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Fwd: A native's mid summer's racist nightmare for the mayors of three cities in two provinzez

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Methinks it is all Propaganda N'esy Pas Merv Ritchie and Arty Baby Topham?

Minister of Public Safety Robert Trevors Refuses to Declare Cost of
Anti-Shale Demonstration

Posted on June 21, 2013 by lefteyex
By André Faust

The Province of New Brunswick in its attempt to show that it is in
control of it citizens has increased the number of RCMP officers to
police and arrest anti shale protesters who challenges the authority
of the Government who is working alongside of the Shale Gas industry.
The number police officers that are used is almost 1.6 officers for
every 1 protester. While the arrests are justified by the protesters
breaking the law, and understanding that be reached that these laws
were enacted to limit the powers of the protesters. It is the
intention of the government to allow and protesters or demonstrations
to have any persuasion power. Historically it has been shown that
after successful demonstrations laws were created solely to remove any
advantages that demonstrators may at one time have.

Blogger-reporter Charles LeBlanc ask His Hon. Robert Trevors; what is
it costing New Brunswickers to pay for a police force to protect the
corporate interest of South Western Resource? The minister replied
that there is a contract with the RCMP to keep control of the
Demonstrators. Yet was willing in another interview divulge the costs
associated with the enforcing internet child exploitation. According
to Trevors, the Province has allocated 800 thousand to the police
force to police and arrest offenders engaging in the exploitation of
children via the internet, internet kiddy porn. Why the in
consistencies between internet child porn and the demonstrators, in
both cases the police is under contract, yet in on case the minister
in the case of the kiddie porn, and yet not in the case of the of the
anti-shale demonstrators. Since New Brunswickers are footing the bill
for the police presence during the anti-shale protests then the costs
should be made public.

Friday, June 21, 2013
Anti Shale Protester Peter Dauphinee shares his views on what happened
today at the Anti Shale Protest in Kent County!!!


What a week. At the beginning, David Alward couldn't offer a single
new word on how he would deal with the protests on highway 126. By
week's end, he had it down: he was planning to begin a consultation
with the natives.

Between these two non-events, other players, that would have been
better advised to stay out of the debate, weighted in with such
nonsense that they lost a big chunk of the people that were trying to
believe in them.

Today, the growing coalition of people opposed to shale gas exposed
the futility of the political output for the week. Natives and
non-natives decided this afternoon to stop the trucks, again!

Civil disobedience has become rather mundane in the province of New
Brunswick. It is evident that quite a few are willing to defy whatever
laws oppose putting their bodies in the way of thumper trucks in the
hope we can prevent fracking from destroying our province as has
happened elsewhere.

It was a somewhat mundane affair at first. The protestors were well
behaved, the cops so polite one wannabe arrestee (female, non-native)
was gently ushered to the far side of the road to await freedom, while
the rest were hauled into the paddy wagon.

The party atmosphere ended abruptly when the trucks began moving and
three natives, two men and one woman, threw themselves into the path
of the thumpers. It seems the police training wore off as they punched
the woman, giving her a bloody lip and threw her and both men on the

David Alward should get out more. Visit David! People do not want
shale gas here, there or anywhere. The time for useful discussion
(consultation) about exploiting shale gas in New Brunswick was two
years ago. Any possibility for you starting a positive dialogue with
the native people of this province may have ended today, and I
recommend offering gifts.
Posted by Charles LeBlanc at 10:56:00 PM

Friday, June 21, 2013
More Propaganda From Peter Dauphinee, Fatsso Levi and the injins

How do you know if an "activist" or so called "warrior chief is lying?
They're lips are moving. Notwithstanding the embellishment,
exaggeration, and prevarication the most recent sunrise ceremony was
still a monumental bust, as far as protester participation is
concerned. Far less than 75 "souls" showed up, notwithstanding the
cries for "help," from solemn faced "big chief" Levi holding a pigeon
feather on You Tube.

Despite Charles Leblanc's videos of "protesters" hooting and jeering
at the "dreaded thumper trucks," Mr. Dauphinee's prevarications about
the importance of their "protest," or its status of "civil
disobedience," the fact is, no one in New Brunswick cares. Mainstream
media does not consider the "tempest in a teacup" that these "native "
illegal acts are, of all that much import.

The "bloody mouth," of the ubiquitous overweight, fashion victimized
squaw wearing dirty pyjama bottoms and flip flops, didn't sway public
opinion against those, that would "frack." No one in New Brunswick, no
one in Canada is listening to these under-evolved animals. Their
"message" is gaining no purchase.

The "message" these injins want to get out is NO to responsible
development, economic expansion and jobs for New Brunswickers. No one
is really listening. There is no great diaspora of New Brunswickers
from urban centres and cities to "throw their bodies" in front of the
"thumper trucks." Or to commit terrorism or other violent crimes in
blocking a public highway.

Notwithstanding the loud and cacophonous propaganda, this is not
peaceful protest, direct action, or "civil disobedience, illegally
blockading a public highway to traffic is legally defined as a
terrorist act. These animals have no legal, human, or moral right to
commit violent acts in the name of "saving the planet."

It is past time for the RCMP to take their responsibilities seriously
and show up at the "protest camp," at roughly 3 AM, and end this
charade. Using whatever weapons and tactics required.
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The Fat "Warrior chief," and the Moron

"Big Chief" John Levi has a job to do, he says he is to save Mother
Earth. Just as Joe McCarthy used to see "commies under every bed,"
violent convicted criminal Charles Leblanc sees "racists under every
bed." If one were to listen to Charles, every member of the
Fredericton Police Service is "racist against the poor." Every RCMP
constable in New Brunswick is "racist." The Fredericton City Council
is "racist against the poor." Mr. Leblanc hates and despises the
Fredericton Police Service so much, he hates a pair of very attractive
university student "park patrol" ladies. He claims, "they are racist
against the poor," also.

