Saturday, 29 June 2013

It has been over four years and still the Indians Chucky Leblanc and all the activists and corrupt cops he adores won't say shit about his blogging butt buddy Mr Baconfat

From: Josh Paterson <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 14:26:31 -0400
Subject: Out of Office: It has been over four years and still the
Indiand Chucky Leblanc and all the activists and corrupt cops he
adores won't say shit about his blogging butt buddy Mr Baconfat
To: David Amos <>

I will be on vacation from Tuesday June 25 through Monday July 1. Your
email has been filed for future reading.

On Tuesday June 25 and Wednesday June 26:
Media please call Grace Pastine, Litigation Director, at 604-630-9751
or email at For urgent administrative matters please
also contact Grace or Jim Braunagel at

On Thursday June 27 and Friday June 28:
Media please call Micheal Vonn, Policy Director, at 604-630-9753 or
email at
Media inquiries related to litigation, please call Grace Pastine,
Litigation Director, at 604-630-9751 or email at For
urgent administrative matters please contact Micheal Vonn above or Jim
Braunagel at

I will review and reply to email when I return. Thank you.

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 15:26:06 -0300
Subject: It has been over four years and still the Indiand Chucky
Leblanc and all the activists and corrupt cops he adores won't say
shit about his blogging butt buddy Mr Baconfat
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Go Figure.

Friday, June 28, 2013
Rob Glencross is a Cunt!

Rob Glencross an "urban" New Brunswicker living in Fredericton "via
Rexton," tells New Brunswick Premier Alward....

That he is: "Not a Politician nor a lobbyist.
I am not an industrialist nor am I a capitalist.
I am not as an economist nor am I a physician.
I am not an academic, nor am I a scientist.
I am not a conservative, nor am I a liberal.
I am a father, and I am a son.
I am a brother and I am an uncle.
I am a partner, and I am a friend.
I am a lover, and a fighter.
I am a New Brunswicker..."

What our "friend" Rob Glencross has not told us is, he is a criminal.
He is uneducated, a prevaricator, and he, and his "children, if he has
any, they are less than white trash.

Mr. Glencross considers his and minority of New Brunswicker's less the
erudite opinion, to be holy writ, their fears all consuming, and ideas
paramount to the government's and the majority of New Brunswickers.

Mr. Glencross posted on Charles Leblanc's blog a poorly written, and
spelled propaganda about the evils if seismic exploration and the
government's exercising due diligence regarding the idea of developing
New Brunswick's now relatively unknown shale gas deposits.

The abject hypocrisy of Mr. Glencross and the minority constituency
of Indians and white trash he is part of is staggering. Thirty-five
percent of all New Brunswick's government, wages, social programmes
and health care is subsidized by equalization and federal transfers
paid by Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC, and Newfoundland, who have
developed their resources. So whilst Mr. Glencross and his "happy few"
are outraged by the idea of New Brunswick developing its resources
and no longer being a burden to the people of the rest of Canada, most
New Brunswickers just want jobs, and economic opportunity.

In short as you have seen by Mr. Glencross' preamble to what he calls
his "letters of construction," are all about him, and are actually
letters of prevarication, and propaganda. Betwixt forty and fifty
jurisdictions in North America are either developing shale gas or are
considering doing so without the consequences whined about by Mr.
Glencross, his white trash sycophants, and uneducated Indians.

Mr. Glencross and his "associates" are criminals and terrorists. They
are illegally blockading public transportation infrastructure,
assaulting SWN employees, vandalizing vehicles and have destroyed by
fire seismic drilling equipment. Those are criminal acts, terrorist
acts, and no where near "peaceful protest."

Notwithstanding Mr. Glencross' sanctimonious bleatings otherwise, he
is a significant part of the violent acts of a minority of New
Brunswickers. He stands with them but doesn't have the intestinal
fortitude to actually commit the acts himself. He is not the self
described "climate parent" he claims but a despicable coward.

He is like all the so called "activists" and "defenders of "Mother
Earth," simply walking, talking old, decrepit female sex organs. That
no one in New Brunswick is actually listening to. These "people's
"message" is gaining no purchase in New Brunswick's sloth, indolent
and pogey based "culture."

In Alberta, white trash like Mr. Glencross would be dealt with, with
several 30.30 rounds and a shallow final resting place, or a septic

Oh dear, when it comes to folks like Rob Glencross "via Rexton," its
always, all about them!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Jenn Wambolt is Fucked In The Head. A soon to be Suicide

Jenn Wambolt is fucked in the head, and her "husband" Rusty was a
"soft" rugby player. Jenn Wambolt has an extensive criminal history,
and up to now, has been able to avoid incarceration. But she is going
to be incarcerated this time, for the offense of breeching her
probation. Ms. Wambolt and her "friend" Charles Leblanc both have
extensive records and both feel that terms of recognizance and
criminal sentences are negotiable. They aren't.

One reports to one's probation officer at the appointed time, at the
appointed place, or one ends up in jail Jenn Wambolt is fucked in the
head. She was told by Judge Julian Dickson that she was to appear in
court for sentencing in September, and be prepared to go to jail. Ms.
Wambolt caught a break from Judge Julian Dickson. The judge granted
Ms. Wambolt's lawyer's later request for the compilation of a
pre-sentence report. These reports take considerable time and cross
referencing to prepare. The Judge would has not commissioned a
pre-sentence report unless he were considering some mitigating
circumstances, that may indeed mitigate the sentence handed down.

Whereas Ms. Wambolt ought to be grateful that there's a slight chance
that she may not ne incarcerated. But alas she does not want to meet
the appointed corrections officer at the appointed time because Ms.
Wambolt may or may not feel "comfortable." where the meeting is to
take place. Probation /Corrections officers require considerable time
and a number of appointments with those close to the convicted , to
prepare a report that is accurate and useful to the judge.

Jenn Wambolt is a criminal and fucked in the one gives a
shit of "how she feels," whether or not she is comfortable or
one fucking iota.

Jenn Wambolt is trying to "have the justice system on," she is telling
everyone she doesn't answer to the Criminal Code of Canada. Fuck her,
her kids and husband.

In Alberta, Jenn Wambolt would be already in jail for two years less a day.

I predict that within one year Jenn Wambolt takes her own life. It
can't be too soon to suit me.
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The "Gentle Folk" and Criminals of Humble Kent County

On Sunday twenty or so "gentle folk" of Humble Kent County assaulted
three or four SWN employees, mobbed and vandalized a truck and whilst
doing so deliberately prevented SWN personnel from leaving. These
"gentle folk" then proceeded to destroy seismic equipment and destroy
SWN property.

These animals have declared a war upon the government and people of
New Brunswick. They say "the first casualty of war is the truth," the
"gentle folk," of "humble Kent County" have been putting out lies and
propaganda regarding the events of that day specifically, and their
"cause" generally.

These animals claim that a SWN driver and truck "clipped" a peaceful
protester, and he had to be evacuated by ambulance, in a crass and
shameless attempt to curry public sympathy. The reality is, these
"gentle folk" assaulted a SWN seismic crew, and destroyed seismic
equipment and vandalized their vehicles. That is a crime and an act of
domestic terrorism.

The animal "clipped on the arm" by the side mirror of the truck the
protesters mobbed. The animal the requested a medical evacuation,
backboard, and cervical collar for no other reason than a op,
fro propaganda

This is not "peaceful protest."

Seismic exploration is NOT the development of Shale Gas.
Notwithstanding the prevarication, and propaganda of these so called
"activists," the "thumper trucks," and the seismic crews are NOT doing
anything that has a negative impact od...Mother Earth. They are
deceiving everyone, and most especially themselves. These animals have
escalated to violent criminal behavior and they attempt to justify it
as "protecting Mother Earth," and blame the government, police, SWN
and even the "evil" Irving empire, as the culpable root cause of the

The protesters are a miniscule minority of violent, lazy , criminal
and native miscreants. Who cannot claim they are protecting Mother
Earth because seismic exploration is benign and more often than not
reveals the hydrocarbon development in a specific place is uneconomic
or not feasible than actually is.

One addled "activist" plaintively bleats to Charles Leblanc , to tell
David Alward to "stop the madness." But Premier Alward is not
blockading public highways. Premier Alward is not burning seismic
equipment. Premier Alward is not vandalizing trucks and vehicles.
Premier Alward is not assaulting innocent seismic workers trying to
feed their families. The injin pigs, and our "humble folk," and pogey
parasites of "humble Kent County," are not protesters, but criminals.

Notwithstanding, perhaps because of the violence, whatever "message"
these animals not getting out.

There is an old quote that applies to these animals and their
"cause"..."By there fruits ye shall know them..."
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Monday, June 24, 2013
Drunks, Dopers, Fat, Lazy and Indian "warrior chiefs"

Like Dr. Doolittle in the Broadway musical proclaimed. "If I could
talk to the animals..." I would tell Amy Sock the ersatz lawyer, and
big chief John Levi, how real Canadians see Indians in their every day
lives and travels. And why there isn't anything we can learn, profit
from, believe or listen to them about.

Fredericton "blogger' David Amos e mailed me to tell me, Ms. Amy Sock
is a "lawyer and has pals in Oliver" who will be looking for me, and
later posted hers and big chief Levi's phone numbers on the inter-net.
(506 523 4832,,,506 523 5014) I've seen Ms. Sock, this squaw is
completely unread, poorly spoken, and bereft of erudition, in short
the squaw is no lawyer, nor is John Levi a "warrior chief.

This morning a disheveled, dirty, malodorous, Indian boarded a ETS
Bus. There were plenty of empty seats but he chose to sit next
attractive single women, who were " less than appreciative," of his
presence. He would sit beside one lady, and start to play with his
dentures, and the young woman would cringe against the wall of the

Our "noble aboriginal" would then move to the next "lucky" young
woman, and do the same, until he was removed from the by the driver.

So out in Kent County, New Brunswick at the junction of highways 116
and 126, a couple of dozen Indians just like our "friend" on the bus
this morning, are blockading a public "save Mother

The development of Shale Gas in New Brunswick is essential to the
economic well being of the entire province.

What could people like these have anything worth listening to?
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Sunday, June 23, 2013
Amy Sock "that's no native lady" that's a squaw."

If there is such a thing as a native "lady" I would like or even
challenge someone to point her out to me. An uneducated and poorly
spoken Amy Sock in a You Tube video holding a pigeon feather, does not
a "lady" make

So now our native lady" bleats incoherently on CBC New Brunswick that
the police "favour the fracking concerns" over the protesters. The
under-evolved uneducated animal Amy Sock said. " Like I know they
have to do their job and whatnot, but why are you protecting a truck,
why not a little boy...." END QUOTE

What sort of parent brings a child to the commission of a crime? What
parent brings their son to a place you are planning to "throw your
bodies in front of thumper trucks?"

