate free
enterprise. We're against the massive ripoff of taxpayers' money given
away hand over fist to foreign banks and investors, which began in
earnest in 1974. I think you have failed to understand that this is
about Canadian sovereignty, something which I believe Stan would have
wanted to defend.

It reminds me of a rebelious teenager demanding his allowance from a
malicious stepfather. To hell with him and stick to the advice of your
forefathers. Speak you own mind using your own resources and you will
owe no one nothing in the form of lucre.

I certainly agree on that. This election will cost me quite a bit.

If enough people agree with your standing, then you must repay them
with faithful service and then you will have earned your allowance.
Any person's vote should not be considered in monetary terms and by
your party in particular.

It's not us that made up that rule; it came from the government that
each vote will result in a tiny party contribution. Since so many have
felt that votes were wasted, I was merely suggesting that in this
election, they have been assigned a dollar value! Personally I think
that's weird, but that's the rule the Liberals came up with.

I see no need to get High Brow about Stan's songs as one looks
into his fine art of creative writing.

To each his own. I appreciate songwriting by taking the words
seriously; others just want to emote about them. We both respect Stan
in our own way.

He was just saying what he thought and felt. By putting it into words
and tunes that he hoped would cause others to take the time to listen
to, it satisfied his personal pursuit of happiness in making a living
doing something he loved to do. He was a simple, sincere and serious
man who wore his heart on his sleeve for all the world to see. In his
all too short life he was a success and even more so after his demise.
Too many great artists have suffered from the same plight simply
because the money people don't think some artists are marketable until
it is too late to do them any good. Stan was not like the smiling
bastards that we all know run the show in Ottawa and everywhere else.
Stan knew a fine way to sing of the sad and simple truth in a way we
loved to hear. If he had asked it of me, I would have voted for him to
speak for me on any day in any way because of the man he was. No
amount of false advertising can change the look in a man's eye. Take a
hard look at both the senior and junior George Bush dudes then I
challenge you to disagree with me and my son.

No argument there.

Men I respect know me at a glance. They always say Good Day and
there is seldom need to say much more. It has to do with wavelength
rather than lenghty words. The beast in us all understands that simple
statement. The others can just stay out of my way because I consider
that listening to them would be just a waste of my precious precious
time. I have never been a lady's man and I always have trouble with
even the one's I respect understanding my motives.

This is another contradiction to your alleged "respect for women".

That said, I could only laugh when Connie Fogal expressed that she
thought I was a Fed. That lady/lawyer/politician will have lots to
review and rethink. I do not respect her because of her insult. I want
to argue with her because as a lawyer she must uphold the law. As a
leader of a political party she must prove she is worthy of the Public
Trust. What say you, Mary Sue?

I respect Connie for her commitment to take on this David vs. Goliath
struggle to save Canada. So far, all I see in you is someone who
contradicts himself a lot. I hope your down-to-earth types who don't
use many words know what your platform actually is by osmosis because
it's far from clear in this email.

Beyond this brief comment I don't care to enter into a lengthy debate
with you because you are not in this riding; I will have to focus
here, with my limited resources, if I expect to make myself heard over
the din at all.

Farewell. I wish I could say "may the best man win", but all too often
it's only the richest who wins by crooked means, a Stan-Rogers type


Subj: Re: Song of the Candle
Date: Mon, May 6, 1996 3:45 PM EDT
X-From: (Mary-Sue Haliburton)

Song of the Candle is very evocative of the struggle to concentrate on
creative writing. Everything is a distraction, even the cold coffee he drinks
to keep himself awake in order to write. "As empty as this page" is a cri de
coeur for having failed to write. I don't know but what that is the most
powerful statement about the real work involved in originality.

But of course the "I" in the song has created his own writer's block by
concentrating on and isolating himself. The words will come almost unbidden
as soon as you shift the focus and start doing something else. But in his
pride he wants to do it by sheer bull-headedness. The struggling writer is
fixated on images of candles burning down, like the candle he is burning at
both ends.

"Coffee houses bother me...". This verse expresses a lot of dissatisfaction
with a perceived insincerity in other people. Hello is not as sweet as
good-bye, as if they are glad to be rid of him and his brooding attitude. His
feeling that they only want his money as he gulps down coffee shows that he's
got a bad case of creative frustration.

"Is some happiness my right?" This is probably one of the most profound
questions we can all ask ourselves. Are we indeed entitled to happiness? It
is not one of the rights guaranteed under the Canadian constitution. Should
we pursue it? Even those who have it in their constitution should still take
a look at the question. Seek spiritual joy in the blessings of God, he is
told. But the priest finishes by telling him to go through rituals of prayer.
The author doesn't want to hear this at all. Light another candle? This time
doesn't smile before he walks away. To light a candle to pray seems as empty
a gesture to him as buying a candles from a vendor, especially an unformed
candle that never hardened properly in the mould. This is another powerful
image, and makes me think of his other song about being alone from birth. He
feels somehow like this unformed candle, unable to keep himself from the cold
by writing effectively.

And yet, and yet! Stan apparently did break through the creative barrier, if
one of his late-night wrestling sessions with his own inner self resulted not
only in this introspective and poetic song but also in the powerful and much
admired "North West Passage". Knowing this should make us value his
successfully-completed songs all the more.

I know there is so much more that could be said in appreciation of Stan's
tight and circular structure of this song with repeated variations and
echoes. But I will let others take a turn.

Mary-Sue in Ottawa

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Friday, May 14, 2004 10:22 AM
Subject: Thanks for the call Adam

Lets see how good of an investigative reporter you are. Here is your
clue. You really should have asked what was so funny about Richard
Egbert becoming involved with Finneran. Here is where to go to find
the answer. I didn't waste much time with you because I knew that your
paper won't print a thing. I am just proving one last time before I
leave Beantown and head for home that the Yankees knew the truth and
said nothing. In your defense though I must say that the politicians
and the newsmen are no better up there.

Here is a little proof that I am no liar.

----- Original Message -----
From: CAP Info
To: Mail List
Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 5:06 PM
Subject: [CAP] New Election Cash-Register (Real Beavers Fight Back)

Dear CAP Friends,

A super article from one of our to be candidates in Ottawa, Mary-Sue
Haliburton, follows.

Take note that we are now at 46 candidates! Not bad but we need
another 10 or so to feel comfortable for this election. (On the web
site you will notice that only 5 candidates are up so far. This is
because not all of the candidates have sent in their necessary
documentation. I hope I'll be able to post the rest of them soon to
justify a press release!)

Kevin Peck

News and Events May 9, 2004

Article: New Election Cash-Register (Real Beavers Fight Back)
Date: May 9, 2004
Location: Ottawa

From: Mary-Sue Haliburton, Ottawa West - Nepean

Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 22:03:05 -0400

Margaret Atwood challenged Canadians by saying that we were like the
mythical beaver which cuts off its own testicles and hands them over
to the predator in hopes of delaying execution. She was satirizing the
drive toward Deep Integration, Continentalism, and Assimilation into
the United States. However, our major political parties -- Liberals,
new Conservatives -- appear to be acting like this very unwise rodent
species. Such an animal would quickly become extinct, of course. And
Canadians who vote Liberal or Conservative in the next election are
acquiescing to our extinction as a nation.

However, Real Beavers are effective and dangerous. Industrious and
powerful, they fell trees, store food, build safe refuges, and raise
families. Far from surrendering to enemies, they kill them by
drowning. A dog or other predator that actually ventures into beaver
pond will not come out alive.

The Canadian Action Party calls upon citizens of Canada to be Real
Beavers in our concept of ourselves and in our political philosophy.
To ensure the survival of our country and its people we must adopt
effective means of building up Canadian sovereignty and ensuring our
survival as the world's trade and monetary systems totter under
overwhelming and intolerable Debt. Even the United States' economy,
now reeling and unable to pay trillions of dollars owed to private
banks, is in danger of a collapse more thorough, sudden, and shocking
than that of the Twin Towers.

Our platform includes:
1. Logical monetary policy to counteract the compounding interest of
the national debt. In 1998, the Auditor General cited 600 billion
owing in interest payments -- which is 600% to 700% more than the 87
billion in actual overspending. Since then, the Auditor General's
reports have excluded debt figures -- apparently to prevent national
panic -- or to prevent Canadians from being aware of the need for
change. Liberals and Conservatives alike would continue business as
usual until the bottom falls out, and millions lose livelihoods,
homes, and hope to service these interest charges. The Canadian Action
Party would reinstate borrowing interest-free from the Bank of Canada,
a practice that served us well between 1938 and 1974 when it was
stopped at the demand of private bank lobbyists.
2. Preservation of the logical lower-cost system of public education
and health insurance. The cost of health care is much lower in Canada
than the US due to our single-payer system of insurance; it could be
lower still if we institute 21st Century medicine, taking advantage of
new discoveries in physics and correcting the underlying causes of
disease rather than just controlling symptoms. Submitting to the
higher costs proven to occur in for-profit medicine and P3 hospitals
will only further raise the debt and prevent lower-income Canadians
from receiving any coverage. Allowing privatization of these vital
systems will further solidify governance by un-elected corporations,
instead of maintaining democracy.
3. Support for free enterprise including the development and marketing
of new inventions, with priority to those which reduce pollution, and
encouragement of entrepreneurship in small business. At present we
have a self-destroying monopolistic corporate system in which bigger
and bigger businesses actually shoot themselves and the economy in the
foot. By forcing down wages and exporting jobs to be done for
starvation wages, these giant corporations ultimately destroy the
consumer base. In the end, few people remain who can afford to buy
manufactured products. Under the corporate version of globalism, most
people are reduced to subsistence and even destitution. Therefore, if
you aspire to be more than a menial employee or to live in a home
instead of on the street, voting for the Liberals or Conservatives is
not an option. Both are committed to the corporate rule through
ideological privatization.
4. Rebuilding Canada's independent role on the international stage,
respecting the UN and international law. As a priority, we will oppose
the obsolete missile-defence system. The Liberal Minister of Defence
actually believes that an attacking enemy will limit its arsenal to
older technology that can be shot down by a missile! This is
illogical, short-sighted and self-emasculating-beaver thinking; any
hostile power will of course seek out the newest and/or stealthiest
approach that will accomplish their aims. As we learned on 9/11, more
damage can be done from within a nation's borders than from outside.
Further, missile defence is the first stage of the planned weapons in
space system, which will further destabilize the world and lead to a
more abusive empire than we have yet seen. Canada would be better
defended by helping to establish fair, balanced trade, and by seeking
ways to undo the damage and mistrust generated by these latest wars.
The days of "hold your nose and vote" are over! We must not fall again
into the trap of "strategic" voting against someone. This time, vote
with your heart and mind for what you truly believe in. Due to changes
in electoral law, this election will be different from all that went
before. This time, every vote cast rings a cash register and $1.75
will be contributed to the party chosen by that voter. That amount can
add up. Please don't throw your vote-change away into the coffers of a
party that does not value the survival of Canada or of Canadian social

Therefore please consider launching and/or supporting a candidacy for
the Canadian Action Party in your riding. This is not that big a deal:
you need 100 signatures and a refundable deposit.
(Contact the Kevin Peck, e:, p:
1-877-629-0841, for instructions or to obtain the candidates' package
of forms, etc.)

Mary-Sue Haliburton, Ottawa West - Nepean, e:

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2004 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Regarding your e-mail


Thanks for the e-mails. I will read them all and hear what you have to say.

All the best.


----- Original Message -----
From: INFO7,
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2004 10:28 AM
Subject: Request for Nomination Paper

Dear Mr. Amos,

We thank you for your telephone call of May 11, 2004.

Please find attached, as requested, a copy of the Nomination Paper.

Should you need additional information about the Canadian federal
electoral system, please contact us via our Web site
( or by calling our toll-free number 1 800 463-6868.
Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(Eastern time).