Everyone can see why it took Charles' "Mother" until he was twenty to
toilet train him. Then it was time for him to find other "family" to
mooch his sustenance from. I don't blame her, I wouldn't want him any
longer either.

Now back to our injin "warrior chief, "big chief " Levi. "Big Chief"
Levi has no problem with sending members of his "happy few" of
saviors of the planet, as police fodder to be arrested and charged.
But like his ADHD mentally defective friend Charles Leblanc when the
arrests begin, both these "brave souls," and stalwart "defenders of
Mother Earth" are no where to be found.

I suppose that is what injins call a "warrior chief!"

Why don't both you under-evolved animals, get jobs?
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Thursday, June 20, 2013
The Uneducated and Fat "Warrior Chief" John Levi is...."very concerned"

"Big Chief" John Levi, the poorly spoken, uneducated and morbidly
obese "warrior chief," of the Elispogtog "community," watches a dozen
terrorists illegally blockading a public highway, and hid with Charles
Leblanc whilst his friends and family were arrested. That certainly
sounds like an Indian "warrior chief." Little Debbie Hopper, a well
past middle age, semi illiterate matron says.

" Please don't think a warrior is someone who has weapons and wants
to fight and create trouble. The warrior is exactly the opposite. A
warrior protects the Earth. A warrior weapons are our, medicines, our
feathers, our sage, our tobacco, and our firewater." {End quote}

It is indeed nice to hear that tobacco has some sort of redeeming
qualities. Must be one those "Indian things," rather than anything
scientific or factual.

"Big chief" Levis seems to have the commiserate degree of personal
honour as Theresa Spence and "big chief" and or "Grand Elder," of the
Cross lake "first nation.
Some weeks ago our "grand elder" publicly announced a "hunger
strike," our Indian "warrior is still alive and quite well, if not so
vociferous. So much for the Indian "warrior chief's" honour or his
"hunger strike."

"Big chief" John Levi and his "happy few" of criminals and addled
middle aged matrons, are blocking a public high way, because these
lunatic fringe want raise public "awareness," against the "evil
thumper trucks." The Indians and criminal convict Charles Leblanc are
taking pictures of the police and the Indians are outraged that the
RCMP, and a private security firm are taking pictures of the

Statistics are quite clear and are illustrative of a disturbing fact.
Indians do not educate or raise their children, as than forty percent
of them graduate from High School. So obviously our "big chiefs" are
unread, uneducated, not too bright and probably alcoholic.

It is any wonder, that Indian "societies", "cultures" and systems of
"self governance" are un-evolved and stagnant for hundred of years.

Natives and their "cultures" are indeed the problem. "Warrior chief"
John Levi, indeed!

Posted by Seren at 9:39 PM No comments:
Tuesday, June 18, 2013
A Primer for National Aboriginal Day, and Direct Action is Terrorism

Today is "National Aboriginal Day, a day set aside to "raise the
awareness of Aboriginal Peoples, their cultures and the contribution
they have made and do make to Canada." Or as obese self-described
"warrior chief" John Levi says! "My job is to protect Mother Earth and
that's what I am going to do." well if that's true, this is probably
the first job Mr. Levi has ever "held".

Less than 40 % of all Indian youth, complete or graduate from High
School. Whilst over 60 % Canadians from mainstream society complete
High School. What have the people have to contribute about anything?

This morning I had to do some research in the Archives in the Heritage
Rooms at the EPL main branch downtown. There was the usual number of
Indians, and other derelicts whiling the day away in the chairs, and

As I went to use the restroom, there was a large Indian with a pull
cart type piece of luggage. His shirt was off, his sunglasses still
on, and he was washing his hair and sponge bathing in the washroom
sinks. He then reached into his "hand luggage", and withdrew a number
of used syringes, and deposited them in the "sharps container" that is
in all main branch EPL washrooms. So that begs the question, just what
"contribution" can this man, or those like him, or their "culture,"
make to Canada?

At noon in the down stairs level where the food court is, there was a
"National Aboriginal Day presentation of music and of course speakers
propagandizing about Indians, their "contributions", and issues. But
to reach the door to the City Centre Mall, people had to negotiate a
number of "native Canadians" aggressively trying to coerce passersby
out of a "few bucks."

At this writing there are still "native Canadians" at the junctions of
public highways 116 and 126 in Kent County New Brunswick continuing
with their "peaceful protest," and or "direct action." But it is not
peaceful protest, but a violent criminal and or even, terrorist

A few short years ago when the Indians in Caledonia Ontario
"peacefully protested," and launched a "direct action, Richard Smoke
and several other Indians were arrested, convicted and sentenced for
aggravated assault and a host of other charges. A 56 year old man was
beaten savagely for no reason as well as women and children.

The people of Ontario and the media have with recent Idle No More
violent and illegal blockades have grown weary of the OPP's reluctance
to enforce the law upon Indian criminals. It seems now in New
Brunswick the government and law enforcement agencies are taking a far
more proactive role. The blockade of a public highway not on reserve
land and the denial of the use of that highway by trucks that pay
highway usage taxes, is a violent, criminal and by legal definition a
terrorist act.

There were less than a dozen actual criminals that day, and "warrior
chief" John Levi decide he did not want to, "protect Mother Earth,"
and risk jail.

The police that day ought to have got all the pedigree's of the
"people" involved, check CPIX, and if there were outstanding warrants,
and I imagine there would be...execute said warrants immediately.

Happy "National Aboriginal Day!
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