Blockading a public highway is a violent crime and legally a terrorist
act. The under-evolved animals arrested at these demonstrations are
should be and were arrested and charged. And these animals claim abuse
and being discriminated against.

The Squaw Ms. Sock says..." We won't try to stop them, sing and drum,
because we hear it affects the monitor. So I think Mother Earth likes
to hear our drums anyway. So we will keep on doing that, for as long
as it takes." END QUOTE

That's OK, that's no "lady" that's a squaw, an uneducated squaw, who
endangers children and blames the authorities.

Indians like to "eat their young"

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The "Pore Niggahs" of Kent County New Brunswick!

Oh dear the "gentle folk, many of us poor people," of "humble Kent
County. The "pore niggers," and "pore tar babies," being "occupied by
an invading army," of two or three of the dreaded "thumper trucks."

These "people" bemoan the loss of their "traditional livelihoods, and
way of life." There has been no fracking operations yet in New
Brunswick. And the part-time employment, pogey, and welfare is NOT a
"way of life," or considered a "traditional livelihood" anywhere other
than "humble Kent County." Get jobs you uneducated animals!

Almost thirty years ago, I was dating a young woman who's sister
married a Ukrainian farmer near rural Calmar. We stayed with them one
week-end and whilst touring the 3 sections of mixed grain and cattle,
he showed me an producing oil pump on the other side of the fence
denoting his land.

He told me, "he had terrible luck, or bad karma." If that oil well was
drilled on his land just a few metres away, even without having the
mineral rights, that would have given him more than ten to twenty
thousand dollars a year just in easement fees. Over thirty years, that
is a lot of money, he missed out on. And he is still pissed off over

That is why New Brunswick and its "people" are the pore niggahs and
Appalachia of Canada.

To the "gentle folk, many of us poor..." Many of you, your Moms and
Dads were Brother and Sister, right?
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The Upriver Community Watch, and get jobs you lazy bastards

News Flash! The "Upriver Community Watch" and their "crack well
trained, and experienced Community Watch Protectors have discovered
the dreaded "thumper trucks" and their crews "setting off explosions
in the woods." And just like "chicken little" bleating the "sky is
falling" this "small team of highly trained and experienced
protectors," have "launched this plea and call to action into

Here is a portion of their highly excited and full of poorly spelled
hyperbole. Their cyberspace "piping of Johnnie Cope." and or "call to
the barricades."

"Gentle folk, many of us poor folk with no trust in government
(except in those welfare and pogey benefit cheques) already feeling
like were are being occupied by an enemy army who are setting up to
rape and loot our land and destroy our lives and heath..." END QUOTE

Oh dear, that is indeed the "sentence that would never end." Our
"crack team of Protectors" further whines and cries out...."to stop
this crazy greedy plan to destroy beautiful, humble Kent County's
communities, environment, health traditional livelihoods, way of life,
and people's health...."

"We refuse to be a sacrifice zone!"

Oh dear, these "gentle folk, many poor" are indeed quite lazy,
uneducated and not too bright! Seismic crews have been active in
Alberta since the 1940s and notwithstanding the panicked shouts form
the "crack team of protectors," no damage to the environment is made
by seismic exploration, ever in several generations. Those "explosions
in the woods," are very small and hundreds of feet underground.

So just what is the "way of life," in "humble Kent County?" Just what
are those "traditional livelihoods," in "humble Kent County," Well it
is mostly "seasonal" lumbering, and clear cutting operations. Where as
is traditional New Brunswick "culture" these animals work only for six
months and collect pogey, underwritten by Canadians taxpayers in the
rest of Canada.

That begs two question: How is fracking more injurious to the
environmental and community health as clear cutting? And why not take
advantage of the jobs, economic development and pull your province out
of the depths of laziness and poverty? Why not in time stop being the
Appalachia of Canada. Why not stop stealing tax dollars from the
people of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC.

A full 35 % of all of the province of New Brunswick government
revenues come from the federal government.

Haven't you retards figured it out yet? The rest of us, us working,
real Canadians are weary of subsidizing your culture of sloth,
indolence, and stupidity.

New Brunswick is NOW a "sacrifice zone", shale gas may well change all that.

Get jobs you lazy cunts!
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Sunday, June 23, 2013
The Pedophile,"Advocate," and Arlen Spector is Dead

Our junior "friend' and sociopath is still after these long years
trying to coerce, harass, beseech, implore and otherwise supplicate
the Edmonton City Police, the RCMP, the Military Police, the FBI, NSA,
CSIS, and the CIA to arrest, kill eliminate or silence myself, Ryan
Elson and scores of others. Obviously this convicted pedophile and his
very few sycophants like the Contributing Advocate have

Both David Amos and Andre Faust are illustrative of "people" who's
entire lives are abject failures. David Amos still is feverishly
trying to claim his "fifteen minutes of fame," calling himself an
"ethical whistle blower," David, baby, it just "ain't gonna fly!"
There's nothing "ethical " about you,no one gives a shit about
anything you have to say, and if anyone hasn't told you yet....Senator
Arlen Spector is quite dead. "Food for the worms, Sir Percy," you
might say.

David Amos is still trying to "make a meal" out of his ersatz,
imaginary "illegal wire tap tapes. And our "friend" Contributing
Advocate, Andre Murray the "do it your self lawyer, and unrepresented
litigant is still victimizing working families and people, with
vexatious and frivolous law suits. For no other reason than, he can.

Andre Murray is still quite winless in his "legal career," and has yet
to pay a dime in court costs to his scores of hapless, and innocent
victims, who have been swindled out their homes, and life savings.

It is indeed a good thing that both these animals reside in New
Brunswick and would not be able to even find Alberta, on the best day
they ever had. Because here their so called "work" would have reaped
them being shot by some irate Albertan with his 30.30 . But alas what
would expect from Maritime kanada where their "culture" is one of
dependence, sloth, pogey, equalization and spending one's life trying
to get something for absolutely nothing.

Not too much difference betwixt these con men and the "warrior chief"
big chief Levi, and the "natives" yearning for big bucks, a free ride,
and more free firewater.

Only in Maritime kanada!

"C'Yall in court," boys lol lol lol
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Saturday, June 22, 2013
The Pedophile, The Contributing Advocate and Granny Porn

Fredericton New Brunswick, home to convicted sex offender David Amos
and Andre Murray, also known as the Contributing Advocate. Andre
Murray is a feckless little toss pot who as an unrepresented litigant
has sued or initiated frivolous and vexatious litigation against
small business', families, and individuals. No member of the Law
Society of New Brunswick will represent Mr. Murray.

In Andre Murray's do it yourself legal career he is zero wins versus a
"career" of losses against "right handed and left handed legal
pitching." All this would be pretty benign if it wasn't for the legal
fees and costs accrued by his victims having to defend themselves from
legal action totally without merit.

In every case and suit Andre Murray has initiated, he has not only
lost, but has also been ordered to pay the costs of his victims. Mr.
Murray refuses to do this, and many of his victims are suffering from
financial extremis due solely to his malfeasance. Mr. Murray has been
described by a Judge as a failed "serial litigator" and has made
judgment that Mr. Murray must make a cash deposit before initiating
any more litigation.

Mr. Murray's do it yourself career as an unrepresented litigator is over.

He like David Amos have police records, criminal histories, and are
pariahs in their respective neighbourhoods. Mr. Amos cruises
playgrounds and schools looking young boys to molest and Andre Murray
is a purveyor, and maker of "granny porn." In these porn flicks Andre
Faust uses Sally "the slut" Brooks and Evelyn "the tongue" Greene as
female leads in these masterpieces of quivering cellulite, and

David Amos is still bleating for everyone to recognize him as an
"ethical whistle blower," and pay him his "fifteen minutes of fame."
to buttress a sagging ego. Our frustrated wannabe lawyer "friend" Mr.
Murray simply wants to cash in, to make, a big score, and now fuck
decrepit old bimbos.

As David Amos likes to say! "C'Yall in court," babies! So Andre baby,
when can we expect you and your "porn stars" Evelyn and Sally "the
slut" to come and try to "self serve papers?"

There is an old saw, Mr. Murray. "Be careful of what you ask for, you
may get it." You wanted my attention Mr. Murray, you have it.
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Its The "Culture" Stupid, or "by their fruits ye shall know them...."

Yesterday an Indian couple walked by me at the bus stop, pushing a
baby in a pram. The "parents" were very obviously inebriated. I was
wearing an ancient PPCLI hoodie, and our "warrior chief" said to me.
"Hey Bro! I served in the Canadian Army too, with the 82nd Airborne.
How about a few bucks for a veteran?" There is no, was no, and will
never be an 82nd Airborne in the Canadian Army's order of battle. In
fact it is an amerkan unit. Our "warrior chief," and "proud veteran"
has been watching too many amerkan movies, upon the few occasions he
is sober.

That "child" has almost no chance of growing up. healthy, educated,
or successful by any definition of the term. Indian "culture" is a
"culture" that literally "eats its young." Indian "parents" do not
raise their children and the "family unit" is basically non existent.
A "aboriginal child" is statistically more likely to be incarcerated
before 25, than graduate from High School.

The Indian children on Canada's 633 "first nations" reserves
statistically are more apt to abuse drugs and alcohol, engage in
dangerous lifestyles, be murdered and commit suicide. It is not the
fault of the "white guy", the government or "racist" Canadians. The
problem is Indian "cultures" stupid. And they are stupid "cultures",
entirely un-evolved.

In the last ten years the roughly two million "people" on reserves
have become roughly one million...and these uneducated, unskilled,
criminals are coming to a city or urban area near you. The only things
these "people" can do is commit crimes, abuse substances.....and fuck.
Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen year old "aboriginal" children,
are having "aboriginal children. These kids have no chance to be
educated, raised in loving, stable homes, unless they are sent to
white families.

Only in "aboriginal culture" can a self described warrior chief" like
John Levi countenance women and children being at risk, while
committing violent the name of "native culture," and
saving the Earth. In short this "warrior chief" and the "grand elders"
are "eating their own young," for a few minutes of perceived fame.

Pass the firewater, Charles!

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The Animals and the "Warrior Chief"

There are a miniscule minority of "New Brunswickers," non contributing
"native members" of New Brunswick society engaging in an illegal and
violent blockade of highway 116 and 126 in Kent County New Brunswick.
That is not opinion, speculation or conjecture, that is fact.

