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Fwd: A little Deja Vu for the CROWN, the Nasty Newfys Danny Williams, Byron Prior, John Warr and Roger Brown of the RCMP, the Fat Fred City Finest Chucky Leblanc, his blogging butt buddies Dirty Dicky Dean and Mr Baconfat

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Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 02:45:40 -0300
Subject: A little Deja Vu for the CROWN, the Nasty Newfys Danny
Williams, Byron Prior, John Warr and Roger Brown of the RCMP, the Fat
Fred City Finest Chucky Leblanc, his blogging butt buddies Dirty Dicky
Dean and Mr Baconfat
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Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2012 11:18 PM
Subject: Fwd: Lets see if the really nasty Newfy Lawyer Danny Boy
Millions will explain this email to you or your boss Vic Toews EH
Constable Peddle???

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Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 01:01:10 -0400
Subject: Lets ee if the really nasty Newfy Lawyer Danny Boy Millions
will explain this email to you or your boss Vic Toews EH Constable
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Could ya tell I am investigating your pension plan bigtime? Its
because no member of the RCMP I have ever encountered has earned it

NONE of you should have assisted in the cover up of MURDER CORRECT???

Superintendent Gilles Moreau
Acting Director General
National Compensation Services
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
73 Leikin Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0R2
Telephone: 613-843-6039

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Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2012 19:31:34 -0300
Subject: RE The NEB, Nexen, Pipelines, the by elections of the left
versus Harper & cohorts Anyone remember me?
To:,,,,,,,, leader

From: Josipa Petrunic <>
Subject: Follow up
To: "David Amos" <>
Received: Sunday, June 5, 2011, 8:45 PM

Dear David,

Apologies for the delay in my response. This week was jammed with
board meetings for our riding and a massive volunteer appreciation BBQ
that we held yesterday. I'm just catching up on messages now.

Apropos the information you sent to me, I found it very interesting.
In fact, here in Calgary East, I'm planning a series of
workshops/public lectures that look at "Corruption in Canada". My
policy team and I are meeting this week to discuss the items you sent
to me and your case in particular to see what we can do in terms of,
at least, bringing some public awareness to this case and other cases
of corruption and questionable practices in Canadian governance and
government relations with businesses.

Do make sure to send us a follow up on what you decide to do, apropos
your proposed law suit. I will share the information with my team.

As my own follow up question, though, why have you sent me this
material as opposed to approaching your local MP and/or Liberal
candidate? Surely others would be interested too.

I know Ted. He's a great person and he'll be a wonderful MP. Do let me
know what transpires on that front.

Best of luck in your efforts. We'll chat soon,

Josipa Petrunic
Liberal Party Candidate
Federal constituency of Calgary East
Phone: 403-719-6253

From: David Amos <>
Subject: Josipa I will try calling you again (902 800 0369) BTW I am
not a local nor am I a liberal
Cc:, David Amos
Received: Monday, May 23, 2011, 10:38 PM

Say hey to Ted Hsu

I explained myself to your sister Ana ( who was quite nice) She
obviously told you I had called after you responded to my first emaiI.
She told me you were heading out to debate that night so I sent you
the email with the attachemnt about BHP and Potash Corp so you could
embarass some Conservatives as to why Harper stopped the hostile
takeover last year but clearly you did not read it in time for the
election but there is still a bit of time to stir the pot before the
Speech from the Throne in June

Anyway to answer your question I am the whistleblower that inspired
this hearing in Washington DC before I came home and ran for public
office 4 times in Canada between 2004 and 2006 then got stuck here
without my wife and kids

The first email I sent you had this pdf file attached and Ted got it too.

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

P.S. The rest of this email and its attachment contains just one of
the reasons Stockwell Day quit.

From: Josipa Petrunic <>
Date: Sat, 21 May 2011 17:26:34 -0400
Subject: Reading your message
To: David Amos <>

Hi David -

I just heard your message (sort of) on the telephone.
Unfortunately the line is garbled and all I could hear was your name and
a mention of a Senate website site. The rest is mostly garbled for some
reason and I can't make out your phone number or the website you were
trying to direct me towards. Were you on a cell phone, by chance? It
sounds like digital interference on the phone.

That said, I have indeed scanned through the emails you sent to me,
but I have a number of questions, as the order of the emails is all
over the place and it's
hard for me to track what happened when and who you were responding to
at certain times.

I thought that it might be easier for you to come to
one of our meetings (i.e. our board meeting on June 1st). We always
leave a slot of time for people from the community, like yourself, to
talk about issues thought to be important and which we, as Liberals, can
talk about.

Indeed, as I'm developing a lecture series for Calgary
East right now, it might be worthwhile having you succinctly explain the
situation and your role in whistleblowing, so that I can grasp the
issues at hand.

In the meantime, could you email me your number and a
link to the website you mentioned. I can start by looking at the site.

Cheers, Josipa
Josipa Petrunic
Liberal Party Candidate
constituency of Calgary East [1] [2]
Phone: 403-719-6253

From: David Amos <>
Subject: Fwd: Ted perhaps you should mention this email to the lawyers
Sean Casey, Dominic Leblanc, Bob Rae and Ralph Goodale ASAP
Received: Friday, May 20, 2011, 2:33 PM

When you responded once again to the earlier email I figured it was
not you who blocked the email I was calling about. Ask yourself who
blocked this email to you and why. BTW after I called you and left a
message about this I did as I promised and called Bob Rae's office as
well. He did ot call me back but i saw his help checking my work on
the web while we talked.

Best Regards

--- On Thu, 5/19/11, Ted Hsu <> wrote:

From: Ted Hsu <>
Subject: Re: Ted I figured out it was you who called me back (613 544 8450)
To: "David Amos" <>
Received: Thursday, May 19, 2011, 8:18 PM

Hello David,

I'm going to go over the contents of your email.


Ted Hsu

On Fri, May 13, 2011 at 3:30 PM, David Amos <> wrote:

Congrats on two fronts.

One for getting elected

Two and more importantly to me is the fact that you are the only
elected politician to returm a call to me this year. No joke.

That fact alone proves to me that you are the only person who should
be the liberal leader and our next Prime Minister No joking again.

because you acted ethiclly with me I will keep this email in
confidence until we get a chance to talk.

Best Regards

Please study the text of the email when you get the time but checkout
the pdf files attached ASAP before the 41st Parliament sits would be

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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 00:34:44 -0300
Subject: never-mind-northern-gateway-keystone-xl
To: albertadiary <>
Cc: David Amos <>

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Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2012 16:35:46 -0300
Subject: The lawyer Leggett and her legal cohorts are too too funny
sometimes EH Mr Plant?
Cc: David Amos <>,,

Geoff Plant, Q.C.bPartner
Vancouver 604 891.1186
Victoria 250 381.9321

Elisabeth Graff
Called to the bar: 2008 (BC)
Justice (BC), Min. of
Abor. Law - Environ., Resource & Abor. Law Group
PO Box 9220, Stn. Prov. Govt
Victoria, British Columbia V8W 9J1
Phone: 250-356-1155 Ext:
Fax: 250-356-8939

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Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 1:02 PM
Subject: We just talked Ms. Legget I must say you picked a bad day to
play dumb EH?

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 23:07:18 -0300
Subject: BTW Heather Remember when Harper stopped the BHP Potash deal?
Cc: David Amos <>

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Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 10:00 PM
Subject: Hey Old Danny Boy Williams Remember me? How as your day in
the limelight dicking with your greasy, gassy and oily buddies?

2005 01 T 0010

Court File Number(s):2005 01 T 0010

Date of Filing of Document:25 January 2005Name of Filing Party or
Person:Stephen J. May

Application to which Document being filed relates:Amended Application
of the Plaintiff/Defendant by Counterclaim to maintain an Order
restricting publication, to strike portions of the Statement of
Defence, strike the Counterclaim in it's entirety, and to refer this
proceeding to case management.Statement of purpose in filing:To
maintain an Order restricting publication, to strike portions of the
Statement of Defence, strike the Counterclaim in its entirety and
refer this proceeding to case management.

I, Stephen J. May, of the City of St. John's, in the Province of
Newfoundland and Labrador, Barrister and Solicitor, make oath and say
as follows:

THAT I am a Partner in the St. John's office of PATTERSON PALMER
solicitors for William Matthews, the Member of Parliament for
Random-Burin-St. George's in the Parliament of Canada.THAT Mr.
Matthews originally retained Mr. Edward Roberts, Q.C. on or about 30
April 2002 after Mr. Byron Prior, the Defendant/Plaintiff by
Counterclaim, had made allegations against Mr. Matthews in a
publication called "My Inheritance - The truth - Not Fiction: A Town
with a Secret". In that publication, the allegation was made that Mr.
Matthews had had sex with a girl who had been prostituted by her
mother. That girl was alleged to have been Mr. Prior's sister.

THAT upon being retained, Mr. Edward Roberts wrote a letter to Mr.
Prior. That letter to Mr. Prior is attached as Exhibit "1" to my

THAT subsequent to Mr. Roberts' letter to Mr. Prior, Mr. Roberts
received a 1 May 2002 e-mail from Mr. Prior. That e-mail is attached
as Exhibit "2".

THAT subsequent to Mr. Roberts receipt of the e-mail, Mr. Prior swore
an Affidavit acknowledging that what had been said in that publication
was false. That Affidavit is attached as Exhibit "3" to my Affidavit.
Following Mr. Roberts' receipt of that Affidavit, Mr. Matthews advised
that he was satisfied not to pursue the matter any further and our
firm closed our file.

THAT on or about 25 October 2004, I was retained by Mr. Matthews
following his gaining knowledge that a web site, made a series of
allegations against him relating to my having sex with a girl of
approximately 12 years old through to an approximate age of 15 years
old. It also accused him of being a father of one of her children and
accused him of having raped that girl. Upon checking the web site I
saw that Byron Prior, the Defendant, had been identified as the author
of the material on the site.

THAT Mr. Matthews instructed me to write Mr. Prior, to remind him of
the fact that the allegations had been admitted to being false through
a 16 May 2002 Affidavit to advise him of Mr. Matthews' intentions to
commence legal proceedings if the comments were not removed from the
web site. A copy of my letter to Mr. Prior is attached as Exhibit "4"
to this Affidavit.

THAT I attach as Exhibit "5" a transcript from a 5 November 2004
voicemail left by David Amos, identified in the voicemail as a friend
of Mr. Prior.

THAT I attach as Exhibit "6" a portion of a 6 November 2004 e-mail
from Mr. Amos.THAT until I received his voicemail and e-mail, I had
never heard of Mr. Amos.

THAT Mr. Amos has continued to send me e-mail since his 5 November
e-mail. Including his 6 November 2004 e-mail, I have received a total
of 15 e-mails as of 23 January 2005. All do not address Mr. Matthews'
claim or my involvement as Mr. Matthews' solicitor. I attach as
Exhibit "7" a portion of a 12 January 2005 e-mail that Mr. Amos sent
to me but originally came to my attention through Ms. Lois Skanes
whose firm had received a copy. This e-mail followed the service of
the Statement of Claim on 11 January 2005 on Mr. Prior. I also attach
as Exhibit "8" a copy of a 19 January 2005 e-mail from Mr. Amos.THAT I
attach as Exhibit "9" a copy of a 22 November 2004 letter addressed to
me from Edward Roberts, the Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and
Labrador covering a 2 September 2004 letter from Mr. Amos addressed to
John Crosbie, Edward Roberts, in his capacity as Lieutenant Governor,
Danny Williams, in his capacity as Premier of Newfoundland and
Labrador, and Brian F. Furey, President of the Law Society of
Newfoundland and Labrador. I requested a copy of this letter from
Government House after asking Mr. Roberts if he had received any
correspondence from Mr. Amos during his previous representation of Mr.
Matthews. He advised me that he received a letter since becoming
Lieutenant Governor, portions of which involved his representation of
Mr. Matthews. Mr. Roberts' letter also covered his reply to Mr. Amos.

THAT I attach as Exhibit "10" an e-mail from Mr. Amos received on
Sunday, 23 January 2005.

THAT I swear this Affidavit in support of the Application to strike
Mr. Prior's counterclaim.

SWORN to before me at
St. John's, Province of Newfoundlandand Labrador
this 24th day ofJanuary, 2005.
Signed by Della Hart
Commissioner for Oaths in and for
the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
My commission expires on December 31, 2009.

Seems that Petey Baby MacKay and Stevey Boy Harper have been resetting
things today EH Danny Boy Williams? It appear like you they don't want
the help to know EH?

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Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 11:40:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: "David Amos" <>
Subject: Just so everybody knows I called the Fat Fred City cops to
tell thme\\em the Tow Truck dude did not contact me.

Blocked from joining my site

Dean, it still says, The page cannot be displayed. Can you post my
message for me until we work out a way to get me access to your
group. I send out this message and I also have a short story.
Byron Prior

My family has been destroyed by the Devil and his powers of
we're left without even basic human rights. When the Government &
system are the Organized CRIME in CANADA, they honor CHILD RAPEST.
The Federal Government is allowing the Credability & Reputation of the
Police & The Legal System, to be distroyed to protect ONE Corrupt
Politician, Judge, Child Rapest & now member of THE ORDER OF
man has broken every law he swore to protect. Because this X-Justice
Minister and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, raped and
impregnated my
12 year old sister, and covered it up his entire career, no one will
us. To this day, no lawyer will represent me and the legal system
will do
nothing to help. The last lawyer I asked to represent me, told me, if
lawyer tried to represent you, it would mean the end of their career.
my web site at
God Bless You
Byron Prior Tele# 709-834-9822
66 Readers Hill Crescent
Conception Bay South
NL., Canada

I am told byron has suffered from government masonic abuse and faces a
known freemason judge. This is illegal, he is fighting freemasons and
is being convicted by a freemason judge. Byron Prior has till may5
court date to figure out a strategy. He tells me of horror stories of
botched operations and Doctors Prescribing experimental drugs and
demerol. This freemason was dating his mother and impregnated his
twelve year old sister. The man that raped that twelve year old got the
order of canada. D.N.A can prove that he did this and his story matches
the same techniques used in multistalking. This is a solid link from
liberals to freemason to multistalking and he should not face this
judge alone. I tried to phone lufa but get a answering machine
everytime. We can take them down we have the evidense.

If there is ever a time we need to get together and protect a fellow
citizen it is now. See for yourself you can phone him:
Byron Prior 1-709-834-9822

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Statement to RCMP of: Byron David PRIOR (B: July 29, 1953)

Reader's Hill Crescent, Manuels, Nfld.

Phone 709-834-9822


CORNICK) What's your full name Byron?

PRIOR) Byron David PRIOR.

CORNICK) PRIOR (spelling out), isn't it?

PRIOR) Yes, it is.

CORNICK) And your date of birth?

PRIOR) July 29th `53.

CORNICK) And your accress - down there on Reader's Hill, is it?

PRIOR) Yeah, Reader's Hill Crescent.

CORNICK) Is there a number?

PRIOR) No, no. Wwll it's the first house on the left.

CORNICK) And that's called Manuels?

PRIOR) Yeah.

CORNICK) And your phone number out there is 834-999...

PRIOR) No, 9822

CORNICK) Okay, Okay Burt will be back with a coffee now.

PRIOR) (Unitell) (pause) You know I went home Friday from work and ah
there was a letter from ah John Burke High School reunion.

CORNICK) Yes, bye.

PRIOR) From (unitell) VERN'S wife.

CORNICK) Lynn, Linda yeah.

PRIOR) Linda, yeah. They are having a reunion this summer.

CORNICK) Yes bye, There'll be a lot of people - I was down there one
year. When was that? What was going on that time? There was a crowd
of us went down, (unitell) was there and they had a reunion. I was
down there for a weekend or something. Bye geeze they had some
weekend down there buddy.

PRIOR) Yeah my wife goes down all the time.

CORNICK) Does she? You from out that way?

PRIOR) Yeah.

CORNICK) What's your wife's name?

PRIOR) Audrey (unitell) Stan's (unitell) daughter.

CORNICK) Oh yeah. I know her father sure, Stan yeah.

PRIOR) Yeah.


PRIOR) They go down for holidays.

CORNICK) Yeah, that was probably the best five years I had, you know,
was when I was in Grand Bank. I loved it down there. We went down, me
and Lynn went down one weekend - who was that? Alison, Max and
Louise's daughter got married and we went down. And there was a
letter in the paper or a story in the paper about one of the fellas
who had been stationed down there sort of half shit on Grand Bank and
that stuff. He wasn't, CHENEY, Pat CHENEY it was, and ah what it was
he just said that he wasn't as happy there as he would in other
places and that stuff. And (unitell) RIDEOUT all come along and said
that's terrible, you know, and I said yes bye it is. Anyway me and
Lynn wrote a letter to the editor when we come back, right, and said
that we were down there for about 10 years and it was one of the best
places that we were stationed with regard to it being good people and
that stuff.

PRIOR) Sure.

CORNICK) I mean I had a lot of friends too, I got a lot of freinds
down there, you know, a lot of people down there that I thought a lot
about and still do, you know.

PRIOR) Yeah, yeah. It's nice. A lot of people tell me it's a good
place. It's not for me though.

CORNICK) Ah. . .

PRIOR) You know Tom HICKMAN do you?

CORNICK) Yes, yeah.

PRIOR) Yeah, I used to sweep up the shavings in his carpenter shop.

CORNICK) Yes bye, Yeah. Yeah, I spent a lot of time down there in the
woods and cutting wood and stuff like that, you know, myself and Max

PRIOR) Oh Jesus.

CORNICK) I don't know where Burt is gone with the coffee. He can't be
gone far though. Okay, you've got some notes made for me to have a
look at or anything?

PRIOR) I got ah this is just stuff that I just jotted down.