Yours truly,

Diane Guimond
Enquiries Officer


----- Original Message -----
From: Byron Prior
To: David Amos
Sent: Sunday, May 09, 2004 4:51 PM
Subject: Byron Prior Urgent info, David call me

David, this is how they railroad me to jail & try to shut me up. This
is my reply to this US investigator. Wendell, I no nothing about what
people or charges they are trying to lay aganist me. I know they will
do anything to distroy any creditability I have, I suspect while they
try to do that, they will distroy their own. If what they are doing
was legal & just, wouldn't you have the X-Chief Justice of The Supreme
Court give a DNA test,& if Hickman is innocent as they say, charge me
immediately & stop my search for JUSTICE. Yes they are trying to set
me up,I'm fighting top level corruption & Abuse, they will do anything
& everything to shut me up, after 40 years of telling the truth you
think I will stop.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
To: Connie Fogal
Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 10:27 AM
Subject: Re: Ignore these types Methinks you have a yo yo working for you.

Hey Connie
Now that's funny and just in time to insert into a letter going
out to Lou Reigel and David Price as I speak up against the
extradition of John Graham. I will enclose a copy of this email with
that correspondence and forward the same stuff to you so you can
prepare your argument against me. You just proved for me what I have
been suspecting about your Party and many others. Whereas you, as
lawyer and the leader of your party, have just insulted the type of
fella that hates lawyers in an effort to further your own agenda
against some people whom you deem to be of some import without regard
of the Public Trust or me, it appears you wish to litigate. Rest
assured I will accommodate you and stress test your ethics to the max.
You can only ignore me until you receive a summons. I will name you as
an individual and your Political Party as a whole in a complaint in a
Federal Court in the USA.

I don't know what lawyers swear to uphome when they are called
to the bar, but down here the Yankees swear to delay or deny no man
for lucre or malice. You just did both. Please never forget it was you
who contacted me and sang your lament for my support byway of Spamming
the Internet after you have chosen to ignore my concerns and
allegations in order support my adversaries and promote your own
interests. I only responded with the appropriate indignation. Now you
insinuate that I am a FED and tell others to ignore me? Lawyer prepare
to defend thyself. I will make you swear to tell the truth, the whole
truth and noting but the truth. You can ask for your god's help if you
wish as I lead you straight to the hell of the witness stand where
lawyers fear to tread.

Cya'll in Court:)

David R. Amos
----- Original Message -----
From: "Connie Fogal"
To: "David Amos"
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 4:51 PM
Subject: Ignore these types Methinks you have a yo yo working for you.

Kevin spend no more tome on these guys.

THE flack we are getting form some places is good because it means we
are bothering some people as being of
some import and influence that they do not want


----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 2:32 PM
Subject: Re Methinks you have a yo yo working for you.

For some reason I can receive his email but I can't respond Thus I
am trying to send it to you to see if you have me blocked as well.

Hey Kevin

If I had taken advice from the likes of you I wouldn't gotten as far
as I have. Who gives a shit if the books sells. All I care is that the
story is told. Much to your chagrin you are in it and not portrayed in
a good light. Please sue me if you hate the part you played. In fact I
double dog dare ya.


----- Original Message -----
From: CAP Info
To: David Amos
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 1:11 PM
Subject: Re: [CAP] Why CAP and Canada Needs You

Dear David,

Advise: For your first book you should really work through a
publisher. They will give good advise to help with the success of
your book.

When your first book is published, we would love to receive a copy.

Kevin Peck

David Amos wrote:


Let me see if I understand you. After you ignore me for six months and
I announce that I will be running against you as an independent
because although you talk the talk you don't walk the walk, you now
seen me an email whining about the fact that your party loses $1.75
for every person that votes for me and not your Party because too many
people have lost faith in you and you do not have enough people
running in your party name. Therefore you now want me to join you and
yet you have yet to ask me the first question about my concerns. It
appears to me by the gist of your letter that your only concern is
about money and that kinda goes against everything Paul Hellyer has
said in the past. So you can understand me. I will simply say that I
don't give a damn about the money and nor should you after all that
your Party has said over the years. I am running in order to speak my
mind of the truth. I don't care how many folks vote for me just as
long as the people I hold dear to me understand that I did my best,
said my piece and spoke the truth on their behalf. May I suggest that
the Action Party wait for my book. I will better explain my opinion of
it in it. I will give you a signed copy for free I will giving it to
the whole world for free byway of the internet anyway. I don't think
an honest man should make a business out of telling the truth. Too
many media types and newspapermen have proven to me that is no way to
go. Many folks lose their ethics and forget their original task once
money enters the picture.The Green Party wanted me to run for them if
I ran a criminal records check on myself first. I laughed because I am
the one trying to send most politicians to jail when I tried to give
them the proof they ran away. Ask Anne McLellan and Ralph Nader if you
don't believe me.

Better yet why not just read the text of one of my letters last month
and then a couple of more sent out yesterday try to find the ones I
sent out today.In closing I must say I do wish your Party luck in the
next Election as long anyone that is elected is not an incumbent. Tis
time for new blood or we will get the same old song and dance as they
pick our pockets. Why don't you forget about the money and just speak
your mind? Trust me, it is good for the soul but hell on the pocket
book. Ask me wife. She shook her head when I told them to shove $32
million up their ass and refused to oppose a motions to remove a
judgments of default. I want a jury to tell the truth before not a
quick settlement to bury it with. Come Hell or High water I will get
an audience and the last things you can call me is shy or a liar.
Watch out that I don't embarrass your Party just for shits and
giggles. It is one of those things nobody seems to appreciate about
me. Ask my Mama or the politician she likes why that is. (Elsie E.
Wayne MP for Saint John New Brunswick.) Ask Zed and the fella up the
road that just switched sides why they are nervous about my

April 1st, 2004

Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. Vice Chairman
Federal Reserve Board
20th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20551

RE; Corruption


Please find enclosed exact copies of all documents etc that I sent to
Solicitor General Ted Olson. The copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is
served upon you in confidence as an officer of the court in order that
it may be properly investigated. I have also included some other more
recent letters and responses for your review. The most interesting to
you should be my recent letter to Senator John Edwards and the
responses from the Solicitor General of Canada and the Special

As a well paid ($157,000) federal employee who happens to be a banker,
a lawyer and a father of two children, you of all people should
understand these documents and the reason I have contacted you. If you
have any doubts about my SEC allegations maybe you should seek Annette
L. Nazareth's counsel. If she does not know who I am then maybe she
should call Louis Randazzo, Francis Galvin or Elliot Spitzer or a host
of others. You should be able trust your wife's opinion as to whether
or not to call Jeffery Bloch and blow the whistle yourself before the
bell tolls on the time for every US Attorney in the country to provide
me with an answer that I am satisfied with.

Trust that I will be filing a complaint against the USA before I run
for Parliament in Canada and I will name you as a witness to my
allegations. Quite frankly, I am certain that you are already well
aware of my actions and me. I will wager that you know many people
that I have encountered very personally. Check the roster of names
within these documents and say hey to them for me will ya? Like most
lawyers they are trying hard to ignore me but know many realize that
the jig is up. All they can do now is sweat and pray that I ain't as
good a dancer. Whereas it is I that must pay the fiddler, I will pick
the tune, the ground to tap on and the people to perform for.

The simple fact that you received your education as a lawyer while
under the watch of my wife's evil cousin Chucky Kickham speaks volumes
to me. The fact that you are a member of the Board of Overseers of
Harvard University proves to me that you are either very dumb or very
evil. Whereas both you and your wife are bigtime Washington insiders I
know for certain that you know more about the corruption within the
Capital than I do. Rest assured that I will be asking you many
questions in the future and will welcome any argument from you.

Cya'll in CourtJ

David R. Amos

153 Alvin Ave.

Milton, MA. 02186

Attorney General M. Jane Brady May 4, 2004

820 N. French St.
Carvel State Building
Wilmington, DE 19801
RE: Corruption


Please find enclosed an exact copy of all materials sent to Roger W.
Ferguson Jr and letters sent to Brad Smith, Louis Freeh, Ellen Richey,
Caroline M. Gilroy-Brown, George C. Caner Jr., John H. Huffstutler,
Michael S. Helfer, Derek Bok, Randall D. Young, Tom Finneran's law
firm, John Keker and Robert Fiske. The copy of wiretap tape numbered
139 is served upon you in confidence as an officer of the court in
order that it may be properly investigated. Methinks that you should
ask many bankers many questions ASAP.

I saw that you recently welcomed CNBC's Business Center anchor, Ron
Insana, as the keynote speaker at the Investor Education seminar in
Wilmington. I doubt that you folks warned investors to be wary of
bankers. The State of Delaware has such laws on the books that it
promotes most bankers to funnel their credit card business through
your State byway of such a company as MBNA Corporation. This company
is watched over in legal matters by none other than Louis Freeh, the
former Director of the FBI. He was the one who failed to catch my
wife's Uncle Willy Kickham, an ex FBI agent, laundering money from
Merrill Lynch and other Bank trust accounts through an ATM and into
other banks.

I have the evidence and have proven the facts many times to many state
and federal agents and lawyers as well as the courts. Although
Attorney General Elliot Spitzer remains diligent in prosecuting banks
over lesser issues, he ignores my far greater concerns with the SEC
and the Secret Service about Bank Fraud issues within the Brookline

I am the man from Massachusetts that Senator Shelby from Alabama
mentioned last November who is calling everybody names and this is all
about Public Trust. I am the reason that the SEC settled with Putnam
Investments so quickly. It was to cover up much wrongful action by
many employees and politicians at state and federal level to assist
the crooked lawyer, Chucky Kickham, in his crimes against my Clan. If
you doubt me, call Philip Koski or Louis Randazo of the SEC and ask
them of my conversation with them. I wouldn't bother with Louis Freeh
everybody knows that they are grooming him to be the next Judge
Webster, the old bastard snoozing in the chair of the DHS. I am just
wondering who they will get to fill Michael E. Shaheen's boots. If
anyone were to ask me, I would have to say that H. Marshall Jarrett is
as dumb as a post and ain't got a prayer in following Shaheen's
tracks. Please study this stuff closely. I do not know if you have
enough time to respond to me in writing before I name you as a witness
to my sad complaint against the USA. This is no act. I must ask are
you a Patriot or a Pawn in upholding the Public Trust?

Cya'll in CourtJ

David R. Amos

153 Alvin Ave.

Milton, MA. 02186

May 3, 2004

Louis J. Freeh Donald G Kempf, Jr.

MBNA Morgan Stanley

1100 North King Street 1585 Broadway
Wilmington, DE 19884 New York, NY, 10036

William H McDavid Joan Guggenheimer
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co BANK ONE Card Services

270 Park Ave. 1 Bank One Plaza
New York, NY 10017 Chicago, IL 60670

RE: Corruption

Sirs and Madam,

Please find enclosed an copy of all materials sent to Roger W.
Ferguson Jr and letters sent to Brad Smith, Ellen Richey, Caroline M.
Gilroy-Brown, George C. Caner Jr., John H. Huffstutler, Michael S.
Helfer, Derek Bok, Tom Finneran's law firm, Mr. Mueller's former
partners, John Keker and Robert Fiske. The copy of wiretap tape
numbered 139 is served upon you in confidence as officers of the court
in order that it may be properly investigated.

As you can see byway of the enclosed documents my wife and I have been
trying diligently for years to make lawyers act ethically. As I told
Caroline M. Gilroy-Brown last month, we have been paying all of our
debits incurred by these necessary actions in good faith that justice
would prevail. With the last of our credit with Bank One or anyone
else I send this material to you. I must inform Joan Guggenheimer and
William H McDavid that we can no longer make the minimum payments owed
to your credit card companies until these matters are resolved. I do
thank them for their faith in us to meet our obligations which we have
always done to date. I ask that they act equally as ethically on our
behalf. It is not our fault that we have fallen into arrears.

Perhaps Ms. Guggenheimer should ask Michael S. Helfer, the man who got
her job at Citigroup why that is and see if he can explain to the AT&T
dudes why we can no longer pay our AT&T credit card. Perhaps Donald G
Kempf, Jr. should ask the AT&T dudes why a lady that has been dead for
twenty five years can still trade on the stock market and not pay
taxes. Last year she traded with Comcast and this year apparently she
is trading with Cingular. I don't know but perhaps Mr. Helfer already
told Ms. Guggenheimer about the Kickhams but didn't bother to tell
anyone else. Everybody should ask Louis J. Freeh why the FBI failed to
catch my wife's Uncle William J. Kickham. Don't you think it kinda
strange how an alien layman can catch an ex FBI agent stealing large
sums of money out of Merrill Lynch and several Banks, wash it through
an ATM machine and then deposit in another bank? Then when I report
the crimes to every law enforcement authority I can think of, I am
ignored and harassed? When I sue, the matters are dismissed ex parte?