The impact of these "demonstrations" by most predominately uneducated,
ignorant Indians and their self described "warrior chief" has been
less than negligible , a story with less than nominal interest from
the New Brunswick media and the public.

The problem is the sordid behaviour, prevarication, lack of integrity
and honour of the "protesters," distracts from any scintilla of a
message that they may have.

This is an excerpt of a very poorly written letter from a rather
uneducated and ill behaved Indian squaw, sent to Charles Leblanc who
promptly "blogged" it.

Two things one; I let the Indian's the spelling and grammatical errors
speak for themselves. And for what reason would RCMP constables
purportedly want to dance with the "animals" for?

"Charles. After todays events I was do upset i. i kicked the RCMP off
our pow wow grounds. he asked what time grand entry was at, i told him
you think i would let you dance with my people after the display youd
put on today. you have some nerve to ask that is a slap in the face to
my people....

"i am sickened by what the rcmp are doing and ad long i am here i will
be the one to tell you openly in front of everyone that what are doing
is wrong. Take that Crown covered car turn it around get it off the
grounds and beat it. he tried to talk to me, i then pointed down the
road and said go. i said a lot more to him but i cant remember, but a
lot of people laughed at him leaving. And yelled beat it. what nerve
to ask to dance at our grand entries after what they are doing. i am
still upset....But damn i feel good!"....END QUOTE

Hey Pocahontas! Can you rise intellectually to the challenge of using
spell check? They say less than forty percent of Indians finish High
School, obviously you didn't. This poorly written and false story
illustrates what is wrong with relations with "natives" and the
authorities. Indians lie. Indians steal. There are scores of "big
chiefs": on Canada's 633 Indian reserves that take home more Canadian
tax dollars than the Prime Minister. And why would a number of RCMP
constables want to "dance in the grand entries?"

This "Indian protest" is akin to a running syphilitic sore, best
excised immediately rather than prolonging the annoyance. Send in the
RCMP and Canadian Forces Special Operations Brigade troops in now, and
in sufficient numbers and weapons to end this cancer quickly and
quietly very early one morning.

The illegal and violent blockade of a public highway is not
"protest"...its terrorism and a crime. Perhaps the injins that are
arrested can finish High School whilst incarcerated?

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Friday, June 21, 2013
More Propaganda From Peter Dauphinee, Fatsso Levi and the injins

How do you know if an "activist" or so called "warrior chief is lying?
They're lips are moving. Notwithstanding the embellishment,
exaggeration, and prevarication the most recent sunrise ceremony was
still a monumental bust, as far as protester participation is
concerned. Far less than 75 "souls" showed up, notwithstanding the
cries for "help," from solemn faced "big chief" Levi holding a pigeon
feather on You Tube.

Despite Charles Leblanc's videos of "protesters" hooting and jeering
at the "dreaded thumper trucks," Mr. Dauphinee's prevarications about
the importance of their "protest," or its status of "civil
disobedience," the fact is, no one in New Brunswick cares. Mainstream
media does not consider the "tempest in a teacup" that these "native "
illegal acts are, of all that much import.

The "bloody mouth," of the ubiquitous overweight, fashion victimized
squaw wearing dirty pyjama bottoms and flip flops, didn't sway public
opinion against those, that would "frack." No one in New Brunswick, no
one in Canada is listening to these under-evolved animals. Their
"message" is gaining no purchase.

The "message" these injins want to get out is NO to responsible
development, economic expansion and jobs for New Brunswickers. No one
is really listening. There is no great diaspora of New Brunswickers
from urban centres and cities to "throw their bodies" in front of the
"thumper trucks." Or to commit terrorism or other violent crimes in
blocking a public highway.

Notwithstanding the loud and cacophonous propaganda, this is not
peaceful protest, direct action, or "civil disobedience, illegally
blockading a public highway to traffic is legally defined as a
terrorist act. These animals have no legal, human, or moral right to
commit violent acts in the name of "saving the planet."

It is past time for the RCMP to take their responsibilities seriously
and show up at the "protest camp," at roughly 3 AM, and end this
charade. Using whatever weapons and tactics required.
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The Fat "Warrior chief," and the Moron

"Big Chief" John Levi has a job to do, he says he is to save Mother
Earth. Just as Joe McCarthy used to see "commies under every bed,"
violent convicted criminal Charles Leblanc sees "racists under every
bed." If one were to listen to Charles, every member of the
Fredericton Police Service is "racist against the poor." Every RCMP
constable in New Brunswick is "racist." The Fredericton City Council
is "racist against the poor." Mr. Leblanc hates and despises the
Fredericton Police Service so much, he hates a pair of very attractive
university student "park patrol" ladies. He claims, "they are racist
against the poor," also.

Everyone can see why it took Charles' "Mother" until he was twenty to
toilet train him. Then it was time for him to find other "family" to
mooch his sustenance from. I don't blame her, I wouldn't want him any
longer either.

Now back to our injin "warrior chief, "big chief " Levi. "Big Chief"
Levi has no problem with sending members of his "happy few" of
saviors of the planet, as police fodder to be arrested and charged.
But like his ADHD mentally defective friend Charles Leblanc when the
arrests begin, both these "brave souls," and stalwart "defenders of
Mother Earth" are no where to be found.

I suppose that is what injins call a "warrior chief!"

Why don't both you under-evolved animals, get jobs?
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Thursday, June 20, 2013
The Uneducated and Fat "Warrior Chief" John Levi is...."very concerned"

"Big Chief" John Levi, the poorly spoken, uneducated and morbidly
obese "warrior chief," of the Elispogtog "community," watches a dozen
terrorists illegally blockading a public highway, and hid with Charles
Leblanc whilst his friends and family were arrested. That certainly
sounds like an Indian "warrior chief." Little Debbie Hopper, a well
past middle age, semi illiterate matron says.

" Please don't think a warrior is someone who has weapons and wants
to fight and create trouble. The warrior is exactly the opposite. A
warrior protects the Earth. A warrior weapons are our, medicines, our
feathers, our sage, our tobacco, and our firewater." {End quote}

It is indeed nice to hear that tobacco has some sort of redeeming
qualities. Must be one those "Indian things," rather than anything
scientific or factual.

"Big chief" Levis seems to have the commiserate degree of personal
honour as Theresa Spence and "big chief" and or "Grand Elder," of the
Cross lake "first nation.
Some weeks ago our "grand elder" publicly announced a "hunger
strike," our Indian "warrior is still alive and quite well, if not so
vociferous. So much for the Indian "warrior chief's" honour or his
"hunger strike."

"Big chief" John Levi and his "happy few" of criminals and addled
middle aged matrons, are blocking a public high way, because these
lunatic fringe want raise public "awareness," against the "evil
thumper trucks." The Indians and criminal convict Charles Leblanc are
taking pictures of the police and the Indians are outraged that the
RCMP, and a private security firm are taking pictures of the

Statistics are quite clear and are illustrative of a disturbing fact.
Indians do not educate or raise their children, as than forty percent
of them graduate from High School. So obviously our "big chiefs" are
unread, uneducated, not too bright and probably alcoholic.

It is any wonder, that Indian "societies", "cultures" and systems of
"self governance" are un-evolved and stagnant for hundred of years.

Natives and their "cultures" are indeed the problem. "Warrior chief"
John Levi, indeed!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
A Primer for National Aboriginal Day, and Direct Action is Terrorism

Today is "National Aboriginal Day, a day set aside to "raise the
awareness of Aboriginal Peoples, their cultures and the contribution
they have made and do make to Canada." Or as obese self-described
"warrior chief" John Levi says! "My job is to protect Mother Earth and
that's what I am going to do." well if that's true, this is probably
the first job Mr. Levi has ever "held".

Less than 40 % of all Indian youth, complete or graduate from High
School. Whilst over 60 % Canadians from mainstream society complete
High School. What have the people have to contribute about anything?

This morning I had to do some research in the Archives in the Heritage
Rooms at the EPL main branch downtown. There was the usual number of
Indians, and other derelicts whiling the day away in the chairs, and

As I went to use the restroom, there was a large Indian with a pull
cart type piece of luggage. His shirt was off, his sunglasses still
on, and he was washing his hair and sponge bathing in the washroom
sinks. He then reached into his "hand luggage", and withdrew a number
of used syringes, and deposited them in the "sharps container" that is
in all main branch EPL washrooms. So that begs the question, just what
"contribution" can this man, or those like him, or their "culture,"
make to Canada?

At noon in the down stairs level where the food court is, there was a
"National Aboriginal Day presentation of music and of course speakers
propagandizing about Indians, their "contributions", and issues. But
to reach the door to the City Centre Mall, people had to negotiate a
number of "native Canadians" aggressively trying to coerce passersby
out of a "few bucks."

At this writing there are still "native Canadians" at the junctions of
public highways 116 and 126 in Kent County New Brunswick continuing
with their "peaceful protest," and or "direct action." But it is not
peaceful protest, but a violent criminal and or even, terrorist

A few short years ago when the Indians in Caledonia Ontario
"peacefully protested," and launched a "direct action, Richard Smoke
and several other Indians were arrested, convicted and sentenced for
aggravated assault and a host of other charges. A 56 year old man was
beaten savagely for no reason as well as women and children.

The people of Ontario and the media have with recent Idle No More
violent and illegal blockades have grown weary of the OPP's reluctance
to enforce the law upon Indian criminals. It seems now in New
Brunswick the government and law enforcement agencies are taking a far
more proactive role. The blockade of a public highway not on reserve
land and the denial of the use of that highway by trucks that pay
highway usage taxes, is a violent, criminal and by legal definition a
terrorist act.

There were less than a dozen actual criminals that day, and "warrior
chief" John Levi decide he did not want to, "protect Mother Earth,"
and risk jail.

The police that day ought to have got all the pedigree's of the
"people" involved, check CPIX, and if there were outstanding warrants,
and I imagine there would be...execute said warrants immediately.

Happy "National Aboriginal Day!
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Monday, June 17, 2013
David Amos says!

Convicted pedophile, self-described former "bounty hunter," confidant
of the "White House staff," and the man US authorities tried to
render to Guantanamo Bay David Amos says!