(Knock at door)

CORNICK) Come in.

PRIOR) This is stuff that I was just trying to ah.

WATERMAN) Okay. I put ah - I didn't know how much sugar you want.

PRIOR) That's fine.

WATERMAN) But ah I never stirred it, so you can stir it to your
sweetness there right.

PRIOR) Okay. That's okay. I'll manage.

WATERMAN) So is one of the boys coming in? Or are you staying here?

CORNICK) Yeah, I think we should have someone come with us - just I
was just saying.


CORNICK) Yeah, but . . .

WATERMAN) They don't have anybody?

CORNICK) . . . no they are all out on the road. They are going out on
the road.

WATERMAN) This is a GIS matter isn't it?

CORNICK) Exactly, 100% GIS matter. And ah so what we are going to do
is to talk so much today and if we can't do it all today we'll have
to come back.


CORNICK) Any maybe you can arrange that - I tried to express to some
people there that, you know, there was a different mandate here.


CORNICK) And ah, you know.

WATERMAN) I mean we can't go, you know what you do is, ah who should
he be filing the complaint with? The detachment down there would be
the right place, wouldn't it?


WATERMAN) What? Oh I think the only thing that we can do for now is
ah take a short statement and send it to them I guess. What?


WATERMAN) You need me for anything?

CORNICK) No, I'm (unitell).

PRIOR) I just jotted that down, Pete, so I could try and get dates of
when I did talk to him and stuff like that.

CORNICK) Sure, Okay, what else you got?

PRIOR) This is stuff that, a letter from my lawyer for my cousin
Glenn SNOOK so ah he's been bothering me - the other job and this
other job and . . .

CORNICK) What did he say to ya?

PRIOR) . . . (unitell). I didn't say anything to him. I told the
lawyer (unitell) that I got to get him. This is stuff - that I could
talk about this after, if I could, so I can get this thing over with.

CORNICK) Okay, were are we starting?

PRIOR) Pete, we are going to start with my mother and three of her

(Knock on door)

CORNICK) Come in.

WATERMAN) He's going to get somebody to come in.

CORNICK) Okay perfect.

WATERMAN) So I mean don't even, you know what I mean. Let them do it,
they should be.

CORNICK) Yeah, right. Yeah, right on, okay. They are going to get one
of the boys to come in. One of the - I'm not an investigator of this
kind of thing, okay, this is not my field so we are going to get one
of the boys that is in that field, he can do it right.


CORNICK) You go ahead buddy, help yourself, fill your boots.
(Unitell) Now like I said, I will do whatever I can to try and help
you get through this stuff okay. You got problems and stuff, and
there is not much I can do myself but I can certainly point you and
give some advise of where to go, same as what I did with Adwise and
stuff like that.

PRIOR) Well I'm going to keep, I'm going to keep going to see MR.
MURPHY for as long as I have to.

CORNICK) Yeah. You get in and like I said these people are good and
they can talk and you can vent some of your frustrations and get a
little bit of guidance from them okay and learn to deal with them.
Obviously you are under a lot of stress. I mean you are going to
drive yourself crazy, right.

PRIOR) No I'm not, not now. Not.

CORNICK) You got it out now so you feel better about it?

PRIOR) (Unitell) . . . to do with my wife and (unitell).

CORNICK) Yeah, no well that's fine that's the hardest part of it
Byron. Right. The rest of it I mean - no you'll be all right.

PRIOR) I have an 11-year old kid that didn't bargain for any of this.

CORNICK) Byron, neither did you.

PRIOR) No sir I didn't.

CORNICK) That's right. Neither did you so that's the difference right
there. It's not your fault. I told you that the other night. Right.

PRIOR) But people, all these people who are supposed to help people.

CORNICK) Yeah, and they didn't.

PRIOR) Nothing. They hurt me instead of help. I got one thing in my
car (unitell) I got my Day's shotgun in the trunk.


PRIOR) I've had it there for a while.


PRIOR) (Unitell)

CORNICK) Are you scared that you are going to hurt yourself or
anybody else?

PRIOR) No. No, somebody else. I'm not, I'm not like that anymore. I
just get really frustrated that maybe some day I will hurt someone.

CORNICK) No, you don't want to do that.


CORNICK) (Unitell) you've had enough problems in your life and you
don't need anymore.

PRIOR) I know, I know, it's just that - I don't know where to turn.

CORNICK) I'll get you turned in the right direction old buddy I told
you that.

PRIOR) Okay.

CORNICK) And we'll get you back on track.

PRIOR) All right then.

CORNICK) Cause ah you know most people who go through this stuff and
got any problems and thry get back on track and you can to with the
right help and you get help in the right direction and get your shit
together. And get your, you know, brain thinking straight again,

PRIOR) I started, I started myself so I got to - but I want that gun
back because that's Dad's.

CORNICK) Okay my friend, that's not a problem.

PRIOR) I haven't had a fingernail that I can remember, Pete, never.

CORNICK) Maybe someday you'll have them to Byron.

PRIOR) Yeah.

CORNICK) You've got a lot to be proud of you know.

PRIOR) I hope so.

CORNICK) Wha, you got that little boy there and stuff like that, I
mean, you treated him good and tried to teach him from right and
wrong and raise him good.

PRIOR) Yes, sir.


PRIOR) Yeah, he is the best kid there is.

CORNICK) You know he is. And he's a lot to work for, and a lot to
strive for, and a lot to want for you know what I mean.

PRIOR) He'll all I got.

CORNICK) That's right, well you got to look after him and you got to
be there for him, right.

PRIOR) Yeah. Oh shit.

CORNICK) This (unitell) DAWE fellow I don't know him at all, can't,
never ring a bell with me at all.

PRIOR) Well my kid used to go with his kid.

(Knock at door)

CORNICK) Come in, come in.

LONDON) I was tied up, Hello how are ya?

CORNICK) Byron this is Cst. Mark LONDON this is Byron PRIOR.

PRIOR) How do you do Mark?

CORNICK) Byron is from Grand Bank, Mark. Byron had some problems when
he lived in Grand Bank when he was small. He was raised in Grand Bank
and that stuff. And he's having a real problem dealing with it of
course and he, you know, he is quick to admit that. And he would like
to talk about it and he wants someone to talk to. And ah I think you
can probably, at least, ah talk it over and you know just help him
work it through and get him, I got him. He was down to see John
MURPHY at the Adwise Clinic.


CORNICK) To get some counselling and stuff like that he's got to go
to see Victim Services and then go back to Adwise again. And ah Byron
needs a hand with this thing and I'd like to be able to do what we
can to help him. And ah he's got some stuff - and there is probably
going to be some, you know, investigation that needs to be done as
well. So ah I think that Byron can ah probably, you know, start you
off on what has been going on. It's his place to tell you now. Byron
is 43, are you Byron?

PRIOR) 44 sir.

CORNICK) How long ago did you leave Grand Bank?

PRIOR) I left - well I left permanently 21 years ago but ah I've been
out of there most of the time since I was 14.


PRIOR) When I was 14 my Dad took me to Halifax with his uncle and I
had some problems. I just wanted things to stop and he got me out of

CORNICK) Byron have you ever been in any trouble with the law, I mean
other than just normal stuff, I mean growing up?

PRIOR) Never, never, never, no.


PRIOR) Never had any problems with anybody, other than my family. I
think I was four years old. I guess I should start while I can
remember . . .


LONDON) Okay just I don't want to interrupt you or anything like
that. I just wanted to let you know that ah Pete probably told ya
that this is going video taped this is because it's easier for
us . . .

PRIOR) Sure, I don't care I want somebody to remember all of it.

LONDON) But in doing so it, it's probably not as sensitive as it
should be so I know that it's hard but if you could keep your voice
up as much as possible going through. I don't want to interrupt you
any more once you get started. But I just wanted to let you know
from, from the start, all right.

PRIOR) You're just going to have to take it the way I can . . .

LONDON) That's understandable.

PRIOR) When I was four I think as far as I can remember it was a Dr.
Trimlett a lady Doctor a Dr. (Unitell) from home. I had to go to be
circumcised cause ah my Mom was all the time messing with me. And she
(crying)... she kept playing with my privates and stuff and my
foreskin got stuck and it was torn so she had to bring me to the
doctor. And I just rmember the doctor or nurse, maybe Nurse SQUIRES
or Nurse RIGGS maybe, it's two ladies that I remember anyway.

CORNICK) Than\t George's wife is it, Nurse SQUIRES?

PRIOR) Yes sir. Ah they said that I was ah old to have to be
circumcised but they had to do it.

LONDON) You were four at this time were you Byron?

PRIOR) I think so, I can't Dr. Trimlett would know the medical
records would know how old I was.


PRIOR) Ah when I was young like that there was a lady that came to
the house all the time ah she used to be, she used to take me out and
stuff. Her name was Em Kelland and after that happened she never came
back any more and I haven't seen her since.


PRIOR) After it always (unitell) going on and my brother was older
than me and he died. And at the bottom of the stairs we had a big
black truck and I would always ask where Tommy was? And she told me
that he was a bad boy and that he was in that trunk and that's where
he was going to stay. And if I wasn't good, that's where I'd be.

LONDON) Who told you that, your Mother?

PRIOR) My mother did.

LONDON) You said that another lady came and took you out, do you
remember her, what was her name? I never caught it.

PRIOR) Em KELLAND was her name. She used to always come by and take
me for drives and stuff.

CORNICK) Now Em, that would be short for Emily would it, Em?

PRIOR) I don't know. I only ever knew her as Em KELLAND that's all I
ever know. She used to be a friend of my mother's but after they had
to take me - well my mother took me to the doctor and ah I never seen
her after. She used to work at the hospital in Grand Bank in the
kitchen. I always felt that she knew or found out what happened and
she just didn't come back. I never seen her since. But I remember the
car, it was on old Hillman she used to drive. But after that I was
just - I was all the time - my sisters were younger than me, and my
mother always had an old car. She used to go driving around all the
time with guys and stuff. But she always kept picking at me. All the
time beating the hell out of me. I couldn't get it to stop. So I kept
talking to my uncles and they didn't care either. They just told me
that I was crazy and ah there was nothing going on.

LONDON) So Byron you said that this continued until you were about 14?

PRIOR) Yes, sir. All along the way like there was this whole mess of
shit that she was doing. Like she used to take guys down in Garnish
all the time and she used to leave me with babysitters and stuff.
First it was two CREWS sisters ah Meria and Dina CREWS were the first
babysitters that I remember. An they were great. But it just, she was
just on the go so much after it changed and it was whoever she could
get. So sometimes the babysitters was as bad as she was. But they
didn't pick at me, they just had boyfriends and shit. So I can
remember one night I - when she was going with a car full, I just, I
was in the living room crying and screamed and I broke the window. So
she stopped the car and came back in and took me with her. So she
dropped me off at a restaurant (unitell) Marsh's Restaurant. So two
of the guys had girlfriends Bill THOMAS and ah Francis MELVIN were
friends in Garnish, Bill's was from Frenchmen's Cove. And she used
them for an excuse to go down. So she would take a car full and she
would drop me off at a restaurant and Bill would stay in Frenchmen's
Cove and (unitell) would go to Garnish and then she would go parking
with all the rest of the guys. And ah I can remember that (unitell)
stay up with me late one night because I was just a kid and ah she
was very late in coming back to get me. But she just ah she didn't
care, she just came back home as if it was the same thing. And then
she used to go down to MOLLIERS, that's where she used to go for her
free gas. Cause all the guys used to hang out down there and drink
all the time and play pool and darts and stuff in the back room. So
she'd go in with all those guys so she could get some free gas from
them. So while I was younger, she used to leave me in the car but one
day I got out, cause the gas pumps down there was over on the side
from the building. So one day I got out and went in and she was in
the back room with a guy (crying) so they took me and put me outside
and made me stay in the car. So she came and got her gas and went
back home. But then after that, there was a lady living in a cabin
just down the road from there it was Mabel FRENCH so she used to drop
me off there so I wouldn't come in. And when I was there she used to
get at me as well. (Crying).

LONDON) So you're saying that Mabel used to get as ya as well, Byron?

PRIOR) Yes, sir. Three different times.

LONDON) Where is your mother now, Byron?

PRIOR) She is still in Grand Bank.

LONDON) Is she?

PRIOR) Yeah.

LONDON) And what's her name?

PRIOR) Harriett.

LONDON) And what does she go by as a last name?



PRIOR) Yeah.

CORNICK) Her husband's name is Jim is it?

PRIOR) Yeah, Jim BAKER. She married him a couple of weeks after my
Dad died.

LONDON) What was your Dad's name?


LONDON) Randell was it?

PRIOR) Yeah, he was a captain on the boats.

CORNICK) When did your Dad die, Byron?

PRIOR) Hu, mental agony and torture. He died, I think, it was just
complications of cancer and stuff like that. I remember somebody, one
of my sisters told me that my Dad was in bed dying. Two or three days
before he died, he tried to get out of bed and fell on the floor and
one of my sisters went to help him back in bed and she stood in the
door and said "leave the fucker alone, let him stay where he is at.
He'll get what he deserves". So she wouldn't let them help him. But
when he died I lived in Fortune and they called for me to come down
to the house so I went down and I was sitting at the kitchen table
and Larry OSMOND and ah....


PRIOR) Earl, Earl ah I forget Earl's last name, HARRIS from Garnish
he was. Earl was in the bedroom with Dad and she is sitting at the
table telling me that the Salvation Army Officer told her that she
had to marry Jim BAKER rather than live with him. So I smacked her in
the mouth, but I didn't hit her hard enough. But anyway she just
kept, all that summer it was three times with Mabel FRENCH. She would
just bring me down and then she would leave me there. I remember one
time that she brought me down and there was a young girl there a
Linda BUNGAY her name was. And she drove Linda out and told her to go
play and then she used to always (crying)... she was drunk all the
time, Mable FRENCH was. And she used to make me sit down and she'd
take her pants down and she'd pull mine down and sit on me. And I
didn't know what to do. (Crying)... So the third time that she did
it, she got real mad at me and she smacked me and said I was trash
and she was fucking going to find somebody better. So when my mother
came down from the shop they put me in the front of the car and all
the way back home my mother was rubbing one leg and she was rubbing
the other. And when I got back home she asked me if Mabel was at me
and I said yeah. So she gave her, Mabel gave her ten bucks when she
dropped her off for bringing her back up. Every time she would give
her ten bucks.

LONDON) How old were you, this summer at the cabin, do you remember?

PRIOR) `52 Chev a blue one.

LONDON) No but how old were you then?

PRIOR) I just remember things with cars and...

LONDON) That's understandable, but I mean would it have been when you
were going to school?

PRIOR) No, I don't, maybe, it was after the trip to the doctor. I
think maybe I was four then. But Dr. Trimbell will remember, she, she
liked me a little. There must be medical records.

LONDON) Oh yeah, we can check that out later.

PRIOR) She'd remember. It was after that. So then she just kept, she
just kept doing it. She found a gas station in Grand Bank where she
could get her gas then. It was a guy Art TRIMM that used to work at
the Irving Station. So she used to go mess with him for gas instead
of going down to Mollers so it sort of saved me from Mabel FRENCH. So
I was sort of half pleased about it. And by that time she had a `59
Ford and it was black and white. Dave TUCKER has got one just like
it. But by that time my sisters were getting a bit older. I got an
oldest sister Suzanne, a sister Donna and a sister Lucy and a sister
Joan, the four of them. All the time that she wanted money she used
to, everybody then used to walk on the beach from the fish plant
after work and dinner hours, go and stand in the gate and wait for
them all to go by dinner hour or after work or whatever so she would
always invite this guy in, Bill PITTMAN. And she would sit him at the
kitchen table and mess with him and play with him and he'd give her
money and stuff. And after a while he sort of turned his attentions,
he totally turned his attention to my sisters, the four of them. And
at first it was like it was, oh Jesus, at first I guess neither one
of them didn't want to. But after a while my sister Suzanne, the
oldest one, and my sister Joan, they looked forward to it, they
enjoyed it. They wanted it to happen. They got nothing, and I got a
shit knocking all the time for kicking up. (Crying) ... So he was ah,
he was a regular at the house all the time. Every payday and usually
probably even two to three times a week he'd come by or she'd send
the girls out to get him or she'd go out to get him herself or
whatever. And there was always a big girl down home and her name was
Helen RIGGS, I don't know it you've heard of her. Her mother was
Clara RODGERS, Helen had something wrong with her and she was, I
guess, sort of like Downs Syndrome and she was about 300 lbs. That I
can remember, but I was small, maybe she wasn't that big. But she was
a really fat girl and my mother would get Bill to mess with her as
well and she always told her that you know I don't want to do that
and I'll tell Mom. So he sort of left her alone after awhile and he
wanted to be with the young kids anyway. So she'd send them all out
in the porch and he'd mess with them. So I'd go into the living room
or go upstairs or I'd just leave.

LONDON) How old were you when Bill PITTMAN came into the picture, do
you remember?