After I prove Tax Fraud etc. in court myself without speaking a word
then start asking bankers some questions the Secret Service appears at
my door and tries to take me to Cuba rather than investigate Bank
Fraud? Many of my filings have disappeared from the public record. I
am likely the most stricken man in recent history. All courts claim
that I have no standing to speak of my own interests or even that of
my own children and yet have appointed a GAL who helped to write the
Probate manual to speak on behalf of my unborn children and bill us to
conspire against us. To top it all off I introduce the fact to so many
law enforcement officers and officers of the court that I have had in
my possession for years many wiretap tapes only to be ignored some
more. I figured someone would start acting ethically once that word
got out but nay not so. Don't tell me I am not offended and I dare you
to call me a liar. What would you do if you were I? Something smells
very rotten in the USA. Within the enclosed documents I very clearly
tell all what I am about to do. I am going to sue the USA as the
Resolution Unit suggests I do. I ask you to answer this letter within
two weeks and answer this simple question. Do you or do you not stand
with me in my allegations mentioned within the enclosed documents? If
you ignore me I will sue you and your companies.

Mr. Freeh, please do not even try to pretend that you do not know who
I am. I have contacted many people around you that you know very well
and saved you for last. Everybody knows that you are being groomed by
the politicians to be the next Judge Webster. I think one Judge
Webster is all that the USA should have to suffer through. What say
you? What side of the political fence are you on now? Say hey to the
old man Webster, Michael E. Shaheen and Mr. Mueller for me will ya?
They are all too chicken to answer my letters. However they must
answer a summons. Do you wish for me to name you in the same complaint
against them? As a lawyer now in private practice I don't have to wait
six months for an answer from you. You have about as long as Clark
Kent Irwin does to seek Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Welcome to the circus. It is a small world after all. EH? This letter
is already on the World Wide Web before the snail mail gets to you. I
know some things I am willing to bet on. I wager that because of this
letter Mr. McDavid and Ms. Guggenheimer are going to have a long talk
about Citigroup before they answer this letter. Mr. Kempf may Discover
some reservations trusting in Accenture's consulting and review his
company's advice to Comcast Corporation. Feel free to impress me with
a fine display of Ethical Professional Conduct as you try to think of
some lawyer you can trust and think of some way to convince me that I
should trust you. It would not be hard for you to embarrass Eliot
Spitzer, Francis Galvin and the SEC. You know they have it coming and
deserve to be properly shamed. I know not all Bankers are bad. My
brother was a good fella.

Cya'll in CourtJ

David R. Amos

153 Alvin Ave.

Milton, MA. 02186

May 3, 2004

Ellen Richey Douglas G. Scrivner,

Providian Financial Corp c/o William D. Green Accenture

P.O. Box 192605 100 William Street

San Francisco, CA 94119 Wellesley, MA 02481-9151

RE: Bad acting Bankers
Sir and Madam,

Please find enclosed an exact copy of all materials sent to Roger W.
Ferguson Jr and letters sent to Brad Smith, Louis Freeh, Caroline M.
Gilroy-Brown, George C. Caner Jr., John H. Huffstutler, Michael S.
Helfer, Derek Bok, Tom Finneran's law firm, John Keker and Robert
Fiske. The copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is served upon Ellen
Richey in confidence as an officer of the court in order that it may
be properly investigated. I cannot serve it upon William D. Green
without violating the Fourth Amendment.

Lately we had been constantly plagued by many phone calls from India
at all hours on the behalf of Accenture. My wife was a few days late
in making payments last month on Providian's credit cards. To avoid
high service charges she does not write a cheque until the money is in
the bank. After my viewing the fact that Steven Ballmer is a Director
of the company harassing us, I wish to litigate and dispute our debt
in front of a jury of our peers. If Mr. Balmer had acted ethically
months ago, we would not owe a dime. As you can see we had forewarned
many banks that this was about to happen because of their own malice
towards us we had run out of money defending our interests. Thus far
not one of them has contacted us in an attempt to refute my

I called William D. Green's office for the second time last week in an
effort to get Accenture to stop the harassment and have someone
responsible call me. A fella by the name of Tim called me from
Washington claiming that anything that I said to him would be referred
to Mr. Scriver. I told him he had best talk to Steven A. Ballmer.
Whereas he is also the CEO of Microsoft, he has at least two sets of
ethical rules to obey. It should not be necessary for me to inform
Accenture of anything that I had sent Brad Smith months ago. When Tim
asked me who Brad Smith was, I shook my head and asked for a lawyer to
call me. I knew he would have no idea who Roger W. Ferguson and Ms.
Nazareth were. He was just some guy without a whole name who was sent
fishing and to pick my brain for the big boys who consult banks on how
to play the global game. I did tell him I understood the game. I know
that Andersen went public in New York to get some money and yet base
their operations in Bermuda to avoid taxation. I know that Accenture
advises bankers how to avoid taxation and how to profit from the
American public with higher service charges and higher interest rates
byway of credit cards etc. and then employ poor folks in far away
lands to collect the minute they stumble under the debit load. When I
looked deeper into Accenture's history, I saw that Mr. Scrivner had
testified before Congress and had made the following statement. "The
audit profession has been granted a unique franchise through the
securities laws and auditors are entrusted to act as the "gatekeepers"
for the securities markets." Now I want to meet him in court or
Congress. Now you know why.

Need I say I was not surprised when I have not heard anything further
from Accenture or their friends from the Far East? So I have sent this
letter to the up and coming CEO of Accenture to further shake the
tree. Lets just say that a wild colonial boy is at the gate and has a
few questions for Mr. Scrivner and many other "gatekeepers".

Today Keith Gomes of Dallas TX ( 1 800- 280-944) called my wife at her
work on the behalf of Providian. Now that really pissed us off. It
seemed like an obvious effort to get around me after I had told
someone from Providian that I had her Durable Power of Attorney and
that she has her own lawyer anyway. I had requested that if Providian
wished to discuss this, to have a lawyer contact me. I was tired of
trying to talk to people that could either barely speak English or
pretended to have no idea of what I was telling them. When either of
your companies begins your threatened litigation against us, I will
bring these documents and many more to court and demand a jury trial.

Thus far Providian has not offended me. I am in fact grateful that
they extended me credit. However I do wonder about the company they
keep. Although it was not proper for Providian to have attempted to
involve my wife in matters that most lawyers pretend to not understand
nor do I think it legal for Providian to bother my wife at work, I
won't hold it against them unless they do it again. I would like to
know how they got her number at work and why they found it necessary
to act in such a fashion. In my opinion Ellen Richey should ask the
bill collectors to quite calling us for a bit and then ask Mr.
Scrivner and several of Providian's Directors many questions before
she responds to this letter. Robert J Higgins formerly of FleetBoston
Financial Corporation and F. Warren McFarlan of Harvard University
should easily explain to Providian my concerns in Boston with the
fraudulent actions of bankers. John L. Douglas of Alston & Bird LLP
should know Joe D. Whitley and Bob Barr well enough to explain my
concerns with DHS and the failure of the Secret Service to investigate
Bank Fraud. If I do not receive a response to this letter within two
weeks or if I do not agree with your standing in these matters, I will
consider you and your companies to be litigants against me in federal

If Ellen Richey is wise, she will act ethically immediately to keep
Providian out of this battle. Perhaps it may climb the ladder in the
world of big bank mergers because of her professional conduct. I know
it is the right move for a small bank but a hard decision for a lawyer
to make. She must know the rules that allow her to practice law for a
fee. I see no ethical dilemma whatsoever. I will leave her to decide
her standing with the Kickhams and the Brookline Savings Bank or me.
It did not make sense that the Feds would act so badly to protect one
crooked law firm. When the Secret Service came to my door on April 1st
of last year, I knew that they were sent to protect the interests of
bankers not politician's butts. One year later to the day I am
prepared to prove it. Check my work and prepare to argue. Trust me, I
ain't bluffing and I don't know how to back up. Ask the Kickhams.

Cya'll in CourtJ

David R. Amos

153 Alvin Ave.

Milton, MA. 02186

Good Friday April 9th, 2004

Paul G. Pustorino Dennis F. Walsh

Grant Thornton KPMG LLP
226 Causeway Street 99 High Street
Boston MA 02114-2155 Boston MA 02110

Mike Emmert and Rhea Kemble Dignam George C Caner Jr Secretary

C/o Harrison E. Holbrook, III, Partner Brookline Bancorp, Inc.

Ernst & Young LLP C/o Ropes & Gray
200 Clarendon Street One International Place
Boston MA 02116-5072 Boston MA 02110

RE: Notice of my intent to file complaints against the above named individuals,

their associates and their companies as per federal court rules.

Sirs and Madam,

Please find enclosed exactly the same documents that were sent to the
Solicitor General Ted Olson. I have also enclosed many other documents
that were sent to the IRS, SEC, FBI, DHS, the Federal Reserve Bank and
many others a long time ago. These should prove to you that I am as
serious as a heart attack. The copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is
served only upon George C. Caner Jr. as he is the only person amongst
you who is an officer of the court. If Mike Emmert and Rhea Kemble
Dignam want to have their own copies in order that it may be properly
investigated, please have them notify me of their wishes before I sue
them. However after they review the enclosed documents they can easily
see that many others in New York are already well aware of the facts
and evidence. Maybe they should confer with Mr. Spitzer's office

I have no doubt that Ernst & Young LLP is well are of my actions
because I have already crossed paths with some of their other clients
both in the USA and Canada. Although KPMG LLP. is an association of
many firms, the local outfit does claim the Brookline Savings Bank and
Holy Cross College amongst their own clientele. Chucky Kickham and his
cohorts hide their money in one place and try to buy modern day
dispensation at the other. The fact that KPMG LLP as a whole is deeply
in bed with such people as David J. Lesar, Chairman, President and CEO
of Halliburton enough to organize events in Houston in order to have
him preach at only proves to me that you are all crooks. Mr, Pustorino
should never deny that we have talked. I saved his voicemail to me
last February as well as proof that I Faxed him much evidence before I
appeared at the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of the Brookline
Savings Bank. I knew he had lost the Bank as a client. I made contact
with him was because I was attempting to inform him and many others of
my concerns and allegations after being ignored by Mr. Chapman.

I was not surprised that the Secret Service came to my door with the
Milton Cops and tried to take me away to Cuba before I made that
appearance. If you don't believe me, call George Putnam or the Wall
Street Journal dudes. I can prove I notified them all before going to
the meeting as a shareholder to confront the Directors of the bank.

To me most of you folks are merely a few of many bean-counters in a
town so full of beans that it is aptly nicknamed as such. My war of
words is with bad acting lawyers, bankers, politicians and priests.
Although you willingly audit such people's work and swear that their
word is true, I have no doubt that you know as well as I when someone
is a liar. Check their work more closely after you have looked at mine
and then decide with whom do you wish to stand. This is my fair
warning of many impending lawsuits. I will settle with you for a very
minor amount, if you act ethically and promise to tell the truth. I
fully realize that with the exceptions of Mr. Pustorino and Mr. Caner
that you may not be aware of my actions and have been keep in the dark
by my adversaries. I have extended this offer to settle in good faith.
Please don't offend me further.

I have enclosed the work of the only honest man to pick up a pen in
our matters. His name is Pope. He is no priest but he charged a just a
pittance for honest ethical work in checking Aunt Elaine's books.
Compare his figures to that of the following year by an accountant for
Chucky Kickham who had a brother that was a big-assed priest.