"I must say I find it amazing that the Indians have not got the evil
fat bastard in Edmonton arrested yet. Eh Stevie Bay Harper, Bernie
Baby Valcourt, and mindless Ms. Redford..." END QUOTE

Now you know why no one has ever listened to or taken David Amos
seriously in his entire life. "men" like David Amos are but a "fart in
a windstorm." Or as in the case of the constipated old man, can't shit
but can only fart...."much sound and fury, but in the end signifying
nothing...nothing at all,
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Sunday, June 16, 2013
David Amos Convicted Pedophile, Pathological liar and the David Amos Rant

In addition to David Amos' perverse and sick proclivities, he likes to
churlishly and childishly call people names. He refers to "Mikey
Fitzgerald," or "yo Stevie Harper," or "Chucky Leblanc," or "Petey
Mackay, or "fat bastard this," or "fat bastard that," or "Deputy dawg
O'Meara," and scores of other insane epithets. David Amos indulges in
this insanity for the same reason he molests children, it makes him
feel strong, powerful, and relevant.

David Amos is uneducated, a product of the amerkan "education system."
He uses stupid "amerkanisms" "I double dawg dare ya," or "C'yall in
court," or "yo Stevie Baby" and "Hoka Hey!"

David Amos has accomplished nothing in his entire life, owns no
property, and claims to be homeless for "the last four fucking years."
But Davis Amos claims to be a former "bounty hunter," and significant
in the David Madoff and Whitey Bulger prosecutions.

David Amos claims to have sued "many people," including "Cardinal
Law." The "public record" is very clear, David Amos has sued or
initiated litigation against no one, ever.

David Amos calls his insane poorly screeds, and insults, his "work."
And claims it has some sort of relevance or value, but alas no one
else on the planet seems to agree.

David Amos' "family" are just as perverse, just as uneducated and just
as crazy. They are indeed prostitutes both of the male and female

Davey Baby can post pictures of myself enjoying a Guinness and
burger, that is good. At least Ican rise to the purchase of a beer and
burger, you can't.

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Stupid Indian Tricks, and Stupid Green Hornet Tricls,
To those presumptuous enough or too stupid, to they say are "saving
the planet," or as the fat Indian says, "we are doing this for your
children." Or the misguided wannabe hippie that wants live in "balance
with Mother Earth."

I say! There are seven billion of us on this little green planet. You
are not going feed all of us, without GMOs, without growing more with
less of the earth's resources, without fertilizers, or "organically."
The fact is Monsanto is quite right when they say, "farmers in the
next few decades will have to produce as much food as humans have in
the last 10,000 years. More food will have to produced with less.

If the world was to listen to the Indian drunk holding the "peace
pipe," or the smudge, trying to look sober for the television cameras,
no one on the planet would get fed. The oil and bitumen that enables
transportation, the making of synthetic products, plastics, even your
cell phone, fabrics and clothing could not be produced. And why would
this under-evolved subhuman care? His "daily bread" and sustenance is
entirely due to welfare and the largess of others.

In New Brunswick, fishermen caught and exported 9 billion dollars
worth of fish and fish products around the world. More than any other
province in Canada. Diesel, gas, fuel oil, jet fuel was expended to
catch and export this fish. Hydrocarbon products was used to make the
nets that catch the feed people. Alas there are parasitic
Indians and others in New Brunswick committed to violent stopping of
their province developing its own shale gas in a responsible manner.
They happily have their government and social programmes underwritten
by provinces that do develop their resources, through equalization
payments made to New Brunswick. But alas these "people" want to save
"Mother Earth."

The hypocrisy of those that desire to "save the planet" or more
likely, look cool or trendy by being perceived as "trying save Mother
Earth," is astonishing. Little Dizzie Lizzie Mae of Canada's only
Green Party of Canada Member of Parliament , preaches to, supplicates,
and cons people to "eat local," or "eat organic" and "save the planet.
Whilst like all the others of her ilk, dine each evening on imported
seafood, out of season produce that needs to trucked across the
continent, and other gastronomic goodies that come from a world away.

There is the obese, and well past middle age matron at farmers markets
across Canada. Wearing a thousand dollars of really ill fitting
spandex. Didn't anyone tell them spandex is a privilege and not a
right, wearing a knapsack and pushing along a new three-thousand
dollar bike, to show us "how committed to the planet" she is. Much of
that bicycle like most things, is built by components requiring
hydrocarbon commodities to build, or components made with them.

The currant miniscule "protests" of less than thirty misguided, lazy,
crazy Indians, In Kent County New Brunswick, is illustrative of the
dwellers of the bottom of the "environmental food chain, "
specifically, and humanity in general. Charles LeBlanc, who ran from
police to hide, and morbidly obese, self described "warrior chief."
John Levis, the little injin punk that blows smoke on the cops, and
says, "its a cultural thing." These drunk and stoned injins calling
themselves, "environmental activists," standing shoulder to shoulder,"
on a public highway to stop the "dreaded thumper trucks!" They all
failed. The unruly and stupid got arrested. And the "dreaded thumper
trucks" rolled on.

The injins failed, and Charles Leblanc still whines he needs people
to buy him another camera, and police scanner .

In a video our friend John Levi and self described "warrior chief,"
says he fears the intervention of the "army" one sunrise. Alas we can
only hope and pray that JTF- 2 and other Canadian Special Operations
Brigade troops eliminate these animals. But alas little Charles
Leblanc will run and hide, he is good at that, and not much else save
being a con man.

And these are just a few more stupid injin and green hornet tricks
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Saturday, June 15, 2013
Fatso John Levi, the "Warrior Chief" lol

Uneducated, ignorant and morbidly obese, "big chief" John Levi
says.... "I have a job to do, and that is to protect Mother Earth."
Mr. Levi claims to be a "warrior chief" and he says "he is doing this
for your children," If this Indian animal cared about New Brunswick
and New Brunswicker's children he would support and encourage economic
development, and the responsible exploitation of Shale Gas. As of now
"big chief" John Levi, Charles Leblanc, the "protestors, and the
entire province of New Brunswick are parasites living off the largess
of the Federal Government, and the tax payers of Alberta,
Saskatchewan, and BC.

Its a great gig, "if you can get it." But what would one expect from a
province where "pogey" and injin treaty money, is not only a way of
life but part of the "culture," rather tan honest labour like in the
rest of Canada

In a video made by the "emotionally disturbed," convicted violent
criminal Charles Leblanc, our "warrior chief" John Levi whine about
how "disgusted he is, regarding the actions of the RCMP. "Big Chief"
Levi ought to be digusted with the fact no one cares about, his
"people," himself, or his "job to protect Mother Earth."

"Warrior Chief" is right about one thing, things have changed.
Whereas in the Caledonia terrorist attacks made by injins, the OPP did
nothing. And Indian animals invaded homes and beat old men, women and
children. Here one morning around 3 Am JTF-2 could well put an end to
this terrorism, and violent blockade of a public highway.

So much for the uneducated fatso "warrior chief!"

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The NDP Supports Terrorism!

Thomas Mulcair and the federal NDP support terrorists that come to
this country to commit acts of terror, or "give aid and comfort to the
enemy." The week-edition of the National Post reports.

"NDP launches filibuster over would be Tory Bill that would strip
terrorists of Canadian Citizenship"

As a former serving CF officer I have to wonder if it is more just to
put NDP Members of Parliament against a wall and shoot the fuckers or
terrorists themselves. I would happily volunteer to shoot Linda Duncan

Devinder Shory Tory MP, the man behind Bill C425, says the "NDP have
reached a new low" in their opposition to dealing with "dual nationals
that commit acts of terror. These NDP animal are against any process
that would protect the safety, security of Canadians and the integrity
of Canadian citizenship.

Polls are clear, avast majority of Canadians want Canadian citizenship
stripped from dual nationals that join terrorist organizations here,
and or abroad, or commit acts of terror.

So now the Parliamentary Committee charged with the review of C-425 is
being high jacked by the NDP in a filibuster, because these traitors
do not want terrorists hunted down and eliminated here in Canada.

If you are a member of the NDP or a NDP Member of Parliament, you
ought to put up against a wall and shot for treason
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Rehtaeh Parson's Suicide was Because She was Fucked in the Head

I have many times opined here that Rehtaeh Parson's suicide was
entirely the fault of herself, her "Mother", her "step father," and
her "Mother's " current significant other. This at no time was a
stable family unit.

Now as time is passing and the dust settles, no charges have been laid
for bullying or sexual assault. That is because there is no actionable
evidence to support these charges not withstanding the bleating of
Rehtaeh's family and their "supporters."

The week-end edition of the National Post reports there was an
independent review of the way the Halifax Regional School Board
handled the Parson's situation. The report released yesterday said
that the School Board might have handled Rehtaeh Parsons more
effectively, had she actually attended school. There are literally
scores of programmes and resources available to assist troubled youth,
but Rehtaeh Parson's "constant truancy," precluded any effective
assistance for her.

The Parsons "family" has placed blame on the police agencies involved,
the school authorities, Rehtaeh's classmates, and acquaintances. But
the blame belongs entirely with Leah Parsons, Rehtaeh's "Mother".

Leah Parson's permitted her daughter to attend drinking parties at age
fifteen. Leah Parsons much like Indian "parents" refused to supervise
or actually raise her daughter. If a High School student is not
attending school, their parents are solely responsible and culpable.
The Parsons family was again like Indian "families" never stable or
permanent. Rehtaeh's Mother and so called step Father, were neither
effective or caring parents, or ultimately Rehtaeh's suicide may never
occurred. Or perhaps Rehtaeh Parsons was emotionally disturbed at the
get go.

Nevertheless, the Parson's "family's" attempt to blame the schools,
Rehtaeh's friends, and the police, and the controversy these people
have fomented, is disingenuous, specious to say the least.

Rehtaeh Parsons and her "family" are not so much the victims of this
tragedy, as the perpetrators of it.
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Saturday, June 15, 2013
"Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Charles Leblanc," and nitwit named Mikel

Friday there was a small, insignificant number of people, engaging in
a violent act. They were blockading an junction of two public
highways, 126 and 166 in Kent County, New Brunswick. Twelve
uneducated, Indians, society's unsuccessful, disaffected little
people were arrested by RCMP. Their so called "peaceful protest" was
and is by legal definition violent offence contrary to the CC of C.

As police moved to arrest the criminals self described "journalist"
Charles Leblanc instead of chronicling events ran from the "story" as
fast as his elderly legs could carry him.

The "animals" were arrested, the "thumper trucks," proceeded, and the
"peaceful protest" did not even rise to the importance of a "sound
byte" in the media. This was hardly a victory in the losing battle
against those would "frack".

