Thursday, 13 June 2013

Mr Baconfat your Sick Fans should review ALL your words and just a few from two lawyers to see who is whipped and who is not

From: David Amos <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2013 00:22:10 -0300
Subject: Mr Baconfat your Sick Fans should review ALL your words and
just a few from two lawyers to see who is whipped and who is not
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Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 19:43:49 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: Recent update of the evil blog of Mr Harper's, Premier
Redford's, Mayor Mandell Rod Knecht's and Dale McGowan's best butt
buddy Mr Baconfat
To: David Amos <>

I can see that in a the "success" you have had through the years. You
are still crying, and I am still blogging.

You have called folk names for years and can't seem to understand why
no one wants anything to do with you or listens to you.

Face it David. YOU are a beaten man, beaten by me

FEDERAL EXPRES February 7, 2006
Senator Arlen Specter
United States Senate
Committee on the Judiciary
224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Mr. Specter:

I have been asked to forward the enclosed tapes to you from a man
named, David Amos, a Canadian citizen, in connection with the matters
raised in the attached letter. Mr. Amos has represented to me that
these are illegal FBI wire tap tapes. I believe Mr. Amos has been in
contact with you about this previously.

Very truly yours,
Barry A. Bachrach
Direct telephone: (508) 926-3403
Direct facsimile: (508) 929-3003

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From: Lisa Porteous <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2013 14:46:22 +0000
Subject: RCMP
To: David Amos <>


Thank you for your email inquiring about our class action against the
RCMP. As you may know, the Notice of Claim was filed in the British
Columbia Supreme Court on March 27, 2012. The lawsuit has been
brought by former RCMP constable Janet Merlo on behalf of female RCMP
members. Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with your claim.

We recommend that you contact Mr. Barry Carter of Mair Jensen Blair
LLP to discuss any claim you may have against the RCMP for harassment.
His contact information is as follows:

Mr. Barry Carter
Mair Jensen Blair LLP
1380-885 W. Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 3E8
Phone: 604-682-6299
Fax 1-604-374-6992

This is not intended to be an opinion concerning the merits of your
case. In declining to represent you, we are not expressing an opinion
as to whether you should take further action in this matter.

You should be aware that there may be strict time limitations within
which you must act in order to protect your rights. Failure to begin
your lawsuit by filing an action within the required time may mean
that you could be barred forever from pursuing a claim. Therefore, you
should immediately contact another lawyer ( as indicated above) to
obtain legal advice/representation.

Thank you again for considering our firm.

Yours truly,

Lisa Porteous
Case Manager/Paralegal

Suite 400-1385 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver BC V6H 3V9 Canada
Office 604.874.7171
Fax 604.874.7180
Direct 604.714.6533

This email is confidential and may be protected by solicitor-client
privilege. It is intended only for the use of the person to whom it is
addressed. Any distribution, copying or other use by anyone else is
strictly prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, please
telephone us immediately and destroy this e-mail.

Please consider the environment before printing this email.

----- Original Message -----
From: "David Amos" <>
To: "Rob Talach" <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 10:59 PM
Subject: Re: Attn Robert Talach and I should talk ASAP about my suing
the Catholic Church Trust that Bastarache knows why

The date stamp on about page 134 of this old file of mine should mean
a lot to you

Obviously I am the guy the USDOJ and the SEC would not name who is the
link to Madoff and Putnam Investments

Here is why

Notice the transcripts and webcasts of the hearing of the US Senate
Banking Commitee are still missing? Mr Emory should at least notice
Eliot Spitzer and the Dates around November 20th, 2003 in the
following file

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