In light of all that has transpired in the past few years, I could
only laugh as I read the following words I gleaned from the Annual


Washington, DC 20549



BROOKLINE BANCORP, INC. For the Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2003

The USA Patriot Act

In October 2001, the USA PATRIOT Act became effective. Title III of
that Act represents a major expansion of the U.S. anti-money
laundering laws granting broad new anti-money laundering powers to the
Secretary of the Treasury and imposing a variety of new compliance
obligations on banks and broker dealers. The Act also requires a
bank's regulator to specifically consider a bank's past record of
compliance with the bank Secrecy Act (anti-money laundering
requirements) when acting on any applications filed by such bank.

Federal Taxation

General. The Company and the Bank are subject to federal income
taxation in the same general manner as other corporations, with some
exceptions discussed below. The following discussion of federal
taxation is intended only to summarize certain pertinent federal
income tax matters and is not a comprehensive description of the tax
rules applicable to the Company or the Bank.

The Company and the Bank have not had their federal income tax returns
audited by the Internal Revenue Service during the past five years.

Item 3. Legal Proceedings

The Company is not involved in any pending legal proceedings other
than routine legal proceedings occurring in the ordinary course of
business which, in the aggregate, involve amounts which are believed
by management to be immaterial to the financial condition and results
of operations of the Company.

Item 9. Changes In And Disagreements With Accountants On Accounting
And Financial Disclosures

On January 17, 2003, the Registrant elected to change its outside
accounting firm, Grant Thornton LLP ("Grant Thornton"). The Registrant
engaged KPMG LLP ("KPMG") as its new accounting firm. The decision to
change accounting firms was recommended by the audit committee of the
Board of Directors and approved by the Board of Directors.

Grant Thornton's report on the consolidated financial statements of
the Registrant for each of the two years in the period ended December
31, 2002 did not contain an adverse opinion or a disclaimer of opinion
and was not qualified or modified as to uncertainty, audit scope or
accounting principles. During the two years ended December 31, 2002,
the Registrant had no disagreement with Grant Thornton on any matter
of accounting principles or practices, financial statement disclosure
or auditing scope or procedure which disagreement, if not resolved to
the satisfaction of Grant Thornton, would have caused it to make
reference to the subject matter of the disagreements in connection
with its report.

None of the reportable events described by Item 304(a)(1)(v) of
Regulation S-K has occurred.

Grant Thornton has furnished the Registrant with a letter in response
to Item 304(a) of Regulation S-K. Such letter is included in this
report as Exhibit 16.1.

KPMG was engaged by the Registrant on January 17, 2003 to audit the
consolidated financial statements of the Registrant as of and for the
year ended December 31, 2003. During the two years ended December 31,
2002, the Registrant did not consult with KPMG regarding any of the
matters set forth in Item 304(a)(2)(i) or (ii) of Regulation S-K."

Read the documents I have provided and you should laugh as well,
Neither the courts, nor the bank, nor the IRS can explain Aunt
Elaine's bank account. However I saw red when the lawyer, Jan Whiting,
acting as a court appointed fiduciary for us had charged us for his
time to scheme against our interests with lawyers of the Sovereign
Bank and the Coldwell Bankers. That act gave me a very legitimate
reason to drag my former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney into court.
Many Canadians would agree that, that day has been a long time coming.
The only one that may disagree is Belinda Stronach a client of Ernst &
Young and very good buddy of Bill Clinton and Brian Mulroney.

Welcome to my Blood Feud. I must inform you that my blood is now
boiling. The same bunch of crooked Yankee Carpetbaggers are now trying
to have my little Clan thrown out of their home and into the streets
of Beantown to assist the very same criminals in their actions against
us. The crooks are going to get some hard lessons about the fury of a
patient man. Have no fear for your person. It is your pocketbook and
reputation that are in jeopardy. My War Will be Waged with the Word
not the sword and byway of the World Wide Web. Look for your own names
forever linked to mine. Win or lose I want this battle long remembered
by many. Howard Dean taught me a thing or two about grassroots
campaigns. It is small wonder to me why I must go home and run for
Parliament. Truth and Justice is not part of the American Way in the
USA and most Canadian politicians are playing their part of the
Yankee's evil scheme for New World Order. I am just one pigheaded
Martimer that will not stand for it without registering my complaints.
Perhaps someone from Ernst & Young should go to a racetrack down here
and ask old Frank Stronach if he is willing to bet against me. He
knows what kind of man I am. You make your own judgement of me. I have
already done so of you. Need I say that thus far I am not impressed?
Rest assured that Mr. Caner's Trials and Tribulations are far from
over. I plan to go the distance with him and every other lawyer or
banker etc that crosses my path in the pursuit of justice for all.

Please study closely my wife's latest filing in Plymouth Probate court
that the clerks have refused to put into the docket and Judge
Livingstone's backdated court order. I will be sending you all a
summons to federal court very soon if you don't act honestly very
quickly. It is for you to decide what should be said before the
Brookline Savings Bank's Annual Shareholders Meeting in a couple of
days. I said my piece last year and they laughed at me. We shall see
who laughs this year.

Please respond to me as soon as possible. I will tell you that May
28th, 2004 you will be way past too late to talk to me. After that, I
argue with your lawyers. I am heading south shortly but I can be
reached byway of cell phone # 617 240-6698. Give me a call and you
soon will realize that I am not a bit like the sort of person that
lawyers claim I am. Bear in mind that you can't fool me though because
I am too stupid to believe a lawyer or trust a banker or respect a
priest. Also you should know I have no tolerance for anyone that calls
me a liar. I don't mind if you call me crazy but that insult just
pisses me off and I get really quiet.

As your review these documents please ask your conscience what you
would do if you were I. Then please inform me what you think is the
golden rule. Is it do onto others as the pious priests preach? Or is
it he with the gold makes the rules? What say you? I may already know
your answer. Your silence will speak volumes in affirming it to me.

Cya'll in CourtJ

David R. Amos

PO Box 2

South Acworth NH 03607

Certificate of Service

I, David A. Woodman, of South Acworth NH on April 13th, 2004 served
the attached document etc. in hand to the offices of Paul G. Pustorino
at 226 Causeway St. Boston MA 02114-2155, Dennis F. Walsh at 99 High
Street, Boston MA 02110, Harrison E. Holbrook at 200 Clarendon St,
Boston MA 02116-5072 and George C Caner Jr. at One International Place
Boston MA 02110

David A. Woodman

PO Box 2

South Acworth NH 03607

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From: "CAP Info" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2004 3:45 PM
Subject: [CAP] Why CAP and Canada Needs You

> Dear CAP Friends,
> A message from Connie Fogal:
> ---
> ** Plea for Candidates for the Canadian Action Party. **
> Canada's federal election will be launched very soon. The Canadian
> Action Party is a registered party on the political scene since 1997
> fielding candidates in the past two elections, 1997, and 2002. We had 52
> candidates in '97, and 70 in '00. We need 50 to retain our status as a
> registered party. Being a registered party is vital because it gives us
> benefits not available if we are not registered, like tax benefits for
> contributions, party name on ballot, T.V. time.
> There are new election financing rules that give $1.75 per vote each
> year to the party per year. This means millions of dollars of funding
> support, but is obviously related to the votes cast. There can be no
> votes cast for CAP nor any money coming back to finance us if there is
> no candidate in the riding. The Greens are fielding candidates in all
> ridings precisely because of the financial advantage. They already
> benefit from the number of votes they received in the last election
> because they had over 2% of votes across the nation. CAP did not. The 2%
> threshold, now on challenge by small parties, is a requirement under the
> legislation. It is 5% for individual candidates. Under the leadership of
> the Greens, many small parties have joined a legal challenge to the 2%
> rule as unconstitutional.
> In other words, every vote is valuable. No longer do voters have to
> worry that if they vote for a small party, their vote will not count
> just because that party does not win the election, or because the
> candidate does not win. Now, there is a concrete expression validating
> their vote-- $1.75 per year per vote for the party they voted for. This
> can translate into thousands and thousands of dollars for a party.
> Why is CAP in this unfortunate position of insufficient candidates
> facing an imminent election??? The reason is because we put the interest
> of Canada first. Under the principled leadership of Paul Hellyer, the
> Canadian Action Party spent the last two years trying to bring together
> an alliance of all those people disaffected with and alienated from the
> mainstream parties who are disemboweling Canada. We firmly believed that
> the only sufficient electoral power to save Canada from its
> "americanizers" and "continentalists" (to use Mel Hurtig's words) was
> electoral unity of one force. We believed such a coalition could
> electrify the voters and propel sufficient new strength into a
> "Canadian" Parliament.
> In the best interest of Canada for Canadians and the world we sought
> unity on sovereignty. The key issue was joint recognition that the
> globalization process imposing international agreements on us prevent us
> from controlling our destiny via made in Canada decisions over our
> financing, our environment, our energy resources, our industry, our
> trade and development, our work force, our social safety net (like
> medicare), our foreign policy, etc. We sought three points of unity:
> abrogation of NAFTA; use of the Bank of Canada as part of a
> financial/economic program; proportional representation in electoral
> reform.
> We negotiated and waited for response as long as possible delaying our
> own convention before the impending federal election, but to no avail
> regarding unity. In the process we had encouraged our people to go to
> the NDP, the Greens, the David Orchard Conservatives, etc., in efforts
> to promote unity. In the process, many of them have been picked up by
> those other parties to run as candidates, and to work. The overall
> result was that our own organizational work for ourselves was greatly
> jeopardized. Such are the vagaries of politics!
> It was not my first choice to take on the role and responsibilities of
> Leader of the Canadian Action Party. My choice was to succeed in unity
> described aforesaid under the ultimate leadership of a new person of
> distinction.
> I have always been a passionate defender of Canadian sovereignty and
> civil liberties. A major threat to Canadians now is the same threat
> facing the whole world. That is the environmental destruction of the
> globe arising out of the military destruction imposed by the United
> States on countries of its choice, including the permanent, deadly
> contamination of the soil, water, and air by the use of depleted uranium
> in its munitions. In the best interest of Canadians first, and in the
> best interest of all the world, it is essential that Canada remain a
> powerfully sovereign state opposed to Canadian integration with the
> United States. Canada needs to remain a peacekeeping model to the world.
> We need to be able to say "No" to all those initiatives of the United
> States that contravene and deny Canadian values, interests and rights.
> We need to be able to say "No" to the U.S. militarization of space. We
> need a Parliament that refuses to impose liberty-stripping laws on
> Canadians in lock-step with the U.S. We need a Parliament that will
> preserve and protect the liberty and security of Canadians as is
> entrenched in our Constitution, not a Parliament that grants dictatorial
> liberty-stripping power to four or five federal Ministers of the Crown,
> as in Bill C-7 currently before the Senate.
> The Canadian Action Party's convention in March 2004 unanimously
> endorsed the continuation of the party and fielding as many candidates
> as possible given our time constraints and set-back due to unity efforts
> as set out above. We believe it is imperative our voice remain as a
> strong contender on the campaign trail. We know we have been a primary
> voice to express the issues we see as crucial for Canada. We know our
> presence has influenced other parties to deal with our issues. We know
> if we are not on the scene, our issues will not get the airing that is
> necessary. We know that our issues are the issues of many Canadians
> because they have told us so. A big hurdle for many voters was their
> worry that a vote for a small party was a wasted vote. Now their vote
> does count. We know that many voters felt that without the Canadian
> Action Party, they would not have a political home.
> Accordingly, I am appealing to you to put your country first by putting
> yourself on the line for about one and one-half (1-1/2) months and run
> as a candidate for CAP in this election.
> To give you a sense of my political history and direction, here are some
> of the things I have done in the last ten years:
> * Led the campaign against gambling expansion since 1994. Since 1998,
> Fogal-Rankin spearheaded three lawsuits on behalf of Canadian citizens
> through the Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee to protect our
> constitutional sovereignty. The MAI lawsuit attacked the power asserted
> by federal government officials and Ministers that commit Canadians to
> international agreements destroying citizen rights. The Nanoose Bay
> lawsuit attacked the expropriation of an environmentally sensitive
> waterway by the federal government to permit the U.S. to test their
> weapons. That lawsuit was stayed pending the pursuit by the province of
> their lawsuit on the issue. The third challenged the federal
> government's destruction of our civil liberties and rights to free
> speech and lawful assembly by the erection of a fence in Quebec City to
> keep protestors away from the Summit of the Americas. The Supreme Court
> of Canada refused to deal with issues raised in the MAI and Quebec
> lawsuits, but the issues remain alive.
> * Promoted public education by bringing to Vancouver notable speakers
> including: Michel Chossudovsky, economist, University of Ottawa on
> globalization of poverty, and the impacts of the IMF and the World Bank;
> Guy Bertrand, Pawyer; and Max and Monique Nemni, editors of Cité Libre,
> on Quebec issues; Dr.Richard Wolfson on genetically modified foods;
> Robert Goodman, Professor, University of Massachusetts, and Dr Earl
> Grinols, Economist, University of Chicago on the damage of gambling as a
> mechanism for running the economy; Paul Hellyer, Leader, Canadian Action
> Party, on globalization's effects on Canada; Michael Rowbotham, England,
> professor and researcher on the origins and effect of money and debt.
> * Critiqued Canada's heavy-handed new laws implemented by our federal
> government under the guise of antiterrorism legislation since 9/11 and
> disseminated the information by e mail and website.
> Please join us.
> Contact Kevin Peck, organizer and communications director at 1 877 629
> 0841 or fax 1 416 535 6325 or
> or and
> visit our website at
> Yours truly,
> Connie Fogal, 604 872 2128
> ---------------------------------
> Connie Fogal, Leader ,Canadian Action Party/ parti action Canadienne
> Tel: (604)872 2128; fax: (604) 872 -1504
> Head office : 99 Atlantic Ave, Suite 302, Toronto, Ont, M6K3J8, tel: 1
> 877 629 0841, e mail:
> .................................
> "The world is not, in fact, ruled by global corporations. It is ruled by
> the global financial system." David Korten
> .................................
> "The ability of a party to make a valuable contribution is not dependent
> upon its capacity to offer the electorate a genuine government option.
> Political parties... act as a vehicle for the participation of
> individual citizens in the political life of the country. ...Marginal or
> regional parties tend to raise issues not adopted by national parties.
> Political parties provide individual citizens with an opportunity to
> express an opinion on the policy and functioning of government. Each
> vote in support of a party increases the likelihood that its platform
> will be taken into account by those who implement policy, and votes for
> parties with fewer than 50 candidates are an integral component of a
> vital and dynamic democracy. " Figueroa v Canada (Attorney General)
> 2003 SCC 37
> -----------------------------------
> "Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor
> security"...Benjamin Franklin
> ..................................
> "The constitution of Canada does not belong either to Parliament, or to
> the Legislatures; it belongs to the country and it is there that the
> citizens of the country will find the protection of the rights to which
> they are entitled" Supreme Court of Canada A.G. of Nova Scotia and A.G.
> of Canada, S.C.R. 1951 pp 32