There is a man. Not a very bright man, nor educated man, a man that
likes to revise history and wax sarcastic, to mask his own lack of
erudition. His name is Mikel and unlike that other tilter of
windmills, Don Quixote, he has absolutely no redeeming or likable

Mikel is one of Charles Leblanc's "happy few" of morons, convicted
criminals, welfare parasites, and Fredericton's unsuccessful. And as I
said before, erudition is not Mikel's "bag."

Anyway our not so bright Mikel says!

" They say you've haven't really done anything for the country unless
you've been in jail. They have some good names to associate themselves
with, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Stompin Tom, Martin Luther King and
Charles Leblanc."

Only a feeble minded and uneducated soul would first equate a small
violent demonstration of less than forty undesirables with those who
have changed society and pushed its evolution forward. Secondly, the
development of Shale gas is hardly an issue of any true significance.
Forty to fifty US and Canadian jurisdictions are moving forward with
shale gas development.

The "anti-shale gas" constituency is hardly the "stuff of Nelson
Mandela, Rosa Parks."

The "anti-shale gas" interest in New Brunswick has in some ways "it
cake and can eat it too," compared to states in the US. The province
of New Brunswick can parasitically leech off provinces in Canada that
do develop their resources, without developing their own. New
Brunswick as provincial jurisdiction has never been able to pay for
its own government and social programmes. Those are subsidized by
provinces that do not receive "equalization payments" from the federal

The lazy part time "workers" of New Brunswick's 9 billion dollar per
annum fishing industry, and the New Brunswick "government" are
subsidized by the hard working, working classes of the rest of
Canada and the provinces of Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan.

The "anti-shale gas" groups in New Brunswick have propagandized for
sometime that the development of shale gas would not bring new jobs or
kick-start the New Brunswick torpid economy. Alas the recent press
conference, concerning the development of Kent County alone put paid
to that specious prevarication.

It is humorous to think that such a little man as Charles Leblanc who
ran as fast as he could from the authorities, he claims not to fear,
with the likes of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, et al!

But like I said erudition is not "the bag" of Mikel, Charles Leblanc
or their "happy few" of injins, morons and criminals.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013
David Amos Says! "C'yall in court

David Amos claims to have "sued many people." David claims to have
sued Cardinal Law, and an imaginary host of others. He recently e mail
Lt Col Errlington commanding officer 3 PPCLI in Edmonton to
"introduce me to your lawyers."

David Amos has done the same to the commanding officer CFB Gagetown
and a host other Canadian Forces officers for no rational reason.

American Police Officer Robert F O'Meara says and I posted here, that
no record anywhere exists of David Amos suing anyone, anywhere at
anytime. The fact is David Amos has no ability to rise to engagement
of a lawyer to sue or initiate litigation against anyone, and never
has had such capability.

He has threated Edmonton Mayor Mandel with litigation David can never
rise to. He emailed Mayor Stephen Mandel to also "introduce" David to
the Mayor's lawyers.

David has threaten litigation against literally hundreds of people
through the years. David claims to have sued many, and all these
claims are specious, insane, and fucked. Just like David Amos.

"Hoka Hey" David, say hi to the klan for me, will you!

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More Insanity from David Amos

Well our "friend" little David Amos has a klan, at least in his little
mind he has.

David Amos and his klan says"

"For the record I am not your whistleblower I blew the whistle on
public corruption in the USA for the benefit of my klan and sued many
people for the malice practiced against us in order to cover up my
concerns. That shit went down long before there was ever a war in Iraq
or before Chucky Leblanc knew what the word Blog meant..." END QUOTE

The piss poor grammar is all the doing of David Amos and his klan.

Oh dear, "hoka hey," Davey baby!
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More Harassment From David Amos

David Amos waxes proud about his so called "work." I thought I would
give you all some more examples of David's "work."

"Mr. Amos;

Please stop communicating with me immediately by telephone, cellular,
e mail, and/ or any other means of communication.Your contacts will me
are unsolicited and wanted and I am asking you to cease and desist.

Please also take this as your notice should you continue to harass me,
I will make a complaint to the police and pursue the matter in the
criminal courts....."

Yours Truly

Alison Menard" END QUOTE

I posted recently an E mail from Scott Agnew to David warning him of
the same consequences. Alison Menard is the wife of Scott Agnew. David
harassed both a man and his wife for several months, just like all the
addressees on his e mail lists, myself, and my wife.

David Amos is insane. He addresses e communications to Minister of
Defense, Peter Mackay, as "Yo Petey baby!" He affects a familiarity
with the Prime Minister of Canada. He affects a derogatory "nickname"
to all he harasses, as the addresses of his e mail well know, and
don't appreciate.

It is obvious to any intelligent individual that David Amos and his
"family" are quite nuts.

"Hoka Hey," David!
Posted by Seren at 3:37 PM 1 comment:
Injins and Retards are "deep in the forests" of New Brunswick
"Seismic trucks won't pass," says Ellsipogtog "war chief" John Levi.

These animals blockading a vital junction of highways 126 and 116 in
Kent County New Brunswick is not civil disobedience, direct action nor
"peaceful protest." It is a violent act, a criminal offense, and falls
within the legal definition of terrorism. The RCMP and the army's
JTF-2 ought to respond immediately if not sooner, or there will
another incident like Caledonia occurring, where injins terrorized a
whole Canadian community for months. Where injins were later
prosecuted and convicted for beating old men, old women and destroying
family's property. This these animals called, peaceful protest.

New Brunswick convicted criminal Charles Leblanc said he, as of
yesterday was "deep in the woods" of Kent County New Brunswick with a
some 40 "wannabe hippies" and dumb ass injins to wage wars on SWC
and those that would "frack."

Actually these 40 drunks, whack jobs, and Elsipogtog "war chief" John
Levi lit a so called "sacred fire" and sat toking up, and passing the
bottles of firewater around. These "people" are drinking at the
junction of public highways 126 and 116. Big Chief John Levi says,
that they are not violent but the, "thumper trucks will not pass."

But blockading a public highway is not "peaceful protest," but a
violent act. SWC pays increased highway taxes on "thumper trucks,"
to use New Brunswick's highways. Charles Leblanc and "big chief
Elsipogtog pay no taxes at all. They are parasites and contribute
nothing at all to the community or province. In short these "thumper
trucks" have every legal right to use the highways and these animals
have no right to violently close it.

At the same time our little Charles Leblanc is plaintively bleating,
"death to the thumper trucks, " please send me money for a new camera,
a new police scanner," and " more free beer."

There are some in New Brunswick like these aforementioned animals that
would have New Brunswick not develop its natural resources. Why
wouldn't they worry about making New Brunswick's society or
government, or government social programmes essentially self
supporting? The tax payers of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC whose
governments and people do develop those provinces resources subsidize
New Brunswick through equalization payments. New Brunswick and
Maritime kanada are welfare provinces within the Kanadian

No wonder Premier Alward and the New Brunswick legislature want to end
this egregious situation. Yet indolence, sloth and idleness are well
ingrained in Maritime "culture," where part time fisherman, call
themselves "seasonal workers", farmers call themselves "seasonal
workers" and the entire region lives on pogey as a way of life.

Big Chief Levi thinks he is a "war chief" by building a "scared fire"
and passing the firewater around. Send in the army now, and see what
sort of animal big chief Levi and the rest of the retards really are.

These animals have committed a violent act by blockading a public
highway, arrest these terrorists and criminals now. Or there will be
another Caledonia situation on our hands.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013
An Example of David Amos' Harassment

Scott Agnew wrote this to our "friend" David Amos..

"David, David, David, I thought you had learned your lesson about
sending unsolicited e mail. I DO NOT want to go through this with you

Remove me immediately from your e mail list. Failure to do so will
result in my contacting your e mail provider (Google this time) and
will likely result in your account being shut down again just like
last year at Yahoo. Also as this is not the first time you have pulled
this stunt. As you have been asked several times to remove me from
your list, another e mail from you will be considered harassment, and
I will contact the RCMP. Considering your past history and all the e
mails I've save, I don't think you want that to happen..." CLOSE QUOTE

"Considering your past history..."
"...will result in your account being shut down again."

To all that will read this post: You can see David Amos' harassment of
literally hundreds of people and officials is longstanding and highly

This but one example of David Amos' self described "work."

Posted by Seren at 9:57 PM No comments:
Crazy David Amos says!

Our insane and pedophile "friend" little David Amos says!

"Yo Mr. Harper, Methinks the NSA and FBI care more about what I write
than the JDL janitor claims..."

Oh dear Amos has told us he was a "bounty hunter," a part of the
Madoff and Bulger investigations, called by the White House, and US
authorities tried to "render him to Guantanamo Bay.

David, you just have to consider the source, the grammar, spelling and
insanity. No one reads what you have to say, or takes your phone calls
more than once. "By their fruits ye shall know them..." Or "what

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013
A Deliberate Kick to the teeth to Charles Leblanc and the rest of The
Peanut Gallery

Monday night the Fredericton City Council delivered a swift kick to
the teeth of Charles Leblanc. Evelyn Greene, Jenn Wambolt, Andre
Murray , Sally "the twat" Brooks, and the rest of Fredericton's

Monday night despite the wailing, crying, and gnashing of teeth by
Charles Leblanc, his "best friend" Leanne Fitch was appointed to be
Fredericton's new Chief of Police. For years Charles Leblanc and his
Charles Manson like "family" has complained, slandered, and whined
about the Fredericton Police.

He and his fellow "unrepresented litigants" have complained about the
police "being racist against the poor. not being understanding of
Fredericton's panhandlers, and "retard community." For years Charles
and his sycophants would hound provincial and municipal legislators
about cops using steroids, "touching Charles private part," and the
existence of the park patrol. The legislators would smile, laugh, and
banter with Charles, and now with this announcement they figuratively
kick him and his "happy few" right in the teeth.

Chief Leanne Fitch is a fine choice for Chief of Fredericton's Police.
It always looks good to hire a woman, an out of the closet Lesbian,
and from within the Fredericton Police Service...that is good for
moral, and good politics.

Charles Leblanc has been noted by Fredericton Police on the CPIX
computer system, as a suspected user and purveyor of child porn. If
Charles Leblanc were able to ever rise to the purchase of Greyhound
ticket out of province, and cops stopped him the Canadian Police
Information Computer would advise the cop who stopped him, that he is
a suspected abuser of children. and convicted violent criminal.

No doubt Charles was full of "righteous indignation and rage" that the
newly appointed Fitch did not "denounce" Charles Leblanc's et al's
very imaginary "double standard against the poor and less fortunate."

