Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Yo Rod Knecht and Dale McGowan your perverted shill Mr Bacontfat is still threatening my kids with your complete knowledge and assent CORRECT?

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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 22:12:11 -0300
Subject: Yo Rod Knecht and Dale McGowan your perverted shill Mr
Bacontfat is still threateneing my kids with your complete knowledge
and assent CORRECT?
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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 18:54:59 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: The Fat Fred City Finest's shill Chucky Leblanc needs to
check his own work it was Leanne Fitch who was in charge his false
arrest in 2009 yet he remained her best buddy for years
To: David Amos <>

David, unlike you I remember what I write....I stand by what I wrote,
and why I wrote it!

Do you think what happened to Robin Reid can happen to your kids?

Thursday, June 6, 2013
David Amos, "his work," Robin Reid and Spring Time Corpses
It has been a late Spring here in Alberta, so much for "global
warming, eh! Decomposing corpses of derelicts, homeless animals, lost
hookers, and other deceased human garbage is turning up long river
banks, parks and other secluded places, as they each and every year.
So where is Robin Reid? Does anyone care? Little Robin Reid used to
frequent Alberta Member of Parliament Brent Rathgerber's constituency
office frequently to protest the loss of her "mental and physical
human rights." The RCMP on several occasions were called, ultimately
resulting in her being taken the "quiet room" in the looney bin.

Robin Reid used to commiserate in E mail to David Amos, how, former
Alberta Premier Ralph Klein sent "goons to break her arm. I would
suggest a diseased hooker's ranting would not warrant anyone any one's

My "friend" and junior David Amos has been up all night in Fredericton
New Brunswick sending mass e mailings to politicians, police, Canadian
Forces officers, and SPCA dog catchers whining, complaining about my
blog, whilst claiming the importance of "his work," whatever that is.

Whenever David Amos is not destitute, homeless or when he can con or
coerce someone to house and feed him, David spends each and every
night pounding furiously and feverishly on his computer keyboard. He E
mails every politician, and or bureaucrat he think of to tell us all,
to tell us how he was "the man" that sent Bernie Madoff and Whitey
Bulger to jail.

Whenever David Amos can mooch an existence from some dupe, he spends
each and every night pounding out vitriol, venom and self
aggrandizement to all silly enough to open his e mails, or read them.
He used to spend his time frequenting computer " phone in radio talk
shows" like Republic Radio and Liberty Radio until even they tired
quickly of his incoherence and insanity.

So where is little Zorro Boy, David? Is she feeding the coyotes, in
the bush or is she already fish shit in the Bow River? Isn't it a good
thing you have never been able to get out here or could not even ion
the best day you ever had?

Oh dear, here I am still blogging after all these years,
notwithstanding your pathetic efforts to stop me.
Posted by Seren at 9:05 AM

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