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From: David Amos
Sent: Friday, April 30, 2004 9:44 AM
Subject: Fw: Ask yourself why I sent this at this time

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From: David Amos
Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2004 2:59 PM
Subject: Fw: Ask yourself why I sent this at this time

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From: David Amos
Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2004 2:42 AM
Subject: Fw: Ask yourself why I sent this at this time

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From: David Amos
Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2004 2:41 AM
Subject: Fw: Ask yourself why I sent this at this time

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From: David Amos
Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2004 2:40 AM
Subject: Fw: Ask yourself why I sent this at this time

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From: David Amos
Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2004 2:36 AM
Subject: Ask yourself why I sent this at this time


Everybody know how crooked lawyers, bankers, priests and
politicians are. There is no news there. I told you all that I was
writing a story about the press and how crooked it is. Now I just want
to see who is a turncoat first. I must admit that you are a tight knit
bunch of bastards but you all know that you can't trust each other
with the truth. Everybody knows that everybody protects their own
interests first and there is no honour amongst thieves. That is one
fact that is such a safe thing to bet on no bookie will bet on it. So
I can't take anything to the bank that I don't trust anyway. The best
that I can do is play the same game as you and write about it but with
a twist. I will give my work away and say to hell with the money. The
dumb bastard from Forbes thought I was selling him something the other
day as I played him like a fiddle. You lazy dudes, the masters of cut
and paste are far too predictable.

I will argue the laws with your lawyers later, its time for
me to have a little fun. Would you like to wager on who blinks first
and sides with me? You know who has read this email before you but you
don't know who will read it after you. You also know that I can prove
that I told you the truth a long time ago. I will leave it for you to
explain to the public why you reported nothing about what you knew to
be true. Try to pretend to them that you don't know who I am and watch
how fast I prove you a liar.

If you don't like my game, sue me, I dare ya. I promise I won't
file a Motion to Dismiss ex parte the plaintiff like the US Attorney
Michael J. Sullivan did. I love to argue to much for such nonsense. I
will only demand a swift trial in front of a jury of my peers. The
same folks that you sell your Bullshit to. Ain't the World Wide Web a
wonderful thing to let others know the truth without spending a dime.
I think it is as revolutionary as the printing press once was long ago
and before it fell under the control of the powers that be. You know
of whom I speak. It is their puppets that write your pay check. I know
what rules your world. Trust me, we must be from different planets. I
have fully enjoyed my life on this one. I only wish that the ones to
follow me into this world will have an equal chance in the pursuit of

Shame on all of you. Too many people died protecting your
rights and the Freedom of the Press for you to deny it to yourself. I
will leave you with a few questions. How long do you thing Clark Kent
Irwin has to seek the Truth, Justice and the American Way? Do you
think he understands Title 28 Section 530B? Would you like to know
about what I know about the Executive Offices of the US Attorneys and
their failure to uphold the Privacy Act? Clark Kent Irwin does and so
does Jeffery Bloch and Ted Olson. Watch me, an alien layman, blow the
Whistle for them and on them. Methinks that Patrick Purcell, publisher
of The Boston Herald, should get former Globe columnist Mike Barnicle
to give Timothy J. White of Audax or mean old Rupert Murdoch a call to
give him the scoop but I bet they ain't talking either. Even though
Purcell knows Timmy controls the purse strings and credited much of
his success to Murdoch he knows his following words ain't worth shit.
"He (Murdoch) is the smartest, hardest working man you will ever see.
He has a wide breadth of his knowledge on a global scale, and he keeps
constant communication with companies he owns." and "people rely on
the Herald to get behind the story and uncover it aggressively. When
we break stories, we cover them well."

I laugh at you all. The bullshit is incredible, I made you all
well aware that I am the reason the SEC settled with Putnam
Investments so quickly. If you didn't believe me, I am certain that
you asked Francis Galvin and Eliot Spitzer.

Just for fun you can see that I sent this email first to some
college kids that study these things and Howie Carr. He did say "From
now on, I'd like everyone to refer to me as the nonfiction columnist
at the Boston Herald." This should stress test his ethics. If he
emails me back and sends me his phone number I will give him the
scoop. If he doesn't, so be it. I won't be surprised I figure that he
knows about me anyway. I will leave you all to wonder if that happened
or not. Would you believe him if he told ya he didn't? My home work is
done . Now I go down to Dixie to jerk young J. Strom Thurmond Jr.'s
chain. Now that "A giant oak in the forest of public service has
fallen," Senators Hollings and Graham will have to argue with me.
Once a federal election is finally called in Canada, I will turn and
run up home to hit the campaign trail. Want me to say hey to Belinda
for ya up home if you say hi to Hillary down here?

Welcome to the circus with any luck the shit may start hitting
the fan on Monday morning but I ain't betting on it. I know that the
truth is stranger than fiction and that this stuff is unbelievable. At
least I have the rest of the weekend to forward my emails. I know that
the other dudes I emailed this stuff to this morning won't print a
thing. I am just proving that they had their chance one last time
before I tell the world about them. Woodword's words about his new
book were to much for me to take and the cries of foul from the fake
liberals in the press make me sick.

I truly don't give a shit to the first bunch of people that
receive this email. I have crossed their paths and stress tested their
ethics many times already. I figure it is time for my book about you
all to have an ending. It needs a hero to be a champion for the
freedom of the press. I truly hope that it is some student that can't
get a job that manages to make his or her mark with honest and
diligent investigative reporting. I address the next couple of
paragraphs to ones amongst us with the most future ahead of them and
little tolerance for things as they are. Some of the young people must
be leery and weary of the old school running the show and messing with
their future. They should take a chance and take a minute to
investigate a little bit. Not everyone is stricken by digital paranoia
and the world should not be viewed by the rose colored glasses offered
to you by the evil Masters of War byway of their media whores. If they
check my work and find me credible they may do with my work what they
will as long they are not employed by the media. I know they will
have great difficulty finding any forum to display their work or
opinions about this stuff. I will leave them to their own devices but
rest assured that even though it may take some time I strongly doubt
that the media as it now exists will have the scoop on them. I will
wager that the word will spread to other ordinary people byway of
grassroots type blogs, jokes, gossip and links from friends they
trust. I'm just trying to spark something that's all. Howard Dean did
it with the internet now all the bastards are trying it. A big
difference between them and I is that I don't want money to come into
my pocket. I just want the truth out of my mind and into yours. Then I
won't have to think about it anymore.

The things I have come to know are pretty hard on the head. The
thing I don't understand the most is the lack of conscience in my
fellow man's mind. I wonder what happened to the innocent children we
once were and what caused us to become this way. I know we are ok
though simply because I know I am ok. Plus there are more innocent
ethical people born everyday and everyday the miserable evil old
bastards are dying. Maybe someday the worm will turn in the good
people's favor once the bad ones are out numbered. Day after day I see
so many famous flabby faces on the TV saying things that most people
want to believe while I have complete knowledge of what I sent them
and how they responded and how I easily I could tear off their masks
of virtue. You would not believe how many people know what I say is
true. Thus after this weekend I stop saying it. Sometimes less is
more. My thirteen year old and his friends know more about some things
than most adults because of their own inquiring minds surfing the web
for info on whatever they choose to know. My greatest fear is that the
freedom found on the internet will be soon lost to us. It is the kids
like my son that I wish to impress not some old farts that are too
chicken to open an attachment inside their new investment that they
will be throwing in the trash in a couple of years. By the way that is
sorta where I sourced this computer. It wasn't good enough for some
Yuppie to brag about anymore but I still do.

I am constantly astounded by what I learn from staring into
its old screen as my boy laughs at me. I suppose it is like me trying
to imagine the world without motorcycles. He has known of the internet
since he entered school and I have ignored it until I was nearly
fifty. He has the right to laugh. After all his Papa is 44 years
behind the eight ball. However I scare him though because I am getting
smarter and meaner everyday. In return he scares me because he is
growing bigger everyday and more and more like me. I know how crazy
and reckless I can be.

I tried my best to make the legal crap entertaining enough so
that ordinary folks would find it entertaining. If nothing else they
should giggle at my efforts to defend Martha Stewart while torturing
the SEC and her own lawyers. I did that for the gossip factor alone.
If Martha is really that dumb she should take a little time off to
ponder things. The same holds true for Frank Quattrone. In my opinion
they paid their own lawyers to help the FEDS screw them. If they
choose to believe their well paid malevlent legal help rather than
listen to me and call me as a rebuttal witness against the FEDs
prosecuting them, so be it, I tried. If they wish, someone can still
give them my work and evidence. The proof of the bank fraud, mail
fraud, tax fraud, perjury etc. and the FEDS assistance to the crimes
is in the public record for the world to view anyway. If they send me
a lawyer I will give them some wiretap tapes to prove my point. For
now I offer Martha and Frank the old prayer "God protect me from my
friends, I can defend myself from my enemies." Martha should have
listened to her brother rather than her fine feathered friends, I
really like that guy for the way he conducted himself within the
O'Reilly asshole's interview.

If you wish to bother, here is where ya look pretend a strange man
landed in your kitchen and allowed you to snoop through his briefcase.
They are largely Tiff files like the one attached. They are easily
viewed by the old Kodak Imaging program found in most windows. You
should be able to surf through them with abandon. Yahoo is strict
about uploading viruses into their system. I am sure they scanned them
as I have done. It is not a website per se it is simply pro se records
of court crap and other letters. The files have strange names and are
filed in an odd fashion so I know what they are and where to find
them. I ain't selling shit. It is just a record of my experiences in
an effort too prove how awful things really are.