For months Charles Leblanc, and his Manson "family" have been blogging
their disdain for the Police and how the "RCMP have to be brought in,"
and how Leanne Fitch was the wrong choice.

It hasn't been a great week for Andre Murray, Sally "the twat, Evelyne
Greene, Jenn Wambolt and the rest of the lunatics of Fredericton. Ms.
Wambolt has been convicted of Breech of Probation, this is but one
conviction of an extensive criminal history. Charles Leblanc and his
crew do NOT think that they are responsible for their behavior, their
criminal behavior. The "sleeping pills made him drunk," the ADHD made
me behave with disrespect and contempt of court. Or Jenn Wambolt
decided it was too distasteful, inconvenient, and unpalatable to
report to her probation officer as required by law.

Ms. Wambolt's probation officer would have charged her with breech of
probation. The Crown Prosecutor's office would have had to file the
charges, and Judge Dickson convicted her, notwithstanding a two hour
crying jag and attempted con job in Provincial Court.

All in all a good week for the administration of justice in
Fredericton. Now if they'd only bring back the noose for folks like
Leblanc and his "family."
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David Amos and More Stupid Human Tricks

David Amos, is our ersatz kanadian" Hoka Hey!" Here is a sample of
what he calls, his "work.

"I am catching a bus on Jasper Ave, asa janitor I have to communicate
with Ottawa so I work weird hours."

I never wrote that, and it is insane to mis- quote someone on purpose
and then send it to scores of people of don't read anything from him

Let us look at another example of David's important "work."

"When Mr. Baconfat is not picking his nose or digging his fat arse, he
picks at his keyboard spewing shit like this....."

He sends this poorly written and grammatically incorrect drivel to the
likes of Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, Ministers of the Crown and
scores of others.

This is David Amos life's "work" and "achievement."

Hoka Hey David!

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Jenn Wambolt,Sally "the twat" Brooks and Charles Leblanc

Sally "the twat" Brooks says! "That truly evil Judge Julian Dickson,"
found guilty of breech of probation, "Jenn Wambolt, wife, mother,
kind and generous person." Sally the twat seems to deliberately
neglect to tell us of Jenn Wambolt's extensive criminal record, anh
her son's criminal record. The Wambolt crime"family" is obviously
akin to the Sopranos

Here are a litany of more, "stupid human tricks", or more stories
about stupid bimbos, like Jenn Wambolt, and "the walking, talking,
decrepit female sex organ" Sally Brooks, . The criminal Jenn Wambolt
was convicted of breech of probation, by New Brunswick Provincial
Court Judge Julian Dickson. A decision entirely justified by law. Ms.
Wambolt's argument that she is not criminally responsible because she
allegedly suffers from PTSD is as any first year law student knows, is
entirely without merit.

Conditions of Probation, or Conditions or Undertakings of Recognizance
are notwithstanding Charles Leblanc's and Jenn Wambolt's
protestations, negotiable. If these sub-human retards do not feel they
can not abide by the legitimate legal conditions and terms of their
release, by all means stay incarcerated.

Whilst Sally "wingnut" Brooks, Jenn Wambolt, and Charles Leblanc
fulminate about the "unfairness" of the conviction handed down by
Judge Dickson, no mention is made by these "untemench" that Ms.
Wambolt's probation officer initiated these charges and a Crown
Prosecutor laid, and prosecuted them.

Judge Dickson is legally and factually correct that PTSD does not
render Jenn Wambolt as "not criminally responsible" for her breech of
probation. The definition of , and legal test of being " not
criminally responsible" is did Ms. Wambolt know that her actions were
unacceptable by law and the norms of society.

Ms. Wambolt, Brooks and Mr. Leblanc are repeat criminal offenders
trying to say their PTSD or ADHD permits them to ignore the Criminal
Code of Canada, and any sentence handed down to them. These "people"
repeat criminals, their sentences are supposed to be inconvenient,
unpalatable, and disturbing. These "people" no means "criminal insane"
by and stretch of the legal definition and test.

In any other province or court in Canada Ms Wambolt would have been
escorted to a correction institution immediately. in Alberta she would
have been sentenced to six months.

I would prefer a bullet in the base of her skull!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Jenn Wambolt ...Con Artist!

Jenn Wambolt is very fortunate criminal. Fortunate that she lives in
New Brunswick rather than in Alberta or elsewhere in Western Canada.
Ms. Wambolt has an extensive criminal history, her son has a record,
and her husband has had occasion with the police in New Brunswick.
After an altercation, she initiated with mental health providers, and
police in the looney bin, she now claims to be suffering PTSD.

She claimed in New Brunswick Provincial Court that her delicate
"condition" releases her from the legal requirement of having to
report to the office of her probation officer. Ms. Wambolt has a
criminal history the predates her supposed ordeal at the looney bin.

So yesterday Ms. Wambolt, her sycophants and blogger Charles Leblanc
were in New Brunswick Provincial Court to await sentencing for Breech
of Probation. Ms.Wambolt and Charles Leblanc are whining that in
Fredericton the probability is she will receive a "mandatory" sentence
of thirty days for her stupidity. That Ms. Wambolt's claims of newly
"suffering" PTSD ought preclude her having to adhere to the Criminal
Code of Canada, or Judge Julian Dickson in this particular case

If Ms. Wambolt was appearing before an Albertan or Western Canadian
judge for adjudication for this offence to the CC of C, she would be
incarcerated for 6 months to a full year, given the fact of her
extensive criminal history.

New Brunswick blogger Charles Leblanc has used in previous criminal
appearances in Provincial Court the same argument on several
occasions. His "ADHD made him violent and commit assault." He was
"drunk on his sleeping pills." The Fredericton Police are "racist
against the poor and mentally ill like himself." Finally this
"unrepresented litigant," claimed a Fredericton policeman, "touched
his private part" whilst being search during his arrest.

Now Charles claims that "mentally ill" offenders are no subject to New
Brunswick's criminal justice system, but require a separate "justice
system" for them alone. That is quite astonishingly expensive for a
have not province that parasitically sucks on the teat of
"equalization," and pogey.

Us folks from Western Canada always knew they grow em dumb and inbred
in maritime Kanada, now the con artists and stupid are "running the

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Sunday, June 9, 2013
Little David Amos says!

David Amos, hairy, crazy, fat, uneducated, a pederast and stupid is no
way to go through life, son. Nor is it effective in wining friends and
influencing people. David, dear boy, just where is Robin Reid's
decomposing body?

Anyway David Amos has a recent blog he calls the David Amos Rant. It
is a long winded repository of computer e mail responses, inter-net
archive computer addresses and locations, spam, and the odd insane
screeds regarding myself, wikileaks, politicians and thousands of
unlucky souls to have incurred the displeasure of David Amos the

David Amos says! To (the Romney Campaign) "If you want to print this
file and show it to the folks on your campaign trail. trust it will
inspire many questions for your political opponents to answer. All lot
of them were in public service when the American and Canadian
governments first attacked me and created a very fierce, ethical
political animal...."

Oh dear, the spelling and grammatical errors are all David's, as well
as the abject insanity. David further blithers this.

" In my humble everybody is entitled to know the TRUTH before they
vote the same crooks back into office. If people don't care then they
get the government they deserve. As for my luck. It appears lady luck
has been in my corner all my life. (that's why you are homeless for
"four fucking years," as you say) Trust that this very issed off
Canadian whistleblower will "Live Free or Die" as my Yankee plates
proudly proclaim." CLOSE QUOTE (thank god)

David Amos our self described "ethical whistle blower further pontificates. "

" PS on the comical side I see both the Yankee SEC and the Canadian
CIBC were checking my work again today. Methinks they are worried big
time. As well they should be. Imagine if the economy tanks and I turn
up dead. The RCMP and the FBI will be in deep doo doo particularly
with all the death threats against my family lately." CLOSE QUOTE

Since David wrote this garbage the economy in the US has tanked
spectacularly. And each day David Amos shares his "work" with scores
of disinterested people on his e address book. Almost all the
responses are from what David calls "ethical computers" never to be
responded by humans. Or very human responses telling him in no
uncertain terms to cease and desist.

David Amos has no work, he has pomposity, stupidity and a lack of
English Language Arts capacity. But then what would you expect from a
retard who claims, "he is on the run from US authorities trying to
render him to Guantanamo Bay." And the a week later claims the "White
House tried to call him at Werner Bock's rural New Brunswick dairy
farm. Who later evicted him for being a lay about.

That's David Amos' "work!"

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Yesterday was "Gay Pride Day!"

Yesterday was, Gay Pride Day, Pride Day for Gay's Lesbians, Trans
Gendered, Queer, and a multitude of assorted flavours. There was a
"Pride Parade" through the downtown streets of Edmonton. It was a
horrible event, necessitating the move of the very large Farmer'
Market, the re-routing of Bus routes and the partial closure of Jasper
Avenue, a terrible inconvenience for all normal Edmontonians, I'm
sure. But alas, a vociferous, minority got to express its "pride," to
the inconvenience of everyone else, true democracy, I m sure!

I am ambivalent towards the Gay, Lesbian, Trans Gendered, Queer and
the whatever they come up with next, community. As a conservative,
right of centre, libertarian kind of guy, I "accept" the "rights" of
Gays, Lesbians, et al. I understand completely that Gays, Lesbians and
others are indeed born and not made. There is no "cure" as some would
suggest for Gays, Lesbians and the what evers. They are indeed
nature's little anomalies.

They have, they enjoy, they are worthy of, all the same legal
protections, equalities, and blessings enjoyed by everyone else under
the laws of Canada. But as one "woman" on the bus costumed in a
"rainbow" of what I am not sure of , to a companion said. "I told her,
I was so disappointed in her, as she can't accept people for what they
are." But that's just it. We, as individuals, do not have to accept
people, or anyone for what they are. Every human has the right to
"accept someone for who or what they are, or not . Courtesy to
everyone in our society, is mandatory, respect is not.

I would never be rude, insult, castigate, denigrate, or otherwise
abuse a Gay, Lesbian, or whatever . But I do not like them nor even
accept them. I avoid them. I withdraw my presence from them. I never
rent any of my rental properties to them. I have never hired one of
these people, but one of them has never been the most qualified

I have met several Gays and Lesbians, and I have never known, or
judged one to be honourable, courageous, or concerned with or
committed to anything but themselves. Every one "of them" I have seen
is or was an, "its all about me" kind of guy," or "gal." As a son of
military man, and graduate of RMC, infantry officer, I was taught the
men, the troops, the nation, everyone else comes first.

