Monday, 17 June 2013

The silence of many corrupt cops speak volumes more about the sad state of affairs than what two fat little zionists in Alberta publish on the Internet EH?

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 23:20:22 -0300
Subject: Enough is Enough It is obviously Way Past High Time that I
talk to Rehteah Parsons' parents EH?
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Out of respect for her family I believe this is the first time I ever
wrote Rehtaeh Parsons name. However somebody should make them and the
corrupt cops well aware of what the evil bastards in Alberta are
writing about them if only for relief from the attacks on my children
and I.

The words of the evil little men attacking my children speak volumes
without further input from me to explain my contempt towards the
greedy little people employed throughtout incompetent justic system

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos
902 800 0369

Dean Roger Ray 5 hours ago

How did your wife ever get attracted to you did she have a hairy
fetish and did she cough up fir balls once in a while?
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Dean Roger Ray 5 hours ago

David Raymond Amos version of raising kid is to give them a bong for
their birthday and let them go online and smoke crack. How often does
she come to you for a fix and how much profit do you lose looking
after family needs? When she is hopelessly addicted did you send her
back to her mom to deal with?
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Charles Leblanc, Glen Canning, Rehtaeh Parsons and "cyber-bullies."

Stephen Harper says Ottawa will stop cyber-bullying! He Has met or
meeting with the "family" Parsons for a photo op and lend some
perception of credence to this abject political propaganda. But
notwithstanding this political posturing, there will be no
"criminalizing bullying or cyber-bullying or amending the Criminal
Code of Canada. My first reaction is: How the fuck are you going to do

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Glen Canning's and Leah Parsons' "Fifteen Minutes" of Dubious Fame

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rehtaeh Parson's Suicide was Because XXXXXXX

RCMP in New Brunswick received some help from the provincial
government today in the fight against online predators.

The New Brunswick government announced a new $800,000 investment to
the Internet child exploitation unit.

The investment will allow police to add eight new officers, who will
work exclusively on hunting online predators, to the division.

Rothesay Regional Police Chief Stephen McIntyre says a stronger
Internet child exploitation unit is needed given the growing number of
incidents in the province. (CTV Atlantic)

"As access to the Internet proliferates, then obviously you get more
people online and more targets are identified," says RCMP Insp. Kevin

"Cyberbullying is another big problem, said Bossé, citing some recent
cases in other jurisdictions where youth committed suicide because of
bullying over the internet..

"These are really important issues and we're going to have to have a
look at it and see what, if anything we can do to prevent it," said
Bossé, a Saint John lawyer and partner with the firm McInnes Cooper.

He was appointed last week to the job, which Bernard Richard, the
province's first child and youth advocate, called a "huge and
difficult file."

Christian Whalen had been the interim child and youth advocate for two
years after Richard retired from the position in 2011."

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 21:43:55 -0300
Subject: RE Way Past High Time to sue Tell Steve Graham and Ross
Laundry they better talk to me before I talk to the Parsons
To: " \"bob.paulson\""
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"mclaughlin.heather" <>, acampbell
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jacques boucher <>, oldmaison
Cc: David Amos <>, "Pierre.Beaudoin"
<>, "brent.blackmore"

Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 12:02:35 -0400
From: "Murphy, Michael B. \(DH/MS\)"

January 30, 2007


Mr. David Amos

Dear Mr. Amos:

This will acknowledge receipt of a copy of your e-mail of December 29,
2006 to Corporal Warren McBeath of the RCMP. Because of the nature of
the allegations made in your message, I have taken the measure of
forwarding a copy to Assistant Commissioner Steve Graham of the RCMP
"J" Division in Fredericton.


Honourable Michael B. Murphy
Minister of Health

Cpl. Scott MacRae
Media Relations
Halifax District RCMP
Cell: (902) 488-2830

Just so you know

If I see my daughters' faces in the corporate media or on this French
bastard's blog I will sue everybody twice

15:00 Grace Amos might be Mrtrolicious
by Teslabrotherhood7 • 158 views


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David Amos 3 months ago

Well Pervert your fanboyz should Google your old Nazi butt buddy
Werner Bock and Aliens to see the video you stole from me and
retitled with your UFO bullsit YOU should give your pal John Green of
QSLS in Fat Fred City a call when you get out of jail EH Dirty Dicky
Dean aka Deab Roger Ray? In the "Mean: time say Hoka Hey to you wacko
mother, dumb Mayor Samson and evil Sgt Gary Rhodes of Sylvan Lake for
me will ya? They all know you as just a nasty FED shill who
cvberstalked my kids for years

David Amos 4 months ago

The RCMP in Sylvan Lake Alberta should ask their evil shill Dean Roger
Ray aka Dirty Dicky Dean who I am talking to and about what as was
recorded within this video. FYI the DUMB CORRUPT COPS BIG CLUE for
over a year has been the photo of MY underage daughter that that sick
perverts such as Dean Roger Ray, Dana Durnford, Eddy Atchem, Ryan
Elson and Mr Baconfat have loved to make fun of or threaten and
sexually harass since 2007 CORRECTStaff Sergeant Gary Rhodes and
Sergeant Michelle Boutin??? ·

Teslabrotherhood7 1 year ago

Looking over my old David Raymond Amos files he connects to cps!
Child protection services in Canada and the states connects to Ewen
Camerons work which was banned from the states and continued in

Teslabrotherhood7 1 year ago

David Raymond Amos your even linked to silencing people when they were
drugging kids with attention deficit disorder. They would grab welfare
kids whos parents were on assistance and give them a nasty letter that
their child is being monitored. Then they would prescribe drugs made
by Ewen Cameron. What was that drug ritalin and some other dangerous
drug. ·

Teslabrotherhood7 1 year ago

Did you really think I was clueless Amos?

Teslabrotherhood7 1 year ago

oops forgot to put hells angels in the tags brb.

Teslabrotherhood7 1 year ago

David Amos's kid uploads a video and even mentions a friend who
contacts her in the hideaway. She has this video on a channel she used
to stalk me. Amos you taught her well I should of added when you were
in the interview bragging how you use to work for RCMP as a shill
ratting on Hells Angels.·

Teslabrotherhood7 1 year ago

Grace I am sure Canadian tire franchise is mighty proud of your daddys work.
Reply ·

Teslabrotherhood7 1 year ago

How are you Grace how is the spy life?

Teslabrotherhood7 1 year ago

David Raymond Amos was also key in silencing farmers who were exposed
to a urainium mine and their cattle were dieing.

Teslabrotherhood7 1 year ago

David Raymond Amos was an agent who went after Byron pryor to shut him
up. David Raymond Amos also fought Anonymous trolls stearing me onto
makaelectric then Montagraph. I decided to embarrass him showing i was
the better agent for the task and destroyed Montagraph and
makaelectric for them.

Teslabrotherhood7 1 year ago

The voice is a bit different but in both videos there is a mention of
woods and isolation. I think the area is Chapman one of Amos safe

Teslabrotherhood7 1 year ago

If I am right Vonhelton was being hacked! lol you have a David Amos infection.

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