PRIOR) Maybe seven or eight I guess. He moved to town from Garnish
cause his father, I think it was Light and Power, he used to go
around reading the meters and stuff. So he started with Suzanne and
then my other sister Donna and then when he tried to get at my sister
Lucy she, she blacked out in the kitchen one day so that got her out
of it. And then the second time he tried to get her out, she passed
out as well. So my mother used to alwyas say that there was something
wrong with her. But he had all four of them out there at time along
with my mother in the porch. They'd bar the door and she'd have one
of them stand by the door to keep me out of it. She'd always lock the
front door. After I got older when he'd come by she used to drive me
out, and then she'd get people to come look for me or she'd come look
for me herself. So every time she'd come look for me, I get laced
back home with a stick or a belt or an ironing cord. I remember one
time, I put a phone book in my pants. And the more she'd hit me the
more I'd laugh at her. And then my Aunt Jess, she married a guy from
Garnish a Doug GRANDY, so she used ot get my uncle down to come look
for me. But he didn't go along with anything. He hated her as much as
I did. And so when he'd come home with me he used to stay in the
house until I got to bed so she wouldn't touch me. (Crying)... So she
grabbed him by the privates and he told her that if she ever did that
again that he would knock her head off. And if she ever touched me
any more that he was going to see that she was charged with it. So it
got me through for a while, but Uncle Doug was on the draggers, he
wasn't around all the time so she kept it up. (Crying) And when I
told him he used to come by and get mad at her. So after I got older,
she had a kid for Bill PITTMAN so she called him Dougie so she could
try and convince by Aunt Jess that she was having an affair with
Uncle Doug just to get at her because Uncle Doug kept her straight
when he was around. He wouldn't let her touch me or anything. And she
was pretty pissed off about that, so she was getting even with him.
So that's what she did, she called him Dougie. But then Uncle Doug
got sick with cancer and he died when he was pretty young really. So
it just left me all alone again. But all the time when all this was
going on I kept talking to my Uncle Max cause he was a - I always
thought that he was pretty smart. He used to help me out and I didn't
have a bike so he went to the dump and he made me one. And he said
when he finished university that he was going to get me out of there.
But when he finished he had a girlfriend Joan GRANDY. And when he
came home, when he finished, I was sitting in front of the gate and I
asked him if he was going to help me, and she told him that he was
going to be a teacher and he couldn't get involved in it because it
would just make trouble for him and that I could take care of things
myself. So he just let it go and every time that I used to talk to
him he used to tell his brother Charl because he was the oldest in
the family and Charl came home one time, and I used to always go down
to my grandmother's, I used to bring in wood and bring in coal and
get something to eat. It kept me out of the house sometines dinner
hours cause she used to get me to go over to Phil NOSEWORTHY's and I
used to do anything to get away from that. (Crying) So I'd go down
there all the time. But after Max talked to Charl, he came to Grand
Bank to see me. I didn't realize he come to see me, I thought that he
was just coming home, anyway he came home one weekend and he asked me
if I wanted to go for a ride in a boat with him. So I was, I was
right happy about it, I just thought that maybe he was going to help
me or something, anything. So he took me out in the boat with him and
stopped by the bouy and he picked me up and he put me over the side
and he told me if I made any trouble for his family that he was going
to drown me. So he picked me up and he put me back in the boat and he
went to Fortune to pick up his friend Levi CROCKER. So going in the
harbour I was sitting in the back of the boat and I was scared so he
just made the boat go around right quick and he covered me from head
to toe, back then the harbour was full of gurry all the time so I was
in a pretty good mess, but he just left me there, and they went for a
ride. So then he brought me back. I went back home and for a long
time I didn't say anything to anybody (crying)... so I thought after
awhile I had an uncle that was a Salvation Army Officer and according
to my grandmother and everybody else he was the best thing in the
world. That's what I thought. So anyway I figured maybe I'd try him.
So he was stationed in Mundy Pond and apparently it was pretty rough
back then. So he and his wife had some problems there and somebody
tried to get into his house one night. So they transferred him from
there to Peterview and in between he used to come home and parade
around the church and be a good guy. So between assignments he came
home he had a `65 Mercury Comet and all the way down it was a gravel
road. He broke off the right front strut on the car. It was mount
really on the top and it split. So he was home for a little while.
And while he was home I went to see him and I told him what was going
on, and I asked if he could come and talk to her and get her to stop.
So he came to the house and he had his uniform on and stuff and he
asked her if what I was telling him was true. She said yeah. So he
said, he said, you know, if you don't stop this he's going to get
even with you one of these days. And she said I don't give a God Damn
what he does. So he just left and that was it. He didn't do anything
for me after. Actually when they came home they would stay away from
the house cause they didn't want to run into anything. They were
afraid of what was going on and they know it because I told all of
them. I told Max enough. He kept telling Charl, and they wouldn't
come to visit the house anymore. They didn't want me to talk to them
about things and they just stayed away from the place. So I used to
always go to grandmother to see if they would talk to me. But nobody
did anything. So then after a while Max was teaching and I ended up
having him as a teacher and I didn't like him much. Actually, I
didn't like him at all, still don't. But when he came from univeristy
he had a `57 Ford that he bought from Allan MOULTON that's what he
had when he was going to university. So when he started teaching he
was still my mother's buddy pretty well. He bought a `64 Chev, I've
been thinking about it so I guess a `64 Chev I was 11 years old. I
remember my Dad bought me a bike from a Mr. Tom KEEPING. It was an
old bike. And I was pretty pleased with that so he came by the house
with his new car and showed off and shit and talked to my old lady.
So he said you're going to wash my car. And I said I'm going for a
ride on my new bike and he said no. So I ran out the door. I was
headed up the hill and I got by Mr. Francis's house and he caught me
and he was throwing rocks at me and he caught me and banged me across
the head a few times and pulled me off the bike. And he said you're
washing my car. So I said okay. So I came back and he gave me a
bucket and I washed his car good, I got three buckets of salt water
from under the bridge and washed his car. He didn't have it very
long, it was rusted to hell. He didn't, nobody, nobody bothered,
nobody cared. And then we used to, back then my Dad's boat was
bringing coal and stuff from Halifax out of Sydney, it was the Reo
and the boat was coming, the Buffetts owned the boat. Any my mother
was always screwing around with this Bill PITTMAN and letting him
mess around with my four sisters. And I used to go down to Dad's boat
and I used to wait on the wharf for Dad to come home to us. I spent
most of my time on the wharf. So everybody that he used to deliver
coal to I used to go down to the boat to get the guys lunches from
the store. They use to give me change and stuff. And I used to ride
around on the horses with the guys (Fred Matthews, Eli Matthews, Biet
Stone, Bill Pittman) delivering the coal. So I could go for a ride.
And anyway this guy Bill PITTMAN, my Dad's boat came in and he used
to have a horse and cart too. So all day we were delivering coal and
I was on the horse with him and all day he was telling me that all
that night he was with my mother and he know my Dad's boat was coming
in because he was called by BUFFET's to deliver coal the next day.
They had their own horses, but sometimes they'd get him to help out.
So all day he wqas telling me that he was with my mother all night
and she didn't want him leave in the morning even though my Dad was
coming home. And he said she's crazy. She just can't get enough. And
I was just a kid. I just had to listen to him all day. I was ashamed.
I just wanted to kill him but I couldn't do anything. Anyway after
the day was over, he used to keep his horse in a barn in his yard, he
lived up the brook then in a big white house with a big red barn in
the yard. So after we went up to his yard, he unhooked the horse and
when we put the horse in the barn and then he closed the door and so
he ejaculated himself and me as well. He just told me that my mother
wouldn't mind and he said that he would give her some money later and
told me that it was okay and not to tell anyone so I cried. Any my
Aunt Grace use to live down behind his house and I didn't walk around
the roads so I walked down by the brook and my Aunt Grace seen me.
She brought me out some cookies and stuff cause I was crying and she
asked me what was wrong and I said nothing. So she said you better go
home now and I did. Nothing didn't change. Nobody didn't bother and
my mother just kept doing the same as usual. She'd get Bill PITTMAN
in to mess with my sisters. And she'd either give me money or drive
me out. When I got older, she used to throw me the car keys and tell
me to take the car. I wasn't old enough to drive but I could drive
anyway. A couple of times I didn't come back when she was finished
early enough, so she called the cops to come get me. And then when
I'd come back she'd have a plate on the table with some money under
it usually. When I was 14, I took a whole mess of pills one time and
they had to pump me out at the hospital. And after Nurse SQUIRES
asked me if I needed anything and I said no I just want you to keep
her away from me. So while I was in the hospital, they wouldn't let
he in the room. So when I got out and I went home and I stayed in my
room for three or four days because my Dad, he was always gone and
wasn't going to be back in three or four days. So when he came home I
told him that I wasn't going to stay there anymore. If I had to, I
was going to kill myself. So he took me with him to his Uncle Charles
and I stayed there for a while. He used to come back and forth every,
once a week cause that's where his boat was going. So he used to come
and stay with us and bring me down to the boat with him all the while
he was there. And I had to quit shcool twice . . .

LONDON) Have you been with your mother since then?

PRIOR) No sir, no. Not after all this I was 14, I was big then that I
didn't care because none of my family didn't care so I just got real
radical and I didn't care for anybody. When I was in Halifax I used
to go to find some grass and I started smoking up and then when I was
14. And I guess I've been smoking up ever since, almost every day
until October past I found a job so I stopped. I got a little guy and
I don't want this to happen to him. Because my sister Donna, she had
a kid before she was married and I got some baby pictures of her and
she was beautiful but whe was sent home to stay with my mother and
Bill PITTMAN started molesting her as well. Even at one point I think
she was living with him, so I was told. And my sister in Marystown,
Lucy, the one that used to pass out, a few years ago, she got a
daughter, Melissa, that's 15 and Melissa was molested by her uncle as
well. But he's been charged and sentenced and he's back out to do it
again too. So it's just, I sort ah of thought like ah maybe, maybe I
don't want that to happen to Trevor. So I ah....

LONDON) Well it won'`t happen to Trevor because you'll be there for
him, okay.

PRIOR) I'll be there.

LONDON) That's right.

PRIOR) So I just went and found a job and I've been working ever
since. I worked Christmas and New Year's and I've been working ever

LONDON) That's good.

CORNICK) How are you doing Byron, you all right?

LONDON) So Byron you say that you've been sparking with John MURPHY
on this have ya?

PRIOR ) Yes sir, once.


PRIOR) It was suggested by Len BRIAND and Pete that I should see
somebody. And Pete gave me the phone number. So I went to see him and
he told me that I got to go Victim Services.

LONDON) Well I can set you up with them. I have some contact numbers
and whatnot.

CORNICK) Who were you supposed to see at Victim Services?

PRIOR) What?

CORNICK) Who were you supposed to see at Victim Services? Jeanette
someone I think you said.


LONDON) Suzanne MEEHAN yeah.

PRIOR) On Duckworth Street at 12:00 today.

LONDON) Well we'll have to let you get out of here shortly then.

CORNICK) Byron you said something about lunch times you used to go
home and your mother used to make you to with someone.

PRIOR) Yes sir a Phil NOSEWORTHY. He was a gay guy next door. He did
just about eveyhting with me. I didn't have anal sex with him. I
never did, but he tried to. He always kept telling me that I would
enjoy and stuff and I said no. I always said no. But I had to tell my
wife this too. Because I went home one time, I don't know if it was a
wedding or dance or something anyway it was a function at the Lions.
And there was one young fella his name was Sam and Sam and I were
going down to the brook one day and we used to push around on ice
with sticks and we both fell in. My Dad's boat was in so we went down
to the boat and took our clothes off to dry and I tried to have sex
with him. I didn't, I tried to, but I didn't. We heard somebody was
coming up the hallway and I got in the closet and he locked me in,
got dressed and left. But my wife and I went home one time and he was
sitting at a table and as soon as I walked in he just got up and said
that guy tried to screw me. So I said to Audrey come on let's go. So
we just went and sat down but he wasn't lying, I did.

LONDON) How old would you have been then?

PRIOR) Maybe 13 or 14 maybe. But that's the only time that I did
anything like that.

CORNICK) How old were you then Byron?

PRIOR) 13 or 14.

CORNICK) Were you the same age wre ya?

PRIOR) Same I guess was probably 12 or 13. I think he is a year
younger than me.

LONDON0 What's his last name.


CORNICK) Whose son is he, Byron?

PRIOR) His Dad was Max STOODLEY. He used to have a sheet metal

LONDON) Byron I think whereby you've got your appointment set up
today, there is a lot I'd like to go over wth ya in a bit more
detail. At the same time I don't want to cause you any more stress
and everything that you are already going through.

PRIOR) I think I'm already finished. I've got to talk to my wife and
tell her this. I've known her only 29 years. I've got an 11-year old
kid that I got to set and tell him that I got of go to see a lawyer
about my cousin. And he hasn't seen his grandmother ever. And I told
him a lot of years ago that he couldn't go to see her is cause she
abused me but I didn't get into details but he's 11 years old now and

CORNICK) Okay Byron you told me you had a shotgun out in the trunk of
your car.

PRIOR) Yes sir. It's my Dad's gun. It's what he gave me.

CORNICK) Do you want me to take it?

PRIOR) Yeah, I want you to take it.

CORNICK) Take that and hang on to it for ya.

PRIOR) Yeah, I've got a lot of work I got maybe a dozen cars that
come late at night and I don't know what they are doing Pete, but
they got me real pissed off. So a number of times I'm after taking
the gun and shooting it off and telling them to come the fuck out or
I'd shoot. Anyway I don't want to do that Pete. I'd get in trouble.

CORNICK) Okay. Me and Mark will come up with you now to your car and
we'll get that gun and we are going to take a hold of it, okay.

PRIOR) I want to get that back because that's my Dad's.

CORNICK) No problem. We are going to take it and hold on to it for a
while Byron until you get things straightened around and get
obviously you're, you're concerned and you're stressed out and that
and we've got to try get some of that stress of ya and whatever and
deal with it and then you can have it back. How does that sound?

PRIOR) Yes sir, okay.

CORNICK) Yes, that's not a problem. We'll look after it, right Mark.

LONDON) Byron, like I said, I'd like to sit down with you, I don't
know I guess whenever is a good time is for you, we'll keep in
contact. And we will go over things a little bit longer I mean you've
provided quite a bit of material there.


LONDON) And I know that things are probably in your mind, just racing
around about 500 miles a hour.

PRIOR) I got all scattered brained and I even, I do thing like this.
Like I did, I did I remember, I remember things with cars and boats
and horses and whatever. Years and dates never I can't remember, most
times I didn't want to know if something came up. You know.


PRIOR) So I've been a car buff and stuff. So I just wrote down the
years of cars that they had when I talked to different people and
stuff and when I could, I wrote down about the boat that Charles had
when he took me out.

LONDON) That's what we'll do. How does that sound to you now we'll
maybe sit down in a few days time and maybe not even a few days time.
Maybe not even a few days, maybe a couple of weeks or whatever.

PRIOR) Well, okay. I want to do this quick and look I got 40 years of
this already.


PRIOR) And I want to get this ended. I like - I want it over

LONDON) Well you're on the right step once you do this.

PRIOR0 Everybody know that I was going to do this.

LONDON) Sitting down and talking about it. What's important is we'll
sit down and we'll try to go at things, I guess, as separately and as
detailed as possible. And it will take a bit of time to do that.

PRIOR) Yeah.

LONDON) Okay. I'm going to grab you my card and I'll get your address
and phone number from you. I suppose you already have that.

PRIOR0 I gave Pete my address and phone number.

LONDON) Okay you live in - oh you live out on Reader's Hill are yeah.

PRIOR) I live out by Cst. Barry Storey.

LONDON) You don't live to far from me, I just live up there behind
the Top Hat, I can't think the name of the road, Tobin's Crescent or
Tobin's Road. So I'll grab you my card. What do you usually work now,
are you working days or?

PRIOR) Well this week sir I'm working a 5:00 to 12:00. I work out of
Cochrane Pond out at the Poultry Farm out there across from Paddy's
Pond out in the woods. I work 5:00 to 12:00 all week and well I got
my schedule. Yeah I work 5:00 to 12:00 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thrusday, Friday and I'm off Saturday. But if you don't mind I'd kind
of like to have Saturday, my little fellow has boxing matches.


CORNICK) We can do this during the week. Is that at 5 in the evening
till midnight is it?

PRIOR) Yeah, all during the week.

March 25, 1998

Interview Room

"B" Division Headquarters

St. John's, Nfld.

Statement to RCMP of: Byron David PRIOR (B: July 29/53)

Of Reader's Hill Crescent, Manuels, Nfld.

Phone: 709-834-9822


Q1) Byron, where are you from, where were you born?

A1) Grand Bank.

Q2) During what period of your life did you live there?

A2) From the time of my birth, well I left there twice, I left there
when I was 14 and went to Halifax. I went back in Stepember of that
year. I ended up quitting school and going to work with my father
wnen I was 15, staying on the boats and living home. When I was 19,
my dad got me a job on the CN boats, and I got married and left Grand
Bank when I was 21. I moved to Fortune and stayed there two years
until I was 23 and I moved in town.

Q3) What was your father's name?

A3) Randall PRIOR.

Q4) And your mother's name?

A4) Harriett SNOOK, she goes by BAKER now. She's married to a fella

Q5) Byron, you came in the other day and spoke of abuse by your
mother, when did this first occur, that you can remember?

A5) I think I was 4 or 5 years old, I know that it was before school.

Q6) Could you describe what happened?

A6) Initially, well the first time I remember she sat me down in the
living room and she started to, she took down my pants, my underwear
and she started playing with my privates. I just remember, Mark, that
they had to take me to the hospital, I had to be circumcised, because
all my privates was messed up. It was a doctor TREBLETT, a lady
doctor, and I remember seeing, there was two ladies, I don't remember
who the second lady was, it was nurse, probably either Nurse SQUIRES
or Nurse RIGGS. And they were saying that I was quite old to be
circumcised, but they had no choice, they had to do it.

Q7) So before you were circumcised, is this the only time that your
mother played with your penis? (Privates)

A7) Yes.

Q8) Can you remember any other specific thimes?