Yesterday whilst going to Mac Donald Fairmont for Saturday brunch, a
particularly frightful loud, obese and obnoxious dyke, screamed at me,
"we're queer, here, and in your face. What do ya think of that! " I
replied to "her' , "not much, my dear child."

But I and most others, don't think much of such behavior. We don't
appreciate the mincing, the over dramatic effete, sarcastic, and
feminine behavior, or the expression of their ideas or views as, holy
writ. That is indeed their legal and "human" right, but alas we do not
have to "accept" that behavior or respect these "people" nor remain
in the presence of it or them. Notwithstanding the vitriolic screams
of "homophobia" by Gay and Lesbian special interest groups, that is
not discrimination, but our right to chose.

I do not feel "impoverished" by my decision not to knowingly associate
with Gays and Lesbians, nor are they particularly "impoverished" by
not having the "pleasure" of my association.

In Alberta, Gays, Lesbians, and same sex couples are permitted to be
adoptive parents. I personally think such a policy whilst politically
correct, socially wrong and not in the best interest of children. I
support the "human" right of same sex couples to employ whatever
effective medical means to have children, I do not believe that it
should be paid for by a publicly funded universal health care system.
Nor do I believe it is a"human" right for same sex couples to be able
to adopt, or be permitted to adopt wards of the province or those
under provincial care. Gays and Lesbians have every right to adopt
children privately, but government has every right and fiduciary duty
to make decisions that will protect children, their futures and

Notwithstanding Gay and Lesbian special interest group's propaganda,
it is not good for "little Johnny to have two mothers or two daddies."
All studies, and census' show conclusively Gay and Lesbian
relationship are statistically doomed to fail. There are statistically
few long term monogamous, Gay and Lesbian relationships compared to
heterosexual families There are very few Gay and Lesbian "forever
families" if at all. That is not good for children. But as Gay and
Lesbians will tell you, "its all about them," and what they want.

So, what kind of little boys are these "people" going to raise. Last
Winter an East Asian immigrant man came into Jersey City with a three
month infant. He looked at the woman employee and asked if there were
NHL jerseys for babies. The woman relied, of course! What team? The
man replied I think he likes the Flames he sees on TV.

A woman my wife works with, is in a same sex relationship, and they
are raising a three year old little boy. They attended the Pride
Parade yesterday and posted on facebook pictures of their little "boy"
dressed head to toe in rainbow and pink. This little "boy" has no
chance to become a real boy, nor a man, especially a good man. This
boy simply because of his parents, will never learn honour, tenacity,
patriotism, the meaning of service or being a part of something bigger
than himself. Because of his "parents" in all likelihood he will not
be fully "accepted" by his peers at school. Not because he has two
mommies. or two daddies, but because how is being raised. There is a
very good chance other children, being children will what Gays and
Lesbians call, "bully" him.

These children are already "at risk" simply because of who, and what
Mommy and or Daddy are, a minority, anomalies in a "straight" world.

I and others simply exercise our right to remove ourselves, or limit
our exposure to these people. We have every right to not accept them
for who or what they are, and even despise them. But having said that,
they are indeed rightfully due all the protections, and benefits under
the law, as what they derisively call us..."straights."
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Saturday, June 8, 2013
More "Native Pride" in Edmonton

It's 11:30 AM at City Centre Mall just across the street from City
Hall and the Edmonton Public Library. And one of Canada's
"inter-generational trauma victims" from the "residential school era"
is pissing on one of windows of the mall and waving to passersby. The
sight caused me to reflect on the question. If a dog pisses on a fire
hydrant is he a vandal or just being a dog? Is the drunk Indian
pissing on a building downtown a vandal or criminal, or just
under-evolved Indian animal?

Is this drunken, un-evolved sot,a victim of the "white guy," did his
squaw mother cause her unborn animal to have fetal alcohol syndrome?
Or is he like Kat Norris, totally suffering from the "trauma" from her
days being "abused" in the residential school system, and the
"aboriginal holocaust?"

Less than fifty percent of injin teenagers graduate from High School.
Do you think this animal on an Edmonton street corner on a Saturday
morning could read the label on the wood alcohol or mouthwash he

Ten years ago there were roughly 2 million "natives" on "first
nation's" reserves. The data from the last census shows there is
roughly 1 million point two now. So roughly half of Canada's Indians
have left the reserves to come to a city near you. All of them are
uneducated, all of them are unequipped to deal with life in mainstream
Canada. Most of them are addicted to something. The only thing these
"people" come to urban Canada knowing to do is, beg for hand outs,
steal, consume drugs and or alcohol and fuck.

Every day you see Indian "mothers" 14, 15, 16, years young pushing
prams bought with welfare vouchers. Indian children having more Indian
children, pushing Indian infants while reeking of alcohol, mouthwash
and puke. These "children's" lives are ruined before they have begun.
It is even a worse state of affairs on Canada's 633 "first nation's"
reserves. They are abusing their kids, they aren't raising their kids,
they aren't educating their kids, and they wonder why so many Indian
kids are removed from their "aboriginal " parents and placed in
"white" foster homes?

Yet Indian "activists" pontificate "its all the "govmint's fault," its
all the "white guy's fault, as if we forced the booze or drugs down
their throats. What passes for Indian "culture" is a culture of
denial, and of shirking responsibility.

A few short weeks ago, on the bus to collect my wife from work one
night, I was accosted by two drunken Indians. There were in total four
of them. One was a baby in a pram. It was roughly 10 PM. The squaw's
"husband" was passed out in the seat beside her. The other drunk male
was trying to "get into her pants." She repeatedly told him, "she was
hungry, tired, and wanted to go to bed." He then decided to talk to
me. He was so intoxicated I could not decipher a word he was mumbling.
She started to yell at him.

That child in the pram, would be better off dead. Indian "culture" has
ruined that child's existence before it has properly begun.

Yes sir, "native pride" in Edmonton!

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Saturday, June 8, 2013
Omar Mouallem and Muslim "Journalists"

Our little "friend" and "Canadian" journalist Omar Mouallem said,
that "radical Islam is the disease." But "radical Islam" is the not
problem world-wide, but Islam itself.

Just a day ago Abdel Bari Atwan the editor in chief of the London
based al quds al arabi told Egypt's channel 2 that Osama bin Laden
was "only half a terrorist, since his organizations attacks against
American forces in Saudi Arabia can not be considered terrorism . Nor
if you support 'palestinian resistance, do you consider Al Qa'ida and
Osama bin Laden on the United States terrorism. It depends on your
definition of terrorism." Obviously Allah and his fucked up "prophet"
mohammad doesn't feel the indiscriminate killing of 2000 men, women
and children as terrorism, or a sin.

After the interview on Egyptian television Abdel Bari Atwan expressed
concern the UK authorities are not going to permit his return to
United Kingdom because he is fomenting terrorism and hatred. As he
said to the Egyptian interviewer, because of you I am already banned
from entry in the United States." Good for our American cousins! Maybe
they can ban Omar Mouallem and his "family" as well.

Our Muslim "friend" Abdel Bari Atwan went on to defend a bomb attack
on Jerusalem's Merkaz Harav Yeshiva, where eight young boys were
killed, because he says," it was responsible for hatching Israeli
fundamentalists and extremists."

These Muslim animals are the same scum that murdered, and rioted over
Danish cartoons on paper are here in Canada. And Omar Mouallem, Omar
Khadr and his "family" are part of that murderous cult.

Naturalized "Canadian" Hossam al Hams was killed by IDF aircraft in
Gaza. This animal was an anti-aircraft gunner, obviously not a very
good one. The Muslims of Gaza have not ever downed a IDF aircraft, and
an IDF aircraft did Canada and Canadians a favour by blowing smoke
rings up Hossan al Hams' ass. Thus making our "fellow Canadian"
eligible for "paradise and 72 mustached virgins."

Two Islamic assholes were recently arrested for plotting to blow up a
Via rail train. Why are these "people" and the ilk of the Mouallem
"family" permitted entrance and sanctuary in Canada. They contribute
nothing and are threat to this great nation.

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Friday, June 7, 2013
Muslims, Islam, a Cancer in Canada

Metro Reporter Omar Mouallem says, Omar Khadr is a "terrorist, a
martyr, and a Canadian," and a Muslim just like him. No Omar Mouallem,
neither you or Omar Khadr are Canadians. You whine, "how did your peer
become the first minor to be prosecuted for war crimes in 50 years,"
By bearing arms against the United States and his own country Canada.
Those could well have been Canadian troops assaulting that that
Toora-Boora cave. There could well have been Canadian JTF-2 troops
supporting the main American Special Forces deployed in that

There is a word for that Omar Mouallem, its called treason. There are
scores of Muslim immigrants to Canada who have committed treason here,
plotting terrorist operations here in Canada, collecting intel for
assorted Muslim terrorist organizations. There is indeed no such
thing, as a Muslim Canadian. You claim, that "radial Islam is a
disease. No sir, Islam is the disease!

Arab-Islamic "Canadian" associations tried assiduously to silence
Western Standard , McLean's, and Mark Styne. Muslim "Canadians"
contributed nothing but litigation, demonstrations, and a threat of
violence and terror.

NO... Mr. Mouallem, you nor your family or Omar Khadr and his family
are Canadians!

Mr. Khadr has been sent to Kingston Penitentiary from Guantanamo Bay,
and to Edmonton Institution from Kingston because his life is in
danger from the general prisoner population. When Tory Stockwell Day
was an Alberta Cabinet Minister, he talked of "moral inmates" bringing
sex offenders to "justice," in jail.

My guess Corrections Canada will not be able to prevent justice being
done, and a shiv being stuck into the under-evolved Muslim pig Omar

Muslim Omar Mouallem says "it is the ultimate test of our changing
values. Are we ready to forgive a convicted terrorist, even if it
means living side by side.." Only a fellow Muslim would suggest this
palaver. Omar Khadr should have fought to the death, instead of
killing for Allah and then surrendering. There is no forgetting and no
forgiveness for Omar Khadr.

I imagine when he is released in Edmonton he will be indeed
be....."dead man walking." That Omar Mouallem is, justice for Omar
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More Animal Stories From Edmonton

It is 4:30 AM at 114 th Street and Jasper Avenue, the same
intersection an injin homeless drug addict stabbed a man to death a
couple of days ago. This morning as I walk the block from home to the
24 hour Shopper's Drug Mart for the morning Journal, there is a supine
derelict in the parking lot of the parking lot of the Canadian Western
Bank. I assume he, or it is another piece of under-evolved injin
garbage, and quickly dismiss any notion of calling 911.