At least nobody can never say that I didn't try. I do not know
how long the stuff will remain on the web because our credit is now in
the toilet and the credit card companies can't take a joke even if it
is a legally important one. Louis Freeh now General Counsel to the
credit card dudes failed to catch Uncle Willy the Ex FBI agent money
laundering when he was director of the FBI but I am certain he will
see that we are bankrupted in short order now that he works for
bankers. Comcast had no trouble allowing AT&T to purchase their stocks
with our interests and then see that they were thrown away but they
will have no problem canceling our internet access when we can't pay
their next bill. The same goes for my Cingular account they will take
our AT&T interests but kill my phone just as quick. Meanwhile Steve
Ballmer, one of the Directors of Ancenture, who is also CEO of
Microsoft has no trouble ignoring the Code of Ethics of both companies
by ignoring what I sent to Brad Smith a long time ago. It is too funny
how many calls we have received from India after being late only a
couple of days on a credit card payment. If Louis, Steve and Brad had
acted ethically I would not have to argue with Providian and tease
people in the third world about their association with bad acting
Yankees. Do you think I should complain about some poor bastards in
India because of their harassment on behalf of criminals in the USA?

If anyone that views my work know of some ethical legal students,
tell them about this stuff ask them to contact me if they want a
little work and wish to pick up where I leave off. I am tired and am
going to take a break from this shit for awhile. If you read all the
way down to here, I thank you for your time. I know that it is the
most precious thing there is. I already spent too much time writing
something I doubt will ever be read in my lifetime and I want to hurry
back to being just plain old me.

In case someone is still reading this stuff. I will say when all
the legal crap started when the crooks attacked my Clan I was a bored
Mr. Mom whose kids were off to school. So I had begun my Tesla type
experiments. Everybody thought that I was truly nutty but the quicker
I could get myself and mine off the grid and my diesels runninng on
home brewed Bio fuel the better I would like it. In truth I want to
escape the madness of willful ignorance and apathy that surrounds us.
What everybody seemed to forget was where I came from and the fact
that I wouldn't trade ten Beantowns for one small town uphome. I only
live here because it was the best start on life that my wife and I
could give our kids. Trust me, messing with crooked politicians,
corrupt justice systems, malevolent priests, greedy bankers and bounty
hunting for Whitey Bulger are just minor issues to me. Believe it or
not I trying to save the world. to put a finer point I will say the
environment in particular. Most of my fellow men can go to hell for
all I care. It is mostly kids, old men, mother nature and dogs that I
love. Hows that for the terrible truth? What I know about the
Haliburton dudes is truly scary and important shit that could get a
lot of people hurt and everybody knows it. Brian Mulroney, Belinda's
new CEO and a lot of other people uphome know what I am talking about.
I imagine that many a crooked newsman know too simply because not
everybody can be that dumb nor can that many pretend to be that dumb
without a plan. Even Bill Gates' fortunes changed no longer felt the
need to move to Canada as soon a Bush got elected and he elected to
the dumb and dumber game of see no evil, heard no evil and speak no
evil. It seems it is up to me or my ghost to make my newfound
knowledge known to the world. Everybody should wonder why Bush needs
Cheney to hold his hand under questioning. Even Bush is scared of
Cheney's buddies. It appears that I am the only one that isn't. How is
that for a hot tip? Anybody want a joke within a riddle for a clue?
What did God tell the Newfys? Play dumb til I get back will ya? I know
I said a lot of shit in a vague fashion but the people that I am
torturing know exactly what I am talking about. Can ya tell I am
picking a fight? Guess with whom. Sometimes the smart money bets on
the underdog. David pulled a fast one on Goliath. Even Achilles had
his heel. Every once in a great while something wickedly wonderful
comes along. This time around I think it is called the internet. These
may be the last words I say to anyone I don't know very well for a
while. If you wish pass them on. my little dog (a Rat Terrior) is
showing me the way to the door but she ain't giving me the bum's rush
just yet. That little bitch knows more about the way of the world than
I ever dreamed. She is just rubbing in the fact that she knows how
dumb I am and checking to see if I am paying attention. She knows what
is truly important in this old world. Mess with my kids and she will
prove it to ya.

Cya'll in Court or hell it the
same thing to me.

David R. Amos
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From: David Amos
Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2004 10:07 AM
Subject: The Post and Woodword are so full of shit

I can't stand it. He can wait for my book. I know what I sent you by
fax email and the US Mail. You know why I am going to sue your lawyer.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2004 9:58 AM
Subject: Fw: Your recent editorial is too funny as well

You did ask me what I thought. Well i think it is bullshit,
particualrly after I have been fighting for your rights for years
alone while you guys knew the truth and ignored me. Now you want to
cry about your loss of freedom?

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2004 9:48 AM
Subject: RE: Your article on 12/12/03

Hey Charlie
Your little bit of news about "Patriot Act hearings sought by
Democrats" is too funny considering the fact that you dudes have known
the reasons behind it for years. Your problem who else will I forward
this email to and what will I have to say about the Globe. Can ya tell
I have been saving this shit for awhile? Ask yourself why because I
ain't telling. Nobody else is either.

Cya'll in Court:)

David R. Amos

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From: David Amos
Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2004 3:58 PM
Subject: Fw: I made certain everybody knows

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From: David Amos
Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2004 3:54 PM
Subject: Fw: I made certain everybody knows

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2004 11:01 AM
Subject: I made certain everybody knows

My first question to you fellas will be WHY?
I know that you have known the truth for quite sometime.
Mr. Williams as a wealthy Rhodes Scholar who is also a
lawyer that has now become a Premier you should know
more than anyone how to do the right thing and uphold the law.

Why should it take another uneducated pigheaded Maritimer
just like Byron to point out your failings and shame you into doing
the right thing to protect our children and not honour didlers?

Please explain real slow. I may not be as bright as you but you
can't fool me either because I am too stupid. Make that old
bugger Hickman take a blood test in front of independent witnesses.
If he passes the test and proves Byron's allegations false, I will shut up
and apologize. Until then no way.

By the way have you seen Whitey Bulger around? I'm bounty hunting
him let me know if you hear of him heading my way and we will split the
take. It is a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. I don't think the FEDS
down here want him caught and I sure could use the money. Byron will
attest to the fact that it is hard times for the honest man. Do ya think Ted
will go on strike with the other civil servants?

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From: Byron Prior
To: David Amos
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2004 10:22 PM
Subject: Re: Jim Case I heard what ya said about me

Somebody's getting very edgey, I Wonder why, I didn't deliver anything YET!!!

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From: David Amos
To: Byron Prior
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2004 11:36 PM
Subject: Fw: Jim Case I heard what ya said about me

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From: David Amos
To: rarespade
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2004 10:04 PM
Subject: Re: Jim Case I heard what ya said about me

Fuck you Jim. How do you sleep nights? We will see who is babbling and
who will listen in court some day soon. I am advising Byron to sue
your ass for person injury and harassment and call me as a witness.
Remember you wanted me to go that Bike Shop in South Carolina? Well
now I will make a point of it and tell them a funny story about a
crooked Newfy cop that squandered his existence protecting sex abusers
and mobsters.

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From: rarespade
To: David Amos
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2004 2:16 PM
Subject: Re: Jim Case I heard what ya said about me

dear mr amos . i just received and reviewed your email you last sent
me . listen i will not discuss any on going investigations with you
and please keep your emails , i got more important thing too do and
i have no intentions of letting you use me as a platform for any of
your foolishness , make no wonder you are not getting anywhere and
nobody listens too you . just sit back and relax and listen to
yourself . i dont care who you deal with or babble on too and i should
tell you up front that you dont know me and that you picked the wrong
person to try to pass this junk onto. just go on too someone else
.thank you

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 2:47 PM
Subject: Jim Case I heard what ya said about me


I am kind of a sensitive guy and I take things personally. I am
very vindictive and I come by it honestly byway of my grandfather,
Dawson. He was what some would call a orney pigheaded mean old man but
he loved me dearly simply because he could see some of himself in me.
I was one grandson that he loved to see come riding in, he knew I
didn't take shit from anyone including him and he loved it and never
challenged me he just made sure Grammy fed me well and laughed as I
teased and tried to pick a fight with Uncle Orly. I don't care if you
don't give a shit about long dead men men, I do and its my damned
email. I will say what I wish and to whom about whatever whenever I
want, just like Dawson. This was said to effect a proper introduction
of a man who is proud of from whence he came. I was raised by the old
school of simple, sincere and serious men. I am very greatful to them
for my life and liberty and their concern from my future. I do them
the service of passing thier teaching on to my seed. To hell with
anyone who thinks I should do different, particularly a sneaky cop on
his own agenda.

At the bottom is the text of a couple of my friend's Byon's recent
emails to me. One before I contacted you and one after. Jim, I saved
your voicemail to me as well as the first email that I sent to your
private address at your request. I kept our contact inconfidence until
you slammed me to Byron.

Apparently you thought I was bluffing. I do know how to play
poker. The best way I know how is to just play it straight and trust
my luck. When I see that Lady Luck has left my side, I leave the
table. However right now I would have to say that I am on a roll and
the other gamblers are hedging their bets or folding. I don't give a
shit if you don't understand my meaning. You ain't a whale that I am
playing against. You just run errands for them. I dealt with you
straight up in a private call between two men that understand the game
and I gave you fair warning of what I was up to. I am of no physical
threat to anyone except Whitey Bulger. He is wanted dead or alive and
for all I know he may already be dead but I don't think so. I truly
believe that his spends a lot of time uphome in the Maritimes. If he
or his bones turn up there, I have been purposely baiting him like any
good hunter that knows how to hunt a cagey bear. I want him or his
buddies to come to me on the ground I chose. Whereas no one has turned
up so far, I decided to do it the easy way and ask you to check the
dump after dark and share the reward. Now I want all the reward and
many authorities already know my opinion in that regard, including the
Commissioner of the RAMP. I did send you the proof of that byway of
Ted Cardwell and Danny Williams. I spoke of you only to Byron and a
few trusted friends. Now I see that my suspicions of you were true and
that you can't be trusted. Our first deal is off and I demand that you
act within the scope of your employment as is defined within your job
description and investigate my allegations.

I will send Danny Williams and Deering (the dude that chases fine
women in a rude way) hard copies of an FBI tape and many documents to
prove my sincerity and the fact that a fellow Canadian is in jeopardy
because he has cornered a lot of bad acting Yankees. That was why I
notified Mr. Easter a fellow Maritimer, long ago. It his job to come
to my defense or at least speak for me. McLellan, another Maritimer,
really screwed up when she referred me back to the very fellas that
were persecuting me. Sound familiar? Ask the fella that was shipped
off to Syria if he agrees with me or not. Can you understand why I am
starting to feel embarrassed to call myself a Maritimer? Do you
understand why I should come home and at least try to put Maritimers
in a better light? Not all of us are bad folk. Just the rich ones are.
Since most of us are poor it only follows that most of us are honest.
All we have to do is vote the rich ones out of office or impeach them.
Then have the new representatives take a hard look at our lazy civil
servants. Methinks some folks would vote for me on such a platform as
that. I figure to run against Irving's son in law who just switched
sides. What say you about my chances? Would you bet against my
success? Never mind, I know your answer and I won't waste time trying
to convince you otherwise. You live to high on the hog already to side
with poor folks. Can ya tell I am jerking your chain? Lets hear ya
growl or will you take the fifth like so many lawyers do. Because they
know I will you every word they say against them in a heartbeat. Check
me work.

Danny is a lawyer and Deering is a cop. They don't trust each
other out of the gate. Some tapes are already uphome for just in case
instances like now. This should get kinda comical and you are stuck in
the middle of them. Are you a political do bee or a cop? Do you trust
either of them? Since you have been talking to them about me, I will
free to talk to them about you. The first thing I will say is that you
were the first cop I told uphome where I thought Whitey Bulger is
sometimes. If they don't believe me or ignore me, we will argue about
it and I will call you as witness to my allegations. Your problem is
who else did I forward this email to and what will they say about you?
This email proves that you were well informed.