A8) It was an ongoing thing, it kept going on even after I was
circumcised, I got a break after I was circumcised. Sometimes I would
come home after school, she'd take me in the living room, and tell me
to sit down again. After awhile, she wouldn't just play with me, with
my privates, she would take off her pants and sit on me. She always
told me that if I wasn't a good boy she would put me in the trunk
with Tommy. We had a big black trunk at the bottom of the stairs; it
had a round top on it. Tommy was my older brother that died, and she
said that's where he was. Tommy died when I was one year old. That
kept up until basically I was 7 or 8 years old. I kept trying to keep
away from her, I would take my dogs into the woods, but ske kept
killing my dogs.

Q9) When you say she would play with your privates, what do you mean,
do my mean your penis?

A9) Yes sir, she would grab me all over first, then she would grab my
penis and put it in her mouth and if she could get it either bit hard
at all, she would sit on me.

Q10) When she sat on you, did she have any clothes on?

A10) She just pulled down her pants, she always had her top on, she
usually wore nylon pants. I could always tell when it was coming, she
would change, get mad at me for no reason, start to slap me around,
and she would do that. She had to go to the Waterford a lot. She
always had a lot of pills. I can remember taking knives at night and
putting them under my bed, cause she was always gonna kill me.

Q11) When she sat on top of you, did she attempt to have intercourse
with you?

A11) She always kept trying to put my penis inside, kept squirming
around, and sometimes she would give me a slap. Sometimes when I came
home from school, she would have some young fella around.

Q12) Did this usually occur in the living room area of your house?

A12) Living room, and sometimes upstairs, we had four bedrooms up
there. Every time I got a bath, I got a bath once a week, she would
keep messing with me, I hated to get a bath, I hated everything I

Q13) Do you know if any of your other family members seen or
witnessed any of these incidents with your mother?

A13) I don't know, she always tried to keep me in another room.

Q14) So you say these incidents continued with your mother until you
were 7 or 8 years old?

A14) I didn't resist until I was 7 or 8 years old, cause I didn't
know what to do really. After I was 7 or 8 years old, I used to run
away dinner hours or after school, sometimes get into trouble. My
mother would come herself or send somebody to come get me, and when I
got home whe would beat the hell out of me.

Q15) Did she ever try and assault you after you were 7 or 8 years old?

A15) She kept at it, but at that point I was fighting back, and all
it got me was a damn good beating, with whatever was close to her,
one time she cut me on the finger here (knuckle of left index finger)
and another time she held my hands on the stove. She used to take me
for drives in the car and park and try and get at me. She usually
ended up getting what she wanted. It was basically just jerking me
off and give me blow jobs.

Q16) And these incidents of abuse with your mother, they continued
until you were what age?

A16) She kept getting at me sexually until I was about 14, by that
time any time she tried to grab me or take me in her room, I'd just
pull away from her, or give her a slap. I was big enough to fend her

Q17) From any physical beatings, did you ever suffer any injuries?

A17) Well, she broke my collarbone, and chopped my left finger with a
knife, and many bloody noses. She burned my hands on the stove. The
time she broke my collarbone, she had someone over, Jim BAKER, and I
was stood in the doorway playing a trumpet. She wanted me to go out
cause she had company over and I just wanted to stay where I was. She
pushed me out the doorway and over the steps, I landed on my shoulder
and broke my right collarbone. She left me there until she was done
with her company, and then she came out and took me to the hospital.
I was in Grade 2 or 3 in school. She cut my finger cause I had a
knife and I put a couple of marks on her new cupboards, she took the
knife and went like that and cut my finger there. I was about six,
seven or eight years old. Between the time I was 4 and say 10, time
for me is just spaghetti, the only way that I can remember times is
by cars and that.

Q18) Anything else in relation to you and your mother?

A18) She kept trying to get at me when I was older, and when I pushed
her away, sure, I was abusive but you would be too after all the
years of abuse from her. She would call the cops and say that I was
going to kill her. She would give me the car when I had my license,
when she had company and tell me to get out, sometimes not to come
back. I would leave and when she was done she would call the cops and
say I had stolen the car.

Q19) You mentioned the other day about a Mabel FRENCH, could you
describe anything that happened between you and her?

A19) That was, was about, between the ages of 6 and 8, my mother used
to go to a small store about 4 miles out of town called Bennett's
Store. Alex BENNETT was his name, it was in Molliers, a cabin area.
She'd go to that store, and go in the back room with some men, so she
could get gas from them. So one time, she went in and left me with
the kids in the car and she was longer than I was comfortable with. I
went in and Mr. BENNETT grabbed my arm and stopped me and sung out to
my mother that I was in the store. She came out and grabbed me and
gave me a couple of slaps and hauled me to the car. So then after
that when she went to visit that store again, she always brought me
to Mable FRENCH's cabin, it was about 1000 yards down from the store
on the left. It was a narrow road thru the woods, about 100 yards on
the right was Mabel FRENCH's cabin, it was about a 20 by 20 cabin.
There was one bedroom, and the rest was open. She had a day bed and
kitchen table and chairs. The stove was right over on the right side
of the cabin. There was an outhouse there too, that was the left of
the cabin. She'd drop me off and Mabel would take me inside.
Basically every time that she took me there Mabel FRENCH was drunk,
she always acted like it and smelled like it. She brought me inside,
she would be right nice to me, ask me if I wanted anything. She'd
take me and sit me on the kitchen chair, next to the stove and tell
me that I was a nice boy and this wasn't going to hurt me at all. So
she would take down my pants and she would play with my privates,
well she would jerk me off actually, and she would play with me, try
to get an erection, I guess. And then she would pull her slacks down
and then she would sit on me and wiggle around and that. The first
time that she did it, she got me all wet. So then she would clean all
of the wet off of me, pulled my pants back up and told me to go
outside and play. My mother would then come and pick me up and take
me home.

Q20) How many times did this happen with Mabel FRENCH?

A20) Three times, actually, the second time there was a young girl
there, around the same age as I was, her name was Linda BUNGAY. Mabel
told her to go outside and play, that he wanted to talk to me for a
while. She gave us both syrup and cookies, before she told her to go
out and play. And then, she did the same thing to me as before, only
this time she didn't get me wet. I remember the chair. It was a big
chair, chrome chair with yellow padding on the seat and back. She
wasn't pleased with me the second time, she never hit me or nothing,
she just pulled her pants up and told me to go out and play.

Q21) What about the third time?

A21) The third time my mother called Mabel and asked her if she
wanted to go up to the cabin. My mother took her to the cabin, left
me there with her, and she went to the gas station. As before I had
syrup and cookies while she had a drink and a smoke, and she sat me
down in the chair, well she took my pants down and sat me in the
chair, then she started playing with my privates and she sat on me a
number of times, squirming around and that. I guess she wanted what I
couldn't give her. She told me that she was going to get a real man,
she slapped me across the face, told me to go outside and wait for my
mother. When my mother came, the two of them put me between them in
the front seat of the car, and I can remember passing by the store
and Mabel had her hand on one leg, and my mother had her hand on the
other. They were telling me what a good boy I was.

Q22) Is Mabel still living?

A22) No, she's dead now. She was from Grand Bank.

Q23) As well the other day you mentioned about Bill PITTMAN, is there
anything that happened between you and him when you were younger?

A23) Yeh, I was pretty young, I would say between 5 and 10 years old.
My dad's boat came in from Sydney with a load of coal for Buffett's
Ltd., and they used to have two horses of their own, and they had a
number of guys local that would also deliver coal. Now Bill PITTMAN
had a horse and cart and he used to deliver coal from the boat around
the town. When my dad came in I used to go down around the boat and
the wharf to be close to him. I used to want to go for a ride on the
horses and drive around the town and deliver the coal. One time, this
particular day, Bill PITTMAN was telling me all day that he had spent
all night with my mother and she was right excited cause she couldn't
get enough, and how she didn't want him to leave the next morning,
even though my father was coming home that morning. So after we were
finished all day delivering coal, he had a barn behind his house, we
parked the cart next to the barn and he unhooked the horse, put the
horse in the back of the barn and tied him on in the back and he took
his cock out and had a piss and then he took me by the hand and said
come over here, and he stood me next to him and started jerking off
and he undid my pants and had my zipper down and my dick in his hand,
and when he was done, he done the same thing to me. While he was
jerking me off, he still had his dick out. I must have been 8 or 10
years old then, cause when he was finished my dick stuck to my
underwear. When he was finished, I pulled up my zipper and said I had
to go home. During this I was petrified really. I went down thru the
garden and jumped the fence and started walking along the brook to go
home. I was walking along the edge of the brook, I was crying. My
Aunt Grace PRIOR was out hanging clothes and she saw me crying. She
asked me what was wrong and I said nothing. She said wait right there
and she went and got me some cookies. Then I left and went home.

Q24) You had mentioned before Byron about Bill PITTMAN being involved
with your sisters?

A24) He tried, well he did with three of them, two of them willingly,
that was Suzanne and Joan, and he did with Donna, forcibly by him and
he tried with Lucy but she just passed out and collapsed so my mother
said to leave her alone.

Q25) How old would you have been at this time?

A25) Maybe 12, 13 years old, oh God maybe before then, when I was 10.
They would, let's see, they would have been 7, 8 and 9 or so, so I
would have been 12

Q26) Did you actually witness any of these actions between Bill
PITTMAN and your sisters?

A26) Well it went on and on, maybe even up until I was 19 at least.
I'd be sitting in the kitchen, around the table, and when she or one
of the girls got his wallet from him, wanting money from him, well it
started with just him and my mother out in the porch, the porch was
off of the kitchen. Then my mother would get Suzanne and Joan to go
out in the porch with him, she would grab them and put them out with
Bill PITTMAN so she could go through his wallet. First she had to put
them out there, but after awhile, they would jump up and go out in
the porch with Bill on their own. Now my sister Donna, she had to be
drug out, she wasn't a willing participant at all. I remember hearing
her screaming and that in the proch and crying. She was always put
down by my mother cause she wasn't a willing participant.

Q27) Did you actually see anything going on between any of your
sisters and Bill PITTMAN?

A27) I never opened the door and looked out in the porch no, but I
seen them where he would grab their breasts and crotch in the kitchen.

Q28) As well, you mentioned about Lucy's and Donna's daughter having
involvement with Bill PITTMAN?

A28) No, it was just Donna's daughter Betty Ann, she lived with my
mother from the time she was 3 or 4 years old. I wasn't living home
then, but I just heard that she had been involved with Bill PITTMAN.

Q29) As well Byron, you mentioned the other day about Phil NOSEWORTHY?

A29) From 6 years old until I was 14 years old, Phil NOSEWORTHY and
his sister Maude lived next door, and my mother used to make me go
over there. I would come home from school and she would say that
Uncle Phil, he wasn't my uncle, wanted me to go over cause he had
$10.00 for me for my mother. I would also go over cause my mother
would make me help him stack wood or watch the hockey game. He used
to jerk me off and give me blow jobs, every time I went over there,
and he had his hands all over by butt. He wanted me to have anal sex
with him but I wouldn't. He's dead now, if I could dig him up again I

Q30) Is there anybody that may have witnessed any of these incidents
between you and your mother, or you and Bill PITTMAN?

A30) No, there was no one in the barn at that time with Bill PITTMAN,
and she always made sure, my mother made sure there was no one
around. She even gave me my own bedroom, and sometimes I would wake
up and she would be messing with me, until I got some bolts and a
chain on my door.

Q31) Do you remember telling anyone about this abuse at the time?

A13) I told my father about my mother smacking me around and messing
around, fooling around on him. I never told him of the sexual abuse.
I told my Uncle Max SNOOK, I kept telling him about her playing with
my privates but he just told me I was crazy. I told him that she was
beating me up all the time, he knew that, and he told me that he
would get me out of there once he finished university, but he never
did. I know he told my Uncle Charles SNOOK cause be came and told me
what he'd do if I told the cops. I told my Uncle Don SNOOK, he was a
Salvation Army Office, that my mother was playing with my privates
and beating me up all the time, I was 12 years old then. He went and
talked to her about it, told her what I said and asked her if it was
true, and she said yeah. He said if you are doing it, some day he
will get even with ya, and she said I don't give a God damn what he
does. He left then and went on and never came back there. When I kept
telling my Uncle Max about it, he told my Uncle Charles about it, so
he came down and asked me to go for a ride in the boat with him. I
was pleased with that you know. I was just a young fella. We went out
in the boat and out to the buoy in Grand Bank, ½ to a mile out. He
shut off the motors, walked back and picked me up and held me over
the side. He told me if I ever made trouble with his family, he'd
drown me. He told me this cause I kept saying to Max that I was going
to go to the cops. After that, I tried to kill myself, tried to
overdose. She brought me in here to the waterford to see a Dr.
CATCHUP, I don't know how to spell it. She wanted him to keep me
there but he wouldn't, he wanted her to stay but she wouldn't. I
stayed in here with my Aunt Gladys after that.

Q32) Is there anyone that may know of these incidents between your
mother and you, or Bill PITTMAN and you?

A32) There was a women that used to be friends with my mother, Em
CALLAHAN, she used to work at the hospital and come to the house.
After I had to go to the hospital that first time I never seen her
again. I don't know where she is now. I think she was from Grand
Bank. Const. Jim Forsey, RCMP, Sydney and everyone in the town.

Q33) Byron, can you describe the layout of your house as you remember?

A33) It was two story, it had a built on porch, at first it had a
built on porch at the back which was the main entrance for us. That
was a porch that had a coal pen and wood stacked there, that porch
led to the kitchen on the main floor as well there was a formal
living room, hallway and closed off living room. Upstairs there was a
bathroom and four bedrooms. My mother changed the house after,
downstairs and up, probably when I was five years old or so, I was
going to school then.

Q34) Do you remember who your neighbours were while you lived there?

A34) Yeah, across the street there was a little store, Belbin's
store, it was owned by Tom and Louie BELBIN, his wife. The house next
to me across the road was Mrs. Thomas that was to the left of the
store. To the left of our house was Phil and Maude NOSEWORTHY,
directly on the right was Rub and Jenny PRICE. They had three sons,
Burt, Bob and Lloyd. Directly behind my house was Earl BELBIN and his
sister Rita. On the right behind me was a teacher Ms. Christine

Q35) Is there anything that you would like to add or change in this

(Read over 1501 hrs.)

A35) No.

More statements at RCMP, St. John's, both written and on video tape.


March 25th., 1998

1511 hrs.


DWYER: Today's date is the 24th. of July, 1998 and now it's 10:50
a.m. This is an interview with Byron David Prior who was born the
29th. day of July, 1953. Address, Readers Hill Crescent, Long Pond,
CBS, Newfoundland. Phone Number is 834-9822.

PRIOR: That's my present address, so anyone mention that I was born
in Grand Bank?

DWYER: That's right you were. Now Byron what I'm going to do here
today is during the complaint, you came to the office here on March
the 9th, 1998 and spoke with Cpl. Corney and Cst. London in relation
to that complaint. What I want to do today I want to get a statement
from you during any incident of sexual, physical, abnormal, emotional
abuse, not yourself but your brothers and your sisters, nieces,
nephews, anybody who was living in your household.

PRIOR: Sure.

DWYER: You actually witnessed, you actually saw or the person that
was affected told you directly. You can include your father if you

PRIOR: Yeah, just to make this easier to follow for any possible
action further down the road.

PRIOR: Sure.

DWYER: What we'll do is to deal with each person separately, so in
other words you were, you are the oldest of the living members of
your family?

PRIOR: I am.

DWYER; Okay, so the first born in your family living or dead would
have been who?

PRIOR: It would have been Tommy.

DWYER: Tommy?

PRIOR: Tommy Prior, he was the oldest, he was a year older than me.
Actually he died when I was a year old so he would have been two.
Apparently he died of Meningitis of the brain.

DWYER: Did he die in Grand Bank?

PRIOR: Yes, it was in Grand Bank.

DWYER; You don't know his doctor or anything?

PRIOR: Yes, it was Doctor John Burke.

DWYER; Okay, so the second born would have been?

PRIOR: It was myself.

DWYER: You were born in Grand Bank?

PRIOR: I was born in Grand Bank at the Hospital, Doctor John Burke.
Ah, back when we were kids see or when I was a kid all of Grand Bank,
we just had two doctors. Ah, it was Doctor John Burke and his
assistant then was a young lady a Doctor Tremblett. I'd say probably
she was there. Maybe five, from my recollection I would say until I
was six years old she was there.

DWYER: Byron we already have a statement from you regarding the abuse
that you suffered.

PRIOR: Uh-um.

DWYER: Ah, in case of the next one in line would be Suzanne?

PRIOR: Yeah, it's Suzanne, actually now it's Berirah, I believe in
Brampton, Ontario.