Just a few days ago a man was stabbed to death at this intersection in
front of the Shoppers Drug Mart. Every evening from about midnight to
three AM, that corner is teeming with drug dealers and purchasers.

As I leave the Shoppers Drug Mart, Edmonton's fire service and an
ambulance has arrived, no doubt called by some well meaning good
Samaritan. The "man" is now upright being talked to by gloved up
emergency workers. I wouldn't want to handle the "garbage" barehanded
either. He is "diagnosed" as being passed out drunk

Is an emergency response needed, or appropriate for animals such as
these? Would not a Edmonton Police Service "paddy wagon," or a City of
Edmonton garbage truck be more appropriate and cost effective?

As I walk back the two blocks to my house, I pass beautiful Kitchener
Park. Kitchener Park is full of mature trees, a water spray park for
the neighbourhood's small children, and city building that has the
most beautiful mural painted upon it. It is a mural that depicts the
wonderful history of Oliver Community through the generations, truly a
lovely piece of art. I am amazed some stupid tagger hasn't defaced the
mural as yet. There is a playground lovely green spaces and every
year a green shed is placed there, and there operate free Summer day
camp programmes for children.

This beautiful park during the Spring and Summer months has become a
paradise for the homeless, addicted and injins, to shoot-up their
drugs and use the children's spray park for their daily toilet.

This morning there are 5 derelicts with their full to bursting
shopping carts, are sleeping in the grass. A couple of blocks from
there I can see cop cars coming here to the park to remove this human

It is now 5:45 AM and I am catching a bus on Jasper Ave, to go to work
at Edmonton's Federal Bldg. I need to communicate with Federal
officials in Ottawa, so work weird hours. The bus is always full even
at 5:45 AM wth people going to work. At the next stop from where I
boarded the bus two dunks tried to cadge a free ride, so the ETS
operator told them they "could sing for their free ride." The two
early morning drunks, profanely declined the driver's offer.

I get off the bus two blocks before getting to the Canada Building, to
hit Timmies for a coffee to go. To reach Timmies you have to negotiate
a phalanx of destitute animals all wanted a " few bucks" for their
next drink or fix.

In Edmonton there are score of inter-connected with third floor glass
walkways, office towers and mezzanine shopping areas. The bums and
injins are kept way from these places. Each Edmonton office tower has
a food court and public washrooms. The animals are kept away from
these places by concierge personnel, security officers and Edmonton
City "peace officers." No one would want to use a washroom after these
pigs, have "shit, showered, and shaved "there.

The only place downtown that permits these animals is the food court
at City Centre Mall. These animals, and few folks on AISH, spend the
morning there until 9:00 AM when the main branch of the Edmonton
Public Library opens, to sleep there for the day.

It is now 2:45 and I have finished work and proceeding home. I catch
the bus at the outside of City Centre Mall. Today a drunken injin is
sprawled out on one of the benches. The Edmonton City peace
officers(transit police) roust him and fine a 10 to 12 inch knife on
him and arrest him.

Stay tuned for more animal stories from Edmonton.
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Thursday, June 6, 2013
More examples of"native pride!"

Sometimes, not often I confess, I wish I could like Dr. Dolittle,
"talk to the animals." I sometimes wish I could talk to "Big Chief"
Allan Adam, little Pammy Palmater, Shawn Atleo (he has his own
problems right now) and the rest of the animals. I would show them
pictures, stories, and examples illustrating the "native pride" I see
manifested here in Edmonton, everyday.

This morning at six AM at the Tim Horton's, downtown, part of the
Scotia Plaza Centre complex of office towers. There in all his
intoxicated glory, was sprawled out a filthy passed out injin. He lay
in a vestibule stewing in his own feces and urine. He was wearing cap
proclaiming his "native pride!"

Someone must have called 911 because the Police and EMS arrived. The
EMT Tech gloved up and talked to and examined him. And then after a
few words with the cops, packed up and left the scene. A few moments
later a "paddy wagon" arrived, and they deposited this human garbage
into the back, where he promptly spewed. The cop looked at me and
said, "Fuck now have hose it down and the wagon."

Native Pride, "ya just gotta love it
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Frank Mckenna and Brad Wall make the "Big Time!"

The world's most elite gathering starts today in the UK. The
prestigious World Economic Meeting in Davos, recently concluded with
roughly 2000 of the worlds most powerful people. Today the annual
Bilderberg Meeting convened with 138 participants.

It is exclusive , and secretive. It stimulates the overeager
imaginations of "conspiracy theorists" world wide. Some of the more
obstreperous whack jobs claim that Bill Clinton's election victories
were Bilderberg edicts, as well as the North American Free Trade

Canada has a large representation including Ed Clark the CEO of the
Toronto Dominion Bank, Heather Reisman, Galen Weston of Loblaws, Frank
McKenna, Brad Wall Premier of Saskatchewan and others. Henry
Kissinger, Timothy Geithner, former chairman of the "Fed".

So Frank McKenna and Brad Wall have made it to the "big time. Galen
Weston, and Canada's top bankers are at the most exclusive table in
the world.

Ya gotta love it!
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70,,000 plus dumb ass martyrs

In the last two years 70,000 plus dumb ass, Syrian Army troops, Shite
Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Hezbollah "fighters" Iraqi, other assorted
foreign Jihadis, and Muslim civilians, have "shrugged off the mortal
coil, and are "food for the worms." So much for all that "paradise, 72
mustachioed virgins, and that fornicator of goats, the prophet
Muhammad, shite!

Hossam Al Hams was, the animal is now quite dead now, was a Canadian,
well sort of. Hossam Al Hams was not a Syrian and was not killed in
Syria, but in Gaza. A very flowery "martyrdom notice" was just made on
the website of the Al Qassan Brigade. It seems that Hossam was a
naturalized "Canadian citizen. Hossam and his family came to Canada to
simply live here and gain a Canadian passport, so they return to the
Middle East and travel wherever they wanted to. Or as the HAMAS
website said. "His Canadian citizenship enabled him to visit occupied
Jerusalem and the West Bank." This ersatz Canadian (like David Amos)
then moved in 2002 to Gaza and became a HAMAS fighter in 2005.

Our Muslim pig Hossam Al Hams became what HAMAS called "a skilled
shooter in an air defense unit of the Western Rafah Brigade." Our
"friend" Hossam Al Hams couldn't have been too skilled "a shooter"
because no IDF aircraft have been destroyed by HAMAS anti-aircraft
fire, ever. Last November our "skilled shooter" was killed by and IAF
air strike. HAMAS did not announce if little Hossam was killed by a
Hellfire Missile launched from an Apache Helicopter, snake eyes from
an F-16, or rockets from an UAV.

This has become common. Muslim animals immigrating to Canada and going
back to become terrorists. So why not just prohibit Muslims or Arabs
from immigrating to Canada. Immigration to any country is not a "human

As of this moment, government forces in Syria claim to control
Quineitra, the only border checkpoint betwixt Israel and Syria. But
they had to retake the UN crossing and UN base there after a
protracted engagement with Rebel forces.

The Austrian government today has announced the immediate withdrawal
of their roughly 300 hundred second rate troops, deserting their 700
other UN comrades.

Bashar Assad's regime and forces have turned the tide in the Syrian
civil war with the deployment of Hezbollah troops from Lebanon. Now
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has said that Hezbollah troops could
assist in Syrian Army troops in retaking the Golan Heights from

That would be a "make my scenario," for IDF Northern Command. During
the Yom Kippur War, Syrian Army armoured units were close to retaking
the Golan from IDF units but failed. At that time the Syrian Army was
Russian advised, trained, equipped, and had built up for,
operationally trained and practiced for the assault.....They
ultimately failed.

Hezbollah whilst skilled and practiced in conducting asymmetrical
warfare, there is nothing "asymmetrical about climbing heights, under
direct observation and fire, taking and holding ground with armoured
units, fighting the IDF units supported by armoured units equipped
with Merkava tanks.

This well coordinated attack will have to put in without any tactical
air support because IDF has complete air superiority over all of
Syria. That would complete the destruction of the Bashar Assad regime.
Israel would not just defend the Golan but strike targets throughout
Syria. The Syrian government would no longer exist.

Even now Syrian refugees are doing the unthinkable, they are trying to
get into Israel from Quineitra as refugees escaping the civil war and
of course the IDF can not permit them entry.

So now the 70,000 dead Muslims number is probably going to increase
dramatically. And to this Jew and former IDF Lone Soldier that could
not please me more.

With almost every Arab and Muslim state in the Middle East imploding
and now Turkey, what sense does the creation of an economically
unviable, backward, and hostile "palestinian state" make?

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David Amos, "his work," Robin Reid and Spring Time Corpses

It has been a late Spring here in Alberta, so much for "global
warming, eh! Decomposing corpses of derelicts, homeless animals, lost
hookers, and other deceased human garbage is turning up long river
banks, parks and other secluded places, as they each and every year.
So where is Robin Reid? Does anyone care? Little Robin Reid used to
frequent Alberta Member of Parliament Brent Rathgerber's constituency
office frequently to protest the loss of her "mental and physical
human rights." The RCMP on several occasions were called, ultimately
resulting in her being taken the "quiet room" in the looney bin.

Robin Reid used to commiserate in E mail to David Amos, how, former
Alberta Premier Ralph Klein sent "goons to break her arm. I would
suggest a diseased hooker's ranting would not warrant anyone any one's

My "friend" and junior David Amos has been up all night in Fredericton
New Brunswick sending mass e mailings to politicians, police, Canadian
Forces officers, and SPCA dog catchers whining, complaining about my
blog, whilst claiming the importance of "his work," whatever that is.

Whenever David Amos is not destitute, homeless or when he can con or
coerce someone to house and feed him, David spends each and every
night pounding furiously and feverishly on his computer keyboard. He E
mails every politician, and or bureaucrat he think of to tell us all,
to tell us how he was "the man" that sent Bernie Madoff and Whitey
Bulger to jail.

Whenever David Amos can mooch an existence from some dupe, he spends
each and every night pounding out vitriol, venom and self
aggrandizement to all silly enough to open his e mails, or read them.
He used to spend his time frequenting computer " phone in radio talk
shows" like Republic Radio and Liberty Radio until even they tired
quickly of his incoherence and insanity.

So where is little Zorro Boy, David? Is she feeding the coyotes, in
the bush or is she already fish shit in the Bow River? Isn't it a good
thing you have never been able to get out here or could not even ion
the best day you ever had?

Oh dear, here I am still blogging after all these years,
notwithstanding your pathetic efforts to stop me.

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