Saturday, 15 June 2013

I see that the CBC had to use a portion of one of Chucky Leblanc's videos in order to report on the malevolent actons of their fellow CROWN Corp the RCMP EH?

From: David Amos <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2013 00:24:59 -0300
Subject: I see that the CBC had to use a portion of one of Chucky
Leblanc's videos in order to report on the malevolent actons of their
fellow CROWN Corp the RCMP EH?
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It was not hard to notice the scratch in the lens Chucky has been
begging for a new camera for months because of it. Well the CBC should
have paid him enough for that video to buy one now correct?

However the real question is will the drunken French welfare bum just
spend it on more beer and not even bother to report the additional
icome to his incompetent social worker?

It also appears that his felloe shill and best blogging butt buddy Mr
Bacofat was on tilt again taday. It is hard to imagine who that
mindless fat bastard in Alberta does not hate N'esy Pas? Anyway as
usual before his evil words go "poof" I figured I would forward his
evil spews to the RCMP etc then file a digital copy of this email the
public record later

Say Hoka Hey to your Indian buddies, the Fake Left and the Green
Meanies for me will ya Chucky Baby?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fatso John Levi, the "Warrior Chief" lol

Uneducated, ignorant and morbidly obese, "big chief" John Levi
says.... "I have a job to do, and that is to protect Mother Earth."
Mr. Levi claims to be a "warrior chief" and he says "he is doing this
for your children," If this Indian animal cared about New Brunswick
and New Brunswicker's children he would support and encourage economic
development, and the responsible exploitation of Shale Gas. As of now
"big chief" John Levi, Charles Leblanc, the "protestors, and the
entire province of New Brunswick are parasites living off the largess
of the Federal Government, and the tax payers of Alberta,
Saskatchewan, and BC.

Its a great gig, "if you can get it." But what would one expect from a
province where "pogey" and injin treaty money, is not only a way of
life but part of the "culture," rather tan honest labour like in the
rest of Canada

In a video made by the "emotionally disturbed," convicted violent
criminal Charles Leblanc, our "warrior chief" John Levi whine about
how "disgusted he is, regarding the actions of the RCMP. "Big Chief"
Levi ought to be digusted with the fact no one cares about, his
"people," himself, or his "job to protect Mother Earth."

"Warrior Chief" is right about one thing, things have changed.
Whereas in the Caledonia terrorist attacks made by injins, the OPP did
nothing. And Indian animals invaded homes and beat old men, women and
children. Here one morning around 3 Am JTF-2 could well put an end to
this terrorism, and violent blockade of a public highway.

So much for the uneducated fatso "warrior chief!"

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The NDP Supports Terrorism!

Thomas Mulcair and the federal NDP support terrorists that come to
this country to commit acts of terror, or "give aid and comfort to the
enemy." The week-edition of the National Post reports.

"NDP launches filibuster over would be Tory Bill that would strip
terrorists of Canadian Citizenship"

As a former serving CF officer I have to wonder if it is more just to
put NDP Members of Parliament against a wall and shoot the fuckers or
terrorists themselves. I would happily volunteer to shoot Linda Duncan

Devinder Shory Tory MP, the man behind Bill C425, says the "NDP have
reached a new low" in their opposition to dealing with "dual nationals
that commit acts of terror. These NDP animal are against any process
that would protect the safety, security of Canadians and the integrity
of Canadian citizenship.

Polls are clear, avast majority of Canadians want Canadian citizenship
stripped from dual nationals that join terrorist organizations here,
and or abroad, or commit acts of terror.

So now the Parliamentary Committee charged with the review of C-425 is
being high jacked by the NDP in a filibuster, because these traitors
do not want terrorists hunted down and eliminated here in Canada.

If you are a member of the NDP or a NDP Member of Parliament, you
ought to put up against a wall and shot for treason

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"Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Charles Leblanc," and nitwit named Mikel

Friday there was a small, insignificant number of people, engaging in
a violent act. They were blockading an junction of two public
highways, 126 and 166 in Kent County, New Brunswick. Twelve
uneducated, Indians, society's unsuccessful, disaffected little
people were arrested by RCMP. Their so called "peaceful protest" was
and is by legal definition violent offence contrary to the CC of C.

As police moved to arrest the criminals self described "journalist"
Charles Leblanc instead of chronicling events ran from the "story" as
fast as his elderly legs could carry him.

The "animals" were arrested, the "thumper trucks," proceeded, and the
"peaceful protest" did not even rise to the importance of a "sound
byte" in the media. This was hardly a victory in the losing battle
against those would "frack".

There is a man. Not a very bright man, nor educated man, a man that
likes to revise history and wax sarcastic, to mask his own lack of
erudition. His name is Mikel and unlike that other tilter of
windmills, Don Quixote, he has absolutely no redeeming or likable

Mikel is one of Charles Leblanc's "happy few" of morons, convicted
criminals, welfare parasites, and Fredericton's unsuccessful. And as I
said before, erudition is not Mikel's "bag."

Anyway our not so bright Mikel says!