DWYER: Okay, what can you tell me about these things regarding

PRIOR: Suzanne was a child maker for my mother. After my mother got a
certain age she was told by the doctors not to have any more kids and
she encouraged Suzanne to pick up where she finished off, really.
She'd take her out cruising with her and see if she could find guys.
She tried to, oh at the age of 13 she tried to get it, she had her
move in with Bill Thornhill from Fortune. She had her move into his
house with his parents and him trying to marry her off to him. Ah,
she was 13 at the time. Ah, she had, Suzanne had three miscarriages
and a child whose name is Aaron, he's married with kids of his own,
she had had three miscarriages and this child before she had finished
high school. And strangely enough she was the pet of the family. She
was my mother's favourite child, could do nothing wrong but yet still
got her tannings, but at the same time nothing compared to what
myself or Donna got. Donna has actually now changed her name to
Sharl, but growing up Suzanne I guess the biggest beating she'd
gotton was I remember one night, it was about 12 o'clock and she
hadn't come home yet. I was 14 at the time, so she was 13, my mother
said it was a bit late for her to be out so you better go find her.
It was pouring rain that night so I got my peddle bike and I went to,
well at 14 I knew where the parking places were. So I checked the
dump road, I checked the wharf, anyway I finally found her in a place
called Louse Hill, well that's what we called it, slang words I
guess. But anyway I went to Louse Hill on my bike it was, I guess
Louse Hill was about a mile out of town, maybe a little more from
where I live, and I found her in the back of a Pontiac Firebird with
a guy Jeddy King, I suppose his name was Junior King, anyway we
called him Jeddy King and this guy Bill Thornhill, in the car with
the two of them. So I drove up to the car and knocked the window and
when I looked in, it was her with the both of them. So I told her to
get out of the car and she got out of the car and I said look you
gotta get home it's late. Mother sent me looking for you and we're
both in trouble now and she said no I'm not going and I said oh yeah
you are, so I gave her a kick in the butt and said come on you're
going home. So anyway we got back home and when we got back home and
the first thing she said when she got through the door was "Mom he
hit me" and she said "Did you touch her?" and I said "Oh yeah, I gave
her a boot in the butt and told she had to come home, she wasn't
going to leave". So with that she took an ironing cord and just
whipped the hell out of me, I was soaked too, anyway I ended up in
the hospital after I got pneumonia and I suppose from being beaten
severely I just got down anyway. She beat the hell out of me and then
proceeded to beat Suzanne and beat her up the stairs. When she got in
bed she continued to beat her, basically she was a red head with, I
don't know if you call it fair complexion or what, but when this
ironing cord would hit her, she'd turn white all over.

DWYER: Who was this Suzanne?

PRIOR: Suzanne, yeah. So she was basically stripped from head to toe,
white strips. Ah, me I was blood red all over really `cause when you
hit someone with an ironing cord it just takes the blood through. But
she gave her a beating that night that was the worst she'd ever

DWYER; Did you see the actual beating?

PRIOR: Oh yeah, it started in the kitchen all the way up to the
stairs. I was after getting my beating before that so I went up the
stairs to a room that was supposedly mine which was across the
hallway from hers and well it didn't bother me a lot that Suzanne was
getting a beating because she didn't get the ones she deserved as far
as I was concerned and anyway I could hear her getting a beating in
her room so I opened the door because it went on for a tremendous
amount of time. I was sort of worried after a while.

DWYER: Did you see...

PRIOR: She usually would beat herself out after she'd beaten me but
on this particular night she gave her a severe beating as well.

DWYER: So could you see into the actual bedroom?

PRIOR: Yeah, I could see from my room through the door into their
room, she was lying on the bed, I could see her back and her legs
were all white welts.

DWYER: What was Suzanne wearing when she was getting beaten?

PRIOR: Actually she'd gotten her top off and her clothes off and I
think she was just in her underpants.

DWYER: Who took that off?

PRIOR: She did, I think, as she was going up the stairs to try to go
to bed.

DWYER: Suzanne took it off herself?

PRIOR: I would think so, yeah. I didn't, actually my mother couldn't
have because she didn't stop beating her from the time she started at
me until she had gotten to her. And actually, I don't know maybe she
ran up the stairs and got in bed while the old lady was beating the
hell out of me, and then she went up to beat her after, that could
have been possible. Anyway she just beat the hell out of her and it
all come out on her complexion, it came out in white strips.

DWYER: Did you see her around the next day?

PRIOR: Yeah, I saw her the next day, she was sore all over.

DWYER: Did she show you any of?

PRIOR: No, Suzanne and I never ever from day one got along, There was
for me, I was ashamed of her, pretty much so. She was a little whore
that my mother had created really. But when you're a kid you don't
look at it that way, I look at her as an embarrassment and I still
do, but she was a created little whore by my mother who wanted her to
have kids no matter what the age. And that`s the way she, if anything
went on at the house, when we were kids my sister Donna (Sharl now)
and I got the beatings for it while she got nothing for it because
anything my mother wanted her to do, she did, sexual wise or anything
else or get money from guys or whatever she was up and ready to do
it. And still is, apparently.

DWYER: Did you see Suzanne get anymore beatings?

PRIOR: Everyone at the house it was regular, it was almost a regular
daily thing, beatings, a smack here or there, if Donna or I
complained that she did this or she did that, which in fact she did
lot of it, she'd get a smack and we'd get a pounding.

DWYER: Yeah, okay.

PRIOR; That's the way it was with Suzanne, she'd get a smack, we'd
get a pounding. The biggest and severest beating was that night when
I brought her home. Being pregnant didn't bring on beatings, actually
it brought on hugs and cheers, out with guys, my mother dropped her
off for guys.

DWYER; Regarding sexually there, regarding Suzanne, do you know
roughly at what age she started?

PRIOR: Oh yeah, six or seven years old. Six or seven years old with a
guy that came to the house all the time and my grandfather. My
grandfather was a dirty old man.

DWYER: Who would be first?

PRIOR: Actually my grandfather.

DWYER: Is that right?

PRIOR: My grandfather came and petted all of my sisters, he'd grope
them, set them in his lap and grope them before anybody else botherd,
actually before anybody else came around.

DWYER: What was his name?

PRIOR: Owen Prior.

DWYER: Owen, and he's dead now is he?


DWYER; Okay and fellows other than him.

PRIOR: Actually at the house physically that I had seen was Bill
Pittman. I'd gotten stories of different people that apparently my
mother had asked her to go and be nice to or my other sisters be nice
to get gas for her, money for her, whatever. That group Suzanne and
my sister Joan but I didn't see those personally, what I had seen
personally was my grandfather and Bill Pittman.

DWYER: What did you see Bill Pittman do?

PRIOR: Bill Pittman was a regular at the house, he'd come in or he'd
be solicited at the gate, he'd grab their breasts, he'd grab their

DWYER: Just dealing with Suzanne now.

PRIOR: He'd, she'd, we'd be sitting in the kitchen, back when this
started, I guess I'd probably be, when it started with Bill Pittman,
my grandfather is as long as I can remember. With Bill Pittman I'd
say I'd probably be about eight years old, that would make her about
six at the time. He'd come in the house, sit at the table, my
mother'd con his wallet out of his pocket, get money from him, go
through his wallet. He'd sit and get the kids on his lap, Suzanne
would be about six years old then, he'd rub her crotch, rub her

DWYER: Through her clothing or inside?

PRIOR: Through her clothing. My mother would say now go out in the
porch with Bill now. Meanwhile while this was going on she was after
getting his wallet from him. The kids would end up either going out
in the porch voluntarily while Suzanne, all she would get up and push
her and say go on, go on. And I'd say Mom don't do that, so I would
end up either in the living room, what we called it then was the
parlour, it was a formal living room. I'd usually end up having to go
to the parlour or to my room. Throughout the periods, the kids would
yell or scream. I'd come running out to the kitchen, she'd either
stand in the door and bang me and tell me to get out of here or else
I'd just go to my room. After a period of time I'd just went to my
room, I knew it was no point.

DWYER: So what would the screaming be?

PRIOR: She would put them out in the porch with him, I don't know
what happened out in the porch. I know what they told me happened.

DWYER: What did Suzanne ever tell you?

PRIOR: She didn't tell my anything about it, Suzanne don't talk to
me. I haven't spoken with her, well she came home on one occasion
when my Uncle Lee died. I met her at the airport and gave her a run
down to the funeral, she apologized, cried, we both did and I took
her to the funeral for Uncle Lee and the night after he was buried we
went to a club in Fortune for a drink, it was six guys there, a crew
from a long liner, she solicited the whole bunch, the entire crew,
the skipper was piling the booze on the bar trying to get me drunk,
to a point where I just had to say, look boy if you want to do
anything with this girl, you don't need to get me drunk. You know, I
don't want anything to do with it.

DWYER: How long ago was that?

PRIOR: Well I believe he died I guess, maybe six or seven years ago,
that was the first time I'd seen her since high school, and the last
time I've seen her.

DWYER: Okay, so you're saying earlier that Suzanne was pregnant?

PRIOR: Oh yeah, pregnant continuously. From the time that she was 12
years old until the time that she was 16 years old.

DWYER: Okay, how many children did she have?

PRIOR: She had three miscarriages and one child.

DWYER: Who was that child?

PRIOR: Aaron. My girlfriend and I were at the house, my wife now,
Audrey, were watching TV in the living room and she was having a
toxic baby at the time, you know you fill with fluid I guess it is.
Anyway, we were watching TV and I heard a noise coming from upstairs.
My wife and I were sitting on the couch and I said to her I better go
find out what's going on. So anyway I ran upstairs and she was in her
bed still across from my room, she was biting her tongue and had
turned almost cold black, she'd gone into a seizure and was biting
her tongue off. So I ran and got a spoon and put it between her
teeth, I'd heard some place I guess, I don't know why, that was just
reaction or instinct. I came downstairs and I knocked on the old
ladys door and said look Suzanne is in a bad way we got to get some
help, we gotta call a doctor and I gotta go get some people to help
us get her out of the room. So I went next door to a guy, Lloyd Price
and a couple of doors up there was another guy I knew Claude Myles,
so that night it took Claude Myles, Lloyd Price, my mother and myself
to lift her, the four of us to lift her from the bed to the
downstairs area. Apparently the doctor told me the next day why she
was so heavy was she was a dead weight. He said just a few more, you
know, just a couple of minutes and she would have been dead. So
anyway we got her down out of there after, got her to the hospital
and then the next day I went to see her. Actually my girlfriend, my
wife now, Audrey, she was in the maternity ward there and my mother
was sitting on one side of her and we just went in and stood on the
other side of the bed and I asked her how she was and she said you go
fuck yourself and I said why, and she said you get the fuck out of
here, you're nothing but an asshole anyway, I didn't ask you to save
my life. Just go away. So then the old lady got up and said to me you
get out of here, you're only getting her upset, go and get away, so I
said okay. That's really the last clear recollection I've got of
Suzanne, that was my last attempt of trying to be civilized.

DWYER: Okay, so you say she had about three miscarriages and one baby?

PRIOR: Three and one that I'm aware of. That young baby now is turned
out to be Aaron, Aaron Prior.

DWYER: Do you know who the father of the baby, of Aaron is?

PRIOR: No I don't know. It could be any number of people.

DWYER: Is that right?

PRIOR: Yeah.

DWYER: Do you know any people who did have sex with Suzanne?

PRIOR: Oh yeah, yeah.

DWYER: Do you know any of their names?

PRIOR: Oh sure, Bill Matthews, Eric Butler.

DWYER: How do you know Bill Matthews had sex with her?

PRIOR: Well, Bill Matthews, Eric Butler, Rick Tessier, Carl Tessier,
they all drove around Grand Bank in an old `53 gree Chrysler that
they bought from Charlie Forward, he was an old business man there.
Night times my mother and her would drive around and solicit to see
where they could get a few bucks. My mother would leave her with them
in that car, she was their toy basically. They were instructed by her
to drop her off on a corner by Am Matthews house so they'd stay away
from me, that was a frequent routine. There was another guy that was
supposedly a friend of mine that would drop me off at night and pick
her up, and years and years I didn't know nothing about it, I really
didn't. His wife asked me about it and when I checked into it then it
turned out to be that was fact that his name was Wilfred Hardy, he
lives in Marystown now I think. His was the club we went to that
night when she got on to the long liner crew and his wife brought the
subject up that night and I had a cousin, Ches Walsh, that said he
told her, he told Sandra, Hardy's wife, `cause Suzanne was a regular
screw for Hardy and he dropped me off that night and she came running
around the back of the house and get in the car and go on with him.
Now that is a fact, but I didn't know it. I didn't know it back then.

DWYER: So the names you said was two Tessier's.

PRIOR: Yeah.

DWYER: What was their first names again?

PRIOR: Rick and Carl.

DWYER: Rick and Carl, Bill Matthews and the other name?

PRIOR: Eric Butler.

DWYER: Eric Butler.

PRIOR: They were the tribe that drove around in this old Chrysler,
they bought it between them apparently and that's not the only ones
that were in that car but off hand now, I spoke with Cst. Warr about
it too. I can't remember anymore names.

DWYER: How old would Suzanne have been at this time?

PRIOR: She'd be about 13 then.

DWYER: And this Bill Matthews, how old would he have been?

PRIOR: Jesus they were home from university and probably teaching
Elementary School, so with a degree I guess they wouuld probably be
21, 20, 21 years old. He was married to a young lady down home,
Sandra Vallase and he was the manager of Avco, Niagara Finance.

DWYER: At the same time?

PRIOR: At that time. That's what he was doing in Grand Bank.

DWYER: So he was married at that time?

PRIOR: Oh yeah. His wife worked at the finance company, she was a
mover as well apparently.

DWYER: What was her name?

PRIOR: Sandra Vallase, Sandra Butler, Sandra something else now, but
that was his wife.

DWYER: How old would he have been?

PRIOR: I would say he was 20, probably 23 to 25. This particular guy
was a real genius, I was selling Real Estate for Tony Murray in the
seventies, we had a Real Estate dinner down there at the Strand
Lounge, everyone from the office got all the tables together and
there was a lot of jokes flying around, everyone was being humorous
and laughing you know what his comment to me was for the dinner
break. Your sister was a better screw than my wife back when I was in
Grand Bank, you know.

DWYER: That was Eric Butler, was it?

PRIOR: Yeah, always an understanding person.

DWYER: Tessier, how old would he have been?

PRIOR: Rick was probably 20, 21 then.

DWYER: 20 or 21. Married or single?

PRIOR: Single.

DWYER; Carl Tessier.

PRIOR: Carl was older, Carl was about 25, 26 then.

DWYER: Married or single at that time?

PRIOR: Single. They were all single guys that were out partying in
the cars.

DWYER: Bill Matthews was single?

PRIOR: Bill Matthews was single, I would say Bill Matthews was
probably 22, 21, 22 then.

DWYER: What about Wilf Hardy?

PRIOR: Wilf Hardy when he was messing with Suzanne back then I would
say he was about 45.

DWYER: And how old would Suzanne have been then?

PRIOR: 13, 14 years old.

DWYER: Okay so did you know of anyone who actually had some form of
sex with her that maybe she told you or?

PRIOR: I hauled her out of the back of that car down at Louse Hill
that night. She was with Bill Thornhill, they were in the middle of
sex when I got her out of that car.

DWYER: Okay, that night, who was in the car with Suzanne that night?

PRIOR: That particular night, there was a guy Jeddy King, or Junior
King, we always called him Jeddy King. This guy had won a `68 Pontiac
Firebird, it was a copper brown colour and that's the car they were
in and Bill Thornhill back then, well Bill is, Bill was about 17, 18
years old then.

DWYER: And Jeddy King was how old did you say?

PRIOR: Jeddy King would have been about 18, 19 years old.

DWYER: Okay, who else was in the car?

PRIOR: Just the two of them in that down at Louse Hill that night.

DWYER: Two of them, plus Suzanne?

PRIOR: Plus Suzanne, and when I got there she was in the back with
this guy Bill Thornhill.

DWYER: Okay, what were they doing?

PRIOR: He was on top of her and her legs were up, you know. I pound
on the window and they stopped and I got her out of the car.

DWYER: What were they doing there?

PRIOR: Well they were making out in the back of the car, they were
having sex in the car.

DWYER: Okay, you could actually see?

PRIOR: I could actually see. She had her pants down on one leg, I got
her out of the car she pulled her pants up, I kicked her in the butt
and we were off for the house.

DWYER: Was it night time or?

PRIOR: It was night time, it was 12 o'clock at night. Actually by the
time I had gotten there it was probably 12:30 or later cause I had
left the house and went to the wharf, went from the wharf to the old
dump and from the old dump to Louse Hill. So it would have been about
12:30 or later, more I guess like quarter to one by the time, if you
could know the area, you know, I left my house but to get down to the
wharf would have taken me on my bike probably three, four minutes.
Down to the old dump would have probably taken me, in the rain in a
hurry, maybe five to ten minutes. And then from the old dump down to
Louse Hill then would have been another ten minutes, so it was, and
the old lady got me off at around 12 or a little after, so it would
have been close to one o'clock by the time that I'd actually gotten
her out of the car.

DWYER: And who did you say was on top of her?

PRIOR: Bill Thornhill.

DWYER: Bill Thornhill was on top of her. Okay.

PRIOR: And then immediately after that my mother had her move into
Bill Thornhill's house in Fortune.

DWYER: That was after that?

PRIOR: Yes, immediately after it.

DWYER: So did you tell your mother who?

PRIOR: No, I didn't no, I guess she did. I didn't tell her who she
was with I didn't get a chance, I got a beating before I got my mouth

DWYER: Did you ever see her making out with anybody else?

PRIOR: Not physically doing it, no.

DWYER: Okay.

PRIOR: Other than with the groping and then being out in the porch
with Bill Pittman, and having my grandfather have her sit on his lap
while he rubbed her all over. Physically having intercourse, that was
the one occasion that I'd actually having intercourse with a person,
the conversations that, with her being with Wilfred Hardy, that was
after, long after. I wasn't ever aware of it then, this guy was
supposed to be my friend, I wasn't aware of that then it was
happening, excuse me the Bill Matthews thing and all the guys in that
Chrysler they intentionally avoided me. I would have taken the glass
out of their car and they know it and my mother, apparently so I was
told, had told them to make sure that they didn't drop her off at the
house, to stay away from me.

DWYER: Is that right?

PRIOR: It was a regular routine for her to canvass the area with
Suzanne and some of Suzanne's friends in her car to see who they
could pick up or to see if she could pick someone up or if she could
pick someone up for the Kids.

DWYER: And would they get money for this?

PRIOR: Yes regularly. My mother would get the money, they'd get what
portions she felt like giving them.

DWYER: What about Suzanne would she get anything?

PRIOR: Yes, she'd get a portion of it.

DWYER: You don't know how much we'd be talking about?