If you think I am in too much trouble with Yankees to be of any
help to my friend Byron, I am giving you cause to rethink that. I do
not pretend to be a tough guy but I am as mean as a snake and fairly
clever. As I said I was willing to split the bounty on Whitey Bulger
with you but not anymore. You must act as a proper cop now and go get
him yourself on the people's salary without reward. I will claim the
bounty in full because I gave the tip. If you don't snag him and
somebody else does in your neighborhood, a lot of people are going to
ask you why you didn't do your job. If you think that I should not be
sending a copy of a wiretap tape on the internet. Think again I
already have many documents (two from local District Attorneys and
several from US Attorneys) that say that the tapes are my concern not
theirs. You listen real close for yourself and decide who is bluffing.

Meanwhile you must have read the letter the Solicitor General
Annie baby sent me. Well I have followed her suggestion and everywhere
I may go I have been introducing myself to the local cops and telling
them some of what I know about this shit and then giving them a copy
of wiretap tape number 139. Ask around if you don't believe me. Danny
and Deering are all the RCMP Assistant Commissioners uphome will be
receiving their copies soon. Do you want one as well? Tis better that
you pay attention to the MP3 of it right now. It is kinda entertaining
in a Sopranos sort of way.

Who is in the shithouse now Jim? Do you really think I am in a lot
ot trouble with the governments or is the reverse true? You decide
that while you decide what are you going to do with your Newfound
knowledge of much corruption within the governments. Did you really
think I was kidding? Think hard before you press delete. This MP3 just
might save your own dumb ass. The guy who calls himself Al, I like as
a man with some sand. I have already made arrangements so that he will
get the original tape no matter what happens to me. Do you think he
should sue you too if you don't speak up and do your job? Good Day
Buddy and quit fucking with my friend Byron will ya? Say hey to Ted
and Danny for me and tell that old Bastard Hickman to go fuck himself.
If you dudes find me insulting so be it. Please sue me. My swear words
in emails don't hold a candle to Hickman's evil deeds and I will call
Byron to be my rebuttal witness to his actions if any of your buddies
wish to prosecute me..

I dealt with you in good faith Jim. It was you who pissed me off
but not to much so because I expected it after your dealings with
Byron. He is a fine man to call a friend, you are not. If your server
or mine will not allow such a large file to be sent byway of email, I
will send the recording to you in another fashion and simply forward
this email without it. Now what have you got to say?


David, you were right my computer is screwed again, it will bearly
move. I got the message about Ashcroft but my computer wouldn;t down
load the picture, bad shit. I also got an e-mail from the local cops
Const. Jim Case ,NFLD Constabulary, 709-729-8305 his direct line at
Headquarters, said the crown prosecuter Ted Cardwell sent him a copy
of the e-mail I sent him, now they will work full time to find
some-one to charge me with slander, finally some action, he said what
the truth is & justice for me aren't his concern, is job is to find
some-one to charge me. David, again, thankyou, I know from here on I
will never be alone & I thank you for that. In 2 days I know , you are
for real, if only some way everyone could see the REAL YOU elections
would be easy. I guess it will be a while before I can contact you
again when I get my computer back, maybe next week.
Byron Prior

Jim Case called today and said nothing you or Nicholson can do will
help me.They have closed the case permanently & said the inter net
company will stop me from sending e-mail soon because it's spam. I
know it's time to change my complete approach.

P.S. I tried to send the damned thing twice and it almost went but the
server pitched a fit. If you want to listen to it, just call Anne
McLellen. She should provide you with a copy. Or you can call any US
Attorney you wish or the FBI and the Secret Service. If they all deny
you the professional courtesy just wait you will receive your copies
from me shortly.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
To: Wayne, Elsie - M.P.
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2004 5:08 PM
Subject: Re: Regarding your e-mail

Elsie, I like you more and more. If anyone understands about
being forced to be away from his family its me. Give my mom a
call. Her laugh alone will make your day. To hell with the
smiling bastards in Ottawa their grins ain't genuine. Maritimers
can still find some fun in a long hard day :) Come to think of
it, maybe thats why the Upper Canadians think we are crazy. By
the way I have managed to get a rather famous lawyer to speak on
my wife's behalf down here while I run for Parliament uphome. But
before I go I have been invited to go fishing with Martha Stewart's
brother Frank in the Gulf of Mexico. My matters are about to bust
wide open down here. That is why I have chosen this time to make
appearance uphome. Once I make the news down here I will step
on the stump uphome.

Best Regards

----- Original Message -----
From: Wayne, Elsie - M.P.
To: David Amos
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 3:42 PM
Subject: RE: Regarding your e-mail

Dear Dave,

I try to respond to as many people as I can. We do get a lot of email
around here.... I decided to retire because I truly miss my family.
It's hard being on the road back and forth by yourself. It gets very

God Bless,

-----Original Message-----
From: David Amos []
Sent: March 22, 2004 3:28 PM
To: Wayne, Elsie - M.P.
Subject: Re: Regarding your e-mail

No problem, Elsie. By the way my mom is a fan of yours. She told
me you were quitting. Too bad if it is true.You are the first
politician to respond to me. That fact alone wins my respect. Ask
around Saint John about me in certain circles I am fairly well
known. You may even know my sister, Nancy and her husband, Reid
Chedore. Perhaps you crossed paths with my dad C. Max Amos he was
a tax Supervisor for the Province years ago. And maybe even my
mom's second husband, Lloyd Nickerson, from Fredericton. He was
somewhat of a political person whereas my dad was not. (Lloyd was
chief electoral officer for about twelve years and did run as a
Conservative) If you wish to warm my mom's heart please give her
a call and simply say that you appreciate her good words about
you to her wild child Dalevid. She will get the joke. She is
always confusing me with another brother. Her name is Anna and
her number is 506 455 xxxx. Do with it what you will. Trust me I
would love to see another out spoken Maritimer step up to the
plate and speak of rights and wrongs. The sooner that I can go
back to being just Papa the happier my little Clan will be. I
would truly appreciate if someone would let my mom know that they
are at least aware of my concerns whether they agree with me or not.

Best Regards

----- Original Message -----
From: Wayne, Elsie - M.P.
To: David Amos
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 2:15 PM
Subject: RE: Regarding your e-mail

Thank you for the notice.

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2004 10:04 PM
Subject: R.W.(Rob)Nicholson

Mr. Amos:

Thank you for your email. The Prior case is indeed bizarre at best. It is
clear to anyone who is even vaguely familiar with this case the a simple
blood test would indeed clarify if not resolve this extremely serious
issue. Why this has not been done is very curious to say the least. With
the consistent and ever growing allegations of judicial corruptions being
voiced all across Canada one can only assume what the delay in bringing
this case before the courts may be.

With due diligence and constant pressure from multiple sources it will be
possible to initiate sufficient pressure on the Newfoundland provincial
government and the police agencies involved to resolve this case.


R.W.(Rob)Nicholson - R.W.Nicholson & Associates

As you can see, I am a friend of his.
Do you have a phone number so we can talk?
mine is 617 240 6698

-----Original Message-----
From: David Amos []
Sent: March 16, 2004 2:07 PM
To: Wayne, Elsie - M.P.
Subject: Fw: Regarding your e-mail

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 2:06 PM
Subject: Fw: Regarding your e-mail

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From: David Amos
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 2:05 PM
Subject: Fw: Regarding your e-mail

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From: David Amos
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 2:03 PM
Subject: Fw: Regarding your e-mail

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
To: Correspondance Deputy Prime Minister/Vice premier ministre
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 1:57 PM
Subject: Re: Regarding your e-mail

I already received Anne's response. Can't you people read what
you wrote to me? Why else would I be so pissed off?
I am who I say I am and that is as follows:

David R. Amos
153 Alvin Ave,
Milton, MA. 02186
Phone 617 240-6698

Now just exactly who are you Mr. Correspondence Deputy Prime
Minister and are you a lawyer?

----- Original Message -----
From: "Correspondance Deputy Prime Minister/Vice premier
ministre" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 1:34 PM
Subject: Regarding your e-mail

If you wish to receive a response to your comments addressed
to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety and
Emergency Preparedness, please include your return mailing
address along with your original e-mail message. All official
responses will be sent by regular mail.

If you wish to send correspondence addressed to the Minister
through the regular mail, please use the following mailing

The Honourable A. Anne McLellan
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety
and Emergency Preparedness
340 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0P8

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From: David Amos
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 12:02 AM
Subject: Fw: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

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From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:59 PM
Subject: Fw: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

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From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:57 PM
Subject: Fw: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

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From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:50 PM
Subject: Fw: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

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From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:46 PM
Subject: Fw: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

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From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:43 PM
Subject: Fw: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

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From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:41 PM
Subject: Fw: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

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From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:38 PM
Subject: Fw: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:37 PM
Subject: Fw: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:37 PM
Subject: Fw: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:35 PM
Subject: Fw: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:34 PM
Subject: Fw: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:32 PM
Subject: Read real slow then forget what is politically correct.

Deal with your own conscience. After that try to think of a good
reason why I should not run for Parliament and at least speak my
mind about the sad state of our affairs.

You know who I am. If you don't, trust me, you are way behind
the eight ball.

Once I make my mark in the American Justice System and political
process, I am coming home to stress test the ethics of many a
lawyer/politician in my nativeland during the course of the next
federal election.

My question to all of you will be why did you wait for me to say
something? Am I the only one paying any attention. Even Jesus got
mad a time or two and tore up a temple when he saw all the money
changing hands in a place that should not be concerned about such
things. But forget about the money for a minute. What did he have
to say about anyone that harmed a child?

Rest assured I will remind you.

Although I ain't religious, I must say that Jesus had more of sand
than most men and he made some very good points about what is right
and what is wrong. Can any of you even hold a candle to Byron? He
has at least one friend that will back him up all the way down the line.
I don't mind dying it is what I didn't do while I was living that will
haunt me in in my grave.

What is the golden rule these days? Is it truly a fact that he with the
gold makes the rules. Do you think voters agree with that fact?

What say you?

Canadian Corruption
Sexual Abuse & Political & Legal Conspiracy.
RCMP Incompetence & Cover up.
Priors Of Grand Bank NFLD Canada

How do I get a corrupt legal system to investigate, charge and convict
itself? After years of asking the Canadian Legal System to do its job,
it's long past time to inform the public myself about this lack of action
or justice.

If T. Alex Hickman, Justice Minister, 1966 to 1979 also Health Minister
1968 to 1969 and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland
1979 to 2000,

rapes and impregnates your younger sister Susan, at 12 years old, and in
grade 8, what would you do? At 12 years old she was the youngest child
ever,in Grand Bank,to have a baby.

I am willing to take any tests and answer all questions regarding my entire
life. All he has to do is take one blood test. It's time for him to stop
manipulating our legal system and face the truth which I have been telling
the legal System,and anyone else who would listen, all of my life.

I didn't just awake one morning and decide to accuse the most powerful
and most corrupt legal animal in this province. I have had, no childhood, no
education, no family, no hometown, no self- esteem or self-respect and no
past, present or future as a contributing person.

By the time I was 14 years old I was responsible for 9 younger children, all
of us abused and molested while our hometown either joined in, bothered us
about our situation, or looked the other way and said we were all trouble.

Our mother has always been a hypochondriac and married prostitute in a
town of 2500 people. She can go blind instantly, become a cripple instantly,
go insane instantly and even convinced the doctors at our Health Science
Center 4 years ago she was dying of cancer.

They called her family and said she had a maximum of two weeks to live, but
out of every situation she can instantly become well. This person is a disgrace
to the human race . I am Byron Prior, the oldest of her 12 children.

(A) I was sexually abused by my mother from age 4 to 14.

(B) Physically beaten by my mother until I bleed because I tried to stop her
friends and family from molesting my younger sisters.

(C) Sent next door with my mother's gay boyfriend almost daily for money
from age 5 to 14.

(D) Brought to her drunk girlfriend's summer cabin to be sexually abused for

(E) Had to clean the blood from my 4 year old sister after she was sexually
molested by our grandfather
and left on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood.

