Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Deliberate Kick to the teech??? LMAO Oh my my your fellow shill the mindless Mr Baconfat forgot how to spell EH Chucky Baby?

Stupid is as Stupid does

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Oh dear, David, even drunk I am a better writer tan you are.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Deliberate Kick to the teech to Charles Leblanc and the rest of The
Peanut Gallery

Monday night the Fredericton City Council delivered a swift kick to
the teeth of Charles Leblanc. Evelyn Greene, Jenn Wambolt, Andre
Murray , Sally "the twat" Brooks, and the rest of Fredericton's

Monday night despite the wailing, crying, and gnashing of teeth by
Charles Leblanc, his "best friend" Leanne Fitch was appointed to be
Fredericton's new Chief of Police. For years Charles Leblanc and his
Charles Manson like "family" has complained, slandered, and whined
about the Fredericton Police.

He and his fellow "unrepresented litigants" have complained about the
police "being racist against the poor. not being understanding of
Fredericton's panhandlers, and "retard community." For years Charles
and his sycophants would hound provincial and municipal legislators
about cops using steroids, "touching Charles private part," and the
existence of the park patrol. The legislators would smile, laugh, and
banter with Charles, and now with this announcement they figuratively
kick him and his "happy few" right in the teeth.

Chief Leanne Fitch is a fine choice for Chief of Fredericton's Police.
It always looks good to hire a woman, an out of the closet Lesbian,
and from within the Fredericton Police Service...that is good for
moral, and good politics.

Charles Leblanc has been noted by Fredericton Police on the CPIX
computer system, as a suspected user and purveyor of child porn. If
Charles Leblanc were able to ever rise to the purchase of Greyhound
ticket out of province, and cops stopped him the Canadian Police
Information Computer would advise the cop who stopped him, that he is
a suspected abuser of children. and convicted violent criminal.

No doubt Charles was full of "righteous indignation and rage" that the
newly appointed Fitch did not "denounce" Charles Leblanc's et al's
very imaginary "double standard against the poor and less fortunate."

For months Charles Leblanc, and his Manson "family" have been blogging
their disdain for the Police and how the "RCMP have to be brought in,"
and how Leanne Fitch was the wrong choice.

It hasn't been a great week for Andre Murray, Sally "the twat, Evelyne
Greene, Jenn Wambolt and the rest of the lunatics of Fredericton. Ms.
Wambolt has been convicted of Breech of Probation, this is but one
conviction of an extensive criminal history. Charles Leblanc and his
crew do NOT think that they are responsible for their behavior, their
criminal behavior. The "sleeping pills made him drunk," the ADHD made
me behave with disrespect and contempt of court. Or Jenn Wambolt
decided it was too distasteful, inconvenient, and unpalatable to
report to her probation officer as required by law.

Ms. Wambolt's probation officer would have charged her with breech of
probation. The Crown Prosecutor's office would have had to file the
charges, and Judge Dickson convicted her, notwithstanding a two hour
crying jag and attempted con job in Provincial Court.

All in all a good week for the administration of justice in
Fredericton. Now if they'd only bring back the noose for folks like
Leblanc and his "family."
Posted by Seren at 5:37 PM

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