PRIOR: See my mother would generally get five to ten dollars or what
she could get. If Suzanne wanted to go someplace Friday night she
might get two dollars to go. But my mother was nicer to the girls
that were out of my family than she was to our own and she gave
Suzanne two dollars, she would give Mary Hillier three dollars to
Dolsie three dollars. You know like the people coming to the house
thought my mother was the nicest person.

DWYER: Why would she give them money?

PRIOR: Well they were involved as well, she would take them cruising
with her. She would also have them out in the porch with Bill Pittman
as well. Suzanne had friends, Dolsie Hiller, Mary Hiller, Cynthia
White or Cindy White, Bertha Stewart, Sonya Forsey, there was a whole
mess of them that came to the house with my brothers and sisters that
ended up in the porch situations with Bill Pittman, got groped by my
grandfather, ended up cruising at night with her looking for guys.

DWYER: So your mother had these people out working for her basically?

PRIOR: See that was something now, now I see yeah. They were out
working for her, the kids didn't perceive it as being that way,
neither did I, we were kids at the time, I didn't know what a
prostitute was I didn't know what mother was because that's basically
what she was. But at that particular time I wasn't aware that's what
was happening. I knew they were getting money, I knew on the weekends
that I had no money but they had money. I knew how they were getting
their money and for me to get my money I sold shavings to Ches
Eveleigh who was in the chicken hennery. I cleaned up for Tom
Hickman, Grandy's Carpenter Shop, got shavings and sold to Mr.
Eveleigh for five or ten cents a bag. These girls got groped by my
grandfather, got groped by Bill Pittman, went curising at night. They
had two dollars on the weekend, I may have had 30 cents.

DWYER: Yeah. Ah.

PRIOR: After that I ended up, I was a message boy, I went from that
to working on the fish plant, but I got my money legitimately, and
these girls, I don't know boy, it was easy money for them and they
were kids.

DWYER: Okay getting back to the 1953 car there were Bill Matthews and
Rick Tessier and Carl Tessier. Do you see Suzanne in that car anytime?

PRIOR: Oh yes, a number of times. When they wer driving through town
I'd see my ssiten a couple of other girls int he car but I would nver
you know, I was a did that at the best of times there was nothing
that I could do about it.

DWYER: Who would be the the other girls in the car with Matthews,
Butler and Tessier?

PRIOR: I can remember Dolsie Hillier being there a number of times, I
can remember Bertha Stewart being there basically seeing them in the
car that's basically who I had seen the car.

DWYER: What would they be doing in the car?

PRIOR: They'd just be cruising around and heading for some place
generally because these guys weren't proud of having them in the car
with them. So they would get them in the car and then beat it to
someone's cabin. Generally it would be Carl and Rick Tessier's cabin
at Little Barsway. Now I can't say that's where they went positively
because that was six, seven miles out to town and that wasn't the
kind of ride I wanted on my bike at night. Plus when I got there what
would I as a kid do with guys, a half dozen fellows that were twice
my size, you know.

DWYER: Okay, so how do you know they were doing anything in the car

PRIOR: They wouldn't have them in the car for any other reason. They
were commonly known sluts around town and these guys were university
guys home, cruising in their own `53 Chrysler, it was a dark green
one, and that's all they picked them up for. Nights nothing was
happening or even nights something was happening, apparently someone
told that my sister was the best screw in the whole town. Even by
guys that were married, and I know two married guys, like I said one
married guy told me at a real estate dinner that she was better than
his wife who had professedly in the town was exceptional.

DWYER: Did Suzanne ever mention anything about what she had to do
with him?

PRIOR: No, her and I were constantly at odds.

DWYER: How about Matthews, Butler or the two Tessiers did they ever
mention to you what they were doing with?

PRIOR: Eric Butler did, the other guys they don't talk to me. They
avoided me and trouble.

DWYER: What did Eric Butler tell you?

PRIOR: We were sitting in a real estate dinner at the Strand Lounge,
it was the early seventies, I guess maybe four or five tables put
together for Tony Murray sales team, his comment was that my sister
was a better screw back when they were kids than his wife.

DWYER: Did he mention anyone else having sex with your sister?

PRIOR: No he didn't.

DWYER; Okay, anything else about Suzanne?

PRIOR: I think it pretty well does it other than the fact that, like
I said tell her to this day that I'm ashamed of her.

DWYER: Yeah, okay. So we'll go to the next one, to Donna.

PRIOR: Yeah, she's calling herself Sharl now.

DWYER: Did she legally have her name changed?

PRIOR: Yes she does.

DWYER: What would her last name be now?

PRIOR: Well she could either go by Prior, Prince or Price. It's three
of her numerous marriages, I think she's been married five times.

DWYER: Where does she live now?

PRIOR: She lives in Ontario, so I'm told now it's in Brampton, in
that area. My sister Joan has been driving around looking for a
vehicle or drapes or anything to try to find her. She sent me letters
and even a book that she attempted to write about what had happened
to her but since then she seems to have disappeared for some reason.

DWYER: Okay, so what can you tell me about anything sexual abusively
that took place involving Donna who is now Sharl?

PRIOR: Yeah, Donna was the prettiest girl in my family. I guess she
was four or five years old we were in the parlour playing on the
floor and Donna was with us playing as well and the door opened, I
would say it was about lunchtime that I can recollect anyway and we
were there alone, the kids. So when the door opened my sister Donna
got up and went out into the kitchen to see who it was I suppose,
anyway we kept playing on the floor and she was about four I guess.
We didn't think anymore than that about it, we were just kids
playing, you know on the floor and I heard a huge scream I just got
up and ran out in the kitchen, Suzanne didn't bother she didn't care
anyway. So I got up and ran out in the kitchen and my sister was
sitting between the door and a table that was in the corner. She was
on the floor just rolled up in a ball really, tears coming out of her
face and my grandfather was pulling up his zipper looking at me. I
pulled off and kicked him and he went on through the door and I
picked my sister up and she was all full of blood.

DWYER: Was she dressed then?

PRIOR: Just little kids clothes wondering why she was bleeding. I
took her to the bathroom I cleaned her up, I couldn't find anything
wrong with her but she wouldn't talk and she was just a little I used
to say she was my little bag of rags `cause there was no life in her
no nothing. I just washed her off and put her on the couch so we just
went back to playing.

DWYER: Was she aware of what happened?

PRIOR: I told my mother when she came home after, she didn't, she was
having a going on with my grandfather anyway and.

DWYER: Who was?

PRIOR: My mother.

DWYER: You mean sexually involved?

PRIOR: Yeah, all the time, she even told my dad about it. My dad
tried to kill him because of it.

DWYER: And your grandmother, where was your grandmother to at this

PRIOR: My grandmother Prior was dead at the time and other members of
my family they didn't give a shit either. I kept telling them, they
didn't do anything. Donna, she got nowhere, she would always run away
to my Aunt Melinda's house.

DWYER: Uncle who?

PRIOR: My Aunt Melinda. My Dad's sister. Any anyway she'd get beaten
for doing that `cause she wasn't allowed to go to Aunt Melinda's
unless she was told to.

DWYER: So was your Aunt Melinda pretty good?

PRIOR: Yeah, she was when my mother was having kids.

DWYER: Do you want some tissues?

PRIOR: That's okay, that's okay. This is the one situation that
really gets to me, the rest of them.

DWYER: Take your time, take your time.

PRIOR: Yeah, the rest of them were just daily routine, this
particular one hurt my sister.

DWYER: Donna was only four or five years old at the time, was she?

PRIOR: Yeah, I guess I was probably eight or nine.

DWYER: Did anything else ever happen to Donna that you knew about?

PRIOR: See, I always understood that she was a part of the thing with
Bill Pittman and driven out in the porch and stuff like that, but she
tells me no she wasn't. She was just playing with my grandfather, but
I always thought like when the rest of the kids were put in the porch
she was put out with them.

DWYER: Is that right. Did you ever see her go out in the porch?

PRIOR: She says no, but I'm sure I did.

DWYER: Yeah.

PRIOR: I'm seriously sure of that, she was as much a part of the Bill
Pittman thing as the rest of them. Now I was driven out of the
kitchen, or punched out or whatever, but as far as I can recollect. I
know she don't want to admit to it but I think she was as much a part
of Bill Pittman as the rest of them.

DWYER: How does she compare it to as far as Suzanne?

PRIOR: No, my sister Donna wouldn't go curising with my mother. She
wouldn't drive with my mother at all, she stayed with me all the time.

DWYER: Did she have a choice? I mean how could your mother, how could
she say no to your mother?

PRIOR: I'd stand up for her all the time.

DWYER: Is that right?

PRIOR: Constantly I took beatings for her. I thought maybe if I took
the beating than she'd get less of one.

DWYER: Okay.

PRIOR: And we both got them but she kept standing up to her and by
the time she got finished beating me than she didn't get much of a
beating most times if I could get there.

DWYER: So, how about Donna like as far as your mother is concerned or
anybody else. Did anybody ever abuse her besides your grandfather
like physically or sexually?

PRIOR: Yeah, my mother.

DWYER: What would your mother do with Donna?

PRIOR: My mother beat her one time because she blamed her for going
telling my Aunt Melinda about Grandfather and she beat her until she
couldn't stand, she was swollen up, beat up all over so we had to
bring her to the hospital. She told the doctor that she fell off her
bike and he knew different though he really laid into her, she was
all swollen all over, could hardly walk.

DWYER: And what did happen to her, how did she get these injuries?

PRIOR: My mother beat her up.

DWYER: Did you see her beat her?

PRIOR: Oh yeah.

DWYER: Waht did she beat her with?

PRIOR: A rope that was braided. She always kept this rope braided up,
she used to braid up ropes all the time. I kept burning them but she
kept braiding them up. She just kept whipping her and whipping her
cause she didn't want to be alone with mother. Dr. Stevenson told us
to go out of the room and he turned on my mother.

DWYER: Who was the doctor?

PRIOR: Doctor Stevenson.

DWYER: Stevenson. What was she supposed to have told to Aunt Melinda.

PRIOR: She apparently, my mother said she told Aunt Melinda that my
grandfather was playing with her and going to bed with my mother and
she said that it was all lies and that she was just trying to make
trouble, and she said you're all the time at your grandfather, you're
the one who got him like he is.

DWYER: Who said that to her?

PRIOR: My mother said that.

DWYER: So what did Aunt Melinda do?

PRIOR: I guess my Aunt Melinda must have talked to my mother about
something, you know and that got her mad. Actually what happened was
Donna left the house and went to Aunt Melinda's and wouldn't come
home. After my grandfather had gotten at her again.

DWYER: How old was she this time?

PRIOR: I'd say she was probably eight. My mother had to go to my Aunt
Melinda's to get her `cause she wouldn't come back and anyway she got
into a flight with Aunt Melinda `cause Aunt Melinda sort of tried to
protect her.

DWYER: Is your Aunt Melinda alive now?

PRIOR: Yeah, Aunt Melinda is alive now. Melinda Welsh.

DWYER: Where does she live?

PRIOR: In Grand Bank.

DWYER; How is she related to you?

PRIOR: She is my Dad's sister, her husband got drowned on a dragger
when we were all little kids. She was a single parent of two boys as
long as I can remember.

DWYER: Did she ever abuse any of your family?

PRIOR; No, God no, she was an angel.

DWYER: Was she?

PRIOR: Yeah.

DWYER: And Donna, did you ever see her get beaten by your mother
other than that time?

PRIOR: Numerous times, all the time. She'd get mad with anyone she'd
take it out on Donna or me.

DWYER: What ah, how did you see her beat, did you see her beat with

PRIOR: Oh yeah, with splits, pieces of board, ironing cords, hockey
sticks. Whatever was handy.

DWYER: How many times have you see Donna getting beat?

PRIOR: At least twice a week and every couple of months my mother
would go into those fits of hers, it would be daily.

DWYER: Uh-um.

PRIOR: Actually for myself, Donna and she tried Joan for a while but
Joan was as big as me and fought back too. It was pretty well daily.

DWYER: How many times over the time when you were in the house with
Donna, a couple of times a week.

PRIOR: Yeah, at least.

DWYER: For how many years was this going on, just trying to narrow it

PRIOR: Oh gee, for ten years.

DWYER: This went on for ten years and then she got beaten two, three
times a week for then years.

PRIOR: And then when my mother would get to these depression stages
it would be daily and more than once a day.

DWYER: But did your mother ever put Donna out there for anyone's
sexual pleasures or anything?

PRIOR: My grandfather continuously and as far as I was concerned,
like I said I got drove in the parlour or up to my room or whatever,
but as far as I understood I could hear her screaming, I always
thought she was put out with the rest of them with Bill Pittman.

DWYER: Out in the back porch?

PRIOR: Now she claims she wasn't, but I still think she was. She was
also, when she was I guess, six or seven years old, after we had to
go the hospital with her, my aunt and uncle, Aunt Vera Snook and
Uncle Maurice, Uncle Bill, whatever, my mother's brother, anyway they
couldn't have kids so my mother gave Donna away to them for a period
of time.

DWYER: Did they abuse Donna at the time?

PRIOR: No they didn't abuse her, it's just that she gave her away.

DWYER: Just gave her up. How long did she spend with them?

PRIOR: Maybe a month, me and Joan and Lucy, we gave a pretty hard
time about it. So she got her back.

DWYER: So did she give her away to get money for her or do you know?

PRIOR: I don't know, I don't know.

DWYER: You don't know.

PRIOR: She just wanted her out of the house `cause she was getting
pretty mixed up about my grandfather and stuff.

DWYER: How old was she then?

PRIOR: I'd say probably seven, six, seven maybe.

DWYER: How long was your grandfather going at Donna?

PRIOR: Always, or any kids that came to the house.

DWYER: How old would Donna have been when?

PRIOR: I'd say she might have been ten years old maybe. Nine or ten
years old.

DWYER: Okay is there anything else you can tell me about Donna?

PRIOR: Well, just the fact that when she was sixteen I think, my
mother forced her to marry a guy from Fortune named Ed Collier.

DWYER: Ed Collier?

PRIOR: Yeah, `cause she wanted her married, wanted her out of the
house. When we all got 15 or younger, 14, 15 we had to go. She wanted
us out of the house.

DWYER: How old was Collier?

PRIOR: Eddy Collier at the time was probably 20.

DWYER: Where is Ed Collier from?

PRIOR: Fortune.

DWYER: Is he still out there?

PRIOR: I got no idea sir, where he's at now..

DWYER: Have you ever heard tell of him in recent years?

PRIOR: No, no I don't. I did see him possibly about ten years ago he
was living here in St. John's on Pearltown Road, but no I haven't
seen him in ten years, not once since. Nothing wrong with Ed Collier,
he's a nice guy, it's just that I haven't crossed paths with many
people. She married Ed Collier in Fortune, they moved here to St.
John's, lived together for about a week I guess and then Ed got a job
on the boats. So when Ed went on the boats my sister Donna sold all
the furniture and moved away to the mainland.

DWYER: Yeah.

PRIOR: Since then she's been married I think maybe four other times.
To this point I believe she's been married four or five times.

DWYER: Have you ever talked to any of her husbands?

PRIOR: Oh yes. I talked to one husband, I went to the States to see
her, my sister's bot both her breasts removed.

DWYER: Whis sister is that?

PRIOR: Donna.

DWYER: Uh-um.

PRIOR: She was married to a guy, Tom Prince from Ohio. He was a bass
player with a country and western group call The Band. I'm sure
you've probably heard of them and his dad wrote a song called
Eighteen Tons and What do you Get.

DWYER: Okay.

PRIOR: That was his father. When my sister had her breast removed, it
was the same year that Mount Cashell broke here. When that happened I
had to get out of town . I ran away basically, so I took my jeep and
I drove to the States to visit her. I met her husband and his mom and
his mom took me all through the place and, gez they got oil wells on
the property, two of them and his dad's office where his last
writings were and everything else. Beautiful people. Tom and Donna
came here to visit me and my family.

DWYER: Did he ever mention anything about what she had told him?

PRIOR: He was wondering occasionally that she would get very
depressed for a month at a time and couldn't express herself and he
couldn't understand why `cause there was no reason for it. I got
pictures of her, she was a model, she played in a band and sang
herself. He had a daycare centre, they had their own home, they had
lots of money, she had her own car but sometimes she'd just flip out
for a month on end and he was sort of wondering what the problem was
but I didn't tell him because I didn't want to make any trouble for

DWYER: Did he say anything to you about things that had happened to
her, about her grandfather or anyone else?

PRIOR: No, he didn't know anything about it as far as I know.

DWYER: Okay, so is that pretty well it for Donna?

PRIOR: Yes sir, yeah.

DWYER: The next sibling should be Lucy Mitchell.

PRIOR: Yeah, yeah. Lucy well she's the third oldest of the girls that
are alive. Actually the oldest girl I mentioned to you was Alice
Maude, she was next to me, it was Tommy ahead of me, then me and then
Alice Maude. Alice Maude was the oldest girl.

DWYER: So Alice Maude is ahead of Suzanne and Donna?

PRIOR: Yeah, well she died when she was a year old with apparently
pneumonia. I should mention to you too `cause it may be relevant in
the long run why my sister and her husband Tom Prince came from Ohio
here to visit my family and I.

DWYER: Yeah.