(F) Had to watch while my oldest sister had three miscarriages and two children
by the age of 15. One child for a member of the Newfoundland Government when
she was 12, and a second child when she was 15 for another Politician, a girl,
Majorie and a boy, Arron. In 1983 the girl, age 15, was given an
illegal abortion
in Montreal with everything arranged and paid for with spending money for her
and my sister Joan, by a friend of the family.

This girl has worked for Hickman's family business from high school to
this day.
Five of my sisters and one brother suffered similar abuse as I did.
Why is this
situation allowed to continue for more than 40 years and ruin all my
families lives?
Is it because,

(A) Our mothers past customers are politically connected and run our
legal system.

(B) Our mothers past customers are Grand Bank business men whose children are
now politicians.

(C) One of our mothers family is a big wheel with organized crime all
of his adult
life and is a partner to politicians.

(D) Is it because two of her past customers are Salvation Army
officers, who came
by to help us but became customers as well.

(E) Is it because all of North America is corrupt and a family of 12
really means
nothing to anyone when business and politics are concerned in an
economy controlled
by corruption.

(F) Is it to cover up Child rape and corruption by T. Alex Hickman and
a business
family with influence and business contacts all across Canada.

The legal system now tells us justice for my family and I are three
charges against one
mentally delayed man with a judge and jury at the T. Alex Hickman
building in the same
town where we spent our entire lives with abuse and persecution.

Two R.C.M.P. officers and the Crown prosecutors office will make no
effort to have the
location changed. Again there will be NO JUSTICE SERVED and as much
covered up as

This I'm told will begin in Sept. 2001, at Grand Bank, NFLD I spoke
with the Crown
Prosecutor on Sept,18/01. He said his office has been trying to get
the complete
investigation reports from the RCMP for more than two years now and to
this date still
hasn't received them. He said this was in his experience, the first
time he had ever seen
such an unexplained delay to get information.

On Nov 29/01 I'm told by Victim services, this has changed to
Jan.11/02 for a trial date
to be set.

FR: Sister Donna.

To whom it may concern: 04/13/98 There are many horrors that I can recall from
childhood. Byron's too frequent trips to the woodshed next door; his
having to sleep in the
same bed as our Mother;

his little hands, palms down, being held on the hot coal stove burner;
the never ending
beatings with belt buckles; braided nylon ropes; old- fashioned
ironing cords; hot tea thrown
in our faces or the face of my Father; knives and forks thrown at us;
hot grease thrown at us
or our Father; continual molestation - sexual - to myself and other
siblings; continual verbal
and emotional abuse; at eight years old I was locked in the cupboard
under the stairs for hours
with rats crawling around me because my little brother had misplaced
his baby bottle while I
was in charge of him; continual abandonment when Mother would take her
vacation and leave us
at seven and eight years old to take care of ourselves and the babies;

being forced to quit school to go to work to provide yet more money
for our beloved Mother; my younger brother,
Allan, being thrown into jail for no legitimate reason, other than she
wanted him out of the house - by the way; if you
check, you will also find that there is no record of his
incarceration; the abuse that we suffered was, and remains,
never ending........

Our lives have been destroyed. We all suffer from severe emotional
problems. We have extreme difficulty trusting others.
We cannot form loving relationships.

It is very difficult for us to allow others to get that close to us
without pushing them away. All we ever wanted was
someone to love us for who we were; but, when we get close to others,
we tend to sabotage those relationships -

The cycle of abuse continued with my own daughter. My younger brother,
Randell, molested her from the age of four years.
This fact my daughter was afraid to confide to me until a year and a
half ago. May God have mercy on his soul because
"I Don't"!!!!

Both Byron and myself have tried to have those in authority - RCMP,
Social Services, Clergy and Teachers help us, but, our
cries for help fell on deaf ears. We were, to them, a disposible
family of liars and children with overactive imaginations.

Nothing can make the nightmares go away. Even the sleeping pills don't
work anymore. It has to end! There has to be justice
and a sense of closure for all of us. Please, if we stop this cycle of
insanity from happening to other innocent children, then
maybe our lives would have not totally been in vain. You are our hope.
Please help us to find justice.

Sincerely Yours,

Sharl (Donna) Prior

FR: Brother Allan.

April 14, 1998

A letter of Shame;
This letter concerns what happened to my family and myself.

The things that I remember are also the things I try to forget. I'm
not very good with words so I will only tell you a few things of
many which have happened within my family.

Leather belts, ironing cords, ropes were only some things I was beaten
with so many times I can't count. Verbal and mental abuse,
the same humilating things that were done to my sisters and brothers.

Girls having to pull down their pants and pea in their underwear for
our mothers long time friend, for money. I remember our mother
going into a bedroom with him and coming out some time later. We have
a brother and sister (who I love) who look and act like this guy.

I expect, without much doubt, are his. I remember the abuse to my
father, a man I loved with all my heart. Attacks on him with anything
our mother could put her hands on, knives, hot water, chasing him out
of the house. This man was home maybe a day every ten, and she
would blame him for everything and when Dad wasn't around, we were
blamed for everything, which was anything.

This is a woman who every chance she had would call the police on me
to try to have me charged with something.

This was when she couldn't beat me anymore because I was a little
older, but she still had to have control over me. This was a small
in Newfoundland with a population of 3500 people. So she would have me
taken away from my home by the police and I would have
nowhere else to go, this was control over me and she knew it.

I would have to kiss ass just to have a roof over my head. (Of course
this was after my father had passed away.

He was afraid of her but he would never have let her do this to me.)

This is a woman that had me put in jail during Christmas and New
Year's when I was very young. This was for trying to teach my niece
homework, she said I had to ask her.

Education was not something she was concerned about for her kids.

All she wanted was when I had turned 15 was to get out of school and
go to work in the fish plant so I could pay my way every week.

She would loan me $20 and I would have to repay her $40 plus rent.

This woman has a lot of problems. I do not hate her because she is my
mother but I do not like her as a person.

I finally got out and moved to Ontario, uneducated with no direction,
but out. I really haven't had any contact with her since then and have
not seen her since.

I think because of all these things and many more which as happened to
me and things I saw that had happened to other members of my family
is the reason I have a hard time to meet anyone, develop a
relationship, or hold down a job.

I'm always lost, I don't know if I should see a doctor or if it's just
me, I'm lost.

The way I am now is the way the rest also is, it must be because of
her, take a look, it has to be.

I'm writing this letter now so that this woman and the others who knew
what was happening but did nothing face up and admit what happened.

All of my family have the same problems and the same memories which
affect our lives. This is something I have never spoken about with
but now maybe it's time. Hopefully, this will help me start to became
a real person a whole person.

Please do what you know is the right thing to do.

Sincerely yours,
Allan Prior

To Whom It May Concern:
July 24, 2001

My name is Byron Prior. I'm the oldest living of these 12 children.

I not only had to live through my abuse but, watch as the rest of
my sisters and brother were abused and raped.

Three of my sisters raped, 1 by a grandfather at the age of 4,
a second raped by T. Alex Hickman, Justice Minister, at age 12
& Bill Matthews & friends from 13 on.

A third sister raped by a young man in our home town. The legal
system are only concerned with keeping all this under cover and
protect themselves.

Please people, if you have a heart, walk one day in my shoes
and tell me you would just forget because these bureaucrats
say so.

I have copies of my full statement on all the details of what
happened, which I gave the R.C.M.P. on March 9, 1998, 52.5
hours at their office.

I will send it to anyone who will send me an E-mail address.

I will never forget the abuse, shame, and persecution to this day,
from the animals who did this to my family.

Byron Prior

On April 3, 2000, the second in command of the R.C.M.P. for all
of Canada, said in an interview from Toronto, organized crime
totally controls Canadian businesses and affects every Canadians
daily life, from video arcades to laundry mats.

This is very sad, here in Canada we are lost and we all need help.
Here in Newfoundland our Dictator, T. Alex Hickman, has had his
hands in our Political and legal systems from 1957 to this very day.

His family and friends control everything, including whether
my family and I ever get justice for what was done to us in the
town of Grand Bank.

We've tried for justice at least 9 times from Police, Social
Services, Clergy and Family members. This last attempt started
on March 9/98.

On July 24/98 an RCMP officer told me they have enough
information to charge our mother and one boyfriend now.

On February 25/00 an RCMP officer said he was recommending
the justice department should lay 35 charges against several

This officer was taken off the case, transferred from Grand
Bank to St. John's custom's department position and his wife
transferred to a new position in St. John's with Provincial social
services department.

To this day August 20/01 only 3 charges are laid against one
mentally delayed boyfriend and no trial date set yet . The trial
date has been set for April 29/02.

On April 5/02 I spoke with the Crown Attorney, Ted Cardwell,
he said the only two witnesses for the trial on our behalf will
be my sister Joan and me.

The investigating officer John Warr of the RCMP is not
necessary, my therapist of two years is not necessary, my
social worker from victim services is not necessary and my
sister Joan's therapist is not necessary.

It seems to me like the final verdict has already been decided
and again for the victims there is no justice. The Court did not
proceed on April 29/02.

It was found by the Judge and both attorneys that they did not
have an unbiased jury toward the defendant and another attempt
to find a jury in this same town will be made again on May 21/02.

This is also the home town of my family and I and I asked the
Crown Attorney, at the beginning of this trial, if it could be held
in a neutral town to be fair to my family and I.

If you have read some of the statements in this web site guest
book you can understand why I made this request. It seems all
consideration is given for the defendant but none for the victims.

The R.C.M.P. freely admit that they are in position of 3
statements I had given them about the abuse in our family
when I was a child but for some reason will not make these
statements available to me or my lawyer. I would like you to
read this request made of the R.C.M.P. by a local law firm on

May 16/01 via fax (279-1871):
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Marystown Detachment
Marystown, Nfld.
Attention: Constable Jackie Remillard

Dear Constable Remillard:: Re: Our Client - Mr Byron Prior

Further to the above and to our various past communications,
most particularly our letter of February 16/ 01, despite the
passage of several months we have yet to receive the
information requested at that time. As it is ordinarily a
straightforward matter to obtain, with that person's consent,
the statements of a complainant we are at a loss to explain to
our client why our request has not been answered to date.

We would, therefore, appreciate your early attention to this
matter and look forward to the immediate receipt of the
requested material.

Trusting the above to be satisfactory.
Yours very truly

Questions for John Warr, R.C.M.P. lead investigator who will no
longer speak with me personally.

1. Why would you say most of the R.C.M.P. Officers and Doctors in
my case are retired and you couldn't find them now. Don't any of
them get a pension? What address is that sent to?

2. Why did you tell two witnesses who volunteered information - a
lady from Garnish and a man from Fortune, that this case would be
very messy and they should think very hard before volunteering
information, you would contact them in a couple of days for an
appointment. They both changed their minds about witnessing.

3. Why didn't you question witnesses whose names you were given at
the beginning of this case four years ago. People in Ontario and people
15 minutes from your office. One witness #85 & 86 in my guest book
on my website and others who have telephoned me.

4. Why did you go to a Grand Bank business man, who had no information
about this case, more than 2 years ago and tell him there was a very
messy case coming up soon involving my family and I. Then immediately
after you were transferred and only 3 charges laid against one person.

5. Why is the lead investigator not a necessary witness in this case?
You investigated and recommended the charges be laid, you must have
some information regarding this case.

6. Why in 2 years of your investigation, did you not once approach or ask
Harriett Prior one question at all? After all these years of reporting to
the R.C.M.P. can everyone see why I have to inform the public myself.

On April 19/00 our Prime Minister is in the Middle East fighting for Basic
Human rights. Here in your own house Mr. Prime Minister we need Basic
Human Rights also. We are now fighting in Afganistan for the rights of
abused and persecuted people, most of whom are women, please allow
my family and I some personal rights and dignity here in Canada.

If anyone requires more info I have statements to Police, names and positions
of all persons involved and letters from family members on what has happened
to our dysfunctional family.

Please contact us at or call (709) 834-9822 Byron Prior.

After you view our site please tell your friends and e-mail, or, and tell him, Justice for The Prior family of Grand
Bank NFLD.
is long past due, you need to give them Justice today. Visit their website at

I Look forward to living with Democracy, Freedom and Justice for my
family also,
here in Canada. For additional informational pages go to the links at
the top left of
our homepage.

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