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Fwd: So say the wacko fatso zionists in Alberta so say you all???

From: David Amos <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 02:33:39 -0300
Subject: So say the wacko fatso zionists in Alberta so say you all???
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I must say I find it amazing that the Indians have not got the evil
fat bastard in Edmonton arrested yet EH Mr Stevey Boy Harper, Bernie
Baby Valcourt and Mindless Ms Redford?

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Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2013 23:04:31 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: Latest comments by Dirty Dicky Dean Sgt Gary Rhodes' and
the RCMP's favourite shill in Sylvan Lake on "Questions for Kevin Annett"
To: David Amos <>

Sunday, June 16, 2013

David Amos Convicted Pedophile, Pathological liar and the David Amos Rant

In addition to David Amos' perverse and sick proclivities, he likes to
churlishly and childishly call people names. He refers to "Mikey
Fitzgerald," or "yo Stevie Harper," or "Chucky Leblanc," or "Petey
Mackay, or "fat bastard this," or "fat bastard that," or "Deputy dawg
O'Meara," and scores of other insane epithets. David Amos indulges in
this insanity for the same reason he molests children, it makes him
feel strong, powerful, and relevant.

David Amos is uneducated, a product of the amerkan "education system."
He uses stupid "amerkanisms" "I double dawg dare ya," or "C'yall in
court," or "yo Stevie Baby" and "Hoka Hey!"

David Amos has accomplished nothing in his entire life, owns no
property, and claims to be homeless for "the last four fucking years."
But Davis Amos claims to be a former "bounty hunter," and significant
in the David Madoff and Whitey Bulger prosecutions.

David Amos claims to have sued "many people," including "Cardinal
Law." The "public record" is very clear, David Amos has sued or
initiated litigation against no one, ever.

David Amos calls his insane poorly screeds, and insults, his "work."
And claims it has some sort of relevance or value, but alas no one
else on the planet seems to agree.

David Amos' "family" are just as perverse, just as uneducated and just
as crazy. They are indeed prostitutes both of the male and female

Davey Baby can post pictures of myself enjoying a Guinness and
burger, that is good. At least Ican rise to the purchase of a beer and
burger, you can't.

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Stupid Indian Tricks, and Stupid Green Hornet Tricls,

To those presumptuous enough or too stupid, to they say are "saving
the planet," or as the fat Indian says, "we are doing this for your
children." Or the misguided wannabe hippie that wants live in "balance
with Mother Earth."

I say! There are seven billion of us on this little green planet. You
are not going feed all of us, without GMOs, without growing more with
less of the earth's resources, without fertilizers, or "organically."
The fact is Monsanto is quite right when they say, "farmers in the
next few decades will have to produce as much food as humans have in
the last 10,000 years. More food will have to produced with less.

If the world was to listen to the Indian drunk holding the "peace
pipe," or the smudge, trying to look sober for the television cameras,
no one on the planet would get fed. The oil and bitumen that enables
transportation, the making of synthetic products, plastics, even your
cell phone, fabrics and clothing could not be produced. And why would
this under-evolved subhuman care? His "daily bread" and sustenance is
entirely due to welfare and the largess of others.

In New Brunswick, fishermen caught and exported 9 billion dollars
worth of fish and fish products around the world. More than any other
province in Canada. Diesel, gas, fuel oil, jet fuel was expended to
catch and export this fish. Hydrocarbon products was used to make the
nets that catch the feed people. Alas there are parasitic
Indians and others in New Brunswick committed to violent stopping of
their province developing its own shale gas in a responsible manner.
They happily have their government and social programmes underwritten
by provinces that do develop their resources, through equalization
payments made to New Brunswick. But alas these "people" want to save
"Mother Earth."

The hypocrisy of those that desire to "save the planet" or more
likely, look cool or trendy by being perceived as "trying save Mother
Earth," is astonishing. Little Dizzie Lizzie Mae of Canada's only
Green Party of Canada Member of Parliament , preaches to, supplicates,
and cons people to "eat local," or "eat organic" and "save the planet.
Whilst like all the others of her ilk, dine each evening on imported
seafood, out of season produce that needs to trucked across the
continent, and other gastronomic goodies that come from a world away.

There is the obese, and well past middle age matron at farmers markets
across Canada. Wearing a thousand dollars of really ill fitting
spandex. Didn't anyone tell them spandex is a privilege and not a
right, wearing a knapsack and pushing along a new three-thousand
dollar bike, to show us "how committed to the planet" she is. Much of
that bicycle like most things, is built by components requiring
hydrocarbon commodities to build, or components made with them.

The currant miniscule "protests" of less than thirty misguided, lazy,
crazy Indians, In Kent County New Brunswick, is illustrative of the
dwellers of the bottom of the "environmental food chain, "
specifically, and humanity in general. Charles LeBlanc, who ran from
police to hide, and morbidly obese, self described "warrior chief."
John Levis, the little injin punk that blows smoke on the cops, and
says, "its a cultural thing." These drunk and stoned injins calling
themselves, "environmental activists," standing shoulder to shoulder,"
on a public highway to stop the "dreaded thumper trucks!" They all
failed. The unruly and stupid got arrested. And the "dreaded thumper
trucks" rolled on.

The injins failed, and Charles Leblanc still whines he needs people
to buy him another camera, and police scanner .

In a video our friend John Levi and self described "warrior chief,"
says he fears the intervention of the "army" one sunrise. Alas we can
only hope and pray that JTF- 2 and other Canadian Special Operations
Brigade troops eliminate these animals. But alas little Charles
Leblanc will run and hide, he is good at that, and not much else save
being a con man.

And these are just a few more stupid injin and green hornet tricks

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fatso John Levi, the "Warrior Chief" lol

Uneducated, ignorant and morbidly obese, "big chief" John Levi
says.... "I have a job to do, and that is to protect Mother Earth."
Mr. Levi claims to be a "warrior chief" and he says "he is doing this
for your children," If this Indian animal cared about New Brunswick
and New Brunswicker's children he would support and encourage economic
development, and the responsible exploitation of Shale Gas. As of now
"big chief" John Levi, Charles Leblanc, the "protestors, and the
entire province of New Brunswick are parasites living off the largess
of the Federal Government, and the tax payers of Alberta,
Saskatchewan, and BC.

Its a great gig, "if you can get it." But what would one expect from a
province where "pogey" and injin treaty money, is not only a way of
life but part of the "culture," rather tan honest labour like in the
rest of Canada

In a video made by the "emotionally disturbed," convicted violent
criminal Charles Leblanc, our "warrior chief" John Levi whine about
how "disgusted he is, regarding the actions of the RCMP. "Big Chief"
Levi ought to be digusted with the fact no one cares about, his
"people," himself, or his "job to protect Mother Earth."

"Warrior Chief" is right about one thing, things have changed.
Whereas in the Caledonia terrorist attacks made by injins, the OPP did
nothing. And Indian animals invaded homes and beat old men, women and
children. Here one morning around 3 Am JTF-2 could well put an end to
this terrorism, and violent blockade of a public highway.

So much for the uneducated fatso "warrior chief!"

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