PRIOR: They came here to pick her daughter up, Berry Ann, who was
living in Grand Bank with my mother, for want of a better word. Donna
had known there was things, there was problems with Betty Ann, so she
wanted to come and get her and bring her down to the States and let
her go to school with them down there. So when they came here to
visit that's why they came here, they came here to pick her up and to
visit me too, I guess. So they came to town stayed with us, we went
and got Betty Ann, they took her back to the States with them, but
when they got back to Ohio, Donna realized and I told her on the
phone what was going on with Betty Ann `cause I had gotten the news
from down home what was doing. I didn't know why she was doing it but
she turned out to be a little Suzanne really. She was a little whore,
when she went back to the States with Donna and Tom, Donna had a
Daycare and all that but when she went back to Ohio she was messing
around with a bike gang. She told Donna and Tom about her boyfriend,
that they were up at the falls swimming and Donna inquired about it
and apparently she said her boyfirend had a beard and everything so
than Tom said you know like it's strange Donna for a guy his age to
have a beard, she's only 13, years old. It turns out this guy was a
biker that was in his twenties, all the news had gotten around Ohio,
or the area they live in, my sister lost her Daycare, everything went
up. She went and accused Tom in court or to the Police that Tom was
abusing her and anyway that they ended up sending Betty Ann back to
Grand Bank where she came from.

DWYER: What's her name Betty Ann?

PRIOR: Betty Ann Prior, my sister Donna's little girl. That was well,
from the time she was three, four years old was brought up in Grand
Bank, well she lived at the house where my mother is at.

DWYER: Alright so we're just getting ready to discuss Lucy Mitchell.

PRIOR: Yes, yeah.

DWYER: Okay, what can you tell me about Lucy Mitchell as far as any
physical or sexual that you know of?

PRIOR: Physical abuse was like the rest of us I guess she took her,
not that I guess, I know. She got her beatings weekly, she was to sit
with my grandfather and he had his own way of being cuddly, groped
and everything else.

DWYER: Did you ever see anything take place between?

PRIOR: Not physical sex, it's just that he would, if you sat close to
him they would have to go sit on his lap and he'd give them a nickel
or whatever and he would grope their privates and grope their breasts
and stuff like that. When it got to sexual things with her with Bill
Pittman, I can remember I think it was the first two occasions, she'd
passed out in the floor. Now to me, it hits me that that was her way
of trying to get out of it you know, like she would pretend to pass
out on the floor. Actually Lucy was always a sickly type person,
really thin, always seemed to have low blood, very little colour, but
I do remember on two occasions like that when they were grabbing her
my mother tried to push her in the porch or Bill Pittman trying to
pull her out in the porch, on two occasions she fainted on the floor.
That got her off with it for a while, I can remember my mother
saying, leave her alone she's alright there anyway, she's no good to
anybody. Anyway after that she became a regular out in the porch with
Bill Pittman.

DWYER: How old would she have been then when she became a regular?

PRIOR: Maybe six to eight years old.

DWYER: Do you know what she was doing out in the porch?

PRIOR: That's what I say I know that she would get groped at the
table, I know her breasts and her privates would be rubbed and
everything else.

DWYER: That's at the table by?

PRIOR: By Bill Pittman.

DWYER: Did you ever see that?

PRIOR: Yes I did. My mother would be sitting next to him rubbing and
groping him and getting his wallet off him basically and asking him
if he had any money. Most times he'd say no, but she'd get his wallet
and go through it. Actually what she'd do is get the kids to go out
in the porch with him, while they were out there with him she'd
either be standing in the door trying to keep me out of there while
she's going through his wallet, or she'd sit down at the table and go
through every inch of his wallet to get whatever money he had. Other
than that with her she was a regular in the porch. Her, Suzanne and I
always thought Donna was and so was Joan.

DWYER: So ah.

PRIOR: Joan is the next sister of Lucy.

DWYER: So, going back to Lucy again. How many times would you have
witnessed Bill Matthews groping her or ah?

PRIOR: Not Bill Matthews, Bill Pittman.

DWYER: Bill Pittman, I'm sorry.

PRIOR: It would be once sometimes twice a week. When my father's
paycheck was gone she'd either go out in the gate after work and wait
for Bill Pittman or else she'd send Suzanne or Joan to wait for him
to get him to come into the house so she could see if she could get
money with him.

DWYER: How long did this go on between Lucy and Bill Pittman?

PRIOR: All of this stuff that was going on between Suzanne, Donna,
Lucy and Joan with Bill Pittman would be about a ten year period.

DWYER: So from the time it started, Lucy would be involved?

PRIOR: Most of my sisters, when they started with him would be about
six, about six years old and upwards. With my grandfather it started
from the time he could sit them on his knee.

DWYER: Okay, and how old would Bill Pittman have been at this time?

PRIOR: Oh God, in his thirties maybe.

DWYER: When Lucy was six?

PRIOR: Yeah, he would be in his thirties then.

DWYER: Okay so do you know of any actual sexual intercourse or
anything with Lucy?

PRIOR: They all claimed that the only person that he had intercourse
with was our mother. He would get them out in the porch and get them
to pee in their pants so he could feel it and grope them and
whatever, but apparently he would try penetrating them with his
fingers and stuff like that. I could hear them screaming and kicking
and yelling. I think maybe he tried a little more than what they
wanted I would guess, I don't know. I could never get access to that
porch, either my mother would be on the inside keeping me in or she'd
be on the outside holding the door. And she did both.

DWYER: How about as far as any physical abuse did Lucy receive any
abuse from your mother or anyone else?

PRIOR: Oh yeah, yeah. All of us as kids, at least once a week,
sometimes like I said for Donna and myself and she tried Joan for a
while, it would almost be daily. Joan popped up pretty quick, but for
Donna and myself it was almost daily abuse. Lucy would get beaten
possibly twice a week up until a point where my mother would have
these, so it was told by one of my uncles after that she was a manic
depressant. Every two or three months she'd go into these depressed
stages, you could always tell, I could always tell two or three days
in advance when it was coming `cause it was building up.

DWYER: Your Mother?

PRIOR: Yes. She'd always wore thick glasses and you could see the
expression on her face, you wouldn't have to do anything like if you
took a slice of bread and had a slice of bread for a snack you got
beaten for it. If you didn't close the door, you got beaten for it,
if you didn't was a dish, you got beaten for it. If there was a
youngster that had a diaper that wasn't changed instantly, you got
beaten for it. They were most of the time, during the daytime it
would be say Lucy's turn or Suzanne's turn or Donna's turn to change
the baby today. If it wasn't done or if the baby cried, before the
baby got a beaten you got one.

DWYER: So would the baby get a beating too?

PRIOR: Oh yeah, many times. Usually with a bare bottom and the back
of her hand.

DWYER: Is that right, which babies have you ever seen getting beaten?

PRIOR: You know what sticks out most to me are the two young boys,
Randall and Allan. Bascially after those two guys the rest of them I
was gone all the time but I can remember beating their bottoms blood

DWYER: How about Lucy, did you ever see Lucy get beaten?

PRIOR: Yes, yeah with the braided rope, ironing cord, splits, sticks
whatever she could get her hands on.

DWYER: Who would do the beating?

PRIOR: My mother all the time. My dad never ever laid a hand on one
of us, never ever. Actually he was the one who was chased with hot
irons, hot kettles, sliced with a knife.

DWYER: Okay, back to Lucy there, did you ever see her getting
beatings that you considered to be abusive or severe.

PRIOR: Yes sir, most of them were to a point of bloody noses and
black eyes.

DWYER: How would she get a bloody nose or a black eye?

PRIOR: Oh my mother would just punch you in the face, she wouldn't
think twice about it.

DWYER: Did she ever punch Lucy/

PRIOR: Yes, I seen her punch everyone of us.

DWYER: We're just deal with Lucy, how many times would you have seen?

PRIOR: Drawing blood from her nose, maybe a couple of times.

DWYER: How about black eye?

PRIOR: Yeah, on one occasion in particular.

DWYER: Punched anywhere else?

PRIOR: All over and kicked.

DWYER: Open hand or closed fist.

PRIOR: Closed fist, there was nothing easy about her.

DWYER: She kicked Lucy also?

PRIOR: She kicked everyone of us to a point of where myself and my
sister Joan, my left kidney works 20 percent, my sister Joan got beat
because of it but wet to bed right up to this day so I know. She got
beat and the wetting the bed came from the beatings, actually the
doctors told her that.

DWYER: Did anybody else ever, that you know of, ever abuse Lucy in
any way shape or form besides your mother?

PRIOR: And Bill Pittman.

DWYER: Bill Pittman and your grandfather?

PRIOR: That's it really.

DWYER: You never seen her going out in cars like?

PRIOR: No, no, no. The creeper with my mother for the night
solicitation was Suzanne and her friends. Lucy had a number of
friends that come by the house with her that went out in the porch
with her, but my sisters were more familiar with them that I was. But
there was a group of girls that came and hung out with my sisters and
when they found out that they could get weekend money from it, all
joined in on the situation. `Cause with the exception of Donna, Donna
got her weekend money from myself and my friends, a number of my
friends gave her money. Donna was, I don't know how I can say it,
Donna was always really quiet, very intelligent.

DWYER: So why would you guys give her money?

PRIOR: Well on the weekends like there was a place called the Fraser
Hall where you'd go for coffee and teenage dances and stuff. It
usually cost a quarter to get in you know so, shit, I can't talk
about Donna, boy, it just takes me a while. We'd all chip together
and get her a quarter so, I always kept her with me. So, rather then
leave her alone we'd get whatever money we could.

DWYER: Okay, we'll go to your next sister than, it'll be Joan Prior.
How about Joan, did you ever see her being abused in any way shape or

PRIOR: Yes sir, yes. Joan was a tomboy.

DWYER: I'm sorry, before you go on to Joan, where was it, where was
it that Lucy lives?

PRIOR: She lives in Marystown.

DWYER: And Joan lives?

PRIOR: In Brampton, Ontario.

DWYER: In Brampton, Ontario okay.

PRIOR: When we were kids Joan and I would fist fight. I was older
than her but she's one tough girl. If you smack her she'd hit you
back twice. She's still like it really. My mother sort of thought she
was going to do the same thing with Joan, but initially when Joan was
a little girl she went out into the street and got Bill Pittman as
aften as Suzanne or my mother did. I don't know what happened sort of
like after we got well, the five, six, seven year old age was when
she'd have them in porch easily.

DWYER: Joan would be in the porch with Bill Pittman?

PRIOR: Yes, oh yeah. All the kids. Well, he would again grope them
and at the table he would sit and take his pick of all of them, at
all of them. And there'd be times when Suzanne and Donna and Joan and
Lucy were in the porch with him at one time. There were other
occasions when maybe Lucy and two of her friends were out there, it
depended upon who was home at the time when he came in.

DWYER: What about Joan, would Joan?

PRIOR: Joan was out there with them also, he would get Joan, actually
I never did get to get in the porch `cause I would have, you know,
split it up if I could.

DWYER: Did you ever see Joan get groped or anything at the table?

PRIOR: Oh yeah, always at the table was where everything started.

DWYER: What would he do?

PRIOR: He would rub their crotch, rub their breasts.

DWYER: Just deal with Joan only please.

PRIOR: Joan had, Joan was always a big girl, she was well developed
even when she was real young, he would love to grab Joan's breasts
all the time. He would also rub her crotch all the time at the table.
When it came to my mother getting the wallet then they all went out
into the porch, she would go through his wallet.

DWYER: Did they go to the porch on their own or would they be sent
out there?

PRIOR: At first they, at first when the kids had to go out into the
porch I guess they were all scared about it because they didn't know
what was going on. They would be grabbed and pushed out in the porch
with him or he would grab them and drag them out with him. After a
while they went out voluntarily `cause they knew they were going to
get weekend money out of it.

DWYER: Yeah.

PRIOR: But it seems like, I don't know what it was, Joan I guess had
a little bit of something a little bit of morality about her. I
suppose I guess when Joan got say probably nine or ten years old, she
became really abusive. My mother beat her regularly as Donna but she
wasn't taking any more of it. Sometimes she hit my mother back as
good as what she got.

DWYER: Is that right?

PRIOR: Oh yeah, yeah. She could swing with me all the time.

DWYER: So did Joan ever get beat by your mother?

PRIOR: Oh yeah, yeah. That's what I say like she got beaten enough
that she wasn't going to take it anymore. Like I said, when she got
nine, ten years old maybe she was big enough that she would punch her
back. She would actually physically punch her back.

DWYER: Did you ever see Joan get beat by your mother?

PRIOR: Oh yeah, constantly, constantly.

DWYER: Like beat badly?

PRIOR: She cut her lip right down across one time with her fist?

DWYER: Did she punch her?

PRIOR: Right in the face.

DWYER: How old was she then?

PRIOR: Maybe seven, eight years old. She beat her face bruised one

DWYER: How did she do that?

PRIOR: With her fist. She kicked her all the way in the hallway to
the stairs one day because Joan didn't do the dishes.

DWYER: Kicked her?

PRIOR: Yeah.

DWYER: Where was Joan, was she standing up?

PRIOR: No, she kicked her all across the floor. All the way in the
hallway, in the stomach and the back.

DWYER: What was Joan doing in the floor?

PRIOR; She was curling up trying to stop from getting hurt and she
put her hands between her legs, she'd kick her in the back and she
just rolled all the way to the stairs. But then after a bit she'd get
back up and punch her. So she just got branded as being the trouble
maker too I guess.

DWYER; Uh-um.

PRIOR: But she will admit to yeah, after she got older that's how she
got her weekend money was from Bill Pittman.

DWYER: Okay, by doing what?

PRIOR: By having her episode in the porch with him and her friends.

DWYER: Did you say when she got older?

PRIOR: Yeah, she was say probably nine to twelve years old. She and
her frineds would get their dollar or two dollars. They would
intentionally come by the house and wait for him.

DWYER: What would happened out there for that? Or do you know what
would happen out in the porch for that?

PRIOR: She told me he would get them to wet in their pants and he
would rub their pants and try to get his fingers into them.

DWYER: That's when she was between nine and twelve?

PRIOR: Yes sir, but she never had intercourse with him, as far as I
know none of them had intercourse with him.

DWYER: With Bill Pittman?

PRIOR: No, his pleasures were from groping them and poking his
fingers in them.

DWYER: So did Bill Pittman have intercourse with any of the sisters?

PRIOR: Just my mother that I know of.

DWYER: Just your mother, okay. Alright anything else about Joan?

PRIOR: Just that she's a tough girl.

DWYER: Anything else to do with abuse or?

PRIOR: Well she, her and my sister Lucy ran away from the house once,
my mother was beating both of them and Joan went back at her, so she
grabbed ahold to her `cause Joan could hit her pretty good. She
grabbed ahold to her and bit a piece out of her breast the size of
her mouth.

DWYER: Did you see it?

PRIOR: No, I wasn't there at the time, the two of them jumped out on
the porch and got down on the storm door and went to the police
station. They made a report about it, they told the police about it,
they were kept there for about an hour and then the two of them were
sent back to the house again. No one even looked at her breast, she
did tell them though.

DWYER: How old would she have been then?

PRIOR: Twelve or thirteen maybe.

DWYER: Twelve or thirteen when her breast was bitten.

PRIOR: Yeah, there was a piece bitten right out the size of my
mother's mouth.

DWYER: Is that right?

PRIOR: But that was because apparently she started to hit Lucy and
Joan jumped in and she just grabbed Joan and just bit her breast.
Just bit the piece right out.

DWYER: Anything else you can think of?

PRIOR: Other than the physical beatings constantly on us that's about
it. Any chance my mother got to get a sly poke at her she gave it to
Joan `cause she knew it had to be sly or she was going to get it back.

DWYER: Alright then the next family member is your brother Allan
Prior, is that right?

PRIOR: Yeah, Yeah.

DWYER: Did Allan ever get sexually abused or physically abused?

PRIOR: Nothing that I know of sexually, physically abused oh yes.

DWYER: Where does Allan live now?

PRIOR: He's some place in Ontario now, I don't know, it's an unknown
address really. There is a number I think that I already gave you of
a friend that he touches base with but they think he's somewhere in
Northern Ontario. He's a total recluse, anyone gets anywhere close to
him, he'll run. He's done that all of his life, he can't stay around
people. He makes friends and then he runs away. He's really had one
girlfriend his entire life.

DWYER: Is that right.

PRIOR: He's been all over North America actually. He'll work
somewhere for a month or two or three months and then he's gone. If
he got friends then he comes and goes.

DWYER: So was Allan ever abused?

PRIOR: Allan was physically abused from the time, see the last close
recollections I have of the house is my two young brothers Allan and
Randall. Allan well, they'd get their arse beaten for peeing in their

DWYER: What sort of abuse did he suffer that you saw? Did you ever

PRIOR: I seen him as a little boy, a year, two years old get his arse
smacked and smacked and smacked until he was blood red. I've seen him
with bloody noses and my mother smacking him in the face.

DWYER: From who smacking, your mother?

PRIOR: yeah.

DWYER: And how old would he have been then?

PRIOR: Two, three, four years old.

DWYER: And when he was smacked and smacked on his arse you said, who
was the smacking then?

PRIOR: That's my mother, she'd pull their pants down and just whip
them good. Then when my brother Randall came along she'd have the two
of them physically fight each other in the living room and beat and
beat on each other until she could find out which one was the
toughest. That was a common practice at our house. I stopped it a
number of times, `cause by this time I was 14 and I was gone as much
as I could.

DWYER: You were saying earlier about , you saw some of the boys and
their bottoms smacked when they were babies?

PRIOR: Yeah.

DWYER: Ah, was Allan one of those?

PRIOR: Yeah, Allan and Randall, the two youngest boys.

DWYER: Okay, well tell me about that?

PRIOR: Well if they cried, she'd beat them up. If they take their
clothes down she'd smack them, if they were outside and got dirty,
she'd take their clothes down and beat them.

DWYER: What do you mean by beaten?

PRIOR: Smacked in the face, beaten with the braided rope, the ironing
cords, hockey sticks, splits that were by the stove.

DWYER: So how old, how young was Allan when you know of that he first
got smacked or beaten?

PRIOR: From infancy.

DWYER: Is that right?