" They say you've haven't really done anything for the country unless
you've been in jail. They have some good names to associate themselves
with, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Stompin Tom, Martin Luther King and
Charles Leblanc."

Only a feeble minded and uneducated soul would first equate a small
violent demonstration of less than forty undesirables with those who
have changed society and pushed its evolution forward. Secondly, the
development of Shale gas is hardly an issue of any true significance.
Forty to fifty US and Canadian jurisdictions are moving forward with
shale gas development.

The "anti-shale gas" constituency is hardly the "stuff of Nelson
Mandela, Rosa Parks."

The "anti-shale gas" interest in New Brunswick has in some ways "it
cake and can eat it too," compared to states in the US. The province
of New Brunswick can parasitically leech off provinces in Canada that
do develop their resources, without developing their own. New
Brunswick as provincial jurisdiction has never been able to pay for
its own government and social programmes. Those are subsidized by
provinces that do not receive "equalization payments" from the federal

The lazy part time "workers" of New Brunswick's 9 billion dollar per
annum fishing industry, and the New Brunswick "government" are
subsidized by the hard working, working classes of the rest of
Canada and the provinces of Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan.

The "anti-shale gas" groups in New Brunswick have propagandized for
sometime that the development of shale gas would not bring new jobs or
kick-start the New Brunswick torpid economy. Alas the recent press
conference, concerning the development of Kent County alone put paid
to that specious prevarication.

It is humorous to think that such a little man as Charles Leblanc who
ran as fast as he could from the authorities, he claims not to fear,
with the likes of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, et al!

But like I said erudition is not "the bag" of Mikel, Charles Leblanc
or their "happy few" of injins, morons and criminals.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

David Amos Says! "C'yall in court

David Amos claims to have "sued many people." David claims to have
sued Cardinal Law, and an imaginary host of others. He recently e mail
Lt Col Errlington commanding officer 3 PPCLI in Edmonton to
"introduce me to your lawyers."

David Amos has done the same to the commanding officer CFB Gagetown
and a host other Canadian Forces officers for no rational reason.

American Police Officer Robert F O'Meara says and I posted here, that
no record anywhere exists of David Amos suing anyone, anywhere at
anytime. The fact is David Amos has no ability to rise to engagement
of a lawyer to sue or initiate litigation against anyone, and never
has had such capability.

He has threated Edmonton Mayor Mandel with litigation David can never
rise to. He emailed Mayor Stephen Mandel to also "introduce" David to
the Mayor's lawyers.

David has threaten litigation against literally hundreds of people
through the years. David claims to have sued many, and all these
claims are specious, insane, and fucked. Just like David Amos.

"Hoka Hey" David, say hi to the klan for me, will you!

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I see that Mr Baconfat is a big fan of Chucky Leblanc's blogging
buddies Mr Occupy André Faust and the Moron Mikey Archibald as well
N'esy Pas?

FYI tripe is one of the evil Fat Bastard's favourite words

Saturday, June 15, 2013
New Brunswick Citizens Detained by RCMP During Shale Gas Protest

By André Faust (Reprint The Left Eye)

Twelve New Brunswickers have arrested and detained by the RCMP for
preventing Seismic Thumper trucks own by South Western Resources
(SWN). The protesters are: Rachel Daigle, Maxime Daigle, Dallas
McQuarrie, Susan McQuarrie, Ron Tremblay, Angela Beek, Thom Nash, Mark
Darcy, Oasogootesq, Kathy Levi, Eugene sock, Star Augustine for
impeding the movement of the Thumper Trucks during a protest in Kent
count against the continuous exploration and ultimately the harvesting
of shale gas.

According to one of the Detainees in order to be released from custody
they had to sign an undertaking that they would keep away 1 kilometer
from any seismic exploration activities. It is not know at this time
whether or not any official charges have been laid against those who
were arrested. Before the arrest the native protestors asked the RCMP
to stop the Thumper trucks because they were there illegally, in
violation of treaty rights, however the policed refused to stop the
trucks and when the opportunity arose arrested the protestors.

There were approximately 50 anti-shale protesters and 60 enforcement
officers consisting of the RCMP and IRVING's personal Security Force,
Industrial Security which translates into 1.2 police for every one
protester. The presence of the Irving storm troops would suggest that
the Irving family has a vested interest in the success of shale gas
exploration. The Irving Family over the years monopolized almost every
aspect of the fossil fuel resources.
Posted by Charles LeBlanc at 6:25:00 PM

mikel said...

The Irvings do have a gas license, but more than likely they
simply own the only company around with the kind of experience to do
this kind of work.
7:35 PM, June 15, 2013
Anonymous said...

This guy calls himself a journalist???? What tripe.
9:50 PM, June 15, 2013
Anonymous said...

Sounds like these clowns wanted the police to arrest them. They
knew they were breaking the law. Good to see police do their job.
Whether you agree with shale gas or not, the police did their job. Not
sure why this Faust guy has an axe to grind with police.
9:52 PM, June 15, 2013

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