PRIOR; When he was an infant if you wet your clothes and cried, if
you cried too long she'd beat you. It didn't make any difference that
he was just wet and just needed to be changed. I can remember her
taking him by one arm and he was just a little infant and just take
him over her knee and just beat and beat him until his butt was blue.

DWYER: Is that right?

PRIOR: And he was just a little kid than, he didn't even know I guess
that it was happening to him. The same thing with Randell.

DWYER: Okay just keep away from Randell for a minute. Ah, back to
Allan again, how about ah, any sexual abuse?

PRIOR: Not that I was aware of sir.

DWYER: So, no sexual abuse with anybody whatsoever that you know of

PRIOR: Alright, now it was myself and my sister Suzanne and Donna and
Lucy and Joan, sexually. The one after Allan was Georgie.

DWYER: Georgie?

PRIOR: Yeah.

DWYER: Where does Georgie live?

PRIOR: She lives in Marystown, but she spends most of her time in the
Waterford. She's in the Waterford right now actually. I know she's
got a husband, his name is Chris but I don't know their last names.

DWYER: Is that right?

PRIOR: Yeah, she's Bill Pittman's daughter.

DWYER: She's from Marystown, is she?

PRIOR: She lives in Marystown, yeah.

DWYER: So she is Bill Pittman's daughter?

PRIOR: yes she is, yeah.

DWYER: Any who is the mother?

PRIOR: Harriet, Harriet Snook, Harriet Prior, whatever you want to
call her. My mother anyway.

DWYER: So, how do you know that she is Bill Pittman's daughter? Bill
Pittman and your mother?

PRIOR: Continuous sex between Bill Pittman and my mother to a point
of where Bill Pittman bragged about it all over the town and even
bragged to me about it constantly.

DWYER: What do you mean about bragged?

PRIOR: Well he's, the proper word is not retarded now, but he is
retarted, whatever the proper word is. He's a simpleton, a drooler,
there's more brains in a tomato. He would talk about it all the time
about how horny she was and she couldn't get enough and even when my
father was coming home she didn't want him to get out of the bed with
her. She didn't care, those kinds of things.

DWYER: Okay did you ever see any sex between them?

PRIOR: Yes, between Bill Pittman and my mother, yes of course it was

DWYER: Did you see them?

PRIOR: Well, she would wait until we went to bed and then let him in
through the door downstairs, he'd go on in the bedroom with her.
Actually see them and hear them, I didn't want to after a while. Once
or twice I looked and then I knew what it was anyway so I didn't care.

DWYER: So what did you see down there?

PRIOR: Well he's in the bed mounted on top of her, you know.

DWYER: Okay.

PRIOR: They're grunting and groaning all night long.

DWYER: Alright.

PRIOR: I'd stay out of the house really, I'd walk the streets of
Grand Bank till daylight more nights than I went to sleep. As I got
older Cst. Len Breon stopped many times and ask if I wanted to go for
a ride and if there was anything wrong and what I was doing. I'd say
nothing and just keep walking.

DWYER: Uh-um. Ah, how about Georgie, did she ever get beaten or

PRIOR: Yeah, I don't know if she felt guilty about who she was or
where she came from or what but she got continuously beaten. She was
a little girl that was, I don't know if she was slow from birth, or
she was just beaten that way, `cause by the time George came along we
were getting older and we were getting to be a very rebellious type,
like she was pretty well afraid of Joan, Lucy was spending a lot of
time in Marystown `cause she was keeping house for her husband's
family before she married him and she wouldn't dare put a hand on me
then, well she did but she always got back better than what she gave,
so she took Georgie as a whipping post, her and the two boys. That's
what I mean when it got down to those two and her that was there she
took her things out. I don't know, just seems like sometimes she just
beat Georgie for the sake of beating somebody.

DWYER: How would you see her getting beaten?

PRIOR: With ironing cords, the braided belt, the splits. Georgie was
always a messy little kid, you know she'd always get in a mess eating
and stuff like that. I don't know if it was uncoordinated or if you
met Georgie you can tell she's slow you know and she'd just get beat
for having a meal really.

DWYER: And did you ever witness her get punished or anything?

PRIOR: Oh yes, all the time. She could be sitting at the table eating
a meal and the next thing you know she's got a smack right in the
side of the head.

DWYER: From who?

PRIOR: From our mother. She would beat that little girl for not


----- Original Message -----
From: "David Amos" <>
To: "john.warr" <>; "depot.division"
Cc: "David Amos" <>;
<>; "david" <>;
"david" <>
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2012 11:32 PM
Subject: Since the cop John Warr won't come to the phone or return
calls perhaps he should Google his name and mine EH Rob Moore and
David Lutz?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 17:17:46 -0400
Subject: I just called the Massachusetts Securities Division again
To:,, "dean.buzza"
<>, "dean.delmastro.c1"
Cc: David Amos <>, "david.paradiso"

Secretary of the Commonwealth
Massachusetts Securities Division
McCormack Building
One Ashburton Place, 17th Floor
Boston, MA 02108 Toll Free: 1-800-269-5428 (Massachusetts only)
Fax: 617-248-0177

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From: Whistle Blower <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 20:06:05 +0000
Subject: RE: To Hell with the KILLER COP Gilles Moreau What say you
NOW Bernadine Chapman??
To: David Amos <>, Whistle Blower

Mr. Amos,
It is unclear as to why you have contacted FINRA's Office of the
Whistleblower. Please explain the purpose of your email via reply

Charlene Winegardner
Associate Director
Office of the Whistleblower

---------- Original message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 15:37:08 -0400
Subject: To Hell with the KILLER COP Gilles Moreau What say you NOW
Bernadine Chapman??
To:,,,,,,,,,, webo
<>,,,, toewsv1
<>, "Nycole.Turmel" <>,
Clemet1 <>, maritime_malaise
<>, oig <>, whistleblower
<>, whistle <>, david
Cc:, David Amos <>,, "justin.trudeau.a1"
<>, "Juanita.Peddle"
<>, oldmaison <>,
"Wayne.Lang" <>, "Robert.Trevors"
<>, "ian.fahie" <>

From: Gilles Moreau <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 08:03:22 -0500
Subject: Re: Lets ee if the really nasty Newfy Lawyer Danny Boy
Millions will explain this email to you or your boss Vic Toews EH
Constable Peddle???
To: David Amos <>

Please cease and desist from using my name in your emails.

Gilles Moreau, Chief Superintendent, CHRP and ACC
Director General
HR Transformation
73 Leikin Drive, M5-2-502
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R2

Tel 613-843-6039
Cel 613-818-6947

Gilles Moreau, surintendant principal, CRHA et ACC
Directeur général de la Transformation des ressources humaines
73 Leikin, pièce M5-2-502
Ottawa, ON K1A 0R2

tél 613-843-6039
cel 613-818-6947

----- Original Message -----
From: "Cabinet du Ministre" <>
To: "David Amos" <>
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 5:04 PM
Subject: Rép. : Fwd: So Bob Paulson has the Queen got your tongue?
Please do tell isJulie Dickson, the Superintendent of Financial
Institutions still laughing at me?


** Si votre message s'adresse au leader parlementaire du gouvernement,
veuillez le faire parvenir * l'adresse courriel suivante:

Nous accusons réception de votre courriel et vous remercions d'avoir
communiqué avec le ministre de la Justice.

Nous vous assurons que votre demande sera traitée avec toute
l'attention qu'elle mérite.

Veuillez agréer nos salutations distinguées.

Le cabinet du ministre de la Justice

1200, route de l'Église, 9e étage
Édifice Louis-Philippe-Pigeon
Québec (Québec) G1V 4M1
Téléphone: (418) 643-4210
Télécopieur: (418) 646-0027

>>> david.raymond.amos 28/11/2011 16:03 >>>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 09:56:23 -0400
Subject: So Bob Paulson has the Queen got your tongue? Please do tell
is Julie Dickson, the Superintendent of Financial Institutions still
laughing at me?
To:,,, toewsv1 <>, "Nycole.Turmel"
<>, Clemet1 <>,
maritime_malaise <>, oig <>,
whistleblower <>, whistle <>,
david <>
Cc:, "Bob.Paulson"
<>, occupyfredericton
<>, OccupyNB <>,
occupyottawa <>

Julie Dickson, the Superintendent of Financial Institutions
255 Albert St.
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H2
Phone: 613-990-7788
FAX: 613-990-5591
Mandate: Created to contribute to public confidence in the Canadian
financial system.
Phone: 613-990-3667
FAX: 613-993-6782

Vern White Chief of Police 613-236-1222, ext. 5590, Gilles Larochelle Deputy Chief, Operations
Support 613-236-1222, ext. 5590

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 09:08:38 -0400
Subject: Corrupt cops in Ottawa can laugh but perhaps the ethical
Const. Josée Arbour should investigate the Canadian Bankers'
Association ASAP?
To:, occupyfredericton
<>, occupyottawa <>,
occupyTOmedia <>
Cc: "j.kroes" <>, "Bob.Paulson"

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From: David Amos <>
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2011 12:46:19 -0400
Subject: Obviously you beancounters in Upper Canada get my emails EH
Mr Walsh? Scroll past the proof to view a very recent and very serious
email to a fellow Maritimer
To:,,,,,,,, "rick.hancox" <>,,,, geg <>,,,, dfrancis
<>,, splitting_the_sky
<>, maritime_malaise
Cc:,, occupyTOmedia
<>, occupyfredericton
<>,,, "j.kroes" <>, "Bob.Paulson"

Just Dave
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>>> David Amos <> 2012-11-21 00:01 >>>

Could ya tell I am investigating your pension plan bigtime? Its
because no member of the RCMP I have ever encountered has earned it

NONE of you should have assisted in the cover up of MURDER CORRECT???

Superintendent Gilles Moreau
Acting Director General
National Compensation Services
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
73 Leikin Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0R2
Telephone: 613-843-6039

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 00:46:06 -0400
Subject: This is a brief as I can make my concerns Cst Peddle ask the
nasty Newfy lawyer Tommy Boy Marshall why that is
To: "Wayne.Lang" <>, toewsv1
"bob.paulson" <>, David Amos

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 11:36:04 -0400
Subject: This is a brief as I can make my concerns Randy
To: randyedmunds <>
Cc: David Amos <>

In a nutshell my concerns about the actions of the Investment Industry
affect the interests of every person in every district of every
country not just the USA and Canada. I was offering to help you with
Emera because my work with them and Danny Williams is well known and
some of it is over eight years old and in the PUBLIC Record.

All you have to do is stand in the Legislature and ask the MInister of
Justice why I have been invited to sue Newfoundland by the

Obviously I am the guy the USDOJ and the SEC would not name who is the
link to Madoff and Putnam Investments

Here is why

Notice the transcripts and webcasts of the hearing of the US Senate
Banking Commitee are still missing? Mr Emory should at least notice
Eliot Spitzer and the Dates around November 20th, 2003 in the
following file

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 12:32:30 -0400
Subject: Andre meet Biil Csapo of Occupy Wall St He is a decent fellow
who can be reached at (516) 708-4777 Perhaps you two should talk ASAP
To: wcsapo <>
Cc: occupyfredericton <>

From: David Amos <>
Subject: Your friends in Corridor or the Potash Corp or Bruce Northrup
or the RCMP should have told you about this stuff not I
To: "khalid" <>, "Wayne.Lang"
<>, ""
<>, "" <>,
"thenewbrunswicker" <>, "chiefape"
<>, "danfour" <>, "evelyngreene"
<>, "Barry.MacKnight"
<>, "tom_alexander"
Cc: "thepurplevioletpress" <>,
"maritime_malaise" <>
Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 4:16 PM

FEDERAL EXPRES February 7, 2006
Senator Arlen Specter
United States Senate
Committee on the Judiciary
224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Mr. Specter:

I have been asked to forward the enclosed tapes to you from a man
named, David Amos, a Canadian citizen, in connection with the matters
raised in the attached letter. Mr. Amos has represented to me that
these are illegal
FBI wire tap tapes. I believe Mr. Amos has been in contact with you
about this previously.

Very truly yours,
Barry A. Bachrach
Direct telephone: (508) 926-3403
Direct facsimile: (508) 929-3003

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 14:10:14 -0400
Subject: Yo Mr Bauer say hey to your client Obama and his buddies in
the USDOJ for me will ya?
To: RBauer <>,,, msmith <>, bginsberg
<>, "gregory.craig"
<>, pm <>, "bob.paulson"
<>, "bob.rae"
<>, MulcaT <>, leader
Cc:, David Amos <>,,

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 23:14:48 -0300
Subject: Well Mr Spitzer I have been waiting NINE years for YOU to act
ETHICALLY and serve an October surprise on the GOP and Mitt Romney in
To:, news <>, maxnews
<>,,,,, David Amos

You MUST REMEMBER THESE FILES Your letter and mine are in both of them

Plus you certainly testified at the US Senate Baknking Commitee on the
same day you thanked me. Furthermore when notified you and many others
before and after you became governor that the Senate's records were
missing the FBI were not long catching you with the wrong lady in
Wasington but you were never prosected. Howcome??? Years later in 2011
I raised hell with CNN about YOU and the missing records YOUR In the
the ARENA show was quickly cancelled CORRECT?

Please don't even try to pretend that I did not just send you this
Tweet. As you no doubt know I keep perfect records.

24m Viewpoint @CurrentSpitzer
The #Viewpoint Number of the Day = 1. That's where we're heading — the
world's top producer of oil:

Expand Collapse Reply RetweetedRetweet

10:33 PM - 24 Oct 12 · Details
Tweet text Reply to @CurrentSpitzer Reply to @CurrentSpitzer David
Marshall@DJMMarshall Image will appear as a link Add location Link
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5m David Raymond Amos @DavidRayAmos
@CurrentSpitzer Say Hey to Obama for me
… &
… $$$$
… @

Eliot Spitzer: The Romney campaign 'is so much less than meets the eye'
"The anxiety about our future that has allowed Mitt Romney a seat at
the table is what will drive our politics for the next decade." —Eliot
Spitzer read post

by Viewpoint Staff

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Amos <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 22:22:34 -0300
Subject: Re: Mr Obama and his lawyer Mr Bauer are no doubt well aware
of why the US Treasury Dept in Alanta and many others are nervous EH
Mr Harper?
Cc:,,,,,, MulcaT <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Why am I not surprised? We all know Chicago aint my kind of town EH
Greg Craig???

Former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald will join Skadden, Arps,
Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP on Oct. 29 as a partner

From: Fitzgerald, Patrick J. (USAILN) <>
Subject: Automatic reply: Mr Obama and his lawyer Mr Bauer are no
doubt well aware of why the US Treasury Dept in Alanta and many others
are nervous EH Mr Harper?
To: "David Amos" <>
Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012, 5:45 PM

I have retired from the government and will no longer have access to
this email. If you need to contact the US Attorneys Office about a
matter, please contact the following phone number for directions as to
where to address your inquiry: 312-353-6742.

--- On Wed, 10/24/12, News Tips <> wrote:

From: News Tips <>
Subject: From CNN
To: "David Amos" <>
Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012, 5:45 PM

Thank you for contacting CNN. This email is to notify you that your
news tip has been received and will be reviewed in a timely manner.
You will be contacted if the news tip is valid and we need further
information and verification.

We appreciate your news tip and thank you for choosing CNN as your
breaking news source.
CNN Viewer Communications Management
"CNN, The Most Trusted Name In News"

--- On Wed, 10/24/12, David Amos <> wrote:

From: David Amos <>
Subject: Mr Obama and his lawyer Mr Bauer are no doubt well aware of
why the US Treasury Dept in Alanta and many others are nervous EH Mr
To:,,,,,,, "MulcaT" <>,,,
Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012, 5:44 PM

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Just go back six more years in case you forgot EH Harper???

Bob Bauer a former blogger for Huffington Post returned to Perkins $
Coie after a period of service to President Barack Obama as his White
House Counsel from December of 2009 until June of 2011.

He is now General Counsel to the President's re-election committee, to
Obama for America, and General Counsel to the Democratic National
Committee. He has also served as co-counsel to the New Hampshire State
Senate in the trial of Chief Justice David A. Brock (2000); general
counsel to the Bill Bradley for President Committee (1999-2000); and
counsel to the Democratic Leader in the trial of President William
Jefferson Clinton (1999).

He has co-authored numerous bipartisan reports, including "Report of
Counsel to the Senate Rules and Administration Committee in the Matter
of the United States Senate Seat From Louisiana" in the 105th Congress
of the United States (March 27, 1997); "Campaign Finance Reform," A
Report to the Majority Leader and Minority Leader of the United States
Senate (March 6, 1990); and "The Presidential Election Process in the
Philippines" (1986), a bipartisan report prepared at the request of
the Chairman and Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Committee on
Foreign Relations.

Too bad so sad the lawyer Obama didn't ignore his legal counsel and
check my work for himself long ago. It is clear to me that Bob Bauer
never studied Maritimers and their lawsuits as closely as I studied
his work over the years.

If Obama does not finally simply say my name and expose what he knows
about Romney and I way back before he was even a Governor then he
deserves to lose this election.

However even though I would NOT wish to see another GOP president you
and your Bankster buddies won't mind that a bit but I doubt the NDP
and the Liberals will agree EH Mr Prime Minister?

Some wise should scroll to the botom of this email and unserstand that
it was Fidelity that knowly sold the Title Insurance on the fruldulent
sale of my family's home in 2005 then Citizens Bank illegally recorded
the discharge of a mortage long after the deal was done and I heve the
records from the Registry of Deeds. Clearly the Royal Bank Of Scotland
and British FSA has ADMITTED knowing all this for wat past too long.

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos
902 800 0369

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Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 17:49:14 -0300
Subject: Remember me Mr Bauer??? No doubt Mr Elias does EH?
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